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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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[ chee [ cheers a appus] >> jimmy! thanyou, thank you! [ cheers and applause ] >> annncer: fr neyork, it "late night with ni-- from "smart pe," jouakson. star of "the choice" benjamin walker. featurinthe 8ganth russelimmons. ladies and genemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause ]
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this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonig [ chee and applause ] so good to hr. let's t to the news. last night w the fst time bernieanders and hillary clinton faced off one-on-o in a debate. meanwhile rtinley faced off with a pint haagedazs. [ light laughter ] hillary clinn said the word "progressive" 15 times during last night's date. does she wt to be thnext president t next flo? [ laughter ] jeb bush jeb sh's mher, former first lady barbara bush, jnem on the campaign trail yterday for first time. thgh she did emphasize that she still hasn't decided who she's ting for. [ laughter ] experts say that a bl halfme performance can boost sales of an arti's mic b almo 100 percent. y d't believe me, just ask the biggest selling artist
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good old left shark. [ light laughter a youtube user named the food surgeon has released a new video showing how to repce the peanut butr in a reese's cup lled with or filling the way it works is you lose your job and tn it just kind of happens organically. [ laughter accordinto a new polof harry potter fs,he most popular spelfrom the new book series is e prtive spell "expecto patronum." incintal, "expecto patronum" is also the spell ury povich uses to deteine whether or not you're the fher. [ lauger ] cordin according to a new- quiet down. [ laughter ] all ght. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] all right. acrdg to aew reporhe
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has decrse% since bill clint was pside. [ lighlauger ] there has never been a bab named be.[ laught ] a starup in ina isoming under criticism r giving sex dolls to theire employees at a hoday party. and nody w me surpri than the sex dolls. and fina d finall a tennessee man with the word "psyattooed on his forehead was arrested this week for stabbing someone in the stomach. course, if you ve a tattoo on your forehe, no matter what say it says "psycho [ light laughter ] dies a gentlen, have -- [ cheers and alause ] a gre show for you tonight. from the n film "how to be single," leslimann is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] also, he's the star of the off-brdway pla"smart people." joshua jackson joins us. [ cheers and applause ]
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ce," bjamin walker will be stopping by the ow tight [ cheers appus] its a faastish this eveninon "lateight t beforeget toll that, llary clinton and bernie sanders have been engaged in an escalating feud thiseek over which of em can claim the mant of progressive. and last nig that feud broke out a heated back andorth ator the first timgot just as feisty as the republican debates. for more othisit's time for "a closer lo." [ cheers and appuse ] seth: so this war of words began wh bernie saer qutioned hillary clion's credentials a as a pgrsive, pointingo a ma she made last year in which she sai que, "i get kind of mo a cente i plead ilty." whi repns everywhe said, "s pled ilty? what?" [ light laughter ] , justng a moderate. oh, man. things between bernie an hillary on escated from there. >> hillary clint and bernie sanders sparring dict
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bern sanders blasted hillary clinton in a sieof tweets. >> hilla cnton hitting bac toda causing thiback and forth and ultimatelyulting in something of a twitter spat >> today whad th back foh on ttter we had a twitt war. twitter storm. >>ethat'ght, bernieande and hillary inn had a twitte r. just like the kanye/wiz khifa fe except no one used the hashtag #fingersthebootyassbitch. lauger ] [ applause ] thank god. thank god they didn't. fact, true st the rnet war bet bernie suppters andillary supporrs goto ated this week that some bnie supporrs we rtebanned from tindftampani on e dating app. [ light laughter ] don't campaign for bernie sanders on nder! tinder is the last place you want to hear "feelhe bern." [ laughter ] now, t debe over hillary and bernie's progrsive credentials relves arouncouple of key issues, including hilly's ties to wl street and bernie'
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the candatesad two chances is wee address tho issues in person a the first came on wednesduring town hall on cnn, when llary s askeabout her decision to take speaking fees from goldn sachs. >> you made three speeches f ldman sachs. you wereaid $67500 for three speeches. was that a mistake? was that a bad error i judgment? >> look, iake speeches to lot of groups. i told them wh i thought. i answered questns. but did you have to be pa $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what th offered >> seth: yeah. [ light laught ] t to te it if they oert. but goman sachs, what gives? if you have $675,000ying ound, dot book hillary clinton. for that much money, you can get kevin hart. [ lighlaught ome fun. ridelo. ght laughter ] in a follow-up, hillary was asked whether it was a good move polically foheto te e speaking fees gin that s was lily trun for president again and said ts. >> every secretaryf state that know h done that >> buthas using eir office annot running for an oice
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>> to be honest, i wasn't -- i wasn't committed to ruing. i didn't kwhether uld or not. >>ou didn't think you were going toun for presint again? >> i didn't. >> seth: y dn't? u're hillary clint. you were always going run for president, if for no other reason than the tattoo. [ light laughter ] also, anher thing, either sit down, guys, or rid of the chairs. [ ght lahter ] your fg shui is a mess. it's towing us allff. [ light laughter ] [ applause so with these sagreements spilling out in the open, the stage was set for tense bate last nightn msnbc, and almost immediately the ghtingot heated specifically over bernie's use othe word "establishment" to dcribe hillary. hillarresponded by denng e's ever been influenced b campaign donations. >> there is this attack that he's putting forth whicreally c down to, you know, abody who ever took donations or speaking
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to bbought. i justbsuty reject thnator. and i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuatn are worthyf you. and enough is enough. if you've got something to s, say it dectly. >> seth: "say it directly," whicis hillary cnton for, "come at me, b." [ light laughter ] come at me. [ laughter ] theension was palpable and itnlescalated from there. >> you will not find thaer changed a view or a vote because any donations that i ever receiv. [ cheers and applae ] d i have stood uand i ve reesented my constituentto the st of my ability, and i'm very proud of that. >> you know -- so i ink it's time to end the very aful smear thatou and your campan have been carrying out. whicis bernie sanders for "oh, he, no." [ laughter ] but still, it kept getting wo
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[ booing let's talk about the issues that dide us and s -- >> okay,et's talk abou issues. >> we bothgree with caaign finance refo. >> let's talk out . >> i worked hard for mccain-feingd. i want to reverse citizens united. >> let's talk about issues. >> let's talk abouissues. >> let's talk out issues seth: let's talk about issu. that was like watchingou rents finally ve tt fight over mey they' beeavding for years. [ light laughter ] "o you want to do th rht now, at the company picnic, in front of eveone? okay, let's do it now!" [ light lauger ] e was a heat back and fort it also featured an inresting debate tecue for bernie -- raising his fing any time waed to sasomething. >> we' going to make pgress tother when i'm esident. >> get ahead and stay ahead. ats not corporate power that has be addressed. >> t wall street guys ar trying to --try to influenc >> i will the person wh prents them fromver wrecng the ecomy again. >>eth: is tryg to respond for k fothe check? [ laughter ] "excuse me, waiter.
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[ light laughter ] the debate was isty. it w likthe democrats finallgot the from the reicans that campaigns are meant to be knoc, drag out fights. and when hilry clinton was ked if she would pick rnieanders as her rug mate, she went in r the kill shot. >> if i'm so fortute to be the nominee, first person i' call to talk to about where we go and how we get it done will be senator sander eth: oka a litt too polite r my stes but fortately bernie sanders wathere to go in for the kill shot. i happen to respect the cretary very much. i hope it's mutual. and on our worst days, i think it is fair to say we are 100 times better than any republican caidate. [ cheers and applause ] >> setgh, you guys areo fun. this h been closer loo [ cheers a appuse ] "late night."
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ne! do. bo pricelessxpiees arou the globeith... .yourlmasterca. onlyt pric ,,, [ cheers applause ] >> seth: welcome bacto "te night," everybody. our firsguest toght a very talented acess o you know from films such as "kcked up," "funny people," and "the othewoman." you can see her last project entitled "how toe silein theaters everywhere february 12th.
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>>e's like -- way over there. >> oh. no >> why?>> becausee'too young. unguysnao isavsex all day. alneedjust auick t minuen a realllong na how olist litt niber an? like twen -seven? >>he only reas a guy like that would ever lk to me is a prescrti for m rijuana. so, no. >> i think he's coming over here. yeah, no, he's tot -- wait, height be going to get food. don't look over ther , 's cg. 's here. [ lighlaughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show, leslie mann. [ cheers and alae ] >> hi. >> hi. >> so doou.
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ank you so muc >> y do. >> seth: this is a valtine's day vie. wwerell talking about how handsome you are bacge. >> seth: really? >> mm-hmm. >> set oh, my goodness. i'm nna need a list of who that all is. >> and that you ve a very cute brher. >> seth: oh, yeah, i do. i have aeally handsome brother. someeople sahe's handsomer thane, but ion't. [ laer ] i very coidt at i got inhere f. 'cau i tnkhe older broer always a litt better looking. >> no, you'rbetter looki >>et tnkou. ank you much. i'm glad we got that out of the way. >>kay. >> set so, this is a lentine's day movie. u --appi marri to judd apaw for 20 years now. >> well, eight- nine -- 18 1/2. >> seth: gota. you've been married or happily -- it's be 20 t you've only been happi for 18 1/2? light laughter ] >> we've onlbeen happy for three ars out of that 18 yes. [ laughter ] >>eth:ut you met -- you met on a movie set. you d not realize w flirti with 'cause his game was a little confusing. this -- >> wl, he s --eah,were woing on "cable gu >> seth: okay. >> a he kept sending his
11:54 pm
tell mthat he wagoing on a t of hot dates and had a l of lies in his l a i w like -i didn't it. i was like "goodor him. [ laughter th's great. od." and th he invited me to a sketball game. >> seth: vy nice. >> and i tried to cancel a bunch of tim. [ laughter ] an's like,no, you have to come." and so iento his hou, and he me me spaghetti with ragu sauce. and -- [ lighlaughter ] >>eth: did you thi you were going to a physil basketba game and hjust bught -- >>ell, we did. seth: oh, you did. okay, go. we did go ta sketball gamebut i picked him up because i didn't want m coming to my apartment. ausef i have to leave [ laught ] seth: you d'tant to leave in a py, yeah. i don't want toe stuck like with him driving >> seth: sure, of course. >> and so, but he also had the wond bread witthe fleishman's margarine. >>eth: oh, man. >> and some other gross food, i don't remember. and then he played me "heavyweights." eth: "heavywghts."
11:55 pm
>> seth: like ki aa t camp, yeah. >> and that was his, you know, his game, i guess. his [ laughter ] >> sh: i gotta be honest. i don't know whohasays more about, that was his plan or at it workedu. >> i know. i know. i guess -- i don't know what to think. >> seth: had you been terrible at dating up until then at you ought like, "wow, this is a cah"? [ light laughter ] he made mepaghetti, he showing me his movie. >> and i hadeay bad taste in men. [ laughter ] but n't all when we're in our early 20s? >> seth: yeah. i codnind a od guy in my s. [ light ughter ] i dated -- , i dated a guy who was in betenouses 'cause he couldn't -- he worked at the newsstand. buit was like the cool wsand. [ lahter ] heasool.
11:56 pm
[ laughter ] >>e was holess [ laught ] he was. but -he was super cute, d -- but wanted nothing to do with me and of course that made me want to, like -- i liked him even more. and he parked his r -- he had a car -- outside of the post ofce on beverly in l.a. and so he was always like, "yeah, i'm busy, i don't know. and i thought, "oh, he's cheating on me." and i could you know, drive by the post office if his windows were steam i knew he s home. laht ] so cld tel y kw, he wasn't cating me, he wasn't withomeone else. he was -- >> seth: gotcha. >> -- home in his car. [ laughter ] >> seth: and someh you let that one slip throh your ngers. >> i know.
11:57 pm
>>eth: wow, okay. so now alla dden spaet and white bread unds ptty go. >> that's why --hat's why worked! ye, had a house >> seth:h, tt's all grt. and you -- now y are -- i will say this, like, you're married but you're still -- 'cause in movie you date, whi we know from the clip. you ay a dtor, but y get thas jlacy, he's awoerful actor. you get to fooar witlike a youngegu yeah. >> seth: and isn't -- was that nice? >> yea [ laughter ] it was nice. yoknow, actors always say, like"yeah, it's really har my job. it'sike so technical when yo do lovscenes. it's n funt all. i n't enjoy it at all." that's bull [ bleep ]. [ laughter >> seth: that's great to hear. >> iovit! it's so fun. cially if yo in a long-term relationsh, like you get a free pass to -- >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> andake lacey happens to be
11:58 pm
[ laughter ] he's -- he's -well, firsof all, he goes to the gym a lot. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> ands hairle, which is ffenfrom judd. [ laughter ] and he had to pick me up aot we had to do this little sex scene where picke up and his ck didn't go out once. [ lahter ] >> seth: fantastic. >> and yeah, he wagreat. t yoknow, he hreat peonal too >> seth: uh-h. light laer ] i feike you're squzing that iat the end and ion think that matters. utrefer judd. that's nice. [ light laughter ] there's a -- you prefer juddo jake, i' buy tt. but u d an intervi junt pres where you're out lking about this mie, you basically lk to a porter aboutr minutes at a te. >> yeaes. >> seth: over the coursef a day. little slap happy. >> loopy, yeah. >> sh: this is you and dakotaohnson, your cstar in the film. >> yeah. >> seth: ianna sho-- thiis you talking to a ns porter, and i wanna find out if yolike judd more than him. let's look at this rl ick. oka are you single? >> i am single.
11:59 pm
>> wow, thank you. >> look, h guy. >> guy. >> this is a. >> can youake off your srt? >>eah. >> you gs! >> maybe i'll undo one button. >> who makes that suit? >> one button. how 'bout two butts? two butts. two more buttons? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's like -- yo almost broke some laws. >> i know. i know. well -- >> seth: have you talked to th guy since? >>o. [ light laughter ] it's weird becse we were -- you know, i'm sittg with dakota all day and she's 26 years old. and single. and beautiful. d i kind of start inking that i like her oras le r. >>eth: sure. >> and everyone's sayingike, hat's it like to be ngle, what's it like?" and at first i'm like, "well, i've been married, i've been married." and then i forget. i forget. [ laughter ] and so get caught up in the whole thing. and i'm like, "yeah!" and xt thing inow i'm asking this guy to ta off his srt. [ lit laughter ] >> s and theit's on camera. >> and theit's ome, ah >> seth: so judd sawt.
12:00 am
and he- yeah, he madmeeel baabout it. light laughter ] he's like, "yeahi saw that interview. what up with that?" but thenhe guy tweeted that inteiew out and judd tweeted back like "fouome! let's get togethernd have a fome." laughter ] i don't know what -- >>eth: so, hcan't really take the high ground anymore oncee ys foursome. no. >> seth: well, again, i kn you guysot three lked re still loing for a urth. i'd love to . lahter ] thanyou so much for being back on the sho >> thank you so much. eth: so great toee you. >> thank you. [ cheers and applae ] >> seth: leslie mann, everybody. check out "howo beingle" in theaters februy 12th. rht back with joshua jackson.
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the ready for you alert, only at .com. cheers and appe ] >> seth: wco back, everybod please give it up for the 8g baver ther hap thave them with us.[ cheers and applause ] also, he's been sitting on ums all week along with th8g nd. om the new york city's the jon spencer blues explosion, pleas ve it up for russell simins. thanyou very muc-- >> thank y. >> sh: -- for being here ts
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comeack any time it's been a delight having you. earlietoday, i was gazing out my window, watg e snowakes faland couldn't help but tnk that -- i'm sorr i could bwrong here, bui think i sml some smo, and that could mean only one thg. it's time for "ya burnt." >>eth: >>eth: welcome to the burn zone. e t a lot of topics sizzle through, not a lot of me. over here is turner. let's turn on e gas and load her up. tchi matchi. [ er ] first upnald tru. you thout yod win iowa. yothoughyou'd win erythi d you didn't you lost to ted cruz. at's likif mammad allost to frasier -- cre. side bured cz. >>idbu. >> seth: trump, yoalways say america doesn'win anymor well, lcome to amecabuy. doldru, you aren't fed,
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but.chrsnd appuse ] uces. how e ll dyou wo? i an, i'vead iexained to 20 mes, but seriously, how e he do you work you're a bunchf white pele stding around in a high school gym like they st rushed the courafter jv basketball game. it'sike a weird prom wh no muc oranci. ll of iowa t town from "footlse"? cauces, e votes have been tallied and ya burnt [ apause ] low stakesap bee i remember wheshots fired meanthat shots had auallbeen fired. now you haveo scroll through meone's itter feed to find t what went on bunokae and z khalif detel thr ts, so n'ene re what haen. know kan's m aut meg, just n'pumy nger in . lahter w stakesap bf, y're ground, you'reoasted, ya but. applse ] last time valentine's day gifts. if it's februa 13th and you' at the hallmark ste, y already blew it. lahter ] evy kiss beginwi kaynd
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half-pcebox of russe stover cholas.laughter ] yoknow it's crpy gift if you pick iouof aaie th was filled th halloen cay a montago.>>appy valentine's d. >> if this tdy bear could talk, he wouldayi came fe withome cigatt." la-mute lentine's day gift, yaurnt. [ applause ] town of nxtaey t impressed th your grouho between ose weirtraditio aninhome to a ace called bbr's knob, m caing right now. i thinyou gu are io some freaky s stuff. [ laught ] which one of you is goler? be hon [ laughter ] d by the way, ler's knob sounds like the wod's worst cotry western ga [ laughter wait ad, have done this befor can guys plaback las ar's ya burnt? >> also,his ales down at place called gobbler's kno gobbles kn sous like the rls wot countrweern gaba sh:h.
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hey, punxsawne you better geba in that hol'causea burnt. [ plause ] wintertimeryki w it is that the'swoee ofetsh othgrou yet i cat find a single op of moistu imy entire bo?[ laughter ] al thas fomaki my knuckles bleed. i rely love lookg like a turnf the century boxer. myands are so dri can literally sharpen a pencil with osed fist. look. [ ughter ] ntertime dry sn, i may need lotion but you need aloe because ya burnt. [ applause ] per bowl parties. yolove footbwhy no close out the season by celebratg with pple of wildly varying levs of enthusiasm for game. les see the ies. look at the stting linp. up first, e wento a northeastern liberal arts collegthatidn't have a footballrogram. 's the girl who els bad for e losing team. light lauger ] who that inhe corner chewing his ilto nubs? it's the co-rk who is no fun
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a team that's getting crushe up next, y don't want her here, d she doesn't nt tbe here either. it theumr wi whops brinng u"concussio [ laughter from the ohio state university used toarty harbut now he's asleep in a recliner by the third qur. it's the new dad. [ laughter ] she can't be here in person but ifheame lose you know mom's going to call in the fourth quarter with question abouyour easter ans. [ lit laughter ] anwho could forget the coupl that broht a t big d [ lauger ] od news, everybody, you're out ind out togetherhat dog goes czy eve time he arwhistle. d what sowl 50arty wouldn'te completeut the dude w keeps asking hen's halftime going to gere? i'm josiore coldplay." >> fingers crossed for "yellow." >> featuringhe foodie whis disinted no is eating the psciutto d melon he brought. also fm the unsity o"i don't ow and'm not going to ask" is the downstairs neighbor you only invited soe wouldn't complain about the noise. youhink his nam todd. laughter ] >> seth:nd final, the let
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[ chee and applause >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. you know our next guest from his work on the hit tv sho "the fair" and "fringe." is currently making his ofbroadway debut in "srt people," which opens februy 11th. please welcome to the show, joua jacon. [ cheers a applause ] seth: i >> seth: i'm so happy you're i'so happy you're making the timehile you're in previews for the show. i know you must besy. >> thank youor having . yeah, i will r right he dict to the stag >> seth: well, tt's very now, ien a long time since 0, 11 ars, yeah. >>eth: 10, 11 ars. i kn y've been looking for something to do in new york. what made you decide tt this was e play y wteto do? >> well -- a comedy. >> thank you for having me. yeah, wi run right here
12:13 am, it's en a lg time sinceu've done a stage play. 0, 11 years, yeah. >> sh: 10, 11 year i kn youe been looking for something do in new york. what made you decide tt this was the playou wanted to do? >> well -- i have to prefe by sg it's a comedy. seth: okay. >> but it about race and gender and all of the dynamics and politics that are happening in our world right now. d when read , i thought it waa ry smart plaabout these smart peopleraling with these issueat we're all trying to deal wh and te it in a way that y c actually hr it because it allows you to lgh, right? thesare difficulthings that nobody rlly wants to t about, and this pl as you -- i hope. we'll see tonight. [ light lauger ] in a couple of hours. hopefully an enjoyable ride to get intohese conveations. >> seth: i igine when you g up things like race, do u el an anxiety the audience in the beginning of the show where thedon'quite know to expect? >> sure. well, they don't know what to expect and then, you kno these e difficult conversations that we avoid pretty mu at all costs in siety, right? i can see into the cro. so i see peoe literally looking arou, like, "am i alloweto laugh at this?" and i just see -- you know, clock it. likethis dude looking ound like, "oh, that's fun -- uh-oh. oh, no, you're laughing. okaygood. i'm good. can go, yeah." >> seth: now, 10ears y mentne--
12:14 am
idea of doin? >> yes. yes. i mean, i'm supposede d say, "no, no, no, it's like ridi a bike. once you've done it, it's fine." but the utof the matter is that you put -- the four of us reallyaven't done a lot of theater in a long time and whene first t out ere, we're -- [ yelling evybods taing like this antryi to ll t room! and nobody knows how to be on stage anymore because working for cameras a completely different anim. seth,f ur. 'cause i imagine -- well, you must be -- so u're overcompensating when you're screaming. exactly. and the spe, is not even a huge hse by broadway standards, i don't know how those guys do it but it ibig. and you're trying to fill this spe and you're havg a slow motion nervousreakdownecause u're learning 10pages of work in the weeks. and all that fun stuff. seth: now, you talk about filling e space. you have a ne ene. yeah. >> set in it. d full frontal. >> yes. mo cheers ] ah. >> seth:ut now i've hed that baseon how youe stng on hf of the audienc
12:15 am
[ laughter ] >> yeah. we, yeah, exactly. you goto pay premium for those ses. >> seth: exact. [ ughter now here's my question. >> don't ge that stuff away. [ ght ughter ] >> seth:hefriends and mily come, which side do you put them on? [ light laughter ] >> well, that depends, friends or famy. >> seth: yeah, i gue tt' true. yeah. right, rig, right. >> i haven't qte -thers another ing i'm going toave a nervous breakdowabout. i n't quite worked that t ye seth: yeah. >> well, yeah. god, next thursday. [ light ughter ] >> seth: sorry, i didn'tean to put that in your hea but that's somhi you gotta think abou >> all of a suddenmy mother's going to bin the audienext week and i going, "hmm, that's not quite so f anymore." >>h:o. [ ughter ]congratutions aselon "the ir." >>nk you. >> seth: you just wrapped up your second season. a fantastic show. i talked to a lot of people about this. because i wah it with my wife. and it's very tenswatchi a show about an affair, buyou woulargue th it is areat vertisement fobeing marrie >> because everybody othat show who is engaged in aelic affair is havi a miserable time. seth: it'true. >> misable. like rns not oy their lives
12:16 am
possibly four five generatis do thein it just ruins evods ve >> seth: i wilsay, i feel like affas looked fun for about inutes in the rst episode. >> right. and then -- >> set i'd be like, "wa, this looks fun." d then you're like, "o this is a nightmare." [ laughter ] mo you're just like, "oh, affairs ha so many logistics." [ light laughter ] >> totally. if it waat difficult having one person in yourife, w wod u multiply it? >> seth: with anotheone, yeah. you got to schedule it. ke sure only one has the password tur ggle calendar. [ ght uger ] t this is caio -- >> you'vthought about this maybe a littleoo much. >> sh: i've thought ouit, yeah. [ laughter ] and my wife,hen, she'll say like, when wre watching it, shs like, hat are you thinking about and i can't say at, i go, "iust thk he's jerk." [ laughter ] >> "the affair" i dhave this eerience. ke "the affair" brings up lot of side ey right? >> seth: yeah. >> where you'll be wching togeth, and u're like, ", this is fun. we're just watchin together." and you slowly look over. "is she notinghis nt?" and thenhe is. you're like, "at an ass [ bleep ]." >> seth: yeah, y never want in "the aair" your fe to lean rward. >>es [ laughter ]
12:17 am
about this." >> oh,opcorn? i'll be righback. >> seth:his cautionary tale for actors because yove a pr healthy beard on "the affair." >> yes. >> seth: and you wrapped the rst seasonshavt off. >> right. yeah. which wagreat ideahen i was wrapped,ut 48 hours later when they called me back in and said, "os, reshoot it was not so funny. >> seth: so th basically just realized they had to sot a few more scenes. >> we had gck a -if you gonto thfirst season, and you will see inow if you okort. at the end of the big climactic scene at the of the firs season, i'm wavi a gun in everybody's facend is very serious and dramatic and i'm wearing a ptain hilir beard. laughter ] >> seth: so e'a full fake bed. >> a full fake beard. and then you get paranoid about stuff like that because it's ju like elmer's glue a god knows whose hair. [ light laughter ] and here i am in the midst of really serusly emoti, like, i'm trying to will this thin onto mce 'cause i can el it comg off. so yeah, that was t a highlight. >> seth: that's for the dvd
12:18 am
like this not as serious as it lks exactly. >> seth: you put this on instagram. th is you -- iis at an airport? with these -- >> this is the manila international, yes >> seth:nd so these are fans of yours from the philipnes. >> they e. >>eth: and what did theyw you from? >>rom "the mighty ducks." >> seth: from "the mhty ducks." [ chee ntastic. and were you surprised? >> scked w be a better word >> sh:eah. >>ot a lot of ice hockey in the philippines, surprisiny. >> sh: but they might ink you're a real hockey player. >> oh, damn it. what a missed opportunity.but yeah, these were all "migh cks" fs. i couldn't believe i i >> set do you ill hear "mightducks" a lot from fans? >> well,'m canadian. so that's like- >> seth: yeah. >> you have -- at birth, they're like"cgratulations. skates, ducks, go on. goth and proer >> seth: will say, the other thing looking ats picture -- i do think this is just like a public service like, when you're the guy on the outside, you don'tav crouch down. >> yeah. ah. weidn't reet the scene. >> s c just and up.
12:19 am
mighty ducks colors. >> seth: oh, yea oh my god, these are -- >> like orinal ducks colors. they're dedicated, these guys. >>eth: and they were like -- every day 're like, "we shou wear aatchindus shirt." and they'll like, ybe is ie meon from the cast " ty've been there for like 25 years. >> seth: 25 years. >> it's going to happen. atiscally, it s to evtually. >> seth: we're aa major airport, someone fm e "my dus" is gog to come through and then we'llet our cte. but ke sure you ys cuch down. [ lit laughter ]thank you so much for bein here. >>hanks for hang me. >> setan't waito see the play.[ eers andlause joshua jackson, ybody. "smart people" opens at the tony kiser theater ofebruary 11th. we'll be right bk wi beamin walker.
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yota. let's go place [ cheers a applause >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everyb our next gue is a talented actor u know from the film "abraham lincoln: vampire nter." stting this spring you can see him playing patrk baten in
12:24 am
"american psycho." also stars in the new nicholas sparks film "the chce," whi opens in theaters today. let's take a>>an youe y more obnoxiou >>y, y have idea. >> l stop calling me lady. >> ttell me yoame!>> it abby. >> hello gabby, welcom the are you so y out? >> i am angry abt moll nipples. your stinky ass dog took adntage of my eet little girl. now her nipps are swollen. she's gained 15 pounds. she'llot get out obed and you play yr music too loud! >> so, how do you evennow she's pregnant? >>ecause i'm aedical sdent and i'm also a woman. >> second i ew, first one -- >>h, you did? >> new information. >> oh, you're so srt. >> y >> yea >>l i like your confidce. >> seth: please welce to the sh benmilker. chrs and alae ]
12:25 am
i'm glato bhere, thk you. >> seth: we govalentine'day ng u >>eah. >> seth: nichos sparks films historically maybe gead to the fele audience. yoclaim this is not the se for "the choice." i'm goa give you a chancto make a sales pitch right now to the gentlemen out there night for this film. >> fella ts movie wi get you laid. >>eth: oh, there youo. [ lit ught ] ere yao. it's true. et but like ing somebody with you. >> oh, yeah, y yeah. nojust with a strangerthe theate [ laughter ] >> seth: don't just like sit there and then when it's over be like, "e pretty good. anybody -- [ laughter ] have you -- were you a f of nicholas sparks films fore this? had you seen "the notebo"? >>eah, i mean -- no. i mean. no. >> sh: yeah. so did youn you t this? you dede time to see "the notebook"? >> wl, terespalm who pys the love intert had a maatory reenin muse. she invited everyby over >> set think that'nice, thou. for everybody -- she wasike, we gotta all go see "the
12:26 am
>> sort of le a pregame kind of thing. >> seth: gotcha. th good. get super psyched up. >> yh, get pumd! [ lauger ] for puppies anrain. >> sh: how wasour rst "noteboo experience thgh? let's hones even the hardest man, "e notebo" will find their way intthe old tear ducts. >> i -- of course i wept. >> seth: yeah. >> i wept. "what do you want?" "i don't kno" "i wrote you every day." i'm terally geinchil talkin' about it rht n. [ ughter ] >> seth: i am,oo. >> what e you doing later? [ laughter >> sh: um -- but "american psycho" -- great lm. annow yore playi paick bateman onroway. he is a seri kilr. ist -- mean,bvious, th could not arther away from nicholas sparks less -- based on thaclip i'm misreadg "the oice [ laughter ] >> the o serious choice he has to make. [ laughter ] >>ethall i love kil again? ood. [ laughter ] sh: b aroachinghis role, hodo you prepare -- ause that is dk aracter, patrick bateman.
12:27 am
ttle patri bate main them. knowyove been in t road in affiand you thout horrible this anmaybe scamed theknowing pe wouldn'tear you. but i think the realrick with patrick bateman is not to bring it home with you. >> seth: right. like when you're preparing for cause you ha aif >> seth: a so she uldn't be super psyched if pat bateman came home ery nigh >> no. just wakes up in the night and i'm sittg up staring at her asleep. she's like, "go back to 'the choice' character." [ light laughter ] sh: like "thehoice"uy more than this weio. >> yeah. >> seth:ou also --ou've be in, obously, other violent things. "aaham lcoln vamp --" at was it, vae hunt? >>eah,amre abraham lincoln and vampires > seth: yeah. >> and, uh -- >> seth: andhen you were also in "bldy, bloody andrew jackson" which was a fantaic rock mical, but also very abt andrew jacksonobviously another pretty violent person. what it is aboutou that people keep doing this? [ ght laught ] >> i don't know. >> seth: what do they e in you? i'm seeing le this very nice person.
12:28 am
>> seth: but obviously a l her people are like, "this guy's my siopath." >> don't know. i n't know. i was ally excited to do "the choice" 'cause it waone of the few projects i do that my mother can tell her friendsbout. >> seth:h, yeah. it must be- >> there will puppiesit'll be fin eth: the hd e for your therusve bn "abraham lcoln: vampire hunter," which is li very exciting. you guysnow abraham lincoln? they'rlike, "oh, yeah." ell, in this one hhunts vampires." [ light laught ] >> yeah. >> seth: do you bring an-- is there any andrew jaconeing brought to patrickateman the a -do you er do that whereou played a character before who has sorof these violent tendencies and then you play another one and you try to borrow from them? >> well, i feel likeoth of those men have lacof empathy. and also jackson, you know, he used to bloodl you know, that w a medical procedurat the te. and he and his wife would kind of do ogether. so ieel likehey are similaritiesween the t. >>eth: yeah, that's a creepy thing to do. yeah.
12:29 am
broadway. you re andrew jackson, right now obviouy we iln." who -- and be -- no bias her-- whwins a fig between andrew jackson and hamilton? >> jackson hands down. seth: really? >> yeah, yeah because i feel like he ts pleasure out of bleeng. he's just like, "bri it on." >>h: so, that will be good. and i pe eventually there will musical where we see that fight. 'cse i think like evybody would line up for andrew jackson versus hamiln. >> gonna be "alien versus predator." seth:alien versus predator" broadway. broadway's been loing for an "alienersus predator." [ light lahter ] thank you much foin here. coratulations on everying cong up. congratulatis on "the choice." [ cheers and applause ] benjamin walker,verybody "the choice" is in theaters now. and performaes of "american psychostart in mar.
12:30 am
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,,,,, [ cheers [ eers and applause ] >> seth: my anks to leie man joshua jason, benjin walr,vebo. russell simmonand course th8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see u next week.
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