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tv   Today  NBC  February 6, 2016 5:30am-7:00am MST

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lcomeo " o thi turd morn sheel iforca ll. hi. i alongsi john roberts and i'm craig lvin. we have dylan dreyer out in san frano. hois iouthere? >> i thought theatriots wld be out the. >> a b and swch. >> i was cnedntohis one. this is my first t in the san anciscbay area we havealkedo so man incredible n players. we have taken in the sights and dog as much as we can phalon -h pe. wil he t higigs in a few minutes. >> we will come back in abi la > t's get tohe sptostory. in iwan, hundreds o people do be pulledro the rubble ter the earthqua. many of thenjur babies andchildren. nbc's kelly cobiellas in lond with mo.
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>> reporter: shnelle, gd morning to u. it is now dark in tainan a more tn 800 soldier are helping to search f t ssing. they were inhe he apartment building. some infants. the apartment buiins 16 floors and bament. pele who g outay the uld hearhe neighbors llin for help >> repter: after another, rers pulled babi and children from thollapsed concte. moerstoo.clearlynjured andn pain. this was t 16 story apartnt ilding rehan 80amiesiving inde no t fus ohe mas resc effort. theed shook. evything tpled this woman said. shand her husndad it out their own. acss the cy of millio ma did the se.
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resleeping >> i was akened b the violent shing of the w building theuake ban befe 4:.m. my 7-year-old was a dferent room.weouldear h crying fors ande could n get of h be t walk r. >>eporter: t 6.4arthquak wastron and shaow da, its impt clea multi-story budingstilting. cars crush under balcies. dozens hu dozens more trapped. this morni, theiggest rescu efrt is here athe wean builng. rescuers pulled more than 200 from the rubble. even famil ts. they are still searchi for survivors here and across the city. ready, tre areuestions if budersutners on the high-rise. the focus is now o recover effort zens spitalized. reports of more th400njured
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many people are spending the ght in eltehile resers il are not re, eille and d craiow many are misng. >> tha >>nk y, ke >>authorities inew yorcity ll be back othe scene of the ly cneolpses they fire out whaaused the struure to topple. the crane wasured during high winds wn it start picking up ee smmednt a buildingnd crashed to therod sttering debris more blos as youan see here. the 0 tons of twistetal killed one andnjured three others and cruedeval cars. officials s it is airacle wasn't sn't worse. some candidates cld make their last stand in new mpshire. the skes are hig with the t in thenati's primary just 72 hours aw. hav you coveredn both
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lesegin wh ll jackson followg the republans.>>epter:ood morng, guys. a lo of ieres the rac officials prectin aord rnoute i newshe. arekingado tonisate wheonald trum wil b on stage this te ter raisingyebrows t day after h snow day. donald trump, a no-show. blaming snow in new hampshire fo skipping straight to sou carolina. promising h is not leaving the granite state in the cold. >> my focus is in south carona. >> reporter: trump pulli crowds in ence, but inew hampshe, j . tweeting at trump, my 90-year-old motrade it out campaign ding t stor trump bashi bh back. >>eb bush has spent $112 million and nobody sho up.
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>> reporter: whiletrump's sleg new mpshire, i i mao ruo rgo secon now. explaining why to nbc's gabe gutier >> it is not enougto bangry. you hav toell people wt you are going to do. i think the cumulative effect o dog that for mons will lp . >> rorte rubiot toght's debateits in the lin oire and thether establishment candidates look to make eir ma. this statesust win for some. even as rubio picks up a endorsement from bobby jinda and tak aim at ted . >> if you get a call on tuesday night saying iropped out. it is nottrue. keep voting. >> reporter: that is a d at the senator's mpaign cruz looking aad and confidenthghlippg in newamhi polls, bn the top tietially. >>he twoig initiativ i running on,epeali ery word
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yo tax on a post card and abolishhe ir >>epter: wt can w expt to see at tonight's debate? look for immrationo bene of theajor topi. it is important for mar rubio'sential vulnerabilitiesnd what donal trp likeso talk about. we c see the rublican fid poue on that.>> tnk you, hallie. on the demratic , bernie sanders holds a leadver hillary clinton in the grani state. e question is will hillary be able to come back for the primary? we have kristen welker with the latest. >> reporter: good mornin einee. senator sanders has a 20-poi leadver secretary clintoshe added eves to her scheduleda she is bnging in an army of volunteers and telling supporters don't gup. th the democra race grong more mbive, hilry clint and bernisaers faced off at a party dinner.
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angehat weeed throu potical revolution. >> i will spend all myomorrows doing everything can to make your tomorrows better. >> reporter: flowing a day filled withfiworks. >> i wan to say word to the extraordinary peop partular young peop, who e supportenatorders. i know y may not be me now, but imor you. reporter: whe, bere nders ralli his painting inng clintons e taish. mentnt ment. >> rorter: he has beenitting clton for bein entrenched with wall stre and givg eeches to goldman sachs and clintonpog t andrea mihell. are you sorry you did it? >> no, i'm i thoht it was aood way to
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the world.>> reporter:ccusinganders of smeari her. >> i think the campaig h claims to be positive is engaged rtful smear and ndo. >> r eporter: s has a doubigit ld. suteseady t winn theoard. >> we are tired of playing the big game. weant to see thingshappen. >> reporter: clintons calling eiorcements hopin for a repeat. repeat. sheas trailing back obama here, but now she is looking to pull ahead. and during theates week, secretary clint said she would look into the possibility of reasin the transcripts of speeches. so far the cam h not leas anything and officials tell m they are looking into . metoy, sannd
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campai ahead. sheill >>rien welker, thank u. ale jordans here with and ste an steve kornki is here with us a ll. good morning to you. >> eve,et's start with y and let's start wit donald ump. a commanding lead in new hampshire. some polls sho him flippin naonally. he skipp t debate in iowa, but expected tbe on the stage tonit. let's talk out what h has to do. is n hamhire -win moment for trump? >> i think itretty much is. the point lead, the eight y stretch is th mt volatile eight days in american potics. you remember hillarylinton and barack ob she was trailing at ts point in newampshire byouble digits. sh cameack and won on priry y. the cliche is a lot can happen in a short period of time in
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that isruhi week. we havee m rubio starting to move up significany in the polls re. donald trump is maybe sli back a bit. he is not growin you are donald trump and lost iowa and turround a fol it u with a loss in new hampshire, especially after leing,t is lyar to e h h can jump start his campaign in lat stages. needs to put wins on the board steadily or sn to be being expectations steadilyo stay viable ithe lat contests. he haso come out with a win tuesday or h is in trouble. >> ale, steve mentioned marco rubio. upix points i aecent po youav the outsiderdates or so-called outsider candidates. tezndald trp going ter him tonight. you also have kasic and christie a governor bush as well. gn on life support. how b is the bull-en marco rubio's back i the debate
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>> he ishe one they hav to ke down. he is cutting i the vot marg. especially for christie and kasi. isaker break. he has a poor shing. hes probably out. kasi has abo2.5. doesn't look good for m. kasich has put all resources w hashire. he does havehe bround gamefanyone he cou surprise a bit. >> andsteve, let talk out bernie sanders for a moment. enjo aommanding lead in new hampshire. new hampshire has been kind to the clintons. with bl clinton in the past. his mpaign.and hillary clinton in 20. sos thereny sense that support will perhaps turn out tuesday andive clion a of a surprise viy? i thinkhere is an exctation this will tighten. haveolls showing between 20 or 30 points for sanders. mosteople think tha tighten. when you look at the clinton family history here, you think of hillary con oioly coming bk and winng in 08
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clinton in1992. we remem new hampshire as th state that me him come what we forget is he acty lost new hampshirehat night by eight pointso paul tsongas. thats howealled himself the comeback kid. thats something to keepn mind. i t the cnton campaign wouldike to get out of new hampshire,heyouldike to drive t deficit into single digits. they like to c wit s moum. they like tbe ableo tell the media, look, bernie sanders is from next or. hes from vermont. ge advantagethere. there is not a hugedvantage to bein fromerere in n haire. thats another story. they will s . they want the media to put a asterisk on it. ey want to say we beat expectations. >> elise,quickly. after newhampshire, sou caliimy. hillary clinnoing very well
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after new hampshire, is there path for bernie sanders? >> i tnk it jus depends on w successful bernie i at pandin his message bey nowhite votersndf he can reac more diverse audices. so far, he hasn't been successful. >> it is exciting t elise and stev thank you for talking with us this several authoriti are holding aichigan man w they y was plotting terrorist attackin t nef isis. a federal compleges the ear-old ned aks o po arechurch has bee uer invesgation e may wi age followi hisun purchases sia me accounts w he describects terroris iningbeheadin. i iustodynns and drchars. xcitement b in san frano fmorr big game.
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of thousands who descended on san francisco for super bow 50. among the fun, peytomanning is facing n questions about hg use. we have nbc' migalmaguer outside levi's stadium whe the game is played tomorrow. good morning. >> repr: good morning, sheinelle. security is super tight. if you areooking for a tict r the big , it is n impossible to get, but it is expensive. as the sun is set to rise i san francisco, soo more fans will hit the streets. 1 milame hereor t super bowl, butnly 70,0 will go to the game. i wou do anng tt a cket to the game. i'de to. i can't afford >> reporter: a st near the 50 yard le couet you bac $20,000. the prices are sky high in upper ck. $3,000 and a pair ofinoculars forti 411. >>he panthers don't go to the super bowl every day. >> reporter: randa dropped
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>>hat is a few thousd llars in the sds of me? >> reporter: befe the game, drama. the commissioner conrming the league is reviewing aegatns against peyton manng and whherheuperstar quarack received hgh. human grohhormone. >> i don't see the investigation as any type of distraction for peyt manning. hes focusedn the task at hand. >> reporr: wh maing denying e,isttorney says his wife recved medication f herse oy. aheadf i biggest night, t nfl trying to manag scams. hauled in $30 milon of fake merchaise. >> we haveeized o 000 items. >> rep ts weeken t roads and railscross the b area are expected to be ed.
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f-15 are in t air. a a no-fly ze 32 miles wide that ishat 110eoe will do on sunday. for mos of us the besteat in the house is nowhere near the stadium. securityill tighten here over the next 24 hours. there a 60 agencies on the grnd here. fbi is ldinghe charge theyay theuperl ll be amon theafto be aerinheou onday. sheinelle. miguel almagu, tnkyou. dyl dreyer ao i sta arahi morng with check ofhe foreca. dylan,ou're weari a coat >> iearing a coat it is eezing. degre here. i wouave beenore prepared fortanding out in e ow. that'st i'm usedto i did not bring my hand was. weid have snowfall across new englan yestery.
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and t is in warwick, ode nd and connecticut saw steady sw. we h higher elevations in connecticut aassausetts pick up nearly a foot of snow. we hav't reayeen drivin condis allhat much this wier. wasough for the cs to get used to that and gtingsed to shoveling ohesnow we will see a lot of the sno melt away. we have theid in the jet stream to sta to buil in and help temperatures warm above average. we should get into the 40snd
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we willave more on tt a > >> and tt's y lest reca. ys. dyn, t u. we bo you i bit r much, much more for the scenef the super bowl. a fritening scene in ireland. shots rang out a aocal boxing event. terror ctud o deo. twogunmeneen heront pageewspaper phot omasoberts i he with more. >> thi is horrifying craig. one peon was kiland severa others iuring thshooti happened i the cwded room undreds of pe wh an afternoonf fun turned into chaos. th weigh-in cony for the boxingnt dublin quickly turned rrifying.
5:49 am
in the lobby of the rency hote hotel. peop ming the way out the sienance. in tvideo, you can hea the voice of a child cin help. >>daddy, hpmeday, whaas that? >> rorter: a front page newspar photo sws two gunmen wearing police unirm carrying assault ries shoernted with handguns a one dressed as a won. bb jonalist >> i thought i wasoing to die. >> repr: the associated press says one man was killed and two otherswounded. local piceuled out a terro tack attbuteing t violenc to gangrfare. ceorris will ig a bigger gang war. the bo the boxing hevent to be hel tonight has been caeld. i frightening for t kids t ro.
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inos ges, a dtor h be stenced to0 yeao life in prin for killing paents byver prescring dicaon. coicte of secdeee rder. e firstim a u.soctor has beenonvicted of recklessly presibin drugs. she wrote thousands of prescripon for vicodin a percocet. update on a dog's tale we brght you last wee about t red o pe offir trngo his aternear offir matthickey was told he had to buyis pe dog ajax auctn. that sparked the socledia mpgn ase morthan $70,0. ofcials the determined t law aows theoocho be purchased for $1 ifis unit is disbanded.
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ofcerhickey turd over his $1. he getto take ajax into retirement. for the money, it will be used for bulletpofests fole gs. >> thats nice. syorng this morning. >> sy wh us. lo ce o oday." a look at t week big stoes anludi this picre tt rves as a warning to never fall aslp on t first d of work
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we willeouless bu fir this is "toda on nbc. > > stio me,ictu that's stuing t intern. the beautiflaes, two of themre twins. one is their mo ygus? we will realt a i
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and also, you can't have a super bowl without commercis,
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we will look at classicsnd new es t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wre back on thisurday mornin february 6, 16. a chilly mning he.chilly saturd. noneths, greatrout er on the plaza ting to stay will go a joi themn a bi is what iaking hines on saturday. ateast seven dead and more than 400 hur afterassive eartuakeuck iwan e 4 qkeit inhe mdle of the nightn the c cled inan. rs responds rhed int highise bldint coapsed. >>thcoucnown ath flueate, is noin adultjail he was in a juvenile detention facility since last week.
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the coast gua isearcng off coast ofos angel afterhat i beliedo have been a mid air collision ben twomall planes in california. some wckage has beeound in thewater. at this point, no wor o h ny peopl an boa yet. >> let's start this halfour th he download." thomas. we have a lot t about from the political fireworks after iowa caucusesnd explosion ithe middle o the flight. here are the stories tt caught r attention. ted cz takesiowa. >>od bless the greattate of iowa. >> beating out donald trump. >>e finished second and i want to tell u something. i'just honored. >>ru lving iowaith mili, but quick siking anotr ne. al ihink ce in fit. >> itso surprise tt donald throwing yet another temper tantrum. ifou like.
5:56 am
after bary squking o a wiillary clintaces an hill climb in mpshire. rnie sande ramping up the rhetoric in the first one-on-one de. >> secreta clinton does rememb the establishment. i represent, i hope ordinary americans.>> i think it is timeo end the ry artl smear tha you and your campaign have been carrying out recent weeks and let's lk about theis. >> a scare in somalia when an plosioippedole i the side o theane. >> h it hpened still a mystery. offials confirmed one passenger missing. wises s he was sucked out of the ane. >> i saw wte smo and when it calmed do, we saw a hole in e ple. sources tl nbc news this is likely due to a bomb. > t fr ceo who hiked the
5:57 am
aneared i fntf ngreh smirk hisface. >>o you think you have done mething wrong? >> i evo mth amendment ivilege. >> peect. here are the changes. >> i love changes. when you say call me on cell phone, addice eligible for upgrade after 24 months. >> you to say istaming data will data will inc arges. >> and thi intern on the y of his new b. >> and what else? mes. i captured ourideof o exute pcer tom maarli i fice. thatsnor
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wake up at 2:30 i the moing. >> i mean, not onlys he sleeping, he is dead to the worl t ts was a joke. >> thathe actl sour thaas himsleeping.ou areoired. eses what say? k o to o wer wlan eyer. od toee you again. >> good to seeyou, to it is ear out re. it is like 4:30 in themorning. i'm not used to the west coast thing. we are going to s some decent weather around here for the supebowl. that for sure. we could be close to record highs. we are fing on a bigger stor systemt could develop over tweekd. on ay,reast d rmallyetheintry mix uld seeom oft in the carolina carolinas. that storm juts out to see ipping cape cod and the island islas. on monday anmoaynight, the track will determiowh owe see.some models keep it clos to the coast.
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it o to seand tha means less ow. that isomething i wanted t point out as we get into monday d tuesday. that and and i'm joined now by kei bruce. th bowl 50 host committee- yr title i so ng >> super bowl0 host comtt ce >> you have plannhis for three years now. what is i like to see thi come together?
6:00 am
of thr years to get he. the day before supl 50 wererded it back in 13. we are making this hard toak it the bes super bowl ever. >> i see a lotf walking around. mo broncos fans panthers fans. y et re >> morroncosau it is a sho fligh expecting more priviation in the b area tn ever bef for a ser bowl of thisze we're excited. the e of the world are on thebaarea. over 30 years sin we hosted a super . >>ecology hased what fan what f experiences are you offering? >> the las timehere was ipad osmartphones. ts of fchno is th ithe mo technical stadium. u can download theatest replays and order food d have
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mo in the super bowl city a vi'stadium that has never beene be. shering in a newra. iave been taking all of it in.od luck hiseek il morhe ea in few nutes. craig. >> dylan dreyer,ha >>ead, wol can saon's defense when she we this outfit to thes.a. acss americapeople lik basketba hall of f donique lkins... ..aking ch othiabe.. ..non-n vi . i toopiwemylo.itge to oal. sked my do aboviahed vi ks ereny thanills. d come a p ctozas pro r suand it's ten oncday, tim a nofoig
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d her -year-old in dauger thoste thi and ask w is t twi a w is the mom? th postas bn tweed 20,0 times. ou office going crazyo try tofigure i out. numb one,umber two, nr thre o do ythk, sheinee? >> think three ith mom. >>thomas? >> iill say number one is the mom. was zooming i a looking a ckwrinkles. >> ck >> i what iou do. >>ouon't see much of a neck wrkl thassrit. nuerone. >> you a ght. >> y caou , s'sn eiv'sse.>> iidthink aut at >> have my glaes to iel u. i tught it was the hands. ithe neck? >> allrigh >> cck ts oneout.the s.a.wards hapnedast ek on aress sllas aotf
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susa rand a t awasoenhisyear's imeri.sheor ts s axped a. itasetit medtioner mga cled it tay.later aed if she wod ar iso afuneral. addingt was quote inprat fnn meam trut ibe.womealng it ageistnd xi mas. peleted their own pictus in suprt of taces san sarandonot in thee. issue. postedhis picte.e of th guyn t f gtrello tthmotock rpoeohi cte.noneleag phoav
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memorlrve.which kdf pve m pot. >>ushi - ion't tnk it is a problem. i didn mn it le that, fr. mean fre like ee. >>is issue was i was done ring a trite to those lost in the industry >> you s . i say she loo wrf. >> t mornntour. larr dav gti reaor "s." omas. >> weav aear and half, excuse me, afr this hrific accint tha nearlylaimed his fe. tracmoan back onis ft d back on e cedscen the sta kicked off a comedy tourn iiana calle pking uphe pieces theomedian got ls of love
6:08 am
wish him the best. n tanothersnl alum. larrydad. he is hostingt tig and his impersation o bere nder ch betr iar davidoingthat isonalongde senasands himself. senior adver to t senator says i will all happen tonigh weave been loong for motorcades. we have not see anything yet. let's talk about sir elton jo. soldore than300 mlion recos,nightedy the quee nmmys and goln g and oscar and tony. bre yourself for a sne peek of elton arool karke with jes corden.
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t wanr fre to wander fr it will r aft t super bowl. >> why dn't i think o car poolkarae? >> you know that retes? becaveryonoes that. you drive al >> you snd better in shower in the car. >> my wife would disage wit th of th when we c ck, we w ta a something tha a litt rsonal. there was a lit healtscare. we w explain. >> weill exaiollywood's premierewelry designer, il lane, creates a ring fortoday's biggest stars... he designs it to look fabulousrom every angle. and r his coon atay jelers... does the exact. me. thing. s! ile bridal lyifulhaedat kthe er ojewestorein aca. my collectiois vintage inspired... with flowing lines that evoke a sense of timelesess.
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shd th snap, zicam. we're back on a saturday morng. you were out lasteek with a of a health scar we are so happyo have you back. >> here's the thing, i'mack. thank you for yourweets and messages. i received so many messas, my phone exoding. ianted to give y a behd
6:13 am
going through and sho you how m so much better this morning. long story sht. i had a polop on my voc cord. you may n have noticed. i have been sipping tea a honey and it g wors i found out iad a polup. cam in on fday to voa ory. this i nevereforehed. audio clip of when i wasing to tra for the morning. take a listen >> the tiger mom's cubs are -- oh, m goness. voice is really cracng. i'mo sorry, guys. so theyent home. ias going to be on the sw duri the week. i wt straight from the "today" show to m ent. i said what isoing on. i will show you pictures. this is th very fst pie. is i the picture. i won'tross you out.
6:14 am
every t i was trying to talk, ras getting through i sounded woe. h long was itthere? >> ion ow. fast forward to this past friday. it was horribl i d to be off for the weekd. look at the picture. it was so swollen. look at that. was s bad tha my ent said weeed rgery. i prepared last weekend f surgery when you didn't see me. that wl put me i go in this monda to the ent. she looks again to ppare for surgery. and it's. >> wow. >> look at that. >> amg. >> s what did y do inhe interim? >> to my prayer oup, thank u. i have en goi to vocal therapy for the lastouple mont. humming and all tt good stuff. >> the doctor said this is not
6:15 am
to absolute nothing. >> ye. singerso through this. adele. jo mayer. >> thankou forhe twes. > when weome back, super bo comrciaast and present. but first thi is "tod"n nbc.
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. we're still a day awayrom the superbowl...but the preparations and excitt are well underway in southern colorado.....and in so cases peop getting creative th it. at the shops at briargate....a couple of artists turned blocks of ice io a piece or art showing bronco pride. dozens of people came to watch it take shape.maem sporti t bronco blue and orge. on the other side of town....the hot sellt amy's donuts is thbronco ber donuts. the dot making crew plans to keep them coming through the weekend. and of have to dress the part. ples liko'and rt cityere busy with ople tting togeth test ofi even gr hicklooper i getting in on th excitement..... he dido ke tngs inteinwith a friendly wagewith the govnor of north carolina..... offering up a tae of puebl ifhe bnco's
6:20 am
carolina se gr chile powderlsa and pickled jalepeno's... alom farmers in the "pueblo chile grower's association." buif t bnco's rona wilbe sending00 ses of butterball turkeys at would go to colorado homeless shelter let's get over to or a
6:21 am
goo goomorning. reued from the rubble a devtating scene in iwan. several high-rise buildings collse with hundreds of people inside. first responder working around the clock to gveryone trapped out safely far, at least 11 pple killed includingmall ildren. ready to rumble. with just three days to nt the country's firstprimary, the stage i set for new mpshire. marco rubio closing the gap on nald tmp and bernie sanders holds a considerable lead over hillary clinton. a ser frenzy. ss tn36 hours to go until super wl 5 kic off. the excitement is atn all-time high.
6:22 am
commercials and we will h you plan the pfect part today, satuay, february 6th 2016. >>elebrati 6 years a 4 years o friendship. >>lan, we're your biggest fans. when wasas young >> it's my 18th birthday da >> happy birthday. >> at the oday" show fro carnegie hall. >> go panthers! and a good satday morng toyou. welcome back. a fantastic crowd on the plaza. ucou bunch. >> i think theyhould g bus ints f cominutn the ld.
6:23 am
>> it's aall of famring to be exact. thing of excellence. >> whi posion did y pl? plad wide receiv. >> yick. >> vgo we'lomo you in a send. dend me hing a ersaon wh testid ceiver i theis of otball? >> oh,yeah. he is snding right re. i'm freakin out a lite >>e and y th. he he is >> jryice sta by.we wil t jerry in a b. >> loong das ev. >> l's get tohomas following the latest on thethquake in taiwan. >> sheinelle, good rning. the death toll isising aft e taiwan with a 6.4 earthquake. rescuers still trying to pull those alive from the bble and more than 400 injuries reported so fa manyf themeing you children.
6:24 am
ekend ofamigning before the new hampshire trump backn the debate stage tonight in the final republican face-off. donald trump is in the lead,ut mao rubio is in a strong cond. earch c have recovered a body fm theinkhole inhe arizona field. a far wor dispeared in th 50-foot hole as he walkedk his truck. the field waseing irrigated and that may have softened the ground. t university of lislle banned its men's basketball team fromt season play. all this comes after allegatio of the former assistant coach paid for prostitutes and stripper partiesor the plays. inouncin the self-imposed ban, the ursity prident dicatedhere were violations of ncaa rules. finally, if your wings are your thing on superowl weekend, look at this.
6:25 am
contest to e a man wings as possible two 15-mute periods and the final two minute cli the win goes to molly ular g which got her a harley and now sheaso deal with the effects of eating 33ounds of wgsnd that amouno 77,000 calories that she can re on her motorcycle to wk off. that the ws. sheinelle and crg, backo you. i cannot imine. t is always the tiny ones >> the secret weapon. >> you and i lived in pllyor n year in oplere craz dylaney y image. ust few. i c putn few wings. let's be hone. who talking to here? follow with a beer. we're go to go. we are talking fool out
6:26 am
theemperares havbeen a big story. it's warm he in san francisco. not right this second, but we could talking aboutord ing heat. espeally as we go into s bowl sunday temperates today will b running aboutive to t grs abe average. ose to day. warmer morrow for tuper bowl inhe rnin clear a 48grees. at comes withlear skies. in the afternoon, sunny with a highf degrs. the recd is 75. we certainly will belose to at. were going to see the ridge in the jet stream continue to bring temperatures inhe 60s and d in a. by tuesday,e should
6:27 am
that is the look a > and tsr lt forestshnell>>hanku,la is anmtn'beoo oyoyo he f outthere. jt little t. i am makg use of ery single nute of the day here in san frcisco. the excitent is building as we leadp to the game. ere havbeen celebty sightis, hundreds of football stars and i had the chance to talk to some of them. all leading up theig game. >>eporr: iconic san frcisc th golden cy rolng out t red cpet for super bowl 50. i got a chance to see it all first nd. with soany people here this we, the best way toet around pedi-cab, of course.
6:28 am
although i wasn't soopulart them. >> boo! patriots, bo >> reporter: andon fort food. we cght up with pfessional chef, 49e fichael mina. this is as san francisco as gets you gave love to every single pie of fish in this di >> reporter: now time to tak in the whole nflxperience. hereou can run, kick and throw. oh,o oh, so close. rter: meanwhile, veg is going crazy with stat it is not just winners a losers. ye you canet on ything. wi katy pey's lef shark ma aappeance
6:29 am
etiring after t game? 5/ 5/ 5/1 ys he will. >> lce,hi. >> repter: we surprised o supe f with a callrom j.j. watt. >> thank you. bye. >> reporter: but perhaps the biggest thrill going to be the halftime show performan featuring coldplay and beyon. and guys, w sai it before i am joine by a football lege. we hav jer re here. u played w sanrancis r 1ars. at is like to have the per bowl here i the b area? >> it's fantastic. we get a chance to really show our hospitali and the city of san frcisco.
6:30 am
to comein,e w tm oodime a i'm having good timeecau i'm part of the host is a butifulcity. you get to sleep in youown bed. i get to sleep in my own bed. theajority of the time i always going t supererowls or in hotel and whe i want to get away, you know since it i in m backyard, can go home and close theoor jump my bed. >>w, i have en holdin to this ring f dear lif here. iee you have a matching one. >>yeah,ou kn i have teamed up with kay jelers who has signed the pro football rin of excellence. it i ctomid for the inductee valentine's is comin can go to kewelersr and get that special gift for that special individual.
6:31 am
t is hard toarry around. it is fun because with my three super bowl rings and to g this o football hall ofe ring, because you he to earhis and it'a ver elite groupf guys >> you have earned it >> thank you. >> what are you looking forward to tomorr? >> i'm lookingrd t a good football game. yo know, ie the denv oncos. i love thedefense. i love the defen ofhe panthers. yove two great quarterbacks. two great leaders withn manning and also cam newton. i'm going to stay neutl. theseam is goingo win. hould be anxcitinggame.>> thank y much f waking arly f us. lookingper a . >> i always tryyst. >> a pleure meeting u. >> nice meeng you. >> guys. >> jerry rice. the classiest of myav my favite flavorplayer ofll time. >e areotoneitthe
6:32 am
ultimate ser bowl rty. t aftenoyet. not ye not yet! pull the pch! mmmm, yoplait. leenins ow their love with... pebb. somealeshower. arsmarr than os. save u 3n lectmo hythm. , nulre ame.
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6:34 am
,,, ths era ic a a. th urges us to shake ings u urup t heat, and ta bigger risks. whou damaged hair silethat voice? dove regeratenoishment edlg in a fmula that nourishes to regenate extremel damaged ir. for smooth, strong and healthy looking hair as if daged never happened. new dove regeniv nourishment. > we' we're backn saturday we're giving you erythin you o have the best super bowl payever. if ye this in your living room. rst, facts t make you sou rian brian is here with u forhe
6:35 am
>> thiss multie chce. first o in gets toanswer let' art. this i super bowl 50 as everyone knows. >> wait a minute >>t is the roman numeral? do you want to guess? >> b. >> you know what? can we see theptns agn? >> the option are super bowl xxxxx. supe l oruper bowl xlx. c. incorrec >> iaid >> thats correct. is s bowll. areot using ran numerals thiear because super bowl has a negative connation. d how my super bl games gone to overtime c. in>> alsincorrec enswer is zero. >> never bee superl gone overtime? >> there wereo ties. >> i am ashamed.
6:36 am
how manyuaerbave woa nl championship in and wl. >> oh, crud. natial chonship, four. >> i s two. >>hat' ght. joe namath a joe montana. cam newt, if he winsn sunday, he is ththd. >> w he one rei d't ndohone a friend. morrow,eyn manning will tldt qrtbacko star ithe sup bowl, but who currtly holds that title? >>hat's way. >> thas correct. >> i want to go bac to the second question. want to apal. ryan thank you. this is theast tim youill beith us this is the last time you see ryan here. thomas roberts is staing b in the orange room with all of the ways you can watch the big game. >> craig, sheinelle, you test well on livetelevision i love it. i'm here with theech expert. mario artrong. mario, goodo havyou he >> thank y
6:37 am
multiple choe test on tv. will talk about cord cutters. at is the best way to watch it? y c wchtn your tablet or computer streami line. yo can watchrom streaming devices. your alev oroogle chrome ca g you to s that >> eve if youre oth house,ayou are i a sport baith ydd is ud howoou sy thekn?>>av gat app. tuney. yo can use itn yr appler anoiu can keou pneith e p.pot ittny lev pgramant nc's the aiothe. if youre in bar it mud or isoud and y nnot hear. you plug i a you can heart from the appr hk itpo the toh. >> this is somngeyond the game. something we can do at the rpor >> ttsrit. bendhegame.
6:38 am
lots o fun with that. o w know fm last year's ser bowlhi basicay broke twitr. ere is ebody gng to sta ecte>>otspeninna sociaedia iscrazy.cebook is asomefor ser they have srtadm. i dedated place to realtime happening in chronological oplay-by-play. yout andalithour ies on facebo fabo/supwl >>our pick? >>e're n doing this. we'rerom baltimor we he a ory out dver brco >> aonnen. thank u, mario. shnelle.>> it i t to ea easynacks th don takoo t syo d mhe game. we h hereit us. is a lifestyexrt. >> easy. that is the key. >> thing we can do. >> innder t minu
6:39 am
all day. we start with ourcerap. thisas myck. had t do a shriettuce wrap wr put it bib lett this is mango pineapple sauce anarsh with cilaro. pi a beaut head of lee. >>his reayinteresting. u sa green beanse it mm >> y canry it withhe ot ma dip. bakedreen bean teninutesnhe oven. ipotle mayosa and me on the sevenayer p. easy. put itn a marni glass. if hone, orndividual cu and startt btom yer
6:40 am
todacom. t presentio o it >> chrs >> ches tyo>>ap sup bowl tnkyou. wee rhtck.
6:41 am
nbc. tha that' it. wee done on ts saturday morning. we're looking aecond quti of the trivia contest. morrow on "today," howutnggeecol i hping ers.
6:42 am
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ev witutettrat k rheumoltabt xeanz. . we'rila day ay fm l.buprarionsnditent are well uery souer colorado.....and ime cas ople a gti cate th it. he sps at briargate....a couple of artists turned bck ofce into a piece art owing broncoride. dozens of people came to watch
6:46 am
sporting the bronco blue and ange. on the other sidof towhe t ller aamy's do i e brco berry duts. the donut making crew pls to keep them ming thr the weekend. and of have to ess the part. placesike zeezs and party ty we sy wh pele putting together their best bronco outfit. even governor hickenlooper is getting in othexciteme..... he decidedo make things interesting with a friendly ger with the govornor of north carolina..... offering up a taste ofuebl if the bronco's lose..hickenloo per will send carolina some reand greechile powder, salsa and pid leno... all from farrsn the "pueblo e growerssocti." but if the bronco's n... rolina will sending 200 caseof butterbl turkeys at would go to colorado holess shelter les geover to for an
6:47 am
ming up on news tod ween-- one of e olde schoolin coradngs will besing its doo aft a ceurofearning. why offials are shutting it down. "ias alwa dihard fan ever since ias a k." are getng ready for t brcos' big game torrow. hofar some are willing to gotow pporfor e te. and vernor hickeooper was in colorado springs yesteay for a redo of his state of the ste spch. 're breaking down what he had say. good morningndelcome to news five today weekend. it's saturday -- feb. 6th. i'm greg dingrando -- d m jessa van ter-
6:48 am
on oureather in a minute.. but first.... pueblo picare investigating a adly soting overnight. it happened constitution ad... athe casa desol apartmts. offi got the call before 3 a-m this morning. when they arrived on scene... they found a man thought tbe in his 20's... dead from an apparent nshot wound. his body wound inside the complex... and detectes are working t get warrants as the instigation continues. also n ornight.. colorado springs police officers helped save a womas li....thanks to a new to. duri a traff stoatt pi's peak and nevada avenue... police saofficers came ross a passenger who haoverdoseon hein. they qckly turned to the newly issued "narcan" spray. the officers we able to utlize the druand calln anmbulance. the man is nowecering a hospit. the iver... coby dnis... was arrested for drivinghile under e innce rugs toss to a illy start to the day, but sunshine wl be abundant th
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