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tv   Today  NBC  February 3, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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>> annncerfrom news, this is "today" with mt laue savannah guthr, live fro studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. goodorning, evyone. welcome "today" oa wednesday morning. let's st put that satellite image back up. an you can just think, tres nothing t syem moving across e country. >> no. a lot of theryready beeang wit it and i think they're ing to see it on t ecoas t. grab your umbrla the weather is our top story. pacting te of millions. blinding snow anwinds across the midwto damaging tornadoings in the south. nbc's gentleman crascon is in collinsville, issippi. good morning. >> rorter: these are monster torns leaving bin incredible damage its wake. this is the first bapsthurch inollinsville, missiippi. e roof was torn off. while the pastor and hisamily
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face-to-face with a moter torn storm chs running for their lives. >> this is going to be crazy. go, go, go! >> reporter:he twister hopscotcng through a neighborhood and college campus in rural alama. whilin collinsville, mississipp a direct hit. a hborhood decimat. two dozen homes damaged or destroyed. the first baptist church nex door ripped in half. >> can see the complete deio our chuh. it's uelievable. >> reporter: while pastor wade ricks and his family were still inside. >> my wife and imy son came over to the church because w have cinder block wallsnd found a room andot under the desk. and wiin seconds, stuff started falling everywhere. >> reporter: mthan a dozen adoes reported in the south. part of a massive winter storm that also pummeled the midwe and plains with heavy s high winds. millions of amican the storm's path. some losing everything but t
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clothes on their backs. others nearly losing it all. and nationa weather service focasters will beut lat today tourve the damag and deteine ju how difficult, just how bad ts tornado was. thpastorill so be back out here. in the neighborhood behi this chch. some of those homes, there is nothinleft people will be bac out here ter this morng to pick up left. tt and savanh? >> job rascon, thank you very much >> we'll talk to al about the storms in a cole minutes let'turn to the presidentiale. the candidates are sting their sights on the next prize in the campaign, new hampshire. in a moment, we'll talk to donaldrump and bernie saers, thfront-runners in the granite state. let's first the latest on races. first, ksten welker, covering the race between sanrs and clinton. good morning to you. >> matt, goomorning to you.
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bernie sanders has aouble digit leadver hilly clinton here i n hampshire, buthe wothis ste bacn 2008, s e's trying to convincoters, including at this campanvent here in here in derry,ater today, not count herut >> reporter: the fight f new hampshire now in hh gear. bothemocratic candidates campaigning latento the nigh >> in iowawe took on the mt powerful political organization in the country. >> i hope u will choose with both your hearand your mind. >>eporter:t comes on the heels of a hard-fought btle in iowa. clintoedging sanders by a hair. on tuesday, she claimed victory. >>nd i am so thrild that i coming to new mpshirafter winning iowa. >> reporter: clinton ineasingly ting to tapnto e progressive ideal propelling sanders' surge. >> i am a progressive who likes to get things do. i'm actually a progressive who lis to make progress. funny ing. >> repter: but sanders is
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resonating with yog voters in a waclinton isn't. he beat her 84% 14% witthat group in iowa. does it cce when you realize she's not connting with youngevoters? >> i think it'll come around. e more that the ungevote listens to hillarylintoni think they'll start to realize that she is going to be th candidatto get things doneor them. >> reporter:n sanders, se democrats are seeing flashbacks of barack obama's appeal i08 formerredent bl clto dismsed that idea in an interview wi andrea mitchell. barack obama n bere nds. >>eporter: sders' strong owinin iowa has energid an armof sporters. heren nempshe, his backya, he'sp dble dits. his omis taking on the establishmt strikin a chord with independent who are key here. sanders now arguing he's the ly real progrsi in the race and flexing his muscles we begathe political revolution, not just in iowa, not justn new hampshire, but all over this country.
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>> reporter: sanders' campaign ofcials ll me this morning they raised $3 million i the 24 hos after iowa. thmost single haul ione day for that camign. secretary clinton campaigns here in new hampsre today, but her husband, former president bi clinton, will be campaigning in south carolina, the state that tes after new hashir that's where she has aizable ad tt and savannah? >> kristen welker, thank you very much. >> senator bernie sanders is with us now fromis home state of vermont. seto good morng. good to see you. >> good rning. >> well, these results in iowa weres close as they could be, but ia officials have made it they say hillary clinton is e winner do you accept that? >> well, sure. she up tting about 22 letes. we get about 20 delegates. we started that campaign 40 or 50 points down. we ended up losing it by 0.2 of 1%.
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to tl you the truth, the iowa uc is complicated, it's not 100%ure we didn't win it we feel ntasc. came a ng, long way in iowa and now we're in new hampshire. we he lot going on. >> very quickly. would yocontest those results? >> we're looking at it right no but the important int at the end of the day, we came from nowhere really startle the entire world. we too the most powerful political organization ithe edtate o arica a, you know, nearly won that ra. let's pick up on that, senator sands. you raised $20 milon in january. yourampaign says you raised $3 million in the last 36 hours. you move into new hpsre with a big ld in the polls, as the candidfrom the hboring stat and with re money in tk than the head of what you call t biggest political ganization in this country. >> n n no, mt.
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i don't have auper >> understd that. in terms of the campaign's direct financing. >> well, that doesn't matter. you have a super pacwhich has $25 million from secretary clinton. $1million cong from wall street. our our quamampaign contributions are $27 apiece coming from 3.5 million individual contribution. also, when we go into new hampshire, let's not forget, hillarcln won new hampshire 2008. she haa strongrganization. her husbanran two aigns. >> i understand th, senato but given what the circumstances are right would athg lessa resounding victory in new hampshire be disappoiing for you? >> matt, that's just meditalk, kn every state you go to, that's what the media says. what's in iowa? what happensn new hampshire? it's important to us. we want to win it. then we're going tneda we think we have a shot to go ther then we're going to south carolina and wisconsin every state is impornt.
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woing pele whose standard of living in many senses has gone down n a nation which h massive income, wealth inequality and a corrupt campaigninance system. we're going l the way to the nventi. weave the momentum. i ink people are ted of establishmenpolitics and establishmeneconomics. >> senator, let's talkuthe issue of electability. it's something that hillary clinton raises a lot on the trail. let me put it to you aifferent way in terms of her electability. on the issue of her e-mails, you id y're si of hearing about them. you said it's a seous issue but there a process and set that ase. let me ask y ts instead. shou docraticers making a decionetween hillary clinton annie sanders factor that in? should they consid the fact that thi is an issuehat hillary clinton faces, for bett or woe, over whh sh s no control? do it affect her electabity? >>avannah, i think all issues affect electability. what i will ll you is two
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things. number one, if you look at the mah-up polls which hav taken plac recently, bernie sanders ainst republic candidat, are doing very,ery well. we beat mrtrump by a who lot, more than hillary cnton. second of all, democrats win whenoter tnout is high. republicans n en voter tn out is l. i think our campgn has the energy to rally working peop, middle css peop, young pele, high ver turnout,e win th general eltion. but all factors, every issue, is an issue ofonsideration for vors. >> a lot to watch over the coming days. senator sanders, we appreciated your time this morning. thanks very much. >> thank you. weove now to the publicans. donald trump looking to bound in new hampshi after his send place finishn iowa, ying some of the bme on his decision to skip last week's deba. we'll talk to mr. trump live, stight a. fit, let's go to pet alexander for more on the republican race.
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ing to you. the man who is all about winning, dond trump, inow trying to geback to it here this morning. downplaying his defe in iowa. here in nehampshire, he's going to rely on auch more heily libertarian mindedless evangelical group voters,o reset is race. as one tru suprt tolhim, wl fiiowa's mistake. here in the live free or die state, a huge crowd reaffirming that dond trump's campaigns still very much alive. >> tre were people when we started. now yohave 11. i come in second i'm not huliated. >> rorr: trump mking rerts at iowa ma him a loser marco rubio, w finied trd, a winner. >> winner of the nht, marco rubio. trump, hiliad. >> reporter: also acknowledging s abnce theox ns debate lasweek may he affected the outcome. i tnk it could ve bn thdeba. i thinkome people were disappointed that i didn't go in the debate. >>eporter: overnight, trump quickly returneo his filia
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form and familiatarget, ted cruz. >> what kind of people do we haveunng for offic no, nely, really, ally dishont, and tnk kw why. you know w? because he was born in canada. he gets the nomination, they're gog to sue his [ bleep ]. reporter: fresh off his win, cruz is already eyeing both new hampshire and more conservative south carolina, s primy two weeks away. >> last nig we heard a hl cong from the potomac. repter: meanwhile, a trio of governors are sking the sitser setting thr sights on each otheand marco ruo. o'donnell. >> he's the boy in the bble. ntrolled. the boy in the bble has g be president of the united ates. >> repter: rubio's rebtal with gabgutierrez. >> i think it's been tough couple of da for some the other guys some people reacbay adversity.
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card, john kasich, rising to second placen my polls, now vying for a breakout moment. >> my tone is different. it's tone of inclusivene, it's a tone of helpingeopleo get up. >> reporter: the bottomine is you're n going negative agnst your opponents right now because youhink that's not the rightone for the party. >> well,t's not justot the right tone for the party, it's not the right te for me. >> rorr: this morning donald trump is boasting the endorsement of former massachusettsenar, scott brown. jeb bush is going to be brinng out onof his top surrotes. formerir lady, barbara bush, 90 years old, will join him the trail moow >> peter, thk u mh. with us now. mrtrump, good morning. >> good morning. >> i have toaysannah and i to interewou when we were in iowa on monday morning. we were both a lite surprised how undsted and subdued you unded on the air that morning. had members of your teiven you a hint of what might be to come that evening athat point? >> n
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i'just trying to be a little bit more understated and statmanlike. some people like, that some people don't, actually. no, i don't think so. not at all. i mean, think, you know, when it comes to iowa, i s not suppos to ev go there. a lot of pple thought i wouldn'to welln iowa. i made a dision to go because i know some the people and th're t peop and i me isecond you know, which is aood finish i mean, you have11 peoe and you started f with7 ani came in seco. >>hat do you think happened? do you think it was e ornization? >>ell, don know. i mean, i didn't le by much, and i got more votes -- otr than ted, i got more ves than ybody in theistory of the iowa caucus republicans. you know, i got a very - a lot of votesnd came in aolid cond. the rsonhat came in third, rco, a good guy, b he ca third and they made isound like he hne oe grt victors of a time. evybodsaid, great victory. i came in second a nobody said it w a victory. itas sort of strange. >> and you do bristle at the fact that pele are sayg this
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s devastating for you. i would ree witht. i waseading lot onli yeerday, mr. trump, and the gist seemed to be, n wre gointoind out at donald trump isade of. does he have the gut? he have t heart to fit th long figh w uld you answ that question >> wl, i've winning all my le, matt, and twhat i've don wel see what hapns i'm doing very wel new hampshire. at supposed to be my fst op, really. i think i'm very hap i did the whole thing in iowa because i can second. lo, i bt a lotf senators, a lot of governors. they do professionally. i've never done this bef i'm not a professional politician. i come icond and they dot. was suc big story came second. i don't kwwhy. but i was actually somewhat semi-satisfied with . i guess ll came out, or a poll came ousaying i might win it by four or five points. you know, th didn't happen. i think caucuses are hd to ll, by the way. >> i w gng to bring that up. because u love the poll
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spee. a lot of polls, not just "the des moines register," but several polls in the final weeks d you winning. veou lost faith in the polls at all? >> i thinkhen you get to polling a ucus, is tough. it's ah more complex procs. 's probably harder to poll a caucus. no, i'm a believ in polls, but i think when it cos to a compx ucus like that, i think it's probably hard to poll. >> donalump, we'll b speaki tyou again, i'm sure. thank you. t munderstated, subdued mr. trump. thank you for your time. >> youmatt there are new fears over zikahis morning. althfficials in dallas reporthere has come iected with the virus rough sexual contact. >> this is a fir here inhe u.s. amid the outbre tha noweing called a global health emernc dr. natalie ar ibc ns medical contributor. odorng. when i rthiseadline,t jumped off the pag the notion that it could be sexuly transmitted. first of all, is tt rtaior it just a suspici tit
7:16 am
whats mn for the spread the virus? they are fairly cer that thathee. aven't tolds the of e peopleyet. they hav't fully nfirmed, let's say, that therwa't another mosquito. listen, the act of a perso who had aveled from venezuela who coracted the zika rus. and without any evidee of a mosquito bite. >> wt worries aut that is you'veold in the past that ma of the peopave the virus are ymptomatic yes. howo you go abo prting yrsf durin sexual cct -- viously, condomare one idea -- but if you don't know the person oyou have the virus. >> that'where were now. the cdc made it very, very clear at their crge in the coming days is to givehe guidance now tthe americ ople abo what they should be doing. in parcular, sexlly active partf womeo may either pregnant or trng t me preg i think it'smporta toote that ts is not- it'
7:17 am
unweomews,his is t e first document case of sexual tramissn. we had a ce in 28. we also have evidence virus ca found isemen and urine. importany, to reiterate, the mainode of transmissn is stilthouto be mosquito bites. but is doeraise new concn for people. i wilso point out that in enand alrdy hava protocoln pl ou hava docunted inion, t man ito weaa condom for six months. if there is exposu without domentednfecon, a dierenmeline wear a condomor mon. the c was toet informaon h long the virus cabe seen or excreated in sexual secretions and inform their knowledge. >> dr. azar, thank y. mr. ker herto tk about
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thstorms. >>hat's ri were at e hepa.we alrdyaw whathe ut paid wh thtornadoe nortrn part, a of ow omneso to michigan. weadnywhererom 4 to 8 ines of snow andhere still so left ove as that stem pulls up and away into canada. in the meantime, we'reatching this now. ok at the showers and thunderstos. have some heavier understos down to the south. it's alrea goi to be making its y to the new york city ar in the xt several hours. ok f major fght delays because of the rain d the nd miorni i d.c. bostonmiftno. as we move to the south, y'll look at the strong stormfr atlanta making their way to jasonvil, arst. the heavy rain and storms will remainor florida andhe coast. we'll see earing later torrow. flood watches extending from new jeey all theayntflid lookt orida and into soutrneoiawee lkg about ywrerom 5 6 inch ora bore is is all ern the next 48 hos.
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30 seconds. (vo) (vo) making e mostutf every mile th'shy i subaruimeza. love. it's whamakes a subaru, a su. tha >hat's yr latest weather. >> ,thanks
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charges stemming from a trfic accident in december. biscaro is accused of punching... kicking anchoking a rerained suspect... who was reportedly getting out of control in the police cruir. sgt bisco habeen on the force more than two decades. today... he remains on paid administrative leave. fountain police king f yo help in identifying a man o caused a disturbance at a local truck stop. ficers were calledo "tomahawk autotruck pla" on tuesday... the, they ntacted a woman... o they say showed signs ofentaillness, and exposure to extreme cold. she s anord to a local hospital for aedal evaluation. they released this photo of e won. she'described as 50 t0 60 ar age.. sandy blonde hr. and brown ey. she was weina blue "colorado" sweatshirt... grey pan. anred ha ficers say she may go by " berlif y knothis pers's identit.. you'resk to call fountai poli iediate chf morning meteorologist -- stephen bowers joinss now with
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stephen... high clouds will filter some sunshine this morning. temperatures will warm through e single digits and teens and to near 20 degrees by 10 am around colorado spris and pulo. by noo we can have a couple of
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,,,,,,,,,,, i f i feel good today 30 nowit's wednesday morning, the 3rd of february, 2016 there is a hpy crowdn our plaza. u may you maget a le wtoo. think raiis hear y. >>bsolutel >>o, he inks.
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hews it'ading our way. >>oking at theeadlines today. >> go, go, go, go, g >> severe storms brought dagingrtthsoutncluding this one in alabam severas were damag. luckily,o inju reported. thame syst the midwt whiteout conti minn l to hundreds ofccidents. prtial candidatee readg out across new mpshire primary there is just six days away now. ahead of a rally in milford, nald trumpaid his deci to skip las week's repubcan debate may have contted to his send plainish ere. onhe othere, bernie nders isn't ruling out contesting the iowa election sults. we talked to him earlier. >> we're lookingt itight now, but the iortant p,at the end of day,e came from nowhe to really srtle the entire world. >> san and clinton will face off in a date on msnbc
7:28 am
tomorrow night. health officials in dallas are rerting an alarming new case of zika. herehat theye saying. patient test posite after having sex with someone who contracthe vir in venezuela. it is the first u.s.ase zikan somee whs not traveled outsidehis couny. also this morning, a friging sce on a flight overseas. anxplosilastedole in side of a plane. incredibmeassengers who were on board at the time pulled ous an recorded the emergency landing. nbc's keir simmons has more on this story. good morning. >> hi, savnah, good morning. you're five minutes into a flight when an explosion rips le in cab of the rcraft you're aveling in. you' sow passengers d when that happened on a ci flighon tuesday. repor >> reporter: an eerie calm ast makes a descent.
7:29 am
a hole in the side othe cabin, visible from inside the cabin. passgers are lucky to be aliv while witnesses s a man on fire w sucd out at4,0 et. ere was a terrible explosion, a pilot sa, accordinto anewspaper. i think it was ab. the rb 321 i bdaallines. itot confirmause the explosion, but from tsckane seen from the fuselag itad taken from somalia, where qaedaants are waging war. last year, a suspected isis bomb blew apa another jet in egt. the exosives hidden in a sa can, isis claimed. this time, officia say o passenger was killed and two jured. the body of -year-d man diovered on the ground, thght to have fallen from the ai while most of the relieved passengers walked off the plane
7:30 am
after a terrifying ordeal. e sayingi think we were all in sho. >> ts morning, officials in somalia say there is no idence of a criminal act here. t, gs,hihaened befe. united a ited airlines jet back i 1989 over haii, parof the selage was ripped ou a passenger was pulledut there's a piure there of the incredible scenen that en. th, what's really stunning is the y paeaed. theyerjust so calm, guys. wn ndf debatingwhat we woulveon simir ion. i thdy knoil it actu hap >> i cmagi recordhe mom the cell pho, that -- >>'d be sayingy prers. >> keir, thank youery much. let's gea check of the weather now from al. announcer: today's weather brout to you by jared, the lleria of jewelry. come in toy for the one pie of jewelry thawill take her breath away. >> soit's gng toeet altheastasut at least g to warfor
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from dogso rlly bigdogs. even turkeys, sitting in ach. this recent photooing viral. ey don't need ticket. they hav somhingbeer. an emotionalupportest a official lettefrom a mental health profession. >> snake b, gs >>epter: somfl aen atndants are mortified. >> you get on the aircraft these ys a the cin lksik baya. >> reporter:here are gimate cas ofeoe ne an otnal suppe t tofn, passengerre abusg t em. it out ocontrol. often, it's about the ney. one w t tvel with pet on me alines can be upo $600. ifhat animal isesignated a an emotionaluppoanimal, it getsoomith you foree >> rorr:o ey i erare pnt of wsifeng articions lou heo ds fl out quesonnae. wha typef amal do you have? dog. >> reporter: io online and do it. >> h often have you been
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i work on mning show. >> few clicks later. >> book. jeffrey, y are good ndidat for a emotional supporimal great. >> reporter: for$1, i g. then they e-mail me ts ofcial letter from a real ntal heah pressional. iever met withher. iever even spoo r. >> come on. >> reporter: before you kw it, i'm flying wi rory. >> i'm boarding the flight and they didn'tsk to see the lett. no problems. queions asked. >> reporr: and because ry is an otional sport animal, she caniden my lap. no crate reired. stay on m seat, rory. >> reporter: in fact,eak oflhts. >> we' goi up >> reporter: t airlin never asks a thin >> so i just flewith a we're goingo ramp this . this i producerlindsey. u are cerfying differe animal. what kind? >> itified an emotional support pig.
7:40 am
>>id you have toeet anybod >> no. >> same with adog? >> exactly. >> you're going to fly with a g. >> sur th >> reporter: thas encer, a 3 month old pbelly pig. weorrowe him from aig rm. remember, he's now an emional support anal. at security, t agent asksor proo >> tnkyou. >>r: probm. remember, wha tt sre weapon t tter >> we're arng. >> reporter:n board, spencer gets to sit on her lap, too. >> pig on a plane. >> reporter: this pig flies round trip. on t secon g, ants ask ndsey f the letter at gate. spencer gets right on again. peoplere definitely abusing the system. we see it every day. >> reporter: disability expert y o experimen showing how ou ctrol it'scome. >> there areeoplatch is right now who dthis. saying,ho am i hurting? you'reassing yourself off
7:41 am
it can be consequences for those whee the animals. >> reporter: until there's a crackdown, this could be sitting xtoou o your nextflight. the pig cute th. by the way, del tol us i policies arelied wit federal regnsnd often review threseing theighto evaluate eachse. perts y thbest way to get thisnder control ievel a stdarded cerficaon systherewners havo meet wi the dtors t prove they need it. ere'slso the iss of safet here emotional support animals are not reqred t he any fmal traini, like wrangler, for ample. why i'm in therae omwrers being trained a service animal. there differeween service animals and emiona supportanims. wrangl is here getng trained. the iol sup imal beusheyren't traid,an be disptiv hts. e wa ce o a doghat went to eathrm ie aie. hadoake an emergency nding. >> really? >> wow.
7:42 am
>> thankwhat about people with allergies? >> that's the other thing. they won't serve you pnuts on a plane iebody an alle if have all to the do y can do anythgbout becse it' cdered youhave a sability w you get the tter. >> seems wayut of hand >> yeah. >> jeff thank you verymuch. cing on pop start, why you' to see a whole lot ofady gaga. plus, carson isba. yay! >> hi, how are y >> h has a bend thecenes look what wilhave you talkg. hello, rson t after thngretsike roasted zelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole newlel.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
12onths freet we're we're back at7:. carson, is that yo >> it's. youe comeck.we misd u. >> it i. thank yo >>ereou under the wehe i s. feelg beer >>d t have youba aciate . opleonlialking aut fox' pductionf "grease." did y see ?
7:47 am
t finale >> new veo hasociadia in awe. the associateirector of th shows responsible for coordinating the camera moves to the beat she shared this behind the sc vi thiss wtt looked like in the control room during "grease live." >> two, twothree, fo. one, one, two, twelve, thirteen. two bars,hree beats. two, two, three,four. on tw the, a. vers re four, five, tw ree, fo. h cool ith? hang the timing downith a the si callin the cameras, lting t shots live for beats, giving theperformers their time othe screen. n aw. a lot o hacebook friends commenting. ma writing, it is a art form
7:48 am
in and of itlf. rock st if w can te a shot of contro room, if you want to see rock ar. >> count outhe beats, come on! grease lightning, go grease lightning >> let's play musi >> comeon, era. >> this hy we' notn the musical siness, by the way. >> let's go! >> commercial, five, four, thsandof peopl cameutod to run the race for retime. so we askethem.. are you completelyrepared for retirement? aymoly ppad? could you save 1% more of yr inco? it doesn't sound like much, but ving an ditional 1% no uld make a big differee over te. g beven better about saving. you can dot, it hein the ng run.
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7:52 am
i'm ira cronin m ira cronith this today show upde. pueb police are hoping to re re of r mi "verans"... by waiving their education requemen. it's an effort to both increase their application ol and open up oortunities for vets teng theobarket. the police deparent has be tively looking for new officers, ansay ose with
7:53 am
r thjob. previously, applants had to have 60 coege crits qualify for the acady -- but now... any veterans with at least 3 years of active duty service who have bn honorabldischarged within the past two years can apply to be a pueblo police fir. somedy who'sn the military wod veombat traing and ha-thand combat aining. thosrit f thbat are somethinmorehasomebody straig outf llege woul have. the application proces open nol marc13th. k-a-a dot com. chf morning meorologist stephen bowersoi us now with sthen... high cuds wi filter me sunshinehis morning. temperates will warm through the single digits and teens and to near 20 degrees by 10 am arou coloro springs d pueblo. byoon, we n have a couple of lit urries flying in the hills west of i-25. temperatures will be warming through the 20s. flurries begin incasg east of the mountains by pm with teeratur warming into the 20s and lower 30s.
7:54 am
willonnue thug5 pm, and temperures will ease back in the teens an20 ose few flurries will fade away this evening. temperatures will already be heading back down toward single digits by 10 pm.
7:55 am
now now i'm on the outside it's 8: on "today." comi up, "theeople versus o.j.simpson." >> notng to hid >> 20 yearsfter the o. simpn trial unfoed on live tv, the dma i back on the sml screen. and stirring up a new controversy.
7:56 am
walk in on what bieve was a horrificim he didn't run. putti marriage tthe st. f one nth,e are spending half of what we normally do. >> o frids gav us their babyor 24hos. >> a couple who decided to put emselves through the relaonip rger before wain dow the aisle. for you i bleed myself dry adnture of aifete. ahead of ldplay's super bowl pemanc james corden gives ris marn a ro member. the bls are rinng roman calvary >> the results, car poo karaoke magic. today, dnesday,ebruaryrd, . >> on the "today" show.
7:57 am
>> celrating my birthd with matt uer. >>hout o to my butiful win california!>> lov to everybody back home in ll. >> good wre bac now. 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 3rd day of february, 20. as predicted b our o mr. roker, the rai has arrived in the noheast, in new york city. >> heavr, windier and south it geworse. >> wllet morfou focast in a t. jill marns he wh stlsnd dearpse. the ai that are big, e's breinguthe bldfol we d't know what's coming so we don't spill ans.
7:58 am
ll,ith th indfol >>he acts and co tiffani thiessen is up in our kitchen with th uimate slers for your super bowl. smells great up there. >> tse are pulled por sliders. grt. first, natalie h a check of the top stories of the day. natali goodmorning. once again, with less than a week to the n hampshire primary,onal tru is bk on thettack goi afterowa winner ted cruz. aew hampshi rally tuesd night, trump cled cz shonest. ce agai raised his birth in canada as an issue. earlier on"today," mtsked trp if he h the heart for a olond pmary fight. >>'ve beeninning ally fe,tt 's what i'v do. wel s what ens. we'r doingery wl in new hampshire. at was sposed to bey fir stop, rely. i think i'm very hpy did the whol thing i iowa bause i me in second. >> cruz tol supporters at a new hampire church on tuesday that assroots conservatives arehe
7:59 am
eventual nomi >> bernie sandertrongowa showing energized his srts mpshire. polls giv the vermont senator solid lead in the state. sannah askedim if hlary clinton's ongoing e-mailal is an issue voters suld care about when they considewhether shis electable. >> i think o campaign has the ener to rally working people, ddle class pele, young people, high voter turnou we win the general election all factors,very issues an issu of consideration for voters >> clinton claimed victoryy th smmers of marns in iowa. she appeared with gabby giffords and her rired astronaut sbd we're hearing from the rentsiclovell, who was fnd dead days after dippearing from he virginia home. wh virginia tech students are chard iection with her murder.
8:00 am
survived a re liver tumor, ovcame lympha d beat the against a infectio she had a passion pandas, music,dancin dre onamer on "american idol." >> reporter: at a news conference, nicole's mother fought back ars. >> aremi cause determinatiof e cause of death isstabbing. >> reporter: aties believe nicod t s da climbed out of bedroom windowfter repordl sh friends texrom an r-d man shelaed meet. those texts on a messaging app which police say have been used by predators. investigation q kw lly focusing on 18-yr-old senhauer senhauer, a track s at
8:01 am
murder. d nie epers, charged inging eisenhauer after death. death. now they say shepa ofit. ner eisenhaue o keepe d a plea but eenhauer told police according te arrest ment, i believe the truth can set me free. >> nicole touched many people througho h short life. yeah, i yeah, i can't do that part. >>uch a tragic story. nicoleother said because h daughter hadrs from her medical ocedures, she w bullied o social med and at schoolo the point whe would ofteep her dtert home. terrible. former prosecur on the bill cosby sex assault case told a judn tuesday tha he peonallyelieved coy's accuser when sheaid she had been inapriatel touch by cosby in 20 however, bruce castoraid he did not bring charges because h
8:02 am
felt t woman might not be a credle trial witness. cast also saide believese made a bin verbal dl tt shielded cby fro fure prosecution. cosby is back in courtoday asking a judge to throw ohe case. the small planeade gency water lan o the coasof hawaii on tue due to a problem wh its landing gear. the pot circled the airrt r two hours,urning fuel, and then heanded in a nearby lago. emergency crews pulled the uninjured pilot out of the water. washe only pson onard. thkful, okay. ary ough. >>hank you. >> the highly anticed mini sees, "the pple versus o.j. simpson" pmiered lt nit. sparking reactn from the oplet the center othe case. morgan wched the firpisode with o of the victim's families. go morning.
8:03 am
whose brother rod wasilled alon with her frinile. she felt sick all y, counting down to the emiere,nowing her family's pn woue bac in the spght. >> i'morced to endure this week after week. >> rter: k goldman never getssed tthe image o her brothes bodylyliking on the ound >> i've sn the images millions of times. it's jarring. geinmy milk and the it is. >> reporter:"the people versus o.j. simpson," k is confronted with another dose fact and fictn. >> i wh there could be a, that's fact. this isn't. this didn't happen. >> reporter: the lin of truth and fiction isblurry. wenow spsonas found lble in a civil trial filed b the goldman family in 19. he's serving aenncefp t 33 years for unrelad aed robbery a kidnapng.
8:04 am
reviews fro crs. meticulously crted. it'sne of th most comlling ramasnen mory views sm t age. bestilot i've seenn ages. week. thanks . perhaps helping, the star-studded cast pying wha e now household names. like kris jenner. >>top running. >> reporter:nd johnny cochran. kim gomanpe 21 years writinghe story of the one aracter who, forher, matters most. >> what i think isoingo be lost is my bther was doing a goodde. walked in on what we believe was a horrific crime and he didt ru they don't show that inthis th really sucks. my broerould have runned and savedis own li, but h stayed toel his friend.
8:05 am
simpson has not sn e showbut appears infferent out his rtya mattnd sann? >> morn df thankou very mu. >> u xte'reng to shifea and ask t quti,ouldou be sitng on$63 mli forne andot ow it? theearch f a winningottery tiett abo to expire within hou, actually. pl, another n a exclusiv fir loo atuper bo a ttverye eeill bealki about on suay. > permodel secre. mronsating u wit all yearong. you put thtime in. you put the work in. day in and day out. sohen your tax refund arrives, make the most of it. low prices on everything you need to put the fun in your tax refund.
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. . . . .gin an aspirin regimen. yer aspi a typimale p s his by oering male... a pebble. some malpenguins, hover... ara little thers. this valenne's day... eryone lovesa gift f kay jers. sa up to 30%sele diamonds in rhythm. its continus moon catches lightfromvery angle. at kay, the mber one jewey store in arica... and,pparantarc every kissegins kay. >> time for a welcome back
8:10 am
carson version. s with a question, uld ue missing o on the hugefortune? lottery officials in califnia are searcng for the winner of a surlot toe ps ticket one has come forward and time is rning t. e deaine to comorward is 5: 5:00 torro theyay the clock is tiing. pu service, check it out. theot tketasold last aust. were you at a 11 in the chat chatswor atsworth neighboood of california? if so,et tthe lottery office by 5:00 tomorrow. would be the lgest unclaid prize in california tty history. if no one claims it, it gs to public schools.
8:11 am
unlocked he. ty' pbablyalling the switchboarright now. >> they will be now. >> i hopeomebody comes forward,ut i not, the schoo stcts. >>ne of the thing -- wt are the things that make you happiest in li andhat makes yomiserae?the's a new study that comes from theonn school of econics. topping eis of things that makeeople miserable,ying sick inbed.thatakes sense. but guesshat came i right after it? going to rk. >> gng to work. >> that's a sad cmentary wn you thinkbout it lying in bedick and then gng to work to wk the next one? some oer annoyances,eople don't like waingn line, commuting, worki on your nances, but it wasn' all doo d oo for e good things in fe people said sex, playing sports and singing. >> there you go. >> ok. >> all right. let's take a look at er
8:12 am
. an crible pt on the sketball cour a pro golfer returnedo grgia techn tuesday to m a 90-foot putt on the hardwood. sunk it.that get 5,000 in tuiti for astudt. t's look at ttagain. 90 feet. >> d h play a break? a little left to ght. i think i went straig.he knownor hisputtin what's t lgest pt yove sunk? not 90 feet. i thi it was jus one shot i >> 25$,00 i itn. t ba >>owo onef the mt te jobs in sic. carson willet tthe botm of it >> let'start withy ga and h ser g on tuesday. she' be perrminghe onal anthe on nd.
8:13 am
she'll boiney osc er. 's notll for lady gaga the following week she'll perform a tribute solo for david bowie. >> one othe great regretsne had wahe was sigd to a record contract and they let her go. unbeliable. >> gnethaltrow openg up about her lit. wee still veryuch family even thoug we d hav a romantic relaship,ous like a brher. is tt weird for anybody? >> that's le weird. >> chris main,eid a le car po ca.
8:14 am
,, >> we >> we plight have to stop e night. >> i mean,ames cordon just -- it gets better. he'sosting the tonys. such a huge personality. >> he's doing the chris mn part. >> chris martin dng to background. he's a joy on the stage. >> it's like he's best friends with everybody in the car. >> i like your gravell voice. i like .>>al. t you very much. >> appate it. now more our wee long series
8:15 am
today's super bowl commeial kickoff. the exclusive first look at this sunday's must see ad. today'smercl comes from untain w. it featu a cha youon be able t get o ofourhead. >>man, i might just tonight. >> puppy monkey baby. puppy pu monkey baby. puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey baby. puppy mony by. >> mountn k star dew, juice,ick star >> puppy neykey. >> it sticks in your head. who sits in a room a tnks about that? >> can we gethe puppy monkey baby?
8:16 am
probably all hhly searched on the ternet. >> that's wild. we'll have more exclusi commeralmoow her on today. >> puppy monkey r. >> i can't get iut of head rain coming down. snow to the north. heavier showe and thunderstormshinghrough the new york area and the northet throughoday int thiserno. gettread tose problems atlantand the southaste atntic cot. oodings gointo b an issu fldatches fronort new jersey allhe way to flora. you ge into the flori peninsula, into the paan fiveo six inchesf rain. th rest oe coy,ore hey wind and rai andow. s in the pacific northwt. midsection othe couny, a litt on e chiliside
8:17 am
rmer weather >> and >> and tt's youratest weather. a right. ti f more of our special ri. surmodels, whe are ty now. venica webb was t first african americ model tan an exclusive mode w cght up to chat about li and beauty >> butys health the best thing you can possibly do for yrself is to be healthy. >> wh ceerpanng 3 year verona webb knows t gs o bety
8:18 am
in 1992 t permodel bame the fir woman of color to sign an excsive ctract with a major cosmetic mpany, redefining what it meant to be beautiful. >> was there a moment that y alized ie got ? >> i'm stillryg to convie mylfhat i auay hav it >> a favored runy designer for many, she say her success w the result of people recnizing the dri a talent in her.>> 90%, it'sorkingar and shing up. d sling when you fl. d laughi when you succeed. and sharing when you have engh. >> her biggest champion, he mother a lieutenant koncornell the army the army. >>e allave a part of us that's pctical and a parthat eams.
8:19 am
tahte was try to fur out howoar thos >> acmplis. >> obviously t number one qution i imagine that people woul want me to ask youo s how is ithatou lk exactly asou 20 years ag >> i havey seets. the biggest one is -- >> i'm listening. >> the biggest one is i try to break a sweat every day, eatin right, and the you have to make sure that what you're dng makes u hay. >> today she says that happiness comes from her major to her husband andheour children theyre raising together. >> i get my confidence from ing aood mother a good wife. my fily my everhi are they happy? are they healthy? arehey hungry, eating, smilg, crying? >> what s it about your journey as a model tt reired you r who you are now? >> one of the things you learn is you have to beeall
8:20 am
responsible to the pple who work around you, with you, for you, under you,ecause everye counts on yo nple veronica webb, where is she now,ow do yonswertqution s h andhasing a ly andleed to be able do so. she's also staying she' is beauty editor ofss magazi. she's so modelling on herwn terms. heacy islly just benning, she said. >> cool. >>o beautiful. carson, er to you. >> tha you. coming up, we have a oscar nner talking abouting histy o broadway
8:21 am
athe good wednesday good wednesday mng... we'rcomip on the bottom the ho... i'm ira cronin with this today show update... y... colorado sings police seeant "sten biscaro" is duled to ain el pa county courtfodvisement hearing. as wve been reporting... "biscaro" is facing misdemeanor assault and felony macing charges stemmi from a traffic accident in decemb
8:22 am
biscaro is accused of puhing... kicking and choking a restrained suspect. whwas reportedly getting out of control in the police uiser. t bisco has been on e foe more than two decades. toy... heemns on paid adnistrative leave. fota police are asng f your help in identifying a woman who caused a disturbance at a local truck stop. officers were called to "tomahautotruck plaza" on tuesday... the, they contacted a woma.. who they s swed gns of mental illnes and exposur to ereme c e s transported to a local hospital for a mal evaluation. they reased this photo of the e'scribed as 50 t0 60 years of age.. sandy blonair. anbrown eyes. she was arina ue "colad sweshirt... grey pand red ha officers say she may go by " beverly." if y knothis person'sdentity... you're asked to call fount poce immediate chmoing meteologist -- ephen bo joins unow with ok at our locaforecast... stephen... gh clouds will filter some
8:23 am
mperatesill warm through the single digits and teend to nea20 degrees by 10 am arou colorado spngs and pueb by noo we can have a couple of light flurries flying in the hills west of i-25. temperaturesill bearng thugh the 20s.
8:24 am
of the mountains by 2 pm with goo good morning. 8:30 w. it's wedny, february 3rd,'s starting to getet out here on ourplaz lot of the severe weather is head east. cing , insi, we have
8:25 am
luta nyono. shsakg h bt talents tobroadway for the very first time. we'll talk to her about that and get her tak on thi ar's osca. > us, weallave ndea wh is aut to hn tos i eals and deal allnow i jill is here. she'srought uslindfosnd promisins rgains. we have to fure out what they are. what's bter than theyater tots? swt potat tots. th's one of the thi that former"savedy the bell" star and n chef stiffti has for has for us. >> windy conditis in new england. could have airpo delays from new york and boston to atlanta. we're looki at wet weather in the pacific northwest with mountain snows. tomorrow, theain movesff most of the east coast. though the southea is loong at wetweather.
8:26 am
lookor lake-fectno shers around t g las. sunny and mild. stretching frotheulf coast into the southwest. 'll see sunshine in the northeastater >> that' >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >>, thank you somuch. lupita nng is best k r breakout role inf the y a slave," whi eard her an oscar in 2014 shwas i mov youav
8:27 am
no she ain oneor colishment e's hdingo broadway f a arng role "eclipsed." go morning. good to see you. >> good to you. >> i know you're eited abo being on broadway yo posted adorae cli on inagram, which i w to play right now r everybody. >> ready? openour eyes. >> okay. 's 's real! oh,y sh. your name in ghts. is i excing to debing o broaay? >> it really, reallyis. i mean, i understudied the girl at yale repertory the in 2009, t re i play in the show. rember mg a prose to myselfhat i had tolay thi role. the fac that i get t play this role and iet too it o brdway mean,s morha
8:28 am
>> y are a accomished sge ac ahat'ctuall ur background yout to yale school of a. is there a different feel wn it's broadway which is,ou know,n actor, t ab, you know- exaly what wanto do? >> you know, for me, i did display at t public for ten wes. i'mlad i g aes run of doinghis show off broadway. no i really eited to be able to share it with a larr audience. in thi incredibly beautif theater, the goln's such a grea intimate spac i' visited it and can't wait to see wha wil come of it. >> is a heavy topic. i mean, this is about women in the middle of theiberian civil war. about yourolend you think this is an impor st to tell. >> so tis a edible story about these five women and how the deal with warte.
8:29 am
la incnto aebel de commanr' if you will shshe younge shs a jus jdhis cond. it's about how sheealsith this new life of being at wa of bei i caivity. it's innse. it's really nny. it's full o suspen, andt's very moving. it's exhausting to do every day, but it's suc a joy. all feme cast. all female cast. >> female aywrite. wonderful, y have at. ths also uch talk about oscars and the con there. shorthanded as oscaro white. what d youhink aomebody whoon an oscar and hase ll in e inry. wh dol abouthat peop are saying abthis ar'sosca
8:30 am
iseay for moreries to betold,orluon in the stories thaare told. i t that you know, it's go for allf us, when we hear a diverumber stori and ar ableo experienceore dirsity. more reectiv of the world we livein. at'shate ultimately want, is for a diversity of stories to be told >> on the one nd, you'v done well by hollyod standards, any stanrds, but i it sething yo can rete to? are there roles you wish would comeour way thatou h gotten to see? i feel reallyraful to be in the positio that i find mylf, where i can u tlittle weight i have to storiet feel areuntold oret to be made and . for exame, with "eclip ed"ecld," this something iught to e tablese ioved me in a way where wantedo perform it andre it withpeople. i fhat's theole i can play. finally, i have tosk you about "star wars." are you a "star wars" nerd like
8:31 am
were you so excited to be in it >> now i am. >> now you're offially - >>'m aona fidenerd. i g aund wit a stormooper and all that. >> thank you so much. always gd to catch up with yo "eclipse opens on broadwa march 6th. > up xt, w wreveal the llf them are blindfold. jill martin is going to reveal a special steals and deals.
8:32 am
> we' >e'reack wh an a new stealsnd de for reaso unknn to a o us, jill martin hasecidede should bndfoldedor this. bblindfolded. >> there is a metho to my dnes we have dealso getcozy.
8:33 am
yohe deal. i'll s you down. no, no, no. all right. you' kdf going t sit on everything. so i am ing topresent y wi somethingnd tmewh you think it hon one second. >>hat's happin is ili fhrow of se ki. ay atut the oer e? wha do u me,hether e? >>here's two here it's llow. >>akeour blindfoldf. >>hoserepills. >> it's luxe faux fur pillows. retail $119.99. >> oim covi'm covered i this now. >> it cn v of colors retail, $119.. deal is35 for ea, 71% off. come i diffent lo.
8:34 am
>> iisug butou can alsopu in achsn acct or pillow. >> all ght. >>hankyo >> carson, that's sharp. >> don't saythat. >> yours >> yours- h onnesecond >> this is nice. >> what doouant me to say, the fabric what do you think it is elha? wt kind of fu >>ha kind of item >>t's big apthg. a cashmerethin >> ght. i'm right? >> it'alic ams alpaca thro. difrent color and patterns. whatever matches -- >> don't kno if iee it with the roaring fire, butt' very ce >> isot in he. we nees'mores. retail, $398. deal is $89. >> very so.
8:35 am
>>g on,ome to lie. >>here are you. >> tsay be a little hot and frigening. >> wow. >> what d we think? omor oozy shirt, sweate sweater. right here >>et'soown here. >> ts issi.>> what do w thin >> a knit. ihink is aaja- tee f the. th haowta, $138wo pie. soknit. you eve got the faic. made ithe u.s.,retail,$1. deals $42 f the set. 70% f.>> cozy >> thks. here he is. >> here he is. i'm the one with the blindfd. >> right?
8:36 am
blindme. >> >> oh. it's a badjo. 'sa,'t kn, scarf? >> blindfd, glasses. >> ce. >>off. i tried to t you. >> i c't get f. ia scf. >> oh. >> you got it. >> wo >>reta,138 from gahoni als deal is $3 >> very nice. >> good deal. >> >> now, savannah. i need to turn you around. >>okay. >> this s hiding before. soons ob. >> not me. >> fls like tton re. >> take your blindfold off. we'r five for ve.
8:37 am
>> rry, i hav't met rst introduction, went right to the boob. >> r.i.l.a. bes. $348 and the deal i $6 i toolittle p. hat s vy co. >> bathtub? >> this s fferent. >> the plows and rugs o thws fmluxe. e towrom alia adams ca alpaca. jamas, the scarv m.i.l.a. robe.chk outtoy.m for more informatio comin up next,ould y reonship svive t marr test why one couple put themselves ly thr the ringe on purpe to get ready for maiage. first, tis "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
wre bkt 8:46it an portant question how doou know if the person yo dating is the one? >>ill andrewss and brook silva-br silva-braga created 40 dates to simulate the challenge of real marriage and detmine their fate. >> hello. i'm brook. >> hello, i'm jill ware the couple bethe ma thmarriage test. >>0 daysver year to meur a lifetime of compatibily. brook jillated fiver year years, aveled the wld and lived together. one quest reined uncertn. uld they take the nex big step ther and beme husband an wife? >> many of the things tha ultimately bak u marriag ar reall hard to practice f unti y'r married. we wanted to ste bk and essure tt orelationship. >> reporter: from finances to faly, the ttackle issues that can make or break a marriage. >> for one moh, we ar spending hf of whae normally do.
8:40 am
credit card >> goingn lunch date with ourexs.eporte they documented ei journey along the y. >> simulat the exhaustion of new pareod, we' not going to let oselves sep f more thanee saight hours. each time' woken ue'll pull out anctity andave tomptet bore we go tbe we needed a baby, so we had a 12 und watermelon to be our wborn for t week. >> mel required lot of atntio our frids gav us tir baby. 9 monthldack for 24 hours in our care. >> press a button? >> reporter: some tests led to a few laughs. >> we're goingo handcuff ourselso each oer for 24 urs. >> reporr: some to tears. >> do we want ttalkbout is? >> the things tt scareus,
8:41 am
life, it doesn't come . >> we think couples looking for re certa before takinghe big step towardorever m find t dat us, too. >> brook a jill, authors of he marrie test areith u w. spoi alt, didt work? aryou marry snd. >>e are, yeah. >> do you think going through the tests clarifi things for yo >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> we'd bee dating a years buith year-long breakup in the ddle. we reached a place where lot of couples do. ove eather but how does the couple k they'll at iage, whe thingst trip up maiage, you don't expece when you're dati. raisg a family, combing mo these tests madet easie for us t me the st. whose flt was theeakup? no,'m kidding. >> read the bk. >>hich was the most alleing date for yo? >> o of the ear datese d formoh, weriedo le on ha of wha we normally spend. people say, money is a tough thing in all retishs. i think i poo pooed that a litt bit.
8:42 am
thenou get into it and almost immediately, there was tension. weren't getting along so well. i came ay fm that month thinking, i a lot of respect forow tough those moments can be for heahy relationship. >> which test was your favorite?>> w did -- a lot were compcad. e was simp we didn' use econics f week outside of work hours. it was relaxing. i slept beer. we connected in all the way a couple nnts. w a good week. >> d y think this would work forody? do you rnd alleople ntplating marriage try a veion of this? >> absolutely. so areat dat we recommend f ople w we did,e recorded a fight and ltened t ouelves back about a wk laterhen we coole off. >> that's couragus. >> turout, i talk a lot. i don't let brook get all the rds. we recomme eveone give something like that a shot it can help. >> think the most important thing i didor us i when we wenthrough the stressf parts
8:43 am
long before we were enged, we'd had aonrsation about kids. th enuptial agreemen raising kids. >> what could you notav prepared fo kig. >>s aatid. >>he booksalled marriage test." jill and brook, thankyo thankyou. tiffani thiesse is here to bowl party. she'll take the parttohe next level.
8:44 am
nbc. >> i it is 8:52. we're bkit ourayood counn tuperowl 50. everyonenows thenacks are the bt par of the ga right? tiffani then, sr of "saved by the bell,""9" and"whicoll coll she'sostfdinn at tiffani tiffani' tiffani's." i'veeenookingorwardo th all rnin we'reakingled por slider >> what dos d rub. i reallyhi marinating your pulled pk overnighittle plasticap i ha sked paprik regular paprika. >> why two nds? >> the skiness of amoked paprika,t' amazing, rit? havenipo, garlic powder wder, min.
8:45 am
surore u pat it in er >> i ts room temperature? >> exactly. this i aea do. you auay it andou flte it reay tha drub over . th putstic wrap on and in the frid. hat cut of por is that? >> this is t pledpork. thiss actuall what we' ing t ds -- >> t should? >> yes. you wanthe fat on it becse what we're gng t do is actually going to stick our onions in here. this is a slow cooker >> we le the slocooker >> metoo. having two kids and a little baby, absolutely. >> great. >> we stick this in. you wt theat side >> why? >>he fat side up what you want, literally, the flavor fm theat is goi too through the meat. >> ay. >> that' what you want t m su you do. >>pposed to iitting in the his way, ioes through it >> then te chicken broth. >> that's allou need? >> the onions will swea as well you have your barbee sae.
8:46 am
>> doe ve guys downstair t taetest >> we're qui dow here. does th meanou have alrey gotten into is? ye. >>t's eat. >> al i pulled porkexpert. >> re? what do y think, al? >> reall terric. >> thanks, al. i appreciat it. >> nice kick >> this willtay in or 5 toours on. we coverat, of course make sure -- >> ts is what it looks like when it's finished. >>right. pullt apart. this is w the pulled pork comes from. what we're going to do also is parate all the juis teards. getllhaou youerain that intos cu ? >> it' a fatparato handy thingor thekihen. use it quiten. pull tt apart. i' ten the onions. add this and take ourpple cider vinar and brown sugar. thank you. i have a fork >> it's ay. we're all fends little salt.
8:47 am
exactly. then weddsack in. then wre going to blend it. >> you do that. e. >> house thew's theconsncy? well,ou'rpod avre i l's etd widthis >> you pull itrt and this is where we . most peoe useabbage on the pulledse sprouts. >> healthier. it's good. >> apple ciderar aiaslyembl en on buns. the pulled pork and bruszsels sprout s. sweet poetato tater tots. >> amazing.
8:48 am
>> thank y so much >> thankyou, i'm ira cronin i'ira cronin with this tod show update. puebloolice are hoping to hire mo of our milita "veterans"... by waivi their ecation quirements. it's an effo to bo increas their application pool and on up opportuties forets entering the job market. the police deparent has en actilyooking f new ofcers, and say those with militaryraining are perfect r the job. priously, apicants had to have 60 colle creditto qualify for thacademy -- but now... any veterans with at lea 3 years of active duty service who have been norably scharged with the past o years ca apply to be a pueblo police officer. someboho in the litary would have combat training and hand-thand combat aing. those right ofthe t ar something morehan mebody straight out of college would have. the apication process is open now until rch 13. instctionsre on our website,
8:49 am
chief morning meteorologis-- stephen bowers joins us now wi a lolo at our local forecast... stephen... gh clouds will filtesome sunshine this moing. mpaturesill warm through the sile digs d teens and to near 20 dre by 10 am around colorado springs and pueblo. by noon, wcan ve a couple of light flurries flying in thehills we of i-25 temperaturesill be warming roh the 20s. flurries begin increineast of the mouai by 2 pmith temperatures warming io the 20s and lower 30s. more of those spotty fluies will continue through 5 pm, and teerates will ease bacin the teens and 20s. those few flurri wfade ay this evening. temperates will already be ading back dowtoward single digits by 10 pm.
8:50 am
,,,,,,,,,,, this m this morning o"t's take," christina on today'sis in a aguilera back on the voice and rr cching up with the judges. then you are in for a rd triphene show you carpo karaoke with coldplay andhe first lookt e per bowl ads. all that andore coming up xt.
8:51 am
this is "today's" ke. with al roker, natalie willie gst and camn hall. life from studi1-a a. >> welco to "today" on wednesday rning, it's fruary 3rd, 20. ce crowd outside oour plaza this morning. i'm wlie along with natie d al. tarind on an assignmen in all the political action is goingn right w. d you guysee this plane vio? >> this is commercial airplane th a bigole in itse afr elosion forced an ergency landing five minutes after take off it's dalo airlines,ad it taken offrom an airport in mowing leh shoe on it's way to jabuti officialsay one passenger w killed and two injured. witnesses claia n s suc t14,000feet, pilot
8:52 am
think it wasbomb. the cause of the explosion has not t been confirmed. last had seen they hadn't confirmed thatdeh, maybe we've n ded that, guys, i don't know. boy, youookt the video inside the ane, koint get over how cal erybody w as they filmed in on their phones. >> you actuall got up and walked around. now, is that still in the air when they're doing that? >> it's that's in th air. you can so he that. >> aole in the plane. >> look at the passengers. i uld beaying my prayer would be crng.i an we realki about, u know,ou have d a couple of experiences, al. >> just a few months ago we had a really, reay bad attempt -- like three attempted landingst jfk and i aually wro o a te that i was rea t hit to -- foreborahnd the kidsause i thought this might notnd it races through youin nts? >> don't tnk wld pul outy phone and record what's going around me i think wou be -- >> and as the videocanned the plan there wer other peoe
8:53 am
no yellingno screaming. >>aybe dnghat remes- takes it one step away i don't know. >> think they were ishock as weeard from one of the paengers, i think we hrd in the earlier piece,aid tt they probly were a in a little bit of shk att was happening. >>hey re lky they wer't up highough. if a hol blo like that at 35,000 ft it'over. th had jt taken five minutes o they werfoune tt respt. >> we got ieresti ns about the national anthemei sung at e super bowl by ne other than ladga. anot aition t ts all-ar line up. you have coldplay,eyce rforming during halftime, got to imagine they will probably add a few more before this nday's game. >> you on with gaga youet bence and coldpy at halftime. by the way, tre i a gre footll game in between. >>es. >> predictions. >> we're doing our predictions already. i'm going pronk keys.
8:54 am
strong. >> i thinkt's caan the panthersy ttouchdowns. >>'d loveor theroncos to win and for peyton manninbut i dohinkhatt's going to - >>omeon, broncos. broncofans. >> let's g to onef the expes, ohe grisly bear chses o of two cakes in his cage. sterday oy went with -- ye -- thebrons. >> the brons. at rit. rt y ozzy h h ly o wng pic >> he ocked th of emver. >> but he eed up eating the broncos cake >>ohokay. does a grizzlyea enjoy a ke i would think he is more of a red mt kind of cake. anotheruper bowl exclusi ad tpreview, we want you to watch it andhen use the time on sundayor a bathroo break-in stead. thyuai addrs kev hart asn overprottive dad. checkt ou >> you look good. >> tnk yo
8:55 am
>> y,o you a the guy taking mittle girl out, haw. >> why ep >> why don'to ahead and tiek my new car. >> anks, pops. >> go ahead, baby. >> watchthis. boom. boom>> favite favoritgirl. >> y >>oueessing withhe wng day. >>'m taking y me. why? >>arinr o the hyundai genesis. >> bk so? e you go, r. >>au dad h got t do what a dad has got to . honey, wt did you guys do tonit? >> tt is good. i like that iov that. >> faasti well, you've got a glimpse of
8:56 am
and w talked about coldpl. super bowl halftime performer chris martin joined jes cordon r a c karaoke ahead of making h way to the stadium on the la, show. ke look at their rd trip to the superowl. o woo >> you do a goo mick jagger. >> i love going to s the rolling stones. >> say that as mick ja. >> i think my favorite band to go and see is the stones i love it. i loveoing to see them here. >> loo athat. san francisco hats. >> let's get them. >> heree go. come on, you've got it yove got is. >> yeah. >> i mean, you d't look this heavy, ally. put your wings on me
8:57 am
put on a symphony cherishells are ringing >> what it? >> no, a few cherished, is it not what is it? >> a few cherished. >> little belle ringing. >> let's go with it. >> wt it, thou. >> doesn't tter. >> no, it do. >>t's music. >> i hear jerusalem bells are ringing. >>hat's what i ng. >> that's what you sing. >> you can sin wtever you like i hear crished little bells are rging ove it. itivesou an idea, too, c martin's personality which i think a lot of peoe -- ihink some peoe were like ldplay, i don't know, for theuper bowl, but you can st assured it's going to be an incdible show. >> t o james corden's fa. >> yes. so fun. >> this is a man still eoying he do, lov what he's doing. such talented guy. i simadway and his a tr, true talent
8:58 am
tony's they just announced yesterday. the previou one with a was incredible. noyou ve back back adele and chris martin. >> is intereg at all three late nig guysre ned >> te. >> hould just become jimmy. >> jimmy on, fallon a kimmel. >> the third. >> tay is the day six of our day of give a ways on facebook. we want y to go to's te and li us. today you could like a trip to bow fort, north carolina. this i a gorges pt of the bristol crtal coast. you anduest cou spend four days, three night at thenland inn.all righ's ta, like us, risr for the sweepskes. we wou love -- love love to get another 20,000 people up today. we did over 2000 yeday. >> yes. >> before we do theeath let's just checkt out right now, see whas in
8:59 am
so let's -- wherere w right now? earlier we had about, what, 132,000. >> let's see. >> let's see. 133,000. come on, folks, tod take. okay. faoday's take. jimmy, careful there. ay. very ce. this isim core began, not to be confuse with jimmymel o mmy fallen or jim cordon there you go let'show you what we have goinon. we have this line of strong storms, rain is already moving intoew york but severe weather, atlta rht n h prty good storms, wwi probly see se airport delays in thi thi in eext hour or two. majoflightelays likely washington, d.c., it'sn here dmorning, bton it will be mifternoon and it keeps shing in tho song storms pushing to chleston towa jacksonville, heavy rain and storms for floda and the carona coast. by tomorrow we look flearing re ithe northeast. flood watches extending from new jersey all the w downo
9:00 am
at ris for these slow moving showers and thunderstorms, parts of t florida panhandle >> let's >> let's hit the button agai see how many of you -- boom! azin that's it.'s take. register for the sweepstake north carolina, gorgeous partf the country. there.
9:01 am
>> keep going to's take. jus aad, we're a few week away from seas t of the "voice" and return of chrtina aguile as coach. carson cates up with his crew after this. mmmm mmmm, laughter mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm! mm, mmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mm , yoplait there's a lighr, fluffier yfor erne to enjoy greekyogurt yoplt grk 0 whs! give ext. geextra. cheers. oh! ere's no reason to cry over spilled cabernet.
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when useat the firstign. learn hova starts to immediately at don't tough it out, knk it out, fast. with abreva. > i i'm here at the shop at nbc studio in 30 rock. get ady, fans. seon ten othe "voice is nearly here th blindauditions, battle roun, g underway february 29th. caon ly, our man at "today" and theirs, caught up wit rening coach adam levine. also blake shelton, pharrell williams a christina aguilera, making her return to the chair after season off. >> you guys were aller popular and celebrities before this show stard. at is it like to beamous and successf on a hitelevision show? what ishat success l >> dn' get into the mic
9:05 am
busine to thin aisle bell ba tv personality. it gave me ahance to ge back to people with drea, likee comingup. little did we know it would be successfuls it was. >> now youe back tellhese gs whatife is like outside oth show. what was it like to not d it? >>hat' it like outside of the show, christina? >>the rea wod, there's airnd trees and peop. >> whoa, geez i' ner heard of those. >> y're having as much fun as you were from day one. >> none of us would be dng this i it wasn't fun. >> right. we laugh a lot. >> you feel lifted you watch people change, evolve and grow there's somethi in that process that i c't get anywhere else. >> ye now more fous tn anybody here. i don'tnow about that. what does that rise feel ke? it's only been ve years. >> the ultimate "vce"god, blake shelton. you'r a amongst mortal
9:06 am
night a w had to pick the restaurant w went to based on whether or not blake could wk throh the kitchen to get io the restaurant because of pap parazzi paparazzi. it's nuts. course, a this point, no matter what moves i make orny cision i make, it's under t microscope. climb ery mountain are y inspired by your team er? >> ocourse. i won last season ever season is different. soeasons i don't have to coach at all because, like, feel like i knew jdan smith was gng to win the whole t >> you areore concerned with people stickin around a having a goodtime. if someone steals one of you people, you're hay. >> it's unpopur andomes off wed, lik what >> d't tnk i does. >>here was a nice momen yesterday.
9:07 am
yo exchang pleasantrie and you said something fuy. you said christina, we've com a long way fm seaso one. >> h td me i have the winner on my team >> she does. >> i was trying to give you my mostont, aingenuine and heartfelt advice. >> honorable ma that gandhi. you write those voteswn? >> sometim is the w he's drd, his hair. steam comesut of my ears, like so many thgs. it's like -- >> sometimest's not what blake is sayg that' funn it your reaction. it's am's reaction. the fac of like,man. >> it's the lack of awanef all things around him. it's like aoke that myut of touchncle would make. >> i feel like i have a responsibility on this sw to point out riculousness. >> guys, if you were running for president, of the other coaches, who would your running mate be and why? >> blake. i need the country side.
9:08 am
>> president china? >> well country run a lot of the country. >> i wouldn' run. >> not ruing? >> iould rather have any other -- >> good enough. >> the "vce" returns on monday. who is excited aboutthis? februa 29th. everybody excite it air mdays and tuesdays at 8:00 eastern. willie, alwaysanted to press the red button. >> thanks. coming up, "stone cold" steve austin. going to find out who is u for e bken skull challenge. putting us to the st. whatre we dog here? >> pull t sandbag across the floor. it's heavy sandbag. we're going to see whatgot. >> think i got it? >> i want the best y got, okay >>okay. >> simpleenough?
9:09 am
we'r back after this. sond s soup a sandwich and clean and real, anfeeling od, sort of. and 500 calories or less.
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wee never having kid mmm-mmm. brthe. i love it here. we are never ming to the surbs. were ner gting one of those (miniv). were never hing anothed. i'm pregnt. i ameverettingo. r all the nevers in li, state rm is there. wwe hall of famer "stone cold" steve austin, finishing off o opponent after another with a sne cold stner. >> now, he hosts he broken ull challenge," shot at his nc i texas, where contestants duke it out over a $10,000 prize. >> these challenges wh not for the faint of hea or stomach. >> no they aren't >> steve austin,welcome. go to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> how did you com up -- you built this obstacl coue on your ranch.
9:13 am
how did you come up with the challenges themselves >> i was hosti ahow on cmt and sa, this is great. i love cpetion. hey-duty competition. i built a careerasedn being tough. so thereas nothing like bken ull cllenge otv. pitched this idea to t and they wanted make tougher than i had envisionedt to be. i give them credit for that. at the end of the da you get a bunch o people coming up wh the toughest things w can put othe han beings into mpetition against each other with. eachday, tee rounds of competition. if you win, you stick around and if you lose, y go home. at the end of the day, the last persontaing takesn my obstacle course, the skull buster. it is designed to attack every part of yourbody. >>yikes. you bt that, you get $10,000. >> you're scaring me read >> let's go >> it's tough. some of the bt athletes in the nation come out the and the table forhem too t best the can. >> mennd women,qually partipate, right?
9:14 am
>> the women a badass, yeah. >> you have a challengeor willie and natalie. >> how did you get out ofthis? >> i'm doing commtary. >> all right. >> shortened version. this is going to be easier. th brokenkull challenge, nothg easy. >> what do thehaveo do? >> uh-o >> she too the shoes off. it justot real. >>ull the handbags across the floor. th broken skull chlenge, it would be tgher tha that. buere ware in n york city. >> o your mark get t, go! >> pull, pull, pu. keep pulling. l the way acro. >> wow, natalie. >> natalie wi. >> wow. essive. >> you would go step down the road. >> so in the broken skull, that's as hard as it gets. what's the cziest thing people do?
9:15 am
withat -- trench with water. you have too ring the ll. it's head to head. people say, it's cool, like erican ninja warrior. no s fast. this is head t head against another han being. you win, you stick around. if you lose, go ho. then you hav to face the obstacle urse. illieants to ge it a try. >> i'll flyou firstss out there if you want to try it. >> i want to be in the trench with you. >> dig the tren. >> "broken skull challee" sunday nightscm >> backfter your loc ns anweatheitou jt spafu and i couldn even drinit. i uld like almost oothe ice over d trto sip it very slowl so that it wouldt trigr the pain. that's when i realiz i had to do sething. my dentist recommended that i use sensod i think that sendyne has been gre in terms of reduci the sensivity and pain th i was experiencin w i can t ice in my water. sensodyne absolute works,
9:16 am
. . . . es your makeup remover take it all off? evy ss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? nerogena makeup remor does. it erase99% of you mosttubborn keup with o towelette. needny more proof than that?
9:17 am
taking a look at the taking a lk at the chipotle. the comny says its earnings drped 36% in juaryn t of the almo15rop in the fourth quarter last year. chipotle sai the scope of a criminal pbeas widened
9:18 am
yond aingle restaurant in california. it is now a nationwide investigation. amazon reportedly has big plans topen boo stores around the s. "the wl street journal" is quoting the ceo of a large mall saying amaz's goals t ope 300 to 400 book stores. thepany opened its first bookstore in novembereattle calling it a physical extension o of theworld's most popular messaging services has just hit a mor milestone. at's a sst has reached 1 billion active users around the world. that's abo 1 ofvery 7 people on the planet what'spp iwned byacook d with it usersan make fre oncalls, send texts, video and text messages anywhere in the wod. it delivers an amazing42 billion msages a day. it was a very close call for fily in england whe their car we out of corol, fpped over andhen spe down the highway onts roof in a shower of sparks as you see there. incredible it hits anher car o thewa
9:19 am
l caught on the dashbrd camera of a truck that wa almost t. all three pple in tha upside down car survive includi a baby who was unrt. time is running out for oer bought a winning califoottery ticket last august. the ticket worth a staggering $63 million but it will becom wohless unl the winner turns it in by tomorrow afternoon. the super lot tic was bought in a convenice store outside of los angeles. if nobody shows up by the deadline though, th winner loses all tt money. let's get a check of the weather right now from mr. roker. y, . >> the good thing is it goes to california public schls if
9:20 am
you can s onou maps ,,,, wewe wt you to go to facebook facebook.c/tod'sta. a trip with 146,000 likes. remember,'stake. like us. now i ke you, natalie. >> i like you too, al. thanks. now to t zika virus. as a growing crisiseaches ericanoil, just thiss you know the world health organizationeclared zika a global healt emergency. now transmission of the za virus has been conrmed i 29 cotries and territories throughout south ameri, lin america, polynesia and the caribbean. noit is hirting enlor to home with the first zika virus
9:21 am
case auired throu sexual transmission in dalla county. now if a zika carryin mosquito bites a pgnant mother the unborn child can be at great risk. right now aut 4,000ies in brazil ane with been born with microcepha. th is a sious birth defect thatffects the brain. expertsay that for mos people the za virus presentsith mild symptoms including fever, rash, joint pain and c junktive viet tis or pinkeye. some countries reporting a link between zika andguillain-barre syndrome. it's rare but it h yet to be confirmed by c.d.c. the c.d.c. has put out a travel warning to avoid -- for pregnant women or women trying to become pregna tovoidzika-affecte areas. theyay that wenho have been infec should wait two ars to become pregnant.
9:22 am
dr. nalie azarho he more. >> dr. azar has more. let's talkbout the dlas case. a lot of people who weren't paying attention to zika perced up cdconfirms it was a man or woman, we don't kn. >> yes. >> it was transmitted fm someone sexually whoited one these countries who recved zika. what does thatell you? >> it givs mor evince about apicion that we' had. e are ady documented cases in the literature, one in 2008 of a phyciho was in senegal who wasnfected with zikahoameack to the u.s. and infected h wife and then moreeny in 2013 with the very large tbreak inh polynesia, there was a tahitian man whose semen and urineested sitiveorka. the idea that can be transmitted withlood ansfusion sexual ctacts notecessaly new, ground breaking, or surprising, but as i stadarer thismorning, it's certainly unfortunate and unwelcomnews bause this now a who oer set of
9:23 am
protocols and precautio that we need to talk about in lig this outbreak. >> does t mean, dr. soone cg back fromne o ese countries with zika should remain abstinent and if so f how long >> right. don't have a specific guidance on t yet but we intend on hing t in the next coming dser dr. frieden ofhe c.d.c. i wl state though that our nds/coeagues in england have protocol inlace already, andt is that if a man who has a documend zika infection returns or wherever he or she is, he should use a om f six months. a person -- if a man has had potential expore, expure uld just beeing in an area where za iseing transmitte e recommendion theres to wear a condom for four eks, one month. issue here is we don't know how long the virus, numbeon is still detectibl in sexual secretions andven if
9:24 am
infeious. can it be transmitted? that right now is t next step for the cdc and reseahers in brazil to try to get as much information asossie so tt they can infor the gdance for us. >> quick bottom line before we go here. fo people watching this at home, how concernedhould pelen the uted at be out zik rightw? i think t concern hasn' changeallhat much in terms of location, first of all. you know, travel toreas wre viral transmission is ongoing and bringing bk the infection to the united states is a issue. one thing we didtet chanc to talk about so much today is thepoteial, you know, serious contribu contribution to guillon-barre. this is a moving -- >> a movin target. >> yeah >>thers a lot more questions beanswer dr. azar, thank you so much. omin up "work a who will licks" made a tv star. onhe big scen we thim afte.orkolics," anders holm
9:25 am
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beyond t sle program puts theocus on you and not ju t numr on the scale lose weiileating healier, withew srtpoin. and ve more including fitness in ws thatork for you. see how good you'll fe with new weight watchers beyond the scale program! joinorree now and lose 10 pounds on . >> ander holmas bee stealingcenes in some of the smarte, edgiest comedies o the last few years. >> success dsn't happe overnight. firs a look atis rise. >> it's anrs, ok? anders. not anders. it never was at. i don't know why you kp saying that >> reporter: aers holm staed out behind the camera as a writin assistant. from the writers room, heoined
9:29 am
blake anderson and adam devine to form the group, me order comedy. dling wit stresn the workplac >> reporter: tir web series caught the attention ofomedy centra leading to th creatio of "wkoholics." >> ien promoted. see the it>> reporte the hilariously unambitiouselemarkete are in their sixth season. >> you're my du. bles my man. >> reporter: anders wentn to guest-st on "the min ojt,"s mdy kaling's love interest. >> will you marry me? >> yes, ye >> repter: fm tv, he moved to fre film, joining the cast of he interview," with james a seth. >> yrs cool a min is serious. >> reporr:hen shang wh
9:30 am
screen with anne hathaway and robert de niro in "thein." >> for record, never been turn. reporter: ands now a dy's m in "howo be single proving his work is just getng started. >> there are 8 million people in th ty. sounds like alot, right? half a women. >> these are thewomen? >> aer holm joins us now. good to seeyou, man. >> wt's up,guys >> you twe something yesterday. i'mn the "tay" show tomrow at 9ish, pushing "how to be single." should i go blazer, n irt? >> i showedpith no shirt. there was a riot for surity reasons. put a shirt on! i' ke, all right. >> promoting yr vie. but you say you actually are promoting your body. >> yea it's more for a body dayor me. >> y are srtless aot in is new e. >>ye. >> you had a lot of dturbing de scenes overhe past, i should say. >> yeah.
9:31 am
>> i have to be. it's my craft, you know. i grew up a a swimmer and you wear speedos. i think like, those are perhaps th most embarrassing outfits out there. i had toa leg up. >> we were just watching a look back at ycareer. "workoli "workoholics" has beco ait. the early version of the web series you said w before hai and makeup. >> yeah. it seemede a different sh. can you believe where it's me sin those days? >> honestly, yes. only because blak adamnd kyle, i thi those guys are amazing. mean? >> besides your sll with acting, you're a beat boxer and you have a grp? >> ofsional, yeah. the group isll, perfecto or that's the album? >> that's the group a the album. with kenny de.
9:32 am
let's take a look. ma mankind, outf line rappers that don'tow, my brothers and sisters, of the future >> late '80s snd to it. >> music ctory. it's hip hop chica side you can beat box alitt?>>ithout a doubt. onive television. >> ripe fruit. i'm heren myight sui see, those words rhyme. >> whatit? hat's rapping, gu. >> i'm sure if we had more time itouldave gone. >>oh yes. >> ns. >> anders holm, great tsee you. "how to be single" opens february 12th. n't miss"workoholics" on
9:33 am
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utrogena. lethe moment stop you. not le the ep gnd chekeewith a30-mile range. the most awarded, rewarding suv er. >> annou >> announc: the cionrt series o oday"roly presend to you citi. >> catchim court side at a icks game, but today, jim lan is with us he executive chairmaof madison squareardeand vision ce also a m o tants. u can hear j'susicn some
9:37 am
of your favorite musi. jd and the saight ot jus released an album, llyh! >>hanks for having us. >> thisas to be a dream come true, in th sense that not oy do you have thisuccessful band, but you opened f really huge groups. you veewel coming up. how did that come up >> we are friends. our music wor welltogether we'recoustic and she's totally acoustic. >> whas the song you're going to do? >> "bette find a chur". >>jd and the straight shots. bter fin a church bette find find it soon better sh through the
9:38 am
betterind a church, get onur your knees begor a chance jus to dance with someone whoelies and you better coess, get it off your chese yrself some resthile y stillave one left eveou'v toive with the things that you did, the secrs you hid heaven forbid that the devil gets word, betterind a church when you f a chur, you won't findehere cause i'l be ho, notalone, in the arms of someone who cares and you better confess, get it
9:39 am
f your chest ive your soul some rt while you still have one left even you've got t live with e thingshat you did, the secrets you hid heaven forbid tha the devil gets word, better find a church never meantourt none in theend, that's whaou done a sinner's past, stina pay the pa theoodord bac and and y bter confess, get it
9:40 am
giveour soul se rest whi yo stillave oeft cauven you've got tlive thhe things tt you did theects you hid heaven forbidhat the devil gets word, better find a church better find ahurch better find a chu [ applause jd and the straight ot
9:41 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. l lovely ladies >> hello, everybod we have a b sh. very, very big. >>uess w is here, again. >>o? >> colin qun. >> love m. >> l.areid is going to come
9:42 am
and talk about his new book. >> any lottery dre home. >> who kup bow edition. >> it was on there. they sa, stick to the prompter
9:43 am
> fro >> from nbc newshis is oday" "today" with kathieee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a inockefeller plaza. >> wine day we february 3rd.
9:44 am
>> hardestorking man in show business. >> gue who is doing the dishes. >> spkling. arkling. >> very nice. >> thank u, al you're n the only one with a show, you know. >> anyway, we too, have a fun da because that guy over there is h with u again. >> colin quinn. >> somebody high up because this guy is here like, every week. >>e has a show called "t show," and h has a pair of handcuffs, and we' going t have ourith hi >> or he i going to have his way with us. one or the other. >> have you ever dreamed of winning the lte and moving into aig mansion, we' introduce you to a couple that did just that. wel show you the house tha th decided on andhat they passedup. >> that' kind of fun. peop are playing a lot since thatast huge winner, rememb? >> yeah. >> we' swou howo add a touch of luxe to your house, and he has worked wit se of t biggest music artists of our
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