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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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night's results followed by the mad overnighsh to new hashire. ted cr arriving with a surprise tailwind after deing the polls to deft nald trump. mao rubio close enough thi to add a w dynamito ra.for thmocratit was zor close, but iowa demc pay deed hry clinton thnn over bernie nders who calli i virtual ti the new hampshire primary a week from tonight st got a ole lot more intestg. let's start with the cruz/trump headline and hallieac. hello,allie. >> reporter: hi, lester. the nterf e political universe has shifted here less than 24ours after iowa set a record wit50% more republicans caucusing than ever before. now, it's new hampshire'turn wit andidates under pressure. not used to losing -- >> we're going to win. we're going to win so mu. >> rter: donald trump finalldid, today king hdlines with the winning sto line all ted cruz. >> so what a victory last nht.
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deploying thsame stragy in windham, nehampshe ase did near windham, iowa, shake tsf hands. >> iocal vonteer with the ted cruzampaign. >>epor make lots of calls and te on p. donald trump s ying every day that i was his friend, that loved me,nd now i'm an anchor baby. he or anyone els insults me i don't respond in kind. i think t american >> reporter: but you've attacked them? >> i do think fferences on policy, on rord, on substance, thas fair game. >> reporter: our conversationoming st after cru victorspeech last ght ich trump today slammed r being too long, too flambont, tang a tone very different from his gracious one laight. >> and i wt to congra ted, and want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates. repter: trump n inew hpshire whe he leads by double digits hige here, m independent voters a fewer evangelicals, crucial grp r cr votes tuesday, trump decision to bail on
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may not resote anymore. >> anything n happen canempsh vote reallma up theimin at final ekend. >>epter: while cruz hopes to frame this as a one-on-one duelone point bend trump in iowa marco rubio, a strong third. isn't this a thr-man ce now >> well, listen, that's up to the at's going to be up to theoters. i haveo sai'm amused at listening to the media talk about at an impssive third place finish. >> but a new state ans a new race, w just run week aw llackson, nb , wi new hash >> repte thiis gabe gutieez cori the rubio campaign. raly has a third plfinishelt so much like a victory. day marco rubio foug to keepha momeum. >> i'll e you inhe morng. i wasn't kidng. >> rorr: thas to a ound game sway le undecid voters, rubio shattered expectations in iowa, surng into the top three of the republican fie. >> so this is the mome they said would r happen. >> reporter: and ging as the firs viable gop alternative to cruz and ump.
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we have nohanc because my haiwasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. >> rorter: even polling at 15%, yet he kein a surpring jt e percentage point behind trump. are you the real establishment candidate here? >> y know, i think people always use that terminology. i've had to run against the establhment. that sd i want to unify the party. >> reporter: now the question is how much will that establishment rally behind, or will donors suprt oer candidates, jebush, john kasich or chris christie? today christie took rubio head on. this isn't e student council electioneverybody. this is an electn for ident the united states. let's t the in thbubble out of the bb. >> reporr: some stng words from christie. >> i think it's been a tough h uple days for chris and some of the other guys >> reporr: rubio looking past new hampire. utting my confidencey trust in marco rubio. >> reporter: announcing a endoent fromouth carolina senator scott. >> rubio wants tke the can new hampshire at uike ted cruz he can appeal
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much more moderate state, ando at's how wan to positi himself as the an-cruz. eporr: many analts are predicng a 3, 1 rategy for rio, if he fishethird in secon here in new mpshire and first in sth carolina, that could be the most likely pa to his nominaon. lester. >>than, gabe. and for democrats it was the closesrace in ia caucus history, so ght that iowa's democtic party did not declare hillary clinton winner andy a narrow margin untate this afternoon. bern sanders has not ruled out contesting the count. we've got th caaigncored starting with nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: in new mpshtoday hillary clinton was sounding triumphant. i am so thrilled that'm cominto new hampshire after winning iowa! >> reporter:he k reality is aft starting out0 points ahead of bernie
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with raz thin victory. >> tails. >> tails. >> reporte it ev took coin tosses to get ther and the delegates will be viually even split. clinton today telling msnbc's chris matthews she was relieved at the outcome. >> everybody said if there was a big turnout that would advantage senator sanders. there was a g turnout, and we won. rorter: butowa entrance poll veals her weaknesses. ong the biest, the crushing defeat among young voters, losing them by 84% 14%. why are young voters gofor sanders? do you understd what that dynamic is? >> absolutel >> repr: what is it? the system is riggedgainst you, vo for m i'll break up the big banks and tax the billionaires and give u free college and cut the cost of health care, end of story. >> reporte aft squeaking out a win in io, clinton isow soundi more like nder >> i know that we n finish t job o
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single man, woman chd! tro lor expectio here in sanders from neighboring vermont has a double-digit lead, hoping her husband, who was once thcomeback kid here, wi help heat lea defeat. anea mitchell, nbc ne, mahester, new hampshir rorte i'm kas hu witthe saer ai in hampire whe th arhopi to rn iowa momentum to his first 2016 victory ne tuesday. >> a last night we began the polical revolution not just in iowa, t just in new hampshire buall over this country. >> reporter: sanders criticizing inton aftethis comment last night. >> i am a progressiv who getshings done r peop. >> reporter: do you ink hillary clinto agressive? >>ome ysye exce wn e announces that she is a proud moderate and
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a ressive. >>eporter: the vermont senatostill ringigh after that near mishe iowa ucuses that e mpaign ss was anything but a los >> it los like we are virtual tie. >> reporter: according to entrance polls, that performance was pored byirst-te caus-goers who w for him 59% 7%. t ose pos also show ateep challenge for sands. iowaemocrats who stonceed abo which candide can win in novembebacked hilly clinn by 60 ints >> psay, well, i likeyou, bernie i nto vot for u, but i jusn't thin yocan win. , think th today ook giant st to overcome that kind of doubt. >> reporter: iwas a whlwind nighfo sanders. a red eye flight t nehampshire where hundreds of supporters rallied for him 5:00 in the morning. >> what time is it that's ang. reporte another sign of that enthiasm.
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ised over $1 million. lester? >> allight, kasie, thanks let's turno chk todd, nbc news lil director and moderar of "meet the press." chuck, whaimpact will last night have d what plays out in new hashire over t next week? >> n we see a shift in the burden of proof on candida. in iowa the rden of proof was on donald trump and hillary clinton and ted cruz. ted cruz passed his test. hillary clton barely passed her test. now rden of proof ts in w hashire to bernie sanders and donald trump. donald trump and bernie sanders have d uble-digit leads in new hampshire for weeks. now they have to win here. well, hillary clinton might have a little bit of momentum, t clintons have done we in new hampir in theas and n wenow everythi uld be thrown up to the air on the republican side of thgs. so ihink that's e big change here is suddenly must-win states for sande and trump. >>ll right, chuck. thank you. the are a pair of troubling new develoents in the zika virus outbrea doctors in the u.s. reporting the first knowse of the virus being
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experts are trying t deteinwhher the rucoulbe linked to a rare conditn that causeralys in adults. nbc's rehema eis s from brazi >> reporter: mosquitos are the primary way the zika vir is transmitted, but today the cdc confird the first case acquired by sexual cct in texa as a result,he c tells nbc net will sua new ad this week. >>f s back, geic ka and thes sexu intcour with a womanho i prnar y be pregnant, ere is the theoretical sk that that woman could then become iected with zika. >> reporter: as health ficials study transmissionthe c is ao investigating other serious lnesses zika may causbeyond mioceply in babi. in brazil, 27-year-o dave gomezs recoveng fro sudden paralys he woke up wi a mon ago after
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were you raid? he was diagnosed with guillain-barre syndrome, a rare and potentially lifehreatening atck on the nervo system causing paralysis. debilitating b often treatable with blood-ce infusions and physal therapy. >> last year we have 65 ces. >> reporte this neurogist says th's four mes hierhanoal at her hospit. snow t the zika vis is connected wi t sdrome? >>es, absolutely. >>epter: who is at ri? everydy. >> rorter:he c is oground in braziloonto the ssle lin >> we're doitudy so we catermif there's a relati and if so which people are most at ri. >> rorter: you're ying he could be disabled for the rest ofisife? >>, yes. >> reporte this 59-year-old farmer paralyzed for a month with guillain-barre syndrome showing no signs of recovery as scieists race solve this unfolding medil mystery. heema, ellis, nbc
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much of this country is under thatf severe wet they are evening andnt the overnight hours. nearly 15 million ople are under torno tches in the south while blizzard conditionsontie to pounthe ai a mit ere they have already beehi rd. nbc's jab rasc is in the teazo. >> rorter: the massive wint srm pummel t mwest d ai, izrd conditions in iowa and beyond. >> this will be a big sn, maybe me o thworssince 20 and 09 >> reporter:inch now the hkeye statand re than a footn colorado, and inebraskhere wheout condis choked more than 100 miles ofntste , 15 inches w. airports scramblg to keepp. nearly 2 million americans unde blizzard warning night wi 21 million at risk for severetorms. >> we cod have wind, haileven tornadoes today. >> reporter: late today reports of at least two rnadoes damaging a crch and a college in mississippi, repted
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tornado watches fr louisiana to kentucky. mphis, parkin ts a intersectns flooded ininutes. meanwhile in pennlvia, a bold prediction. >> theres no shado to be cast, an early spring is my forast! >> reporter: only the th time punxsuta phil has not seen his shadow since the late 1800s, and with el nino bringing temperatures up to 2 degrees abovavage an early spring isot out of the questio bufor llio o americans it can't co earlyugh. and toght the storm on the move wit new reports of adoes toado damage coming in by the mite andhe threatf tornadoes, lightning, hail damaging wind coinuing tonight and into tomorrow fo millionsf americans. le >> jacob rascon tonight, thank y comediill cosbappeed i cour today for his first hearing in the iminal case against m.
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investigators he investigators have reased new details of the scking murd of a 1year-old girl in virgia. charged the case are a pair of teenaged studts from virgia tech, and ere is ch concern over wh role socl medimay have had in the crime. nbc's janet shamlian explains. >> reporter: the grief-stricken mother of nicole mason lovell living e unimaginable >> nicole touchemany people throughouher short fe >> reporter: orities tonight say the 13-yeaold was stabbed death and the connectiono twpromising colleg frhmen from virginia tech chargedn her murder m be soci mea. the seventh grer was activen twitter and a facebook forum called teen dating and flirting. the nighshe disappeared nicole reportly showed a
5:47 pm
said she waslanng meet. ey came on a messing app lled kick which authorities say has used by xualrers. >> we will not l this violee dene us. >> reporter: police say 18-year-old vid eisenhauer, a track star and engineering udt, kidnapp and rded nicole. 19ear-d natalie keeps was origally chargewith helpi him get riof t body. authorities nosay shs invoed bere nicole died. >> nalie keepers will be charged today with being an accessory before the fact to the firsdegree murder nicole lovl. >> reporr: the seveh grader wen missinlast week after climbi out of hebedroowindow. her body found 8 miles aw in rth cana. >> these two inviduals took my daughter from this plet, and i nt t ow i wa allhe information i n >>eporter: family, a community wiou answ shan to its core. net lian, nbc ne. we' bk in a mont wh a major
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a terrifying incident aboara passenger plane in somalia when hug hole was blown in e side othe fuselage d-air. a ssenr captured thscene side the cabin after the rupture ocrred at 10,000 ft. the planwarced ake rgcy landing. officials say least twpeople were injured. the cause of t rupture is under investation. >>should young women have tgister for the draft? the top officers in the army and marines both told congress yestoday about two mohs agon opened all combat posions to women even though no dra is currently in place, almost all young men ages 1 25 are qued to gister for it. the use has annound new recipient for the l of honor, thnavy has not released a photo of him cause he's
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i can do that! raight ahead on news five at si e tely tonight, as noted a finalltonigh as we noted at the top ofhe newast,he ce potical universe has w ofal shifted owa to n hashire. week from now state hos the very fit primary in the nationso wt' wehing on the minds of voters there? we asked our kin bbleis a town iw hampshir to find ouin our series "we the peop." >>eporter: in the shadow of the rugged white mountains sits littleton, new hampshire, the town that gave america the story of pollyanna and where you can stil feel her optimistic spit omain stree >> is a sitive mood, people collaborating d
5:56 pm
>> reporter: but littton al braces new hampshire's motto of live free or die at chutter's candy store. >> wow >> rorter: owner jim don vors his role as an inpendent, like some 40% of the voteere. theargoing to ma their decision eir own. not really influend by, you kn, th crd. >> repter: inside rthern ligs music dan lomon and faly have a rhythm all their own. >> i will decide when i cast my vote. >> reporter: son asher wants candate to be as independent as he is. >> notaving the vis died tm by people o are advising him. he'sruly dependent. >> reporter: but while mu onew hampshire has red well out of the recession, many say it has come from hard work and sacrifice. >> i not lookingor a handout. i don't want anything from government, a i nt my fellow neighbor to el the
5:57 pm
>> repter: art rs the local frame shop and while his mind is madep his independent spirit ns deep. >> at the end of the day the world isn't pollyanna. we do ha to make tougdecisions. reporte t anite statwill make up s mind when it's gd and read and by golly, as pollyanna woulsay, th is someth be gd about. kevin tibbles, nbc news, littleton, new hamp >> a that is going to do it fors on this tuesday night. i'm lester holt. r all of us at nbc wsthank yofor tching and good wahing and good nit. heo eryo and thanks for joining usor news 5 6. m lisa lyd. d i'm rob quirk... first toght---an incredi exame ofhe power of is winter stormn some pts of uthe colorado. thisideo st this morning in
5:58 pm
county. vince---who is over 6-fe says he had a bit of atr getting throh waist high snow drif to try to reach his barn! it was a similar scene all across theount-- differe depthsf snow dependng on just where you are. the ws five team--rag the continued impact of this storm. lead forecaster mike daniels--gave ushe fir alert last week and will tell us what to expect for the rest of the we.. and our live crews continuto monitor conditions. we start tonightith zach thaxn--north of colorado springs, wre there a se very messy rds. nohern and easternar of el paso county continue to get hit hard with snow and blo
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tetate 25 gets pgressively rse the further north you go, especially starting ound interquest. then, once you get imonunt and ack forest, you experice the different prrity levels for pling. priority one routes get immediate and repeated atten, followed by priority two, and lastly prrity three, which incles many rural areas and residential neighborods. with ts storm, it's easyo see how e dierence between priori one and priority twoan mean the difference beten getti out of your home or ck into yo home. "we've got lotresidential streets out there, and by definion they'll beer on the priority 3 list. we think a lot of folks are tting a little cabin fever, hopi those plows will get by, and that'seally a challengg area." for so of those priority two and three utes, it will be


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