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tv   Today  NBC  February 6, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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>>,,,,,,,,,,, >>frombcews is i "todwith kate lee ffor anhoda kb. li from studioin roefaza. >> here it is. >>it is. it is iday, bruary 5th, 16. jenna bush hagerilling in fo kathie lee that's sugar. so fly sfly >> franciscoes. we're ke twi. the ason wre wearing redwe should point out -- it'sute. it's very cute. go red for women.u gunow at wee wearing red pins and it's for the ican heart associion campai that kick off to raisewareness f women anheart ase and lot of
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de hea disea cause among women. they thinks kif a n's g, b it re i wos tho. ne i wom >> ills more peoplll ncers mbined. just want to remi people. we a a big show. here he. ho is re? >>scar winr -- l say it again. oscar winrhristine la is re. she'starng in a vie at veryersonal her. she's gointo talk tos about that and h sheooks so good. >> she looks really od if y an't mili with he name just t -- wast,ut then looat h. she's awesome. you're about to inight llion people -- that's a couny. she's she's a youtu sr with fs around theorld. if you havdaughter, you'll want to ow all about her. she's funny. unicorns came. >> these are her fanwho showed up in the ow dsseds unicornsd we'rgog to plain whey have e
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in that li thing. thatsy >>hat s going on? >> wwalked outde and we shocke >>'m sure that al told u about , but we w't payin attention becauswhen we walked outsid wasike -- >> i might as well he beenag --earing sandals. i was weing flats. >> weir alsooing to talkbout pary, if it's cluttered with m and ba,adeleine is re to sort tou all tha junk and make i nice andee and tidy. it is the big game also knowas the pebowl. we have our jerseys. >> look, pton. look. >> camewton. >> okay. shoulde put them on? >> i guess s >> mine looks small. >>ine los larg >> i don'think i'm going to like h i fee mine. >>here we go. n you s? mi is a dress. ing to sleep in thisy. >> that's cute. >> this is a new super bowl logo. >> it's the 50th anniversary. >> i'mcitet playing this game. >> i'm so excited about the od i get to eat. >> what going to have,
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>> like to mch con eso the wathreal texans make i'monna gome comments o that, becse is not that healthy. yocuup velvea, wch is hardo find in w rk cit why? >> it's ve pcessed. you chop it up. you put in onean of rotel totoes. veou ever aroft? n i liket. y p it the sve or microwave. let's be honest, i'll probably put it in thmicrowe. you see it with chips. >> you dip it. >> y dip it. sometimes i put a can of bean diin the >> that soundsxcellent. >> it does hurmy stomach, but i've ner leaed the lson. ck thesecake i know lookike helmets. , she's the owr d cake desi of intricate ings cake dig inr, color our propput out, a ey s're suosed to
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>> c iut? wcat ilike that. that's gross. fine. >>e'lloofor a if>>hire gti tt, 'll oubout geoe clney becae ifoue gege clooneyyou're goi to ve h evemore after y watcthislip from the ellen show. ellen ked him how prosed to amal, a he said he knew after x mohs of tinghat she s the one,ut f the osal he had a wh tuation g. he cood a al he hidheininsi box behinder heedma alaylist. li a mus pist th w pposedstopinthe me his rary clney yingwhy ould in e ckgrnd. all that s osedo be ppeng. w shodn't i >> that's the song.he wanted it to playing. >> so romant. >> when she saw the ring. dly, that wasn't wha happened. let's ke a look. g it all set uptiout. song ing.
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shes which she hasever done. i bl out the candles. i said, i think the lighters in the box behinyou. havet the ring sitting i there. she pulls it o and she looks at atit, ke it'a ring like ihad somody had left it there se other time. i don't know. m, like -- i got dowon my knee, and i sa, you kn -- i couldn't imagine spending the rest of life without you, a she pt looking at t ring, d she wa like, oh, god.we n kw becae there is a playlist so we know how long it actually too and it's, like, 25 minutes. 25 minutes. filly i litelly sa, look, you know, i hope the aweis s, but need answer because, you know, i'm2, and i could throw out hip ptty on. >> how cute. i love that>>ououovhim reov--n nrop to me, wrea road tp. >>eah.
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you. is was hikinroad tp wherweake t the cr wn dawn jt the o andte kneas happeng. he asked my si because s -- andy parents, ously. every day i wocall and ke n y're gog to liev henryid. th'r like, he is ing to. shshowinr - th tr self. hes not ing toit. the iwas suosed ppenwe dn't c seice, a wdn calso th'rik he ck out hck o. >> hbacked out. >> how did he do it,the wa >> we reikg, a hdid it the first pce theunits thuned states onadillamota imae, a wwe a hsae veo t . the first in dasake,not gethcohowe. said love this rlt'coinwer? >> have r be in a
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, you like .>>ullshower. we wokep at4: at the dawn. ike, let's jt p for 30nus. 'tthe sunrishe knew whe s g. >> did he n why. >> so as -- i'm like,'mfrozno. he's tryin t luree fo. don't wantood? op. he wanted top anask . m, le, let go.thene did it. is t swet th the rst ple n hihe unit sta 's tll again >> clac ta in acadia mountain. >> it'beautiful. >>ill i ha brued tee. hadnrushed mteeto i was,e, ild hat lea brusmy t kans, lh. yoow wu aring into. this ool thde wasere buyingchg weddinris, this couple. anit w engravet inside the ring indehe ring the womasothing engrsh didn'thuand. okay?so when the groom -- they were trying on rings. it was before the ceremony to make sure they fit.
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there was an engving, the puitk on.don't you ge >> it back on. don't f. y is lis. ody liit.i'm nosu. obody ythingto say up ihere awww. >> sd. lecut his . to se is lde he broncos? >> is at good luck? >> thinko. chef ire. hello, miakmaker. >> he >> ooh, i hate t even cut into this. >> i can't bie you c the oncoone rst. is at oy? >> it's good luck. >> oh, gd. >> oh, lk right here. can we get a shoright here? >> what kif cake is this? is my zucchi lime cak >> how do you ene up with that? we need some inan.
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>> thank you smu.>> one of e most popular people ialthe -- in all of denver. >> rachel, by she's the owner and cake designeof intricate icin cake design. cut into that e too. >> what kind is this one? >> ion know. >> same >> it ishee kind. enjoy. >> thiis super bowl mmercial that kevin hart is and it's for hyund, and it shows e comedian sendi his daughter off on her very first date. take a look. >> why don't youahead and take my new r. >> thanks, pops. >> go on, baby. [ another one bites theust plays" >>atch this. boom. >> favorite sp. favote girl. y messing with the wrong
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>> why? >> car finder, on the hyundai genesis. >>ack so soon? >> here , siecause dad has to wt a dad has to d >> honey, what did you guys do to >> that was a ten. >> ie that. >> that s nius. you re inh sc going o your da and hoyour d react>> mparewerey su rict. wee ha allow to leave e yard. we had that kind o uringg. en wenout dat, erngas aame. i would t to t passeng se a lirally,e'd, yourda ydai pumyeawn. i spt mo omy transpo im tg toet m thugh the nehborod bause ifspted anone of my t meries ii wa downstrs i basent. i wahaving a makession yo know, you're d.anyway, i wasaving a make-out
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open upstrsnd uldad d mom are at work.heard the key, and i go run. will ngehi ck of jo's- like run y backyard. ewt was going to be ov if my dad ev that ened to t. it washest. not goine any me bu were homem school came h i thk it w, likeor yer soin my d cameome foluh, a he noced at t carashere and he was, li, at ith igoon herstmed up.we jt ma i adit w me it, u owr. okay. it was cle. d mdad is, kewh dot yotwo jo mfolunch? that was the mt kwd.>>hiiswf.>> terbl geing ught >>te critically acclaim actress who could say an ego. >> and by the mean an emmy,
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the on canu quid ax d ghts muc. let's d is
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>>he has an oscar, emmy and a goen obe,tarfgend tv forehanyear >> s's donit l. 're talkingut the fabuls christin christine la you know you knower from shows lik hicago hope," law oer suv," and tn on the season of nbc's hit sies. >> her latt role is one her most personal yet, and it's a new filmed called "toued with fire." she plays the mother of yog woman who istrugglinto unrstand her bolar disorder. >> iad areally good plan. you argoing to spend the night toght, and then tomorrow morning rst thing we'll if to the hospital and get your file. yocan ask anythi, okay? we'll figu all thiout. >> hate it when you look at me like that. >>ow ai loing you? >> liki'm azy. >> i not looki at yolike u'rezy. >> no, you're okat me like yodon't even rognize me. >> no, honey. love y. >>h, md. >> tisheav rsonal, n't it
2:23 am
ts of res, but wt wa the main that drew y to it >> my ster strugglh bipolar for bipolar sefor over0 ars, and then aftit was a r r of a e was st bra stronges mt relient peon ve er know and tshe ended takinr li aft struggling with it fo long. sthis movs reallyimrtt causitksbo the seductioof maniaecause myister stgglewi -- once she hered she wou be so deprsed d shwould det ei brain dea thheouldn'wa to ay them anyme, sthen woulgo o of em andhen into mania and tt's when she felt the most aliv >> you could teljust -- i hate to -- by watching that one scene, you could tell how much you untood it. ke y ft that watchin i didn't have to
2:24 am
u otr part of this movie to really look at h bibipolar fects the a you kninthat if waslive today, she would fit e were s ore possibies in medicand also metation parentlyas been rely helping ople -- a mbinatio ofedatand metion >> were e any moments in is film when wer i mea acng, but it felso rthat it wost hard tdo? he eire vie fe coletely real me. mean, i feltike i s retingy libut wi e, kie hmes. acting w so --he act were so gr and we a lot mprov. you? yeah. yaid it affecilies. inr personal family y at your sister? what did you feel wh she took her life? >> ood well, first of all, i would be frustrated with her when she ffereds, of course, but i understood w becse en she was on themas i said, wajust iapable of icly.
2:25 am
ages.angry an i anthink thatanyone haanyonen their lives who haveommicide, u can'lp butif onl fillblne someg. re you png so ma roles ino manyferent ts. showed a little cliou on "the ack list a you play -- u're so nice i t imagine you are e black scribe yourchr. what's she like? >> well,rom het of view she's saving the world, you see, if you know the story. shs e hee kabal, but for her from herta point she's doing the t thing. unfoy, there a obstaclehe way thash has toet >> youe png mean? it fun? >> smuch fun. son. >>? because i think we alve dark side or severde and it's just imaging
2:26 am
play someby who could be pling a villain, but findi hend, you know umit her f all have something in common. you spin? >> spin. >> which one do yodo? soul cycle? >> we should go together. 're plugged in. >> we vet.snpt it-- isn'tt fun too the ttle d liance mos? >> iancey brai out. so >> toued witre ons february 12th in new yk and l. andationwide opens on february 9th. >> rewd, hod and let look backn the r favorite super bowl ads. >>et's talk ase , and how busyts find tioromance, legedly after this.. (cell phone ring where are u?
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>> in ho >> ihonor of t super bowl we wanted to do something difrent for btasc. >> todaye're shang our favote superowls comrcls of all time. >> these are kind of in a category. but for some reason, i couldt get this one out omy head. th is an erade, thmonkey ad aired 16 yes ago. i dot care if i saw it on youte or ding e gamebu i ved it.
2:29 am
>> oh, i le it atch, e bottom. >> wjust waste$2 mlion isn't that gd? prettgood. okay. i tnk i have a better one. >> wait. >> it s okay. nody laughed. >> she laugd. >> she laughed at me it's from 2013. 2013 super bl. e viva taco bellommercial. >> is ith the little chihuahua? >> no. [ [ singingn spanish ]
2:30 am
theyave e "we were young" -- >> i don't hear anyone laughing. >> hello >> hello? >> that was charity. >> ihink is re good. i like that theyere play "you were young" in espanol. >> time d ney and space with madeline pfect pantry. >> and youtar whose videos have more than billn views. everybodytabout lily lly.i.sosiec 99.9% of bacteria on more an just the trhcan. ithek"raze and the "preveolmion the shower curtain o 7 days" spy. o the "odous bactfighte d evathletot us" over me ways you can u lysonfec spr
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y spy? that's ary! ait time this igreat. it v. cakeep i (ls) l care ofe... .nowa dr persrant spra laddk r th s li do?y wayseerwea wiggleggswve and cur with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit tt hugs yr curves. soladd lks c feel ke no bideal get ur freir and valuabl coupons at always >>it's it try day friday. nna bu hager is sitting in for kathie lee, and there aren'tplinhis rl cay ey have nearly eight miion foers. >>ut lilcan. that's how many people subscbe to her youtube cel. she began six yearago, and her vios have been viewed over a bill billi, time making this super woman a powerhouse in business.
2:33 am
lily was recently featured on eoe magazine" ones to watch listnd forbes' 30 under 30 list, and she's out toelease a ature film about her world tour called "a trito unicorn island ke aook. do >>o not let anyone, including yourself, let you believe f a cond tha youon deserve to be so happy. because you all deserve to be so, stopverything. you know i got to do this right now? check thut! check them out! check them out! >> manchester, check the out >>ong kong cck tm heouut, rl >>h, my go
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>> only a s woman wouldet a lot ofans i unicorn costes. >> che them out. it's owinoue. ese ys cout. theye a rdy oup here now rlieth wpack out o e pl i coul't belve wwe w looking . numb of people thacame he sno and they to see you,irl. >> dssed like a icor >> kno>>ou he su aemring message. a t ofeoe fa cause they a risky or do thin that aren'to coolut yoche ispositive, ueat messag >> ihink positivy ver cool. wod ve for pititto l. i believinei pitivan ndg t a posiveibine mohere. m l abouth >>alto us out w you first cide oy,ou? 's bece this azing tng, busix years ago it was a reigteit right? forur iememr seeing mirst utube videond sang like what are thi thing,hese pele dng? do pplwatcthisi started making vids in010.
2:35 am
was a sad on. was ing through a ve diffult me, and i discoved youte. ut u a youtube video and for e fst te in so lo,t me ry happy. >> did peoplinstany fi it? ditheyind and find u? >> that's a great questionyou know, i hostlyntil this y ashow did yodiscover the's always a difrent swer my first vid was aut 70 ews. i remb when i ache1,000 bscrers ov t moon. didouparents wt you were uto in there? olely t.e no y ultell them. ey oy unt out yoube videos bse onef r latives lledrom like anotrarof canada. >>how atlbit yr m andad. >> ithey were hereigow eyould go wh areou doing on the "today" sho "tay" ow, you thiit? litheyoulde funf wai' dresng,ll that stuf what uld your momay? >> my mom wosaly, you wearindress, you sw your
2:36 am
be -- you're an amazg role del. >> y think parof thacome fromhem? defitel thinestly, cl mysel perwan and i dinitely g at fm mom. e's the stngt. knoweoe sathatbut my mois sstrong.she's grt exple.see suppoiv thho tsntirthg. >> unico iand. what's a snap shot? >>t's synonym for my ppy place. you havene. mine ifullf tles a rainboanpopcn. l ings wonderful hois bically bhappy and fi youunicn land >> hceverye oside dresse aunicns by e thedo look happy. >> yes>> it's snowing d it freezing. >> yes. >> we can't thank you enough f coming tsee us. >>hank you for having me. >>ongrats on everythin we can't wait to see what's xt. >> you got it, girl. >> a trip to unicorn islanis exclusely available on youtube red starting february 10th. >> okay. bere you go to unicorn isld, you'll wt to take a tr to your pantry.
2:37 am
island. madeine willhareips for keeping food freshight after this >>ou are asome. weere below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly m from arvation and we make st >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if youe dora the explorer, u explore. it's whayodo. >>what took you so lon if you want sav fifteen percent me on car insurce, you swch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did , yay! era morenjab waygeyoib.y illipsfibegomipl energy suppt. it's a new fer supplement that helps pport regulaty and includes b vitams help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice wk,hillips! thtasty side of fiber,
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happanniversary dinner, rlin' can th mh love bean by aitbit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power
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a drop of dawn and grease is gone. u you got a tv near ur kitchen, then mp uthe volume cause we're going helyou cleaout your pantry and get the whole thing organid. >> sometnge bo neeto d althnd nutrition etor malineernsom wl help you stock yourantrwithll t right staps. but first madeleine paid a visit toheome of a working wife and mo otwin b althouer pany wa prettyood she, madeline ill hasome gat tips. >> you he got a t of gat things in your pany, but l start with some things that maybe cod use a little work. you've got some panko crumbs. another almost used panko crumbs another e, unopened. here's one in the back. moly de. nsolidating thesand keeping themn the samelace let's you know what's the. this expires today. it doesn meait's not safe to eat, b use it so and keep it inhe front of the pantry so you'll use it.
2:40 am
expiration date means i needed toss it. >> it's not true. avor can be coromised, but u can reason it well. >>xcellent to have somcereal en. that one. >> okay. good idea taking your rice out of the box and putting in a bag, but hoolis it and how do you co it? befo you throw awathe package, out the package label th nutriti infmation as welas serving se and how to cook it pe it ght to the out. >> makes a lot of sense. >> you feel good abo this? >> i feel great thank you. madeline. >>t if you hava big walk-i, thers r a niy. it'sbout shopnd a bunkerll t thing you see in bigox store. >>ou hate ave spes in there rever, and people think they're fi. >> ty real have. ave ally long shel life maa coupf year onthwe do onsolite. at the d stuf it's n that theyo bad, they have no tas or flav. toss tm.
2:41 am
y and consolidate. italian seasongs or the frenchversioch is he prence. kengs togeth use them morn. salt and pepper ly last forever. thsahing with oil and viners. you are loinat oilnd especially bne tyoe. unflav like safflower d envorefoolive oil. >> i love canned goods. i use them a lot. who doesn't? one of the thingat i did not know is about e due tes. >> expiration dates. >>n la longer than we k? >> because ty st i abouo ar you n ave em a few months re. is has nothing tdo with safety. bestby, or best edse are volly hat comp. ther regulatio it's a gdeline for o taste and flor. them afr at, you havereseason a litbit. canse good for are hardly good exor a month orwo a year. >> what if yousometimes
2:42 am
do a little ding now and theis not a problem. if you have a dent anywhere nearp ere it's going to be sealed, th's c haacterial ction. just bringck to the, and theyswap it ou zim z locks a imptantto meine. who dsn't la good ck? itpaceand it k thin fresh freshns --hings get ste, u te to toss them. when ye th outur rice, beans, it n be anything, puthem in a bag. alsoe poiosize ahe cooking direns. it's smart. >> it un likgood ide to phem ithere, y forget h to cook th. >> youan alsspecif yoor your family is looking fogs, n't wa to everyg out then don't ow what arthese gs? you n just put them ba in he zip lo. thhat keep -- cps andraers, w is avorit >> afhese starcs or grainsu c do the sam thing. ceal vies. you haveig ctainer out and put down t servi sizso y
2:43 am
al do is bjust keepit inhe oginackaging. andet one of these clip >> chiclip >> you c use -- >> a cth pin madelin thank you. >> madeline, looking fine. >> more of madeline's pantry tips, klg and >> then from the kitchen to the bedroom, howarents can fd a
2:44 am
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's fun. it alr dry! wait timethis is eat. ery so.cai keep i(ls)l the anpey. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can'put it ilike that. have to rinset first. that's baked-on alfredo. bakeon? r gonnrk dish issues? trust your dishwasr thcade platinum. powers... through... yo toughest st food. better than .
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,,,,,, >> rem >> remember wh it was ke fo you had kids whennd you yo partner could eat dner together ery night ando out on des and cuddle on weekends? >> no, i d remember any of that. thosre the days. oncehe kids come, so do the demands and the priority that gets pushed to the bottom of the list is sex and romance. >> we'll help you find time to make whoopi. >>'t say make whoopi
2:47 am
>> kristen, auor of rix. mother o moth of four a guidto sex and member of r "tay"arng team. heraughter is auall here >>e'reery rry. forgo tar mfs >> ts isne of the things at every m around wi say, yes, it ems like gre ide you nt to make time, but there are many otr prrities. you enup bpit down t the bottom of the listdon't you? >> you reahit oe head.yove to me it prio. whetheit's putting loc yourroomr so don woabout ildrhaps inteting osturbing o making a suled date t that you pen into your calendar and you dot erase it forny reon at all once a week or on e once evewo weeks sthat you cave sommate t ow abontanei >>t abouif you a dateht andou eat a o paa or pizza, d you get me
2:48 am
i think isortant to understand w it's n rity somes it nust ca you' toousy. at c be euse. itoulde at is infu there'a t th cld b ppgshat mes you noto . if u veidth a lling y a mommy, mommy all the time,he you don't reallyan anoer pernn top of you,ou kno can yohe wh at? y well, you could be by yoself. >> see >> s wt you got. shwh hapns. ao to ugpsie thi of t benitsf timaitr rtne thiss vyhn a scieificvel. there endphinand chemicalanurotransmier therainhat e reased withnte activity and theye exllent for geral heth befits. ev prevention ofanr, heart disease, depressio these it'veryelul. >> tkeoumarriage
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espeally with men u know that they instantlfeel coecd. i n feel conneedf i cule on the couc b ty feel connecd u ha tdohat somemefor em.>>f u e ier as uple, it allter for yourids,nd ie to people, it sounds a little weird, bu haveex for your kids because you' bbeer pents, an you'll bhappie it'nolike it kes all da w ng ds -- >> five mites? itas abt about two s onurla st. lk. >>t depends. >> tk about .ou ia da two son.>>ig minutesf yo 24 urs day. >> youaifive. >> i givin y eigines beuse y stwo sos. >> let'salabt ws that y c hp. >> have ner seenil like -- >> if you ha been a
2:50 am
thatayome th tha i often will rommendsing some st ofubrica, whetr 's a hseholdm. conut oi a forite. though will make mention -- >> love conut oil. >> these are not compatible with condoms. if you're not lookg to have other little distron running around, you may nt t use diffent type of lubrant. >> it's good for your skoo. >> yeah. exactly. >> thererether lubesut there. this is this is in a pinch, and you have that spontaneo moment. >> what' >> what's this thing? i thin i'veeen one, b never one li that. >> this willive you a different,his crerm absionysm will give yoa diffent nd of sk glo useour imagination. >>uay don't undersnd . >>urn the buon on,nd there u go >> it has movement in it, t vibrates
2:51 am
>> there's cap. weot to take down. ke it down a notch. >> blind fold. >> a sleep mask can double as a blind fold, whcan be fun. >> tnk "fiftshades of grey e e othetameay spicthin up a littleit >> le wh? >> changup t timof d. if your ers hi fst thinin the mning, think about intimacy before your children are awake. if your childrenre at school or have after school activities,there's nothinwrong th little aftnoon roman. aernoon delht. >> you c make it a pory. yoare right. were jokinground, b- >> ieel sometimes bad talkin abouthisecause we don't alwa make it a priity,ut thank you y'all for pointing th out >>akes you feeworse. >> for more ways to ice your s life go toklnd .com. and 're rr
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>>ine >>ine is the lastseent. i want to thank jenna bush hager for hangi out today. >> next week, fun week. we have ryan reynolds anfr dresher. how are you missinghat?>> i love ryan reylds. idi >> andhomas rex! >> okay. we have a t haening. we also have cesho have been mar more than 50 s that are goio share their secrof everlasting l >>ave a gread. wee we didn'scar you. >> b >> happy sl.
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make you money. i'm here to level the playing field foall inveors. there's alwa a bull market somewhere, and i phelp you t. "money" starts now hey,> y, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad ney." welcto cramerica, and welcome to our lasday out here in san francisco. an boy, are we closing it out in big way. other people want to make frnds, i'm jusglad this das over. my job't st to tertain, but to put it in context with what's going on with swelling. ca me or tweete cramer. ca down. thk be think before you actboth e this is one of those declines
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and cr you at time, and i know you need to
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