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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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paso county continue tget hit rd with snow and blowing snow, and in some aces, that'sade roads impassab. interstate 25 gets progressively woe e furthenorth you go, especially starting around interquest. then, once you get into monunt d black forest, you experience the different priori levels r plowin priority o routes get immediatanrepeated atntion, followed by priority two, and lastly iority ree, which includes rur areas and resintia neigorhoods. with ts orm, it's easy to sehothe dierenceeten prrity onend priority two can mean the difference between gettg out of your home or back into your ho. "we've got a lot of residential streets out ere, and by definition they'll beer on the prrity 3 list. we think aot ofolks are getting a little cabin fever, hopi those plowsill get , and that's really a challenging area." for some of those priority two and three routes, it will be
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the other major problem in northern and eastern el paso county is the drifting. some of those priority one rout need be re-plowed er and over again before they can even start on e prrity two and three utes. live in northe el paso count zt, news 5. ow pw eware ill working arou t clock... full calout... r t and city street ews. ey say they plan in advance--fortorms like thi one, thalast for days. crews operate on a rotating hedule so everneasime to re. that's because it's dangerous to be behind the whl th n slp. ===== we do 12 hour shifts. my shi start at 8 is rning and wi go till 8 night. even though the snow has eased up in spots. road crews will ntinueo work untiltreets are passable. xxxxx here'snother reminder how ngerouthsn pked and icy conditions c be. eaier da--a box truck st control onhe slick
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ceer medon i-25 near garden of e ds road. the force ofhe crash waso strong-- it oke throh the cablseparating the north and southbound lanes. no wortonight on any injures---but the wreck baed up traic as crews worked t repair t damage. continuing our team coverage now. here's a live look in pueblo.. where the sun was ck out this afternoon,...a roa are starting to ove. but it's been a mess all day....parlarly the morning mmute. news five's lena howland has en out montinong t po roadall y. she joinus liv lena?? rob, for the lucky few that stl had to g into work thi morning or make a trip across town, we had aough comte bright and early today. mike mentiod, colorado springs got hammered witsnow -- but pueblo got ice. here's a look at dowown pueblo earlier thisorning. both the city and the coun had ll call-ouof their crews to clear the ros all day long. theihard work though, paid
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mostf the ice on major roads had turned into slush by noon. however -- this didn't stop our local emergencrooms from keepinbusy bse of the storm. we have seen here in the ergency dertment, a w lls, and a few minorraffic accidents fortunately no ificant juri the rector of the emgency department at . mary-corwin recoends wearingd rubber soled shs for traction in thesconditions, and heays t to walk with your hands full and avoid walking on patcheshat n' been shoveled or salted coming up tonighat six -- we'll show you how some neighborlyueoans are ting those words of wisdom toeart. live in pueblo, lena howland, news five. hiway 24 from calhan to lin is "back open".... it w swn llast ght. c-t says wthriing snow ahi o ndio"... th we afriad someone might slide ofe ro.. and not be found for hours.
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something that caught a lot of drivers, off guard this moing. someere ableo take se roads get aun.. but truck ivers th rely wasan oion. ===== le br/trucdriv so 27:46 setimes you can take the sidroads buwh roads e d like thiu dot nt to go dn those roads. burr and a fewthers... decided to just "wait out out." luck.. it wasn't too long... c-dot reopeneday 50 east... around noon. xxx the post office is asking everyone to be mindful of their letter criers.. th a that you help clear the snow and ice away om your mailbox and walkways. the winter season brings its fair shaf safety rks--but with our hvy snowfall ov the last two ds... it only matheir b that much harder.. help. ======= "tnk you smuch, beuse you can tell wking through this is no fun. very dangerous, very slick. thaou forakin
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fety awell ayours." some 17 lett carris in loradoave be inj on e jo... just since october. we're tagging along... with aocal mail carrier... tonight at. xxxx many businesses across southern colorado struggling to get customers through the door. it's not good for business.but foare paying attentn,...stay home, stay off ro stay safe our keey kennedy is talking local binesses about what they're doi to keep busy kelsey? kairos coffehere off garden of the gods ilorado springs.. closed before their relar closing time today.. they just dn't have the cusmer base to st open this afternoon.. i stopped by earlier to see how they're passing the time whi the weather preven tir gur customers fr vising.. empty tablesidn't mean the baristasere didn't stay busy though.. me of them had to dig themselves outget to wor this mning so why not make t st of it ? letting their creave juices flow.. they used theispe timeo
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customers to enjoy once the weather clears up.. "brad just made a beautiful cinnamon toast scial. so we're wking on different drinksnd ideas. 're doing some work for the breakft ndwhiches, jus prepping forhener the sn is gone and wel be busy again." cal businesses downtown also struggling for enough customers to warrant stang open today.. manyoutique shops closed uil the weatr clears.. but some restaurantsikjose maoo.. sticki it out and hoping people come through the doors for dinner.. there's another side to this sty ough.. snow remov businesses are slammed trying to dig their customers out.. they've en wking non-stop since e snow started falling.. i' have their sty.. coming utonight at six. live in cos,k news5. our blast of snow is creatin flight troubles across colorad d-i-a canceled dozens of fghts
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here's fsh v from d-i-a that shows how much hard wor go io tting planes up in the r. the airport says 500 employees are working with 250 pieces of uipmt to clear the runways. we c wite colodo springs airpor--and they tes only a f flights wer canceledod our teas been keeping u ead of thistorm since last week. our coverage dsn't end tonight. we will continue to track the tomorrow. count on us for your lest forecast andoad conditions. we've so g theatest on closuresndelays running at the bottom of the screen... anwi ctie updating i all evening. xxx and our coveragen thiseath alert day continues on news 5 at we'll shou some new video from oews 5 viewers---and
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======== nats of wind ========= talk abo coladliving! vie shed this video from peyton tay. he's 6'3... and had trouble getting through the deep snow and out into h barn this morng. hionly option was toump an trekhrough the heavy snow. xxxx now this iomething you every day. a x using a snow br!!! elizabeth shared thio fr meridian ranch. you can see---somne decided to get a little pre- historic---and car their sidelk dress up as a dinour! we're getting some great picturesf the storm from our news 5 viewers. jill senus this one.. of her littlrl strgling to pu h toy c through the
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scott sent us this picture from pueblo! a snowma.. wi an brel!! and wethis pture! ashley daniels used food colori to make a snow twinkie in her backyard! keep tho pictures coming! se them to my-pics at koaa-dotcom....or post tm on ou faceok page. we areoaa-5. a look froras across colorado high today co again in the 20's d 30's current mperat all over southern colorado... current wind chills... satellite pictures,,, the storm that brought snow is pushing out to the noreast. next weather maker, high pressure will control our her. a northwest ow could bring a few flurries tomorrow afteoon. ur by hour, clouds thicken torrow anoon with a weak diurnce, and a few frries possible during e afteoon. lowsonight in e singles to bew ro highs tomorrow in the teens, 20's and 30's. 7 darecastor the springs, high tomorrow 26. a feflurries psible late thursday n into friday morning. saturday will be nicwith a high of 46. dry on super sunday.
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warmer and dry thursday. turday will thearst d of the net 7, a little coooler sunday with partly cloudy skies. canon city and woodld park, continued cold tomorrow th flurries posble over teller county, warmer thursday with flurries possibllate over teller county,lurries could linger into early friday morning.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, still aheaen you work is it er to drink or sports drinks?? we'll share what we discovered in tonht's your hethy faly.
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how the broncos are preparing for sunday's big game---right afte
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it takes plenty of practice to be ready fhe super bl, but the broncos and panthers aren't the on ones getting ready for e big game. crs at levi's stadium ha been working double time to make sure the ht citys ready for football's biggest sta. sports director anmeh live there tonight.. lotsf prarations going on there... go evening. the super bowl has become much more about the flash than the substance b if they can combine those two th the nfwill and they have with thstium for sunday night. the me of the 49ers isevis stadium and on sunday this will be the home of super bowl 50. 77-thousanwill cram themlves into the nfls nest sdium on
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wh the 49ers decided to build this in santa clara. of the main goals was to have the world watch on sunday night we look at all difnt ftors when that decision imade but i think with the anities and the way this was designed it lends itself to what should be a exciting and gat for a super bo. this is also the mt technolo friely stadium in the league - a sign ofhe times f maximum f interaion now seventy seven thousand fans is not even the maximum pacity for the stadium - how many they have put in there fore??that answer comingp live at 6 pm. another live-look outse colorado springs. cold and icy outhere----mike
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in tonight's health watch. there's another case of the zika virus confmed in the united states e c-d-says aatient in dallasecame infected after havi sexual coact with a pers---who returned from a country where zika was present. the zika virus is usually spread through mosquiites. and investigs have been exploring the possibility of the virus being read throu sex most infected peop d't have any sympms. t experts e concerned about a potential link between za and a rise in birth defects in parts of latin america. health officials note there are noep of ka being
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in tonight's your healthy faly. most athletes regularly us drinks le gatorade o powerade to recovefrom intense trainingr coetition. the expes say your "acvity level" deternes "wha you shou auay drinking. danielle bber with more. ===== if you're feeling fatigued, sore or worn out ring oafter cercise, wt yore drinking mabe to blame. sot: kelsey heick, registered dietitn "we're losing sweat, so 're long some electrytes out of that ea so, we need to replesh those justo wean stay top of game." wh your workout lastless an an hour, registered dietitian, kelsey rric says water will suffice. t: kelsey herrick, registered etitian t helps to prevent dehydration, sit can keep you focused on your event or your workout. staying hyated ikey to helping your body recor properly. sot: kelsey herrick,egistere dietitian "a good indicator of hydration status, too, to mae that re well hydrateds that your uri is more thapale monade color rather than app ice." but, sometes wer just won't cut it. sot: kelsey herrick, registered dietitian
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have a sports ink foanhi that is intense orthing stiner ahour for your exercise." after ur workout is finish, replenishing your body doesn't stop there. sot: kelsey herrick, registered dietitian "with the protein r, it's giving you some protein, but we still want t make sure that you're still giving enough carbs, too, that the sports drink canrode." and, if you're seeling sluggish, heick says to consider changyour eating patterns leading up to your rkt. for moh storie.. ju hd "" tonight at s. we continue oucoverage on th wealt day. our team is live as southern coloradoeeping an eye on the road conditionso you can st safe. mike will also have your lest forest---hjoinus now in first ert 5. partly to moly cloudy tot and cold with lon the singles and below zero tomorrow will be partly cloudy eay then increasincl wiew flurries possible over the higher elevions and in parts of e spring
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,,,,,, thanks for wching newsive at five. we'll seyoback right he after n-b-c nightly ne, next. and your lal ns islways on
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> tonight,ictory lap. ted cruz reshapes the ra handing a surpsing loss to donald t in iowa while marco rubio's strong showing gives hope to mastream republans, but it's a pho finish for hillary clinton, declared the winner in
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thin marn over beie sanders. >>w zika fears. the first confmed case of seally transmitted ka in the u.s., and estions over whether thvirus can cause paralysis in adults. social media murder? young colle udents accused in the death of 13-year-old girl.was she lured to line? annightmarat 10,000 feet. a massive hole ruured in the side of a plane mid-air, a harrowinscene inside the cabin as ssengers brace for emergency landing. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news wor headquarte in ne , thiss bc nitly news" ster holt. > od eveni. there's some big and iguing new story nein t re for esident ght after wa voter reshuffled the rac ere were just two winners, of course, but at lea twice that many victory-sounding
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