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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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t's get to your rsalert 5 forecast now.. meterologist jessica van meter... skies clear anman cold sunshine h returned toy, a wesight afuch we'll ine ataya feouds inng andmallnce foan afteron or ing snow sh. mperates wilin cold, onopping outn the 20or most. winds won't be as strong yestery, but any wind at all will make it feel even colder. any snow shors e tonight
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and new at noon this cportapssed on several rs this monring.. this happeneat an apartment mplear union andcadamy..we're told the firdepartment usedagto lift the carport up. one pers wspokwi ss t buas damaged. noord the damage the othecars.. new this mng... mountain metro transit has annoced bus seice ll resumeoday in rado rings... ficials hato suspend bus roes monday teoon through tuesday overdverse ad conditions.. is wk'stor-- broug enough snow to lve sev bus stnded... all routeshod return to thr rm sedules. you haven't gotten around to shovelling your sidewalk in colorado springs-- ye olating a cityrdinance! since 13- an ordinance on the books -- requires citize t
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the end of a storm. many people like postal workers -- still have toeport to work hese cditions. they ask that you help clear t snow and ifr your mailbox and walkways so they can eir job. lett carriwe spo with are thanul for the help! me of the rdt hit ars full osnow... arnorthern a eastern el paso county. residential roads are priority ree r snow plows... which means it could be a while until your street is cleared! there e 325 miles of priority- three roads in el paso county -- those will be tan care of "when time, avaiblfunds, and equipment permit," according to the county wesite. so for some small stets, cul de sacs, and smaller rural roads, wait coinues to leasts ternoon. meanile, priority-one road though plowed -- rain icy an snowpacked and many intersectis are very sluy. "you nd to be aware that around the next turn, you cod
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appears to be rely good trtionsomethinthat got 2 or 3nches snow th ice under it." keep in nd that temps aren't excted to rise above freezing today, so much of the snow on the roads will still be there until toght. om grasslands to mouains pueblo county crews -- deal with a variety of chaenges during thistorm. big differences in elevation -- make for bigifferences i plowing techniques. up in the mountains of blah anrye, crews plomore frequely, t rrower roads means theyave to getreive th whe ty push the sno on the east de of the coty, owontinues to blow aoss the roadwaysong ter it's stopped falling. buthese drivs e us to eacon-cwoer i assied a sectionf thcounty that they always pw. the ideas theyalfamiliar with theoads that we would call them out for, so we don't get anybody lost or going down
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thing. pueblo county lled out all 35 ailae trks f ts winter storm. they stoppedlowi lat tuesdaafternooafter clring everything along more than 800 miles ofounty road day... colodoprings police nt "sven biscars scheduled to appear in el so countyourt.. for an advisemenhearing. as we've been reporting. "biscaro" facing misdemeanor assault and lony menacg arges stemming from a traffic acnt in deceer. scaris accusedf puhing... kicking and choking a restrained spect... who s rertedly getngut of ctrol in thpolice cruiser. sgt biscaro has been on the fomorehan decades. today... he remains opaid adnisttive leave denver broncos rookie "ryan murphywill not bat the big game on sund.. team officia sent him back
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after he was questiod by policeuring a prostitution sting in jose. the practice squad safety for the brcowas at this motel during ainstigation setup the nta clara unty sheri's partment. murphy was interewed and released... police saye was not involved in any criminal activity.. hover there are rerts murphy's brother. was cited for solicition. although he sent him back... ach kuak says murp's stus with dver's practice sad h t changed. other publican has suspended his presidential campgn -- senatorand paul announced at this rning.. anme -- donald trump is looking to rebound in new hampire, after his second-pce finish in iowa -- laying some of t blame on hisecision skip last week's debate. nbc's petealexder reports... hel rely on new hampre's more independent, less evgelical voters to reset this race. pkg -- here, in the live free or die
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a huge crowd reaffirmi that donald trump's campaign is still alive. sot: here we 17 people whene started, now you have 11, i come in second, i'm not humiliated!" narr: trum.. mocking reports that iowa ma hia loser... ... and rco ruo -- who finished third -- ainner. sot: 19:36:53 winner of the night, marco rubio! trump, humiliated! mugs new track but alckwlng sence at the fox newdebate last week may have affected the outcom.. new sot d260 gracious and subdued in feat monday... sot: last night "i want to congratulate teand want to congratulate all the incredible candidates." narr: ... overnight, trump quickly returned to s familiar form and a miliar tget, ted cruz. sot: trump 20:08:13 "what kind of peop dwe have ruing for ofce?! no, honest, really really dishonest. and i think i knowhy. you know why? because he was born in canada!!!! narr: fresh off his win,ruz is already eyeing both new
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soh carolina -- its prary two weekaway. sot: :15:05 "last night, we heard howl coming from thpomac." narr: anwhe, a trio of governors -- allking their claim here -- are sting tir sighton each other and on marco rubio. chris christie with nbc's key o'donnell: sot: e kind of reminds me of the y in the bube. he never answers quest. he nol gaggles. he's very controlled, and the y in the bubble has goa ge ouof theubble ife wants to be president oe united st." narr: rubio'sebuttal, with gabe guerrez. sot: rubioga int: 15;07;15;0eah, i think it's be a tgh coue of days for chris and for some of e other guys. 3 they are not doing very well and some peoe react badly sometimes to adversity. 6 narr: the state's wild cd: john kasi -- rising to second placein many polls -- now vying for break out moment. sot: 1828 kasich: "my tone is different, it's a tone of inclusiveness. it's a tone of helping people to get up. peter: the botm line is you're not gonegative again your opponents right nobecause you
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kasich: well it's not just not the ght to for the party, it's not the right tone fome." that was peter alexander reportg. still ahead on news five at no --- we're learning more about whetr thprosecution of bill cosby will go forward,.. t fiyour extended foreca withrologist ssica van mer. jessica? sunsne has returne but what abt warmer
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first alert 5 forecast. suns has returned today, welce sight after so much snow'll contin to see that today with a few clouds increasingnd a small chance for an afternoon or eveng snow ower teatesill rema cd, onlyopngut in e 'sor most ndwot be astngs yestery, a wd atll willake it feel even cder. any sn shors end tonight with lows in the single digits. watch out for areas that may have hadeltingnow duri the day refreezing overnight. that wl be a concern untilweet this snow melted. after veryold start to the day, thursday's highs will finally get to around and above freezing. sunshine early on, butuds llove iny the evening hos. these clouds will have a small chance to pruce some light sn showers beginng thursday night and lasting in friday. after that, high temperatures
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continuing covage now ---
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prosecution of comedian bill cosby ll movforward. he fes a trial on seal assault charges stemmirom an incident back in 2004. nbc's chris llone is in montgomerynty, penylvania, with the latest on this going court fight.. --- reporter live lead - did a decision not to prosute bi cosby a decade ago mean that cosby couldevere precuted? th's theuestion a pennsylvanudges tryi to answer in this case which attractingorldwide attention. --insert pkg --- natural sound "we love you bill" the couns most famous "tv dad" is providg the st wer.ut it was former district attorney who has a courtroohanging onis every word former montgomery county prosecutor bce castor s the entirday on the stand tuesday, explaining his decision not to prosecute bill cosby for a 24 encounter wi a wom who sought reer advice fm the comedian. castor said heid -not- forge a formal non-prosecuon agreement with cos. budid havehe power to decide cowould never be charged with a crime.
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believed the entertainer did inappropriately toh andrea constand, but uldn't be ableto prot to a jury. citin problems wh constand credibility. sound - enrique laison - torney39-:46 "in order for st tow t reasonsor wh hdid whe d, h basically had to smear the accuser." stor contends his decision compelled cosbyo id tes in cisu consta filed ast himsby seled the suit in 2006. last year me of cosby's testimony hasuit was unsealed. the new strict attorney used that testimony and cosby's admin thatgave constand some pills andine to help her relax to crge cosby with seal assaubruce castor says that testony is off limits in a criminal case. n we'll see if the judge agrees. ris polle, news, mogory county, penvani after the brea-- how one woman is turning tragedy into helping others..
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toys y in tod's yr healy fami... it's an organ tranlant story that's gone viral! one motheis overcoming a heaeaking tragedy... and in trocess... ving another chi's lif "moniq griego"as this azing story. --pkg--
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it hard to bve this 4 year d ndle of energy is only two years red from a heart ansplant. --so- s/esther gonzalez/motherf reent/:07-:13 "s had seizes... shd a brain bleed. she had stomac bleed...she d a stroke.. had brn surgers... manyssues. all colications om a faulty het valve. at 18 monthsld jordan received a nedonated hear --sot-- esther glez/mo of ret/:20-:30 "instantly you feel.oh my god relief...she mamake it. but, on the flip, it tk me about half a second for me to tunday...a mother lost her child tonight." that child was 7onth o lukas. --so- s/heather ark/mother o donor/:32-:34 e was the happiest kid...he onlyried when he was hungry."ukasas heather clars only child a she didn't hitate toake that selfss decision to donate s nsurg a ti otredy. --sot-- s/heatr clark/mother o donor/:4:46 "the othing i could thk w..i can't save my o not save somedy else' now this little lady can r ar and plake anyer chil near two yearser tranlantat omeing the two mother's embraced for the first time. heather also got to meet the
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:0atr: "shs liy rien" es: her instaly." linla mother ul..heher says sees a lo of lukas ijoan. now she can ar him through the teddy bear esther d joan gave to heasift. with a push of the button. nat of heart beat ather cahear lukas' acal recorded heart beat. out of tragedy can come a esngdise motrs s theare mily now. ot-- s/esther gonzalez/mother of repient/1:21-11 hrough all the grief you kn tt she dealt with losing her child and rdan beingo si and us mostosinher few tis... seems as everything camtother perfecy for both of us." one selfless dision to donate organs has sedo ny liv. isittle gusad twotr lives th his donat liv and couldn't benymore prd ukas. --so s/heatheinomf donor/1:41-1:45 "he did more in seven months of life then i'vene in twenty-five years fe." don'go away -- we'll be right
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finall afternoonour o -- and our redent "sn white" -- joanna wise love get that perfect shot.. today our crews capturd these mome her and the deer fami.. e's even seewaving gdb.. ad lib ad lib sunshine has returned today, a welcome sight after so mh snow! we'll continue to see
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increasing and a smallhance for afternoon or evening sn shower. temperatures will rein cold, only topping out in the 20'sor most. wis n't be as strong as yesterday, but any wind at all will make it feel even colr. any snowhowers end tonight
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