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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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30 events across this state today, hopovthneedle in their diron. the latest snapst owbernienders leading hilly clinto by 16 points fheemocrats. donald tmp sitti oa 20-point lead among republicans with a three-way mash-up for cond. but here's the wild card. historowabout half of new hampshire votersre very la deciders, anwith tind caates obothidesre noticeably spping upheir cks. legiour verageith nbc'l. e's covering the clinton . andrea, odve >> reporter:ooening to u. hillary bi clinton frusedy their inabity close gap withernie sanders,specially with young men. theyreun o of ti. i looking forrd to it need se fuel. >>eporter: hillary clint ner thought she'd be on e losing se a gder gap, b young women arning her drover rnie sandersa 74ear-d man. she sms a little
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>> i don'tote with my femininity. i vote witlogical reason. >>eporter: today bill clinton >> i have to bcareful what i sa >> reporte but clear unhappy about the ste of t campaign. why do you think bernisanders' argument is having an impact here? >> young people are really mad and really apprensivand they are right to be, but they should listen to a debate about what caused it, what'the best medy and who is most likely to improve their lives and power him. >> reporter: do u ink he's been uair toer? >> well, i think he'be curate. >> rorr:undanight it all boiled over. >> i mean, when you' makina revolution, you can't be t careful about the fas. >> reporter: andccusing sanders' supporters of using sexist language. >> attacks thaare literally toprofe ofn, not to mentn sexist. >> reporter: sandersaign sa it's disaointed >> i think it'unrtune th president clinton s decided to go after bernie thatay. in.
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clintosabs, sanders itired buconfident. >> and i hertoday to ask your support to join wh usn making that polil revolution. anyou all very much. >> reporter:nd hillary cnton thachemaow aress repos they wl ake up t staff. we're going to take stock, what works, wh dsn't work. of course, it would be malpractic n to saykay what wos, wt can we bter and what can we doew and difrent that we have to pull out? >> reporter: tonight bernie sanders haall the trappings of a front-runner. the clintons smilyhocked to find themselves so r behi. drea mitchell, n news, mancer >> reporter: i'm katy tur following the trump campaign one door. >> how a y doing >> i'm good. w are u? snoopnd one ver at a te. >>av y decided on you'oing to suppt for ent? whave not dided. >> reporter: campaign staffer jamie peevy is ming a pitch for donald trump. >> i'm still on the ge >> reporter: t candate is trng to hold on to his mmandingeain the polls by blanting t stegettg up close and personal with voters
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>>e have to get away fro these lician and wha to bring sany to ts untr >> repter:rump's retail politics efforts comg late in thrace after an awkward sunday, barely talki to voters in a diner and meandering through an unfocused stump. >> what do you thinko r? >> i think it's a bunch of garbage. >> reporter: here historally vote make up their minds late. usually i'm a gut instinc kindf person so stiltrying to fige that out. >> reporr: that means second and even first place could bup for grabs, after what manyaw as marco rub's dismal debate performa obody now believes that marco rubio is prepared to be esident of the uted stes. >>eporter: the field trying to capitalize on rubio's scripted missteps jeb bush and john kasi suddenlylimbing in the polls. >> peoe are lookinnot only to understand what's in your head, but they also want to ow what in yo heart, and ifll u are isipted, i not sure that people respondo that. >> peoe will want to know what kind of leership skills pele have, er than how good you araturning ahr
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snowlls anhurlininsu calling ump a loser, a liar and a whiner on twitter. upints, thstate is donaldmp's tlo. bush knows it and sooes trum lettell you. 's n goi anywhere.>>orter: trump takes the ste he in st aboutalf an hour a right now this om is just out halfl. new hampshire is fiercely indendent state. it is one that is knn to surprid although donald trum uby aer i will leave with you this, le. those leaving the trump rally earlon sunday told me that ey were gointo go e jo kasich >> all r rht. katyur, thanks. let's go bk to marco rubio. he'sshing off broad icism of that saturday debate perfo when w called o for repeating the sa talki poi about present obama fourimes in the span of a few minute i joinedimn the ail here in new hampshire thiing where he acknowledges lati success in ia has openedim up for attack here.
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n yo b don't feel thatay? it's rt othe ess. enoua target imean yore doingomhi well. >> h hre y >> reporteould marco rubio's debateoment ange allhat? for the pa two days it's been hard to miss. nator, we're sitting ia ner, and on tv right n ty are talking but. >> ioticed that. let's dissfe once and for all with this fiction tt bark obama doesn't know what he's ing. let's diel with the fiction that barack obama doesn't ow what he's doing. >> you repeated the same thing four tim. >> i'lsay it again. barack obamas trying to change america and he's doing damagto th country with thoschanges.i' say it again. ne oththings that ha happened are acciden obamacare was not an accidt. dodd/frank is not an accident. >> reporter: but irepeating it over and over again it played to this notion that your critics have, some of your oonen, that you are a bit contrived, that you'rrehearsed. that y're not genuine. >> that's si and people understand when they are running for office areoing to say whatever they need to say. ris chriie has a very liberal co, right? he supported gun control. he supported planned parenthood and wrote them a personal check.
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you're a candida you don't wanto talk authat. you want to figure out shing else so that's what thill do anthe media always oking fosomethg new and interesting to cov. forvoters, the replican ying. >> reporter: called mar robot, to s a hine thau choked >> tt's just parf the ocess. >>hatoesn't bheyo wait yr nest perfoance? money in the fir hour that your opponents talk abthe experience of actually beingn char of someg as opposed to, you knowbeing on the leslive side as setor. at do u spond? what your response? >>hat they have ze experience on foreign policy, none. jeb bush has nforeigpolicy exrice. >> reporter: how deep your foreigpolicy experience? >> more than any of them, mber the intellince mmittee for five years and going through somef the mostensive formation thisernment has. i have me foreign licy and naalecity expece an everybody ee on t deba stage t oer night combined >> reporter: your thirace shing in ia, strthird
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expectations on yo tmsf going forward here. what ds that mean inerms of what happens in nehampshire? whats your bar? wry state is different. you have donald trumthat's consistently been in fst place w nce june or ly. he thelear front-runner. we're going too well her we he a good tm here. when it's all said and done and the delegates are counted up we'll have more than half of themndehe nominee. that i main00% convince >> a conversation with marco rubio over a cup of coffhis moing. t'turn now to chuck todd, our litical director and moderaofethe press." chuck, you've got bill cnton on the attac trump gting person wh votersrubio's debate perfoance. are we seeinanything late in thgame tt's amatically ifting the dynamic? >> reporter: i think wt's amazinis how jumbled everything is on the republin loer g longer g to serve as the state we thoughtul we tho it was going toe the statthat wld winnow this i think now usof the rubio debate perrmanceeven if he
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opnentl believhe has a ass jaw and wa ather crack at himn uth carolina. fact, lest. both bere sandand dona they have not lost their lead. mae it goeup and down,nd the fact of the matter is when the countris upset, w hampshe is the first one t tell us, rand a nds/trp dual victoryill tel uand sends just that message. 's sll a big lester. >>huck todd tonight,hank you. as can you see around mere a winter storm has battered pa of the east coast which bring for anotr orm that coulhi primary vergo to t pls torw. day a blizza bsted new england with triplthreat nditions heavy snowstng winds and icy flooding. cape cod andhe massachusetts coasgot e brof the storm. in conneicut a tour bus with at lea 70 passgers rolled over. many of them were hurt. i-95 was shut wn for several hos. > tonight, thousands aboard one of the biggest cisips
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port, shaken after a nigmare at sea as the ship sailed right into a powerful stm th hurricane foe winds and oot waves slammi into the sides. water rushing in a passenger running for cover. nbs jat amli h me. >> reporte >>eporter: monster storm off the carolina coaston collision course wh one of the rld's largest cruise ships. this was the aftermath aboard nthem t s," the dining room in tters and red glass evywhefter the veel w tossed ke a toy winds matching a category 2 hurricane. >>y dad one poi says, y know, this shicoulcracin lf. >> repor morthan 6,000 passengersnd cw ordered take cover. the taedaturdain new jerseyscheduled dock in florida toy before ctinug to t bahas, but toght e trips caelled. e vesss retuin due ck wnesd. diane hockman said many
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>> angry becau ty feelhat somedy should have kwn. th a angry because they feel that they veost their repor >> reporter: royal carbe is promising a full refunand said pleasant the ship remain seaworthy at all times but with the storm forecast for days,hy did thehip try to go through ts, ts from an announcentn board. >> yesrday turned out be probly one omy worst days a. reporter: the vesl is in ca waters now, as frustrated vacationersail back to winr after dron the high seas. jat amlian, nbc ws >> the cdc has now moved to it highest alert level over t zika outbreak, and president obama has ked congressor $1.8 billion in emergency funding to combat the rus linked to birtdefect also, tomostello exains, there is growing conce ahead of this year's olympic games in
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>> reporter: with the rio games just six months away, the u.s. olympicmitt tay reiterated cdc guidaehat pregnantomen and anyonho i concned for their healt might conser not goingtheames in august but added we wou not and wil not eventthletes fr cpetingorir cntry should they qualify. top zika experts say is a personal decision. >> it's ry dficult to give adce tpeople whoave devod the last "x" number of years training for that, and what we can doith the cdc and e nih could do is just give them the facts and the evidence-based information. >> reporter: with 4,000 babies alrey agnosethmiochaly ibriltoda e ite hoe asked ngss r ar $billioto srch for a vaccand ramp up the fight. we expect with e warmer nths tcome that more risk will be present, and so this is really a time where neeto scale. >> reporter: the cdcow says its emergency opations center
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to respond tthe zika outbrea ile on the ground in south florid a proactive ph to wipe out mosquitos that uld soonrrive carrying the zika viru researchers say they stillon't ow whether zika can be ansmitted throh saliva and ine and also continue believe mosquito control efforts should prevent a widespread outbreak in thu.s. tom stello, nbc news, shington. >>inveigators have released poteial key eviden ithe bombing a passenger plane over somalia, video athey believe captured the hanff of the bomb that later blasted a hole in e selage. nbs keirimmons sho u whn thtape. >>eporter: t new video sho two men cooly walking through an airport. th appear to be airport staff, one carrying wt looks like a laptop, but authorities now lieve thataptop was like a bo, and this ithmoment they hanit to an alleged the result, a hole blast in
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the body of the alleged bomber ejected om the pne by the explosion. was this the work of people who worked at the airport? >> reporter: well, one of the people who works at the airport we are investigating. reporter: itigators rking th a team americans ve arrested 20eople. so aviation security eerts say it shows the risk om rkers inside airports,ven in the u.s. >> i believee n't have enough security measures from the side, and i think that's a problem, and i tnk it's someg thatmmediatect needto be taken on. rep >> reporter: the alled bomber wabookedn cancelled turkish airlines flit. he took a lateplane. had the bomb ge off lar at a higher altitude, the explosi may have killed everyone on board. keir simmo, nbc ws, on still ahead tonigh are you onof the millis of amecans who take heaburn medicine? a new study showthat reflux relief comes from a serious risk
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tails. >> can't afford to let hrtburn get in the way? >> reporter: stoppheartburn is big business. >> zerartburn. repor sold asium, prilec and pvacimoreha 15 milonmericanshelled o more tn $10 biioin3 fothprescripon verons of es dru callepronump inbirs hibirs noa new stfromoh hopkins says the ad-reducing drugs may increa t risk for chronic kidney disea 20% to 50%. cleveland clinic kidney specialist itreating kim hinkel >> kim h normaki function in march, a blood rk iaugust showed kidney funconown to 30%. >>eporter: kim was taking on of t over-the-counter veio. on a hun the doctohad kim stop, d r kidneys proved. >> i wasuc it s caht rly d th we n do sothinout .
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liev t still be traed after the powerfueartua in taiwan. four more wereulled from the rule today including an year-o girl who was trapped for more than hrs. more than 30 people are confirmed dead, but officials warn that total could top 100. >>2 miion people watched the denver broncos beat the carolina panthers last night in super bowl 50. wi his diland. onhe "today" show nng si stepped questions heer la nht's win mkehis rerent. caroli's cam newton is being iticized widely for hiplay the field and behavior afterwards, wking out on a post-ge neonference. at hale mam headlir coldplay and as usual some of the std abt mont were the ads from the funny to zarre to the ntrs when we come back re how a stuffed dinosaur became one of the mospopular campaign correspondents here
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available in single cks. (rayi'like tsee more of e d la.i'd o e bacto r more you know socialide. o) pro pn bright mindpromes aleness a mental sharpnesin dog7 d r. ay) was shocking. e's ch more are. an) she loves e food. (ray) she wants to learn tngs. the differce has been credible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mi tritn th performs. fina finally tonight, when it cometo campaign photo-ops, pele here inew hpsre haveeeitll, from t candid to the azand now the
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nbc's peter alexder tells us about fuzzy fa w iquit thsensatioon the cpaig ail. >>eporr: it's on fitting that the granite ste forms the bedrock of american campaigns. this year red anblre united behd pink in darren gaick' garnick's hands. she show me e goods. >> ts is do, and he's really oven to me how specialhe new hampshire primar. ep call the dinosaur primary. one man's non-partisan pursuits snapping photos of amany esidtialopefulas possible posing withis vorite childod caron. his approach. >> i say i have aampaign good luck charm. would you li to poseith . >> reporter: can't say no to that. >> nobody di reporter: candidates and personities matters as much as what comes out of thmouth. this is e chris christielike with confidencdid, thene arm withondence. this is e rick perry, the governor of texas. ld it up like it was a dd fish. reporter: then there's cr's cradle and carson's wi gn. kasichtook it for a campai
5:57 pm
>> and no way i was givi up dino. >> reporte hillary clinton was caious. >> she put her arm aund me a insisted i was in the picture with h. >> reporter: trump played aloneven if the crd didn't. it's been tried fore in 2008. a guin iowa passed around mrpotato he, garnick passed around his k. >> i would love to live in a word where dinflintstone inuences global politics but re it was about apprecting the candidatess real peopl >> ithe live free or d state is dinaur is proving good old retail politics isn't extinc ter alexdebc mancst. thisdanight. i'm lester holt repoing manchest manchester, n hampshire. fr all ofbs w miked libs weather tease why don't you ha if here #7--let him hold the tphy the bo areack---
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broncos are back in the mile highity after an increble super bow suay. we'll te you how coloro is celebratinthis week. helleryone thanks r joining us for ns 5 . i'm lisa lyden. and i'm b quirk.... first tonight six: re's the scene at d-i-a jusa couple of hours ago, our world champion broncos are home. touching down ie le higcity jus after 3:oday. the team caring thloardi trhy-mbe the tm ssing it arod and prdly hoisti it in the air foall to see buses then took everyone back to dove valley--aad of a week of celebrations for the super bowl winners! the mile high ci will host a per bowl parade for ou chamonship team--tomorrow! the victory parade will stt at noon near and wynkoop street and iwillvel all the way to civic centepark.. broncos plays will be joid by governor hickenoperde mayor
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the parade is free--- and massive crds are expected.. people from all acrs the ate co to celebrate is brons n! newsivwill alsbe there to ing you all the sights and sounds with live coverage. xxxx t's take aivlo oside in colorado springs now---ings al warming up for e week ead. boy, what a fference aeek makes,...ld focaer mik daniels--tracking it all for u forest for the pare, sun skies with pleasant tempaturesand light breezes. most cle ses now all across colorado. tonight will be mostly clear th cold air. tuday will be mostly sunny and waer with just light breeze ouof the wesfrom timto time. "picks it up..


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