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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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t ba a apparent tart s ck. c'hallackson tells use. >> reporter:hile republicans push ahead inew hampshire, donald trump's looking back to iowa, sparking a new feud with the man who beat him there. ted cruz didn't win iowa, trump tweeted.he stole it. adding either a new election should take place cruz results nullified. it's one of trums harshest attacks, ss than 48 hours after one his most gracious moments. >> want ngtulateed. >> rorter: tru echog complain om ben carson's campaignccusing cruz strsf diy tricorinuating ont carson might drop otrp lloter fud on "bostonerald" rao. >> one of e mo diusng said hwaquit the race and tvo r him. repte he' caing you a eate callinyou fr ess e line for you? listen, ds insults t more and more hysterical th more and more upset he get.
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ink they are fun? i think they are very funny. i wa up every day and laugh the latest thing dald has tweeted because he losing it. >> reporter: cz isn'der any instigation,ut late today carson said >> it's clear that there we people who advantage of a situation, who tried information. >> reporter: cruz's rivals piling on >> ultimately ihi it goeskohat i said before and that ishe willingnesso say or do anytng, in this casspread a false rumor about be caon. >> reporter: marco ruo, trump and the rest othe field now focused on organization, ump beefing up his wh seven phone banks, voluntrs from four states here, the front-runner so donant in recent lls some establishment candidates may need a hand, and b bush is asng for it. >> get bacin t business of eating a moeaful worl pleaseclap. epr:onht ndesof
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etio ck stom's exct top o toght, rand ul endes campaign toy. ny ohis lirtian-anin backers in new mpshirhe pected tshift pporto ted cruz. leer? >>allijackso thanu. >>the crats, metime, are trading some of their sharpest tacks yet n hampshire. evhohillar clinton was clared e winner iwa, bthin margin, e ers camp say got a huge fund-raising boost after the ucuses $3 million in just 24ou gorombc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: the democric battlin new mpire is heating up with the candidates todayoing after each others ver be. >> so i ho we keep itthe sues because if it's about ourecords, hey, i'm going to win by a landslide. am for a pitive, progressive, economi agenda. reporter:g aim athis sander comment to nbc kasie hunt after cnton called herself
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think hill shill a progreive? >> somdays, yes. exce when sh announce she is a prd rate, an th i gue she's not a ogssive. >> tnk it was a go day for sseshen i helpedo get 8 llion kilt care. >> rorter:arely avoiding a rrassi deat in iowa, clton comes to w hampshire behi by ddigi. can e peat 2008 ceback win over barack oba? >> i listed toou, anin the process i've foundy ow voic >>eporter: this time her campaign is ng toower expectations against the vermont senar. >>his ateep climb n hashe.this is bernie sanders' backyard. >> repter: that promed sanders to say clinton wa insultg new hampshire ters. >> i tnkt ment, the onlyeasothe're doing well hoply heren new hampshe is because we're f a neighboring state is not totally tr >> reporter:lso attacking her for making bigoney in
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colleges earning200 plus, ot rl problem t. >>eporr:he essures on nder he doesn't w here, throadets tor fom vada, south carona, and nd to super tuesday wit more minorities, many backing clinton. and ghbill clinis camigning inoutharol wi as sands has just ba toher chlenger. heotret seic precon f first te tod, and zens of clint desaveri her frrooklyn n tbeere with ts ca. she is nowelaying a planned fu-raising trip to boston. she will stay here i w hampshire now rough thprimary. ster? >> andrea mitchell with the debate ste behi her and a reminder, chuck todd and rachel maddow will moderate the democratic debate on msc tomorrow night live from e university of new mpshe in durham at 9:00 easternime. > there's late word thathe crimil sexual assault case against comean bill cosby willove forward.
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a defense motion to dismiss the case which tes back to 20 nbc's stephanigosk is outside the urthouse in noistown, nnsyania. stephanie? >>eporter: good evening, lester. well, the defense team for coy was trying get thicase thro out, claiming at t distric atrneyn 05 promised their client that he would ner be charged criminallor the sexl assault of andrea consta ereby having himit fo a civ depotion. however, the judge he heard two full days o testimony from district attorney yinge actuall didn't find enough evidence to pte the case, and he ao said h wted t createn environment to ge andre constand some form of justic b ultimate the judge decided that there was not actually a binding promise not to prosecute, a this case will go forward. you can expe cosby's team to appeal that decision. >> stephanie gosk, thank > now to the mid-air stery over what blew a giant hole in a paenger plane over
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it could he been just a horrific accident, but there are growing fears it could also have be caused by bomb on bod. we gethe les e igion om nbc's keirsimmons. >>eportehe momentsfter an plosionipd a hole in theab oa commercial rler, oxygen masks flappin as itescesrom 12,000 fe. people board claim a burni man was ukd-ofucked out whil mostsengers stunningly calm walked safely away. >> i heard big bang and smoke erupted, you kn. we couldn't see anytng for a few seconds. reporter: tonight experts are studng the images for clues. >> it's evident fr the pictures tt the explosion or the faure of that fulage happened from inde out. that means it lks ke it ogid sind blew the strtu
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>> rep cld iha been a bomb or alure o the plan a united 747 fm honolu lt pa of itsege in 89. passenrs torn from the seat whilen 11 a southwest flig from phoenix to saam lost part of itsf. metal tie was bled. then there's attemed terrism, richard reid tried ttote explosivn his shoes on a 200miami ight, and in 29 omar abdulmutaab h explives in his underwea i a detroit-bound ane. an oicial inalia from this we's flight toldbc news shrapnel has been foundnd the cause i unclear but the countr is home to al qaeda-linked treme extremists who cim theylew apart a plane last year in egypt. had the occasion occurredloser to the fuelanks this plane might have sfered the same castrophic fa.
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news, london. back in this country across the south, millionof peop a facing severe weather oe again afr a series of tordoes caused wispread damage last night, and as nbc's jacob rascon reports one of the hardest hit eas was the small wn of cosville, mississippi. >>omg right us. >>eporter: there was no te to be afid, ny say only time to run. his heris just blown out. >> reporter: pasto wade ricks andis wife julie jumped under a sknd prayed. whats the ayer? >> lord, se us s. >> that's what s ayed, er, ju, lord, save us, and -- and he did. >> reporter: t chch where they were hiding, however, was not d. althe budis torn to shreds, bu for the ithful rst baist ther a less ithe rubble >> thas what ts storm is about. 're ing to learn walk with god, and you're going to see whether we reall believat we y we believe. >>eporter: nearby a neighborhoodn shbles. for so theres little worth saving. vicky hartley and her husband d ju moved
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>> thiis it. >> this is the workshop where i was, yes. >> reporr: the only room untouched. >> was just a roar and a lot of shaking. >> reporter: and severe weather is on the move. flash flood watcheor warningsor me than 20 million amerins along the stoa with whit nditionsnd icy roads in south dakota, following ys of heavy snow. south dozen many damage or destyed hes flding roads left impassable. 92-year-old luna farrell had to be rescued fromer hom by boat. will you rebuild i >>h, yeah,e'll rebuild. >> reporter: in llinsville they surved aornado th dtroyedheir urlosingost everything, buno their faith. local authorities sa it is amazing at in all the torna damagen the south nobody waseported inred or kild, and tonight in this region already so battered by severe weather the are new reports tornoes and the threat continues overnight. lester
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tonight, thanks. withika caseon the risen florida, today governor rk scott declared a publ heah emergencin fou counties, and whil the's concn about the virus' impt on the summer olympicin rio, brazilian officials have a mor immediatallenge, protecting the millnstoists arriving for carnival this week. rema ellis reports on that efrt from the city that's the epicenter of this outbreak. >> reporter: it's just aftedawn in reci, and the battle is ng ain the kaarrying sqto, aedes ajti alth department workers armed with s full of sticide ruing y stets, a and park t works very quickly,nd soon all the mosquitos are flying around will be dead. >> reporr: attacking the mosquito problem here is big priori beuse this wkend these streets wille filled with re than a million people for ca. thout protecti, all of them are vulnerable tourists knew
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anay. >> i'm using bug spry to try and preve gettg bi >>eporr:nde's going to neeit. like my mosquitos they breed in water and flourish in unsanita condition unli other mosquis, this species biteduring e day ead of spikinat dawand dusk. it also lives inside homes ann survive der ds, on walls and in csets. people pride it with everythinit needs. fact, you often will notind this mosquito unless the's a large ou hun populationo sustain . >>eporter:hese uire widespread in the as dg the 30s. gressiveontrol rts, inc the sectide drlly cut thr populati by the '70s, t now thre surgg again. today the battle plan from health officials in los angeles. >> eminate mouito-breeding conditions. that meansaking buckets, flower pots, trasyclables and
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standing water is ere mosquitos lay r eggs. >>eporter: ientists s the hotter it ts in brazil and elsewre, e greater the risks thesmosquis can spread disea. rehema ellis, c news, recife, brazil. >> real estate heir robert dur is no one step closer to a murder trial. durst pleaded guilty in newrlns today illegally possesng aearm. e gun s found en duwas arrested lastarch out of ncn heould flee the country. under a plea deal, durst will be sentenced to more than seven years in prison. could also clr the way to return hi toos angeles to face trial for the 20 murder of friend san berm. still ahea tonight, the deadly epidic tearing families apart in new hampshirand the crucial role it's playing the mpaign trail. so, ere is a 3 million tter ticket out the somewhere, but time running ou cas it. the microsoft cloud allows us to access iormation from anywhere.
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welcome back. with all eyes on new hampire, we're turning the spotlight on a majorroblem hitting home in th state. new hampshire has one of the highest drug addiction rates per capita in the nation, d polling in recent months has shown drug abe is theop concern among voters there. nbc news national correspondt kate sn talks with a family looking for answers omhe candidates. >> reporter: on a cold
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hampshire, susan aen samuel and her son joe find the seats at a b bush campaign event, drivehere by one dominating issue. >> who would think that their child would stick a need in their m. >> reporter: joe was addicted to heroin for six years, oveosing at least three times. >> tt's three times i ended up in the ital, prably overdosed more than that. >> so you live every night in fear. i was afra to leave hom >> reporter: their home is londonderry, an idyllic new eland sml to, but if you arasking around jae's cafe, u'll find o qckly almoveryone he kns someone strung with addiction. owner nie turk had toire a cook rely roin is erywhere >> i remind these kids, that younow, wh you he an addiction, you fight that f the rest of your lif >> reporte at the londonerry fe department lt year they respondedo 82 ovdoses, aost retimes re t the year before. >> ii w one or two a ar, that was a lot, and now with
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every shift theris definitely a problem. >> reporter: now cle fotwo years and w dad, joe hears of another death from hein almost ery week. all of his closest friends from hig school areead. i casee thathat' rd >> juslosing pple that, u kn, it -it's cote preventie. >> reporter:inding treatment in new hashire can takeix weeks or more. it why sus a joe drove to hillary clintos event th next night. whato you want to hear from each and every onof them? >> i want to hear that they are going to do something that's going torovide treatment, and know that we have so many other ingsoingn thisorld, but what's goinon in our coity is aar, too. 're losing our kids. >>eporter: a war in thsmaltos of new hashire and beyond that they want t ndidates to see. kate snow, nbc ns, londonderry, new mpshire. when we come back, a raighting
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yet another stord plern e nfl was suffering om cte. he was ken sbler, thformer quartck who played 15 seasons nd, hous d w orlean when hed of colo cancer lasyear at age 69, his brain was examined by researchers o und that hhad a degerative brain disease cte which believed to be cd by repeated blows to the ad. in california go newsbad ne sry. e good news is somee holds a winninttery ticket worth 3 millio purchased last august at this 7-eleven in los anles. here's the bad news. if the winnedoes not show up by 50 tomorrow, her will forfeit theheck ckpot. an extremely rare sight out of arizona. for e first time the public is gettg video ofhe only known ld jaguar in thco the big caves in the mountains soof cson. he was caught on
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> in a city that's ed to star power, washington has a real sensation on its hands. 's name is bei bei, and he's the newest member of the pand family at e national zoo. sincmaking his bl debut, he's provided p memorable moments,nd we g our o look tonight with peter alexder. >> reporter: america's vorite toddler, now ready for his ose-up. at washington's national zooinsi b exhibit today work on his dismount, ching r cameraman and pote taking a pass on sweet potato. >> thas an quisitive bear. see if we can give him a toy to occupy him. >> reporter: with a
5:56 pm
bear is a gift for the millio w have clicked to seeim and the researcrs monitoring his ery ve. what's bei bei like. >> he's kind of got a really open rsalit he is every inquisitiv 's ver curious. >> reporter: jt five months, already enough nd a porait t fill an album that. stic butter now 25 pounds butll melting hearts, and as importantly helping ientists sav a species. >> are they act sniff are they sleeng? so they are looking at indivi behaviors for each animal, but th alsooong at how they interact. >>eportehat interactionetwe bei bei and mom emyoung perhaps most stive w.only 1,800 in t wildtill much to lear about howhese belo bears care for their cubs. it tak village to raise a panda, including 60 volunteersn shifts glued t these panda cams. meticuus making notes every minute, even though this puff ba sleeps 20 hours day.
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>> the's a lot sleepingut tn y bea beiears >> rter:hi d re bro intern, ti an's snow d getting 55 million s, boy alreyas fs infaeds he hel ntisake pand onetep further from extinction. pete alexander, nbc news, at washington's na zoo. >> that's one cute be that's g to i fos o thi wednesday night. i'm les holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank y for watchi and gd ght. weesday night. i'm lester ho. for allf u at nbc news, thanks for watching and goo ght. the sun is shi the sun is shiningbut schools main closed, some streets still impassable. we're finding out for you--how crs arworking overtime get kids back in th classrooand cars back on the roads.
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our orts team is live from san francisco on how the n-f-llans keep the biggessporting event of the year safeor everyone iold. llo everne and thar joining for new5 at 6. i'lisa lyd. good ening and i'm b quirk. formion tonight: cled the pasthree days due to heavynow,..and up until ju a few minutes ago, wasn't clear whe falco district9 would op tomorrow or n they have just announced a 2 hour del, but will be monitoring conditions throug e night see if that nee to change. bill folsos looking into the challenges. bill no sdes today, but school facility crews have been on the clock and this evening workign over time. they're trying to clear the way from deep district 49....they facifts four fiveeet deep. front loaders.. ucks pushing snow plows,
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snfacility dirict 49... suggesanybodlooking for challengng wkout...come join their fitnesplan, "come over here. ab a shovel.. it's a free membershipon't charge abody." at fcon elementary snow piles gring even deer with the wind ifts so deep....entrance and emerncy cesses bloed. " tried to bui a lite tunnelo get inde." the ildinganger the shool showednd found what he calls snow that looked thereat wall of china. he started digging his way into the school "it was probably abo three to foh ours to remove all the snow andld a lite path." milar condions.....on a largert fa high school. multiple trucks with plows pug snow. and e distct rend hey eqpment to hp, so much s toe lift a


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