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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> well, th hole is his nemesis. geyed it bo times. >> gary cumentgine balls in the water tough t yearshere here at 17 that have his number. t. >> two-hputts, matsuya, to wi . . well -- >> i hnkhe can handh one. > youethe an.
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deal rickie fowler. three thr bogeys on number 17 this week for rickie fowler. on a he tthe shouldie half the time. >> h o-shot l in eguaton he went there for the rst time tody. a bogey there. anothercostly one in the water there. hideki matsuyama whhcond pgaourvictory. if you mied any of today's actin, you can get caug with golf centr on golf chanl. next top for the golfchannel on the nteais the honda ras. that's ebrary 25th. cming up next "date line for the entire golf chael on bc,dan hicks sying so long from t otsdalewer he mtsuyama rvied four-hole sudndea ov rickie
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>> annou >> annouer: this inbc ghtly ne" with kate snow.
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nchester, new hashire. good evening from manchester. as we count down to esday' fit primaryn the ti the politil fight here is growing insingly intense. dona trump continues to lead th polls here, but who will ta second, d, or fourth? today the candidate who dre a lotfttention coming out of iowa, marco rubio, is facing a flry of attacks. and the docratic side, bernie sanders told me tay he thin ts race is much closer than thels thathowim aheadf hilry clion by double digit we have a o it covered for you tig binning wit reblic re andnbc's gabe gutierrez. gabe. reporter: te, good evenin following days on therise, marco rubio was on defense today after running right int cis . th crowd at this super bowl watc party now ready for anothe major swdown on tuesda with hisolitical futur on the line, today marcoubio doubl wn, saying so what if he stic to a script?
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now, after last's night, oh, you said the samthing thr our fourtis, i'm goingo say i again. >> reporr: but rubio seemed rattled during lasnight's debate repting the same rehesed line four times. >>les dispel once and f all with this fiction that barack ama doesn'tno what he's doing. th notionhat barack obama doesn't knowhat he's doing. anyonehat beliesarack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't undersnd.>>re is, t mem rised 25-sd speech. >> reporter: rubio's c yse exceldn uch aseigny. er rr: hisonare braing himn inpeence robot. the hashtag rubio gli trendg on sial media. >> i think the wholeace chge last ght. i think aer last night, ts over. >> rorter: hing to gain ground,overnors chriie, jeb sh, john kasichouting executive experience.
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stillhe front-runr her by a wide margin. his latest jabs at busch drewh drew repeat boos. on "meet the press," he described how he'd fight terrts. i wouldng backwater ng, and brgk a hell o a lot wor that baert >> what's the worst? >> i'm not goingo define ito yon this ogram, but iould be very much in favor of going beyond waterooding >> rter:od t cz greete super pac announced this plan to run this ad against rubio tonight ring the super bowl. despite e atakztackubio drew crowdst pack eventsne youngan willing t ovok a rghdeba >> thinkot of them are pretty sipted eve thi they don't get called out on it. >> it's a long race one two-minute exchange isn
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t ofoter upor grabs he in n hampshe. a new poll out tod from monmouth univeity shows that abt half of replican primary voters in the state still have not cpletely decided on a candidate. jake. >> they wait till t last minute here. gabe, thanks. a ground game here in new hampshire innsified for the democrats a well today with bernie sanders holding a commanding lead in new hampshire. hiary clinton made aide trip today. we get more onhe democrats frrist lker >> reporter: with two days until the new hampshireimary, secretary clinton taking a detour today toaptist church lgely aican-arican int,michan,acdy a toxi watcris. >>sot neay unacab oron tho bo. what happened in flint is immoral. >> reporter: clinton's visit designed to resonate with her se iney states like south carolina.
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hampshe. but the clintonren'tivg upn the gnite st voluntee areoing doo t do. herurrogate in chieormer president b clton, reminiin aut the ste where famouy dbed himself the comeback kid, helping to catapultim to the presidency >> this is2 on erds. you needo rpond on steroids, an you never regret it. >> reporter: hilry con ls bernie s in the ste, inc among men, d con on the ta, trying to paintande as week on forei policy. >>hereeay isnnyd of forei py network that is is supporting and advising setorsander >> reporte sanders firing back on the trail in new hashir>> was the war in iraq. i was rig on that issue. hillary inton w wrg. >>eporter: hailing from neighborin veont, sanders is leading clinton by double digits inhe latest ll
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comeback in 2008,tingarack ama. with 48 hourill the prary, ma voters sll making up thr minds. whatoing to help you make that decision? >> ieally need to loo again at the clean air progr a the health bill. those arehe two thingsha i'mllyki at. >> reporter: now, ile senor sands still has sizea lead here, secreta clint has pickedp seven points in the past few ys. te >> kristen welkerere in m te bere ndersade qck detour out of newamhire as well to new york ci to appear on "satuayight live" last nit alongside host larry david. by 3:00 a., sande was back he in new hampe. iaught u witim this rnin and a about aange of subjects from his snl star tu to ttle for t femalevote. deleine bright, former secretary of state was doi an evt for hillary clinton, and she said there's a special place in hell for women w don't help ot wome
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>>hink that's an unfortunate statemen statement. we are now talking about the present of the uted ates, and peopl should make tir decision basedn w they think cao the job st. >>oue been takg some heat fororeign po. what do you s to critihat say you don't have knowledge? >> this is whatsay. i say, a, it's nonsense i say, b, it's t same argument ed against barack obama i 20. whos nator, thisoung setor? he does haven't any expeence wi feign po. di'tor th. n't work irdly a mostportantly, the mtmportant foreign policy issue in the modern histy of thi cntry was the war i iraq. okay? not only did i vote against that war, which w the rht vote, lped lead the oppositn t atwar.>>old on. wait a second! [ chee and applause ] >> weust talng a "satury night live." >> sheave me a coughnd shake.
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cough and a we and a shake? >> no, no. areou ff c y usia i thought it was oth stros arou. i ledit. >> you usedo watchit? yes. s mt be sort of sal for you, t have larry david doin you on "turday nht live"? >>urreal wld bn understement i'll hav more of my inrview with bernie nderstoow on msnbc toughout the day. ne of theiggest security operations of th year iser way tonight not far fm san francisco. we're talking about the sup bowl, and tonight the bay are foded not only th fans from around the cou but massive teaf law enforcent office gulmag rorts on the challenge of kee everyone safe. >> reporr:his isha they came r. 70,000 people streaming into levi's adium. a milliomore filng the san frcisco bay area, all es o theuper blut notverye here will beatchinghegame. >>here's a of dferent ofcers he i various
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>> reporter: thi officer is with san frais d. their tm of ttical, undercover andniformed officers scanning the owd. >> nothing can compare tohe millions of people that comi here. >> reporr: her team, one of the 6agencies securing the game. >> the security is just top notch. >> makes me feel safe. it's what you want. it's what you expe. >> reporter: today a final briefing in this command cenr in an scd location. units are patrolling the bay and lol waays, and flying in unison in blackwk crisscssing the air. cus andorder protection blackhaw like these will oft workn tanming the super bowl. they are se oth most hhl qualie air teams anywhere in e countr this iconic city makes it a symbolic target, oneifficult to prect. levi's staums 4 miles from san francisco, a sprawling area with no shortagf soft
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weive in anunceain world, and the events that happened in san bernardino and inaris haveertainly made us more connected to the fbi, t eorthern california regional intelligence center. >> reporter: together those agcies face the biggest securityhallge of the year. one tea ptectingeaf fans durg a game where stak couldt behigher. the fbi is leading t operation here on the grou. they s there is no known credible threat herend they al add tt vi's stadium may be one of the safest plas to beonight anywhere in the couny. kate. >> migl alguer,hanks so much. wn "nightly news" contins on this suny night om n hashir beyond the sts quintessel new engld beauty the struggle
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fali here. we' we're bkith an issue thits he for an increasing number of families in this state. an epidemic of heroin and opio addiction adction. th predeial candidates have tan note of it. teuzt last night'sebat skriki hisat hf sister experien. here i new hampshire, you d't have to look f t find families shaken to theirore. >> all rig, buddy. owshat you've got. >>y never eecte t be caring f their 18-month-old grandson, landon, after raing four girlsf their own.
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yes haseen predtabl their eldest, sarah, went from po painkillers, topeg $100 a day o hero. >> where did you get that money? >> a lot of differe things. stling money, prostiting myself, something i'm not proud of, but i did i whe w g. >>nd thenheunplanned prnancy. >> i was hoping the babyould actually help her, and then i loed like i was. but then ler on, she told us that every d for hero take ca ofla she would have to g hig at some point >>eporter: that's when kelly d radu took custody and sen lly tlorida foreat. ey say tre f options in new hampshire. in the snowoveredwoods, hein has found a foothold. it's why saturday, the townf londrry was debating put ago side $5000 for seling. jo le farrier is the schoo bod and prosed mease. >> i don't want toe me to us, you kn, only the to side or the schnd
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doinguthi a i don't want toay nothin>> r >>eporter: sar has been sober fomo 9days >> in our reality also we had to come t ter with ihe could die. >> you still think that now? >> yeah,ecause it's happening every d around , and her friends, and people, parentse know, hav los children. >> reporter: so what is the next 90 days look like >> hopefully be savg up for place so can get custodyk ofhim, aean lith me. and w can start a new life, huh? the family agree to sre eir story in the hopes of spiringers to get lp, and we thank them. we're back in a moment with acene that had a lot of people
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what it seemed. hi this w thecene on a bridge intral londonhis moing when sdenly a double-decker bus explode and caht fire as might imagine, people who saw it werarme feari other terrorist atta. tus out i was a stunt for an upcoming movie. while notesere posted in the area ahead of time, not everybody got the message. in town in norern italy today, ad fight that dates back to theiddle ages. hundre ofeople cameut for theattle of the oranges, where teamsompete again each other. it's partthe town's annual carniv ftivitiesnd recreates the rebellion when the people rose up agast a ruling nt many hundred of years ago. >> and from ari tonit, a storyhat ends wellor a puppy that had lost her way.
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spotted on a highw mednn oex twoeeks ago. the scene pickedp by a traic camera. she was ten in by animal rescue organation and 50 people eressed ierest in adopng her. ekynes were a reted couple who plan to getote micrhip aag so t she n't get lost again. and up next, harry smith
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wonderl artis.,,,,,,,, as as everybody ows, art can be uplifting, and for a group of people whore homeless or living wh disabilities in the boston ar i their own art that is providing a ticket t a better life thanks to a program that helps tm and others see value in their creativi. harry smith takes lk tonight at the art of the possible. >> reporte on aent afternoon, artist scoennett discussed his work wit seral admirers. >> i basical wantedo see what w likee to do a scatter from the cente o nl. >> acros the rm, this artist he fans in thrall thineizes me, makese feel kind of more tuned in. >> thert in this po gallern mbridg acsett is notable for e verymportant reason. each artist is either heless or disabled. when this opened up and you came in, a you saw yourtuff up one wall, what was itlike? >> i see this banner with a
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bi it's the fng se walk the do jli ahwe struck. >> kitty zen has been homeless since high school she' battled depression and alcohol abuse. she used to sell her art f a blanket in boston common >> you're n on a blanket anymore. >> nope. >> the artpeaks lus. is i an exercise i all truism. thiss a business. >> one of our goa is to reinvent social enterprise and crte jobs ite of creating haouts bec that'she ulmate digny. >> liz powers and the ceo and founder of art lifting. she's been working with the homele for nine years. >>yain goal iso give peopleir first break because th hav't had abreak. >> rep art liftingarktz the art and splits the proceeds th thertist justike a gally.
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en someone told him about liz. drawing since he was ki art was about all he d le. it's turned into more than i expected it provi me with a light at e end of thetunnel. >> scott hassing now and hope for the future. >> realizing the talents in everyoneround us and that everne can contribute bause i thihat'ftignore >> reporr: art can i us. fo a gwingumber of homess and disabl,t'sding em ter. harry smh, nbcws, cadge, ssachu simpl beautiful, and tt is "nbnightly news" fhis sund nigh lester holt will be here tomorrow. m kate snow reporng from new hampshire. for all o ue at nbc news,
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good eveng. good evening. thanks for watching news five this sunday. i'm za thaxton. a liveook in colorado spngs... suhine bk inhe skies is wke gings a mu neebrk om snow. neterologiarlee hoffn isracking the warming trend in your first erforecast... carlee a warmer starto the day, wh some lingeng clo cov. a passing co front will mean cooler tperatures today, with highs in t lower0' winds will be a uch eezy throughouthe fir hof t da especially at higher elevions clouds wilbe carfor some ni sunshine by this afternoo the on possible issue for the broncos game in california wl be a norwesterly breeze. asidfrom that, sunny and 70's. go broncos!! tonight will be mostly clear with lows in the
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