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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 8, 2016 2:05am-3:04am MST

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looki know i behd. i'into keep ting until the very last vo is counted. because i care abouthis prary. >> why do you thk you started thuch a big ficit th time consideng -- look, this has beenig state to both your husband andourself. very important. >> yeah. >> they alwayselp you. >> well, lk, i can sitere d analyze all the reasons. obviouy, one is that the senato haseen in public le nextoor for 25 ars. so the's a famiarity with m. i totally respectt. and i just think what's great about th primas w mpshire ters te a first, secondd, fh,ifth lo. yeerda wasricrsing from oneide of the state to the other talking to voters, i litelly had peleome up, say you changed mind, w know this is what's so exciting about the primar cck. came iin 28 as iecal li 16 points bd. i remember the nefore the primary in '92bill's pollster saying, you know, you're in
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it's over. who know i lovehis excitement. and i'm gog to fht as hard as ian. but m having a gre t whatever happens >> i want to go to the debate a little bit because i would say e foign policy section is onthat you guys wanted to highlight becausyou felt as if he didn't do so well. you brought secretarytate madeleine albright to talk a it. somethe things youaid abousenator obama'readess on foreiolicy, thereery silar to what you've said about beie sders in ' y saii have a fetime of exrience i will brg the whi house.i know senatorccain s lifetime of experice he' bring to the white house. senator obama has a speech h ga in 02, it sounds very similato what you sa wn yore like,y, you had o voten e iraq war -- >> ay, you know at- >>hat's the fferenceetween what you sd about then-senator obamanwhatou're saying out senator saers? >> there's a very big difference. in 2008, senator obama had really d really de his homework in the na. he'd been there by thatime a few years.
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and foreign policy issues. they were very diligenand sed onakin he s ready, that head aoad a set iews as poss. d they really went toe-to-toe with ahe people supporting me. that's not happeni in this campaign. there rely isn any kind of foren licy netwo thais suorng and advising r saers. let him speak f hself. think that whas portant is thisob requires you to be ready on all aspects of it on the firsday. and wenow we got a paularlyomex world rht no anthe pridens not into have the time. maybe previous presis in past years could he little more lway cae of, you ow, the way the world functioned. but noit's north korea with its missile st it's russian aggreson, it enfci the iran agreement.
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>>u think the vote shou still matter to vot >> look, lk, ihink votar perfectly ee ttake io acunything they want to ta, t i also hope they'll take t rest of tecor you know, i was involvedn the biggest cnterterrorism desion in the obama administtion to determine ether or noto goft bin laden. laden. i did put the sanctions on iran toet them to the negiating table. i thk that this is a debate that the voters really havto pay attentn toause it is chsing both esent and a coander in chief. >> do you lieve it wasn't for thiraq war we wouldn't have is toda >> well, ihi that'a hard concluono draw because rember we had qaeda before we had isis. al qaedattked us in new york. al qaeda attacked our bassies in africa -- >> the instability iiraq is wh has created this and that if sdam hussein were still
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>> well, i tnk that's a loofjumps ic tt to me doesn'real add up. e iraq war, there's no doubt contributed to insbility. i'm not going to iany wadeny that.but you cannotraw a dict line. ou can do is to say that jihadist terrorism starting with alaeda. >> right>> and mov its lest incarnns, most pculay isis, is in respon to a mber of forceanfaors th are roiling up the middle ea. and certainlfighting for wha islam means and how it's going to be prented and whateople e going to mean when they talk abt . so, yeahwe've t a much bier set of prms. >> all right. another thing i wanted follow-up on the debate. senator nders called the entire binesmodel of wall street a fraud. we didt get a chance to ask yoto rpond dectly to that critique. i'd like to ask u to rpond tot w. wel ihink it's the kind of extreme stame that on you reallyake hardk at it, it's hard to understand.
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wall street, ae talking about every bank? or are we talking about a particular part of new york? that's never rlly clarified. at iel ithat tre are go acts and bad actors in evy pa oouecony. the joof t presints to weed out and prevent the b actors from disrupting economic actity from amsing t much weand fluenc but weive a com gba economere wee got to have a good banking systethat is able to service the ameran economy. d it needs t more than ju looking at the five banks are the b banks. have to have muchore robuomni bki system, regional banking sysm, other forms of credit access. and that's what i advating r. and still do understd why i'm hang ts oble getting senator sanders join me in going afr wh are the potential oblems that are out
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anthinstment a hedfund sector. >> can you ha treary cretary who isn't familiar th how wall reet works? and i say thisecause i think there's so much distrust right now. >> yes. there is. the is. >> six of east treasuries went to ll street after. i think there certainly right now ist an aetite r sobo from ll seet toe th treasar a yet can yohavey secrif thet understand wall stre?>> wou have to have a trsuryecretary w unrsnds thonomy, the american ecomy and the global econy. think there are a lot more places w one can a shoul look for such treasury. >>o you think you can pick o thout having them have a wall street bround? >> y kno it me can ma aoocommito work witme tt the economy mong, toet me od jobs created, tget incomes rising, to look out over the hizon at some of the economic pblem that a outhere. we've t fure ouwhat we'rgoing too thhichina isinal hg com torips with e fact tt a lot of i growth may t ha as on a firm unons
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soe need pple in government who have tt kind of commitnt and understanding. bue t to p t needs of the amecaecomfirst. and that'soing to bey commitment. >> before i let you go i want to asyoaboua mment former secretary ofte madeleine brightaid, a comment i've heard her say befo. but it sort of rang differently to a lot ole. she said, there's a specia place in hell r womewho don't lpomen. but the icatiois tt sohow if you'ra mocratic woman and you're not supporting you, what's ong with you. do y want the vote to be decided on gender lineli at? >> , look as u remember, madeleine has been saying this for many, many years. >> starbucks cups i thin i get th. >> she believes itmly and in rt because she knohaa ruggle it s been. and shundetands the ruggle is not ove don't want pele to be
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expressi as her very -- >>ou can undstd whsome might ha been offded by it? >> wel good grief, wre gettg offended about everytng theseays. honestodness, i mean, pele can't say athing without fending somebody. she has life experiee th i respect. i admire her gatly. and k what she w trying , which she's din every setting i've ever seen her in going back 20-us years, was to remi youngomen particularly thathistruggle whi many usavbeen part of inot over. and t be iany way lled by the progress we've made. d i think it was light hed but veryed remark, whicpelean te however they ce. allight. what do you got in the super bowl? >> i don't have anyby rit now. you don't have anybody? >> i goi to flt, michigan, i'worryingbout the ks in flinichigan, to make surwe can wt we can tke sure they are not damed bth
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thmayor ked me to come. this was a earliest as we could get it done. i'm ve hopeful to ngress which is ting work in a bipartanayill cop with me fundi to deal with e problems tvefflicommuny. and i'going to keeing everything i c help th >> secretarylion, i kn you a planeo catch. >> thanks. great talk to you. last night, i spoke wi senar bernie sanders from new yo wheree wapreparing to appear on "saturday night live." he it is. i want to start with some revis fr theebe. rst the date on wall street. u got some good revis. but onoreign policy i want to put up some headlines her sir. t so goo"bostoglobe," sas fl on foreign policy, "the whingtopost," bernie sanders trips up on foreigpoli during debate hodo youespond to th? wl, you know, time after time when we have d these detes, the pundits keep
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ns the des, somew e peop do not. and we very well iiowa. i ink wee doing well in new hampshire. and i think we're ing well naonal. look, ere's no question that llarclton s grt deal of expnce reing foreig policy shwaour seetarof state for fo y th gives her lot of experience. but its not just experience that mters. is jume i think we have the judgment in terms of what we should do with isis right now, that we should learn thlesson of e iraq war, whi i vigorously opposed, which means at we cannot uck,o itne. i ll do everhing tt can to maksure tt ouyoung men d women inilitary do not get io peet rfare rfare tuagmire the leas >> but the concern i thi is t abt uroly on is. let me plafor you someing
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albrht said on saturday. take a liste >> i've be very coerned about his lack of knowledge. mostple know how many dictors noh korea has. i have spent an awful lot of time on e ll in a variy of ways i' gndown briefings anall nds of this. unless hlooked totally differt at theime, he has ver been to any brie -- >> l me stulate, madelne bright is a suorter hillary intoand she was broughupere by the hillary n mpaign tlk about this. my concerns about the leve intere youon foreign policy. >> chuckchuck, it goes whout sang, nuer one, haveeen to briefinafr briengfter briefing you know, in fact, jusa couple wee agohen i vited with the prident, one of the thgs thate talked about was in
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prident isbo. now, i don't really know this, maybe the answer is differen tell me what madeleine brig's pition was on the war in ira >> right. i n't know. >> i don't know. i wodn't be surise she supported it you e ise is just experience. the issue is judent. i voted agait thfirst gulf war, which history will reco i led the opposition against the war in iraq, which history wl al rord being the rig in clrly, caroreign picy is enormously important. and i will tell you this a chuck, if you back to8, this is exactly whathe cnton pele werdoing enator barack obama. they wertacking him he didn't he experience, et cetera, et cet i am aolutely confident that if elected psident we ll
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policy for the amen people >>hi to alleviate some of these concernsf yotold -- how about i knowou didn't te me the oer night when i asked you ouwho ur foreign pocydviss are.give me fenames you wod end up consideng as a secretary state or seetarof def >> i think is little bit premature to tk about who your secretary efense is going to be i ll tell you that we have recently with peop like y cobbtually worin t agan ainisatn, talked to people l opleike m zagby, tked to the pele on stet to t a broapersive of t middle east. i' been meetth a whole lot of peoe. but let me reassure the america peop, des what they are
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a presidt st be wellersed foreign policy, must have a strong foreignolicy ll, o cose, do tha >>etmove ontsomeing el you said from debate. it w agh charge. yosaid --nd youourself id this was gng tbe a ugh chargehenaidit th business model ofall stet is fraud. boy, tt was a broad ush. ani was thinng aut the that there's a lot of union pension funds th are invested in wl street, % many of them when you i was loing up somof these things. lot of(k)s, lot tiremes isas on investments in wl street. it seems to me, if you belve 'safraid would you not like to see money investedn somethin bed on a >>ook, chuck, what i said i eved tbe true. few wes ago, ayou know, a goldn chs reached a settlemeh the united states gernment for $5 bill $5 billion.
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and the answer is obviously they we defrauding investors in rmof selling subpre mogage pkathat were wortess. now,hat's my definition of aud. and othemajor banks also have reived -- paid huge ttle fines theedal government. anwhat rlly bus erican people ups after paying $llion settlement agreent, none of these peop, none of the executives on wall street get chard wi anything. d ge caughthe marijuan marijuana, gets a policrecord. dunt activity on wall street destroys the econy, no liceecd for any executiv o i belithat the business mel of walltreet flawed? i think the answer obviouslyf course iis. very quicy,up bowl sunday, who do you g, sir? >> mbe the broncos. >>hat'who you' rting for? or that's whou think will win? >> i'm rooting for new england
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>> we'll be back in a moment wi theublin ra and m sit-down a fewinutes a with donald tru. and as wgoo break, we' going to give you some mem momentfrom new hampshire. here's e. ronald reagan showing theorld at a formidablandidate h would be. lcome to t 2116,you can fly across town in minutes orcross gl inndern hour whole commities are livi onars and solasatellites prove h with unlimin we in less th cen, bo ok torld fm selane to spacelanes,oss e univer and bd. and if yhought th waszing, st wait. look, e wolf was hfi and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa?
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welcom >>welcome back. by the way, we're goio get ow o tuesday on vingda wee badcain from t nbc news headquarters he in new hampshire. an unbelievableetting we have here. andt about anybodys in politics, reporton politics or just ces aboutolitics has decided to spehe last days before the primary just outside our doors. was easy to grab four of the bestthough, journalists, for our panel this morning. buddy chrisatthewsho of course is htf"hardbal" en here for many newampshire primaries. our chief foreign aairs correspondt andrea mitchell who is cering the hillary clinto campaign. hallie ckn also with nbc vering the cruz mpaign, and radio talk show host hu hewitt, ho of theugh hewitt show. let's focusn last nighs republican debate. wow.
2:24 am
headnes, "new york times g rilsab at rio to try to slow his rise, "the washington post," rubio endures a assault in a rlocing g ba. i wish i could hold itup, the one i don't have, choke,ith rubio. hugh. >> donald trump did not lose saturday nigh i thi john kasich pole vaulted over marco rubio into second pce by being very new hampshire, but i'm a corary onrubio, h won a of th debate excep those three minutes. that will push him back, but he had a terfic second lf. and i think he'll get theronze come tuesday nit. >> wow. chris. >>ell, that's od except the onlyroblem you have is the deotape. and it ists. >> the three mites. >>ll rig. welllet me pause. look athi thing. its ugh. take st. >> and let's just start oncend for al withs ficonha barack obama doesn'tnow at he's doi. he knows exactly wt he's
2:25 am
let's dispelhis fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. hews exactly what 's doing. this notn at bark obama doesn't know what he'soi is just not true. >> there it is. ther is. th memored 25-second speech. >> we are not facing a president that dsn't know what he's ing. knows wha he's doing. anyone whoelieves that barack obama isn't doing what he's ing onurpose doesn't detand what 're diauling wi . >> thas eumerle times. reminded me of the science fictn film "blade runner" where someone in this case chr christie proved outhereas a plica instead of not a han being. it was stran because he was reading ese prerorded statem which are like implted memorytracks. they we not a human response. and i think he's got the answer for it and i think it was so strange i he no idea why he did it. >> every candidate has lin they repeat. we've all bn dng a million s.t.e.m. spes. his problem was when he got u on the attack when they were doing itgainst him. >>our times, same line.
2:26 am
in mco boto costumes showed up. campaign wouldoint out some 500 people showed up 45 minutes before the door opened. they're fierceltrying to spin th into apositive. super bowl night, history. >> to rept over andver again your e-liners in front of you rivals who are aeady uncing, who are alread calling him the boy in the bubble and dimishing him, trying t diminish m, it reay hit him ght at his most vulnerae poin hugh, this ishat's per plexing, chrise telegphed this for three days. this was obvious thiwas coming and thiss how they prepare snd. >> becausee's running geral eltion campaigbefore he secured the nomition. i' tl youha used me last night, everyemocratut there is eag to bury marco rubio bec they are afraid o marco rubio. him. therefore i think what we got isa south carolinarouhaha that will follow this m up. and it will gthe convention.
2:27 am
conventi because rubio's not going away. >> one quon,as there logic to doing it four times in a row? >> yes. because he's talng to me. 's talng to republicans about barack obama. he is going to run that geral election campaign. barack obama knew what he was doing tohis countr the democrats hatehat -- youean i he could do it over again he wod repeat the samees four times ia row? no. >> what does it mean? >> hed bac on chrtie a send time his staff had trained him and he had leaed to be disciplined. >> it's a planned -- >> but seeing staff trained is not what these candidates need show on thatstage, gh. they need t sw that they have a functioningbrain. th is aerymart man. >> you know who wre n talkg aut? not talkg about donald ump ted uz. let me play a quick lite -- jeb bush had one of h best moments with donald trump on the issue of ementdomain. >> what donald trump did wasse ement domain tory to take
2:28 am
onhe strip in atlantic ci that is downright wrong. >> wants tbe a tough guy. lot of times you'llave -- anit doesn'tork very well. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman? >>et me talk. quiet. that's all at's allf his donors and special intests out there. >> iwas a fcina momen becausi think the issue isad fotrump here, but i thoht his retort there was probably good for re. >> and the physical, the body langua, you know, h, i mean he was so patronizing. very. >> it was dferent jeb. at wastheeb of three nths agoho melted in that moment. >> his mom is t here telling him he needs to interrupt more and be less polite and that's whatou're seeing. fotrump, he doesn't like to be bod. got booed four times within abt twoes withinhat exchange
2:29 am
came off as a bul and he even id last nit, ll b ies to be toug but he's n a tough guy. >> but governor bushad h best night. i want to put the rublica spin o this becse is true. republics hate eminent domain. they hate it. yes. >>t's abused him enough. >> that was a bullyg moment. everybody saw a bly there. you ha t decide is the bully on your side. and if thbully' on your side, if he's in a fox hol next to you facing the bad,ou n't mind it. i thoht last night it didn't look that way. he was taking dn guy who's not a sca y. nobo dislikeseb bush. i thought he didt ok wa'tood for ump. >> i'm going to have a little bit. i spo with jeb earlier. we'll have someeb stuff later. wel be back aer the break with aan who probay nee a
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> welcback. , it was qui a debate lt ght as ronurgundy might said, that escalated quickly. my nt guest, donald trump,e wants to rebound from theowa loss and take new hpshire to hang ont h ont-ruer status. d mr. trum joinse w. weome to "meet t
2:33 am
>> w is cing i second and mayba first - >>ou telme t m ask you this, how much do you need a new hampshire win? >> i don tnk i need it, i hope that i get it. i'moing well. i have a good relatiohiwith the peop of new mpshire. i' been here longore litics had man friends. i live up here. incredle ea,eautifulea. i wod say that i would like to win, but i don't know that i nessary. when you s, youow, the io -- i cam in secondut o orally 1le the are those at auall came in first depending on howou want to count the votes to be honest because that was a horrible thing that tk place. but i wa vy pro of iowa and i've n de before >> do you notccept t iowa sus? ouhi they're legimate? ihink it was vy unfa to ben. d i a certain way it was unfair t . affected mthe same way it feed ben bse a lf s were aed on. a tremdo numr of votes weredded on. i was a stronsecond,ut'm
2:34 am
i'm thinking about new hampire. i don't careboutt anyme. >> i c't help but notice that u' a ltle humble by what happened in wa, is tt fair say?>>ll, ion't think in terms . you ow, iorked hardthere. i r liked . i like the peopl of iowa the caucu system is very complex system a a lot of inks g off with a caus system. i like this system muchetter in new hampsrehere you go out, you like sobody, you vote. and you can ve a ground gam dall, but ground me in iowa is very imptant wreas the gr game here is ffert. are you looking your campaign and ying, k what, maybe i need t some traditional things i dition te nontraditional stuff at'seen successful. tt is tr. and i think you'll see it re. very iortantas tt we get rough the bate. iidn't want to have a bad deba or ev aest d i think did very well in dateccording t - somef your iowa staff has id, boy, we could havesed more resources here, more there, are ey right? no, there total wrg. i gavehe unlimited ney. i said do what y have to . ge tmunmited money.
2:35 am
buet. i ought thi tim i'd have $40 millioto $ millionpent and ve spent veryittle because iaven had t because people like you put men all e time. wh do i t a cmercl r? there yougo >> i thought i'd be up to about 45 or $50 million. and, you ow, inot. i look atomebody like jeb bush wher spent or$100million and h nowhe and i say hows tha haen? >> i want to talk abo last nit's debate. you saidhere i a lot of eyrows about waterboarding. >> i wld bring back waterboarding and i wobring ba a hell of a lot worse tn waterboarding. >> okay. what's the worse? well, you didn't see what i saidore that what i sd before that is i the middleastou he peopl chopping other other people's heads. this hast happed since eval times. thers ner been anything like this. and talked aut th >> iunderstand. >> and id, byway, terboardis peanuts coaredo wh we're tking about happening the.
2:36 am
approve warboarding and i would go a lot further. >> whadoes that mean >> i'm not goi to define it to you on t program, b i would be very much in favorf going beyond wateoarding. believme, inmsf getting information, it works. >> don't you worry though, look, we're the united state we set an exame. we're supposed to be better than that. as much as we're looking at the dieval -- >> sure. >> we don do those . >> medieva >> medieval mes. >> ty want to be barbaric, we're not. >> they can do it, we can't. wh they flew planes into the world trade center killed thnds of peopl a many otrhings that happeni arnd t world, paris oere, you can do waterboardinand could go a step beyond terboarding, it wouldn't bother me a little bit. >> anotherart of the debat had too wiealth care. you've been hit on this it is unclear to me though, want m want morgovernment- you want some st of goverent syst on health care. >> yeah. >> you don't like thsystem that's in there now. at understand. >> the single payer --
2:37 am
>> okay. >> first of all, w i , i have a massive company, iave ousas d thousands of employees. and i haven man different stes. ha artificial lines around each state. you know why? cause the iurance company tangare the politicians so they don't want to get rid o e lines. if youet rid of les u would have great priva inrancanit w takear of most peop it won unbelievable tng. in addition to that u can have a savings -- youknow you can do theavings situation where you would have healthare savings ants and it would be fanttic. there's to many this you could do. the problem ishe insurance mpanien't nt to dohe thgs and theyon't wan ecificlyet rid of the lines becausthey'dr he a monopoly in new york, as an example, then 50 companies come in andd. companies fromiowa,paes from hampshire. >>utou're goi to haveo structure a government program to do this. >>no. here's what u do. you'reoing to have a great system, but there will be people left that don't he ymoney. and at id last night is i don'want people dying ithe midd of the street. it's not goi t happen if esident.
2:38 am
this isn single payer. this issing their hosls to take ce ofopou work themout, y reimburse the hospal bause we wil get -- >> extend mecaid >> you can do ithrou medicaid. you cado it through some other way,ut i'm just sayin very simple -- and tas nothing to do wh single. thisas to do with humanity. this has to doith havg a heart. we can have unbelievable insuraat a mucow cost. i don'ow if you know obamacare is going up 35,45 55%, the premiums are throu th roof, in '1 it llapses. you're goingo have pple -- u're going to have great pls, but you're going to have peop thaon't be ablo afford eve10 nts. we cannot let th d on the streets, chuck. and we're going to take care of them. whetr it's medicaid, or you're goin work outome kindf a dealith hospita to take care of these people. but if i prident, peopl aren't gng to be dying in th stres. thereas tou piece ts week in "the washington post" imying that your cpaign and you indivuay areouer on
2:39 am
chors,omeneporters than men. was in the post. trump's penchant for insulting people and organizations that displee him is well known, lessremarkedpon hover has been the speal conmpt that trump pours out for the won o chronicle hiscampaign. i tnk've bn tougher on u than any human bngn eartinerms of reporter. >> i think my wife believes that too. >> i tougher on you than anybody. >> ie hearthehispers bere. there's aerceion out there. w you g ridthe peeption? perhapit's t megyn kelly siat >> lk, sheave me a really ony question. it was a setup question it was even questi. itas a statent. it wasinapopriate. and i hit her hard i thinthat's ne. but you gavee that quon, i'd hit uheame wa you e the perfect one- you have been, you know, under fire om me for a long time. anyou are r from a woman. >>ll, that i a fact. thanks.>> i never enea this.
2:40 am
i haven'teen et s much publicity i don't get to rea everything unfounately. but this was in "the washingt po"? look, i think there are some women --here's one sitting ght over there ithe auful re d y see wan over er i ve g respect for t dot ow if e knows that i'alking about her. m talking aut you. i would never do thato you. >> i believee' refringo andrea mitchell >> i'm referring to andrea >> i want to ask abo one final ingere in 19hen talked aboutunning for esident, y hind that it may beasier to pledg being a onterm pnt bause take the politics out of the second term. doou still fee that way? >> we i think there are ain aantage but if y're doin a greatob- ve seen people d that want to go further and mor good peoe d th never win. becausthey said one term and it's a reanegave. i don't want tsay tt but there are certain vantages to it. but if we're doing great and if the peop le, ifas
2:41 am
you know, myhing is meamericgreat again.we'rgoing toak america grt ai oitar stng, take re of our vetsll hav strong borders, we will he wall. mandifferen thgs, health care, ge rid of acare, great plans for muchsmoney. we'rgoingo makamerica great agai i ll telou if we're doing greajob, we'll kgog. and i we'ret, you ow, w have aicterminio it's called the vots will termat but thaton't happen. so you' not doing a one-rm pledge? no, i'm n going to do a one-rm pled. if i'm doing a good job i'll ep going. >> dald p, leave it ere. see u in south carona. >> thank you very mu. > wh we come back, what do the iowa results tellsbout what may happen in newhampshire? well, it's lout it may be not what you think. >> thi w knownough to say with some cerin thanew shir tonight hadl the future belongso the fast d to hp you accelerate, we've created a new coany... e totally focused
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,,,, lot of u he been studying what past results in iowa mn for the new hampshire primary. it turns out each of the three leading republican candidate out of iowa have htory on their side. it jt depends on which history u choose. so if you're ted cr, you want to be john kerry in 2004. at year kerry trailed howard dean everhere, including in the new hamps poll.
2:45 am
kerry dean finhed third followed by the deanscream, a kerry surge. kerry wound up winning big in new hampire. dean was soon out of the race. this is wha you want if you're ted cruz turn your big iowa win into new hampshire gold. next,he mar rubnd ry heart scenario. in '84 hart trailed walter mondale ndale bly. gary hart still ceeded, quote, expectat, d be t big natial story ne. sound fami, sator ruo? well, it worked. hartent onto aig victory in w hampshire the flowing wk and became the chief competitor to moe fothe rethe season. finally, we ve dond trump chlts he. he wants to the georg h.w. bush in history. 1988 bh was ahead up over bop bob dole by ten points. li bush on monday he had a disappointing showing i iowa. he actually finhedhird to do.
2:46 am
handng whush slipping in the po. whatpened in new hre? he hung on in the end que nicely. heon new hampshire and ont wiing the entireepublican nomination and of course the presidcyitself. so three front-runners eachave some version of htory on their si, but which version wil play out tuesday night? who knowst this point. i smell a jumblecoming. anyway, coming up, wh lry david hosting and bernie sanders running, how could "saturday night live resi? they didn't. >> eugh is enough. we nd to unite and work together if we're all goi t gethrough the crost oud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud lows us to scale up. microsofcld changeou world dramatically. it wasn'too long ago it would take two wee to sequence and anale a nome. now, wecan do aundr per day. withhe micro cloud we don't have to build server rooms.
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w wcomeck. let's bring back thepanel. we're going to talk about the democric race. to set it up let's put a little compn together oe real harsh attacks that they've been exchanging he it is. >> bei part of th establishment is is in t last quarr having auper pac that raised $15 million from wall street. >> i think it's teo end the very artful smea that you and your campan have been carryg out. >> i have been cci f saying that i believe all of o people are entitled to healt care. yes, i ple guilty. >> if you look at a lot o what senator sanders isproping,
2:49 am
>>ha leadersp is about is not just swimming with the current. >> this is an effort by the sanders campaign to basically say anybody w's ever taken a donation, nojust from wall street street, if you take it to the national concliofrom anybody, is bought and pai r. toipti wa to start this conversation on a largeropic weere talking aut off camera yesterday. what's fascinatingbout this cratic re ist's the first onenyifetime that has been a re to the left. we hav'tn at in l time it ud to be theemocratic presidential priryas abo the most electable liberal who could hug thmiddle. anth's still the campaign clnanted trun, but that's not the one she has to now. >> it's very hard foher to fight him because this elastic use of the term progssiv progressive covered teddy roosevt, a modere, you kno activist repuican, a then in '48 carried kind of a veryard
2:50 am
wallace breakg with trun saying the coldar was our i n't think he means th. but he can c out and get the fahest left voter, just lik cruz can g the fthestight ter, and h that rail. now, hilry would surprise me as w she wants to go chasing afr him. why doesn't she draw the line, why didn't she do it three months ago, i'm not a socialist, don'hate sociasts but i'm noe. herewh fundamentally i do believe in the ee enterprise. that's how our systems work, becausof that freedom ion't want the gernmt to try to run evytng. >>ut andrea the par has moved. >> the party has moved. this reminds me of 1992 and she's lo the base and t wome that what's stunning here in new hampshire. ey are really -- they can't figure out how to cbat that. to try to ara young women omhe lost by such extraordinary numbers in iowa
2:51 am
she's goin to women centers who by definition are part of e esblishment d the'no female mcobio. you haveo be an olderomo come a senat because the deck is so stacked against you. that's just the reality. so y've t women senators, you've gotadeleilbrigh who validates her forgn policy credentials and criticized his. but these people and the frustratn o madeine albrig and of hillary clion is why d't tse young women ree what we went through and we haven't won the battle ye and how, oh, this can be taken back. d why aren't they reting to 18 milon cracks in the glass iling? >> hall,ou haven't seen it thetrail? >> no. what's interesting toe wn you talk about bernie sanderse has among different kind of electorate. i spoke a woman yesterd she's been a ristered republican in n hamhire for 15 years. she is going to primary for jeb bush and then switch her registti so she can vote for berniesanders. she's outhere working and volunteering to rally people around sders because of sort what he' tapping into that
2:52 am
more broad than just t typical party line >> both parti are racing to their bases. >> i lov what andreaustsaid. they're going 1972, i'm all for th. >> but, hugh the republicans are going '64. >> we have the ability to come back qukly. iust say was stunned by your interview with senator nders. ink itakes him n viable andidate t tt har le o foreign policy. iid not that donald tmp finished t debate by bringing uprs clto serveras night. soou haerbly unectable candidesants to go full against a candida who has flaws on recor and honesty issue. keep going to '72. >> i have to s everybody is going to get bralized. the two nomees aoing tbe prty batted andbruised. >>he young woman yesterdayn concord met hillary worked forou in 2008 but troubled by nghazi and the server, she's getting blowba from the very ople she eds. >> all right. take a qui pause here.
2:53 am
i want to swou somethi jeb buole thi - you set rule around the hse, right? set rules for your ds when they go online: n'be a cyberbully. no racy selfies. and remember everyone can see everything you post, even grandma.
2:54 am
mo y k t' what' y me oenat rubio last night? >> it'sscpted, you know, message discipline is imrtant. and i envy cdidates who can repeat the same thing ove and over again. my brother was good a that t to b so siptehat you cat have the agity show, you know, the leadership slls that you need to be president of th united stat thi i -- became clear last night. >> yes, jebush comring marco rubio h brother, guess. reflecting on la night's debate littl earlr. i'm going to have a full length inteiew that you'll s tomoow morning.
2:55 am
msnbc a everybody knows. tomorrow'sel isre,nd game time. hugh, right -- >> next i've always believed in open cotion. i hope i get to go down to south carolina because w'somg out to fight f brother. marcorubio's got toet offf the floor because of this perceived loss last night and it ll be a nttic. >> let me paint ascenario, trump at 28 say 28, 29, and then all a sudden, kasich, rubio, uz, 17, 16, 15, 14, nody getsou >> as iowa passion drives you to go to th caucuses, you have to get involved. here you vote as civicduty everyby vot in new hampshire the imaries. peoplere going to go out and vo. whhese rio having a probm the other night, they ve somebody else it's going to be kasich. he sits there as an tion. i inkasich is going incrediblyell becau of civ duty. they're regular voters. >> i tught he h -- byhe way kasich had hisest debate
2:56 am
great at these bates. >> queionut his organization a wheree moves from here d his campaign feels like they ca do somethingin, th'song time away. rea, southcalina's going to be -- we thought -- south carolina's goingo make 2000 look like pat-a-cake. that's what think. >> first of all, y havnie sanders no trying to compete for the african-americanvote. and 's beginning to develop an orgazation. but you ha t veterans, the mita -- >> the republican side this is going to be a battle. >>epublican side, donald trump playing to the veterans and the litary. i'm t se kich can do at. >> i wa trp-kasich ticket. that whawant to see. >> i wt to bring u aoint that has gotten losthat ink may feed into a percti that we don't cover these this the same. the wa rults, three ofhe top ur candidates on the publican side were two his hispanics and an african-american. you know, hisric nig for the publicanparty.
2:57 am
old life is ver important. >> another thing that got missed a little bit last nit. mary kathrine ham who lost her husban augd delivered eindldnovembe did a trific job last t. >> she did. >> i want ake my hat off to her. she'inspiring. >> absolute. >> good deba. >> it was a goo debate let's leavhere on a lighter note. if you were watching "saturday night live" last night, you would be exucused as wwere to two bernie sanders onstage. we were talking to sanders live in studi8hive wh larry david on a boat. >> i am so sk over the 1% getting this prential treatment. [ applause ous enough. we need to unite andk togeth if we'r all going to
2:58 am
>> demratic socialis >>hat's the dience? >> huge diffence. >>huge >>huge >>t wasne m punch le there, andrea he talke abo they land on ellissland and he says, you know, m name is bernie sanders witski, drop the wiki, witski, unds less jewish. it'sun we canaugh athat, but theer thing that uld be history makingnd they're tkingbout it is the first jewish president. >> no, he's going to be the fit jewish candidate onhe democratic side to w deleges re in nehampshir it going to happ. there'been history all ove the ple. first, first, first. and i've been surprised all over thcoverage. didt right here. >> talk like thisr think like -- >> i know, i know. >> our kids don't get it. >> that's it for today. we'll be back next week because
2:59 am
es"ess." u' >>you're watching on this edition journey to the shoress cabos, mexicand indulgin luxury at the picture- picture-peect las ventanas all pais invigora your soul and indulge your senses in serenity ansophistication inside southern california's most excluse dreadestination by the sea,t e montresort and spa. later travel to a win tr wonderla of world-class skiiing and luxury living at
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