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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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we we are back nowt 8:46 with
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tarsn theew mie "touched with fire," playi a poet strugglg with bipolar disorder. take a look >> trying t figure out who i am. you know, because i don't feel like mysf anymore. even when i go off the tion, ion't feel like myself. >> okay. you know what, hone i think we need get dad. >> i'm sorry. i shouldn't have yelled. i won'tell again. >> you're right. sit wn. i have reay good plan. you're going to spend the nig tonit, and tomorrow morning, thing, we'll go to the hospit and get you file. you can ask anything. we'll figure all thisout. >> i hate it when you look at melike th. >>ow am i looking atyou? >> l i'm crazy. >> tie, wck. ceo seyou. thank you.ce to e you. >> intense. i watched it an intense movie u play caa, who suffers from thesassive ss of emotn. incredible highs and incredible lows. i uld imagine, it's a tough neo walk as a aces n
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seem sterca>> it is it's a huge chalnge, a one i felt pressureo create an authenticcharacter. so many people dsuff, and wanted t bri a reastic rayal to the role. >> you't jus read about somethgike that have you h people cseo u, fami, friend who have had thiscondition? >> you know, iave not hadany periences, no, withnowing pele with th. buthe met wh paul, our reor h td m this was hisory. shed me lig onha hs go throu and why we mang this vie. and how imporntt tohim. you ow, this moe, t cast, e ewverydy waspid t there ts energy o set to create somethin very authentic and very real. isks some reay big esti example, it talksbout erilliant cree
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likeemgway and van gogh elliott and f scottfitzgerald, o suffered fro bipor dirder. it asks, was it a cseor them or the se of tir brilliance? i tho it wa fascinatin >>hohtt wa inating,as well. paul,ur dirto y know, talked abo how it wao hd fo him when he was diagnosed to suddenly go from being a person to then bustn illne. hend such cfortn these greatrtis who also hth so it doesaise that question. hower, he i very you know -- he's gone through a lot o trtment. >>t also asks t question, is it beficial to tat these peopleith drug >> right. >> yound i both remember a heated discussion i got into on that subjectere in this stud. how dou tnk the mov comes doat? wheotea t ewer?
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director did a wonderful job with is thi movie kd o just showhis is i these are e two characters i a love which he'sayin d of its ownmaa, to falln love. really, he puts the question out there fhe audience to make at decision. >> they can live the lives whenhey're o t medication, ty don't fee likehe are living ll live ght. >> on th medication. >> right. >> it's a delicate lance. >> right. >> ias rding magaze article aoutnight, and ialks a youin the ultime secd ac rht now. is that how y feel? >> i think that was, you know, wh the lovely tervind of ghere on herown. feel very lucky that i've wondfu creativexperiences rece. doinghi movies, a an r, really lerating because
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charactevery day and to improvis you know, it was challenging because thre t highs and lows ofhese peormances. really tryinoettrigh he allow us to play. you don't often get that, especially with a small movie on a buet. bute had time. >> as imentioned, it's tense. it's "toued with fire." katie, anks. >> thank you, matt. >> good t heou. it ons in nework and los les on friday andnwide februar 19th. >> ahd, a recipe araned t spipour valentine's day cebration.
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nbc. >> thi ts morng ooday treats that will turn up the heat for lentine'day. we have the hostf"t chef mexico" o our sister netwo nbc. 's bed on bravo's h series,op." good g. >> good moin >> bedes beingn spanind mexico, how else is "top cf mexico"different? eoplean s a differe side o mexico positive, friend, delicis, of cour. it's a lel that'bove a bend -- >>ou're making a scial treat for us. this isrownies but with a kick, ght? >> w ahider ki. we have our g here with the ingredients. yes. weave the cpoer
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butt cinnam. 'll start by melti the chocolate and mixing . >> with dark chocolate, right? >> yes, dk chocolate. i lovethat. mix ith the melted tter. youan never go wro wh butter, right? >> double boiler so tt way, it don't burn the che. while h m w th expla whatou have going there. >> we' goingo be- we' going tout eggs he andick the chocolate in he. >> righ th the mix goingn there no . withheteter >> w donave much time but wel sho you to spe up the ocess. our. >> wixit e all ady. >>mon and. >> y can put almonds, you c twaln ns c powders key ingrientt? >> of course it'll give i a kic toit >> put it in th ove howlo? >> 3 minutes.
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ick. >> these are nic and hot. azing. t jt cam >> perfect for valentine's y. spicepr lee'da ctlep.perfect. graciasnd thank ymu "tophef co premi on nbc. nbc. >>e have them dowhere. 're cool. nalie, thank you very much. willard scott retired in december. as pmised, he's ssed the smucker's birthy bon on to mr. roker. weould not be happierbout that. >> thanks souch. i amo honored to be taking rom willard. as tip our hats to the special folks fm all over, we wa to mak you proud, lld. japugh turned 100 this week
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aughte slaughters10ears d. here's declerck fm new jersey. di geter first cavy til99 years ap 10 rthday ymour seyms secret to loevity, t o pie of dcolate ay. millie is 100. she lov speinime with grandkids and great andchildren granhildren. happy 75th aivsary to vicr anor from florid your sect to long, happy marriage? patience. they've never had a fight. do you kw sne 100 orelebng a aiversary 75 years or mo? share their ptos and stories on o ite, >> it's like you were rn to do that. >> i know. >> willard would be vy proud. >> loveit. >> as a kid, when i was growing, my favorit part of the
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smker's good morning! goodorning! comip on the p of the hour now, i'm ellene cockrell with a look at you local headlines. the planned parenthoodacit targeted inovember dely attack in colorado rings will reopen next week, less than three months after three ople were lledn e seige. e buding was serely damaged when a police tactic vehicle calledthbearcat" ramd through e ont door to prt firsn their search for the shoote initially, planned parenthood id the buildinwas destroyed, but work has been done to reopen about a third of the building startit nday. clnts and employees will tice a newntrance and hancedecurity meases. "nobody should have to go to a foress f the health , so wwant it to be bothafe and warm and welcoming." planned parenthood ss e rest of the building should be ba open in f months. chiemorning meteorogist --
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look aour local forest... sthen... we will warm through the 20s and 30s and to the and middle 40sy 10 am.a sunny morning wi be followed by a sunny afteron with temperures warming into the 50s for nearly everyone beeeon and pm. a -degree reading is en possible in localized cases. 're cooling througthe s and 50s by 5 pand to near freezi by 10 pm.
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this th moinon "oday's tak"zoolanhe aa isb nd weve g one of the tars. nightmare at sea. cruise passegerspeaking t aft sailing into a storm. >> and treats for thesweet delicious sstsor
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all tat and more coming up riht ow. >>annocer: from n news, th is "today's ke withl roker, morales,ilieeist and tron hall, live fm stud 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to oday" a tuey morning. it is f tuesday, february 9th, 01lt ayb rtofet.llions of chstnsve for 40 days. lok at stpatrick's caedral there. ends on easter sunday. >> today is the day, we fst. >> then we have ash dnesday. i'm al roker along with dylan andnatlie. tamroand willie assignme in new mpshire. we're ing to tato th in a minue. but this is your mornijam. >> of course. >> i hadto pick "ormation." beyonc'sew song. ppriatelyreleas the day before the sur bowl. >> right. >> she perfmedit live. i was onthe feld live as she
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>> i was ing to say, wn you pick third-degree song pick this song, you have do t "rmation." >> no one wants to see that. i hav the head. >> the head bob. >> it sounds awesome, right, to be on the fild? yeh. >> when you're 5'4" and in the bac you can't e anything. basically, i saw maybe so peopl the distance. nure if it was beyonce or not. >> jumpin upnd down. >> yeah. i'm sure you had a bette view at home. >> i ink so. it was such a performanc >> i missed thewhole scre a aund ug ht? >> tree weren'torking ing pemae. >>' bnto a couple super bo hile's a great thing to go o,the act s, wah all, it's souch better at home. you see better angles and the commeria. >> kno >> i h e was t monkey -- upnk baby >>all therage. >> dn'tee y pop out th t roscommra > iawth
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a cahtth one >> u did't too ch. now y hve brgirights. iason t field. >> could have be worse. could have been on the arbe uise. > we old youesterdayut oyal carbban crui shp. it wa hi gh watersafter leaving its nejersey po on saturday. t was on a eve-day se t the bama itwasmaking itswaythere, this hge stormhit it off e cst of utcarolia. were he from sengers dng some icrdible images. some of the damage board, wel anthem of se had abut ,00 pasgers and crew on brd. al, th reported waves as high as 30 et. hurricane-forc winds. >> yeah. >> sometes over 150mi per ho all of this s forecast thoh. it s. iw royalcaribbessued a tatement, which was -- >> while the ater was unpleasant the ip mained
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>> they claimed it wa't orcast recaed b it as. as ofthursda there were rportst forecastfor he eas, f winds minum at 40an 50 ts, about 57iles per hour. that s thursday night. the foreca got worse n th nt ay ortwo. thehanty of warn ey ma a deion, dn't ow i wor ey at -- heythght ty athe >> every they'ref act cts them money. >> right. tact is,heyshould have never doneit the forest -- >> look theing ure. dama you seen bod. and wha someassngers ibing how it all wentdown. >> i'mre e's going to be me sortof iesgai. 30ootw, you knoitlike a degree tilt. it was insane. >> i w hanging on cause you would roll out of b if you
7:17 am
>> i realize it wal serio ious. was sitting at i on t chairat the bar ur gsme a iell out of e chaiessenall. >> iove it, while the weather was unpleasant,he ship remained seaworthy that's lke saying, dzilla was lle bi a iz co >> the passenrs sa he sip was almost at a 3 degree le, wit twaves. >> it probably felt li i >> would ou go on anoer crse if y experienced mething ke that? >> i would ha hardessed to go back. but they are --yal caribbean isoffer pasenge fullfuor hiip. so,0% of afuture is if they so reor choose. i thiere isng certainlbe an inveigion in it. nodoubt. oing to one of al's
7:18 am
can't ca a cr n new hampshire. hampshire. >> may y can. >> there's a port there. >> oh. >> i think it's why it wasnamed portsmouth. >> an we ha willieand tamron inew hampshire.
7:19 am
ware wath. someone somee predictedh mes that's an incredibly lon night. number one. u have do see w can te the ground game to the next step. and ether or n ty'll take ontrump. >>yeah youet tt ck, second plamong republicans i n'tee anydy getti t, unless ty run out of money.
7:20 am
the case i shod move on. last night, donald trump at the ckey arena had a huge rally, 3,000 o000 people were there.what's getting attention i soing he reatefrom womainrontf him. higighted it, he alifi it, heepeated it. talking about tedcruz. >> she just said a terrible thg. she st said -- shout iout, becai don't wanto -- ay. u're n allowed to y i neveexpe to ar that from you again. she said -- i never expect t hear that from yougain. e said he's [ blp ]. th's terrible. terrible. >> even >> even by donald trump standards was not a word h had nin public- >> has a presidential candidate ever used that - >>'m goi to say noanwhile, bill and hillary clinn campaigning together yesterday and last nht.
7:21 am
secoary clinton with may little too much honesty. see what you think. >> setim when i'on a sta like this, i wis we weret rried. then i could sayhat i really think. and i dot mean thain a negative way. >> so that was ieresting also to s bill clton onhe camp trail,guys, wi h wi. th is the cond day -- yestday was theecond d in thw that bill intons feedo e big dog i the world polit goifter bernie sandersn theery aggresve way. you hear him there say, i'm holding back really, because i want to say some other things. amonghe things he didctuay say, accused bernie accud the campaignf being hypocrites regarding the ias that bernie sande sed. one of the in, willie and have been on the streehe lastew days talking to dierent pple in new hampshire. the liv frer die motto i somethg they take so
7:22 am
41 of voters are unclared. 4% to 5%, dependents. if youant t g person fm new hampshe riled , what is undeclared? yoon't know youon't know my vote until cast a vote today. they'll dide toda >> there is a famousline. i'ot my top three. i'm not going to tell you who it is yet. toy, the top three become the top one for mostpeople. there'slready beevoti. three small new hpshire towns get things going an midnight. trump, kasich a cruz are tied with 9 votes. senaranders is leadi cretary clton,. i ve t say, this suc a
7:23 am
>>n aerionote, the o thcare.,he only thing i >>he bes dunkidonuts a in new hashe. 's tr. iteine alrey. al you lk entertained. they're ttyhe. i fl lef out. hen you go road, you neve bring us fo. how ny times he been at a super bowl or anevent? >>tamron, you've bn t so long w, ttouan srt voting as new hampshir reside resident. >> i'veeeerlong, i don't gn e scale anymore. i'llell you, between the beef chili and the dohnuts, it' been aood ti for docracy. >> democracy. >> america. thanks, guys. you guys will have the results for us, as wl, on msnbc. >> boom. here wgo. w are we on facebook? >> we have our today's take facebo page. >> yes. >> it's day 10 of 25ays of
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today, je rossen dd a littl digging. he's got tips forus the next tim go grocyshping. f, g orning. >> bgge alla ow oft ythrow foodout be see --t, too. >>my hund lies y the date itha nohi th safy. it is cojued up by thmae fr peakfreshess. it' abouthe tte a> youe in heair ecion d or es. >> he on theeggs. at it and throw tdat s wit in fridge andaste deliciou ande saf forthre fe weeks ter ought them. >> o three five w you're good wit e eggs. wtouhould eggs -- you'll put in t bket,a tinit away? >> that'sight thi ar ugh for at home. >>there are times it go past the de. owcanyou tellif fresh not? >> tis is a llyooltrick. ge a o ofer. neot gg dr inthe wat.
7:30 am
th means,andhis did -- inks, y'reood. >> probably nded a er bowl. > o ing to ttop is bad. >> wbout cerea good f 9 to 12 onths pened r unorpened.>> wait a. oesn't geat > gie m bowlf tht. >> you'e shopping at the "todayshow. notingtoo with food sit's about peak shness. >> contnersre so big. i feel likeialys thr out. >> eeciallmaai the target thing ohe we' get sick fom it. these are od a year d a half unoned. f you open them, mayonnaise, and i want to gethis right, it'l last two three months, even if it's opened. a. >o achnothrow out based on t de.
7:31 am
>> 8to 12 months. >> u scrapeff the crust. >> you canpen this and hav ior your summer bbecue this summer. >> this is the one thing you need to attention to the da. >> the u by dat on ba fla isthe one datethe reguls. the lot the li with babies. this is only goodonat ay. 's good until that day. afterthat, it doesn't make yo bay sck t les nutriion nutional valu you think yoais getting nutts be nrinal lue fall afterth ate >the flavor is neve there to >> h formu? >>this has nothing to do with leftovers in the fridge. yours is anrclogical ig. >> my huand will noat nything leftover. >> deborah is like you. thear thngs wking in our refrigerato >> jst in case. nce it walks, i'llthrowitout. >> you a eftoversb nevr
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the laughingow. reveing. yo you've only got five days left to think of somethi specialfor y sweee. you can't gorong wh me trats. we have the host ood an wine's "mad genius tips." juin, good to see just time forvalentine's day. >>ume havgrt tips, always. first, if you want to make this beautif heart cakee, youdon'tneed a rtped form dos, righ? >>you' it'sasier thanyo tn a you'll do bake t cakes.a squ a un weid 8 in y can do or 9-c outyourou in alf, ustli is. >> liuzzl get as kid.
7:36 am
p top ostt. re goto g >> done gorgeous. le's talk ccken nood soup with a little extra lovein i >> a ltleral alot of extraove beut's alentday. 'lllyou do he we've cked lasag ols. t uthearts, justlike that. lookat tht. >> l tht. it rght toyour favi reckendleu. my ds wld loth, o. graasorthm, to e cutos.yoveourchicn a hearts adorable. >> flrlesshocle cake is way toveone's heart. >> ser ey. we hve mel chocol butter. ut it in t micwave 2secondtervals. i l mswee choclate. iitth suar, cornstch.
7:37 am
pans. all you do isnve yu' ha >>oset ase upirst. >>a little setionof sugar >> domind if do. oushow us htoo auuldign o tf the oca fee. >> ta me ipp aia lot. >>m-hm>just li tht. ta knifesatul smooth the suface. tatheawssnsa wr i p. cinnn. >> lok at this gorgeous one.
7:38 am
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muddle no more tk >> taking lat the a>> ting aook at the headlinefor justhe fourt me tenrs for dea corol mmand nt has bizeto the highe lel beusofhe zikvis outbreak ofcials are crned tt infecteditos wil a
7:40 am
e. th casesfiedereo far involvpelehoav travelle to lin era, uth amera, the ciban or central amer the prusevel alerts were hurricane h1 and thebo ak ou presidis taking new stepy to fight rime he wancr aew hh vel poti to crdinate cyber secity and to work wit mitary andntelgenc counterpts. sal include 9 billion increaseyber curity funng up th's umorehan 35from last some imant ws thi rning out essind younop. panelrnment backe experts isecth children ages 12 to 18 b reened for major rms of deession. th defined a feeli down, having littlentes i nma activiti for moren two
7:41 am
unpeople depre wa iified in primaryare had improdptoms aaily function st in time for valenne's day a ecial t for yr loveone fromrbucks e coffhains serving threw chola beverag oms can r the mo chtte,racino the h or the h chocolateth're available through is sunday d 'rfinallgettinto thbo o sup bow mysty everody i t ab you heardboutis, it was t ok onlimanning's face in thndof t big game that s brheytas about to win. e family is chri eli looksdly l right, so now he's plaining himlf. heaid, hs justusin thxt py. prablyidt nt to cebratto earl we b thatexplanion. >> l's g a check of th weatr from al. >>s so mucatalie. ok rigow a's goi
7:42 am
vote ty'll have stter ow showers.teerures in e all day. windchls wt bellr, but weatheshou n be a problem. the rest of the coury ware lookg at snow showers making theiway rougthe fi rtt. sd say sunsh in the c es gorgeous temperatures in the 60s. got the l cli their wil brinla-effect snow behd it. wiy a wnos angeles. 88. our cebook.comay's take, we're tg to get 2,0 likes today. go to oupage, you're restered ahance t win a
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s. >> that >> that is yo latest weather. he's been making us >> and this is your latest weatr. >> y have beenakin uau r the las few years on "saturday ght live" and online with his awkward m on the streets videos. >> now mnie is bringing th lau tohe bcrn in "zoo lander 2." he h his ownnique st take ta a look. >>et m introduce - they' all losers. hate the guys. we he tsr, gleek. this gives the bt -- he's a genius.
7:44 am
he's the one who did molonel sanders. look at that, pretty epic. it sucks, i don't like ,dude. whuld i do t tmyself? never want it on me. >> kyle, good ing. gd morning. . w aryo >> doing ea yore doirettgood first oo laomes out you're a teenag. d erhinkouf p ofhi gupixing it wi hans - hans -- >> hl? it w sup eal. en ias inollee h the d. -- ere wathis outrage th will ferrell where he's drli baby girl and in lollipop.'datch it over a ai >>owyo your acter acss fwill ferrell? in an your . >>ig i try not to cry.
7:45 am'sncrediyntimidatgut there are -- there all so such great peoet's super ease. usheg the diogue a little bit. i me, f that ad libbed? you or -- >> and no. the wlrea super funny, but was really cl about letting usin of around havwkwardse hum ith >>hy do pplth? >> tt a aracr? >> of course i mean, i'm alwayspi cool. >> gat aner >>dibly -- >> ihe etome of awkwd. >> wembrawd arnd he. so thast we blt our program around. >> i tnk you'rdoing t. yore som my biggest innces. wow. 's higse. praise.>>peciall, th king of aw >> i am. last weekend, larry daid. this wee you melssa mccar, kan st. re. >> histha lik you t sr struc
7:46 am
i aneverody isco yo kn what i ea verbody i ually esy to rk th. tere hn't anyby t's bee toughor difiult. thweek itingugh. witkan on, i'm a big fan. ially waned toget a oto th him at the 4 anniversary uti was timidt to ask. will y try this k? >> i nt to freestyle batl i tit ? >> freetyle attle, ow. >> th'seryut. >>t >> goo lk. >>an k you qui estion? isitrueu ve 800 vhs tesato ihaot of videost my hous why >>look how nice they lookan the ack. >>ok th photo yer an think csis tty g >> doou hav a vcr >> no. hats t thng, ianlay the. i do have a vcr, yewatch t ideoslot.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
>> >after ven seaso plain on "sons anarchy," theoossiis julingeveral ew roles. >> not only ishe a proud new dad, tein us stories during the break,ut he's starring in and co-producing in "bad hurt." ak a look. >> new town? >> that obvious,uh? >> i don't mean anthing by i just kind of a forotten plac >> it's what i'm lookinfo te roso rossi, good morning.
7:52 am
>> you haven't beeee since "sons of anarchy," the series finale. >> ah. >> does followou everye u go? eou happy e a new tur? >> asons" has the great estfan base e reaper, juice, it'll nev away. you knotffore the rigto c a d theth hinhici'mexcite ou at arecomin p. >> "bad hurt" is apason roj of you. you also rouceit.yo see yoself doi ore th u you know, i'm really excte fthoce out aut o he years go,almost thiweek, we just stardfiingn thesond rssns in ne york hior itat iand, th hometwn ir up. etly move bac o. yeah, it's amazing producing and acg. producng h me milion times tr actor in eveway. how ors thre a pain stims.
7:53 am
>> you're le demandingw as actr? >> i don'tneed anhin set. you want coee? nolet'sust shot. >>on't need a trailer. >> yourew le as d, ur son, cain alexander, what a great ame. >> thank you ery much. >>etured eig months yesterday. wn h was born, i found out the reasonhy i was alve. it's like, you kno the second he camein,my ole life was in like a clear --t was a fzzy focus and then evything ame clear inew exactl -- >> hearts jus melted across america. >> i mean, i'vnever lived a day in my life witho a dog. i have three huge dogs now, oer 70 pouds, and he fit right into the pack. he crawlsround the house, jpsith tdogs.
7:54 am
>> my dogs howl at fire hdrants enwe goy, and now he's staring t. >> hes aentin t don letm stick head outhe n >> thk you. he goes for the water bowl, too, so i'll h to different t. >>t's tifferees beween li in .a. and staten iland? >> saten isl-- > the stateis ferry azin >> listen, i grew up in aten isla andleft when i as youn chnged aonnce i've n back. we boug the house threeears ago ao back after "sons" ended last year. staten iland is the most une place i'veeen in my lie. the big difference is, you know, in l.a., ideas are like conceived in l.a. new york, we execute them. boom. >> that'sind the way it is. >> well said. eg back here, it was like that hutleand that going. i love it.
7:55 am
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nu. silkark chol revel in the pleasurof new do fruit and nut. >>'s take. we'reo close. please go like us to see if we can get t200,000. one of te things we want to talk about is hoe. aving endure cancer treatment is dauntingor anyone. when it's kids, the overwhlmingness, the tubes, tscariness of it. on teen cameup with an idea to make the experience a little eai. >eporte in the 30 yes tha jim taught wood shop, he's never seen a project turnout quite like thi >> something that started out a amall little project, to be le toxpand like this is just terrific. >> reporter: his students at burn riverside hgh school a sawingtheir way throh the eekend because they kn tir task is more than acadi
8:00 am
>> nick's conrnlastinter was the fact he hadn't an impact. >> rorter: nick is 7-year-old nick. hekes working on cars and getting his hands dpler radarirty in shop. he wanted to help younger kids. >> i thought it was a great plan. it would make a lot of kids happy. it is hard toave caner when you're a litle ki >> reporter: nick faced health challe herefe. firbtling br tu wen he was4. thenowing up with leukemia. his parents, vince and christina, remember the yea spent in andut of he hosita the timeretetre an poe. >>ou're conected tope 24/7. if you ha getp too anying, the pole goes with you. >> reporter: sittng uncomfortabl wasn't until nick saw a little girl having a hard time that he had hah-ha ment. >> there was alittleirl trying to wlk, and s got red. she'd tried to ride onher le and wasn worng.
8:01 am
one so-calledlily pad. think of it like askateoard that makes etting around easi. so nck told his lke'd make ones in wood op, enough for every id in the hosta nick die before he cou finish thejob. losing his fight with cancer last february. >> no mte what he was doing, always had a smile on is face. alwa helppeople and looking out for hers. en when it washe harst time r him and her peopl could tll, he always ke time for otr people. >>eporter:toonor the spiit, nick's wood shop class came together to finish is lily pad project. a dozen kids up early on a satd orning. the a design classoed in, paintingch lily pad by hd. finally, deliering them to the place where nick spent too mch time.
8:02 am
>>reporter: passionate about helping kids ke this 3-year-old, who is ttling lkea. >> right now, she can't wa and can barely stand to support hersef. t l pad hernly way ard. ech ay, we basilly make ls and laps around th corridors. she loves >> reporter: that as nic p, tolp kidsven wn he couldn'b hpd. > i think isf to see the kids ride them. that's what he would have anted. hwould ha wanted t see all the kids, you know, out of bed, waking o riding theily pad. >> it maes me so proud of nick. >> reporter: a tenager wi alating leacy. onger leftto woner about his imc >> kind of lau. i wan to o, nick, yo were wrong. you me abimpac bute wathing. he ows. >> absoluy. we're going to beback i a
8:03 am
first, ts is "tod" on nbc. su suspen is kilng us.did we me it? >> 200,000, let's g. >> boom! thank you, ladies and tlemen.oo
8:04 am
februaryor u all our ndcrafted clsic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway cl anken & bacon ramelt. $6 ftlongs are a big dl. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in e heart of what is now being callsub-mageon." with an incredib amount of accumulatn in... that now see to be spilling out on thetree.
8:05 am
like this before enjoy all our licious
8:06 am
, plaza. >> class. so we're brinngitba today. i's februa 9. happy mardi gras. >> happy carnival. we should play cnival music. >> we have a fun show hang having been in morns many ye many year -- >ch aunime of year. in neorleans take, the ban and schoolsclsed,
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