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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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carson thre rd pa bushnd bund mikeuckabee each won one. andracie potts joins us liv with the latest. >> reporter: let's tk about these results srting with t democratsecause it's not c if anyon rlly knewt would be qui ttit betw llary clion and bere saers, both sort of declang ctory bore all of the votes were even counted. itust about 20 minutes ago that we got word tt nbc called it afthe demti party here i iowa declaredhis a historicallylose race. fact, singing fht son there, clinto camp declared her the winner earlier in the evening, before thenetworks did, befor she even came out and spoke and a lot of people
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lso heard from bernie sanders who called it tie at that point. now, the big story f the republics ted cruz and t fact tte sailed to victo overonald trp who had been red in the latesol and thther bigry with therepublicans is marcorubio.he was the first major candidate of the evening to come out and clar victy. a third place finish but extremely close. for a while we tht he m gesecond place but jusbehind donald trump. but wt does all of this mean going into new hashire? rst all of, it means dald trump, who's doing much bette in new hampshire than iowa, coul see spl between iowa d new hampshire. we could see at least three candidatesn the replican sideovinon from there. bernie sand who has been dog veryell in new hampshire mo f inhattate
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frankly, a lot of people didn't think it woulde quite ts close here in iowa. >> it was a night that did not disaoi, that's for sure. tracie, thank u. and of course, the annncemt clinton's parentin happened moments ago. it was a dead heat most of most of the ght. d d didn't stop herrom giving a victory speech even without the final numbers in tonight. >> so, as i stand hereght, breathing a big sighf relief, thank you, iowa. [ applause ] i want you tonow i will keep dog w have done my entire life. will keeptanding upor you, will keep fhting for u. i will always work to achieve the america that i bieve in
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ate hold out to our children and grachildren nev fads. >> and called the sanders campaign the little engine tha could. vermont senator sed b ving hilla cnton feel the burn until theery lt minute. >>he >>he no prent can do wt has toe done alone. and that i w -- at is wh wha iowa has begun tight is a pitical volution. [ applause ] a a polical revolution that says when millions people come togeth, including thoseho have given up on the political ess, ty'reo diay and so frustrated withhat gs o in washington withoung people
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involved in the politic procs, when young people and workingeople and seniors begin to stand up and say loly and early, enough is enough. >> all right. so, how d krooucruz pull o t victy? he drew strong support from those who cal thselves very ervative and got 32% from evangelica suprters and from those who say their values suorted cruz's. and he thanked raged conservatives for their suppor >> tonight is a vicry for the grass ots. tonit is a victoryor curages coervatives acrossowa and all ross ts great nation.
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thra, wn t media in one voice said a conservative cannot wi natio win, nation wide ove 800,000 ntributions poud in to ted as curages conservatives said yes, we can. >>he preccus pls show nald tru in the lead. so, at happened? trump campaign inss s both trump and rubio had better round gas trp is a loser in io. gave easily his shortt speech and appeared humbled. >> so, on june 16th, whee starteis journey, there were 17 candidates, i was tdy everybod do not g to iowa, u could neverinish even in the top10 and i said but i have friendsn
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iowa, i have a lot of people in iowa, let's give it shot and they said don't dot and iaid i have to do it. and we finished second and i'm ju honored. i'm re honored and i want to conglate ted and all of the incredible candidates. >> althgh, even withoaking the top spot, trump rains as confident as ever. >> we wil onto get the republic nomination and w will g on to easily beat hillary or bnie or wloorvho they throwp there. >> not everyone iss posative. checkut the c of the new yo daily news. ev thohe cam in third, marcruo is on aositive trajectory. the nbc newsntrancel sho
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rubio. rubio. andpeaking last night, rubio exuded confidence. >> so, this is the moment they said would never happen. if i am our nominee and i will be our nin thanks to what you have done here in this great stat state ste, wn i am nominee, we are going to unify this party moveme. weir arerare gng to win iow and this election for ts countr >> anwhile, thereere som campaign casualties after pour showings. martin o'mley and me huckabee both suspended thr campgns. perhaps it all wraed just in time ll, it soundsikehey're about to get weather ithat area
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and we sawlizzard warnings north of t omaha area. and winr stowarnings continue from denver and tuallyilater er later tay, all across the state o wisconsin. it's ont. wichikansas and now we're rlly seng it exploding and watch t blue insi thehite. anheadg into nebraska and thatl move to omaha and then rocheste rochester and lacrse. rochester minnesotaould get u to a fo, omaha has a chance for 6 to0 inch. d you'r looking for somewherearound half a foot ofsnow, d green bay,ou couldasily get aalf foo of snow a demoines, lk lehey have a chanceor six ihesnd latoday, we're worried about
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to cenalentucky and tennessee. now a closer looat the day ahead. the map pretty much tells the story. in someareas, it wl b a heavy we snow acss iowa and southern nebraska. and ive evea chance of isoled tornado tornados. coming up, the teacher arrested i connectiowi helping three inmates espe om a calornia prison is free. and the world health organizati declaring za virus a world health emergency see me see me don'stare at me. see me. see me. see me tknow that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me tow that i won't sp. until i find wt works. discover cosentyx, a different nd of medicine for rate tsevereue pasis. proven to lp the maty oople
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at least he'tconstable bo with me, whayou see is what you get. and i ct the same om my maara. now, revn introduces a newcollecon of mascaras that mak getng t lash look yowant easy. so wheth you choose ultr volume, per length, volume and length magnified, dramat definition, or the uimate all-inne...the chces urs. oose lov a revolution in mascar revlon. love is on. > welcok. the teacher who alledly helpede three inmates escape has been released.
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sufficient evidence to charge r with a crime . they too a c driverostage and fought over whoigate to kill him. wor health organization has declared the zika epemic glol emergency. accine cou be r for clical trials b thendf theyear. > seate police arrested three teen age bsn connecon with a shooti death at a homels encampntast week. they say it over drugsnd ney. >> dronesav met the match. check this out.ard from a tras eagles toe down drones just ahey woultheir naturalay. dutch police are consering usg the program. apparently not fond odrones. and in florida, one driver took the pole to tk whenhe
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>> you were pushi 90 mileser hour. yes. and i jt wanteto know what's the emergency? >> guy. miami dade ptmt said it will investigate the incident. tio get down to siness. goog'sent company, alphabet over $550 billion, surpassing apple as the mos valuable company. yahoo is yet tout arly bs and clo severalusines units. plans e expected to be anund later day. fo their time inore th a decade, amecanirlinesre ing to provide freesnacks. ey will return to the coach cabin in fghts srting april 4th and it's expanding its entertainment on domti
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r althier looking in in just e da avno.
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,,,,,,, this morning on "today," who came out on top in the iowa
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coverage, plus a one onne interview wigop winne ted uz. the carina panthers and denver broncos met with med last night ahea of super bowl 50 and received aock star introduction. budespe leading the 17-1 panthers, cam newton is poi to uphold the mont ru, keep pounding by bringg a ser bowl title to charlotte. it's all in prario my fher always taughthe proper p's of success. and that's the words i li by, especially in big monts. >> no word o if he was still wearing the cool pants. as thenco took their turn,his will b pton manning's last .following the victory ove the ne england trtsni was over heard telling bill beliick this may be his quote rode
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this team has done well thi season is stay in the moment, focussedn the task at hand, take it one wk at a timend i'm gointo focus on that and deal with all the othertuff afterwards. >>thursday night football is ming to nbc. th announced thatbc and cbs willrehursday gh telecast. cnbc repos the deal is worth $450 million. turning to the diamond now. new york yankees first base prosspect, gre bird wil miss all of the 2016 season. he me his big leaeebut la season, belting 11 home runs and drivingn 31 ns. he's set to undergo season ending surge laterday. > just ahead, canou guess whicsupermels retiring
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stay with nbc through 2020. cindy aounc she is riring frommodeli. he will have her photo taken but no longer as amodel. e hottest supermodel of the '90s turns 50 this month. you've bn gone t long, ale. there are matte which cannot neglected. tha is the unmistakable voice of the latellenrickman. he revised h role in the blue cater pillar the sequel is in the fal screen performanc and hit theate this may. e franciss mak his acting debut. why t? 'll playhimself ia religious lm bas on the spel he'll be the fir pope to
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the heavy snow is exiting to our east. some lhter snow willinr day. our temperures are in the teens and 20s is morning, and we will be lucky to rm bond the 20this afternoon. details on today's forecast and a ok ahead at the next round of snow arcong up in weather & traffic on the's. good morning, thanks for joining us on this tsday morning... i'm ira cronin. shellene. we're scrolling scol and oth delays and closures on the ttom of yourcreen. first up this morning... it's another first ale 5 ather day! from colorado springs peulbo, news-5 has y coved if you need to t the roads th moing. we'll start our live team coverageh news5's bi
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