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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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that's just one of the momts atad broncos fans cheering last night---and ensured what everyone hasnown alleason long. the denver broncos havthe best defense in the league,...a major factor in the te's 24-10 viory er the panthers in supebowl 50... the "d" led by linebacker von mier who had onencredible play after anoth during th game. thanks to th incredibl performance by milr--it's no surprise he was nad super bo 50 m-v-p! sports dirtor grant meech was in northern californ tod... as mler s nded that trop!! super bowl cmpions h a nice ring to it forhe broncos and von miller as mvalso sounds pretty good too.
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fromomssioner ger goodell day d he stillan't believe it's happened to him. all the eyes were on peyton manning bere the ge and en thou the dense wonheame r the broncos... von dn't mincarrying the offense all game as lo as they got the wi it was truly a teaeffort. if it wasn't for peyton making decisions that he made to throw the ball short so we could punt the ball, get the ball back. it was truly a team effort. everybody is used toeeing peyt go out there and throw 45 points a game. this year, it was truly a am effort. we all had a percente in this supebowl win." von isf course free agent and his coract will be one that's talked about all f season. why bronco fs shouldn't be nervous -that's later in sports from san francisco grach news five
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over peyton manning's headll asonwill he reti many closely watching th teran arterback st night--anticipg it "may be" thlast time he takes the field in uniform. nning was on the today show this morning... not confming any plans forhe future. === so i'm gonna follomy coach's advice and i'mna enjoy this sur bowl vtond celebrate thy family and frien. ll keep ing it f a few mo weeks. th at thapproprie me i ink ll me a ci. i haveo tell youhough matt, i'm ve mh at peaith whateverhe decion is i hav real peace aut it." thgh matt, i'm very ch at ace with whater the decision isava real peace about it." of course whatever hpens with manning anthe teamyou can count on news anthe news five sportteam to keep you inrmed. xxxx there's bibragging rightthat come with a superbowl win. d for e hard fans... it's just exting!! . bill folsos looking at todays rush for newly pried superbowl championship gr. bill? we all know about people lining upor deals oblk friday. we'll call this superbowl
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stores opening early, people lini up...only rher than a deal on price...they want items real dl. must have broncoan fashion...worth a crack of dawn run to stores opening early at 00 a.m. " i knewt uld all be gone. it's bronco cotr my wife looked iup on he paand she sayshey're o now. m outta he onlbeforefansan buy.... " it was as soon as that last touchdown happed, as soon as th happened we knew that we had in ithe bag and we cou probably get started on the presses." t-sht prinshops have their own kind of supeowparty that tns io an all woarty whethey kw the home teas got the win. ravo screen inting" cranked out close to 12-thousand shirts rning. " it all comes down t the e that we have and what we dfor our jobs and the pride we have for the state weive in and ing brons fan comes with the territ" "we were thrilled, we couldn't en sep, i'm just excited." a cos win still generating energy at stor hoursater. i've got stuff for the kids,
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husband." most superbowl shopg fo. ns who are clear "jump he bdwagon" supporters. "we've just be here forever, back when elway was in the perbl." i couldn't even believe how we the defense pyed, oh my gosh, they were incredible." this has been a year ihinkf tria andhallenges for them and i thing they really came tother as a tea in thend." mostly, they're anxouis to wear something showinf the broncos superbowl win. " if they can ay thahand pl that good, i can get t-shirts and promotehem all year buyers want the selection....they al wanted to wear the champiionship items today. continuing our bronc team coverage,. steel city loud and proud as the celebration caies on tonight. let's check in now with news five's lena howland -- live in studio... and what do things look like in puebloncos country? yesterday it w all about the
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peyton manni bringing it hom of crs voniller ard with m-p, and thoverall win dedicated to own patowlen. but today -- it's all out the fa. r na: broncos, broncos, oncos! it wasn't difficult to spoe broncos fans tay... ve seldom do we ever have a non uniform day. but today -- an ception to the rules were made att. therese tholic school. they to wear bncos hs, broncos jerss, anying orge and blue for the whole day! hool wide: go brco! onderful to sethe kids in sucgood spirits, and thr morales are high and it's good for our cityit's good for our state, we're just having a good time today! and justcross the stre the owner of d-rodz auto had has "broncos burban" proly on displa brcos l e wa ve rodriez hast mied a me gam 30 years... buthis was his first year
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uck up to denver for every game. man to be a broncofan, die-rd nose brons n,s beautifu it just lifts youp high fexyear and the spitoesn't endhe. sal pa: so this morning, the commissioner we vod and ficiallyade this week broncos spir week inuebl unty! coty empyeesraged to wearheir best brcos ery sing dhis week. are celebrating our bronc super bowl victory, yooohoo haha we are broncos cntry right here in pulo and aone who goes up to the games and walks around the tailgate,nows that the's a ton of bronc fans rit here ipuebloounty a victso sweet -- for a town -- so prd. we love yoys, weelved in you, tha you f bringing th super bowl tcolorado!!!
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what a day to be broncos fan! many puebloans i spoke with today are planning on heading up to the championship parade in denver tomorw morning. live in pueblolena howland, news fiv ide from the game--those super bowl commeialslways a big talker as ll... e day afr the big game!! more than 60 advertisers paid big money--5illiolor30 sonds oair time. dyasth..includinhyundai's "first date" with kevin hart. it was number one in u tay's ad meter ranking charse jones business reporter, ustoday :33-40 on came at :37 "y he u the ght celebrity, it has to alesce with your bndr acyo demraic tha you're trying to target." doritos put o spots in "ad meter's"op five.. xxxx now that super b50 is in the book.. some are alrdy looking ead to the next big game... super bowl 51. it will be held in houon. during a ceremony thisorning,
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superbowl 50 host committee"... officially handed over the reins to the houston superowl commtee. and e event... tout as ut of isworld".... erwas evenn appearance fr spa... with u.s. astront anhouston native scott kelly xxxx a renewed warning from c- dot today--watch out for rockes! we'll ll you whi areas saw problems over the weekend. alsooming ==== dingo stanup i'm mikeanie i'll havyour extded first alert five forecast next a
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we'll have areviewf the big viory raden the mile hig
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victory parade in e mile high n't miss t sto--an
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news onlon newve at ten. rst, l c bk inith mike. colorado.. highs day in the 30's d 's. currentemperatures allver sout colorad... saitctures, mostlylear acrossolorad high esre has pushethe storm trk well northnto cana and that means dry skies and mild air around here. hour bho, sunny sks tomo with plsant teeratures. lows tonht in the teens an 20's. highs tomorrow in the 's and 50's. 7 day forecast for the springs, high tomorrow 50. sun and even warmer wednesday. temperatures will stay pleast throh the weekend with dry skie pueb high tomorrow 58. highs landn th60's wednesday througnext monday wi
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woodnd parand canon city, warmer with sunshi tomorrow. warmer wednesay under sunny skies. mperatures stay mild through
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thers a scho closure i huerfano county toet you kw about. ardner school" in huerfano scol district "re-1" is closed tomorrow because there's no heat in the buiing. every other schooln th district will be open and on a normal schedule. we'll let you know as soon as we get information about gardner school on wednesday. if you still havsnowy and icy roads in your neighborhood... you aren't alone. its been a week since the big snow storm...and some roads are almost totally uouched. news 5's greg dingrando went to the city looking for awers.... and greg what did you find out? the ci has 56-hundred lane miles.....and they say they've
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about % of them.....but as you can see.....getting to tm d tually carg them arewo totally different things its leading to a lot o we went the city to fi outhy its takin long. q ne gilamfrusated with roads sot: 6:20 its been really bad. we got stuck in ont our house,lo with 4 other cars even the cars thatet around jus...a starti to havessues. cynthia fontana/ frustrad wi roads sot43 they're prtygh s hard tdrive on them. its like drivi on a very baddi roa and after a week of it.....the frustrion really building. elaine gillh/ frustrated with ads so 7:2 said ey ear th ia couple da, we haven't s anybody. e ty says the plows have be.. but eari the snow pack roads n't easy. t: 13: our p don'tut into the snow ck. so when we got onto these sideials with sn pack..eyly takinof thtolayer of stuffr uff as wcall it. becae of that....they ill have lg way to go. so why is thcity no nger on
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rkg ring t d? t:0: at nighti we're really not doing much good. the snow pk doesn't ve heat, or traff to ket flf again d geit to wear we ca clear it off. it jstays snow we're just wting time d mone ok. so you wou tnk every wuld be plowing durg then. right? wrong. t: 19:08 - 19 we've actually had to break some crews off from going into sidentials th plows, e low an ld afters orm, tholes arerting toface wigence. thateanslearing these streets is goike even longer. not what residents wted to hear. t: 11:30 please come plow our streets t: 7:13 i figure its going to be re unt may. now in the cits defense... did have th second sn stm come through on thursday... not only didhe cree to go back toover the main roads...utt only put me snow dn onidroads. the good ns is..... its expect to beny and warm all week.
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things looki goobyhe endof theeek. our changing weather brings the rewed threat of rockslid t nyreas parts of highways 24 just west of manitou springshut down over the weekend because of one slide. and c-dot crewsay it's just beginning for the season the recent snow mixed with these warmer temauthe rocks to ack ancrble ontohe road-ways. you can never predt them, you just don't know where they're going to fall and i expect to see mo this week athmps climb. because ofhe weather, c-dot will bdoing rock mitigation a little sooner ts year. but to stay safe pay attention toour surroundin...e specially whriving in e mountain canyons whh colorado town is cracking down on construction noise--coming up at si and super wl celebtions--- t a litt rowdy in downtown denver.
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coring colorado tonight: in grand junction.. the mesa countsheriff's office sa... one of it's deputies washot... while respondingo a repo o a man th gun. thorities aren't releasing any more detai... or theeputy's condition. the man with the gun is under arst..
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lodown during the investigion. xx 17 peoe arrested in wnto nver last night-after celebrations got a little too rowdy. as sn as the broos clinched the super bowl victo fans flooded the streets of downtown. denver pice sh down some vehicle access in areas,nd h a heavy presce on footke surehing got outf ha. most othe 17 aests were for criminischief,ewer peoplehan tethe brons lastup bowl wione police vehicle was also damaged, but no injuries. colora's pulatiois booming,..but that's not necessarily a go thing. it's projected by 20-30 the state's population wgr from 5 million to 7 million, thanks i part to a strongconomy and constitional lims on taxes... ch as tabor. but governor hicnlooper ys the state's success is ao dependant on good roads which is why he's worki ot find mor transportation. it's all shang up to be a battle in thlegislature this
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keep a tight limit on taxes. we'll keep you posted ts develops. aspen's cityouncil approved a new law requiring construction contractros to keep noise levelsown in the summertime. they sayt's an effort to allow more people to enjoy tim outside in the warmer nths. this means builders may be required in some casesput up sounblocking walls. the ride the rockies rte is announced. wl ta cyclists 4- hundred and 3 miles in our state.. in je. this year clists will avel from carndal through aspen, copper mountain, grand lake and estes park before ending in fo llins. the race will staron june 12th d ap up five days later on e 17th. ch hoscommunity can expect about a 25thsand llar ecomic impact as the race passes through their town. xxxx super bowl-v-p von miller has some bti decisions coming his way this offseason. matt prichard is breaking do optis, l in spts. so ahead at 6:.
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our totonighat six0... the world championship broncos--now back in the mile hi cy. this was the scene ad-i-a ju a couple of hours agas the team's pne landed--the boys and their families all unloading and proudly carrying that vince lombar trophy wi the course it wess an 2
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broncos conqued the carolina nthersn super 50. "pks it up.. von mier hone itgain!" that's just one of the moments thatad broncosans ring last night---and ensured what everyo has known all sson long. the nverroncos have the est defense in the leae"... largely contributing to th team's victoryver the pantrs in last night's superbowl. e "dled by linebacker von miller who h one incredible ayfter anoerurth me... earning the m-v-p trophy. people all over the state rushing tohe sres today to t eir nd se brcos championship g our ews the ovnight as aff atlaces "brav scen prig" workelong urs to getew t-shirtand other gear me. and at fst light...stores re ed with people looking for those shirts and a whole lot more. everybody we talked to was buying for themselves...and
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works. " we were thrilled i cldn't eep and i'm just so exci "if they can play th hard and play that good i can get t-shirts and promote theall year." early shoppers n oy want the best sectionthey wanted to be able to wear their == go bnc!!! ==== these students... among many of the pueblo bronco fans... red up over the big victory!! ents got to tradthei tritional unormst "s theres catlic school -- for "bos geaday" h eys... anhing blue ange was highly encouraged. =========== it's wonderful to see the kids in such good spirits, and their morales are high a it's good for our ty, it's goofor our state,e'reust havi a good me today! and e irit doesn't ther... pu county employees e celebrating with "broncos
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the mile high city will host a sur bowl parade for r chpionshipeam--tomrow! e victory para will start at onear 17th andynkoop street and it will travel all the way to civentepark oncos players ancoaches will joined by governor hickenloer, denver mor michl hancock and othe elected official the rade is free--- and masse crow areected.. as peoe fromll across e state o celebrate this broncos win! news five will also beo bring you all the sits and sounds with l coverage xxxx neinformation tonight: the colorado springs planned parenthood facily attacked november by a gunman will be reopeni in one week. following up for you---the buildingas badly damaged during thahos long seige thatost three pele their lives. the president and e-o of anned pareodf the rocky mountainsays thereill be creased security measures to enre theafety of patients. and she says it will be a few months before the clinic returns to "full cacity" as construction will be ongoing.
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also new tonight: springs poli officers are among the first in "narca" on friday night,..hey put that training into action and are credited with helping save the life of an 18 ye old woman. as news 5'anrepos ... many other souercolorado law enfoement agencies looking to incorporatehe treatnt into their training programss well. ok r the fic stop hpenehere at pikes peak and nevada friy night. ofcers quickly realized the passenr need hp. "she was acty consous and shwas unresponsive to them." lasfall ... every c-s-p-d officer was trained to use these narcan rayers "the fact thatt is now a nasal spray or a nasal mist, and w can administer ith away, th is something can train and ha offics do." naan isn new paramedics he used it r years ... but always administered through an-v. the sprayer makes it easieto give- and equipping officers
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minutes for overdose patients. "what opioids is they suppress our central nervous system, whh can suppress the respiratory drive and can lead to spiratory rest and death." paso unty sheriff's depues wilreceive narcan training laterhis month. last month, commissioner sallie clark help expand a dealhalets local police departments buy the ugs fo ouhalf the cost. doctoran tnks it's great idea heore oplen puic at havthr dr and tha kn ho e afeland ow thendicionshen to u it c be definily aery fe vieasure." because li the victim last ek.. itay be second chance at le for others in the community. dy koen news 5. law enforcent agencies in pueblo countare also considg traini their oicers to u an. 'sice to e some warm weather this week, buthe sun also brings the renewed reat
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parts of highws 24just west of manitou s shu down over the weekend because of onide. and c-dot crs sait'sjust beginng." the rent sno mixewith these warmer temps causes the rocks to crack and crumble onto theoad-ways. you can ver predict themyo just d't know where theye gog to fall and i exct to semore this week as the temps climb. because of the weather, c-do will bing rock mitigion a little sooner this year. but to sy safe payttention to your surrndings.. speciay when driving in the mountainanyons. xxxx 's been days since last week's big snow sto and while travel is mosy ck to normal---we founsome residenal side res atti snpaedndcy. thci says th'vbe runng into a numof problems... afte that second rnd of sn that came in on thursday... to cars getting the way... to thenow at'so paed... the s dot work. e city also decided to give altheir driveunday off after so mucertime ek. stl.. peoplethe community sa
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ek has been ustrating. ===== elaine gillham/frustrated with ads sot: 6:20 its be reay bad. weot sck ifront of o house, along with 4 other cars cynthia foana/ustrated with ads sot: 9:43 ey're prty rgh. its rd to dre on them. its like drivingn a ve b dirt rd. elneilamratewi ads so 7:29 they sd ey would clr em in a up day we haven't seen anybody. the city has also cut ck on e er of ews theoads and has drivers rkinregur shif. xxx every chipotle in e country closes f several hours today---we'll tell you what was done to dress thillness outbreak that hit the staunt chain la year. first, let's check back in with ke in the weather center. i'm mike daniels i' have ur extended rst
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,,,,,,, a ok from cameras across colorado.. highs today in the 30's and 40's. cuent teaturesll or southern colado.... satellite pictures, mostly cle acss colorado. high pressure has pushed t storm track well north into canada and that andry skies and mild air around here. hour by hour, sunny skies tomoowith pleasa tempatures lows tonight in e teens and 20's highs tomorr in the 40's and 's. 7 day recastor the springs, high tomorrow 50. sun and even warmer wednesday. temperatures will stay pleant throh the weekd withry
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pueblo high tomorrow 58. highla in the 's wednesday through xt monday wi sunsne eh and every day. woodnd park d canon city, rmer with hineomorro warmer wednesay unr sunny skies. temperatures stay mild through
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dense nshampionsps the broncos ok thasayi t whole w vels in super bowl 50. nobody bger in the big game, than ser bowl m-v-p von miller. we'rhearing from him abo the
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broncos countrit's time to pay. supebowlhamps for e fit timen 17-yea, capping off an up-and-down yeah, i'd say we earned . but the reason we're allmiling day, is anks to a poweouse defense led by the utoppable von miller. grant meec with a look at his reacon to becoming a champion. von mill was all.smiles today - and can you blame him?! one night afr domitinghe pantrs to n per bowl fifty - took the mvp trophy was just telling commissne goodell o would have ever thought? truly a blessing.
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ys, life is 90ercent fair. the ten peent, you just have to roll with it. i'going to roll with the 10 percent, stay nsistent and re ware day. miller thanked h teammatnd coacngtaff t motivati.. also keepingim grounded the prse poured in even before the win thing th peoe don'know is, you see a great playerat pln a bistand pl a emendouse like he did, but peopleon't see the wo he t to get ere. von did not miss ftball prtice this year unless sat him down durg training camp, ma him take a re day, he did not miss araice. i was lling himoearlr day whene were talking about he loves play. von made himlf a lot omoney for next season.... thheroncos owith another team buton w quick tcalm bronco fans concerns abo his free agent stus i ve people representing my situaswell and it's be a ul tng. i am not really worried out it's anoth thathe mea tries to play up for me, i a enjoy
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they'lcelebrthe - the planride hwill be one to remember i was st tking to coach kubiak, i was asking iyou could make the pne do backflips he way home. it's defitely going toe a magical for us th the super bowl champion broncos grant meech news five sports the bration spans naonwide and will culnatedenv tomorrowor the vtory parad but whilwe wait, l's see what air force hockey coach, frank serrate ha say aut the broncos big win. i'm a vikings fan, ie never had a super monday so i guess i'll just bask inhe broncos victory. the question was how good re th, wothey be able to handle carolina. and thid thaand mo.
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to talking aut his own team today,nd whyot, the falcons arayingreackeys of late....with their last loss all the way back on januy 3r airce one tied t r-th peken a mancore d but hill h t o ll in, you can't be part way in. ifou'rall the way in, you're ng shots, heck we d dylan abood block one with his head saturday night. ou wanto win gam against comprablopponents, high lel opponents, top opponents, contende. you better be making sacrifices very a 'll geeir t holyross, mi
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smaller cars losinground in the u-s. how it's impting t auto instry next at 6:30. and keeping secrets. we'll ll you how many people
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topping your consumer tc no
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evy store acsshe nation closed for severalrs today r a company-wideeeting on food safety. today's closing follow oureaks of norovirus and e. coli that resulted in hundreds of ctorsetting sick. about -tusand employee atnd tay meeti... whe eyearnedhasi emoyees e ghtoe reonblfor the tbak each cpotle opened again at three this afternoon and will stay open til regulaclosin me automarsreropping some smler cars as preferces continue to change. th're taking a closer ok at thr lineups...with fling gas prices, combin with a surge in popularity of crossover hicles both fiat chrysler and toyota announced a change in focus away from smaller more efficient cars a me towardar higheridincrossover vehicles. xxxxx a cent sdy by crit cards- dot-com nds 13 million ameranha hidden a bankr credit card count from their significant other. d at's n the only finaial se bei kept. pcent have spent over 100 bucks without their spou or
6:38 pm
mo america can't be accuse of hypocrisy wheit comes to such financial secre. almost hf of those polled said they'd be okayittheir signifant otr spending more thrs without beingtold. new majuana businesses could have an unplsant rprise when they file this ar. even though riana is illegal at the federal level, thirs still insists ese companies pay income taxes. the same time, thagency bars them from making most noal busins deductns. one marijuana grower ss the ck onoal deductis will cost h a million and a hal more in tas. there were seral ads during suay's supowl to remind you of another important day this month. sweeearts wodwide are preparing for valentine's day this sunday. americanare expected to easily spend over 20-biion dollars on that special seone. third ofse purchases will be online. giving flowerss the preferred gift...ming it the biest day
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moly clear skies tight wh lows in the teens and 20's. more sunshine tuesday with warmer a. highs in the 40's and 50's. y dnesday and even warmer with highs in the 50's and0's. homes... sliding away! it's a story we'veeen covering for mohs.. mes in the sway d broaoor fs aas watching laslideshreaten their mes. tot on news five at ten we're fiing t how the city is steppinin ty toelp people. parents. we're tang aloser ok at hooga" may help kids of al improheironntratiand behavior!
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we'll see you back h ten. hello everyo and thanks for
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.ud 9 shoppers, e orhabeen closed for 20 minutes. many ous would ke to leave. so, if you're stil in t s, yore being aick. don't be a dick. - it's tgh because i to live with this trash can, you know? righ no, i get it.
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so, you know, maybe u could go me tonight, sleep ont, and deci tomorrow? - no"decide tomorrow" what i saidterd. - [sighs] if i don't get hom and study for myidterm, i'm totally screwed. oh, hey,ou look so cute. both: thank you. - it's my senior dance recital tonight. - what? why didn't you tell us? - welli n't perform because ofyou ow, this. - oh. - but i'm gonna cheer on the oth gir. - yeah, ifhis bozo er leavethe store. hey, myrtle, go out yo hysterecty story. - 's all right. i got . [heavy metal music pying] - it was 1953, and medical sciencewas all the ge. - ththing is, u just senus the shipment of signs now, and i'd hate keep people lateon a frito hang them a , if anyone himessage, coe back, plse it's glenn.
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- oh, so sorry, r. sir,an't qte - oham in the y. - yeah.- du calls. - soy. i c't seeto-- - thers spot righover tre ye. - okay. - he ithatdie hard 2 that is the st "die hard have a heavenly night. - ok - whoo-hoo! - oh, ye! - yeah! - oh, great joat. great job. - wre alltaying late to do more wk. i'm so sorry. i just fnd outbout it. i feel terrible abouthis. whoo-h! [upbeat music] - i'm stuck atork for an hour or two, but save mse i' be there as soon as i can. - you have ere,it. - i know, bitch.- birds, it's mommy. listen up.affy, fdr, pikachu, you guys are i le leaders i know that you are.
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