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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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more brutal. trump say he willrobably file a formal complanlt andint and may even challee the iowa caucus results. th over a mailer ttaid carsonas droppg out. and cruz has responded. >> it i no surprise tha dald is throwing another tper tantrum o if you like, yet another trump tantrum and i understand h finds i very hard to lose that h findstery difficult forim but at e end of the da thea peoespoke. >> ion thinkhat new is going to take off. i' joid by tracie potts s ve in shington. >>eporter: we're on tay t new mpshe ne thing wee learni newampshire is no iowa. the numbers totally different er donald trumpith a double dig lead and on the other side,
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underdog but that's not wha the numbers show. tonight's msnb debates llar inltn's last chance to take on saers face toface. >> if this isbout our record, hey, i'm going to win by a land slide tuesday. >> repter:e's hamring clton on herix fure speeches. >> i do not know anyrogressive who has ser pack and takes $15 million from wall street. reporter: her spon. >> i don't know.that's what they offered. >> reporter: the leading reblan, donald trump, i claing claiminge uld have won iow if cruhadn't sent out false information thataid carsonas dropping out. >>ou know these all tishzoliticians are brutal.
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>> i wak up and laugh at the late thi donald has tweeted because he's losingit. >>eporte rubio is a close nuer three here. >> ultitely i think it gs cko whataid before and th's the willingness to say or do anhi. >>eporter: sanrum dropped out anindorsed rubio. but ra paul dropped out and dorsed no one. ke huckabealsout now,o the eld is defitelyetng smaller. >> now a tracie mention, hillary clinton and bernie sanderebate live in am. it all stas tonight at 9:00 easternn msnbc. and in nnsylvania, a judge rulewednesda prosetors can move forwa with the sexual assault case against bill cosb
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argued the 78-yeaold couldn't be chaed over an agreement with theocalattorney. >> repter: the sealssault case against bill cosby moves forward. a pennsylvania judgeuled tre was no agemt between cosby d proskurtdecorecutors. this thcoy's attorne contend head been promised aece o that charges wou never be file thisomes a son straight day after arments a testimony. d he said he believes the 2005 desion not to prosecute cos s irrevoble. d pointed to ca's news lease annncinthe decion as proof charges would never be filed. tuesday caster himself testified
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wouldn be arge he meant none o his successors would prosecute hi th. d schdtays if the thrt of crin crges loomed cosby neveou he testified a civil suit agait him. th is him aitting to giving her pills and winewhicgave em enough evidence to file charges against cosby lateast year. he couldn't find a case law th mates the sceo in the cosby case and inead forging out on his own and t prosecution of theomedy icon can continue. nbc news norris wn, pennsylvania. cosby has said sex was consensual and denied all allegations o sexual misconct.
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ateast nine casf zika have been in flora. anffor to containhe tbre, thed crosss aski people toait 2 days before d ding blo b her the u.s. and it's mat an appearance in georgia and texas withnother1 casported ere. meile in brazilourists pour inte country for ca an they' rushing spray pestices in fnt of crowd that could attract up to 1 lln people. oicontinue to examinthe events that tor hole in the side of a somali ple midflight tuesday. they see no evidence of terror oup, al-shabaab'snvolvent but can't rulet out. >> repter: the momentsfter
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the cabin of a commercial airliner. flapping as it desends fro 12,000 feet. theylaim a burnian was sucked out. while most hgsengers stunningly lm, walked away. >> we couldn't see anything for a few seconds. >> reporr: experts are studying the images f clu. >> it's evident itpened from insi out that means it looksike it originated inside the cabin and blewhe structure outwards. >> reporter: could it haveeen a bomb orailu to the plane. plane in honolulu passengers torn from the seats. while in 2011, a plane lost part of its roof. tal fatigue was blame and then attempted terrorism.
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explosives in his shoes. and in 2009 on a detroit bound plain had explosives in his rwear, thedevice failed.and in somali, they told nbc news no shrapaseen found ane cau is unclear but the country is home to al qaeda-ligeqaeda- qaeda-ed extremists. expertsay had thiplanbeen flying at a higher de, it might have suffere same catastrophic nbc news, wow. punxsuta phil may predictedn early spring but dicine le ias adeees.
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could you do that? >>o, b i'd love to. >>er seen that before. let's talk about the southeast e we have all t bad weather this mornin still bad rain along the south carolina florida, especianorth flida as we go through the day toy. heaviestains right now,outh carolina from charlson to myr ach d during they, the front is going t try t the co therthe storm as we rohout theafrnn. and melbourne aasibly going to get storms. annote this is front snakes. this is wheret get more interesting later on tonight as an are of low pssure tes to nd sneak uphe coast. ainter watchas been issued forost over to boston, the providence area includ itoo le just enough
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forecast on cape cod 4 to 6 inches. back towar bos and provence. but it incs closer we could potalsven furtr. as of now, it doesn't look like the stormhould be effecting you. the forecast for y. nice weath okl to dallas. very typical seast to the 50s anthere will be a lotor talk about cold next week th's your national ather, no aloser look at the day ahead. florida has one me warmay in the 80s andhen the thunderstorms dold front will cool you off. not told in e great lakes but there are snow sho in areas of mi for our friday morning, oks like there wile schoolys and maybe tionin new england morrow >> thanks. just ahead, a califnia ttoner has jus hourso
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l lishen to this. bad news ifou planning to ler d red lightx returns online. es has beenexpericing comper syste failure a cannot cept electronilly led tax rurns right w. theyope the probls will be lved a statement sd we continue to exct that nine out of 10 taxpayers willreceive eir refunds within 21 ys. president obama made a historictop to a mosqun maryland yesterd where he
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this > thisorningn "toy," real estate hei and subject of "the jinx", rert durst could be facing a murr tri in los angeles. now to sports where the nhl has handed down a 2game suspension for calgaennish wideman for clock checking don hendersolast week. thesuension is without play. e nhl players associatiosays it strongly dagreed wh the decion. he maintains the hit was unintentnal and has alogized to henderson. and to the nba in a hh scoring contest, wl finhed with 41 but ecliedy cry w made 11 three inters, fish would 51 points, leading the warriors over theizards 134-121. the oklahomaity thunder let
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la but wit under 10 secon remaining, star kin durant decid eugh w enough. >> and the thunder now in a t game durant forhree, he'sot it. he's g it. with half a second remning and dura has donet again. >> and we got your super bowl predicon right here. le lelethe panda has picked the caroli panthers over the denver ons. cly a fan of ca. up ahd, t cast o "friends" is reunited. you going toano watcis. you're watching "ear tod." wasidelin witbloo clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had game plan. treatmwith xarelto . hey gu! he finally, some i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xareo is proven to trt and help reduce thrisk
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os forhe new reboot were released. aerdy chrisemworth includg including kristen wig and melia mccarthy. >> starcks, yachipotle, re starbus. chipotle. >> thas makeup less j-lo she showed fa her silly sid the pop diva a ng-time boyfriend remade a popar video about starbucks, chitle and yoga pants. oneuckyoman got plucked from the streets for a valentine's day surpse she's not going to forget atime soon. >> so, channing go ahead and make this younglady's life. yes. >> how you doing? >> good.
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plus... schos southern colorado plus... schoolin southern colorado struggling with thaftermath of this week's sn storm...
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good mng, thanks for joining on is thursday moing... is brua 4th i'ira crin. and i'm shellene cockrell. first up this morning-- stre crews are back out... and getting around to snowpacked neighborhoods. but it's going to take ale to get to every residential street. news 5's joanna wise joins us live in rorimmon with more on how the city is getting it done and how long it's going to take. anna... city crews have been working around the clock for more than three day.. and w that thehave a handle on main roads and secoary reets, there fosing on neighbhood
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the stres divisi has the
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