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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 9, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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lle at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer.enou when you'rlostt sea yorealways srcng for a piece of nd to st your weary head. wean'tind much. dow plged 8 poin, s&p 1.42% and the nasdaq nose dived 1.82% although thosere up subsntially from the lows. we have to go back to the chklis the one i createlast mth ld us to be reful and be aggresve. be seller rather tn a bu into strengt to rre we haveeen using a checklist. what could put an end the pain. one, theed has tgive clarity t where ittandwith raing intest resthe real mket has owed sin december but empyment hasn as wsaw iday that's a big reason the averag
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fed is in a bind. we have lounemployment ey are worriedbout the economy oveating.janet yellences thcongresson wedsday secondly, we neeluonof uncertnt thevef the new hampshe primarisuaon is deteriated frowhen w eated the chklis wee no ia whe candides wil and t posis on both sis hardeninst business. anyo listeni to lly inton realizeses s wants to outdbern sde icoempt for wall seet which an ntemor your poo. ba check's a real no show. ird, we need china to get read the stocmarket is closed for the new ye. check. just a respite. fourth, a commoditbottom l i cay is they e trying hard. maybe related to a weaker dollar. o early to decide athis point. oil needs to stabili crude has been tryinto maka stand at $30. i don't know why it should hold
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oil has been acting -- it acts better but it nottabl thcle delare cline in crud contmass the lit partnehi. no bottom sig. the hedge funds and port foae owe managers like tohow they need oil eosure. six, we want to sesome improvemt inhe geopolitical scene. this was a proem when nort koreexplodedhat pele thoughs a hydrogenom the north koreaen i can'ts were it th a rockelaunch. nohe f that box. we nd thzoie comes p to death. in chesapeake,t plunges 33 o a maturity that comes due next month. esapea will have a rippl effectn many compaesnd
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proximate cause of t weakness yosain the oil patch and in finance. we were pingo get releaf from theup fing rong doll. here ia surprise. becausofecline in e doarersus theuro t exange re isk. at'sositive. ev if thdollar mns song versus o curreies. i can't i can't calln all clea wou ba fabuloushange for inational companies in the pharmaceutical iusy. it makes me buh toward the conser packaged go i ke tse stock wishhe dlar would get weer so the cuencies know sniff en it's unanged year over year. nt to chec off almos ni, want to see morm a. so r ne. none. ten, aeturn to theealtpo rket. forg it. there are no ipos. thiss one of t worst we have seen.
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the economy. we havooking at stocks ofl phmakers, awesome and home buir the si of a bottoybe. . noat a. stksp falling. we have wonder the rcraft cycle is taking a break. can't afford to lose that one. we can't take a break. 12, we need sentimt to g netive. sure, stocks are down. e dow joneindustri ara hasn't taken out theuary lows. weon know ife are ld t. itee negativbut t ough to savon t impor mart ttom whi wouldle acqre negave oscillator figure. now 's hanging in. believably. 13, we w 13, weant sect leadership to expand beyond a.n.g., facebook, amazon, net k and google now alpha bit thstoc the stocks are athe apex. the is no leadship n except goldle which isn't what we want s.
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have somin t port alle ow. nay nally nto see so of the favoriostly mest coans doing tter because oil. we have gone thrgh a huge part of earningseon and other an clorox noompanies have experienced a break in cheaper galine or fuel. my daughter and i paid 1.82 for relar gaso. we bought two coffees atch ostwo um up. maybe we'r maybwethonly t beneficiaries of thelinef fuel price it put it togeer, i feel coelled to add a nox. number 15, crediissues nd to be resved. we hearirocompy cretors become hardo co by. t se timethisal abohe eurn banks and edit isss theyay he. lookt the ock ices. they wt through the 2009 lows. the issue is front andenter. could overwhoh im s they
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ttom line. we hav foun our fo becausweaven'teen ableo check boxes. we added a tox. i say you th ocksf companies youle really li butf we ral, you need to sell so to sl sothg, raiseas get rey for lor ock pres. therare not enough check mks make condent we have a re bottom althcould gea trainingounc middle of tobecae were rtaiy due after e hideous tion of the last feways. i want to check at dollabox. yba maybe postheck. t's go to neil in colorado neil seingly lling folf of what ty re fe sixnthsgo is ts goimuy some?
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the,ot fl k.i feelonfident chipo on e comebackwas tryio maket so y cod get at 40grdy i ink yobuy chipotle causthbad ws iout. i think the goodews isn't. let' tn in texas. >> caller:oo-y >> boo-yah caller: i lookingt gilld. odceea is o compo the in >>ight. >>alr: hh rginand rn on vestment considering the political he nds thia good time to bu >> i was goingo saift weren't foe politil head winds it would b theyre jusnightmish. m lknitmaipharceal m ruggng over the stro -- good to hsomething sitive tsay. the euro year ov yr is almost unchanged. thchecist stilrens til weseh, just be carefu
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ing to sell if it goes higher. things l things look grim. i'm cutting open the cadav to get a sense of whawentrong itas a rou d on the averag. don'miss why the west coast is e bestoast for buying opportunits. i could e liforniaream i'm puinlast week'intervws in pepective fosing ostocks to watch. sticth cramer. >> aou >>nnncer: don'miss a ndf "m money foll @jimcmer twier. have auest eet cramer, #madtwee. send j an e-mailo orivus a
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,,,,,,> this >>tharket is a b bh. as bad as toy was for averages don't rget friday was terrible. nearly everyigh growth stock obterated.
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forecasts omech stks linkin and tabo ftwa. botheported in line result but the callomntary was negative enough to crushhe stocks liktin cans. linkedin lose ing 44 and 49% for tableau . partularly the social cloud cort wento a tspin. the pin acti was arming and it's important for us to understand whawentrong her at whyonig we e goin full bore, all right?fulle csi yle ing an autopsy autopsy of what went wro at linkedin andableau. heg re helping uiteinjob
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linkin linked a high flying stock thus the e ofeath, looked the hdline numbers in the st qrt the results wer kind olid. when youhe o t guidance, sales d earns forecast for 2016e lorer than wl street w expecti. the companlo $11illion billion ofarket capitalization in a single session. it's like finding ligature mar on ay toxtend the metaphor. lied nkedin got h wh ts with lf tall st terms tuing against the network in the blink an eye. unual nalysts excuset from earn ings missebefore. not is t les cuopen theadaver for a sense of whant wrong here. linkedine a bleak outloo
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nagement came and said th are seeing rious weakness he middle ea, afri which a depar temperatu fro other clplays id about the gions. link prected contied weakness weakness. rry they a pointg out e ways theare lnable macro economiceakns. at chang the way pe the stoc become cyclical overnight. before friday thescompanies were sn secular gwth plays that don't need a strong obal economy to do well. linked in to y different as e worldwide weakne causes deleration in ring reven growth from thlow s st ar to 20s going rward. major: out of e blueinkedin plans to pse out a stand alone marketg tool to he busineeliv lea to
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quarter ago. there are sis of life at linkin. it is cyclical but businesses are getting killed gr by 85% year to year. nagement is loing strong onthe gular bscrib ey had story to tell. the qutions how we value linkedinhat the stock lost mentum. suggesting you can pay 40 times next year's earning downs from 50 before linkedin reported ging y a $1555 priarget. -- $155. en though the exctations have been rese wneed the samehi same thing to happen wh the shareholder base athe over optistic we can't get wiped ou don't be sprised to see forced hee fund sling. the firm's credibility is shot
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how abt tableau software. thcompany is next to nothing in common wi linked in. its not a mobile sociaplay at all. it is data analytics what's the cause of deh here. the headline numbers fm the quarter looked okay. the idan, a saster for bo theext quarteand ll 2016 fiscal year. as analysts fell all over themselves to downgrade the stk it stock it closed at towest level ever a it continued today down nearly 10%. t confee call management acknowledged the availability of chp loend products was planng on slor grth with e ceo sang the dynamic crowdednd difficult and they will certainly grab mearanhave somsuccess. beyond that tableau saw a desell radiatn. justoesn't seem ri
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thexisng customers woue moreautious withusme and they are still giving them more buness. t as quicklys ey used to. while taeau's international buness was strong thbulk of salecome from the u.s.nd canada which grew 35%. know, measlyut dn from from t previouquart. taeau's growth idecelerang and at's the opposof what wall st money managers will y for accelerating revenue growth bu don't know what to dwith decelerating so they sell it. tableau is a viable, well run company not growing like it ed to aroh is the reason to own it. th's w tiggrowth perfornce managers own it. once growth celerates we are unclear. aftethe hu sello friday coinuing to imb todaand it was down table trades now at 53 times next year's earn down fro
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pricy.there are w iccompetitor coming in. perhaps it should be cheaper. better run cpany with expo sure to cloud is selling at 55 tis eas. thateems wrongme. the olr compielike microsoft sell for 16 times earn ings. ings. that's attraive to me. bleau should be between e two so tre is more down side. the pin action from linkedin a tableau wamerciless. consider splunk. they h th hp companies ean data rl time. they released no data onriday and the stk plged %. slammed again today 12use of dth for splunk, guilt associati. tableasoftware is hurting everyone ithe spacas vestorgs worryhe iustr in trouble. linked in and tableae in trouble. thweak
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in the whole high growth cohort for social for soci, cld and analics. the other comay be doing fine. lp issued numbers midday. not giving me mfort. you ve to trade lightly. they a justoo darn risky the lle a ti when th sellinis over ne and it could be soon ven the rne. ayuned. but noyet. much me mad money ahd. i'm vingou the post me ap up. don't missy take owhat might be worth owning. then i will reveal what could be the single most important faor fowall street going forward. your callses rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning rod. why don't you stick with cramer. i codni coul sleep d get in ti. th ioundlevem. ale pm is the neo coe a safe sleep a plus the 12 hour pain relieving strengthf aleve. i'm back.
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> welc welcome to cnbc one market inhe h of san frcisco. >> we are not just transforming the world of creative. we are moving every business to online >> in a fragmented mople turn to brands they could these deces are saving liv. >> every year we have delid the new versions of sales force. enterprise softwareelived that rate of iovation. we are a technology company. ange ing the way athletes dress chaing the way ey
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>>oo. >> it's >> it's time to put the past we's interviews in perspective. granted comments from ceos of individual companiesay not be that relevinn environment where the bear runs freely. when we don't pay attention we mi opportutiess ale team that matter ishet iest ocash posio. despite the sell-off iant to giveou insightnto what i heard because it wasn'as grim as today's terrible tionould indite. in fact some of the stocks are moving nely. i am going to group them in terms of oppornity bau you can consider stocks woh yi on t w dow none of e stockshoulbe boug if they are flyg .the watouy wknesor you ll gurt.when i say buy you shod understand mas presumi weakness, nostreth. the t stock you can buy is verin. this is a company in theweet spot of chnolo wcapital presvaon so poannow and catal appreciation. twstreams. no wonder it hit aigh in t midd of friday's con florida immiation.
3:23 am
at for technogy. verizon, the network witthe ngest signals anbest reco on dropped calls that defines success in a world where other companies in the sector are struggling. he said the ms of othe likeobile. even thougsprint didt have much. seems li it could beell pointed. rizon verin works closely appl itill feure the iphone 7 quitom lently and it is a signicant upgrade. given thsl valuation and the coming upgrade that could exceed a billion devicewith revenue lling in. apple is one of the nae purechs now. verin over the top disrupter terested in the nfl and as we learned a news worthy ite
3:24 am
he dropp this bo >> we said we would look at it. i think the board has been responsible in how they are doing th. ryeliberately, logically. we have undstd the trends we a seeinand thresults now. at the right price ihink maying up some of the assets undetim armstrong's leership would be aood thing to invt in. >> snds li a green light to me. with this sh flow in the crical technoly vezon a nster goname ie market. didend, ge suort, terrific. it sous d . it's a about cutng edge tech, beating the competition. nextld be yum brands. in my opinion with the stock at $67 the impending break up isn't reflected correctly. greg ced made it clear, with the colossal buyback in here now. one of the mosintense on the
3:25 am
prepares for the spin f. i like the pspts in china and e rest of the wod. u coular cre when i called it odding. is gr it is gring faster than many realizallong for aood inco scream. it coulde in offg. i was taken with the taco bell mbers.thought they werded chip's weakness but the two have different ethos. kfc is oa solid fo too. yollnd uroung the rest of the biness at a sizab discount cha is ls clear. c's annual, some of the bad problem quarters because pizza hut is so muled. i di't hear anything good about e recent numbers wch e boptimal. th the cna busins yoare mang a change he a now. kfc's growth could ore t weakness until pizza hut i fixed and at cld bthe
3:26 am
otrwise you arhong it's c. yuis theryhat rkin this environment i'mhtt zza t will improve you n y it. i like tse levels. orox had a strg quarter with growth that's accelerated as the month went on. there is a larger e in part by connect ing throuocia media. clorox is known foinnovation. so much as le extensns. i question it wh i look at burt bee burt's bees. the health and weless. w, i like the stuff. the natural organic issuof lipstick will resonate. also most people bie personalndsements en't at impnt. consumer packaged go stor. e deoymentf ste fen curry tomote theagging brita water brand uld resonate. e warm weather hped
3:27 am
nay wh crox did in bril to crush the profitof coans out there. no wonder e stk rallie nexti would have to consider paypal aoption. portfolio managers want financia.they wnt financial lite coies like this one or other creditard companies because the sector is awful. dan sculmais d so ch right. ter today y pal'valuation it's cheap than visa or mast ca given t fasr growth appeal to millennials. venmo will be e verb for trsferring money. the consumer business operions aron track. pluspaypalad auge cash genetion with $2 billion buy back to give theto protection b you dn'see it today. follow angt actionwns let me give you can he recall -- coroversiae one, rd mor
3:28 am
housing d emplment slo wn. i'm shocked gm ford to move higheat all e stocks define the recession thesis. i don'think there a way out but to sit thereconnt divides and foople who no longer believe the economy is fallinoff a cliff. rd stock opened up so mayb somebody listened to the interview. finally wes fargo which is a big hedge that allows you to have a chit inhe higher interest game. that wealth will soa 5% yield around 42, 43 versu e curreld. i adore thnviction of the 350 million share buyback and the stock hit a 52-wk w. probably obab closer btom th maybe st think he is the bott line.
3:29 am
the are highualitytos yocan buy into weakns. vezon, yum, paypal, rd a lls fao. i would endorse it. foy colorado. >> caller: heyjimmy. o-yafrom coloradhe! boo-yah. >>ler: i want to tk yaho >> okay. >>le looks like after th bell there could be a tax-free deal. what do yoink e chances are? d't know. on t tngi thought was loll mcadabroke wellthe show. thank u to lowell. athe rht price he's there and thright pricis here because operatio are valued with the sn ofu mentioneat ze ro. zero is a od price to pay and a couple billion more than that is still good for verizon. bud in ohio. bu >>ey, ji boo-yah! >> booah. >> caller: thank you f
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cuentli'm inki i mht need to make ahang havewn boeing as my location to the manufacting sector for aouple of years. if o is going to be lower r nger, i'm afrahe fuel efficiency of the dreamlin loses appea pecially when aius hashe >> right. >> caller: i sti wou like the manufactg coany wi a lid dividend. if i swap out of boeing what do yorecoen genallectric, ge. boeing iceot a 3.65% yield s 72% yield. i'm coned abt th aespace cle. although if eing h a not grt quarr and ad aood one. i'not going to fight about it. it's gd stoc short-term a issues after the last q. it is a fficult marketith oppounity out the. checouthe high quality stock re go s. ch mor"mad money" ahead. do you know what's worth owng?
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an eye on in this hious market when it comes to coming off the sidelines. ying tnd yr footing in the mark? si said than done and it's the mond aft the big game, but i'm not calling in. i'm takingn a storm of your stocks in tonight's edition of "theightning round." aou announcer: toow, kick off the ading day with squawk on the street, live fm st 9 a thnyse . >>lorox ov chipotle. not to eat. i want to say that up front. e idea of drinking clorox is abhorrent. i thk we should'aken a ft at e river. rzan kwhe rzan go! tarzan does not know whererzan go. hey, exce me, do you know where e waterfall is? waterfall?
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>>th > thwhole cohort is in the gripof the bear. hard to assess whethernying is worth buyinuntil the market comes down. i heard hed omnoughigh quality growthompanies in francisco st week. ey have makprojectis. the stbvusroh stocks keep an eye on is under armor. it jt it just reported a terrific quarter when it sn't supposed to. because of the warweather didn't impact itegatively at all d footwear is doing well. the company is getting little to
3:35 am
investment cnecting fitness devices and it reprents a fabulous annuity stream. i have said no one makes money long term tting against kevi ank. i feelo different ter spd ing me in e lasteek. yocould argue thistock shouldn't trade below where it was when wanticipated the shortfall, $4 from where it is now. did closeown 6%. under armour ione of my favorite broken stoc. i used tthrow thmonopoly board at board at msister wn shbeat me. maybe it is acceptable, albeit from an 3467 and not just a loser li i was. then therere tech names that ankly frany seem indistinguishable he. adobe and both stocks inhe cud mil socialnd analytic companies are in freefall beuse of
3:36 am
tableau's miss. two deous situatio. i ink and adobe are dog well. that's what the os told me. i ve no reason n to believe em. right up there. you're really out ere if you buthem. i wonderow much take premium had in the 70s. the stock tradedn the 70s. weeard ctter abo how mioft mabuy them. where did the rumor go? i know from my years of studying salesforcthe st customer thesis that me th roundsnd caused the stock to go down doesn't hold you are wi a. me bleasore isn't analous. t ther play onocial and cloud asl as china. no tech cod be spare
3:37 am
cratered. at my ol at my old hedge fund i would listen but mosofou aren't that nbl don't want to beulsh. especial given tt ade an lesforce closed up from e lows although they finished do about 5% and 7% respectively. i ve tsay th intle ould be bought because oe divind but it. still the is the deal in its ck n. th's a that's a hher growth business than theurrent emphas. maybe numbers are low. m awn to the stock and the ceo because it sells a12 times earnngs with a 3.6% yield. s that a terfic stat a intelle owns the pc business which is saying someg and nerates loof cash. i wod buy th closer tohe 52-week low around 25. the appeal of most thentire noninternet tech move we have from last summer. th may be chicken way to
3:38 am
of a checken here in this environment i think you're crazy. ilthe while the social, mobile and oud stocks, few have m ing for emhan palo ao tworks. the collap made it cheaper th sales that's unusual. but the group had outperform r so long the stock is amore than 70% from two arago. a lot oftocks arttin through low. it is the bestoutouts security offering out there. i'm confidenthere is no use in speing for is brd lel ise. ma maulin di't give us aason to ink otherwise. it is one ther where sh sts nobo knows suations. todaalone, palo alto has what regard ises as a reasonable et cap versus tol adjustablearket. does anybo ce now? as absurd as it les force
3:39 am
fitb as witnessed he ft th iave ked itince it becameubc. i said to ring the regter in the high 40s and pounded the table in tablin the 20 ths. was wrong now it's at 14oday. got wrong i think fitbit's ceo is ing a markablele job transforming it into health and wellness company th sal devices which should give it a decpt priceinstead instead it is beluedike fossil or thing. if youtudy the price point meaning there is stuffnsidit that's worth something. if you look at what a lot of people think they thk its like the app watch it's a diffent universe. plus theatt quarter we'lle hear aboutn two weekwas teificnd the insids ar't dumpindown. it doesn't matr.
3:40 am
is isn'the samprice. this is a lore expensive. it's a healtand wellness device. it's a cool thg. although fitbit has someevel of, look, this is a fit bit. ay? it's aifrent thing. the.that'show and tell. fitbs caught up in the vortex of the unicorns butells for less than 15 tim earn ings. people think a company that becameublic in tecenyear must be ov valued. fi is so cnd is software so propriety you should own it. i like it gher. xt on the watch listif yaho we inrested in owinit shoullook at e company th owns the ticket a concert market live nation. the mpany wing by over conrt venues and festivals and artists wa t play alive nation vees because that's whe the money
3:41 am
d days they made their money from albumand used the concertso promote. they w they make thmoney on concerts. li nation's lack of rnings despite the cash flow it's hard to make a case using traditional meics. flexan be ht fight tis earns. 5.4 billion dollar market cap. thatakes no sense to me. body wants to own stocks of manufacturers. except f exceor the company itself. it had 777 milon shares. now just 454 million. the ceo, if you want to know they are diffent look at nike's conferee call wherehe company taedbout relyi o flex as a partner to manufacture shoes sttetter
3:42 am
inclg automotive, health care and the it of things devices makes this a plahe hottestrends buto one seem care at all. here's the bottom line. the stocks suffer from a lack faith. a total lack of fathat the fure can be as good as t past. i find it damningnd negative b it is the market's mind dvingtocks lowegoin into ression. itoesn it doesn't matr what i say at the market's agenda unt proven othse. one ohinr to poi out ngratulaons to btt favrefor beinindued io e nfl ha ofame. o-h! u get a cold. yocan't breathe throh ur nose.sudden, yo a hbreathe a uthbreather! w can anyone sleep likat? well, just put on a eathe ghp and pow! it itantly ons your se up to 38more than cold dici alone. so you can breathe and sle
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,,,,,, nnou announcerlighing rounis spsoreby td amitrade. it iti. itime forigning round. you say e name of the stock. i n'kn the calls othe name of the stock ahead of tim i tell you whether to buy or sellwhen you hear this sound -- [ buer ] -- then the litning und ov. are you ready, sdaddy?
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cramer's "mad money." t's starwith joyce in florida. joyce. >> caller:i, this joy from florida >> how are you? >> cler: excellent. excited to tk toou. le rge >> we know a lot of stocks are under presre ahis e, too. it's a m it's a mtake cal >> caller: buyll or ld o. smith. 'm goi >> i'm going to back to e.le helen in pennsylvania. >> caller: gratings from the sunny pocono mountai
3:46 am
onercontinueenal exchge. >> like thstock. it's ce down andt's buy. that's com ts pring fr themoil e wo it's worth owning. rick in new york. calr: boo-yah. thanks for taking myall. absuty. >> caller:y estion is on lge. i'long name but i'm think abt eraging down but d market volatil >> i have oked at emn e out years. you would be a buyer. sammy in louisiana. >> caller: >> cler: i'm n going to let yourirthday slip by. >> coming up. >> calle what arur though on dollar tree. >> i ldollar nce the sweet st. i like walmart, dollar tan dollar general. eyct in this viroent. itnds weird to sayike a stock in a horrible mashlgt, but
3:47 am
alan in new rk >> c wanyour thougs on kkr. >>arlisle bckstone. all these companies with ihs haven'been able to. you ow wha i don'mindong rm b sho term tre ia loof pain to haen. let's go to anthonin new york. anony. >> calle hey, jim. i s wondinif joy gbal is a good buyow. >> no. if i wto o a cyccal i won'sugar coat it. i'm going back to g.e. neld proteiogood growth. dan in wisconsin, dan. >> cler: yes, n in richmd,wisconsin. thanks for takinmy call. >>cour. >> calr: valener >> that's squeezin the refiners i don'wa to touch them. yie isn't enoug protect you. th, ladies and gtl, the concluon of the litning round!
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as l > as long as we ta the fed off the -- it will be difficult. theris stress in the o patch. en you drill down the cause of the problemsomes back the se whanet yellen speaks wednesy yowill fd ouhow imrtanthe feiso e mashlgt. it alyzes the economt throh thlens of anyone under 30 looking for a job or over 50 o was thrown out of a b but
3:51 am
emplment rate, phillip curve and the fefeels naked t taking up rates bitime given that umpyment is under 5% othat a mic numbe we d't hav focusthe er of ople who left the work force because they have given up the endless fixaon ering my cities raisedinimum wage cause its it is a digitized ecomy is ridiculo. 's too easy for the shared economy. listen to my interviewith lyft to see h wkers ia utal ecy like ur can't make t living bause thenlimited cain a world where amazocawipe t retailers,rettmuch every classic entry level job and jobs that aren't service oriented can't be de with effncy. ford intends tdoub mexan production fordoesn neeto ge them health care. eris nprecti f
3:52 am
comefrom detroit omonterrey. is t fed considering them at all? the tion wstopping t meager of therican ers is a justication for the hi intest rate. or the huge of emerge ing market debt caulated dollars llars or the collapse of europeaninanals to levels te be low the gat recessi. i't unting tmoiln russia, cha brazil. canada ihuin doar has come wn because of the cognition the fed cat move in marc we haven heard that until happens fear will be widpread. thfed shouldn't be stock market century trick it rognizes the fed mit act precipitousl the stks of auto, airlines, housing anaerospace now are saying something is awful and mething bad isbout toccur. it is possib they are wrong. that's usuallyot the case. there o much that needs to
3:53 am stas th t fed. we have other ek of earn ings aad. maybe things bturned around. it'still not over sold. we are fighting the fed anthe ta that's too many ies to think we can go out and just cquer thing. let alone find foong a what eveone acknowledges are perilous level if janet yellen ys we'll stay data depde y could cch e rally ople have been waiting fo s, either way, janet yn is that imptant to this market's next me. stick with cmer. laundry n wreak havoc on our othes, ruining them forever. sweaters stretch into muumuus. and pill cardigansbecomeets. but it's notou, it's undry. protecyour clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. ...wwny fabric ndioner... it not oy sos andfrhens, itelpsrote cloes from the damage of the sh.
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phlips'. > i ow i know t chartare ugly her thanold. carl broden is sayg we cld get a boubs in thek stks. while everythi is netive we could get the bounce. i would rathere a seller io the unce so we are ready to to t get t ndraft which think won't be long. rememb, the fed sp wednes that's going to ntrol lot what happens. i like to say theris always a bull maet somewhere. i promisto find it for you on
3:56 am
see you tomorrow. it's tuesday, february9th, co up on "early today," ficial voting hasea begun in new mpshir the
3:57 am
ma be a me oreak y. nigh details onhe monst orm. > prident obama gets serious abtightinthe zika virus. lus peyton hits disney after 112 million americans wahed super bowl 50. drover tak piloted rcraft. and it' fat tuesday. "ear tod" startsight now. > goo morning. l eyes on new hampshireays voters head to t polls for the first in the nation primary and for the 100th time voters in the tiny town voted at midnight, all nine of em. john kasich personally called all nine. he was the only candi to hold an event in the to. kasich actually won while sanders swept it with fo, hiary clinton,0. and overall, sanders has the
3:58 am
17-9, whilkasich, trump and
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