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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  February 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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roads are trcherous...anin some cases, imssable. depending on where you live, getting to or om your me may not be possible until tomorrowfternoon, if not later. news 5's zach thaxton is live in el paso county tonight t continue our team corage. snow plowing in elaso county isriitized by three levels priority onemajor arrial priority two -- traffi collecters from bdivisions a arterials. priority three -- residential road if you'rprioty three, it may be awhile yet fore your road is passable. with so much snow, is ea t see which roads are priorityne or two and whi ones are priority three. the are 5 miles of priorit ree ros el paso count-- those lle taken care of "when time, availablfus, and equipmenpermit," according to t cnty web site. so f se all streets,ul de sacs, andmaer rur
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meanwhile, priorite ad-- thoughlowed -- raiicy an snowpacked acrosmonument, blk re, d falcon. and many iersections are very slhy "y nd to be aware th around the nt tuyocould be moving from something tha appears to breally good traction to something that's got 2 or 3 inches of snow withce under it." keep in mi that temps aren't expect tri above freezing tomorrow, so much of thenow on the ads ll remain. then, when it does melt, you'll want to havelenty of windshield washer fluid on- ha cause splashback will be aissue for dayso come. live in el pascounty, zt, news 5. city crewsretill working ound thelo to plow the roadways... they've en focused othe primary ansecondary rout... and in some cases, they had to uble back.. when last night's high winds blew snowdrifts right back over
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it will take time to gethe ros passle ain so eysk ey we aluse ution. xx zardous road conditis foed mountain metro transit to suspend it's service once again today. the city is moniring the roads right now and willecide at 4:30 tomorromorning whether or not it's safe resumrvice. we wilfollow uwith them and brg you an updatonews fi day starti at 4:30 tomorrow morning. many people like postal works ill have to report trkn these condio. they ask that you helpar the snow and ice away from your mailbox anlkways so eyan do their job. the wint sson brings it's fair share of safety ris and this heavy snowfall kes thei joat much rder. lettarrierwe spokeith are thankful f the help! some 17 carriers in colado ha en injured on the b since october. from grasslands to mountains, pueblo county crews are deing with a variety ochleng dung this winter storm. news 5's jessi mitchell joins us live now froour pueblo studio with a look at how they tackle
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we saw snow in almost evy part of our region these pa couple days -- but it didn't all ok e same. pueblo couy has l types of terrain mountains, plains and erything in between. buthe public works director has a plan. more than 800 miles of county road snake betwe beuh and boone -- and when it's time to plow,rews cov i unlike some other jurisdictions, every pueblo county road gets plowed -- in order of priority. buat tk looks different at vaing elatns. up in the mountains of beulah and rye, crews plow more frequently, but narrower roads methey have toetiv with where they push the snow. there. what we typically see out onhe plains is less sno b ahole lot more winand a whole lot more drifting. on the east def the county, snow continueso across the roadways long af's stfalling.
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but these drivers are usedo it -- each on-calworker is assigned section othe county that talwayslow. e idea is they'rall mili with the roads that we would ll them out for, so we don't get anybody lost or going down privatroads or tt sort of thing. puebloounty called out a 35 avlable trucks for this winter storm. th stoppedlowing late is afternoon after clearing everytng from major thoroughfares residential roads -- and they're keeping a close eye on the forecast just in case the ow returns. live in pueblo, jessi mitchell, news 5. now to eastern el so cnty... strong winds and blowing snow created probms mosof day. as rest... drifts are piled up alover eastern el paso ty... highwa24 from calhan to li.was closed until on today. news 5's maddie garrett continues our team coverage now... anyojust returned fr on..
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i went out to peyton to check out conditions and it wasn't a pleasant day out there. gusting winds made it bitterly co!! and tse winds making for some large drifts!! a real challenge for homeowners and ers... asd clear out the snow, itust came right ba. ok rq nats ond t east... t vie stes "it's different because ere' no trees, there's no strucres, budingto stop wind." the le started ernight th the wind. sot leif olson hat's when the snow drifts arted piling up waste deep." nat snow blower drifts kept ef olson fro leaving s driveway solief "last night i was getting ady by shoveling the walk just to get ready too to work in the rng by any chance the road's open to go." they kepm fr goi tok o, with highway 24 closed. so "we're stuck." sot stand up "now i'm about'2" soou can see just how high so othe drif got, but this isn't even the
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t vinc "se areas there's probably a good 4, 4.5 foot drifts around ." asce trying to t his barn this morning... nat sot vie "it's comical wh you'rng to get throu a dri ygo face first into the drift soou gotta find the humor in everythi guess." but all good tng including snow days... must come to an end... nats "i like school though." and so digging out must go on... sot vince "ias plowing oriveway got the tracr stuck, it's been trying but thathe price you pay for livingn the country." in falcon. all scols are closed tomorrow... and here's a look at why, si foot sw drifts blocking entrances at some campuses... this is falcon elementary. the dirict says they're renting a front-d loader to remove t snow from campuses. b? ta look at the ingenuity that makeshis country great. no snow ow, problem.
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did,...attach a couple of snow ovels to the front of their subaru,.. and away they go. itorked,...well,...knda, sorta. believe, that technicall...there is less snow in their wake, there was before. thanks t"michael dky" for posting thiseo to ou facebook page. the broncos spirit is stng in the snow! thankskim and michelle for sending us these great photos this afternoon and take a lk vy pressive snoe from chris wilson. lots of local families got to enjothis "snow day" together. and thatncludes our 4-legged friends. suzanne sent this onof her autifudogs, playing inhe fresh powder. keep those ptoming! send them to my pics at d com or posthem oour facebook page. we a koaa five. count on news five to ep trng this storm. your latest forecastroadnditions, and all the school closures and delays are on koaa dot com. you can also find that information right now crawling the bottom of your screen. there are t of distractions
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up in the pre super bowl hype... ansometimes that is a problem. anat's exactly what th broncos are dealing with tonight. sports directogrant meh is live tonight with breaking news. the broncos are dealing wi so off the field issues tonit rerding one of tir practice players... safety ryan murphy who is not on the acve 53 man roster.. was questioned by police in a prositution stg onuesday night.... reports arsaying that he has been released anthat thi incident involved his brother being the target. thbroncos as atatement tonight.... "although practice squad safety ryan murphy wanot cited by police, we decided it was best for the team if we continued our eparations for super bowl 50 without him. "ryan is rurning to denver but his stus as practice squad player hasot changed at this time."
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the stadiufor sunday night h made some headlines to the grounds ew alevis adium accideally painboth end zones br the broncos . when they we supos to paint on one. maybitas a gooomen but during o stadiumour toy... the nfl brass wereiglied abt e cident. were you responsleor intinghe end zone? what d zone? the end zone for repainti? the broncos end zone? ah theaners e right behind us and the broncos are onhe oer side. s there a litt mishap ere? no evethg is fin- everything is good it is a fantastic venue and with the tenology invold in buding it. it will nce fan experience to kneheights ahead at 10--how the puebl police departmt isookiki to
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our military veterans ck to work and: wee looking into why trump got beat in the iowa causes in night's election watch t first let's check in with mike. i'm mike daniels. i' havyourxtded first
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viewer photos of the big storm lo from meras across colorado highs today cold again in th 's and 30's current mperatures all over southern colorado.. current nd chis... sallite pictes,,, the storm that brought snow is pushing out to the northeast. next weather maker, high pressure will ntrol our ather. a rthwest flow c bring few flures tomorroafternoon. houry , clouds t rrow aftno with a weak drbance, anw
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lows tonight in the siles to low zero his tomoown the s, 2s and 30's. 7 day reca for the springs, hi tomorrow 26. a few flri possie la ursday night into friday moing. saturdayill be nicwith a high of . dron super sunday. puebloigh tomorr 32. warmer and dryhursday. saturday will be thearmest d ofhe net 7, a little col sunday with partlyloudy sks. can city and woodland park, continued cold tomw with flurries possible over teller county, warmer thursday with flurries possible late over teller county,lurriecould linger inty iday morning.
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good news ght for everyone who is getting sick ofll this snow! our furry forecaster, "punxsutawney phil" dinot see his sh when he crawled out of h hole this morng in pennsylvania.which mns we n all look forwa to an ear spring.if you believe this kind of pronoscation. for those of you at home keepi count, this is only the 17th time phil s not seen his adow. denver bronco fans up at loveland.. showintheir spirit on the sk slop...
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team--next on news five at 10. new at t. w at ten the u.s. marines corps ports at some d-a evidence was recored dung search and scue operation following the crasofwo helicopte during a training mission last month. the sear was called f january 19th,..and t families of the identified rines were notified. the marines corps will not say what was found. among e 12 marines kied,...rgea jeffrey sempler,hose mother, lives in founin. he was a crew chief. thcause of the crash is still der investigation. pueblo police are hong thire re of our military "veters"... byaiving their education requiremts.
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their application pool and open up opportunities for vets ju teng the j market. li department actively looking officers, and say those withmilirying ar for the job. previously, applicants had t have 60 college credits to alify for the academy -- but many service members don't go college until after they get out. now, a veterans with at least 3 years of aive du service who ha been honobly scharged within e past two yes can apply to be a pueb pocefficer. somebody who's in the military would have combatraining and handhand comt training. the righf the bat e something more than sobody straht out of college ul have. the application process opened up osuay, d willn open til march 13th. inructions aren our website, k-o-a-a dot co in just hos bill cosby will return to a pennsylvania urthse where a judge is expected to decide whethero throw out a sexual assaultase being brought against him. cosby faces trial for 04
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university employee. she msosby drugged hernd then asslted h. cosby sa the interaction was conssual. the form distrt atrney who declined to brincharges against him a decade ago testd thathe decisn wa intended to make sure he would never be prosecuted.the attorney says doubts aboutthe employee's credibilitye it clear the case against cosby was unwiin. the fbi joining th investatn... into the drinking water coamination in flint, michigan. resides have been inking boled war for weeks now... afr e probm s discovered... rrosive rivewater... parently wasn't properly treated... ancaus lead from pip to seep into the water. e city switched sources two years ago...o save money. xx in your election: nellults show dona trump conot deliver enough evangelical votes to beat d cruz in the iowa caucuses. he appareny ailed amg rs who me their choi te and among thoswho want a candidate that "shares their values".
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also offially y, we've leard th hillary cnton defeated bernie sanders by less than a percentage point in the de caucuses. naeers skiers and snowboarders showed off theibroncos pride at lovelandki area! ny of them were sporting jerseys ov their ski pts. d meedat fans were waving broncos flags as they heed down the slopes. outeam is getting readfor the pebowl right n in california. news 5'sports director grant meech will rejn us live from super bowl...cing up in spor. ask any bron f and the tellou, thiseason dn't look like a per bowl winning season..t there they with chae to do just that. next in orts, grant meech is ve from san ansco, talking
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ups and wns that's led his if you've foow troncos is seaso you kno 's been a roller cster ride from t start. with a new coach at thhelm, many wondered how gary kubiak would hold up against the expectations in denver. sports directogrant me jous live om sanncisco tonight angrant, i'd s he weathered the storm pretty well. arteerback controversy...
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in a place thais al to famiar to you...all in days workin the nfl... gary kubiak had a lot riding on his return to deer and he' done well so far. it is t easy being an l head coach even for laid back gary kubiak t fst year brco head coach had cnces before but couldn't gt done before nver. i was very fornate that my next opportunity camet a very special place. and i've sd thatver d over about, who the lders were, those tys of things - the mindset of the football team... i told them i was proud to be a part of them and that h a lf spect for what they hadone in the past. , that was mapproach, and then we went to work. contract notiations aren't ea and often it seems that when a player s... he hits uise control. derek wolfe didn't do that... he took it up level. that i had aot of ret for wh they done in the past so, that was my approachand
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contract negotiations aren easy and oft it ems th when a player gns. he hs crui conol. dek wolfe didn't dthat.. he tit up a vel. heigd a four year contract extensn just f days before the afc champion win over the patriots and had a monster game... two sacks and a handful of tackles... all afteheigned thne deal. lfe sn worried about the contract because he didn't want to leaveenr i think for me there was a ight lifted f shoulders... i could just stick to playing fobal and quit wrying out the businesside of it and it a hu... know the stresvewong about youcurity and your future whhats ten careyou can just worry aut otball. derek is main part of that nster fee for denver. top in the nfl...
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favod on sunday... they saithat's just noise to em a they were picketo lohe two previous weeks solook how tharned out??? w we tolyou about th earlier on in the show, practice sqd safety rn rp questioned at a prostitution stininan je. head coach gary kubiak had this to s: "altugh murphy was n cited police deciit was best for the tif we continued our preparations for super bowl 50 without him. ryan is returning to denver but his status with the te hasn't changed at thime." the avalanche arback after all- star weekend in nashville d okg ctinuth momentum they've been ilding in 2016. they get theirirst shot against the reigning champion blackhawks. he coach patrickoyiredp for thisne, but the hawks would come out white hot. 1. richard pani...gets e feed annets it home....1-has. 2. armi panarin....streaki ng in with theice mo ahe goal....2-0. 3. gabriel landeskog gets a nice pass tugwrtst top shelf... but that wld be all for the
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air force basketball hosting wying tonight. 1. za kocur gets itoing, drains it from three....slim lead for the falcon 337. 2. j siplesthe feed down low, fights, rowsup and in....and one!1-43 3. hayden graham, thinks he's been fouled....kes plg, puts it up and getthe roll-43 at th point. air rce able to pull away down the retch though....they win, 70 to partly tmostly cloudy tonight and cold with lows in the ngles and below zero. toow will be ptly cldy early then increing clouds th few flurrs possible overhe higher evations and inarts of thsprings.
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thanks for watching news 5 at 10:00.
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