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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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>>frbc news this oday" th kate lee giord d kot livom sdio 1an rockefelr pla. >>ine >>ine day wednesday, february 3rd. guess who is doing the dishes. hardest wking man ishow business. >> guess whos dointhe dishes. >> a ptein smoothi sparkling sparklg. >> very nice hankou, . you'reot the oy e with showyou kn. [ laught ] away, we,oo, have a fun day because that g over there is he th us ain. colin quinn.>>etweirs gngn with him, somody high up, cause this guy re like, evy we. >> he hashow called op show," and he has a pair o ndcuffs, and we're going to have our way with him. >> or he is gointo havhis y withs. onor tth
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a big mansi, we'll introduce you to a coue that did st that. weshow you the househat th decid on and they passed hat's kind ofun. pe are playing a l since that last huinne rber? >> y >>e'll show u w to touch of luxe to your house, and he h worked with some of the biggesmusic artists of our timeom mariah carey, michael jackson. you might remember him as a judge on "x factor,"ut is lendary music oducer. >> l.a. reid. >> aeay ni guy. >> snice. >> so humble >> hedrses, n likcolin quinn, just perctn. lahter ]ig. would yoca for some s of sd?>>'m readyhodi >> colin, namast >>aste. >>lose your es u never know how strong you are untibeing strong is the
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[ laughter anand. my favorite, i was thinking your friend. >> tha. >> yound, jill, how stro she wawe'll tabout her int a . >>e ltoo fen yeery. >>w, kimmel lt night, the was tocto reunio l ghtn ki. >>rge clooneho h b ng t rounds and haen sony. you remr hetaedn .r."e haa new vie lled "haiceasar and hhaurie showedup, bothf them showeupo save jiy'life. let's take lk. >> oh, my d,'mying. he is -- i llou what, he is crashinhikieys are shuttingown. he's goi into mul system organ failure. >> super ventricular tacchyr wr thmi >> i don'tvenember wha that is. >> no, it's not working. >> you have to get him to rapper's delight. >> rapper's delight? >>ou remember what they taught us on medal school. give him t rapper's delight. hop
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rock up -- i'mlive >> s, that wou kilme, t ite hialive. rappes deli youer goilo with knewhe words >>'t -- hi, hip ety p don't stopg until ng bang and up the boogthe rhythm e boogetat. guess what, erica, wlove you. anay, anyw, can'believgege oonekns l the words. >> i can'telve youo! >>nothereason lcloo cloone clooney. we thoupeoplesus o. simpson wastar tonig t's u,ugh,o can wait. erybody o s seen and i know sompeopho haven wholing, sd it i inib acting is 10. andawhis o oour critics,ovedt. weave one t sces om la nht epide
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to o.j. his first inter wit lice ta a look. >> what about your left hand there? hodid you get that injury? >> i don't know. rst time i was in chicago. then i got back to the house, and i was nning around, and i broke a glass. yeah. then oneyour guys just called. actually, t it before. maybe i opened it. >> thas it. >> well, can't tl. dihe cut his hand in l angeles or in chicago? hodihe injure himself? why did the cops tolere ? becau >>ecausehey're not used to grilling a st. he's the juice. he rhed more tha2,00rds neson. hnoa tha mean butyo wt, i shoun't tter he g away witheating h. is not ing to get away wi kiing her. n sst thatof coue,asar paso bt owfo mecahorrortory." aying mar cl lyher. that cubang jr. playg >> the esode endito.j.
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llem>> oh,y gosh.yeah, reallynging a t of ack. >> aot oant to g ck. ous were involv -no you knowfr with se people. >> you guy. >>nybly remember where you were. okay.ct came down. something to look ar doouw anybwho tal hoda? >> talfastomimes. >> we thk they're lking about --da, da, da, da, . i- youknowthtypes.>> a n stu. iwhe e fast tke live, e u adsshutt numre minnesota, nbetw and the fatalking state in the it stateofmeca- >>e don'ne drumroll. >>, we orego >>hy? >> colin d't agree.why?
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one. >> nk s to be mb one.>> te. ho do y mreomething lit anyw the sltalkers -- this not surpsi -- uth carolinasiana, and ssissippi. well a rhythmthoshern cit thas s ch br set,'tit >> i ess.ess who w on gh >> csi gifford was on. it was nfl media da so he' a ltle bi oher appearance >> well, it wamyery first supebowl media d. t count down the crazy. ere was a guy in dress. you know we're from germany d we say we only get intervie hereromootball if we lk like you >> tre were puppets and i cat really understand why there were ppets, nor did they eak english. whoes is havto dwith supebowl[ eaki forei lage
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shs ing to whee said "yes"o th. >> ws peyton mng? uld loveterview a leprechaun trieavn with her. ppod to her. >> she had is notne day wedny, butt's ay day >>haveuperl ercior hndha was ju released a if is right inhis lane,t's called ryville. take a look. whaman, what a man, wha mighty good man yes, he is what a ma what a man, what a man, what a ghty good man say it again no what a man, what a man, what mighty good man >> in m face >> saggrsive! >> a carhat doesn't get distract. tomergency bki with pederianettion on the all hndai eulantr oh,h.>> what t thate does?
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>> what do he do? >>hat ok. n't have to do anything. o,ut he is communicating th me. >> wh you? hatt- >> don't f >>he awo u too fu >> tcute.>> nexe'll do ecl valentins day ambu over, and you signar reom d hithe ect butt le to have you on down anbeover, ba you to fillut a and sens a photo. we alsneedou -everyoneas st sties,le y guys. you have annspirational ory or aunlievleto lihened la week era yog n unhis biogal momnd then s olog ologaladndhen the ological pents g marri cades after ey g up for tion if you g somethi like ing ound, ease gto the saebsi m not gog to s it ag
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e to a fof the sho the'l girl named bziki-connolly. i met ien cayman nd too reascancer talk. i remember, i m her and her belusnd bart in the lobban chatting an talking d i liked so . and though'soweet and fu ofife and she another bt cancsurviv. eas yng, her0s. when i was gghespee, i remeeri locked eyesit her. d thght,hy a up he? and why she not up here? i sa c i said c i say sometng? just met this really cool girl. she's brht light. she has such life in her. she ca up anspe.i kn nhing abo her. she ca up to t pium,ndth w years ago, anshe id the ctortolde i have thr months to liveand saidut i wanto tell youomething haveeshusbd inhe world. d ba evyonelaud shid i'm worki hard to lp o peopl a she s thckieomanthe room i ed ar, andhe w. likeyou knheyofeel lishe s. >> jus exudejoy.she a beauperson. >> s w beautul. learstery that she
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and left bind so man friendand peop who led he hader on thshow a couple of times. ths what she said backhen. >> i stay potive because to me ke it's the word life. i have life day. iyou hathmeca oblemshaji has, who wouldn be shaking eifist at god saying whme but noher. >> you just take every moment, and you erish it, and don' worry about thstuff that you can't have. focus on what you do have. >>he just lis, and youo, ohi'lle s's hing. g gir hemowre on fath h dghr spent the st six and hf yearbattngerllness wh gre,erminati, r,nd neroty. e says our jellyn ll b greatly ssedy faly a friends he's touch countls live everne hasn we of he beauoth de out, herother, she was mbest friemy cdantlove of my life her lighwillontinue to
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ourove anprayers to her family. . >> he isne of newyork finest. we're talkinaboucolin n. colis here. >> what a segue. fint whhe hol the ourpiness leenex, please, jerr thk you uc >> he holhe key to our happiness? >> yeah, he does >> boy, we're in trouble. >> you read >>es. >> okay, we'll be right before there could be a nation, there had to be ople willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatev ty mit, the s.rmsters no on ttics and sateg but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and createreakroughs - in medicine, science and gineing. our next mission could be anythi.
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he' >> he's knoor his bl and of mor,in quinn you might know coliinn best from s time behind th anch desk hosting kend update" on "snl." >> you don't have a better pie? and more recently for playing amy exse me esh's -- amy schumer scmer schumer's dad in las mmer's blockbuster rain wreck." >> now he has season two of his funny weries cop sw ich gives us a behind thscen look at the making of a fictional poce drama. >> okay. what is wrong? the scene nesomein >> no, i don't think it es. what am i missing >> you neeanbstacle. how aboua cold? >> a cold? >> get sick. >> it won't be distracting at
2:22 am
>> this is a task rce. we're going to find m. >> younow, he doesn't really -- >> i'm sorry. doou have a ld >> c, cut. sce. don't improv off of what his doing. >> looks like hello, colin. why are you back? >> hi, ladies. >> sson o ising up. >>ou got rewed eah. >> it'etty aweme. h. it'sn the web,ut >> are you freer on thweb? u wte you want? >> yeah.o e lls you what to do >>o one tells you whato >> rea >> not a m opinions. >> whose opis do you care abou ine. you gu. we're b.yeah.we're yeah. >> celebs toomon theweb. that's deal. t jerry sein tdon't have to go very >> s bui. w do you get the go jo yo >> e oneparatelybut i one ofhothgs,here y
2:23 am
date anthen y have to a them foaak date ice. anthen y'r locked into the irone. ifhesayefor thfirst one, tyou' screwed. o do you reay derstandt? no. >> i d't either. >> i'm saying i trick em so th thehird time th feel ba >> howouldou gs be ur show? i w telyou, h, we're tingext moh. oh, we n't. we can't. >> then month frow -- a month ow i tell you 'r gain. ou have that lunch >> i'm going to be out of town. >> the third time, i go, i he eeki y, but sht in the studiright after your show d it tak mihi it takes three hour but you say 20 minutes, and then- pldo it?>> sure, they do e >> yryeinfeld to it. >> me anrry are ght. bly yall ur iend les beones>> cl inavors. allight what else are you working ? >>t's noengh m hereo ome at iust did my ltlneyork ory. i cled that. i ha a cple of ins ithe fire >> thameans thg. yogonothg.
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gothintaible, no. >>o yohave hanuffso your nd for a reason. >> most people do, hoda. >>ou are. alrit. >> we're going to something. >> we're going to after mmercial. we're ing ke areak. >> we're doing two segmes with m. >>ye because he has hand he can stay. we're going to play a game of charades with th >> handcuffs and lilana has other ronticalentine's day ideas, w idea which she -- you know wh mean. 'lbe rht bk. thas righ it the "ngt gym bag stink" neutlizer. d the ve md anmildew on the swer curtn foup t7 da" ray. itlso th"odousin eria d even tathls foot fungusller.
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oh. oh. >> wre back with the sta ops show" colin quinn. hegoing to get us handcuffed. >> t only wahe is ing to give us e key is if kathie and can act t -- >> wait. is this the right? >> it won't shut. >> n you got to do that one. it's better. >> youave to do -- >> exactly. >> i need it -- >> funny thing. >> here we go. >> y're ing to be sorry. >> here'what'soing to happen. colin has got in thahat there are fiveop shows okay?
2:27 am
wee going to act it t togeth. we'rgoing to play charades with you, ok? >> i'm n using a mega phone. >> you do whatever you want. >> okay. okay. ready? watch. okay. okay. >> pull, pull, pull. >> okay. >> can't tal ka >> how do yosay rhymes wit >> how do you say rhymes with? >>o to theext on >> you cnot lk >> dragnet. >> that was horrible >>kay. we got iokay. wait. no. >> this is not wking. >> hawaii fi-0. >> i'm sorry. you stuff there. i'm sorry. >> okay. go >> oh. nypd >> nd bl. >> oh, yeah. >> the badge. >> warm.
2:28 am
the badge on the chest. the brea -- the badge. thshield. the shie. >> yes. >> thiis sexciting. >> i like when hoda eps lking. you'rnot ald. >>o. >> whatever. >> o pe. >> how is this ever going to happen? >> nypd blue. gg. the stab. gun. knif knife. ade. blade 2. >> oh, ld. >> ner. never. first wd. suicide. ki. ki. oot. kill. oh! >> f, f mary -- f, go to th go to the next one. herere no more. >> yes, there is. >> stop talkg. >> okay. oh, this is -- >> oh. >>he arch.
2:29 am
nylue. no. >> no. >> three words >> is it three or o? >> blue oods. >> i think that might be one word. >> blue bld. >>hat word is -- >> y're ong. >> trainreck. hill street blue >> this s e wot idea ever. why didn't we just doaw and order? >> we need the microphone, y were wrong >> the problem was -- >> what was the oblem? >> i don't think there w a problem. it sounded le a good idea when i heard it. i'll be honest. oh, sounood. >> at the me. >> we ve you, colin. you co tplayba.>> >> seanwofophow is on right now. >> these are hard. >> i know. getting ready for a big football weekend with a game of who knew,but,irst, local news. key, pase.he aittle healthy advi eat well, live well, and take of whes y u.
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hoda is acss the strathe shop at 30 rock ready to hand ou$100 to anybody whgets the qutions right,nd forhose that d't, re g to t onof herreatned oks. ?hereith is nbc spts ch dave brig. hey, dav good to see yo >> greato e u. greato be here ha, youot the first eson? i'mea. what's your name >> cin. >> wre are yrom? >> connectut. let'do this, cindy. by the way, i don't know ifou can e, we're in ourew digs. it a whole new wor. cr over here all ght. excling supebowls, what sportingvent had theost television viewersn the united states? is it e olympiwomen's gure skating, nba fal, or ncar spri clup ries? >> t nascaspri clu sees. buzz ] >> wt, wait, wait. yeah verything is relative.
2:33 am
its figure sng. takes it is - takeshe silver dal here 1994. hard to believe was four urs tape delayed. top fi most tched ograms in sports histor that was because of the ncy kerran, tonya harding schedu. seven weeks r e tack s meack, won the silvemedal. awesome mont know, i pass doroy hamill childodome every day.i loved -- i know. >> whas your nam>> duane walr. >> w y om >>mya,elar >>f ur, u e. alrit. heree go. th tm s n the most super bowlhampnships iit thneengld paiots the n frcisco ers, or ttsbur steelers? >> pitrgh stlers. [ be >>, yes! got yo00. yay! >> you kw th one o. ild h sd the patriots. i didn't know that. atriot won four since , but the steelers have n six the eight they've played in.
2:34 am
in the 1. prettymazing the o team thiper bowl, paherse nowon a super bowl.the cos ve wwo. eah. i'm ppy for thnthe and eir fans it's so greato go. >> they'reer cited. they'ronly 20 ars old, so it sti a frahise tt's nepp >>eah. >>t'ne ye oka all righ hode. whaisour me >> mikaela. >> where are y fm? cumbia. n 20 this brd r bowl ad recved the hiest rating on t usa t ad meter ewer poll ritos, budweiser, or f >> oh,y goodness. fiat? was it? oh, >> yh! >> everybody wants her book. >>s the king of beers is the king of super bowl ads. budweiser won for the ir straight year. of t last 15 years with thelost dog ad. that was favorite er. they'rnot doing imals again.
2:35 am
found hiway home. >> a the horse was so happy. >> yes. >>he clids clydesdale cao his fens cause ws surroded him, they walkehim back to sandsome owner. tear jerker. >> it was perfect mmercial. >> is a great ad. >>et's go backo a great woman. >> wsee couple of them. look whas in the window,h. look at this place it fillewith us. all right. what's your na are you fro>> spoka, washingtonpo here wgo. the vince lombardi trophy is awar the winni team at the super bowl and it's made by what jewel cpa? y jewes, jared, or ffany? >> tiffany [ ding >> oka >> all right, hoda. thank yo everybody tiffan yeah. >> tiffany hasade every super
2:36 am
when isalled world football champiop trhyretheombardi troy in 1970 aff course, the le eatackers vince lombardi. it is seven pots, 22nd a lf inches of sterling silver. >> i've seen tm. yeah. >> it's a bety. have you held itp? >> maybe. yeah. hey,ave, great to see you. me music produr l.a. reid is here. plus, yodon't have to be a lottery winner to live like one.we'll show youommillio do i to creaour dream ho rht thi we below the 88th southern rallel had traled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearlyad fm sttionnd fbi toy weake story. >>biennidos! welcome to the southe! if youe ra thexplorer, you explore. it's what you . what took you ong? ifou want to save fieen perct or more on car insurance, yoswitch to geico. it's whayou do. >>you did it, yay!
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mayb maybe you have a powerball tick in your wallet hoping to win tt $112 milli jacot >> even ifou don'tyo probably dreamed about what yo uld do with the money, even if you er won. >> if ur dream includes a big beauful home, we'll show you how to create luxurious space on amall budt with my loery eam home host david bromstad. hat a fun show for you to host. >> so fun. get to be a part of someon ally ulives. millis and mill dollars d it's like, at am i doing? >>of them co from very hu beginnings, right >> all of them. all of the hiis your rst uple, and to see re
2:39 am
to us, and we're goi to try figure outhich one theose. >> corct. >> are we gointo looat what theyame fr first >> wtever you want. >> this wt ey ce om was verhule beginnis. probably 1,2 sarfeet. itas little crped. ey rsed ve cldn the. >>ow. good for the >> insane. insane. d they won $miion. hers thfirshomehat eyck out it's cald e w crt ranch. tell us about this one. >>eaif. w s on a hilltop. it w absolutely gorgeous. had a colete abian rch itadkemassmoun acree. astunning. i meanfromop to bottom. it h everything at the needed and wanted. it was gors. >> howreheir ks, by way? arey gro >> they're grown i' tl yoory out one ing. >> the h of serety ithe cond home. >> beautif. it wasompletelmained.
2:40 am
littlee pensiv b i waablutely gorgeous. it hadings. it literlyadlike, wis. >>hat y mean? >> youk innd it wa like- the eastind we ng andouthing. >> oy. >> i wish we could actually it, but thas okay. thank you. >> and lastlhere's something calledhe ele'srest >> ele's crest >>et ihas a great view. >> this on t of a mountain, and this literally me wh a snow plo >> ithat a movie theat? >> has a movie theater >> what? >> had a worutm. it litally was like lodge. literally a lodge. >> i bet i know which one they picked. whichne wou you cose? if were ohich one would i choe? >> which do you ink they chose? i think ty chose sereni, e sendne. >> second one. ay. >> i would havchen the first one or the third one. whato you think ey would have csen? >> i don't know the people, hoda.
2:41 am
>> the views are hard to beat om t third one. >> but you'r ay yourlf, one. thest twoses we t 2.5 to3.5 ion. e se house $5 n. hich oid toose>>'s. >> the last one. >> the last e. $5 million. itas amang. litelly -- >> they'll bhappy there. >> ,000 square et. how c we do tt for our mirable litt lives? >> all right. we don'tave sebllives, but -- >> hoda does. do, u'reig. >> a gatay tadd an expeive oko anrooms i lo it. secds. go.>> y tak mding and you paint thery wal ietwe anit loo le y he something very expeive. ry biful >> wdiu or om
2:42 am
it tet take it to your locadry cleaner. it cre thici>> o >> faux fur deliciousnes>>d you with this rug down h aualltwo rugs put together. buy rwhy o, fr and carpap duct tape. w, david. >> have yosomee artwork in thback. rinted from the . . u can set's all tal. >> can ft more all that stuff on lottery dream home fday night on hgtv. >> you lover will be pty in your hds with ventine's day
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is he is the n behind some of the biggest namein music and some of thmost popar son ever rorded. >> ware talkg, of course, about l.a. reid. >> we love him. >> hhas workedith the who's who of talent. michael jackson,hitney houston, justibieber. just to name a few.
2:46 am
e head of sevalajor ls, he having quite the career,nd he writes all about it in his new bk "sinto me, stomakiusic findmagic,nd seahing f whis nex >>he tits asg ashe book.>> twas eat,the hodd th fnd thi oko fantaic. re intesti. erhingou psen at cove u delivein ts ok. >>oh tha youo much.>> it' fascatg, even for peoplehoren'tn thmusibusiss. i think when li t the names at we wereki ab jenfepe rihanna, mil jackson,ayze maria care they l ha td thatuns rougem. a lar thhrea >> wt is i telle. >>t's reid. h,e on i wish >> iisou there'mething abouit. whenou hear a ng, you y,ha sa tt' a hi that's a hit, at's a hi rht when you art? i can prettmuch tl. 's intesng i thk mysf as aonmer.i thinofysf as- you e gointohink'meally cry.
2:47 am
a 16-year-old kid. >> tt's ke me. >> thawh my dauger says abouhoda she hasheusal taste of a-yr-d rl >>es that'ha have to i w going to say at, if u cut m en, i'm a 16-yead gi. th's what i ke. >> you he worked with so many grea. among them whitney houst. u tal aut you rionshi withr, isre on s ny levels. you also talk about what you say was one misstep, and that was ng her sit down withiane er durthat cracks whac >> diane sawyer is incredible, and i think she did an incredibob. shwas elegant. she wasensitiv i dn't kw that wtney had issues. just didn't know. >> wyou t ending enoh time wh you wen't arthsties? y kw, iave earetionship but somimes i'm leisntse i don't want to go too far into peop's
2:48 am
u're an tist. yorerying to rehabilate her imag wn at was cing out heh,ere you erduri e tervw? >> was watching it on cara theonitor. >> whadid u ink? >>moh drped. ul't believe it. oh god shdid saat th i ft thataileher bee i ly t it was myce to otect her,ight, d to proctll artistsand not just eosthem, you owi want tsell the shiny package.>> right. on't want anybodtonk thats pid. >> or exploit yo ortt. that's not my thing>> michael jacks of yo you dcre ing to neverland, and there were a couple of interesting stories. one was i didn't realizehat michael jackson and prince had a rilry. woyou scribehen yont in tre - in e 1980michl jason d prin were po argbly the ggars inhe world at a pticur ti.
2:49 am
me, they were big. >> iwas hard t beat th yeah. so i dn't reize thathere s an rilry, a i'm not surehat it s rivry a muchst was mic hg fun mo. >> so the moment -- >>he moment you know, thermous video o youtube of james brown sho and michael s on stage wh mes own, and he knew pe was the audienand henvited prce up, andyokn, it sn't - and love prce. hes lutely my favoriteartist in the wo, t it wasn'east day.ael t some chuckles t of>>ggyou heard all about atas megh trainor and tt was e. u knew. >> ebodyid. ou kw o else we lo?our ug mris. don we ve dg mois. shouout to dou f ye intest all in micr jt i hum re, tss a great book to ad. l.a., thank you so much. >> iove you guys. thanu. >> next time i come, want wine >> yes, inde.
2:50 am
he wants my stuff. >> i want your stu. i want your secret sauce. >> we might be ae to see if jerry get u a bottle. >> t you. we love you. i would say the title, but it's too lo. >> ventine's gifts with a lot of heart fir, this is "today" on nbc. what e id. (cell one rings) e are you? well the squirrelsk inhe attic. mom? your dad won't call exterminator. can i you back, mom? heays it's persol this time... if y're a mom, you callt the worst ti. it'shat you do. if you wantoe fifteen percent more onar insurance, you swit to geico. it's wt you do. ere are you? it'sery ud there. e you taki a zumba class? y? at's fun ry! no wait time. ths ea 's very
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do don't mi hearing it again. >> i need someecent music. >> want to hear what we're listening to? >> yes, what is it? oh, wow. that's such a good song. oh, there is. so cut i love it. >> that's thie lee. >> please wnad it. ovnever fails."
2:53 am
valeins gift. supeford. ths art e hephon sptter. you can steno s watyo ipawi yr swee >> thats pfector yound el. >> oh, my gosh you right. >>vailable from azon.m. thenf yowanto gi really fersozeft, thare av with these sweemessag that y alwa y you n givem to husbd boyiend. >> do sll -- my sbandtill do heclas he's school. >> frankid it l the me. >> these are rlly cute. these are om psonal croncom. if you donava borien u buone r $9 yon bui one of ay. yocan fully cuomize him. you wa bndy, g. >> then y can a tie him. >> he can bring yo chocolate. >> that's pa i'll tak onl from asos.cthis is a fun f y
2:54 am
arphone casrom skinny-d l and you c custome them wit ushy strs. i dithisne tsay xo. or you c dor initia. >> vy te i tnkajam aaya fu valentine'dagiftyogivet toour rlfriend these e ki pri pajama fr oriaecrem. it ces wh a sht and xer se xybunoo ra. is alsoersonalization ll.c u cacuomizit these e masse l from eden's garn.m. ndlehodayou n bu it, and then you pouit over your partner. a littleassage. then last but not least -- [ laug [ lauger ] ye. wesee yotomoow. my mission is simple. to makyou money. i'm here to level the pling field for alvestors. the's alwaysull market somewhere. i prom help you find it.
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