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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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bies, childn a thr mothers. rescued om what s on homtoundreds. the pre-dawn earthqkerought this 17 story apartment building to th ground when mos were s sleeping. you can see it crumblg in ts video,hen a bur of dust and debr. the wls fe, t the bed fell, this man says. ross t c million, buiings are ing, carsrushed and cut in half. the 6.4 earthque was felt for mis. it was shallow, causinore ge. wepoke to kate b phone. she ushe was jo awake a 40 a.m. >> my year-o was in a different room. we could hear her crying out. but it s shaking so violentl we couldn't get out of our bed to geoher. >> reporter: firefighte responded minutes, helping peop cmb out windows, using construction cran.
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300 soar. isom wra ther two youns her 3-ar-old has a head jury. she has broken bone sheays sheel her so close asesers dug throughayers of core to ach . togh dozens are still miing. thr familie waiti and praying whi hundreds of soldiers d firefighters try to find them, checking air cks, shing for more signs of fe. kelly kobiella, c news. back home in this country, dond trump will be back on the stage tonig in new hashire joining marc rubi ted cruz and four others for the final republin debate before tuesday's primar voters i new toegister with a party. either the repubcan or democratic primaries. that has the candidates on both sides fighting hard this weekend to woo chsey indepennt voters.
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we begin with halli jackson. good evening. reporter: good evening. tonight is e last chance for cditions to make closing arguments in a big way before new hampshire's pryimary primary. pect immigration to be a big topic. it's a potenal vulnerabilityor rubiand a central theme for ump. in manchester, the debate stage all set and this time dond trump wl be o it. new hampshire wre doing really well. >> rorr: hopine n'underperform his number o pl posionn n hae, askipd yesay becaef sn jebus pointg o mheanago mp tr today mocking bush for bringing in mommy to te ala at him. ile ump's center stage tonight, is ru at the center of the bull eye. ng in the grate state, his crowds getting bigger campaign telling nbc news o' readyo
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>> marco rubio, just another washingn politician you can trust. >> reporter: t tablishmen candidat firing s ahea what is for some a make or break primary. >> rubio hasn't accomplished onehing in his career. repor for cruz, le pressure tonts than tonight than in wa. nowwitching h suppt away fro cruto rubio, christin pere s dirty polics you can apologize all you want, but i pp. >>eporter: thisan is still considering cruz or may ump. sounds like you are on the fce little bi >> i am. ehat tonight's debate . i havectuay gcording at the i' going to watch it ag >> reporter: in a vorson't haveo register unt tuesday, some 25% wl stay undecid until the last nute.
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pr in e poll>> repter: in the ot >> in the boh. debatetonight. i really think that could have a impa on the way i vote. >> reporter: decision ti f soyith ti rning out before the primary. hallie jackson, nbc news,manchester. >> reporter:'m kristin welker. >> how you? >> repte hilry clinton taking her mp int her own hands to g door to dr trying to come bac fr a double digit t. >> a beautif in manchester. >>r:h th clachine ingntoh gearut i force volunteers fm all across the country and state. >> knock on the side door. knock on the garage. find the person inside the house. >> reporteor the first time, appeang on stage top rr w o he famiars. there's a spe ple ill womeo don't help each other. >> reportehe tough talk comes wh clinto trailing bernie sanders en
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exe intervie former secretary of state madeleine brightndicated she's on mission. why is she strgling with women voters here in new hampshire. this is her base. >> i think they need to know that she is -- has worked soard on everything, women's issues. >> reporter: she slammed sanrs for seeming to strugglon foreign policy. >> north korea is a very strange situation becaus it is such a isolated cntry by a handful of dicts or maybe ju one. >> i thi that he gaveerind of sile awerso things. most people know how many decictators north a has. >>eporr: sanrs s bshed ide clinton's criticism. nders urged young voters to make their voices heard. >> here in new
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bring out aent vote on tuesday, i am confent we' going to win. >> reporter: sanders deploying his own volunteer gund force. >>re here with bernie sanders. >> reporter: a clinton comeck may depend on ose still undecided voters. pluses anminuses for bo of them. i haven decided which is the bt yet. reporter: senat nders be off th t tonight and in new yoraving a litt bit of fu he is going toake guest appearanc on snl alongside larry vid who, of course does apo rsonation of sander secretary clinton will beallyg her suppters here. >>ust see nigh hallie jackson a kristiwelker on the campaigntrail. >omrow moing, chuck todd wl he hampsh hill clinton, dold tru and
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amongis gsts. rnlts . north korea moved up a rocket unch many governments believe that's cover fo a long-ran missile test. kell o'don i folling t sry om the wte house. odevening. >> reporter: good evening. w procative signalareoming from north korea ttling nerve about the isolated regi's defiant ambio for a nuclr weapon. the nor gav an officialea up that as early as tonight it d launch tha rocket ead o its ownschedule. thisom jt weeks after north rea's fourth nuclear test. they claim to be just launching a satellite. the worldeeshi as a way to disguise wk on long-range ballistic missile. south korea made a visible defensive move. along with the u. and japan, tyant china to use its pow the neighborhoo to essure north korea to stand down. president obamaot o the phone wit china's president friday, both agree north korea cannot become a nuclear state.
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forbids northorea frheds o sts. nigh anes in the likely flit path are warned to look o r hazards. c's kelly o'donnell at wte house. thank you. in euro, a adly day austrianalps. ve peoplee lled th were among 1 1 who came trapped in the avalanche which was re than a mil wide two oths were injuredhi ten we not harmed. all the skiers we fromhe czech republ. here in new yo ews areting ady to start remong a nstruction cthat felfrom a building in lower manhattan yesteay killing one and injuring three. e c will b cut into dozens of pces then moved away by truck. they sayheyope to recover thecrane's computer and determining the cause of thera could take weeks. this year's ser bowl is now under way 24 hours away. it comes after a dramat ris i the nuer of concussions that players suffered
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vigilance in trying to better protect its athles,nbc's ron tt spokeh one nfl star who think evene needs to be done >> reporter: the hit that end brown's season last nt was a blow to the head. the steelerso reach e super bowl also ended the next game without hi >> guys want t take me o of the game. >> reporter: now fr week aer lying motionless with a concussion, brown wanthe nfl t do even more to preve ri his. >> i think maybe crack down on the guys w livering the hits. was aate h after the whise. thathouldne tolerated. >> reporter: brown's opponent was spended three games next ason. ncussions sred i the nflhis past regular season up 58% from 115 in2014 182, t highest since it beg trackin this data in 2012. >> we continue to make rule changes in our
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safer and protect our players from unnecessary jury, acts tte see can lead to increased probab of an injury. >> reporter: new focus on the game's most crucial safety gear, the helmet. traditio helmet haven't changed a lot ovhe years. they a a hard shell with someadding on the inside. a startup compy in seattle is betting a sar helmet is actual a softer heet. >> the nfl is having a netechnology showca. >> reporter: one of the companies developiels marketin design that us flexible car bumper tritorybo thin columns tt absorb energ with a hard layer padding underneath. >> helmets were to protect fkull fractureot injury to thebrn. we're trying to do both. >> reporter: the list of former playe who have died whose brains tested posive for s of the cosion dease e grows. qurbacken ablerhe test.
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whoill get it. we d't hav sing tool say at a pticu athlet is eher still sufring from a concussion or fully recod. >> reporter: as for brn, clear hded with the mindseof playing all ouain. th nfl commissioner was cticized for comments h made yet about concusons. heaid there's risk in li, there's risk sitt on t couch. toda a spokeerson tobc news the mmissioner's pnt is obvious that even physical inactivity carri so risk. nbs ronmott thank you. when we ntinue, one yearft the muers of three llegudents, eir messagef tolerance lives on. >> later, ge day, how se of the biggt names in business a tryinto shn this weekend on tl. (celphone ris)
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year since a north carona man aegedly shot and killed three muslim college students in chapel hill. if convicted, he could face the dth penalty for wh pleaseolice described as a triple murder tggered by a parking spute. the familys it as something else that cut short the lives of three young people. reporte this man is hard at work. buildi the fodation of his brothescy >> ianted to put a quote that sd
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sign that said rkss cannot ive oudaness. me a screen shot. have areamne willel he projects. it was very clearly 're going t work on -- >> reporter: itpo to you? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's transforming house hence owned into community center. >> we want to do more. >> reporter: community service was at the core of how ty all live th h spent summers abroad, volunteer at denl clinics for syrian refugees and helped the homeless in north caro their liv were cut short alledly by this man, a neibor who authorities said was possiblyenged over a png diste hadith them. forhehildren we have raised, how peaceful they are and how ging they were and how helpful they were it was not about
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believe iwas hate crime? >> 100%. rorter: at a time when anti-muslim rhetoric is hignd thefbi is tckg an uptick in aacks against mosques, llg this a hate crimes about mor than just wo >> i remember my il as model american citizens o also musm. it has killed em. >> i s to myse, this can happen any time or anywhere. >> reporter: wh the trial soon getting underway, the alleged kill killer's motivations will be front a er >>ood dee -- >>eporter: the families want the fos o honing eir childre and the legacy they have insped. >>espo to hate le. beood t your neigor. >> reporter: le they didn their srt but angful lives.
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(splashi/destruction) asng/destruc (burke) d we covered it, october twty-seventh, 2014. lk to farmers. we know a thing or two because 've se a thing or two. fa b-pa- bum- ts h it lon legeneva, wiscsin, today as several pked cars through the ice becoming partially submerge submerged. the owner were there to en the erfest, iludi th.s. national snow sculpting competion. no injuries reported and the cars were being towed out. you may have seen
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the las day or so. a sea lionound i a staunt in the h. the unusual sce brought serious focus to the plight of the mammals that are having a tough time this year finding with many starving. >> hungry andmalnourished, she took a seatike every other custom. thf posting that this by sea lio was early for her reservio >> we were sprised to see a real young sea lion p that spent theight in the booth. orter: in need of medical attention, the rescue team ied her away giving her what she needsnd calng her marina >>hi pupeied0 pounds this morning. ithould be about 40 to 50 pounds out in the wild right now. reporter: she's not the only one. hundreds of sea lions along theal coast are searching for food walking into stores and patios. >> he is cute very, very nice.
5:20 pm
tryi to survive. coastf califa are getting cause of el nino. theoo athe seans ed that exist in cold water are pushed farther away leaving the pups stranded and >>ot only are they lookingor hig ground, they are searg out fo. >> reporter: 2015 was the hottest yea on rerd ading to nasa. a worlds recouped 990 califoia sea lions like marina thisyear, they scued 46, which is wh experts are hoping is isn't the new rmal. edgar mchell ssed away. inase you don recall the name, rhaps thpict ll help. heas theixen man enth man toal o moon. ey broht bac pounds of moon rocks thatere used in scientific studies.
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me of the bt known tech companies hope to score touchdowf their own. >> reporter: it's the super bowl on demand. order itn your app and you could end up in a game oflag football with champion joe montan it's a lotf fun, especially for old terbacks like us >> reporter: one exe of how silicon valley is rolng o its biggest bras and biggest stars. airnbashing in, offeri a night's stay in everything from an airtream trailer t te hoe. y h your heart set on this cabi rry, folks, it already book. >> is a great contrast to the super bowl frenzy. >> reporter: for four-bedroom was the perfect place for the family. >> my parents,y brother, my ster, my best friendywife, my two ughters. the opptuni to have my family in one
5:25 pm
a hotel room. >> reporte b is picking up the tab. is renting out his own home in charlotte.>> i'm excited for somebody to have the opportunity t be in mylaching it on the big reen. reporter: he is donatingceeds to his fountion. not to be left out, if you ordered a lyft this week you mig have seen this guy behindteam. >> my time has been theniners. bo a raised in san jose. really? >>eporter: that's jerry ce. >> hl of famer. >> reporter: joe montana's former teammate teasing unsuspecting riders. san francisco dng the super wl silicon valley style. olivrns, nbc ws, san ancisc >> prey great, ce your driver. > that's going to or "c ghtly ws." ts roberts reporting from n rk. thks for wchin
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t. good evening. good evening. than for watching newsive on yo surda i'za thaon new video tonit of t scene of the latt hocide i
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police tell news 5 they were lled to the "casa del sol apartments" near east high school just before 30 this moing. officers say they found 21-year-old "chuck quintanartega" dead from an appare gunshot wou in an aptment on the west side t cplex police say qntana-orga was involvedn some st confrontation prior t shooting. brittany umbach/neighbor sot: 2:58 its so close to home. its scary. iave tw children. if y know anything about this morning'deadly soting, ll policor you can lven anyms tiwi crimestoppers. right now in pueblo,riends and family are ghering in honor of aomicide ct. it bn exactly onyear sin 28-yr-old "carlos perea"as shot outsi of the downwn ere live. kelsey... rlos perea left behind fe chdren and fiance.. when he was gunned down here outside the library a year ago today.. and still
5:28 pm
this ividefrom a vigil heald after perea's death a ar a.. family members used the vigil as an opportunity task the communy stophe violence" this homicide is being veated as a gang related shting.. t again.. the pueblo police have ner nad a susp. let alone made any arrests.. it'sne of fo homices from 2015 tharema unsolved by police.. the pueblo police department.. plagues wi manpower issu.. says t community's help is perative in helping to solve some of these crim.. the vigil for perea starts here in less than an hour.. tonit at ten. i' speak with his faly about what they'veeen goin through.. and needso done nd justice f carlso.. live in pu.. kelsey kennedy.. news five. following up for you... friends and family memrs of elsie helling" ghered in puebloay, holding a rally 3 years after e we missi. th gathered outside of the poli stion. e 22-year-old went missing on
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