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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 5, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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welcome to cramerica om cnb1 market her peop want to make iends. i'm just trying to se you some mone my job is not just to tertain but to teach and to put all in context. ca me at 1-800-7-cnbc or twt me @jimcramer. hellath no fy like a hedge fund manageraught out of posion that'shat you're sing today,isortfio managers recognizing they don't have enough cyccal exposure. escially if the dollar has peaked. as the rively acid perfmance ofhe averages, dow gaining 79 points, s&p advancing .15%, nasdaq climbing p-1.2%. masked some of the mdramat action underneath i've seen in ag. you codn't tell the tale of turmoil from the broader inces, but portfolio magers fusly dued t higgrowth stocks that they loved just days ago. i'm talking facebook, alphet, foerly google, the linkedin, latterisasteafter the close. d they piled into the big industrial andommodity stocks that were despised for months on
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you want a perfect example of what the heck i'm talking about? why don't we talk about alcoa? aa do you knoth t sck of the giant alinum company, which has been a total dog, earned more than 10% higher today? e secondest peormer inhe s&500. even as nothing happed at co nothing to justify this move. her th this kind of rotational moneyanagement havior that i like t chronicle for you. no i think alcoa suld have been climbing for ages because a's splittg into two coanies. one that's basically aommodity alum producer and anhe that's all about the proprietary use of aluminum. in trucks,n tos, and of cour in aeroace. coa the pct maphor fothis mt. yohave a very undervaluedeep cyclical companyt's be caht up the tidof t tred of mmities. thenou have so changes i e der wh's k as macro ndscape atead posive for t metals d portfolio managersre caught loing the wrong way. so they pivot. they pivot in the st cyclical stockshey cafi and alcoa sudden fits e bill
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it's liqui it's big, d it's a terrifi k- story. why the sudden love for commodities? rst the dollar. for ageso you know the dollar's finally done going higher, at lea againsthe euron and that's encouraging. it encouraging merto te one thing that almost always goes up when the dollar goes south, and that's commodities. this actlly makes nse because these coodities e priced in dollararand i have enty of arts and graphs that i can show you tt show thi relationship is both real and investable. doar down, commodities higher. ofourse all of this seems counterintuitive to indivial investors who hear we coulbe headedo a recession perhaps. member, money managers don't think abt the no they think about theutur and the fed isn't goingo raise rates anime soon because
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le think, then that ans the femay not your enemy righno and if theed's notour enemy, thdollar, whhas enoing hier baueople thought the fed was going to raise rates,an cool of it's been a currency magnet. maybe it w't be now. there's no end to the number of high growth techail and health care stockshat are out ere in the lcape. but you owhere's actlly real distit shorta in the number of commitcompanie at can s that can still left standing. so these lemming-like companies reach for the sa stocks. they rch foroa. fund managers also lped up somethbig winners of the ocks like 3m andoneywell and genel electric. they did rotate back to some of the cyclicals that reported weak quarters, namely caterpillar and cummins, wch reported a number today that beat lowered expectations. itumped more than 7%. how sperate were these managerso make thewitch out ofhe high-growthtockinto commodities? get is. you know what e best pformer in the s&p 500 was tod? none other thathe -- well, heretical freeport mcmoran, which rallied in the standings 17%. mply becau it produc
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a trifecta of what was once hated,he commodies. the's nothing good tre except that freeport fits the mood of the moment. please, ain, understand i'm sily chronicling how lots of moy manage were either underexposed to this group or actually shoing it and had to scramble andover. they needemorexposurto this group. however, i d't wt you to play this ga . not at hom in fact, i'm parti to buyi the stocks of high-qlity companies that are actuall comi down because they've become pawns. pawns inhe source ofun game these managers ed. they need se money somewhere to go y the cyclicals. i view rations a opportunies for you at home topick up stocks of high-quali companies that have suddenly fallen out of favor in the wall street fas show and ton chase e stoc that are cuently red hot. i don't mind you piling on into alcoa because it is cheap d i
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bu give on all the drug companies, some of t best hi growth retailers and staurant some of the fest internet plays, i dot know, to me it seems a tad silly and even forced. unfortunately, no one can pinpoint when a rotation h run its course. so if u see somethg for sa thatou like and you wa to buy, it please b it slowly on the wadown. as the viciousness of the sales is bating and if you ce int e wrong level you will experience too much in. he's the bottom line i say be ceful these rotaonal moves are only for the most nble. meang for those who truly belie they canutruthe bears or at least trun the othemoney managers who a trying their best to get away from the ursine clutches and for the most part failing to do so. and speaking of hideou rotations, have u seenhe sell-o in the bank stocks of late? they've en brutal!a combination of concerns about oil d gas lothat might be going d beuse l's down to 30 bucks, lower interest rates. they need higher ones. and a slowdown in nae brokerage. we're out he in san francisco.
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now,ike e prt, to fi out what's going on th this incredibly itant gup, which has lostts way. and that why i was thrilled to sit down with john stumpf. he'she chairman of t big dog, ceoells fargo. findut what's al going o in banking in general d the compans stock in partilar. ta a lk. >> now, iteems since we saw you last everye's tt so my. your stock was going up. you d a grt quarter. peop are now talking aut wow, geez, oil and gas loans, 's got to be slowi down, there's not going to be the rate kes at he needs. we don't think wellsargo can earn as muchoney. what dyou say to theoubters? >> we've>> wve been in a low rate vironment for a lo time. never base our business model on hoping rates mo oneay o the other. we're in theeal company anwe take in the proces we make loans, and we have been growing net interest income even though our margins have been falling. so those areeallthe things we look at can we do more business with more customers and be more relevant to more americans?
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buss mel. >> when nt over th conferencels, peopleust keep saying, well, wait a nd, $17 billion oil and gas ans, oiloing throu0, w many othese ve been criticized, so to eak. what do we do? is this thbig short, tha movie, et for time it's oiangas? >>ell, no question that rt of the industry er dress. and at 1point some blion it's less than 2% of our loans. and that's important. but let's puit ipersive. there's 98%, manof whom are fiting from lower energy pres. so on bance st year was our lowest charge-off year in 34 years i've been at theompa. will we e some extra ses and someosses the ergy portfoli absolute. but 'll also senefits realste and othethings. so wtakeery balanced look at this. >> we seconoco phillips, a real great company, cut its dividend by 2/3. it made think i've got ask hn what's the coateral if meone's in the oilervice business, wh's the collal ifhey're in the oil buness? because you can't take their house necearily.
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shareholders? >> there's variety of loans within the whole moniker of oil and gas. e&p. the exploration and producti. you have pven resees as collateral. en you have mid-stream, wh is moving the l angas, those are pipelines and so forth. and e eld services, which is the st stressed. u'd have this keupy and pipe and driing kes and soorth. so is a varietof things. in moscases our loans e coeralized. some situations collateral worth less than thought it was. suly in oil rvices. but we've beenn thisusiness a longime. we have great people who've dealt with this over history with ups and dow in prices. >> let's talk out the economy in general becausef e economy continues to get better in ter othe real world you talked about real economy. >> correct. >> that's peop getngobs, people buying cars, people ying homes that business is very good. >>t's actually stronger than a lot of people think it is.
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but 2015 was thetrongest auto year we've h in 15 years. i think 16 will also be a good year pthe age of the average useduto still 11 years in thunited ste house will gdoo well. look to any ci, there's constrtion goingn. the private sector frastructure spend. these arlong ded procts. anybody that has energy as a raw product as far as costs. look athe airlines today. lookt the consumer. time. not perfect. the's otr parts of the economy that if you're an exporterr in the strong doll and in oil a gas thore allenging. t on balan i tnk '16 wl look lik'1was. >> a lot opeople havbe reading thesstors. $1.2 blion settlement with the government. i can look at it one of two wa. you vowed to fight it d u d toaka de. i want to aswhy that but seco this it? i an, is this the last othe housg price? >> well, i never want to say- you can'say the end ishe
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deal. when everything came together, it's an agreement in principle 're going to work really hard and get into a definive agreement. and in the meantime we're ing to continuto lend money to our consums and help them with home ownership. >> when we look at housing, we look at auto, we look at industri, we say to ourselves, at's missing here? sales, trading, investment bankg. w you made -- there was an announcement. m not sure if it's te. i knowou're always proti in invesenbanking trading. is that true? >> well, you know, becau of voker, there are ctain businesses that we're out of and we've ken caref st of that. but om time to time we add people. other times we reduce. but we love ou-- theolks that whave in the siness ate have in what you wou call invt bankin but most of our business is really about serving customers, whether they're wealth
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coumer customers. we'ralways add subtracting. we likthvestment bking siness and the invtment management business. it's a corpart of seing customers. >> does it get you done a lot of banks are involved allthe d. you're n. european banksre hting. whis that necessaril something that is bad? you to advantage -- ge wanted et out of finance. you put a huge book. maybe this is an oppornity for you. >> oh, a >> oh, absolutely. fact, as foign nkhave retreated to eihome countries, it's giveus more opportunity toer more cuomer 97% of our revens are in the u. now, what do internationally is largelyn supporof our u.s.-bas ctors as they do business internationly. t we lovhaving all of our chipin on the u.s. >> how's >> how's tt $31 biion loan om ge? working? it's happening now. >> it's just happening. but we love it. ge a -- was the head of that category for tho categories r cades. and to be able to ep in their
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we love that business. >> lete end with something that tells me at y belve. this buyback is thbiest of the bank actually r actually reay kind of the ly major buyback -- well, jpmorgan's got one. but the size of it ith humongous. are you trying to get ba to how many ss you usedbe? what'she plan withhe yback? >>ell, the's not anyrticar share >> oy. >> but wdo wanto return catal to our sharelders ugdivides d stock as do well we want them to do well. after all, it's their catal. 're the stewds of thr capital. and wee always on the side oousheholders. >> should more othate put towardheil and g loans as a way to hedge again tho? >> well, wok a big reserve in the fourth quarter that we believe be adequate for the risk in the loans -- >> even if oil goes to 25? >> we don't know where oil's ing too. so -- buthe reserve is adequate and we'll continue to look at that. we continue to refshur numbers and so forth.
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$1billion. our entire llosseserve. on the other hand, tarnings that we earnvery year, that wewant to make sure we use it for growth but also return to capital. to sharelders. >> it's the same wellsargo except for a cheaper stock. part of charitable trust. that's johstpf, chairman and ceo. plenty me from cnbc 1 market. yum , palo alto networks, new england patriotsight end rob gron rob gronkowski. not a ner. sorry. and a any thatas been a househol man 1 years that'sm he ay with er. >> announcercl has come a lo way frocorked bottles of bleach. from making clean a litt more green to the science behind a welleared steak, can new invations continue to keep the stock inhe clear? coming up onmad money's" "invest in america." cotdown to kicko don't mi a seconof "mad mo
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try alka-seltzer heartburn reefews. they worfast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i ha heartrn. alka-seltzer heartrn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. you're getti haligt? here goeyep [ crung ] oh! heddar, cream oon,and salt vinegar. wow! wow! how did you do that?! i can see through e dfold. male annoprgles >>all ri all right. what theeck st hned to stock of clorox? household meompany. glad bs. ngston charcoa fresh ep kit litr. burt's bees. talk about hot. and clorox bleac whichs doing prettyel he's i comny just this morninreported a solid
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yeardancfor 2016 b the stock got slamd down $38 or 4.%. i think largbecause of a brrotation out of coumer products stocks inhe mmodity stocks i'm woering if ts n'the sa kind golopportity you got kimberlark when got hmed steek. other wor, a terrif entry point fo point r e the highest-quality anchis out there. t'dideer with beo dorer, the ceo of orox, find out more about the quarter and his coany's prospects. welcome back to "mad money." >> gto be back, jim. >> somet you're a victimf yourwnuccess. wh how well your company's stock has do versus the consumer product group was rried this couldapn. 'sone so much bett. maybsome of this is just profit-taking. >> l i fus on the long-term ndamenls. sharehder return haseen very soliovhe last 12 months op our stock se more than0%. and fundentally what i care about is are we devering against the buness? we just announced 18% earnings
3:18 am
of our u.s. entsneral te so international, we're growing rket sre in the u. and ternational. and as you sai we've rsed the outlook. so feel od about wheree ar and i'm timiic aut where we're going as a company. >> it's funny. in the cference call the analys kepfocusing o pricing and competition. u had prty googross margins. thatould indice that you can worraboucompition. >> we' focused on profitable growth. oumarginwere up very nicely. 0 basis points over the la quarter. we're going to use some of that quarter and we're ing to invest in the bunessn the long run, solid projects that deliver st sings down the road but also more othat profitable growth that's made us is strong over the last 12 mohs. >> also the innovation here. sincyou came-- great job innovating but i'm looking at the splashss product for bleach. there hasn't been anything new
3:19 am
but is inew and it's rking. >>es, >> yes, it is. and it's very profitableor us. which leads tohe margin expansion 'vseen have a lot of innation formatout there now, jim, whereas others don't. reallacross t portfolio. is it in bleac iburt's bees, in hidden valley. and we're investg behind that innova to drive more othat profitable growth. >> sometimes pplsawait second, i dot get that pastiche of grounds. u say yonever knowhich one of them's going to be red hot. red hot, kingsford. >> kgsford is g very well for two reasons. one, ctainly over the last quarter we've seeneather a lile warmer. people are now barbecuing the whole year. right now 're in san fncisco anof course arou the super bowl people are barbecuing very much the days. but importany retailers ar business and ty're suprting it yearoun
3:20 am
business and wreeeing solid momentum behind kingsford. not last quarter buwe think that that willontinue in 2016. >> thas teific becau whe gross marg you havelways beenttentive --'rfamiliar that daughters are vegetarians, we care tremends about natural d organic. burt's bees is aompany that people recognize, partularly yoger people, i can ll from ur social mea that this is try naral organic, it'not just new slapped on the sidef it. >> no. have the tohe natal standards inhe industry on burt's bees and rt's bees is doing particularly well. we've shown anher quarter of double-digit salesrowth in q2 onop of dole-d sal growth in the previousuarter. and it is because we're innoting, because we're investing inhe brand because very much on end. >> i more and more shelf space devoted. is tt because of different iterations -- new iterns or are ere a lot of things that could be burt's bees that we
3:21 am
>> we definitely tnkased on what we know from consumers at bu'sees has the right toe in more tegori and we're right now launching burt's bees natural lipsticks. that is an emple of a w catery that we're gettinin. an have highopes based on custer but also initial consum response at'soing to be very successl. we're also getng into morend more sments in s, in line. so we wi soe will seeurt's bees in more spaces store, and that willontinue to dve some of that groh that we've seen in the st quart it also seems a lot of -- me of that growth, don't know, maybyou can quanfy, seems to be the younger people know about itnd that means social media because they're not tching traditional media. theyre wating facebo and you are puttinmoney there. >> yeah. we are flowing the consumer and thconser increasgly is gitaand digital chges the way we work. the way we innovate and the way we cmucate with coumers.we enge them online. and we are spending more than 40ofur working media dolla
3:22 am
>> that's even higher than last time i talked to you >> ltime w 30%. >> you've taken that up. >> we' doing that because we're seeing very, very stng r.o.i.s. 40% is ae leading ge of the indust and we ke the returnso we'll kp going digita >>ou b t bult on veela. a lot of people said you can't walk awafrom that country. r retrospect one of the smartest tngs yove done? >> great choice for us. we losing money and we uldn't see our way to generating shareholder returns soe're not afrd to make the h oices if t in the interest othsheholders s today wee happtoe ouof that coury. a lot oit ijust think your comnyniquely seemto cogniz y know atit doesn't matt where y make the money, jusmakehe money. we're certaly ver sharolder focucu l i carebout idriving profle growth,urninghat profit into stng cash flow and for the benefit of our >> o last g. wein san fncisco.i hear you'vgot a new parsp.
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stephen curry going tbe our w rtner on brita water filters. d ephen curry isn't just t ttest hottest athlete theld today but he's also a great dad and roleodel. so hs going help promote the befits of a hethy lifestyle towards families and kids and we'll have adrtising on air as of march and i'm very excited out it. >> well, i think that's great. i kn that's a branthat is ar andear because plastic bottles are not helping anyone. you've got to do it with a fi. benno dorer, ceoe clorox compy. this company is reined a s stock is still cheap even after th run. stick th crar. >>nnouncer: yum, yum, eat 'e up inning off from pepsico in 1997, yubrands has become the host of the most recognizable restaunts in your ighbhood. will issueabroad leave a bad tae in investors' mouths? or wl refocused brands make the stock finger-licking good? coming up on "mad money's"
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ye >>sterday we g theirst rnin rept from yum brands, the pare okf pza hut, antaco bell sincweound out thathe company pla to break up. d i think that both the fast-growing chinese bins anthe more slow and steadier restf the worlcompy seed interesng opportunities. so let's take a closer look withgreg cre, the ceo of yum bran, learn more about the quarter and where this great companis head. mrcreed, welcome to "mad
3:27 am
>>im, anks foravg me on the ow i apiate greg, we ofteta about the idea that there are different kinds of investmts for different people you are basically crng a company th very fast capital apprection and a company that also s a slower, plodding bay me capi icone mighbe for each person w wcheshis show >> well, fst oall, wouldn't say it wand plng. crea is two powerful independent focused owth companies. on thene hand yum brands will be alobal franchisor of the iconic brands. wegoing to leveragup the bance sheet. 're ing re the capitaexpenditure. we're gointo obvioly be low volati. t we're still going toarget a 15% shareholder rern which i think is a great number. and then with yum china we'l obviouy have access to the fastest-growing ecomy inhe world with a very decated te focused on runng ove7,000 grt restaurantwith two -leadingrands. sohink we've got great opportunities foaltys of investors in either yum china or brands.
3:28 am
excellent. let's talkboum china. it looks like kfc, which has had its probms, really has put those problems behind them and it's bk on the solid groh track. but pizza hut seems a littleit ower. you ta about some macr issues. how quickly can you gepizza hut back on tracand c, does it look li is finall launing ck te old days? >> well, au saidgreat kfc comps in the furth quarter, 6%whh was seential improvent from the third quarte and we obviously feegood abo kfc. we can take a lot of ideas from the c wod, puthose into china. the macros in china,hey affect casual dining and has affectedizza hut somewhat. remember, pizzhut'about 25% ur business in china. is 75%. so what i'm excited is that the kfbusiness is back on track and viously e got work do on zzhut. >> i've got to tell you, if i didn't know abouyour breakp, i think e whole conversati ght be ght beocused on this incredible renaissancef taco bell, which has now comen ib fast-growing part of what will be the rest of world
3:29 am
how diyou rn that around and is it sustainable? well, the turnaround of taco ll's a great storyit starts with great peo it ao starts with clear brand positioning, which i think we' taken over to now the kfc and the zza hut brand. i thk it's a brand tt really sotes and connts with s customer base. it'sone an amazing job in soal media. i likeo coin phrase we don't do any markeng at co bellwhat we dos storytelng. 're ke plishs. so i tnke've reallgot a brand at is clearly positioned, has great produc great value, great customer experience, and really resonates d is really just in tune wh its custer base. and i think that's success we can on not j the unitedtas but i think it's huge opportunity f to take th outside of the united states iludi cna. >> kfc's gotten. lways been hamerica t there is an ad campaigthat think sonates th a lot people.
3:30 am
united stas,en't you? >> yh. the kfc business has just ha its sixth quarr in the.s. of positive se-e sales growth. 3% for the quaer on a twar comp kfc delivered plus which is rlly greanuer and ere's no doubt we're mang kfc much more relant ai we've just launched shlle hot. that's off to a really good start. i think that's a breakthrough product that will t only resonate in the unitedtates it's a proct that we'll be ab to take on a glob basis. very excited about t ogre and the prmance of r u.s. bess r kfc an i'm equay exted t the oprtunity fokfon global scale. >>ow, i kn that most peopl whwatch the show may not be familiarith isut it's really important that we talk about the amazg gross marg expaion. what you makafr you've don some selling. this is an ama gro margi sty. just tell ow youmaking a lot more, commodity cos going downyou'll bable to maintain price. >> yeah. we've g really three things happening. obviously commodity costs are gog down. what also exciti fors is low gas prices, is driving
3:31 am
there's no dbt that our stomer likes low gasrice so t wve been le to tainto good sa-sre sal owth. obvislu can get margin expansion through goodontrols, a lot produivity cong thug costs are under coro sot's a really gretory. and i think we can contin drivee-store les wi me-storanstion with mmody cos whth are obviously 'rgoing to see continued rgmpvent. jt nto bacto china for a moment why is macro cutting in? call today youalked about even in january you hen't seen that liftn pizza hu is it at expensive for people? rket and think aboutng out for dinner? is that a relationship tt we qutify? >> well, >> well, i don'think they think about the stock market and whher th'rgog t to dier. t obouy the's rporn 's st ofn inosts wheings are
3:32 am
but around the wor that when the macros get volate casual dining is a lot more iacted th qsr. obviously we're e ing and. macr are an issu t we've goto do a beer j th our value story. we've got a numberf in. we've got five dfentest idea and 're showing les gr in those tests from 1% to 7%. so as i like to say a oblem defis a problehalf sold and i thk we're lookinat righthings to tu theza hut business aun >> well,could be the also you've got tons opunies. you've got aysry combo. and i've got tpress you little bitn it because it is super bowl weey tease. cae i unrsta there's preoering onaturday. and if there's something you ed to preorder, i wo probably wanth dish. well, what's really exciting is we've got over 10,000 peoe that have preordered a p they don't even know what s. here's the only tease i' giv you. it's a visual tease. here's my ase. that's my tease for the prodt at's going to get launed on sundayon super bowsunday b taco bell.>> all right. onla thing23 milon shares bought
3:33 am
>>eah,e do. 23 million shares bought back. wee gog to retn $6 billion to sharehoers tween the nounmentnd the middl of ts year.'sbo $13 a sre. $7orow 70s think that's a hugepptunity. soll connue uy bk . that's howwietn l shareholders. d m very exce we're gog to return .2 bilon to capil sharehders as we obviously lerage up th balance sheet anbecome this low volatile low cal high cash-producing busins. couldn be happier. >> i couldn'agree mo. i ink this is the best opportity at i've seen. it really is great. and i can't eve that'shere the ock is. grreed, the ceo of yum ands. ank you so mucr coming o e show. i' goto preordeitl be 10,001. stay with "mad mey >> announcer: sony, home depot, target. high-profileacks have highlighted weakness thas put your da at risk. enter palo alto networks. the cybersecity rm serves nearly 3000 companies
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mattewhyou e a het atta can happe wit warning. if you've had a het attack, a bayer aspimen cahelp prent anotheone. sure toalk to your doct befe u ben an aspirin regimen. bar ri,,,, >>th this has been a brutal market for fmerly beloved high-flying growth stocks ke cybersecurity plays. take palo alto networks, p whichave lg been considere best of breein the group p st year the stk went 40% hier but a peaking in rly december po alto's been plummeting, plmeting,
3:37 am
down rouly 25% in less than two months. even tugh the market has turned htile, need to remember this company has some of the best owth aroun think longer term, people. so is palo alto worth buying at these leve earlier today i got a chan to check in with mark mclaughlin, chai and ceo of palo alto neork. thrent jones three- s bowl chpi with thers who is noa manar northgateapit anly investor in pa alto. ke a lk. >> there a gre paper flipng t attack whh you guys sponsoredhere they talk about whether the baguys make more mey than thgood guys and wherthe bad guys a intested in atcking. it s like if allf yo doors arlockedn a car they'l after ano. is same thg if someo seeshat you ve a palo alto sign on it maybe they go to the guy that doesn't have it? >> you know, ihinkhe palo altoceainly is significant in the markelace beminge ifant.
3:38 am
just becausef the clicaly of t market i think we'r eing some of the companies thatavgoen a lot of prs, eyexposeust features. d e of the thingat people realize is a te i't a form liklo althaand e prodt exnsion, the lines that they' developednd ntin to develoreal has tued ay e baguys, to speak. >> it did y you ys payor than tad guys uld pay. it's almost like crime doesn y. evhough iteems like th nishme doe't fit the ime. ybe me of these people should go to jail r a ng timeecau they'reticking up a 7-evenn a t ofays and not mang just $1. >> yeah. we, in most of theseas it a crimewh they're doing, right? t thstud the intesng ing out that study, what ishowed is that the time that it takes fosomebody to try to breach dse, if it'certain amount ome lger th will mo o they' tryinto fure ou how to makliving t. >> exaly >> it's a ing. brt, you can invest in any
3:39 am
taki off.obsly thcloud isreat but in you-- likthe nopl what u want invest in, iit still cybersecurity ev though we know that thbig headline home depot hacks are behind us? >>ou know, i thi there's variatns, jim, of the marketple that are still developing. and as d as ynow, we don't kn what the buye comi u next. that whyhe ratiop th palo ao, mark, they certainly ha their eyes on t gund and what's going on. and people are cerinly aware and 'rloing at companies and the fundingsndhe potential ofewybersecuty compans. but wbelieve at there is someing on theorizon thas goto he the atfo-like characteristics of palo alto? no. we think po alto w that company reeven oeit arago buildi that next-genation fiwa while ery el was still on th first genetionrewall landscape. so things have changed astically. annow we believe that long-term palo alto continues to be the dinant player. and so forhose n comnies
3:40 am
rs open. anasnow, they a le rs ago had madreal signict stratec investment. cyra. 's been an outstng acquion, the integration. we just believe thathey're going to be like cisco was in 0s in the netw itching siss. rtainlnoe ty business becau we're ripping them out and rlacinghem acro t board.>> well, i think the important term i goingo der toan who' to per bond won three times inhe lonon term. lot of people are losing hope. they're seeing the stocko from 190 140, think there's sothing wrong. from what he from u o gentlemen, that's st mistake. >> what i'm ng is we've sepe rep the security dustry aeady, 're inur qut peri but nobody's talked out decling demand. >> there you go. t's leavit at that because thers lot decning dend hpeng allver the coy. rk mclaughlin, chairman, president and ceo of palo to twor.
3:41 am
dictor orthgatpitathin term. pa alt icthrar. >> annouer: coming up, new england patriot b gronkowski >> it's noabout your team th ye. it'sust not. sohat do y make it?the pantrs - i mig take it outn u. rubbing itn my face right now. you know, u want tgo? (cell rings) where are we the sirls a bk in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i ca youack, mom? he says it's persona this time... if y'ra mom, yoll athe wot time it'shat you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car iuran, you swcho geo. 's wt u do where are yo it's very ud there. e yotaki a zumba class?
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it i >>its time. it iti fhe "lightning d" on crer'smad ney. lls one e otyo say ock, my staff -- and then thelitning round" er. are you ready, skedaddy? time forhelightng round"
3:44 am
michigan >> calle cnks for ng me and goe. i'd liker opinion on ao educion group. the stocs beenetting pounded recently. >> no. we, it deserves the pounding ine.wenot re about these k tos. they've beters whil let'goo m inorth cali. jim. >> cler: boo-yah, jim. >> what's happeng? like i how can i he? >> las vegas sands. down around 40 would ba good entrpoint r thisto. >> i'm not going to disaee wi yout i prer mgm, h i ink esents chper ll, not as mh macau, and jimurrs dermin to int e. evor in wagt. >>almito boo-boo-boyah. si >> the technician at, whichs in open house rit no sd thcht ad. eve r not,t's iving the stock i like the busins .
3:45 am
rort [ buzzer ] wet done. need robert. robert, be, robert. >> cr: yes. >> hit me. ad. yo u 'sim. >>ler: ry come corp. buelorolrighhere. is just had a mster move. therar fewtocks that havesteroves. i fe for pullback. i wantbe cul. go to in carnia. . caller: yes. t of, i'a huan. fit- fan ank you fowh yo. y, eedp er% stday d it's up re to est sthave rto run or iime to rg the reer? >> ie en a bacr of ts ocfor es ever sinci realiz they have better devi. yon't hao crack est cavibe able to do heart opern. th citht through. fe sciences still
3:46 am
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3:48 am
>> annou aouncer: a man o needs no introduction but gets one anay the mo touchdos by a tight end in one sean. the first tight end to leathe league in receiving tohdns. the mosteceiving yardsy a
3:49 am
grkowski. gin that wre o here in san frcisco innticipion of thper boow ae tually talk to se actual foba playe? a lot of people we amazed last summer when we leaed that rob gronkowski, the terrific tight end fothe patriots, reveal at hhasn't touched a dime s nfl earnings, stead ving ofju his endsent dealsand persal biness ventures. whicis pretty inedible especially considering how professional athles to toous for buinrough . ali can sais gro's got horse nse. i'also furushat i didn pi himp r my "mamoy" league. that's aayxt yea earlier this wk g a chance to talk to rob gronkowski. i want youo take a look. >> first of all, there's a l of big ceos co out there but then there's a guy i rll to w does it el to behat we think is going to beverybo's tofive ftasy pk next year? >> oh. fantasy football. >> yeah. beuse that what we care abouand you destroy a lot people seasons didn't go for you.
3:50 am
football. if y have a great day, the are all abou they give you many compliments. if you have a terrible day -- >> are you telling me i they say thanyou? >> yeah. wherever you g go outside. to t grory store. everody's like de, you killed ifor my fanta team, anks so ch. but ifave a bad da m, i don't thinyou want to go out where the fansre. man, what happen? but it a team game. we won. 's all good. >> we just want you to gto the end zone. ifhecan go tanyby y not go to you? >> that would be nice. >> okay. how do you get nation -- like i want a nion,ike i nt crer nation, and my -- everody nts a nati. hodo you get a natio >> you've got to be a gronk. that's the only way. gronk nation, baby. >> is diffult for to us aspire to because we're not -- yourrothers you sethem in the ad butow did it happen? wenow we h red sox nion. but mostlayers done ha tion. braddon't have a nation. >> i don't know.
3:51 am
the mbrothers were t leag, ad threef playing athe same time it jt went welwith u gronk nation. justecause we we all scattered across t natioat the time. my brothers and i. my oldest played professional basell. he w pying over th myth was playing in th s. my other brother was plang in this city. i was in new england. so it was just kind scattered across the natio just wensupewellith uswee gronnati, ju goes well >> visa involved th gronk nation. w dose deals wor visa's going tbe such a visible thing. and suddenly you're part of it. i kn everybody wants a brand. the gronk --wa tbe liated with the gronk on brand. >> yes. visa's a great companyrk with. and we shot a commerci with my brother, went around boston and etended wase with my jersey on. if yver saw the piece, it's believab it great segment. it just worked out wl. but the great thing about it is it gave us ideas thaveim end he's us now. he other daypretended that he wawith me wi -- ds it wor >> putting his hdie .
3:52 am
d reay? a he was ving his autograph to them. anit worked. i got out to my ca perct, fast, got to my car and got to where i needed to go nexd he was signing these autographs. then they caught on. it gave us the idea, inspiration toretend he's me, anit's a lot of n doing >> that's hilarious. sorry to the people whgot that it was not gronk. >> it was gronk. and he plad for the patriots at one pnt too. >> okay. g for the patriots. ok, yore i--our te is an incredible teaan everyone's jeaus i'm an eagles fan. we're incredibly jealous. buare you jealous, say -- i mean, thiseek in the end it's stilout -- it'not abt your tm thisr. it's just not. sohat do you make of it? panthers -- >> i might take it out on you. ruing it in myace right now. you knowu want to go? >> i wn't -- >>'m just me i can outruu. >> no. finitelye worked hd.
3:53 am
it jus-- it's just not a tisfying fng. just not makit all theay. but as greean erl. we still have an unbelievae season witwhat we went tough as a team. but just to focus on next year nownd do wh we've got too next year. i want to leave on a note th gronk natioto me stds for. you've been using gronk nation toaise money for charity. a lot of people think about the nfd n'seit you'reotuy who comes on, beatyo chestut it, but i am goi to giveou a minut talk about it. >>es. thgrk tion yth foundati. i mean, was ways dng thescharity events, so iust decided to srt my own toiv back to the kids, the fortunate out there, that want -- that needs access to like playgrounds or facilities so they can go out there and have tools that they can do to grow up be successful sports >> how do peop, ifhey see it, eyee you, they're watching, they totally love you, do they -- how do thegive money? >> you can go tour website gronknatiocoyohfoundion. e-mail us the. we'vgot someone ruing that.
3:54 am
rae money up in boston. and it always ser wel it aayblast. wee ng fun at the sa me while raisi mon for ki. >> congratulations on all your success. if i draft in the top five next year i cerinly going to pi yo >> appreciate that. >> no, i like toin. we havth in comm. thank u so much. th's new eland patriot all-pro tight end, one of the greats, founder the gronk na youth fouation. that's rob gronkski. great to s. >> annou >>ouncertomorrow -- kick off the ading day th "squawk on the street." live fropo at the nyse. >> are you doi that ing i can't see? because m out here and youe going yeah, sure, jim. mis >> i miss having youext to me to dth to you. yes. i'giving youlook. i'm sorry.
3:55 am
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3:56 am
you're , you'reidding me. is it really you? >> it is. you know, talking ney and markets d althattuff. you're fin j. >> oka >> what out yo eagles? your phidelphigles. >> you've taught me to be a fa means that youti thick and in. iight? >> absolely. my good iend doug rson's
3:57 am
>> boo-yah >> s you tomorro it's friday, february fifth ,oming on arlytoday"," bernie sanders and hillary clinton cla in their first one on o debate. >>'m very proud toe the only candidat up here who does not have a super pack. >> youill notve find that ini ever changed a viewr a vote because of aations i ever received. meanwhile republin
3:58 am
rubio who's rising in the lls. >>andhe ceo o t pharuticaised 5,00 fud testif and the golfing robot that can sink a hole in one. "early today" starts right now. good morning. hillar clinton and bernie sanders baled inhe campaign season's first one on one debe lastnight. clinton responding to sanders rece campaign line thathe's not a ogressive. >> i was asked if i'm a moderate thingsdone. >> ty also duked it out over one of the major nartives, beinghestabshment candidate. >> our campaign is a campaign of the peop by the people and for the pele.
3:59 am
clton does representhe establishment.


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