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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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pueblo-- ao hit hard last night by snow.
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nditions worsened throughout the day in pueblo! but earlr inhe ening. city crews took advantage wh the snow wasn't falling as much... by re-treating their primary routes! workers spent their ift spreading salt... sand and de-icing mixture. were also able to mitor
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avenue near prairie and clines like the one on santa . we really kept the guys out there the ole tipatrolling and doing whathey can to improvthe roadway conditio. i think that's really thbest can do, and is workedut well for us right no plows e ly running on seven routes toughout th city -- so be ry careful as you out this morning, especially osidetreets. deite the snow... the colorado springs airport... is working to keep ruays erating! as of right n there's no delays or cancellations thisorning. and sterdaat t sprgs airpor.. the only cancellions were to and fr denver! plows spent thday clring runways. after the snow isweeped away... another truck spads top of the line cmicals to help the snow lt! it costs about 10-thousadollarfor st ps!
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keeps ruays en and allows planes to come in and ou denver international airport shared this vio on twitr-- on how itsrews keep this. take look-- thiss new, time lapse video-- you can see plows and other equipment clearing snow from the taxiwa nearly 500 flights-- or a third of the airports trafc -- we canceleyesterday due to the storm. today and night... the salvion army's warming shelter downtown cora springs wiaien. it's beeopatg ound the clock fothe past two days helping the homele. shelter managers s they added room for another8 people to me iand get warm, but not necessarily sleep at the elte that puts em at just or 200 spaces avaable. humans an't thon ones who ffer from the co... thesnter srms can so be - atening ck
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a blizzard killed thousands of cale near la junta.a. but ranchers we spoke with--sa they aren't concerned about a disaster le that r now... cause this is the time of year when they plan for winter storms... and e beer ppared to protect their animals. time now for weather and traffic on t 5s. meteologt stephen bowers is here now with rst alert 5. while heavy snow is exiting oueast, some spotty batches of snowre lgering this morning. road cditionare ssy. not on is snow on the roads slowing ings do, a layer of ice beneath snow is making roads escially uneasy this moing. as the heavy snow winds down, the we snow slabs on the mountains with additional sn on top have shed the avalanche risko dangerously high levels. avalanche warningsre in effect fomuch
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our temperatures aren the teens and 20s th morni. wind chills are in the ngle digits d teens. snow this morng will become more spotty with temperares struggling to rm through the 20s. n we will sll have me spots of light snoaround, and mperatures not any better an 20s. the owy spots will begin t beme fewerfter 2 pm wi cold 20s to brief low s. aside from a lingering frry this evening, snow will to end. some higay closures to tell you t because of wte-outconditions: a 65 me stretch of westbound highwa24 from limon tocolorado springs is closed
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someighway clores to tl you about because white-out nditions: a 65 mile stretch of westb highway 24 frolimoto colorado springs is closed. highway 94 fm the springs to highy 40 -- also closed. that's an 84 mile stretch! intersta 70 fr denver to the kansasorder-- also
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puebloole f -- "luis le is sponding complaints raise among his officers he address cy council last night r the send time about a recent pole unn survey. counl keesonabout the poli bge... as deterioratingquipment and lack of manpower have become reed con chief velesays he understand.. chge takes tim uncil prident "ste nawrocki" back up thchief, yians colleagues share responsibilior dget decisions solygrndeel ththis oanatiotodais in ch br shapans fi ago. cae whver yowa but ultimaly if it comes to money and w the fil decision isit's this body up here. we poed out o99 ofcers who took a survey suord a te o conf ithe some oty council have called for exetive session with city manager "samzad" to
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budget. still ahead.. it was a c call... but a democric winner has been declar for the iowa caucus. plus it's ground-hog day! we'll tell you if nxsuwney phil saw his shadow... or if spring icoming ely this
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welcome ck... re's a live lo from our pulo s day-- we'll continue to update y throghouthe morning on conditions...wh live team coverage and wther a traffic s. later today in wasnton d-c... presidenama and hoe eaker "paul an" e set to me one-on-onfor fit ti... e "ryan" became hoe spkest y e two will havlunch in the oval office afr ing that includ senate majoeader "mitchcconll". they're pect to discuss the president's fiscal 217 budge quest and areas giation. w this morni ne hardeatic presentiandidate "hiary tos pa wner of the iowa caucus. thiss based on report from the iowa democract par cir. but-- clinton and senar bernie
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on the republican side--was ted cruzho wonhe first caucusthnation! donald tmp came inecond losing by just thr points... just bary aheaof senor marco rubio. the candidates wl now head to new hampshire, where that primary is one week away. big ne outf io cauc... onwo cdiremain on e atic sid rtin'mled ng outce-- aftera po showin iowa. the republican race is a little less crowd this morning. former aansas governor mike huckabee said uspending his campaign... heoo had pooshowing in iowa. time now for weather and traic the 5s. meologist stephen bowers is here now witfirst alert 5. while hey sn is exiting to our east, mepotty tches of snow are lingeringhis morning. road conditionare messy. not only is snow on the roads slowing things down, a layer of ice beneath that snow ming
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as t hea snow winds down, e we snow slabon the mountains with additional snow top have pushed the avalanche risk to dangerously high levels. avanche warnings are in effe for much othe high count. our temperatures are in the tes and 20s th morning. wihills are inhe single digits and teens. owhimorng will become more stty with temperatures struggling to warm through the at noon, we witill have ots ofig sw around temperures are n a better th 20s. the snowspots in to coer after 2 pm with co 20so brief low 30s. aside from a lingeringlurry
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let's get you caugp on road conditions right now. news 5's bill fols is liven colora sgs wt's
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thanks stephen.. in about 45 minutes wel learn if there wl be an early spring. it's groundhog day a "punutawney phil" ll be coaxed of his ding sin nnsylvania at around 50 is morng. as the legend has it, if phil sees his shadow nter will last ill ahead... one family spends thr snow-day honoring peyton manning! we'll sh youir creation when we
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lcome ba. overwen lora e familys ng home to their fariteootball pler using snow! the casey family in grand junction built a 12 foot snowman wi broncos quarterbaey manning's ers d on the front it took th more than 6 hours to create the masterpiece!he real mannings only s-foot- five, so hpales in comparison
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th snow sculur time now for weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with rsalert 5. while heavy snow is exiting to our east, some spotty batches of snow are lingering this morning. ad conditions are messy. not ons snown the roads slowing things down, a layer of ice beneath that snow is makg roads especially uneasy this rng. as t heavy snow winds down, the weak snow abs on the mountains with additional snow on top have pued thevalanche risk to dangerouslgh levels. avalanche rnings are in effect for ch of the high country. our erur are in th teenand s thisorning. wi chills are he single digits and teens. snowhis ing wi bece re spotty wirature struggng to warm through t 20s. atoon, wwi stillave some spots ofight snow arnd, an temperatures are not any better than 20s. the sny ots will beg to become fer after 2 pm th
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ide a linge fluy th evening, snow will me to
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coming up on news-5-day... we're tracking road conditio for your morng commute... we have crews in both colorado springs and pueblo.. with live
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... e stm causg major proble t roads... evenea to e down bus service in colorado spris. we're tracking the decision to get busses back up and runningday. the heavy snow is exiting to our east. some lhter snow will lger today. our temperat are in the teens ans this morningand we will be lucky to warm beyond the s thisfternoon tails on today's forecast and a lo aad at the next round of sw e coming up in weather traffion the 5's. good mng, anksor joing usthis tuesday morning. it's february 2n m annie snin for sllene. and i'm ira cronin. wee scrolling scol and other dela and closureon the bottom of your screen. first up this morning... our first alert 5 weather y cove continues at 5 a- m.... our iemorng meteorolt willoin us in a minu. we have crews tracking the road coitions in colorado springs and pueblo. we'll start pueblo with news
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