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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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deep, amyits eec across the o ding mule refighters worke simultaneous despite aftershocks. taanese tevision shn womaghp carefully helped to safety. those who escape relievedo be alive. f no repos of deatious injuries but at least twbuildinghave collapsed, one 1 ories high12 peop rescuedrom it so f, repos y buas the hours g , ere wi be fefor yone still missing. keir simmons, nbc news, ndon. here in new york was an accident that triggered a sudden violent and deadly impact on a maattan st. a camera capturinghe moment thathe boom of a massive crane fell to rt crumblinpart of a building, crushing cars and killing passer-by. giant cranes are ubiquitous iamerican citi amid a highise nstruction boom buts we've seen
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highly dangerous. nbc's kristehlgr has the tas. >> it' mas now, he' dropping it real quick now >> wa! [ bleep >> repter: moment tsi ane crhed toarth ureddeo,s stund witnesse looked oin disbelie >> hy [ bleep ]! there was a enormog, like the loest bang ever. the ole building, like the whole eartshook. >> repr: on the reet, bris strehinghe lgth ofwo football fields. the 300-to metal crane twisted and broken. its cabspped. carslattened. >> we're going tneed numerous ambulces here we have one person struck by the crane. we have one person trapped a car. >> reporter: the trapped man s one of three jured. 38-year-old david wick was killed, mply walkinon the street ring rush hour, when the crane crashed do. hundredsf rescue rkers shed tthe scene, as did new york's mayor, call it a miracle more wen't kill >> this incident curred lerally as
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crantoecure it >>eporter:ut neighborsay they worried out th crane well before this morning's winds. >> ididn't lk right. >> reporter: so you're not surprised? >>'m stued, but i'm not rised. >> reporter: constructionranes are common sight around mttan. thr safety ce undescruny in 2008 wh t collapsed wiin tonths, kiinnine. e ty's bldin mmission resneannew safe measuresere put in ace. just last ma aable on a cranenaed injung ten. at crane own by thsame comny as the onthat clapsed today. following this moing'incident, e city immediately ordesome 4ther cran be cured. now th crane was justpeed yesty rnin a we're to was fully mpliant u can see the vestigatio continuetonight. they've also st do l of the gas mains in t area,ing to prevt otr edy. leer, couldake >> kristen dahren here in new york,
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we a entering the finaweekend before the nation's first prary in new hampshire and two brand new polls show bernie sanders starting to close the gaon hillary clinton national, after theistontentious debate yet, clinn is campaigng rd win that sportack. nbc'ea mitchell spoke wi her on the ail. >> pulle into our yard and wwill -- >>orter: hlary clinton today re out to women and yng people who havbe flocki to rnie nders, bringinin the cavalry, wen senators. but the crowwas moly oa ceain age, the scene reflecting cnton's base, noyoung people. ey say you sou like a litician, that bern sanders sounds mo authentic. >> well look around i ha aot of ung peopleho are orting mand they e working real hard eve single day to go ou contact voters to make the case. >> reporter: and after brushing off chuck todd's qstioabout releasing transcripts of her paid speees to walstreet banks. >> in full discsure, would you are he lse al of tm?
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it. i don't know the status but i'll certainly looknto it >> repter: are you willing to release the transcripts? >> id i would look into that. i wanto t into what's reay behin this. >> rorter: are you rry now that dou it? >> no, i'm not because i thghit w a gooday to mmunice what i was eing in e world. >> reporter: bernie sanders today not taking up that issue. speakingan erow crowd in th snow >> what mentum is, is that he midst of a snowsrm, you can't geall of the peop into the room. that momentum. >> reporter: this ter the gloves came off last night. >> one of the thin we should s not only tthe talk, but walk the walk. >> i think it'time to end the vy artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> oh. >> in recent wks. >> ooh. >> and let's talk -- [ booing ] >> reporr: but sanders seeming to struggle on reign policy. >> north kea is a very strange situatio because it is such an isola country, run by a
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oraybe just one. >> repter: wasn't eno sway the ung vote inton's way. >> tre's shing veryolitics ab thy thhe talks, and bernie has the frhing way o eaking. >> reporr: tonight clinton reated her charge that beie sanders is smearing r and that his answers on theebate stage showthat he's t ready toe commander chief. i asked about that, he replied that washe clintoattack of the day and sa she has failed the most important foreign po test, bvoting for the wainraq. >> a republicannd field hr and hott, too, gearing up for its final debate before the new hampshe imary, and marco rubicould be a bigg target on the ste tomorrow night that'sparent price of success. ounew poll shows him ring to second place in tt e nd ld trump. nbc's gabe gutieez caugne rub toda reporter: tonight, marco rubio is on the rise, but under
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how can you convince the republican primary voters that you are the guy? >>ecse nber on i give us thbest chance to unify this party. >> reporter: today ruo sat down with us as he prepar for crucial debate tomorrow. >> his recd of accomplishments slim. >> reporter: some of his rivals alrdy pouncing on his perience. this election is about the future, no just theesume competion. being president the united states is not like being a rea estate developer. it's not like being a governor it is about being commander in cef. reporter: rubio arguespassed a bi to rerm va and another to sla re sanns on e terrorisgroup zbollah. was enough of acmplishment, though, to putn your top five? >> it absolutely i >> reporter: was it that har tugh? >> that how you judgmeanul things. >> reporr:h just efore th primarner nald trump stuck in w york this morning because he couldn't get tonowyew hampshire. jebushauntg him in tweet "my 90-yr-olth
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campaign ted cruz also under fi as brhtbart news pubshedhese ice mails. thi is the cruz campaign whreak , dr. b carso e snding his mpaig for tomorrow night's caucuses. >> reporter: the phone the niof the iowa caucuses by his affers, implying ben carson was dropp out. nbc ws not independently verified these specic calls has confirmed similar ones were ma cruz insists h staff simply shad an accurate story tha carson was headed home to florida after the caucuses. >> that was a very unetcal thg to do. >> reporter:he crowds here at rio's rallies ntue to grow but his aid continue to run a very scripted campaign, always seeking to manage expectations. they will only say that theampaign hopes to finh in the top tier here in new hampshire. lester? >>abe,hankou federal health officials today issued new guideles about the zika virus a safe sex pract aimed preventing the spread in this
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51 zika cases have now been found in a doze states and washington, c., all but one brout into this country by travelers. d there is growing concern about the large outbak in brazil, as we closin on the summer olympics in, now just six months awa rehema ellis has more. rorter: today the cdc is rushing to produce morea testg kits. >> theren't en ka tests to go around we've been turng em out as rapidly as we can. reporter: also todaa new wag urging all m who have been to t zika zo to abstfrom x or use condomsf theyava prnant pane andveif their partner isn't pecting, to consider taking the same precaution for the ti being. e new discovery of zika iine and saliva raises even more questions abo how the virus can be trsmitted. all the uncenty adds to growing concerns aut this summer's olympics, the ening cereny happens here in ri
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tonight. and already rehan 1 million tourists from around the world are flocking to brazil for carnivale ng ts wed, threwski to wipehe mosqu cang zik rio's mayor insists city is ppared. thiss different than whher or not're gog toave nue -- >> i'm n trying to minimizehe problem everyday proem we're livingere. >>eporter: 26-year-old dir and olympic hopeful bie in rio ler this month. >> even though it's a mild flu-like illness for someono is n illness can fect athletic performance. athletes who hav eted while egnt ondon'2012 gas ther inclin americs, who won gold perhaps reassung to athlet and tourists, rio is more than 1,000 miles south of the outbak epicenter ancoer teeres in august should deter the
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rehema ell, nbc newso. >>three dafter an elosion tore a big in a mali jeinthare nelo to rt. auitiey ther ve beemultiple arrests, and while some officials say a suicide bomber ia whlchair is suspected, and that explosives were hidden in a laptop, tse reports are now contdicted by othe with knowledge of the inveigation. five american investigatve arrived in somalia to help in the search for answers. there is late word that the ex-girlfrie of n quarterback johnny manziel h taken out a protective der against him. e told police he at her but she did not ess charges. not soong ago manziel was a top nf prospect, bunow as cob rascon reportis family fears heiraling out of control. >> repter: they call him john footbal the first freshman er to win the heisn trophybut if 23-year-old clevelanbrowns quarterback johnny
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mediathelp, his family says, he won't live to sehis 24th birthday. in a policreport, manziel's ex-girlfrienis quoted saying last weekend thnfl star struck her seval times, incding in the left earand ran off. >> i heard her screaming so i came out my balcony and she id her boyfriend had beat her up. >> reporter: tonight a judge signed a restrainorr ing the quarterback away from his ex-girlfriend for twyear and ordeng him tpay $12,000 in leg fees. the exirlfriend deined to es charges and police closedhe case, but night, the fallout isust beginning. the brns are expect to release him, his agent droppingim today. al today in san francisco, nfl commission roger good >> we haveoung peop that may ve issues that ne to be addressed. we want to program and we'll always look see how we can do th tory to help tm make tse
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rossm ma becse it' never just a cgh. for the first time in this country a doctor has been sentenced for kling patients by overprcribing pain medication. the los angeles-based physician received0 years to life for the murders of three people in her re. as nbc morgan radford explains, it coulsend shockav tooctorses offices around the nn. >>orter: lisa tseng, once a thriving physician now bind bars. >>uilty of the crime ofurdein the second dre >> reporter: sentenced to 30ears to le for the murder of nguyen, steven ogle d joseph rovero. >> a person d not care abo theiv of h patients. >> reporter: in court today a public apology. i would like to apologize all my patients and their family membersnd i'm
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for all of your loss. >> ror thiis the fit ti a u. doctor h er en convted murder foprcring poweul addictive drugs li pcoset and vicodin all to get ch quick. >> she wrote the prescrtions. she prov the vehicle r the addiction to be perpetuad and for ese deaths to cued. orter: n tsd in h beten 2007 and when teturns show heraking in $5 ion. prosecuts say sometimeseng kept no ralicalecor or escrtion ottis e fad threcords all togeth. her convti raising toquesons about prcription andain. >>he ia tremendous problem with conic pain in amica. doctors have to balance when it's propriate and when to stop. >> repter: the amount oprescription pain killers dpensed in the u. quadrupled since 19, soas t number of prescription related dehs, killin44 pple in the u.s. everyingle day. >> thesage this
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with trulicity, i click to activatehat's within me. ant help improvir a1c and ood sugar numb with aon-insulption, uroctoabout-weeity. a wn. thiss joan this is joanne. her long day as a hair styst starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, wa to tradth l y reef of 2 aveit 6 lel?
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asand more stes permit the use of maruana, sales of the drugre explein exoding. nefigures out this week show at lal pot salegrew by almost $1 billion ov the la year $5.4 billn. 23tates pl washgton, c., now permit medical or recreational use. harrsmith has more for us tonight. >> reporte if you've en around somee smoking marijuana, you know it has a distinct aroma, but more and more, thcent is the smelof money. >> that will do it. >> reporte four s from now, sales are expectedo exed 0 billio >> we're looking at
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>>eporter: attitud about rijuana e in amichavenged astilly er the last 20 years. support for legalization was 36% in 2005. it's 58% now. thaptite for marijuana is hearty. aan jtice run a dicaarijuana dispsa i los angeles called bs anse >> wraisedes last yr we did or 3 million in sales. >>eporter: out of is little place ght here? >> out of this little place,es. >> reporter: and legalizaon has brougha windfall in tax revenue. corado 2015 total? t$100 milln. legali initiatives likely to appear on the ballot thisea in at lst a half dozen states. medical mariju several more f these llot itiatives do wl in 2016, it cld really spell t end of marijuana prohibition in very short orr. >> reporter: the same ballot box may pve problematic for ending prohibition. what presidential
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w,,,,,,,, finay, we're le than 48 hrs from the sup bow and while many of us would lo to sethe big gameust once in r lives,bc's savann guthrie talks to five friends who have been every single one. >> where youeen? >>eporter: 50 ar ago on a lark, these five friends fm back east, sylva schefler, lew ppaport, al schris, larry mcdonald and hary rothenberg decided to attend football event no one heard of, lledhe world championsh ge. now it's called the supebowl theyad suca grt time, th wenthe ne y andhe ne, until five years became t, d ten beca 20. it would go to be a lifeng tradition, g ba tthe sur eve sing yr. evtu calling their posse e sur wl five. why you think this oup clicked?
5:55 pm
family man, and that was, i felt we'll have a family and we'll get together. >>orter: they ve personalized jackets and swtsuits, rings, bathrobes and even a racehorse name what else, superbowlfive. imane, they have seeevery pl supowhistory, but rhapthmost ving these men all veterans, all deeply patriot, was sur bowl x, dung the heht othe gulf r, wn whitne housn sang the national anthem an f-16s fl over in >> we sti in t ofome professional football player, weurned around, tears were staming. there s not a dry eye inhe stadi. >> not a dry eyen the use. >> yes. >> reporter: 50 years is quite a milestone, and have you been thinking aboutha anniversy and at it means? >>'m sure, it does t me sometimes and thk e rd we're togeer. nothing iforever,sann. we all underand that. >>e'reeved to ch oer and we're devoted to theuper
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>> enjoy the gam fellas, and many, many more. that's going to do it for us on a friday nigh i'm lester holt, f all of us at nbc news, thank you fowatching and good night. fr the bronc fr the broncosetti ready northercalifornia, to how fans here inolorado ar getting ready to celebrate---we yr mplete coverage on super bowl 5 mike ad bs tease hello evyo and thanks fojoin f n5 6. m rob good eveni. m len. outop ortonight: the brons are ready and so are the fans! super bowl weeke ijust abo
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d colodo is showing their ampirit today. 1-milliopele arexpected to be in the bay area thiweekend, as the broncos and panthers meet in sup bowl 50. from the food--to the local excitement---and what governor hickenoper h riding onhe game... we havyo comple coverage includg live rt from san francisco. xx first,.a live look in san frcisco. a very pleast day in the bay area today with tempatures near 60---and a nice day expect for the big game as well. leadorecaster mike diels tracking t weather tre and here--noatter where you'e watching the ge. mi-? snow totals fr lasnights storm.most areas got dusti to 2". divide got 5". satellite pictures, the storm moved out as quick as it med innd now we've got clearskies. rrent temperatures a cl and will drop thugho the night. clear tonight withold teeratures. tomorrow mosy sunny with a few
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new tonigh a lot of excitent acssur state leang up to super bowl sunday. everybody is hoping for a big broncos win-and showinthei teampirit today in a lot of differt ways. we sent news five's bill foom today to check onhe building broncos buz a t goin--bill --? ofourse people everywhere aring broncos clothes. th's the standard.... here at the shops atriargate they're creating broart ou ce. and across town plenty of other creative forms of blue a
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