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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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and bernouenthussm. was that bernie sanders on "snl" last night, larry dis, or both? >>retty,retty, prett pretty good. >> i'm chuck todd manchester, w hampshire. joining me for insht and analis this ecial nday morning are msnbc's chris matthews, nbc's anea mitchell, hallie jackson of nbc news, and radio talk show host hugh hewitt. trump, sanders, clinton and the latest numbers. welcomtoy and a spial edition "meet the press." fromanchesr, new hampshire, this is a sci edition of "meet press" with chuck todd. good sunday moing. here we are right heren new hampshire, the site of tuesday's primary. we're righhere in nbnews' fabulous new hamhire headquarters, o days before whatay be amg thmost portant days in american politics this year d la nht's republican debate as our "the washington
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rubio hia wall named chris christie. >> this notion that barack obama doest know what he's doing is st not true -- >> there it is. there it is. e memorized 25-second speech. >> and it only g worse from there for rubio. we'll uch more on the debate later this morning. joininus today are three candidates who are all counting tuesday to lp send them to the nomination and perhaps on to the ite house. republican donald trump, and the two candides vying for the demoatic n, bernie srs d llary clinn. beforeto the interviews let'ta look at t very last tracking polls t this rning. cnwmur has trump with a big lead at ow by that order. rubio'mentum appears to have stopped. that's before e de is or in this. for democrats this pol worth noting clinton has picd
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days. in this morning's umass/7 news trkioll, they have tru with a big lead and order below him rubio, cruz, bush and kasich democratic side thave this race a bitoser, sanders with a lead 57-40 slightly up from yesterday's ll. one ing to remembeabout new hampshire, it's the avarof pollsts. we'll have my teiew is morning th donaltrump just a fewinutes. but we're going to beginith the decrats anformer cretarof ste hilla clinton. yolid thatveyard of llsters, hen't y? >> i've lived through this twice in '92 and 2008. look, i know i'm behind. i'm gog to kp fightingil e very last vote is counted. because i re about this primary. >>hyo you thk yostarted th such a deficit this time considering -- look, is s been a bigtate tbo yourusband and yoursel ve iortant. >> yeah. >> they alwayselyou. >>ell,oo can't sit here
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nator has been in public life next door for 25years. so there's a familrity with hi i totallyesct that. and just think what's great about this primary is ne hampshire voters take a first, second, third, fourth, fifth . yestery as i w cricrossing fromne side the stateo the her talking to voters, i terally had pele come up, say you chd my mind, who ows. this is what's so exciting about the imary, chuck. i came iin 2008 as i recall like 16 points behind. i memb the night before the primarin '92, bill's pollster sau kn, you' i single dits. it's over. who kns. i love this excitement. and i'm going to fights hard as i can but i'm having areatim whatev happens >> i want to go to the date a tt bit because i would s the foreign policy section is e that you guys wanted to ghlight cause you felt as if he didn't do so well. you brought up secretary state deleine brighto talk about it. so of the things youaid abt senator obama's readiness
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similar to wt you'd abbernande in '08 you sd i have a limef experience wl bring to tte hou. kn satorain s litimef peence he' bring to the whiteouse. senar ama has a speech he gave in 20, it sounds ry similar to what yoid when you're lkay,ou had one vote on e ir war -- okay, you know what -- >> what's the difference between what you said about then-senator obama and at you're saying about senator sanders? >> there's a vy big differen. in 20, senator obama hadreally d real done homewk in the sena. he'd been there byhat time a few years. he had developed a network of adviso on national secury d reigcyue they we veryigt and focuseing suree s ady, tt he h as brd a set of viewss possible. and they really went toe-to-toe with all the peoe supporting me. that'sot happening in this campaign. there really isn't any kind of
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suting and advising senar nders. i'll let him speak for himself. i think that what's imrtant th j reqres you to be ready on all aspects of it on the first da d knowe got a particularplex wld right now. and the present't going to have the time. maybe previous psides st years couldave a little more leey cause of, u knowe way the d oned. but now it's north korea w its missile tests, it's russia aggression, it's enfcing the iran agreement you have tdo it all at once. >> do you think the iraq vote should stiatteto vers? look, >> look, thi voters e rfectly free to takento acunt anything they want to take, but i al hope 'll take the resof the record. you know, i was involved in the bigges certerrorism
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whether or not to go aer bin de laden. i did put the sations on iran to get them to the negotiang table. i thk that this is a debe that the voters really have to pay attention to because it is choosi both a prident ana commdein chief. >> do u believe if it wasn't for the iraq war we wouldn't have isis today? >> well, i think that'a hard conclusion to becse rememb whad al qaeda befe we h is. al qaeda attacked us in new york. al qaeda attked our embassies infrica -- >> the itabi in ir is what has created this and that if saddam hussein were still there we wouldn't have isis. >> well, i >> wl, thinkhas a lot of in logic tt to me doesn't really add up. thiraq war, the's no doubt coribud to instability i'm not going to iany way deny that. but you cannot draw a direct line. what you can dis to say that jihadist terrorism starting with al qaeda. >> right. a movinto itsatest incarnations, most particularl isisis in spon to number of forces and factors thatre roilinup the middle east. d certainly fighngor wha islam mes anit's going
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are going meawhen they talk about . so, yeah, 've got bigger set of proble >> aight. another thg i wanted to follow-up on t date. senator sanders called the entire business model of wall street a fraud. we didn't get a chance to ask you to respond decto tha critique. i'd like to ask you to respo to it now. >> well, think it's the kind of extme statement that once you really take a hard lat it, is hard to understan u knowwhen you talk about wa street, are we talking t every bank? or are wing about a paicular part of new yk? at's never reay arifie at i believe is that there are good actors anbad tors in every pa of our economy. the job the psident is to weed out a prevent the bad actors from disrupting economic tivity from amassing too much power and influence.
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economy where we've got to hav a good banking sm at able to service the american ecomy. and it needs to be more than just looking at the five bks that are the big bkswe have to he a much more robust communi banystem, regional banki system, oth fos of credit access. anthat'shat i am advating for. and i still notnderst why i'm ving thiproblem ttinsenator sanders to join me in going after what are the potential problems that are out there, the sdow banking sector and the investment and hedge fund sector. >> can you have treasury secretarwho n'familiar th how wall etor? and i say this because i thi there's so much distrust right now. >> s. there . there is >> six of the last treasuries eithame from wall street or
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now ist an appete for somedy from wall street to be the nextreasury secretary, and yet can you have a treury secretary if they don't unrstand wall street? well,ou he toave a treasury secre who understands e econy, t erican economy and the global economy. i think the are t more places wre one and should look for such a treasury. >> do u thinyou can pick one thout having them have a wall st backgroun >> you know, i want somebodyho can make aood commitment to rk with me to get e economy moving, get more goodobs created, to geincomes risi, tok ovhe hizon at someeconomic probls that are o there we'vgot to figure out what we're going too with chi. cha isinallyinto ce to grips with the fact that loof its gwth may not have beens on a firm foundation as we would hope. so we ne peoplin government who have that kind ocommitment and undetanding. but 've goto put the needs the american ecomy fit. anthat's going to be my commitme. >> before i t you go iant to ask yoabout a comment former seetary of ste madeleine albright said, a comment i've hearher say fo. but it sort of rg differentl a lot ole.
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placin hell for men who don't help women. but the imication that somehow if're a democratic woman and u're not supporting yo what's wrg with you. doou want the votebe decided gender lines like th? >> oh, look, as you remember, madeleine has been saying this for many, many yea. >> starbucksups i ink. i get that. she bieves it firmly and in partecause she knowst stggle ihabeen. d e undends e stgg is notver. so i don't wt people to be offended by what s is expressing as her -- you can ustd why so might have been offended byt?>> well, good ief,e're getting ofnded about everything these days. honest to goodness, i mean, pe can't say anything without offending somebody. she has a life expiencthat i reect. i admire herreatlyand think at s was ting to , wch she's done very
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goinback 20- years, s to remindoung women parlarl that this ggle us have been pt ofs not er. d n't in y y lled by the progrs wee made. and think it was a light heted but ry poiemark, whicpeople can take however they choos >> all right. whato yogot in t super bowl? >> ion havanybodt w. >> you d't have anybody? >> i'm going to flint, michigan, i'm worryingbout theids in flint, michigan, to maure we can do what we can to make sure eyre namaged by this -- you're gotoday, y have gyestday. >> i love new hampshir the mar as to come. was as earliesse uld geit done. ry hop to ngress icis trying work a bipartisan way wilcome up with somedingo alith the proble that have affcted the community. and i'going toeep doing erything i can help them >> secre clintoni know you a pne to catch. >> thanks. grt to tk to you. last night, i oke with senator bernie sanders from new
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appearn "sury night live." here it . i wa to starwithe reews from t date. first the debat onall street. you got some good review but on foreignpocy,anto t up some headlines here, sir. not good oston globe," sanders flunks on reign licy, he washington post bernie sande tripson foign cy during bate. how do yespond to at >> well, you know, te after time when we he had these debas, theundits kee thinking that llary clinton wins the desbusomehow the pe dnot. and we did very welln iowa. i thinwe're inwell in w hampshire. and i think 're well nationally. look, ere's no question at hillary clinton has a great deal of experiencregardg foreign policy. she was our secretary ofte fofourears. th gives h a lot of experience.
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that matters. it ijudgme. i think we have the judgment in rms hat we should do with isis right now, that we should learn the lessonf thiraq war, which vigorously opsed, which s that we cannot, k, do it alone. i will deverything that i can to maksurehat r young me d women in the military do n get cked into a perpetual warfare warfare in the quagmire of the middleas >> but the conrn ihink is not about your poly on isi let lay r you sothing ary of ste meleine albrig said on saturday. take aisten. 've been vy concerned about his lack of knowledge. mosteoe know how many ctators north korea has. i have spent an ful lot of time othe hill in a variety of ways. ve gone up and down briefings and all kinds of things. unless he lookedotally
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nevebeeno any briefing -- >> let me ipulate, madeleine albright ia ppr of hiton d shwas brt up here by the hillaclton caaign to ta about this. my con is about the level of tere you have on foreign licy. chuck, chuck, igoes without ying, numberne, i have bn to briing r brfing a briefing. ow, in fact, juscouple of weeks ago wn i visited with e president, one of e thin that we talked abo was iran and foreign policy. it iobvisly an enormouy important partwhat being the est is about. w, i don't really owhis, maybe the answers different, ll me madelne alight's positiowas on the wain ira >> right i don't know. >> ion't know. suppd .
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just experience.the suis judgment. i voted against the first gulf war,hich htoryill record. d the opposition againsthe war in ira whi history will also rord eihe right early,learly foreign policy is enormouslimportant. and i wi tell you this also, chk, if you go back to 200 this iextly whathe clipeople we g toenator barack obama they were attacking him he didn'tthe experience, cete, et cetera. i am absolutely confident that if eed presidente ll have a very strong foreign policy for the american peop. >> i think tlevie some of ese concerns iyou told -- how about i know you didn't tell me the other night whe yoabout o your for pocy advors are. givee few meof p you woulend csideng as a secretary of state o secretary of defense. >> i tnkt's a little bit
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be. i will tell you thate have met recely wh ope larry cobbactuallyorked in the rean administratio talked to peop l ople like m gby, td to the ople on j street to get a broad perspeive ofhe middle east. i've bn meeting with a who lot ppl but let m reassu themerican people, despite whatheyg f hearing from madelei albright, a ident must be we versed ingn policy, must have strong foreign policposion. >> let me mo onto something else you said from the debate. it was a tough charge. you said - and you yourself said thias going t tough charge when you sdit. the business model of wal re is fraud.
9:17 am
facthat the's a t of union pension nds at a invested in wre, 30% my of thyolook i was looking up some he things a loof01(k, a lot of tirements is based on instments walstreet. it see to me, if youieve 's wouldou not like ee money invested i mething based on a fraud. >>ook, chuck, what i said i beeved to berue. a few weeks ago,s you knowa ldn chs ached a selement with the ited stes government for $5 billio billion. why? and the answer is obviously they we defraininvestorin terms ofelling subprime mortgage pacges thatere worthless. no that's my definition of au anotr majobas also have received -- paid huge sement fines to t fedal governmt. and what rlly burns the
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ttlement agreement of ese peoplenonef the executives on ll streeget arged with anything. d gets cauwith som marijua, rijuana, gets police reco. fraudulentivy on wall street destroys e economy, no poli rord for any execute. soo i belie that the busine mel of wa strt is flawed? i think the answer obviously of course it is. >> very quickl ser bowl sunday, who do you gsir? >> maybe the broncos >> that's who you're rooting for? that'shou thi will win? >>'m rootingorew england patrts, but i'm afraid that's not going to happen. we'll be back in a mont th the repubn race and my down a f min agoh ld trump. and as wgo tbrk,e're g to give u some memorab moments from new hampsre. here's one. ronald reagan showi t wld
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mbict oropd,inudg ronion d phem it shod more than twdambort contains formoro medines like fortel easeheis dea stprle orma risk of lung infens osteoposis,ye proyol yo docto youava heconditioor hbld es reiniticorcoulme d with betr brthg. watch out, piggies!(cldren gigg) ict. eahi5 nu ogonleout a free tal offer. y cfforur medicat trazenmay e to h welcom welce back. by the y, we're going to get snow on tueay o ving da 're broadcasting fro the nbc news headquarters in new hampshire. an unbelievae setting we have here. and jus about abody who is in politics, rerts on politics or
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deded to spend the last days before the primary just outside our doors. it was eas to grab four of the best though, jourlists, for our panel this morning. buddy chris mthews w of course is host of "harall," ere for many newampsre imies. ouchief foreffairs correspoenandreaitchell who is coving the hillary clinton campaign. hallie jackson also with nbc coring the cruz campaign, and radio talk show host gh hewitt, hostf eugh hewt sh. let's focus o last night's republican de wo marco rubio, look at these heline "york times," gop rivals jab at rubio try to sl his rise, "the waington post," rubiondures an assault in a rolling gop te. i wish i could hold it , the one i don't have, choke,ith rubio. hugh. >> donald trump did not lose saturday night, think joh
9:22 am
rubio into secondlace by being very new hampshire, but i'm a contrary on rubio, he won all o that debate except those three mis. that will push him back,ut he had terrific send half and i think he'llethe bronz come tsday night. >>wow. chris. >> well, that'goodxcept the only probl you he is the videotape. andt exists. >> the thr nutes. all right. well, let me use. look at this thin s ro take a sten. >> a let's just start oe a for l with this fiction tt barack obama doesn't knowhat he's doing. he knoxactly what he's ing. doing. let's dispel this fiction that barack obama doest know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. this notion that barack obama doesn't know wha he's doing is just n tr. tre it is. ere it is. the memorized25-second speech. >> ware t facg a presint that doesn't know what he' doing. he knows wte's doing. anyone w believes that back obama ist doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understa what we're dial uealing with here. >> that's e numerable times.
9:23 am
fictionm "blade runner" where someone in this case chris christ prod outhere was a replica instead of not a human being. was strangeecause he s readg these prerecorded atements which are like implanted mory tracks. they wernot a hum reonse. and i think he's got the answer for it and i tnk it was so strange i have no idea why he di. >> ery cdidateas lines they repeat. we've al been doi a million s.e. eeches. his problem was when he got up on the attackhen they were doinit against hi four times, sameline. >> listen this morning people in marco ro costumes showed up. campaign wld point out some 50people showed up 45 minutes before the dooopened. they're fiercely tryingo spi this i a positive. super bowl night, history. >>o repea over and over again your one-liners i front of your rivals who are already pouncing,
9:24 am
boy the bubble and dinishing him, trying to diminish hi really hits him rightt hisost vulnerable int. >>ugh,his ishat's p plexg, christie telegraph this for three days. thisious this s coming and is is how they prepare snd. >> because he's runng genel electi campan before he secur the nomination.i'll tell youha amed m last night, ery democrat o there is eagero bury marco rubio becausehey are adf rco bio. th areesperate afraid of him. therefore i think what we g is a sou colina brouhaha that will follow this mix up. d it will g to th convention. it going to an open convention because rus not going away. >> one question, was there logic to doing it four timn a row? >> yes. because he's talking me. 's talking to republicans about rack obama. he is o run tt geral election campaign. barack obama knew what he wadoing this country. theemocra hate t -- >> you mean if he cou d it er again he would repeat the same lines foures in a row? >> . >> whatoest mean?
9:25 am
second time -- h staff h trained him d hadearn to be disciplined. >> it' a pnned -- >>utg staff trained is t whahese canted tohow on tt age,hugh. they need to show tha they have aunioning n. this is a ver man. >> you know who we're not talking about? we're not talking about donald trump ored cruz. let me play a quick lit -- jeb bush had one of his best monts with donald trump on the issuef eminentdomain. hat donald trum did was use eminent domain to try to take the prerty ofn elderly woman the strip in atlantic ci. th downright wrong. >> wan tbe a tou guy. a lot of timesou'll have -- and it doesn't work very well. how tough is it t tak property from an elderly woman? let me talk. qut. that's all
9:26 am
special interests out there. >> it was a fascinang moment because i think the issue is bad for trump here, but i thoug hiretorthe wasrobly good for here. >> a the physical, t body lauage, you know shh, i mean, he was s patronizing. vy. >> it was a different jeb. that wasn't the jeb of three mont ago bho meld in that moment. >> his mom is out he telling him he nds to interrupt me d beess polite and that's whatoue eing. for trump, he doesnik to be d. he gooed fr t wit out two minutes within that exange. i asked him do u thin y cameffs a bully a he even saidast night, ll, bush tries to be toug bute's a tougguy. >> b governo bush had his best ght. i nt tut then spinn thiause it' true. repuicans hate emint doma. they hat it. >> yes. >> it's abusedimenough. >>hat was a bullying me. everybodsaw lythe. you have t dece is the b on your side. dthe bully's on your de, if he'in aox hole next to you facin the bad guys, you
9:27 am
i thought last night i dn't hatway. he was taking down a guy who's not a scary guy. nobo dislikes jeb bush. i thought didn't look good. wasn't good for trum >> i'm going to have a little bit. i spoke with jeb earlier. we'll have some jeb sff ter. we'll be back after the break with a man who probabl needs a new hampire n more than anody else. i sit down with donald truanodelse sido witna. if if you have moderateo vere rheumatoid arthritikme,and you're talngo your rheumatogist about ologic... this is humira.
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welcomba. well, uiebat lt nits ron burgundmight have said, that escaled quickl my next guest, dald trump, he wants to rebound from th iow lossnd takeew hpshire to ngo his fronnner atus. anmr. trp joinse now. welcome back to "me tess," sir. whos coming in secd and maa first - >> youell. let me you this h much do you ne hpshire win? >> i don't tnk i ndit i hope that i get it i'm doing well. i have a good relationship with the peop of new hampshe. i've been here lg bore potics had many friends. iive up here inedible area,utea i would sayhat would like t win, but ion't know that is cessary. when say,ou know, the iowa -- i came in second out of orinally 1people, there are ose that say ictually came stepdingow you nt to count the voteso be honest bause that s a horriblehinghat took place. but i was very proud of iowa a
9:31 am
>> do you n accept the iowa lts? do you tnk they're legitimate? >> i think it waseryunfair to ben.and i atain way it was unfair to me. affected me the same it affeed benause a lot o votewere add . a ember votes were add on. i was a strong second, but i'm not thinking about iowa. i'm thin about new hampshire. i don't care aboutt ymore. i can't helput notice that u're aittle humble byt happened in iowa, is that fair to sa >> well, i d'think in terms of it. you kn, iorked hard there. i really lediowa. i like theple of io. the csyste is very cox stem and l of thing go off wit a caucus syst i like this system much bter in new hampshire whereouo out, you like somebody, you vote. and yocan have a ground game and all, but the ground game in io is very important where the ground game here is differ are you looking at you campai andng, younow wh, mae needo do some more tradional things in diti to the ntrational uff that been ccessful. >> that true. anink you'll see it here. very importantashat we get
9:32 am
i didn't wt to have bad dete or even a modest debate. d i thk we d very well i theebate according to -- >> some of your iowa staff has said, boy, we could hav used more resources here more the, are th right? >> no, they're totly wrong. i ghe unmid moy. i saido wt you hav tdo i gave them unlited money. hey, look, i'm $50 milon under budget. i thought by this time i'd have $40 million to $ millionpent ani've snt very little because i hav't had t becse peopleik you put me on a the time at iake crcial for? >> there y go >> i thought i'd be up to about 45 or $50 million. and, you know, i'm not. loo at somebody like j bush where he'spe over $100 llion and h nowre and i say how does tha happen? >> wt tk about last night'sdebate. u sa there is lot of eyebrows about waterboaing. >> i would bringack terboardinand i would bring back a hell a lotsehan waterboarding. >>kay. at's the woe? >> well,ou didn't see what i
9:33 am
what i said before that i in the middle east you hav peoe choppingther other ople's heads. this hasn't happed since medieval times. there's never been anything like th. and i talked about that >> i understand. >> and i said, bhe way, waterboarding is peanuts compared to we' talking out happening there. i sai i wouldbsolutely prov waterbrding and i would go a lot further. >> what eshat mean i'm not going t define it to you on this ogram,ut would vy much iavor o g yond waterboaing. believe me, in ter of getting information, it works. >> don't you worry though, look, we're the united states, we s exple.we're supposed to be bter tha that. mh as we' loo at the medial -- sure. w d't dohose . >> medie >> medieval time >> they nt to be barbaric, wee not. >> they n do it, but we can't. when ty flew planes into the rld trade center kled ousands of people and many other things that i hapning ound the world, paris or he, you can do waterboarding and you
9:34 am
wateoarding, itouldn't bother m a little bit. another pt of the debate had to do with health re. you've been hit o this. it is unclear to me thghou wa more want more governnt -- you want some sort of government system on health care. >> yeah. >> you don't like the system that's in thernow. that i unrstand. >> the single payer - >> descre the system you want. >> let me explain. >> okay. >>irst of all, what i do i have a massive company, iave thousands anthousands of ployees. ani have in my diffent states. yo artificial lin around each state. you know why? because the insurce company taking care of the politicians so they don't want t get rid of the lines.if you get rid of those lines you would have gre private surancit would take care of most pele it would ben unbelievable thing. in addition that you can have a savings -- you ow, you can do the savings situation where you would have hlth ce ving accous at uld be faastic. ere's to many things you could do. thoblem is the insurance companies don't wanto do these things and they don't wanto ecifically get rid of the lines because they'd rather have a mopoly in new york, as an ample,hen let 50 compaes
9:35 am
comps from iowa, companies from new hashir >> but you'r going to have t structure a govert program to do this. >> no. here's what you do. yo gng to have a great stem, buheill be people leftha don have any money. and what i said last night i i don't wa people dying in th ddle othe street. it's not going toappe i'm est. okay. this i't single par. is is using their hospitals to take ce of peop, you work them out, you reimb the spital because we will g -- >> extend medicaid? >> y c d it thrgh me. you can do it through some other way, but i'm jus saying very simple -- and this has nhing to do with ngle. this has to do with humanity. this has to do wh having a het. an haveunbelievable insunce at ah lower st. i don't know ifou kw amace is goingp 35 45, %, the premiums are through the roof,n '1 itcollapses. you're going to have people -- you'reoing to have great plans, b you're going to have people that won't beble to even 10 cents. street chk.
9:36 am
them. whether it's medicaid, or you're gog toork outome kinf deal with hospitalso take care of these people but if i'm president, people en't going to be dying in the streets. >> there was tgh pce this ek in "e washington post" implying tt your camign and youndividually are tougher o men correspoents, women anchors, women rortersha men. it was in the post. trump' pcht for insulting le a oizationst displease him well own, less remaed upon howevehas been the speci contempt at p pours our the won wh conicle his campaign. >> i think ie beenoughern you than any hum being on eah in terms of reporter. >> ihink my wife believes that too. >> i'mougher on you than anybody. >> i'vheard these wspers before. there's perption outthere. how do you g ridf the perception? perhaps it's the gyn kelly situion. >> look, she gave me a really phony question. it was setupquestion. it wn't even aquestion. it was a statem it wasinappropate.
9:37 am
i thk that's fine. buif you gave me tha question, i'd hit you the same way. you are the perfect one -- you have been, you know under fire from me for a long time and you arfaro >> well,hat is a fact. thanks >> i never even hea th. haven't seen the report. haven'teen it. i get so m pty i don't get toead everything unfortunately. but this was in "the washington post"? ok, i think there are some men -- there's one sitting right over there ithe beautiful red dress,o you s that woman ovethere? i havereat respect forhat woma i n't ow ishe knows at i'm talking about her. i'malking about you. i wonever that to you. >> i believe hs refero andr mitchell. >>'m referring t andrea. >> i want to ask about one final thing here and in 1999 when you talked about running for president, you hted that it may be easier to pledge being a one-termresident because you'd take the politics out of the condterm.
9:38 am
certain advtages but if youe doin great job -- i've see peleo that and want to go further and do more good pple and they never wi because they said one tm and it a rl netive. i don't want to say that but there are certain advaages t it. but if we' doingreat andf the people like me, if i was lucky enough to wi you know,y whole thing is make a grt again. we're ing to make america great agn. makeurilitary strong, take care of r ve, we' have strong borders, we will have the ll. so many differentthings, heah care, get rid o obamacare, great plans f much less money. we're goingo make amica grt agn. i will tell y if we're doing a great job, we'll kee going. and if w not, youknow, we ha automatic termination. it's calle the voters wl terminate. but that won't happen. o you're not doing a one-termpledge? >> no, i not going to do a one-term edge. if i'm doing good job i'll keep going. >> donald trump, leave it ther see you in sth rolina thankou very much. >>when we comeback, what do theowa resultsl us about whatayap i new mpire?
9:39 am
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jakeeese, "day tol al jakeeese, dato feel alive" a a lot ofs have been stying whapast rts in io mean for the new hampshire imary. it turns out eachf the three leading reblican candidates ouof iow he histo o their side. it justendsn which history you choose
9:42 am
to be johnry in 04. thatear kryrailowd de eryw, incding in ewamhire po. ene theausesn wa. kerrwon, deaninisd third follow by the dean scream, key rge. kerry wounup wning b in w hashire. an wasn out othe race. is is what you want if you're mpshe gold. up next, t mubio a gary hrtscio. in '8art trailed walr moale mondale badly ry hticeeded, qu expectatio, and became the big tion sto line. soun familiar,enor rubio? well, it worked. hartt onto a vtoryn new mpshe the folng weekd became thehief competitor tomondale for the st oon.on finally, we have donald trump chlts he.he wts to be therg h.w. bush in ory.
9:43 am
bob doly ten pots. ke bush on mondae a ointing ing in wa. hectuay finisd third dole. there was a lotf bus campaign nd wnging with bush slippi in the ll. whatappened in hamhire? he hg in the end quite nicely. won new hpshire and onto wiing the entire republica nomination and of coursehe presidency itself. so thr ont-runnsach have so vonf history o their side, bu whi version will play out tuesday night? whono at thispoint. smell ablecoming. anyway, coming up, wit larry david hosting and bernieanders runnin how cld "saturday ni live" sist? they didn. >> enoug isenough. we need to unite and work together if we're all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialismme.y you re headlines about bunees beg hacked and intellectualproperty being stolen.
9:44 am
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welco welcome ba. let's bng bk the panel. we'rgog to talk about the democratic re. set it up let's put a little composition togetherthe harsh attackshat they've be exchanging. he it is. >> bngart of the establishment s t last quarter havi auper that raised $15 million from wall street. ihink it'sime to end the very artful smear that yound yo cpaig have bearrying t. i he been criticized for sayingha i belve all of our care. yes, i plead guilty. >>f you look at a lot ofhat senato sderss propg, numbers juston't add up. >> what leadership is about is
9:46 am
>>his a effort byhe nders campaign to basically say abodyho's eve taken a donation, not just from wall reet reet, if you taketohe national conclusion from anybody, is bought and for. >> toipti nto art th convsation on a largeropic we were talking about off cera yesterday. what's fascinating about thi democratic race is it's t firsone iny lifetime that s been a race ttheleft. weaven'teen at i a lg time. it used tbe the democratic presidential primary wasbout the most electable lib who cothemidd. d attillhe cpan cltod trun, but that'sot the one she has to now. >> it'very hard for her to fight him because this elastic use of the term progressive. progressive covered teddy roosevelt, a moderate, you know, activist republican, and then in '48 car kind of a very hard left even pro-so hry wallac breakingithruman saying the col warasur fault.
9:47 am
buteanome out and get the farthest left voter, justike cruz get the farthestight vote and hug that il. now, hillary would surprise me as why she wan to go chasing after him. wh doesn't she dw the line, why didn't she do it tee mont ago,'m not a alist, i dot hate socialis but i he's why,unment io believ in the fr enterpris at's how our systems work, beusof that freedom d't wanthe government try to n ythi. >> but andr the partyas moved. >>he pty h moved. this reminds me 1992 and she's lost thease and the women. that's what's stunning here in new mpshire.they are really -- they can't figure out how to combatthat. so to try to attract young women whom s lt b such extraoiny numbin iowa and inhe polling so far here, she's going toomen centersho by definition are part of the
9:48 am
male marco ruo. yohaveo an older woman to come a senator because t deck is so stack against you. that's just the reality. so you'vgot women senators, you've got madeleine albght o valite her foreign picy credentials and criticized his. but these people and the fration of madeleine albright and of hillary cnton is why don these young women realize what we went tou a how haven't wonhe battle yet. and how,oh, this can be taken back. and why aren't ty reacting to 18 milon crasn the gss ceiling? >> llou haven't sn it the ail? no. what's interesting to me when you talk about bernieders he has amg a dferent kinf electorate. i oke with woman yesterday she's been a ristered republican in new hampshire for 15 years. e is going to primary for jeb sh and then switc her registration so she can vot for beie sanders. she's out there working and volunteering to rally people around sanders becausef st of what he's tping into that speaks to something a little more broad than just the typical
9:49 am
>> both parties are racing to their bases. >> i love what area jt said they're going 1972, i'm a for that. >>ut, hu, the republicans are going '6 >>e have the abity to come back quickly. i must say i was stunnedy your interview with senatorsanders. i thk it makesim n viable as a candidate to t hd left onorgn policy. i did note that dold trump finishedhe debatby bnging up mrs. clinton' serve last night. soou have aerriy uneltablcandidatesan to go full ainst a candidate who has flaws on record and honesty issu keep going to '72. >> i have to say everybody is going to get brutaled. the two nominees are goi to be pretty battered and bruised. >> t young woman yesterday in concord came at hillary iorked for you in 2008 but troubled by benghazi and the server, she's getting blowck from theery peop she need >> all right. take a quick pause here. ba with our end ge segment. i want to you sething jeb
9:50 am
st,, - yo - you cacollt rainwater tohower with, but therare easier ways to go green. like taking shorter showers, which coerves water and lowers your ll. you'll sing lo ballads in the rain anshort diies in the shower. heu wha what'd you makef senator rubioast night? >> it's ripted you know, mess disciplin is imrtant. and i envandidatewho can
9:51 am
myroth was good at at. but to be so scripted thatou can't have the agility to show, you know, the leadership ski that you nee to president of the unid states i think i -- came clear last night. >> yes,eb b comparing marco ruo to hisbrotr, i guess. reflecting on last night's debate a lite earlier. i'm going to have a full length interview on that y'll see tomorr moing. we have special verage on msnbcs erybo ows. tomorrow's panel is here,nd game time. hugh, rit -- next i've aays lieved in open convention i ho i get to gownoouth carolina because's com o fig for his broer. rco rubio's goto get offf the floor because of this perceived loss last ght and it will be a ntasti >> let me paint a sc trump at 28 say28, 29, and thenllf asudden kasi, bush,io, cruz 17 1 15,
9:52 am
>> asowa passionri you to go to the caucusou havto getinvolved. he you vote as a civduty. everyby votes inew hampshire in t primaries. peop are going to go out and vo. when they seeubio having a problem the other night,hey ha somebody els isoing to be kasich. he sits there as an tion. thk kasich i goio do incredibly well bause of civic duty. they're la voters. >> i tught head -- b the way kash had his best debate he's ever had a he's been great at these detes. qstnboutis ganiti and where hes from here and h campaneels likehecan do something in, that's a lon time . >> a sth carolina going toe --e thought -- soutcarolina's goi to ma 2000k like paa-ca. that's what think. >> first ofall, you have bernie sanders nowrying to compete for e african-american vo. and he's binning to delop an ornization t u have ttens,he litary -- >> the replicasidehis is going to be a bale. >> replicaside, dona tru
9:53 am
th milita. i'not sur kash can do th >> i want aump-kacket. thathat i to see. i wt to bng up a pnt at h gottenost that i ink may feed into a percepti that we n't coverhesehings thee. the rests, three of the top cdites onhe republican side were two his hispanics and an african-aman. you know, htoric night for the repuican part they're not- regenerating a party that is li is very important. >> another thing that t missed littleit last ght. mary kathrine ham who lost her husbanin august and delivered their second child in nember did aerrific job last night. >> she did. >> i want toak m hat off to her. e's iniring. >> absotely. >>ood deba. >> it waaood bate. let's lee heren a lighter note. you were watching"saturday night live" las ght,ou would cud aswere to two bernie sandersn stage.
9:54 am
in sdio 8h live wit lar david on a boat. i amo sick othe 1% getting this preferential treatment. [ apau ] enough is enough. we need to unite and work together if 're all going to get through this. >> snds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> what's the difference? >> huge difference. >> hu. >> huge. >> that was one more punch lin there, andrea, heald about they landn ellis island ande sa, youknow,yame is be sanders wits, drop the witski, witski, unds less jewish. >> it's funnye can lgh about at but the other tng that uld be histo making and
9:55 am
>> no, he'soing to be the first jewish candatenhe democric sto win delates ren nehampshir it's going t happ. the's beenisto all ove the ace. first, first, first. an've been surised all over the coverage we did itight here. >> talk likehis orhink li -- >> i know, i know. our kids don't get it. >> that's it for today. we'll beackext week because
9:56 am
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