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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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we're athe intersectioof struthers and nohgate on the north side of lorado sprgs. the pls are t th morning. a long week for the colorado spngs streets dision. they one a city-wide full call-out again. that means more than0 crews are mang the rnds. they are focusing on primary a condary road
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this mng we're tcking ne ility rate changes that may so affect residents monument. the d of trustees is proposing a new rate schedule at could up doubling what customers pay for their water bills! they tell us they've bee epg rates artificial low for too long. but e economic development corporation warns a quick spike in rates could harm business a community growth. "it's a toh decision thave toaiseates in any circumance, but i think they can be done a much smarter way than what's currentling proposed." the economic development corporation worries the increased tap fees will depress developmen the next regulary scheduled "board of ustees meeting", is in two weeks. right now... there an effort underwato stop a proposed land sw involving colorado spri parks and the brr. ty planners wanto connect soey tractof lanand right of ways to their parks master plan.
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and la at the toofyenne caon that is still owned b the broadmoor. the city has propose exchange for 185 acres of land at the mouth of cheynne canyon. the group thinks the swap is not equitable,ven though its 2 for one swap with the city getting moreand. we will coinue to foow thi proposal ait moves forward today... governor john hickenlooper will ing s state- ring 'll be speaking at a luncheo at cheyenne mountain rort... hosted by the "colorado springs regional businesalliance." hickenlooper is excted to toon issues fecting the pikes peak regn... also tay... more than 13 hundred studentat falcon high school will hear from a medal of honor recipien u-s army rired master seargent "leroy pet" will speak at a school-wide assembly this afternoon. he'll share his sty th studts... and talk about leadership, frieship, and integrity. his visicomes as the falcon high school student counci..
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following up for you... today... the i-s is starting to tak e-filed tax returns again. the agcy temrarily stopped on wednesday-- because of a computerystefaure. the r-s sa the problem's beenixed and is no anticpiating another outage. weatheantraffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here nowith first aler5. we had some snow overnht. that snow haexited the i-25 corridor and ing over the soheaste plainthis mornin it will contin shifting eastwardnd o of our area this morning the day wi grow grually more sunny. temperaturesre in the 20s with teens in theigh elevations. wind chills are the teens. snow over the southeastern plains tmorning will end fr west to et between 7 am d 10 am as clouds break up around colorado springand toward 30 degrees. any lingering snowilbeone from theins noon. temperatures will warm into th lower and middle 30s. expect aunny afternoon wit
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t now re takg a live lo at i-25... whcolorado state patrol will be cracking down on drunk
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head into superbowl sunday. ey want everyone to enjoy the game... but they are asking you toind a designated dbefore the party gets started.. it's the last orange friday of the season -- and it the best one yet! we're less than 60 hours to kickoff of super bowl 50. ne 5 sports director grant ech is in san fransco and shows us some g-ticket items football fans caget their hands on. good morning - yesterday we talkedboutsave youome moy when you wt shoppi for supewl merchdise... we're nodoing th today... the opositha.. you have th means to spend the money and the want to - we found the spot to
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the nfl perience in san francisco and its the first of it's kind... and it's all verexclive stuf leather compers bag for less than 150 dollars... jackets from 500 dollars.. thven makeats for 25 dollars and a ladies clutch for near 5---ousand dollars. is particular shopsn't for everne b f that rtai segment of fan -hey have that item that sets you apart. "ohat has ready be a popular it is our gold guita we've sold two already of those, and it's just a really goo guitarhat, you know, is once in lifetime thisold guitar atup bowl 50." e thing is a lot of that stuff is ls an ticket the game tomorrorning... atbe key t pick those trictsp and t a mi deal.. weonna ask pple how much they a really wiing spe r the game in san francisco
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if you notice that a lotf people are wearing red today... it's not bec there excited about valentine's y... although it is a mter of the hear we'll telyou y they're raising awaress coming
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in today's your healthy family... you'reoing to see a lot of people wearirange today...
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ahead of superbowl suay. t you might also see many peopleearing reds well th'sause... the ameran hrt associa has deed today "naonal wear reday" to women's awarenesof the heartlth. erika edwards has more. --- pk-- women are soood at runng businesses andunning households... th sometimes... they neglecto do the things they need to do to keep thei own bodies running... that's why the american art asciation is targeting women its eort to raisereness for heart disease. sot: sanne steinbaum, md - lenox hill hospital, n york, ny - :16 - :27 "women often p themsels la.. and when we look at the statistics that art disease is the numb one killer of all won - won need tpu themselves first researchas sho wom are far more likelto call for lp when they believsomeone -else- is having a heart attack ... than themselves. and recely -a study from the cleveland clinic found women are considerablyore lily than
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their ercise roune ts additn to family history, smoking and diabet.. a woman'heart disease risk increases th high bloo pressure during pregnancy . gestnal diabetes.... and depression. t:uzanne steinum, md - lenox hill hospital, new york, ny - :56 1:06 "we al know th women suf fr depn fold as often as men, an ireases her risk of hearsee bys ch as 50%." signs of heart attack in wen can be subtle - andon't alwa involve chest pain. other symptoms include shortness of breat.. pahe jaw and back... exeme fatigue... naea an tagera was - nbc - 1 1:27 emembe- a n'tuion is powerful. ifou feel somethg is off -- don't hesitate t 911. erika edwards, nbc news" ather and traffic on the 5s. meteorogist stephen bowers is here now with first ert 5. we had some snow overnig. th snow s ited the i-25 corridor and is moving over th southeaste plains this morning. itill continue shifting stward a out of our area this morning.
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temperates are ithe 20s with teens t high elevatns. wind chills are inheeens. over the southeastern plainshis morng will end from west to easbetwee7 am an10m aslouds break up around colorado springs an puebloemperaturewa tord 3degrees. anlingerg snow will gone from t plas by noon. temperatures will wa into the lower and middle 30s. expect a sunny afternoon wit
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in today's health watch... here in southern colorado we're seeing a low nr of flu c so.... even though we are well into flu season! at this ti last year, flu cases peaked acroscolorado - soarg to a recornumber of hospitalations. doctors say th was parally becausof bad matchn the flu vaccin by this time last ar, pulo already had 125 reported cases.... compared to ly sevhis season! the city county alth department says thould be from a variety of factors like the weather,ore people choosing tget vaccinated, more people washing their hds and a moreective flu shot on tmaet. thcirculatinflthat's causiniless in the community tcs the intivad compenof the f vaccine so what floating aroundausing disease is actllwhatn thflu vaccine
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yo flu shot, dtors say it's not too late. they also recommend staying home - if you do t sick. still ahead... from aquariums to tattoo shops... e broncos nia continues! wel show you howans are
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februas huge alouhandcrted,, classic folos arjustch evenur suby ub d chken bacon ranch melt. $6 footlgs are a big deal. e media going a ttle c.i amn e heart ofha being called "sub-mageddon." wi an incredib amot of accumulation insi.. that neems tbe spig the seets. i ha nevereeanhing for $ea.
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ba.. omback... righw youre taki aiv okroour lodo nditns for you.. onhifirst alert ather day. lcomck. we've en broos fans decked out in everything from crazy stumes to wild ircutsn preparation for the super bowl. nosome are making a more permanent mmitment to eir team. they're heing tattoo shops to get ink! and one deer business... is hing to turn team pride... into support for the community..
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of orange for today, just cause i knew". at the ess ink tattoop - artists e dog frroncos tattoo.. fopatrs whbrin donati the shop is ising money for e onlo" yoh foba ogram... h gis der- prileged athletes a placeo play. "being from montllo and going tohaboys and girlsluwhen first opened,t's really nice to see it all go ba". less ink" is holding a mpetiobetween anher tattoo sp charlotte, north caroli- me othnthers -- to sewhn raise e mo moom their fretatt whoever loses has to post picture with the oosite am's flag and alseaa plate of rocky mountain oysters. first it was bears... annow underwater animals a allacing their bets for superbowsundand in thi caset's good news for the broncos! yestday at a florida aquarium...
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thbroncos to win... swimming and putting his face onhe glass below theeam's lo aqrium staffers y the matee hadone this for nine years and has been right eight out of nintimes! however... another nattee picked the pantrs to win! so we'll jt have to itntil sunday to see which matee is correct! weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorogist sthen bowe is here now with first ert we had some snow ornight. that snow has exited the i-25 corridor and is moving over the southeastern plains this mornin will coin shig eastward and out of our area thisning. the day will groadually more sunny. mperur are in e 20s wi teenin the high elevations. nd chills are in the teens. snowver e uthern plains this morning wi end fromt to easbetween 7 d 10 am as clouds breaup ound coloradspd pueb andempetures
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anlingering ow wilbe gon om the plains oon. temperaturesill rm into the lower and mile 30s. expect a sun afternoonith
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first up at 5:30- this first alert 5 athe dawe have some del tell you abt: lewis-palmer district 38, monument ademy charter
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on a 2-hour delay. we'll scroll the latt lays-- as they come in-- the bottom of the screen. w... let's get a look at e road conditions after anotherresh batch of sw ovnight. news 5'soanna wise is live in cooado sings-- joann- tough conditions again this morning! good mning. if you're headed oor you morning comme... expect a messy one we're athentersection struthers and nortate on the north si of cora sprin. thplows are out this morning. a ng week for the colorado spstreets division. they are one a city-wi fl call-out again. that mns me than 40 crews are making t rounds. they are focusing on primary a
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the snow overnight won't help the issue at schools in district 49... where huge snow drifts a ill all over campuses! at falcon middlechool... parents are ncerned about th drifts that are sevel feet high...
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children areaving troue walking to school and getting in and out of cars. the school disict says they did what they could... but other pares say they hope d-49 comesn and clrsut even more of the snow. joanna mentned-- snow pws are working to car ad-- after so much proess was made since mons storm. whilmost main stets habeen clred, icend snow on sidestreets, driveys and siwalks ntinue to a problem in se neigorhos. thty iing a speciaol lled thearcthark" get undeeath the ice osnowpacked roads. shifting gears now... a colorado springs womanill going to prisofor th yes... after pleang guilty to "child abuse relting in serious bodily injury" "mayra juarez-martinez" was arrestedast yearlong with another suspect. the toddler was rushed to the found him unresponsive. investigators fod his injuries to be suspious.
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a federal stigation reveals a v-a inic in colora springs... reported incorrect wait times. investigats say the floyd ndstrom outpatnt clic report that 59 verans actually received appointments sooner than they really di it's not clear whether the rerds were deliberaty falsifd to make the clic's performance ok better th it was. nearly 500ppntments from 20-14 to 20-15 were vied. thisng-- new investigates howhousands of service members d vilian contractors could face debilitating respiratory proble... after being exposed to possibly toxic smoke from burn pits. in tdeo you can see notorious burn pits in iraq. thas one of dozens of pits --- contracted out by the department of fense to destroy all kindof w... fr vehlepart to medica waste, batteries, tires an ammunition. buju as searchers ar awing a connection between
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diseas.. we uncovered.... congress has cut funding to stit for 2016. richard vanhorn, ay ve exposed to burn ts "you feel ndf pendable," veroni landry, ctractor exposed to burn pi "right at 10 yrs later i ended up in the hospital twice wmy lungcompletely failinge, i mean i couldn't breathe,""this could t be a worseimto take funding off the table for research." in full disclosure, landry-- you st saw ia former koa ployee. e had leaer job he because of these mediises related to her time as a contraor i iraq near burns. asor our congrsional delegation: representative doug lambn said he was puzzled as to why burn pits were removed from research pgrams. senator michael bennet's office said it uld look into it. we haven't heard from senator cory gdner's office. r the full investigation, our website koaa dot com...
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time now for weather a traffic on ts. teorologist sthen bowers i here now wh fit alert 5. snow we hadomsnow oveight. that snow has exit the i5 corrid and isoving over the southeasrn plains this rning. it wilcontinue sfting eastward a out of our area this morni. the day will grow gradually more sunny. temperures are in e 20with teens the higelevions. wi chillare in the teens snow over the southeastern plains this moing wi e from west toast betwn 7 am d 10 am as clouds break up around colorado springs and eb and temperatures warm toward 3 degrees. any lingering ow will be gone from the plains by noon. temperaturesill wa into the loweand middle 30s. expe s aftnoon with highs ranging from mid- 30to
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die-rd bncos fanacross t state are aning their rbow partie.. bue n inuebl.. may tahe cake!! rtat "cl-- also owasnthony o's
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live band,roncos thed muc for when the musicians are taking a bre -- d near ery kind of broncos raphernalia you've ever seen, and some tt you haven't. this't jt r e supebowl -- at ote's house, thers a broncos rty every week! pfor it all by saving up at his job as a water hauler. i'm yelling out my truck, go on go, go bron i get dressed up in my gear and i go t ere and deliver water, i'm having funith it. his love of the team doesn't rub off on everyone, thoug-- his neighbs telle the parts are mo tnucewith a lo musicnd a rowdyowd. but for e super ot d his ies say eyust want to haveunith those they callam-- ando top it off, sunday is also otero's birthday. kick super-bowl weekend... a local arst will be creating
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the artist will start cag at noon tod icolorado sprin at the promenade shops at briargat it will two-to-three hours to complete the 2-ton sculpture! it will then blit in ue and orange lhts. and left on spy until the sun melts it away! there will also be free hot cholate and prize giveaways! still ahead. decratic presidential hofuls go head toead... th hillary comg out swinging and bernie not backing dn! weave the highlights of last ght debate... plus.. shoo puts two poce officers in the spital and t suspect dead.... we have the latest on the
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is morning... two new yoity ce officersre breated at thhoal after twere shot and wounded in x last night. police say the male and male ce were on patl pu houng complex when they were confronted an armeman who shot them. one offir was hit in theace, the other in the abdomen. according to pic.. thsuspt fledhe scene and lateshotilled hielf. the coio tffers known. in the latest n-b-c ws poll... democratic presint candate "bersanders" is leading "hilla clion" among voters. last nig... both candidates fad off in a debate one last time before the new hampshire imary. "tracie potts" hashe highghts. --- insert pkg ---"msnbc" supeburned in so hillary clinton/ presidential candidate00-:05 "enough is enoh. if you've got something toay, y it dectly." hillary clinton, pushing back on the idea that she can't be tgh on wall street bause she's taken so mucmoney from them. sot: hillarylint/ d presential cdidate :12-:19
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changed a view or a voteecause of anyonation that ever receiv." t: bnie nders/ d presidenal candidate :21-:32 "what we need do is to stand to the big money interest m very proudo behe only ndidate here who doot have a superpac." applau they debated pinfor campaigns... and paying for free college and free healthcare. sot: bernie saers/ d esidential candidate :37-:41 "i dnot accept the belief that thunited states ari can't dohat." sot: hilla clintd prestialdidate :42-:46 "t numbe just don't add up from wt senator saers has been proposing." on foreignolicy the democrat disagreed on how quickly to normalize lationwi iran: sot: hillary clinton/ d presidtialdida :52-:55 "you don't just rush in, open the door and say 'here i am, t's lknd make a deal.'" t: bernie sanders/ d presidential candidate :56-:59 "tse are ectly the people yohave to ta to d you ve to negotiate with." unitedn prinple,ut drawing distinctions on how to get things done. inse end two seco pause audioutcue: tracie potts, nbc ws, washington. the united states is pledging to dote50lionollars this fial year to help refugees i sya.
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made this unment yesterday london.... america's contributionill help fund sools... shelter and bs for refugees from syria'civiwa at yesterday's meeng... in t adom arounthe d pledd than n- billion dollars in humanitarian d. a new port of entry d international brid is now op... nnecting thenited stes d xico... yestery... mexican president "pena nieto" and s cabinet officialgathered for ceremony. the bridge was built tennce inteational trade, impve environmental condions and alleviate estion in the area. it concts tornillo texas and guadalupe xico president ieto" says the way forwarfor both countries is througthe building of brids, not walls,hich will just dividem. this morning... goodews for int miigan... thamount of leadn the city's watesupply... is startinto decreas th is accoing e-p-a... annoued samplin of
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homes showhe filters are actually working. the e-p-a says they will contin tdo weekly testing... until they solve the water crisis. ewwo tsave a homels man om the side of a dam in shgton state thdangerouscueas all caught on camera. responders h to be lower fr helicopter to hoist the man upo the chop the man was planning to set up camp there but it wa ngerous. he went days without food and water but is expecd to b okay. timeowor weather and traffic 5s. meorologt stephers is here now with first alert 5. we had some snow ornht. that snow haexited the i-25 soutasrn plas this morning. itill contue shiftg eastward a out of our area this morning. e day ll grow adlly more sunny. temperatures are in the 20s with tes in the high elevations.
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ow over the heastern plains this moing wi end fr west to east tween 7 am an10 am cloudbreaup ound colorado springs an eblo andemperatures rm toward 30 degrs. any lingering snow will be gone fromhe plas by noon teates will rm io the loand middle 30s expect a sunny afternoon with
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ught on camera -- inmate in kennewick, whington courthouse! the fugitive managed to get away them noticin.. d then used his clothes to hide his handcuffs! he even ditched his oran prison slippers and ran barefoot out the front door of the courthouse. ckily police caut up with him about three miles away... this is the second time the te has escaped from police custody! to kk off the big carniv weekend in new orleans ahe of mardi gras... today... it's time to grease e poles! the 46th annual event will be hoed by actor "bryanatt". asart of tradtion... tt and several "local ladies" will oil the royal sonesta hotel's lcony support poles. rdi gr is only four days
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's not a party bus.. and yone cebting in new orlethis weekendill want to sy away fit! it's callethe "booking bus". and starting today.. it wl be patrollinaround the stivities! it's basicalla full jailhouse booki rm on wheels! officers take anyone who gets arresteon board... wh they wilbe photographed, fingerprd,nd given the oppouny to post bond on si! officials y the mobiletion saves time and k officers on the streets where theyre needed most during this busy time. still ahead. taking broncos prideo a new level.. how one locaschool is showing thr pporfor the team in a big wa
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right now... fans all over colorado are preparing to tch the denver broncos in the superbowl! and inueblo. one elementary school is also gearing up for the big game. but first -- "a name change" is order!! sot: please celebrate the as the beulah hghts broncos! yesterday at an assembly.. the princil re an official proclamation cngg e school'sascot the broncos! as fans, they say -- they can't be the beulah heights panthers,
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the panthers! ead of blacknd white their colors will chge to blue and orange. it's really fun because ese are the things kids are going remember and we ve to work ha on reading and writing and math and we do that everyday but the fact that they allow us to ha some fun with se stuff once in awhile, i thinit really makes the kids want to come to school and like i said, those are the things kids e going to rember the scol p on keepg this name change through super bowl sunday... beforeecoming thpanthers again on monday. time now for weather andraffic on the 5s. meorologist stephen bowerss re now with first alert had se snow overnht. at snow exitedhe-25 corridor and is moving over the southetern plains this rng. itill continue shifting eastwand out of our areathis morning. the y will grogradually mo sunny. tempatures are in th20s with teens in the hh elations. wind chillare in t teens. snow over the soheas
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and 10 am as clouds break up around corado springs and pueblo aperatures warm towa 30 degrees. any ngering snow wilbeone from the p noon. temperatures will warm into the lower and middle 30s. expect a sunny afternoon with highs ranging from mid- 30s to
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februa february is huge for us. all our handafted classic footlongs e just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy.
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with an incredib amount of accumulation inside... that now all ouassic footlongs for just $ea. ro crews are b road crereack on full out this morning.. as mother ture covers up theirrdfr the last few days.. news five is also back on e streets.. eping an eye on conditionsor you as y get readyor your mornincommute.c plus... it is the last orange iday of the season.. as the dver broncos get set to play in super bo 50 on sunday.. eryone is gettinready for thbig game... including rado sta police... wetell you their plans f acking down on drunk driversth weeke we had a dof sno overnight, but theno exit the i-25 corrid is moving across thsoutheastern plains mperat arethe tes
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rm tard the 30s 4h for ghs thisfter. tas on thiweend's weather are congp ineather & traffion t 5's. good morning, than foroing on thisriday february 5th. i'm shne cockrell. and m ira cr. it's a first art 5 wther day... and weacking sool delays u... they are scrolling at thbottom ofour screen.. anatoaa dot m.. manyts in colora springs hanally beenared of ow om monday'ter stor but this morng-- thoseoa e covered agai news 5's joannwise picks up our weather alert coverage-- in loradogs-- with a look at conditions on t north sidef town. good mning... if y're heed out for you morning commute...
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