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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 1, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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>>ve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new yk city, it's "the toghshow srring jimmy fall." tonight, join jimmy d s
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vin hart, noel field tech expert joshua topolsky,and feating the legeary roots crew >> questlove: 8, whoo! >> ste: and now, h is, jimmy fallon! cheendppuse ] jim >> jimmy: hey,ooking you lo. welcwee, everybo. welcome,me, lce, welcome, welcome, welcome, wee. welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. you de it. you'reere.
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sh. 'soing to f tonight thank yoso mh for being here. he'shat people a talking abou tonight, preside obama gave his final state of the uon address. d a loofe said it had more optimistic to. yeahthat's right. instead of singlass halfmp, obsees the presidency as seven- eighths er. laughter and applause ] i'm outta here. sve: lates. >>im: tonit wa paul ryan'fiate of the unioas speaker of the use. but get this, did you hear is, ben ca recentl th sever republin n actually to recrt him for the job. [ lit laughter ] ben carson. [ light laughter ] of coue, ty'd have to ll him whisper of the house. [ mbli ] [ ughter and applause ] [ mumbling >> jimmy >> jimmy: some more news out of washington. i saw that t white hou
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[ cheers ] areattform for e white house because moments ter you make a promise, it macally disappears. [ eers and alause ] it's about time. it's perct. here's some news abo the electi saw that ben and jer ice crm wantto make a avor inspired by bernie sande. [ cheers ] whever flar it wds up g,e ow bernie will hate it for being too rich. [ laughter and appuse just know that before it get made. stevetoo rich. >> jimmy: seems li aot of people are gettingehind sanders. in ft, thong"cheh and chg" announc that is ting bernie sanders for presidt. [ ghlaughter ] yeah. peop we likehy?" and toy chg is le, "why whatn?" [ lahter ] "w a y supportg bernie?" "bernis not here, man." [ laughter ] marco rubis campgn said th it expecttoe the
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primary eltis, bute thinks thahe can win the nomitionnyway. which isort of like not getting a rose on the baelor and being liall me? [ ughter and applause ] right, we had thing, rig? i'll leave now. bye. but call me. cause we had somethi." is is kind of y. thhave been out 1,000 fund-raisingomtts known asuperacs created in this election cycle, and over halff them werdey one man who apparently just does it for people areike who would mess th an elecon jt fon. and trump s like, "you rang? [ laughter a applause ] hi, how are you?" the other big ne tonig is thpowerball awing. cheers a applause ] p everybody is out buying lottery ticket >> steve: woah! >> jimmyeveryone iout buyi lottery tickets thi wehopes of winning the $1.3 bilacot. fox news even brought on a a lottery pert to give some
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chanceof winng. 's ptty helpful. listen to th. >> theres no last-minute one particar thing tt you ca do to incrse your chances of winning exceptiss gog toound b, but it's the only answer. buy as many ticket you can afford. [ laughter >> jimmynow, iyou'll euse , the n that i live is uble parked so i gta go. [ laughternd applause ] ju buy as many as u can affo. rrowoney to buthem. horrdve. >> steve: that's the expert. >> jimmy: that's the expert. you ys see this yestery? in ainteiew, tom brady said that he's never had ff in his life. here'she exa quote. "i have never had coffee in my fe [ hter ] well, some other n quarterbacere ked the same tng. anhere's what they had to say. peyton manning said,ye,
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aaron rodgerid, "yeah, i've had coff." [ lit laughter ] cam newton said, "ah, i've had coff." [ light laughter ] ryan fitzpatrick sai "yeah, i've had coffe" [ lighlaughter ] drew bre said, "wait, what's goin right n [ laughter andpplae ] derek carr sai "yeah, i've had coffee." [ light laughter ] teddy bridgewater said, "yeah, i' h coffee." drew brees said, "seriously, why is this happening?" [ laughter and applaus] almith said, "yeah, i've had coffee." drew bes said, "stop ts. i the only pson here?" [ laughter ] brandon weeden said, "yeah, i've hadoffee." [ lilauger ] drew brees said, "what is going on? somebody please he me. i'm trapped in a bunchnfl arterbacks saying they've d coffee." tthew staffoaid, "yeah, i've h cofe." and nay,rew brees said, "yeah, i've had coff." [ laughternd applause just get to the answer. just answer the question. >> steve: hadn h coffee. jimmy: what the problem? it's a great, great queson. >> steve: th's fanstic estion. >> jimmy: to ask the quarterbacks ha they ever had coffee befo?
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tacoelannounced th it willeal a secret new menu itemn a super bowl commercial. rs ] customers we like, "is it just a new combinati of be cese, and tortilla th a n weiame? taell was like, eah." [ light lahter ] it's called somepo. [ light hter >> steve: the spoolatta. >> jim: it's out thisuer. we put it all in a blender and puree it. >> steve: you drink it. yoeat itita spoo >>immyit's a drinkab burrito. [ audience groans ] yeah, it's the first, the first >> steve: yeah! ohyou're not going to get it? free. yeah, yeah. anyway. steve: dollop of whipped cream on t. jimmy: yeah. tell me you've had your third spoolatta. ye, en you'll anything. >> steve: ooh, i'll have a a oolatta. >> jimmy: i'll have an ice spootta, pleas [ ughter ] steve: a black bean ootta. jmy: d finally, a group ofcientists are sayingt volcanoes, like the one directly under yellowsne naonal park, currely have a
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than usu. thatightxplain t latt smokey the bear mmer i sa >> get me thbleep ] out of here. [ lauger a alaus] >> jimmy: u at i sang? we hava great it up too, everyby! [ rs anduse ] [ eersnd appusmy >>immy: oh, betiful.that is jazz musician dr. lonnie smith sting in with the roots. [ ch andlae fantastic. thank you, thank y. his new albu"evoluon" is oujanuary 29th. and yocacah him on tour arting this ay. thanks so much for being with us. thiss nna sound goodnight. [ chrs and applae ] dr. lonnie smi.
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ahead. tomorr night, my man danny devito will be he. >> steve: oh, come o cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he a great guy. danny and i are going to play a a couple games of charadesith some special guests. >> steve: ooh. >>immy: yeah. so be re to tu in r that. plus, from o of my favorite bas, ment work, colihay will be performing for us tomorrow. >> steve: oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that gonna be good. i can't g to sleep i thabout the imications i'm diving itoo deep complication at least there's prettyights worry over situations i know i'll be alright ll, he's going to be here tomoowight. >> steve: yeah, tomorrow. >> jimmy: yeah, ye. [ eers ] sve: that's "overkill." sts appear a fade away [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah oh, and then he hits tt real note at the end 's like -- can't get sleep yeah, ah. it's like, o e go do that tomoow? >> questlove: ye.
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>> jimmy: oh, that's goingo betastic. >> ste: come on! >> jim: colin hay tomorrow night. [ cheersnd applause ] >> jim: but first tonight is a good nht. this guy is the best. he stars oppose ice be in a a big new sequel called "ride along 2," it hits eaters this friday kevin harts in tuiing! >> steve: come on! [ cheers and applause ] >> jmy: i love that guy. >> steve: nny dude. immy: funny, funny human being. he'sot shing he wantto debut. e world premie of someing he wants to shows night. >> steve: ooh. >> jimmy: kevihart. yeah. we'll talk aboutt. we're gonna also fe off in a a popular game w o owalled "drinko." steve: oh. [ cheersnd appla] the kids love it. >> jmy: it's a mixed drinkg robot. >> steve: mixed drking robot >> jimmy: yeah. plus, he's a briti comy surstar, anoth super fun human being fr the comy duo, the mighty boosh, noel fielding is on the show toght. >> steve: yeah! [ eers and applause ] >> jimmy: he's gat.then we' going to be looking some of the latest gadgets with our resident tech expert,
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[ eersnd applae ] he just came here from all these, all the gadgets we haverom vegas from c.e.s., an gco things. we havthat htc vive viual reality system. >>teve: yeah. >> jimmy: we're going to look at that tonight and see if it' worth it. >> steve: it's crazy. >> jimmy: i thin'se 20 b [ laught ] >> steve: is it really? >> jimmy: i coulbe wrong. i don'know. >> steve: you're not goowith numbers. >> jimmy: i have to ask joshua. >> sve: $20, tt seems good >> jimmy: you gotuy two spoolatt tooand you get a coupon. [ laughter ] >> steve: oh, my god. haveou have the black be spoolatta? oh. so good. >> jim: is thow you drink it uger ] >> steve: comes with a tiny straw. >> jmy: comes with a tiny straw. yeah, yeahi heard. i'waing fothe super bowl to see what it is. guys, it tim take a look athetoes making headlines day and h the good with the bad. it's timfor pros and cons. re we go. [ chrs and applause proancons and prosnds d pr >> jimmy: night, we'll be taking a looat tros and cons of obama'final state of the union address.
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annual speech for thry lt time as president. so let's take a look at the pros and conof obama's fin state of the union addss. here we . pro,aspresidenobam said "the statof our union i strong." this , heaid "the state of our union is nomy oblem anyme." steve: oh, wow. [ laughter and applause ] >> jmy: i'm outt >> steve: outty. >> jimmy: i'm ouy 5,000. pro, he unveiled h six-part plan to paofe tional debt. con,s 14, 28, , 52, and powerball 9. [ lahter and applause ] it's a powball number.>> steve: buy more tickets >> jimmy: pr obama sthat in01 eleion sty will be made. con,t will be the first time that anyone went black and then nt back. >> stevereally? laughter and appla] >> jmy: firsti for erything. >> steveat is tr, that is tr. jmy: testin pr wching on tv and thking, "damn, obama's gotten d. con, then seeing a picre of yourlf from eight yearago
10:47 pm
[ lahter and applause ] not at b. sve: i get it. it. >>my: t that bad, i guess. looks etty good. pro, before the speech, obama saw "the good dinour." con, aka, bernie sanders. [ laughtndlae ] is that at there gon call him w? >> steve: that'sickname? >> jimmy: i didn't know th. it w bio >>teve: was not are of that>> jimmy: i have not seen the film. pro, obamacare. n, now obaon't-car [ laughter and alause ] a catchy sgan. >> steve: yep. jimmy: and finally, pro, obama end s speech by sa "goblera. n, "d if t win god help you that'st he said. that's the pros anns. we'll be right back with kevin hart, laes and ntlemen. [ ndla] james drov jamedrove his rav4 hybd, unawardeath was lurking. what? he was cllend by a team lumbeks let's dohis. he would drive theto hard kcks canyon,
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if you misplace your discover card, you n use freeze it to prevent newurchases on yr account in seconds and once y find it, u caswcht rit a you' bac
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[ eersnd applause ] >> jimmy >> jimmy: welcome back. are you guys ready? cheend appuse ] we a joined right noby a a big-me comedy star. himovies are all major hits. the most pular stand-up
10:51 pm
starting this friday, you can see him opsite ice cube and iviaunn in the highly ticipated sequel called "re along 2." please welcome back a go friend of "the tonight show." here ikevin hart. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy >> jimmy: kevin rt.he b >> the best. the best. >>immy: so good toee you, buy. >> what's up, n? [ chee andlause ]>> jimmy: they love yo th le you. top it. stt,uy >> jimcat te them stop it. >> t mh. >> jimmy: no. >> keep it going give me more [ cheers and applaus] the roots, what's going on, philadphia. i see you guys. nothing but love for y. nothing but love. >> jimmy: od to see you. i saw you the other night at the lden globe
10:52 pm
fun. >> i had a ball, man. >> jimmythank you for coming ba here. ng to new yo andoing our show. we areciate it. >> always. thank you for always having me audience: yeah. >> jimmy: please. we love you. see, he loves u too. [ light laughter ] >> that's my guy. i brought him. >> jimmy: you brought one guy. >> irought him with me. immy: you brought one guy with you. 'sere, yeah. jimmy: so you're doingnother concert film coming out. italled "kevin hart:hat now? yeah, yeah. immyu filmhis conc [ ee appe ] >> thank yan>> jimmy: u shot t con film in your hometown, philadelphia. >> philadelphia,an [ eers and applause ] s, yes. >> jimmy: ani nted to wre this down. homany people showed up? >> we had 5300 peo we sold out the lincoln financial football stadium. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: 53,000 peoe. >> 53,000 people >> jimmy: wow. unheard of >> ueard of, man. i'm a philly bnt i die, but the way myy showedp s al it aay i'll ver,ve forget it's literally one of the st da of my le, man. >> jimmy: now it's on film. >> it's going to be in my movie.
10:53 pm
was so big, i said i can just put out a relar d- film. you know, i t todd something it. i decided to dan action comedy stand-up concert film. [ ght laughter ] so before thactual concert, there's actiosequence that happs. i re-created casino royale in ualizer and at's how i got to the show. [ lighlahter bere t show, i fighting, shooting, in a car chase, and then i pop o ifront of ,000eoe. [ cheers a appuse ] jimmy: that's how you get to the g. how se do you ink kevin hart would get to the gig? >> what are yotalking about? >> jimmyno its hard work. >> youot to fighsomebody. jimmy: exactly, yeah. [ laughter ] you ve to do that. >> jimmy: you have another anuncement you want to m tonight. i han't ed. >>on't look, man. >> jimmy: at your feet. i haven't looked. i haven't looked at what you're weg. >> don't look at my feet. it's a major announcement. >> jimmy: it is. >>his is a major announcement. >> jimmy: this is real
10:54 pm
can i ke my announcement? jimmyi think so. >> firstnd foremost, those who follow manknow me, you kn i take physal fitness very serio. i'm out a althy lifeste. d recently realizei can use my platform for good. i want to inspire people, motivate people to become e best versions of themsve possible through pl fitness. up. we started dng 5runs. we startedng these big crostraining es where i was the head of it. they said keviwe love what you're doing bause you're bridging the g between the professional athlete and t peon w doesn't understand there's an athlete ithem. [ laughter ] >> jimmym in t somewhere. >>eah. righinhe mdle, there's room for the middle. so whani and myself did, they decided tteamp and they gave mey owcros training shoe. [ cheers and applause ] i don't think you can see them good enoug >> jimmy: i can see them, oh, ah. [ cheers a alause ] that's good right there. >> that's tt. here's the de thing. so listen.
10:55 pm
shoebeuse i told y'all, i'm all abouspiration and motivati. what ie done, i t all of my spiring quotes all omy snkers. sot says stuff like, "don't gi u" itays stuff like, "make today first." itays things like -- >> jimmy: health is wealth. >> health is wealth. basically, thiis groundeakii'm the first actual entertaineto eveget a cross trainihoe, bause tt's what i do! [ chrs and applaus] >> jlove it. i vet. i love it. i did not look at th. omise yo >> youidn't look at . >> jmyi didn't lk at it. i promise. ifou take a flash -- if you take a picture wh a flash, e words come out. >> that's my creation! [ cheers and appuse ] jimmy: that's so cool, man. you came up thha >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's great. >> here's the last dope thing about them. because i'm such an ing dad, i did tm in two color ways. soh represent my kids. this color way is for my son
10:56 pm
and you kn what, because you have such anmazing audience, i thini'll make a change and put the other cor y on lar. i'm going to do it. i want to show you guys. [ cheers a applae ] s. jimmy, jimmy, jimmy, you know what i'm goingo dojimmy? you know what i'going to do? >> jimmy: something for me? they don'me out until april. >>immy: yeah. >> so what i'm going to do is get yoa ir these are a prototype. the aren't even out. these a ototype, man. that's how mh nike lov me. thiss azg. it's amazing. jimmy: you don't have tdo th wyo sers. that'snsane. >> amazing. i got a cross trainer. >> jim: do they ha a name? >> the htlhart. >> jimmy: e hustle ht? >> a cross traer, n. cheersnd applae sically, i do evything. when i go tohe gym, i don't just run, man. i run, jump, cut, lift. i do it all. they wanted to make a sneake that fit my nes. bacally, when my move for hart, the big movement i put gether. >> jimmy: yeah >> going thave people in hule hart because you ha no cu not to ve le me i rk 24/7. i find an hour in e y. that's gng to be a part the vement. moveart.
10:57 pm
[ chrs andpplause ] that'so . >> jimmy: that was a good one. >> so od. >> jimmy: that was amazing. >> love nike! 's so good. >> jimmy: i don't want you to leave. >> i'm sor. it was so . >> jmy: i don't want y to leave, but i gtalk about ur movie. kay, wellets talk abou thmovi jmy: all right. "ride alg 2." >> "ride along 2!" m soy,'m sorry. saw tom se yrs ag i wanted to try it i'sorry. >> jmy: it works. it wks. >>o ahead. >> y, yes. >> jimmy: ken jeong. >>esman. jmy: olivian. i love everybody. >> amazing cast. amazing castman. we wanted to go bian wanted to go better. so we decided to shoot it in miami. it's sexieand 's funny. it more action. there's a scene where i gomy shirt offor likehree seconds. >> jimye, that's good. ye. [ chee and applae mean, it's got it all thi vie. iss a pcormovie.
10:58 pm
i love it when you say that. >> yeah. because iteaheovie is for everybody. evybody. it's aniversal movie, what it's all about. m going to spend my money this mov andnjoy it. >> i'm going to put my fe in this buckeof popcorn because light laughter ] eyes. >>ea jimmy: i want to show evyo a clip. here'sin hart, iub iviaunn in ride alon2 in thters this frid. eers andpplause ] check this o. >> what the hell is that? [ reing ] >>on! [ reaming ] a.j., stop seaming! >> i'll shoot your face. >> put it down n. >> holster your weapon, they're cops. >> you better drop it! ut your gun away >> p it down, castro. >> drop it. >> okay, i. >> gd. [ t >> wthe hell >> ain >>'ve done thibefore? scre i'm aop kilr!
10:59 pm
>> i told toocus. >>ou tnk i meant to do it? oh, myod. a zombie! applause ] >>my: mbie.t zoie. congratsn everhing kn we love you. u to play aame? >>hy w i ce here and chrs andpplause >> jim: vin hartnd i are aying drinko after the bak. stick around. drko is good. [ cheers andpplause ] this ia body of oof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin this is my body of proof that i can fightpsoriac arthritis humira. humira wks by targeting anhelping block a sfic urf infl that contributth joint and skymptoms. itroven to help relie pain, stop further joint damage
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y, eating is believing.
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[ eers and applaus] >> jim: weome back, i'm nging out with kevin hart. [ chrs and applause ] yesyes. >> jimmy: s big new movie, "ride along 2," is in theaters this friday. go see "ride along 2." weabout to play a game called "drinko." ken, you reqed we play drko. yes >> jmywhy is tha>> because you're t good at it. you're not goo drinko. [ lahter ] >> jimmy: i'm not good at this game. >> and i was like, "if lose, what's the big deal? i get to drink for free." [ laughter ] ther way, there'ing right no jimmy: ok, very good. inko, wod you li to explaihow this works? >> yes, mr. hartmr. fallon. welcome to drinko. in this game, thtwo of pick turns climng my stairs and droppingwo of your colored discs into therinko boar th the disc clk down a la in these asc cups,
11:05 pm
beverages such as capri sun, mulled wine, and pea -- >> i'm sorry, what? [ lauger ] >> soup. >> whawas th peaou th must drink a cocktail of the two chosen drinks. >> jimmy: okayvery good. ank you, drinko. kevin, you're our guest. why n't you clb up there d make the first cocktail. >> pretty easy fore to climb e stairs in my cro training sneakers -- >> jimmygi ma br [ ch and applause ]yeah, ah. >> all right. >> now drop your first disc, kevi [ cheers ] >> jimmy: l right, here we go. me on, pea sou come o pea soup. mulled wine. [ cheers ] >> n your second dnk. >> jimmy: mulled wine is, li, all sos , like, cinnam stic a herbs and tngs. [ laughter ] >> tell you off the bat, cinnamon sticks give me gas. [ laht ] so you got to deal with at on your own tim >> drop it >>immy: can i get this out of the way?
11:06 pm
ank u,ri>> tre yo. >> jimmy: how you ing, buddy? >> not good. [ laughter ] >> jimmynot good. >> here we go. jimmy: therit goes. [ cheers appuse ] thank you, drinko. ughter ] okayalrit.ay >> jmy: it'sll rdom. t's alraamok, black gu wh'sext? you colt 45? [ laughter jmy: come on. pour it in there, right? jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> i pr them both in there? >> jim: yeah. >> all rig. glug, glug, g i got to drink the whole ing? >> jim: i thk so, yeah. [ cheers what's your problem? [ chrs ] >> jimmy: od to have you own sh ngratulations on everything. let's this again.
11:07 pm
chrs [ ughter ] ve. don't mo. don'mo. don't move. >> is this yr tu? mount me. [ lahter sircase>> o g. nd dp two discs. h, ah. >>immy: all right. >> dp it. >> jimmy: how yofeeling? all right. well, i'm ing to go ov to thisne. no, , no. not pea soup, not pea soup. >> yeah, yh, yeah. pileuice! >> jmy: pickle jce! >> pickle juice! pi -- pickle juice is g. >> jimmyu put pick jui on there. >> i g it, drinko. ye welcome. >> thank you, inko >>icoes. >> hey, thank you, drinko. >> hey, no pro
11:08 pm
>> pea soup,ea soup, pea so! [ audience chas ] oh! jimmyno, , no, no! ease, no. what is it? >> capri sun. >> jimmy: yes! caprsud pickle j. that's my diet. th's fanstic. that's my diet i've been o yeah. capri sun and pick juice. >> msoelicious. >> jimmy: thats so white guy >>hat oks ke cmpagne. >>: itoehas pickle juice? >>. >> that don't look good. even though he said that's caprsun,fteeing that, i don't believe it. [ laughter ] i don't believe it one bit. >> jimmy: all right, this oks gross. [ chrs ] auce chants ] chrs a applause ] ay. >> not t >> not too sbb james. now, for the final round, both
11:09 pm
mount me at the meime, dp a disc into me simultanesly.[ laer ] whoever's di lds in the cup first ns, and lor has combine both stuffs and ink e nal cockil. >> wait, whoever drops -- [ hter >> jimmyi'm definitelyot i'finitely n, but m gog throw up all over the ac >> he saidhest one - >> jimmy: that goes in. ws. the otr fellow drinks it. >> oka so whoever's diet downirst? >>s not haveo drink the beges. gott. >>our shoearso light. trainers. [ ughter and alause ] immy: yeah, yeah. >> readygentlemen? when i say, "thr," drop your dis. one,wo, three. what iit? [ chrs ] drink, drink >> jimmy: whatit? capri sunnd tang.
11:10 pm
jimmy: pri sun and tang >> no,o, no! it's killing me w the black [ laughter ] he's getting a types of juice. >> jimmy: you'rehe champ! here we go. >> kin wins! >> jimmy: hereou go! >>t? jimmy: you're theest. i'm excited about this. here we go. >> i shoulhavenown iwa rigged when i saw the white glove. i should havknown. [ laughter ] [ drumll ] yeah, ah. [ chee [ eers ] >> what did yove for brkfast? >>ctuay,on't do it. don't do it, brother. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: i'll do a sip. >> brother -- jimmy: i'll just do a sip. >> you got to drk that at the bottom. if you're going to do it, do it.
11:11 pm
[ cheers and applaus]>> drinko!>> jimmy: not d, actua notoo shabby. >> oh, god! >> jimmy: hey, nike, if yore watching, i'd like my own sneakers as well. [ laughter ] really deserve it. oh gosh. i'the winner? no, i'm e loser. kevin hart ithamp, rig there, everyboy! >> kin hart t winne >> jimmygive it up. goee "de alo 2" theate on id. [ cheers and appuse ] noel fielding joins us after thbreak. stick aroundevybody.
11:12 pm
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11:13 pm
and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh wow. i mean with althisechnoly.
11:14 pm
cheers and applaus] >> jimmy: >> jimmy: my next guest is o half of the ve successful and very fun ard-winning comedy duo, "the mity boosh." in mar, he'lembahis first solo nor american tour called, "an evening with no fielding."
11:15 pm
his hair. [ ughter ]pleaelcomeoel fielding, evody. [ cheers a [ cheers and applause ] >>immy >> jimmy: thank you. lcome, please. oh, ah. wherever you would like to sit. plse. [ cheers ] welcome tohis program. thank you so much r coming . >> i'm excited. >> jimmy: oh yeah, goo >> i've only seen th on television. >> jimmyyeah! ian't believe it. it's like oltergeist." i' bn sucked through. [ laughter >> jimmy: you're part of it now, absolutel mae one da you'll see yourlf. >> in real life, youeyes are li a sorofeautiful dols eyes. [ ughter ] i mit have tck them in a a minute. jimmy: ah, i know. it happens. happens to e best of us, ah. e last te you were on the show, we did a thi through skype. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it w the mighty boosh. it w y anduln,hen. >> yeah, julian.
11:16 pm
a mighty boo app that we bet on. the whole app, it's a great app. but it's one thingn the app that is basicay a in flip. >> yea >>immy: and you ys lt. >> reay? c see it cuout at that mome [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know. b $10 american dollars, i ink. >> inow. i didn have y money,o i painted you a painting of 0 if that's ay? [ laughter >> jimmy: you d? >> yeah. >> jimmy: this is not what a a $10 ll looks like, but thyou very much. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] 's simar. it's similar, but that's it, yeah. that's e fure $10. donald trump ion it. >> jimmyhey, thank you, buddy. thank you, buddy. you signed it. yosaid, "jimmy, i love you." thank you, buddy. i apprecia that. $1,000. [ laughter and applause >immy: that's not faiat all. >> you can paint msomething. >> jimmy: yeah, i , yeah. >>aybe you could sculpt me a a picture.
11:17 pm
a picture,anou? [ lauger ] >> jimmyi can't reallyo much. no, no, i can about -- a a good tal that's all i can really do [ laughter ] >> iouldn't do that, now. i cod make sculptu oyowith your beautiful doll eyes. [ laughter >>im: the showwh is in th? stand-up or skch? >>h, i stand-up and sketch, and then anition, and then this music as well. and then second half, in the interval, i geapped. [ laughter ] and then i plaa new york cop who has to come out and find me. >> jimmy: you do a new york acce? >> i tryo a neyork accent. >> jimmy: can i i'll seei can -- oh, thiis semrrsi i know ts is le you coming to london d go"oh, blimy, mary poppings." [ laughter andpplause ] jimmy: that sound legit, yeah. >> that was russell brand. [ ughternd applae ] >> i talk about being 40 in my show. i'm li, "why did i do that for?" i d seven years in the bank. >> jimmy: ah, eyhought you were 3 but, no, you're 40 >> the thing that happened when i got to 40 was, that was quite is disrbg, is i find i'm walkinwith my hands nd my ck. [ laughter ] use i found it me
11:18 pm
'sikthis. [ laughter ] ju keptching myself. i used to be cool. i'm ke prince charles now. what's happed? [ laughter ] jimmy: i mighstart doing that. i like walking. >> "what ith?" >> jimmy: i like wking with your han behind your back. >> you like it? jimmy: it cou be a thing. >> i'm there admirg stpaul's cathedral. "what a wonderfustructure." [ laughter >> jimmy: when are you coming ck? cause rch 15th, you're going to start here new york. we have to play -- 'll have to do something when you come bacto nork.>> yea >> jmy: we'll do sething n. >>hat are we going to do? >> jimmy: i don't know, but i'llhinksomethin [ laughter ] >> fward rolls. >> jimmy: ye. >> build a tent. anything. i'll cut yr hair if you want. [ laughter ] [ cheend applause >> jimmy: not now. we'll see at hapns, everybody. no fiein chee and applae ] for mo ion noel's tour stick ound. i'll be right back wittech
11:19 pm
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...yr rld mastercard.only at pricelesm. [ eersnd applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everody. we now joined by our resident tech expert to look at somef thcoolest new gadgets, including few coming out at this year consumer electronics . say hello tooshua pols, ladind gentlemen [ cheers and applae ] >> jimmy: alysooto see yo >> it's great to bhere. great to be ba. >> jimmygood to you, budd kids good, babs good? everything's good? >> daughters wonderful. >> jimmy: good, good, good you're looking good. >> beautiful child. i'm so wderful. not a child. >> jimmy: no, you'reot.ngtulation >> aull grown man. >> jimmy: thank you. whatid you bring us tonight? >> all right. so i a couple co things. this is a kodak super 8. th is a brand-new type o cara. it is, oka remr super 8 frhe 's? >>my: ah >>his taal ser film. you put the reel iright there. u shoot super 8, you drop it in t mail. they send you back reel of film and the digit versi of what you shot.
11:25 pm
it'sonna be like beten $400 and $750. lit ughter ] >>0. >>im: okay >> y'ra natural. look how natural it looks in your hands. >> jimmy: well ion't know how you hold it. >> interchangeab lses. jimmy: that? [ laught ] i don't know hs handle works. >> you canut a lonns on it. >> jimmy: you certainly n. >> a short lens. >> jimmy: yeah. a short lens too. >> a lenwith a lot of girth. >> jimmy: that wl be gre. >> any and all possibl okay. >> jimmy: that's aantastic thg. >> this is cool. jimmyis 8-millimeter, i that t best? lit laughter ] >> well, it's fewer millimeters than 16. >> jimmy: there you go. >> okay. >> jimmy: all right. the you go. >>ll r, this is the avegant glyph. here, puthisn. put this on your head. put isn yo -juste that, get the. >> go in tre. slin. okay okay, right. get thatn. >>mywow. >> you see that? ok. so cheout. sosoth ia scress di itctually projecti light onto your tis. >> jmy: what? >> it s thise -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's not good, right? >> no, no, it's od. it good. 's good. it's goo it's goo >> jimmyth's n good. ithis az it'siki'at a movie
11:26 pm
>>o, no, n ito the image is super bright, super crisp. and hold on. t meitlay on this. you can just take a . look at this >> jimmykendrick, yeah. >> how good is this? >> jimmy: i'm kerick, ah. >> yeah. there's a >> jmy: w >> it's a sta >> jimmy: i couldn hr you at all. >> o ca? >> this is cl glyph. >> jimmy: can i just wea like this? >> you can. >> jimmy: like this. yeah. >> jimmy: his is more co the other wa [ hter ] >> i gss. that. you'll look like a normal g any ho >> jimmy: you don't ow about the futu. >> this is $699. >> jimmy: o >> $599 preorder right now. >> jimmy: oh it so i >> technology's ry complex. ay? >> how do you ke this stuff? >> jimmy: i like glyph. >> glyph. l r very spe onof 5made in the i walnut. and it play, from sweden, it's called the and it can p any retro video game. it can play like, super nintendo, nes, genes, gaboy,te [ eers and applause ] arca stu. jwo and you charge itan can play fike it's like wireless. u can just carry it withou. it has a lit
11:27 pm
>> jimmy: questlove. >>ou freaking out? >> jimmy: yeah, no. dude, my birthday is coming up. next week. >> jmy: ye et a pair. t a pair of >> jimmymy birthday's so tha-- >> it's about $2,700. [ ghlaht ] >> jmy: i'm going b o of tsehings. how much do these gu >> all right. okay. hold on. we havsometh comek here. >> jimmyh yeah. >> thiss sically the vaed vr tech in the world. >> jimmy: this ia htc v-i-v-e? >> yeah. put this on >> jim: ye. ust pull that back through th >> jimmy: i have a very irish head. a very bigead.>> ay stngely rge head >> jim: wow. >> all rht, are you there? >> jimmy: wait, wa. whoa, wh. re you in? here. kehis, ts is aand.>> jimmy: ye. okay. so y're in a demo by google called a tilt brush. okay. 3d space. >> jimmy: well. do you see a snowman? [ ght laught ] >> jimmy: wait. yes, i see >> don't that >>owhat's c that it's go trackers. walk around. goead, walk forward >> jimmy: i gonna fall off the st >> walk forward. keep walking. ke walk
11:28 pm
you're okay. you'll see a g you get to the edge. keep going. >>immy: i >> ye lk person [ ughter very oldern. >> jimmy: th'sow i walk. i'going all. i see green. >> turn around. turn around. okay, look at the snowman no you can paint ind space. take that right brush and start painting. you can actual do brush stkes anyou can walk around. t uplose to thsnowman. [ laughter ] get there walk around back. walk around wh's happening in the butt are what is the snowman doing? >> jimmy: wow. >>ll right. [ light laughter ] okay you can change envirnt hold o hold o jmy: alright. >> gover tway a little bit. >> jimmy: yeah. >> oy, you c gto outer space. u can switcht on your le hand t. >> jokay.>>re lan environ switch up at t. , you almo it. mounta, back. you swipe up. >> jimmy: no. no,back. jimmy: i know. it is. >>ll right. gonto space. all righat til mo auence ooh sw" m >> jmy: woah. this i cra. you can tag nt could do your logo on it >> jimmyi want tpu can >>ust dot walk backwa far. look at this. you cod have a ser n arst. s unbelievable
11:29 pm
name. [ cheers and alause ] >> any how, all right. let's get u out here. let's get you out of here. l right. that is the htvive. >> jimmy: thatas so rad. ohy god. >>reorder on fruy thit's le crazy adva >>immy: u' gatest. thank you focomi >> all r thks, ma jimmy: y hi to e fami. ss the babies. jouaolsky eck out s po there's mo
11:30 pm
[ ch appuse ],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,[ chee [ cheers andpplause ] >> jmy: my tnks to kevin hart, everybody. noel fielding, jhua topols everyb [ chrsnd alaus] dr. lonnie smithand the ros over there, ladies and gentlemen, from philadelphia.
11:31 pm
anyou for watching.
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