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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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cityivided into gri whe severacrewll bdispersed. 'll be worki from three morning until nine at nigh- plowevery stet in a id. once whea grid idonethe crews ve on an th next one. the streets division manager says this will not be a procese cars be a bit issue. a bf a hindrance. ask tt if you can and have the ability to move your car off of the resential roaay, possibly put it onour eway, sothinof that naturethatill lp o opion mens he'sxpecting cwsbe g throughoutnd to get it l ne he also says mstl only be doing one pass in, andne pass out. we'll continue to follow t clean up process and bring you the latest updates on air and online at koaa dot com. reporting live in lorado spris, ja wisenews. these districts aron a 2-hour
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palmer-38 and miami yoder district j 60. colorado springs d-11 and academy strict 2willon a normal schedule both have opened aot for parentth questns about routes. r d-11 the number is: 520-2940. 's hotneumber 234-1420. posthese on r ok pagd all cl and delays ar rolling at the bottom of your screen some businesses in downtown doprings say the city is drop the ball whent cos to plowing the snow. the city sayplowing dotown is n top pity beuse the ow pil blockarking ac or end on walk but that doe't well th someusinesses, w say cuomere oidiowntn becae th're afraid of getting stuck in thearki spaces. "theve complained aboue rking ots, le can't back o of th becauhere's so mh snowering the
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that's probably the best word i can come up ." the city also ice and ow are bckstorm drains t now, swhen melti starts, there will ly be some minostreeting. nter storms... we st had... can leave plenty of damage behind.. take a lats... a carp. gave waynder the wt of theheavy . atartmcomplex near unioand acady. the fireepartment d to use air bags to ft it . one peon we spoke with says her frt bumpasaged.. wd if anyther cars may have beecaugndert. the plus side... all thisoisture has been gatfor the all sn. statteorologists say lo's snowp now average acrohe state. th'sews for ouwate supply this summer --because when the snowpack meltthis ng, the run-off fills many
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and remember... heavst annual snfalls in march and april... wcod real build on what 'valady received. new information this morning... he arned the naf a uth dakota man killed inn ane isin rio grande county. the colorado avalanche informatn center confirms 23 year olavid smith" wa snow- mobiling tuesday afteoon... when he t stuck a gullyeast of "wolf creepass." the say at triggered the avche... smits cotely bied and died.. other sn mobileras rtiaburibut naged to surve. weather antraffic on t 5s. chief mornmeteorologist ephebowershe now wit first ert 5. colds th thiing withostly singleigitfotemperat. double digits arly barely so, and many of our wind chills are runnin5 to 10 de below . while that gusty wind is making ose frid wd chil,
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beenising since around 2 am thanks to at wind is nr the nd it is a downslope wind. nd will be around th mog, especially along d we of i-. it will ease10 am to n the wind wilrelax anallow the sun to do someork and warm our temperates intthe this after. a cold front approachingrom the west is hein kick up that wthis morning. itill ve thrgh le th ternn.the upsle windehine co t willringut a crease in clds and f snow flaketonight.temperatures will warm through the single digitand teenand into the lower and middle 20s beneath sun skies through 10 am. expect continuedun throh onh temperatures warmi t30 deees. nearly ee will warin 30s betw and 2 p begin increasing r 2 pm with snowy spots
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,,,,,, republic airwa hs s fid tice wh the colorado dertme.. th it plan eraon at d-i-a by october first... the indiana-sed compy will
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denver. and specify if of the bs will tnsrred elwhere. epubli ionofeval regional opetors flyg united expre routes from d-i- prodi svices to 13 citi... inuding aspen d llas... a d-i-a spokesperson says other regional carris stl offer flights those cities thum.. you' he thch t cot an teracth a realife ever bathe zoo. anew exhibit c"the is this june... the zoo is almost doubling the size of the currentiger aning about ancre of space into the "edge of the jungle"... in order to better refle gers' natural bit. itilclude ca..bridges.and a dore thamorea ury ol.. there ll bthree mur tirs" y wilbeblseup cseaneveneaand
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if you plaedn filing today... mp the bke.. the i-s not accepting electroniclyiled taxeturns right now. becae aomteouge the agency said yesterday system sufferea "hardwar failur affng i e-file and "where's my refund" serv. the i-r-ys it's not exing any "major sruptions." taxpayers can continue to send returns to companies that serv asiddlemen beween taxpayers and s. the systems ll rn wn rough at least today. coming up... dern technogopens a whe new world ofommunication and edation r e heing impair.. we're learning more this morning in your healthy mily... plus thounds urry pientat a denver-aa hospit may have be exposed
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we he e ilbehi the
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next tay your healthy family... w chlogy is helping de stts aieve new hghts. om voi recnitipps deo mote-ierprg...
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way ey're counicatg bo in an of "bri dipilas mor --- pkg --- the ility to fully hea somethinme of these students do he. but thebili tomucateisometng th d a it juot wle loeaer sot:icpers, asst. dean dector ofhe partnt of acce serce he world is comi more acssibleo deeopl" it st with ptioni servifor enre clarooms. ures--crollingn a screin fro of tim t: annmakuntz, man time caioning & netaking "typally tmight noknow sign language or they mit efer english ins of sign langua so weave a provider that is trained in scialized stwar ey gintolassnd ty live wh iinsa e technogyanvebe oughouof the claros anintoheiv of e udts ahome. or witfrs thks to the ava p --aking group fa-tfaceonversatiohat mu eas even for those o-on-one studying sessis... w vio reteerpring i.
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"it's muchasier anmorele using yourxpssion anso forth rather tn writg anfoh." with30 intereters on afanmore than fthsandou of intereti done a week.. thew -more aessibl technogy is eded sot: ro peterson, asst. dean &irector the de oaccess sces t real is havin impa on theeaf world becaus makes cess easieome byin the oen days you d get an interpreter and you had to bring interpter nowa you can ngou s, the phe you cado theon an ipad youan do them reme." ts morning's health watc.. majohospital here colora iunr vestigatn right w. nrly thsandats o hasurgy there e g told tget tested for- i-.. d hepatitis b and c! wedi medical cente i enoo.. is invtigating wther former surcatechto dgs fromheacility,. ttg e titst ri in t pce.
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beecd. t patien a angry a destat by e ne. i thinthisit mthe rdes i st kinda satn my rooand brokeown for while.e surgicalecr invet beenrested or charged.... the hospital says have no evidee patients we actuallyxposed butrebeing cautious by recommending e te king livlook n i denver... where wee argettg an da to story we told you oudnesdamoin.. blicans in the ste senate'sveterans and military affaircommittee" he jected a newly prosed righto-e bill the committee voted 3 to 2 ang party lines against what's being called t "colorado end- of-life opons act." the basic rpe of the bis to givpatientsitterminal condions theighto chse ctor-aisted deat e righto-d proposal gets other hearing today by panel
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where it has better ancef ad wed fic on the 5s. chiemornis stepn wereow with first alert 5. co is the rule this morning with mostlsingle digits r temperatures. double digare only barely , and ny of r cs arnning to degrs bew ze. ilthat gus wind is min for those frigid wind chills, the actual teeratures hbe rising since around 2 am than to that nd iespecilyusty near th his,nd iis dnslope wi. thwi will be around this rn eeciallalong and west of i- it wl easey 10m to nn. e wind will rex and the n to dme word warm our teatures in the 30s ts rnoon. a cold frontroaching from
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itilmove thre this afte upslope wind behe cold front wi aban increlouds and few snow fs tonight. mperat will wa through e sile ds anens the lower mbeh nny ies roug10 am. pect connued sshe thugnoonith mperatur wag warddeees. ar evee ll rm io ths tween noon 2 cl wl ben ineasi after wsnspot being dev between
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weomck. tmorng's consumer .. this sunday many will ther in front ofheir t-v's fhe super wl... and experts are using this me... toevernebouthe tip-er danger that's can se tildren acrding to research.... one ild dies every two weeks and onchild is injured every 2 minutes when a-v or a piece of furnure fallto them. to a thi.. rts are ng everye to check their t- v's to make sure theare safely secured... they shohored to the wall or anoreda stable piece oftu. most of uson't food withouknowing wh it isbu at's what taco belnts you to do this wke! 's all
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with n-b-a star "jamarden" for a w stery m! for.99 you can r the itemo bell's w..hen e mysterem up a tac bellur sy. belans eveal thitema 30 secd supebowlad onday ain s ito the general public on nday. and... is the bt time tok flhts if you want good dea for springreak! and ough usi third pit tfind dealsm keooidea... iftoancel your trip... airlines will only help people whughe tickets directly fth so. ifoug on a cruise... book you-sp" event lineo and to ensur the wait for youf ur activity goes longer tn exed.
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coming up...we are contig our countdown to the super bowl in santa ara... as secury officials very vel focus keeping t cy sae... plus we'lleaour man on t ene... grant meh... talking that pricey super bowl
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, local, state anded officials in s fncisco say ercredible thrto weekend's super bowl 50, but ge every one aending to rert any scious acvity. ousaof fs have descended uponhe b arethis week f festivities leading up to sunday's big game between the broncos and the panthers w enforcent agencies say eyave be prepaor t game for teeea. merchandise sales r pebowl 50 arexpecteto t $160illionolrs! ne 5 srts rector gra meectakes us arod the shops in san fraiscoitthe hi price to cheer on the broncos.
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who doesn't... youcoming to thbig game... you gotta get wesome souvenirut there a smany too choose frod if you are going to buy it out here and it beuthent. itgonncost y. we went hunting for me broos and carona swag e otr y at the nfl eeriencd you were looki foror deal.. look elshere. a vomierffal lensed authentic t shir??ouble att would normly be at home... coing yoaround 40 bucks. meing for e wife or girlie.... thnfhas gone t grlehts to makfema friendly and fashiable clotng b sll.. ain'theap. and if you want e official loor sunday?? ats going to dre the e upo. yourest bestf you trying buy meranse for t ga... st wait.... prices drop atically on mondaynd even aftekick off on sundaghyo want to show their bronco pride... but maybe savesome cash for next time.
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grant h ws five thanks, grt. you e noale if it taki you while to ck betwn e carona panthers and thdenver broncos athe wi of supebowl 50. in memis, tennsee wednesda e lethe ant panda kept anous crowdsaiting on him to ke h pic d aftet 20 mutes and some tats... le pickedhe nt. le seemedo be pretthappy with his cice because he wrappeelf ia panthers sheet. nverayor "michl haock" is confint t broos wl take home the lombardi trophy.
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ate'willing to srt ntr's rseyth d't. mar hanck -- and jnifer roberts... the mayor chate.. placed ariendlwaover the phone. the termof theet, calls for the ser toear jers of e winninteam quartback. oeveses.. will havto take a picture in the other's jersey and sre it on febook... after the game. mayor hancock thks it will be tight one, but belveth brcowill pull rougan be theaners to 24. weathed tron ts. chmorning teorol stepn bowers ihere nowith first alert 5. colds thle this morng with mosy single dits for temperatures. double digits are only barely , and ma of our nd chill arrunning 5 to 10 degrees bew ze while that gusty wind ming r those id wind chills, e actual temperatures have
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it is espely gus near the hills,nd it is aownslope wind. the nd will round th morning,specially alg and f i-25. will ease by 10m to noon. the l relax d low the suto do someork and rm our teeratur into the 30s this afternoon. a coldront approaching from e west ilping to kk up th wind this morng. itill move throughthis afternoon. thupslope wind behinthe ld front willring about an ineasen clouds and a few snow flakes night. temperatures will warm through the sile digits d teenand into the low and mdle s beneath sunnskies throug10 am. pect continu sunshine ugh noon wh mperates warming tord 30 degrees. nearly eone willarm to the 30beeen on and 2 pm. cloudsill begin increang afte2 pm with snowy spots beginninto developetween 5
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, beginning to develop between 5 pm and 10 pm.
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taking a look at a pueblo sunrise... from our pueblo studio camera.. mother naturis a denver n
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weome back at 6:31... we heard from the of coloraprings this moing-- who saidre'still aull callut to clear neighbhood streets. news 5's joanna wise joins us live in rockrimm withow the city is gting it done a how lon it's going to take. joanna... here's how it will work... the stres division has the city divided int62 grids where sel dierse they'll be working from three the morninl at nht-- plowing eve street a g once wa grid is , then those ews can oand lp grid. ce when a id is done those crewcamove on anlp with nt on e reets divi
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the cars bece a of a issue. it's a bit of a hindrance. we ask t you can and have the abilit to move your car off of th redeial adway, posbly put it oyo driveway, mething of thatature, that ll help our operatn immensy. he expecti crews tbe rking rougut theeeke get it l done. he also says most stres won' beleed curtour.. trucksill only be doing one pass in, andne pass out. we'll continue to follow the clean up pro and bri you the latest uates on air and online at koaa dot com. repoing liven colorado springs, joanna wise, ne 5. these districts are on a-hr lay: falcon d-49, hanover d-2 lewis palmer-38 and miami yo district j-t 60. anwe just learned ellicott d22 is also on a 2 hour delay. loradoprings-11 and
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normal scdule. bo have ened a hotline for rents wi questions aut bus routes. for d-11 the number : 0-2940. d-20's hotline number is: 4-1420. 've posted these on our facebook page and both d11 and d0 tell ns five, thatf yodon't feel safe gting yr child to scho, callour school's attendance office and 're told they will be excused. they also buses may be inlate bec some redential reets are still packed with ow,... and ifus drivers don't fe street is paable,. theyont. in other news: doors are st about ready to openn the first "mini-ll" r mariana in trinidad. it's billed as -- "one-stop shopping" for pot tourists coming to corado.
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do- to-door at a buildg on commercial street, shopping fi connect estlishments. withpproval from the planning department, noall that's ft... is for the five individual businesses to get licensed through thcity ea business is prjecd to rake in 5-milln dollars a year... and thshops could providup 100 permanent jobs. li most smalr towns in the state,rinidad cod use e economicoost -but ny people who live he aren't conviced pot ie best idea. i think they need toenerate so other bess beside this, but maybe it'll bring in some otherind of busins in town, generate some money and maybe me more jobs for the locals becausehere's not whollot of jobs here right now. now ci counc is strongly considing putting a limit on mariana establishments... after this mini-mall ideeasily sailedhrough planning and zoning. new devepments could ao be
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the city is planningo bring even "morettractions" to the park. city council approved the framework pl this week. it acts as a guide foruture developments, which could inude a rim trail, amitheater and resort. thentire project is expected to cost about 22-million dollar.. taki years to complete. the park ropedast year for the first time sin the destructive wildfiren 20... wer and traffic on the 5s. chief ing teorologist sthen bors is hereow wit first alt 5. cold is the rule this rning with mostly single digits for temperatures. doub digits aronly bely so, and many of our wind chills are ruing 5 to 10 degrees below zero. whilth gusty winds king for those
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temperatures have been rising since around am thanks to that wind. its especially gusty near the hills, and it is downslope wind. the wind wilbe around this morng, espiay along and westf i-25. it will ease by 10 am to noon. the wind will relax and allow the sun to do some work
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into the 30s this ternoon. a cold front approac from the west is heing to kicup that wind this morning.
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now it's time for this week's ski repo. withews five meteorologist rlee hofan. if you are heading to the opes for the weekend be prepared to ha on tight. wind gusts will be up ound0 h not to mention more snow... and fresh powder is noinhort suly after past we ... in last 7 dahe least amount of snowalwa20 inches at copper mountain... breckeidge and loveland both got inches and keystone received the mossnow at 25 inches ... looking ahead loland and keystone will see will see the possibility for more snoheading into the weekend with highs only in the teens for friday and gty winds...expect sunshine on saturday with highs in the0's and 30's then snowrting in saturday night contiing through sund wh highs in t tes and 20's silar conditions at both breckenridge and copper mountains with highs in thteens friday and more snow and gusty winds.. saturday much nicer ski weather mostly sunnynd highs in the
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around saturday night into sunday .remember yocan alwa check the latest ski cditions onur website koaa dot com bk to you thanks carlee.... coming up... hillary inton ooking to gain ground in new hampshi... where she is traing in theolls. weave a preview tonight's upcomingebate.. and a close call -- between a shiffs helicopter d a drone could meanome serious
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more on that after the bre live to washin ve to waington d-c-- where president obamwillpeak this morni at the nual "national prayer breakfa." "the fellowshifountion" organizes the bi-partisan event that's hosd members of ngress. presideiseow ske at e first breakfast in 1953- and it's been an annual tradition r the coander in chf er since this mning university alabama footba player d heisman trophy winnederrick nry ll bgiving the closing prayer. welcome back... rit now... it's down to two democratic candides following the iowa caucuses. and night... "hillaryrylinton" and "berni saers" will debatesss and
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hampshire vote. the two hour date will take place inurhaat theohnson theater. coverageegins at 7 pm our ti... on msnbc. meet the press moderator chuck todd and msnbc anchor rachel maddow will moderate. oreg staoff leader "ammon bundy" and 10 others who who joined him at the occupation at the wildlife refuge havell beenndicd falrand ry no exactetails on the charges are available... anthe indictment ll remain seed for at least authories arrested 11 people last week on a criminal complaint charging thewith felony conspacy. they a aused ousing intimidation to event del officers from dointheir work at the ogon refuge. colorado wasn't the only place rit now... in north carolina crs are cleaning up major damage caused by hea rain. treeacross the state were
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storm... and severahomes were damag in the cte aa... ose toive-thousand ppl wioupower. anover in georgia... dons of families a displaced aftea toado touches down... damaging hom cars and tree a calirnia sheri's helicopter mak it back to the groundely... after ose ith rge drying too hh. esno cy sheriff's department helicopter pilot johnnyeyess his normal roe quickly chged en he spotted somein tky hde towardthe chopper. what he at first thoughtas a bird turned out to ba a drone illegay flying almost 600 et above ground. reyes esive actioioas the drone flew just over the top of the chopper's blas. "if we would've struckhat drone it would've been catastrophic for the air c and then afor the nehborhood bens." the crew spotted the drone pot and landed next im. he told investigators th
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a legal flight path... and he said wasn controlling it. thcan d to fedeveigors. weatheand traffic onhe 5s. chief morning meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first 5. ld is e rule this morning with mostly single digits for temperat. double digits are only barely so, and many of our wind chills are running 5 to 10
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whthat gusty wind is making f frigid wills, the actu teeratures he be rising sincaround 2 am thanks tthat wind. is especially gusty near the and it is a downslo wind. the ndill be around this morng, especially along d west of 25. it will ease by 10 ato noon.the wind wilrelax and allow the sun to do so wor
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,,,, you msed on ws5 at noon yesterday- de are frequent visitors to r studios in colorado spring.. residenteer whisperer-- joanna we-- s ab to t prty close te analout for miy snac
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wereto gete grea
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,,,,,,,,, we've posted some ofer ptos on our facebook pa-- ka 5. wl be right back with the vehingyou needo ow before you go. and... heatlar th look
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feua february is huge fl our handcrafted classic footlong are just $6 each thmedia isoinga little crazy ub-mageddon" with an incredle amount of accumulation inside...
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enjoall our clsifootlongs for just $6 each. it'sos here are the five inknow
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pl crewsill out "en foryinet to all the residential areain colorad springs. 'll bekingil nine toght-- the city'street divisi managerays streetwon't beleared cb to curb... trucl onlydoine pass in, a one pas out. these districts are on 2-hour dela falcon d-49, her d-28, lewis pa-3 mod district j-t 60 and ellicott d-22. colorado springs d-11 and academy dirict 20 will be on a normal he have opened a hotline for rents th queio about bus routes. for d-11 the number is: 520-2940. d-20's hotliber is: 234-1420. 've posted tse on our book pagand ko.c colorado sings police e asking for the public's help in finding a missing woman. auorits sa60-yold
6:45 am
d isescribed aa white male. with dark brown hair. shwas st sn wearing a black d whe sh.. black knit cap a blujeans. she might be arod acacia par or downtown lorado sprgs. if ser.. yore asked to call pe. near 3-thousand tients who had surgery "swedish medical cent" in englewood are bng told tget tested for h-i-v... and titis b and officails saa rmer surgical techle drugs from the fality... putting patientsrisk the process. swish won't say hothey could become infected... but the hospitalas no ev patients were actually exposed. toy the i-r-s will not be acceptg electronically filed tax turns cause a computer outage. the agcy saiyestday a syem sferea "hardware failure" affti its e-file and here's my refund" serves weather d trfic t 5s. ief morning teorologist stepn rs ihe nit firsaler5. lds the rule this morning with mostly single digits r temperatures.
6:46 am
so, and ny of ouwind chills belozero. wh gty wd making fothose frid wind chills, the actual temperatus have been rising since around a thanks tth wind. wind. ing, eiallalong and west of i-25. it will ease b10 am tooon. the windill lax d allow thsun to do some wk anwarm our temperatures into the 30s th aftnoon a ldnt aacng fm thwest is heing kicup that wind this morning. it will move through late this ternoon. the upslope wind behind the cold fronwillringbout an increasen clds a a few snow flas night. teerates wl warm thrgh the single digits and teens and into the lower and middle 20s beath sunny iethrough 10 am. expect continuedunshin rough noon with temperatures warming toward 3degrees. nearly everyone will warm into the 30between noon and 2m. clouds will ben increasing after 2 pm with snowspots beginning to devel between 5 pm a 10 pm ay connected with k-o-a-a dot
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we'lbe back wi youlocal good rning. >> good morning. clinn asked whyhe took the massive sakingees from wal street. that's what they offere and dona and donald trumplapddends a dooff. >> ease losing it.
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would haveuked denrk. glt >> tattle ing mo ated ery d bomb bomb on board? whatlew lahole on the commercial jet. the gring fearit w a rrorist tack >>state een. fla'governor taking w on aer at let nine cases of za are report in th ca. hodid ruu ew a stks be ch a that? anhekiy. for the first time ever the only jaguarnown to ve iths. isaptureon cam e big cat scntts have been trying to spot for yrs. today thursday, february 4, 20 from >>from nbc ns this is "tod" with matt lauer and >> welco >> welcomeo oday."
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the charges and counter charges
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