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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 9, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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[ cheers [ eers a applae ] >> steve: from stuo 6b in rockefelr center in the heart of new york cityit's " tonit starring jiy ll." tonight, join jimmy d his guests -- ryan rnolds, katilm sical guest,mas rhett, and featurg the legendary ros ew questlove414, milwaee!
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>> steveand no he he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause jim >>immy: hi! yeah, hi, welcome! hey, i love you. oh, loing go. looking good. welcome, every. welcome, welcome, welcome, weomto "e toow is it! [ cheers ] th is the sh to be a this ithe onto watch. isit. we the same pers. were "the tonight show y guys. lcome, thank you for being he.
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abt.of coue, tod was the new hampshire primary. this is a big deal, yeah all thcandidat spent the day with tirupport except for ben carson who's still waiting in the hallway. but we -- be ben? ben? ben? co on out, ben. [ chrs ] ben, you can go now. ben? ben, areou -- >> steve: yeahaw.>> jimmy: not only was today the new hampshire primy, it was also national pizza day. >> steve: ooh. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: so, one y or the othe chris christie ll be giving a victory speech. [ laught ] and it's gonna be -- it's a a great y. [ applause ] and in keepingith tradition, a town called dixvle notch was the first town to cast thr ballots the new hampshire primary. yeah. even peoe in dixville notch are li -- dixville. [ lahter ] [ applause ] >> stevenotch! >> jmy: welliteems tha as the campaign wes on, the candidatesre really starting too at i
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supporters thahe tnks dold trump, quote, "needs therapy. at first, trump was insulted, but then when hea it would ben hourf talkg about mself, he was li, ign me [ laug ] i like i [ applause ] it all started --" peoplere still talng about the bihalftime shofrom r bowl 50. we get ts, i read that jay-z senteyonce 10,000 roses before her performance ath sur bowl. ah, jay-z's e ly man in amera that can send his wife 1000 roses andot hear her say, "wh did youo? [ lahternd applause ] at did y do? 10,000 roses." speaking of roses, last night was anr grt epode of "the baclor" with ni women -- [ cheers ] ah. nine women competing for ben higgins. like always, it was full of drama. love the showere. but if you msed last night's episode,on't worry, cause here to re-ect a scene -- [ laughter ]
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show is questlove d tariq from theoots. [ chrs andpplause ] , welcome. >> tariq >> tar: thks, jiy. togh i'lbe playing caila a 24-year-old software sales p who wantto be understood. >> quest: and i'lle playing the bachelor, ben. >> jmy: great, great, great. whenever y're ready. uest >> questlove: do you not think i'm the ght person? tariq maybe my mind i thki difnt than art. becae i like you're the ght person. i'm a cousing rson. laughter ] >> questlove: i'm willg to sit here and bused with you. aryou rey find sobody >> t: i kn thai'm ing in love causi fe like i'm underd. mean, i feel understood when
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[ light lahter ] and you hold my hand and you look at me. i feel like that's wt i want in life. i want to feel understood, and el like detand you a deep way. i feel likyou wa other people to be loved a that's what i'm looki for in life. and i feel like i wantou in mye. d feel hap. [ lauger ] this is real, thiss real. uestlove: get at. thatakse. [ laughter ] [ chrs andpplause ] >> jimmy: there you go. questlove. black thought. rit ere. questlove. please, they stopped clapping. stopped clapping. they stopped clapping, guys, very thank you very much. the audience stopped clapping. th's vernice. the audience stopped clapping. cheers and appuse ] i get th. that makes sense. there was actually another moment from "the bache last
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funny. n took the g to the bahamas, andome expeed ts wound uashinghe party. take a look at this. [ scream] igs rehang me. saiif you this,th stop. they didn't. scream >> my go ams ] >>hiis juske a bar in daas. there's just pigs everywhere. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: be nice, ladies, one of tse pigs could be the next bachelor. you never know [ lauger and applause ] ev weirder, after e shoot, thpigs we ke, i feelike i need a showeafter that. i mean -- >> ste: ah, th's not gd. >> jimmy: d you guys see th? chipotle apologized customers r closing do f a foodafety meeting during luh ho yesterday. and that if y text the word "raincheck" to them, you'll get a coupon for a free burrito. [ applause ] and if you eat theurrito, you'll need to text the word "raincck" to anyone you made
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[ lahter ] [ cheers and applause ] because there's noay -- you can't ma that meeting, no. d finally, a woman igland recent broke a world record byning on a treadmilfor 12 hrs totaling 68 miles. while the ious record for ruing at mucwithout getting anywhere was hd by jeb bush. [ laught ] [ cheersnd applause ] we have a great show. up f t roo. [ chee andpplae ] [ cheers a appuse ] >> jimmy >> jimmyoh, roots sounding good as always. faastic. welcome,verybody. thk you, thank you so much. lcom the sw. th is a futhing right guys, a few eks o,e had steven bishop on our show, and he did a great versif t might beou." something's telng me it might be yo with t roots. and it w butiful. tbeautil so erritten. anyway, took at peornce and teamed up with
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you know tho guys? >> steve: s. >> jimmy: we wanted to make a a allyool lentins day giftor all of r fans. anyone watching, anyone who's love or whaver. , if you go to and upload a photo of yourself and the pho ofhe person you're sending a valeine to, th'll put your faces into the vio. it will look kind of likthat, t it's in the video. yeah. [ audience aws ] ah. so- d you'll be able to send a rlly beautiful valentine. we just want to spread some love here and this is a great way to do it. [ ause ] totally free. just in ti for valentine's da so check out bjab.comaline. >> steve: aw >> jimmy: get it? >> steve: i get it. >> jimmy: geit, yeah. i hope y like , everybody. and happy valentine's day there to y [ applause ] it's reay -- ty did a great job. >> steveit cool. >>immy: yeah, it's cool. u guys, we got some exting stuff coming up. starti next nday, we're going to do a week of shows from los anges, califoia. that's right.
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>> jimmy: we'rg t to l.a. and on sunday night, february 14th, valtine's day, we're doing a two-ur "tonit cheers and applae ] yeah, that's all the intervie, the s, the songs from past two years packed into two-hourpeal at you don't want toiss. so set your tivos, set your dvrs f sunday, february th at 9:00 right re on nbc. it'll be fun. [ applause ] that's excg. 've got a great we, so far. thers morehead. tomorrow night, fr "zoolander 2," the beautiful penelope cruz >> sve: yeah! [ cheersnd applause ] >> jimmy: d esh f his super bo vicry, we'll be talking to denver broncos quterback peyt manng cheers and appuse ] ste: whoa! >>immythat will beun to talk with him. alsoanother sportsegend, i'm a git faof this gu magijohnson will be stopping by, as well. [ cheers and applause ] then on thuray, have krisn wiig, bob odenkirk and elle king is performing new song. cheers and appla] that'll be good onhuda but rs whaa great show we have tonight. i love our guests. this guy is so talented.
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easy othe ey, parent. [ cheers ] from the newovie "depool," ryan reynolds is here! [ cheers and applause ] he's a good man. >> sve: he's a delight >> jimmy, he's a great guy. >> steve: he's the best. >>immy: latein the show, ryan a i are going to play a a game of musical beer [ audienceohs ] with se surprise guest it gonna be n. plus, she's a ific actress. new moviis called "tched witfire." the loly katie holmes is droppingn. >> steveyeah! [ cheers a appuse ] >> j: i loveero. d we've got eat, great music from my ma thom rhett is here, ladies and gentle [ cheers and alause ] >> steve: yeah! >>immy: yeah! >> jim: i am a body uble for thomasnd rn.>> steve: aryou rious? >> jimmy: ah, that's weird to have them bo othe show. >> steve: that's so funny. that's a weird coinciden. >> jimmy: yeah, because th other --ere's what happed. >> steve: ght. >> jimmy: i wore my shirthe otr day, all right?
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>> jimmy: i worked o and then i put it up on the clothesline. sve: ye >> jim: because i like to air dry. >> ste: yeah, love it. you love it. you said there's nothi better than the sun immy: yeah, the sun dries it out. nothinbeer than the sun. s. also, that's the day ias, you kn, doing target practice. >> sve: sure. >>im: because you know -- [ imitates gshots ] u see that -- and now m like, "oh, i tmake my way back to the th rhe photo oot." >> steve: right. >> jim: i don't know. so i just grabbed it off t line anyways, i think it looks fine, no big deal. [ laughter ] i'm just a lit-- fine, gure it out. . >> steve: you got your bracelets on and everything. >> jimmy: i got a figured out, man. i got it a done. yeah. his was goodbut come on. dus st jacked. >> steve: come on. immy: how n you be -- >> ste: look at th. [ cheers ] >> steve: that's a double dose. >> jimmy: i'm a hand model too. >> steve: triple dose! >> jimmy: that's my ha. >> steve: those are your hands? >> jimmy: the are myris. my wrists. >> steve: oh. >> jmy: that's me er that me. the rest is all katie. >> sve: , it's beautiful. >> jmy: yeah, its beauful. guys, it's timto te a look
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today and weig the good with the bad. 's time for pros and cons. here we go. pros and cons and prosnd cons and pros [ applau ] >> jim: tonight, w be taking a look atheros and cons of valentine's day. [ audience aws ] it's this sund. it's a day of lo. it's a day of, let's take a look at t prosonof valenne's day. he wgo. pro, it'a y spend with the onyou loveost of all. con, oas donald trump calls th, "mtime." [ lauger ] >> steve: really? >> jim: "i love yo me." pro, giving yourru a candy heart that says "iove you. co getting one back from her that says "new heart, who dis?" laughter ] >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: i never saw that one. [ applause >> steve: that's modern. everythingodern w. >> jim: everything'sodern now. pro, you and your gifrnd's vetory geareon ow. con, "dateline nbc." [ laer that's good show, though. >> steve: but found the courts -- >> jimmy: they thought they were going on a cruise. >>te: whhey didn't realizwas a g of hum ea.
10:47 pm
pro, wring a lpoem to your boyfrie.>> sve: aw. >> jcon, trying to fd a wordhat ymes with erectile dysfution. [ ughter ] >> steve: that's har >>my: whathat? >> steve: that's hard. [ lauger ] >>immy: that will work. [ laughter ] jimmy: o, the holay honors st. valentine, o was kied in 269 a.con,ecause he gave h girlfriend a fitbit for valentine's day. you can't do that. >> stevedot it. >> jimmy: why are they making at -- >> steve: why woulyou do that to yourself? >> jimmy: happy valentine's day, here's a fitbit. no, no, no. >> steve: you need to get fit. >> jimmy: no, , no. pro, giving somee a valentine that ss "from your secret admirer."con, which ianr more romant way osaying "from yotalker." [ laughter ] >> steve: 'srue. [ applause ] i'm tchi you. >> jmy: she's opening . pro, romanc di will lead treworks in the droo >> sve: ooh.
10:48 pm
dinner will lead to fireworks the bathroom. [ laughter ] be careful with e -- >> steve: ye. >> jim: yeah, you ma the choice. >> steve: yeah, it your oice america,eah. >> jimmy: you'ren america, you can go anywhere. >> steve: you make the choice. fireworks the bhroo [ laughter ] super bowl! [ laughter ] >> jmy: pr-- igh schoerspding e day with theirirlfrien call it valentine's day. con, hh schoolers spending the day alone call it fallonine's day. [ audien a ] all by self n't want to be all by -- [ laughter ] >>teve: you try to grab the memory, and that'shere it disappea. >> jmy: yeahyeah, yeah. is it -- what is it? a little boylayingh ppies something >> sve: yeah, ah.
10:49 pm
don't want to be all [ laughter ] >> steveu can't toucthe past. >>im: and finally, pro sayinghose three romantic words everyone longs to hear con, "plse swipe right." [ laughter there you go, everybody, that's the pros and cons. wel be right back with ryan reynolds!
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bravo-niner, iput a toyo pus. over. how ha is it to catch prius?ov. this thing is actually etty fast. over. very fun. oh look, farmes market. we should t some r thr. ye! holly!
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[ cheers and applause ]>> jimmy immy: our first guest is a a very talented acr starring inhe hhly anticipad new movie "deadpool." it's fstic. its theatersx this friday. please welcome, the always tertaining, ryan reynolds! [ cheers andpplause w! >> wow! >> jiman ryan reynolds! >> thank you.
10:53 pm
thk you. >> jimmy: man, oh, man, loing good, my fend. looking good. >> feeling gd. >> jimmy: and you did it with this movie. oh, od. >> oh, man, love it. am super pud of it. jimmy: i can't wait t talk about it. but i gotta just talk abw studly you are. >> wow, there ya go. >> jimmy: on the cover -- lookt this. yeah, yh. [ eers ] >> jimmythat's you andt's my body. but there's the thing that weno onenows this yet. i don't ow if you saw maybe briefly ck stagebut i don't know. >> hea about it, yeah. >> jimmy: we're gonna debut is. >> o yeah,his is right now >>immyyeah, ths happeng right now. >> reay? i el like ain magazine today. >>immy: i loagazinesyeahi do enjoy tm. ready? 's gonna be on the coverf "people" magazine right here, you . >> whoa! [ cheersnd applause ] >> jimmyxit guy aliv sexit guy alive. >> come on, t? >> jim: at's a stud righ there. come on. >>hat? i meancome on. an, honest, ieifically speakg, what's sexier than n who rnicates, produc childre and then loourprised abo it? [ light ughter ] right?
10:54 pm
im: ah, you' a littl rprise u're like, "oh, really?" >> like, oh, may i suldn't have left thboband. [ light laughter ] >> jmy: congts though. and the by's doingreat? >> yeah, everyone's doing great. yeahyeah. it'salkin', talkin'. havin' a gootime. jimmy: because i -- we wa love to seeou. yoknow'mr. magazine. and i geto see tt in"people"agazin-- >>ou're a in covered newsstand. >> jimmy: i really am, thank you. yeah, m a human newsd. but iss a much ner picture an this photo i saw of y. >> oh, yeah, yh, tt's etty gd, rht?[ lit laughter ] >> jimmyah, 's nad. thas pretty good. >> jim: expln a lile o thback story. thiss abt "deaool. >> yeah, this is cl. it's kind of cool. this thing that ppened. a mother posted toy facebook page. >> jmy: yeah. >> a videof her daughter who st had her wism teeth taken out. and i an, this is like some rious rgery. and e is -- >>im: anu get ugged t. >> s igh as a kite. >>immy: ye, yeah, okay. yeah, yeah, yeah, it happens >> and she's so upset because she r whater rson she th that she missethe "deadpool" moe. and they'r-- so she've, very upset >> jim: we have cl.
10:55 pm
pret awesome. >> jmy: here's a clip the girl right aftergery in the car. >> i'm msing "deadpo >> youe fine. crying ] you're fine. didn't seeadpool." >> you didn't see "deaool"? >> no.miss it. >> it's okay. >>o, it's no [ audience aws ] >> jimmy: mean, she's upt that she's missing "deadpo." >> i mn,er body' t car, but h mind is somhere el, riding a unicorn in the space-time continuum. [ laughter ] she's -- yeah. shs -- yeah, s hh, yeah. >> jimmyso y post this >>eah. >> jim: and you gave h a a little messand you said- >> yea i rpond back. you know, beuse at t end of e dait'sunnybut it's also le really sad. [ light laughter ] >> jmy: yeah, noyour heart brea. she's really upset. so, yeah, i sent her two tickets to new york she's from arkansas and tickets to the premiere of e movie la night. so, yeah, had a good te. [ cheers andpplause she haa good time, rig? immy: here'souh her d her brother. >> there she is!
10:56 pm
>> that's fun, right? >> jimmy: i love tt you did that. at's awesome that you di that >> that's the wer of the ternet right the. >> jim: that's what it's all about. oh, exactly, 'causu cod see someonwho's ing to see this movie. >> jt go -- with the touchf a button can force f ty for something travagant. [ laughter >> jimmy: did she enjoy the movie? >> she h t best time. she'a "deaool"ut sshe just loved i the moviju kind ofits the canoperfectl si think sh liked that >> jmyi love thivie. i told you bacge you ow, watch , i go -- itust didn stop. it like,he pacing, t action, the comedy. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it'seally we writn. >> is eat. i mean, it's uh -- therirs ofzombieland" wrote the film. i'veeen tryi to get it me 11ears. [ cheend applause ] >> jmy: ally >>ike azy. >> jimmy: i mean, that must be disheartening to not get it off e ground. >> it was killing me. it was the worst relatiohip i've ever been in. on again, off again, occasially wslp together. it just causes more pain, d en somehsome way wt marrie >> jimmy: ye, exactly, yeah. so, but whappened?
10:57 pm
th go, "okayco and then y write ian th- >> well, we develod the script years a, ote this fantastcript. it lead online, the "deadpool" fs went nuts for it. the stuo granted a a l amount of money to make the test footage. th test foage thate shot then it sat on the shelf for fourears, it do. th didn't anying wi it. d th a little under two yes ago ld accident onto the internet. >> jimmy: acdently. >> well, here's the ing. the ns faked out, the "deadpl" fans fread oud overwhelmed foand fo basiy had to greenlight the movie. thproblem was ke, this foote was owned fox a so of ilgal that it -- so, i knhat onof us did [ uger ] like the four -- the's four of us. there's me, rhett reese, paul wernick and timiller, the director. one of us did it. >> jimmy: okay, good. yeah, i don't know who did it. >> we all sort of said, omeo should leak it. someonshou leait." i believe the idea w planted, but i'm 70% sure i me. ] my: ay, rfect. all right, good. that's good. that's good odds.
10:58 pm
but it is funny. i go, "how would even someone sit on t" e director -- who's his me? it's tim miller, yeah. >> jimmy: timier, this guy the pace up. kept going. >> did a great job, yeah. >> jmy: "just ll me angel of the morning." it's a soundtr hat's thrst thing weput in t script years ago was juice newton's "angel of e morning." just ca me angel ofhe morning >> jimmy: as you're flying thh thair shooting. it's like so fun. it is fun. and like everybody's gat in the film. >> i'm so gladous pered out. 'cause i foralthrest of it. [ lauger ] >> jimmyah, , ahth keno men an out, yeah. for ose people that do not kndeadpool," can we describe him? how do we -- >> yh, he's a -- well, h lives within the "x-men" iverse. he is one of -- the comics hene of wolverins rivals, but he a mercenary and g cancer -- terminal cancer. hes to this progray experiment on hi tim. comes out the other sid hiouy disfured, but he eringenerave healing powers and he's insane. he's just basically like, ruing arnd in this costume head to toe, wch is like just
10:59 pm
and it verme. like, he knows he's in a movie. he's like, king jokes about ryan reynolds. he's like making jokesut the other "x-men about the movie. u know -- >> jimmyeven the opening credits -- >> wild. >> jimmy: en the opening credits are self-aware.and very weldone >> everything's pretty unconvential with it. yeah, it's prettco. >>immy: i loved it. its great. and mah, man, it was perfect for you. becae i was like, oh, this is ryan reynds when you're on fire and as funnas you are >> oh, love it >> jimmy: this is perfect thg for yo i don't know how much you provised or whater, but th came and i , "o there's noay they ot-- that's a gre lin , at's a goothing. oh, dt." >> nobody wrote a lot the some of the stuff they didn't write,cause m justaying vicious things about myself. [ lighlaughter ] horriblehings about ryan reynolds. >> jimmy: it's rlly, reay great. >> i hado write e ones. immy: yeah, it's just a fun moe and one, man. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: so happyorou. i wanna ow a clip. here's rreolds a deadpool. he'll be the guy in the red body suit. take a look. >>ou're gonna do a suphe
11:00 pm
wait for it. woo! superhero landing. >> y know, that's really hard on your knees. >> totally impractical. th all do it >> youe a lovely lady but i'm saving melf for francis. that's why i broug him. >> i pfer not to hit a woman. please- >> i mean, that's why i brght her? oh, nofi oh, no, fini your tweet. just give us a second. ere you go. hashtag it. go get her, tir. oh, i so p oh, so pitthe dudeho pressures her into psex. [ cheers and ause ] immy: 's so fferent d so well done ryan reynolds, everybody. "deadpool"pens in theate and im this friday! [ chee and applause ] when wcome bac ryan and i will compete in a gamef musical beers. >> yeah! >> jimstick ound for that.
11:01 pm
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[ cheers andpplaus]>> jmy: welcome ck, evybody. i am here withyan reynolds! [ cheers and applae ] he srs in "ddpool" whichs in theatanimaxfray. we're abt tolay a do u [ cheers and applae >> jimmy: welcome back everybody. am here wi ryan reynolds. he srs in "ddpool" w theats and imax we're abouto play round musical beersith the ros. bu're gointo need one more player. please welcome fm the new movie "tchedh fire," tiholmes, ladies and gemen. [ cheers and applause ]>> c i take my shoes off? >> jimmyi uld take your heels off,h. an, you too.>> i took mineff. >> jmy: rfect. here's the way the gworks. it's like musical chairs but
11:05 pm
chairs, 're grbing these red cups of beer. when tusic stops, one person will be lefempty ed. they're out the game d to hang out with our ej, deejol spinn there. questlov how are youn', buddy? [ light ught ] e gonna doive rounds -- he's so interested in th. last onending is the musical bech. okay, everybody. space yourselves out andood luck. >> oh, boy. oh, boy. [ record scratching ] immy: lehim fake you out by being whare you thatde, ryan? h! [ music stops >> no! ah! [ applause ] i out! i'out! >> jimmy: katie holmes. ripping itthe hands of deadpool. laht ] >> a seasoned drinker. seasoned drinker. jimmyth was fanstic my god! >>immy: go up there. >> rge 's nice to be here. >> jimmy: k you, higgins.
11:06 pm
don't wa to be by katie. she sc me now. ah! [ music [ music stops ] [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: i had no options! >> get>> gthere. come on >> jimmy: i had oioat al oh, my gosh. katie holmes is een. she's fantastic at this. >> i seeer technue, ough>> jimmy: oh, i got you. all ri i'm watchit. here w only three cups left! i'm oting for katie. get the p. maybe now! no, t t.
11:07 pm
[ ughter ] nokeep going, ke going don't look at katie holmes [ music op] oh! [ applause ] >> amazi. >> jyou are e best. >> she's amazing. >> jimmy: she's the be. lo at that cup. oh, my gosh. she crushed it. alright, all rig. kati come . [ chrs and applause ] co on for tie. two cu left! o cups l heree go. oh! don't mo don't move the table! [ music ops ] oh heree go. is is it right her [ applause ]
11:08 pm
the final cup. thfinal unown. u had a go rman. >> putis hands on e bl jim: all right. good luck, p. th is it. n't slipdon't slip, don't slip. beer evewher oh, my g oh, my gosh. no! [ sic stops ] [ cheers and appuse ] >>t s amazg, thoug >> that s kif mean. >> look how fa he was drinking. that wasmazing, right? >> jimmy: i mean, i'm gonna gi the win to katie lmes righthere. >> absoluty. jim: a very good job. >> absuty. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you are unliab. >> youe ally gd. >> jmyouthankso ryan reynolds,at hme [ ee a alause ]
11:09 pm
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ cheers and applause ] >> j >> jimmy: she is t best. ne gst is a unng, fantastic actress who you can in the new mie "touched with fire" which ope in eaters in new and l.a. th friday anin select cities feby 19th. do not plaa drinking game with her. everyone please welcome the one and on katolmes. [ cheers and applae ] ,, >> jmy jimmy: katie holmes right here. [ eers and applause ] that was one othe st things i've ever seen in my life. not only were you a great play b you dove over in thiseautiful dress and
11:13 pm
>> i really wanted to win. >> jimmy: you really did. >> i really wanted to win. >> jmy: you are almosts competitive as im. really. yeah, i was just steaming t there, i was so angry. have you plad drinking g before? >>ctually, wn i was a a little k. not with alcohol, but i e to -- my brothers and sters had their friends over and they would play witalcohol and i ayed quarter >> jimmy: oh, really? >> and i won at that. lighlaught ] >> jimmy: that's probably because you were sober. [ laughter ] >> waid ti jt thght moment. >> jimmy: yeah, d then y just starting burning everybody. >> to say like, let's play -- let's playuaers. >>immy: i got to see your mom backstage, your beautiful mom. >> tha you. >> jimmy: last time you were on the show, you talked about is, your mom would send care packages just now and en througho the y just tsay, hi love you. and you en up and it'sike, just odd tngs in there like a a random plate or something th -- some food or pickles or something. and i go, i would love that. and thenour mom sent me a care package. [ audice awws ] i'm seris. d -- jt eered mep. it was the best thing i ever go and int was this -- onof the things was like a plate there, a ranm plate. chili sauce om ty pao'
11:14 pm
by where youmom lives. >> yes, it's a hog chain. it's tony packs and they also do tonpacko's pickles and peppers which is my favorite >>immy: piles and ers are great but i love chili do, anto this day i order fromhe company now because i love these chiliogs. so i got to tell youmom thank you.last time i was like, wh can give you to ve your mom that's only new york? we gave her rao's spaghti and meball >> andhere was this huge family dinner and everything was eaten. >> jimmy: she did. >> yeah, made the whole thing as sooas she got it, and then all of my nieceand neews came over. everything was eaten. >>immy: oh, i love i love it. i lovet. i'm gl that e got to enjoy it. w i'm dicted tthat c sauce. we're buddies now. >> i know. i kn. it's about y guys -- >> jimmy: we're cutting out the middle m. mend your mom are bests right now. i'm sorry. we're besties right now. >> have to keep working so i can keep coming onour ow s you guys can hang ou [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that all -that's whatt's alabout. >> that's the new inspiration -- yes.
11:15 pm
didn't have a big super bowl party, but know yocame by a a couple years ago. we had a super bowl party and althe kids were there in the family. but we didn't do aig par this year. but did you tch the super bowl? >> ts year >> jimmy: yeah. >> no. i was dog a oking class wi my ild. >> jimmyhow lame. >> i know. i ow. >> jimmy: god. come on. >> no, no. then we went to the muum and th i lik right beforthe halftime show, i was like -- [ knocking ] mfrnd'spartment. i'm like, t me in. t me i let me in. cae i ew beyonce was about toe on. [ lahter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> and so we all stood in front ofer tv in her apartment. we're ke, oh, my god. she did not. oh, myod. oh, my god. and thent was like. >> jim: queen b. you know, trying to do the -- no, i'm not going to do it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, no, that was good. what weryou trying to do? what were you trying to do? >> i mi was trying -- were just exciteand then we joined in ashough we wa a part of it. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> and thewe cheered.
11:16 pm
[ cheers and applaus] jimmythat's wt she do? i can't do that. >> it goes like th. >> jimmy: can't do the -- oh, yeah. oh, at's good. [ laughter ] that's great. [ cheers and applause ] wow, t head flip >> like you got to fliit. even if you don't have it. >> jimmy: exactly. oh, that's so good. you have it. see? you have it down, yeah. you can do everything. you can tt. but also drama. man, oh,ansaw you on broadway, too as well,ut i tell you, this movie here, thi is a deep vie. u're so good ithis. 's aboutomeone with bilar disorder and w's a pt. >> yes, and she falls in love th a rapper o is bipar, and th meeinhe hpital. d it's this -- >> jimmy: i fell bad for her. it's really intensebecause they feel things so deeply and they find,ou know, they -- ey're not lonelyny causthers somebody else at understands them. and they dfall in love. it a beautiful lovor >> jimmy: yeah, it's love
11:17 pm
>> is a little romeo and juliet. >> jimmy: loosely based the dictor'story? >> yes, so our directo when i met with him, he told m th was reabased on his fe and pts of his life which was incredibly moving. and i thought was really profound tt was able to take theseeriees that weremazing and then really painfuand a lot suffering and patience and then was able to put it gether. and he's reay talented. >> jmy: well, see you do great wo in the film. it amazing thayou can do all this stuff. i nt to show - >> and iave to s, jimmy, you are e best because you go to every show. like wheyou're on broadway, it's so ce when you're there and you come and you say hi. >> jmy: me? >> yes. >> jimmyno. >> it's so supportive. >>immy: no, no, no. [ cheers and applause ] >> it'so nice. s. so thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >>immy: i got to be -- or do ty ke you go? >> jimmy: i didn really -- i didn't really go. no, i didn't really go. no, i never saw. >> that's hilarious. >>my: but i hed you were -- no, i'm just kidding. no, i came back and sa hi. i know u did.
11:18 pm
>>immy: i don't want to boer anybody whego tsee anyone aft the shows. t i came o a jt wanted to say >> no, it means so mh. >> jimmy: oh, it was amang every was grin that cast i just -- am. yoknow i'm a fan. i want to show everye a cl here's katie holmes in "touched with fire." check it out >> i just trying to gu out who i -- who am. you , 'cse don't feel li myself ymore, even when i go off the mication, i don't feel like se. >> okay. you ow what, honey, i thk we neeto get dad >>'m sorry. i shouldn't have yelled. i n't yell aga. please? >> okay, you'rrigh sit down and i have a really good pla you're gngo spend the night tonigh then tomorrow morning, first thing, we'll go tohe hospital and get your file. yocan ask anythi, ay? we'll gure a this out. he ithen you look at mee that. >> how am lookinat you? >>iki'm crazy. >> i'm not looking at you ke you're crazy. >> no, you're loinat me keou don't everecognize me. >> no, hon. i love you. pleaseon -- se d't leave. [ chee andpplae ] >> jimmy: katie hoes. "touch witfire" opens in theaters in new york and l.a.
11:19 pm
citiesebary 19th. we'll be right bk with a performance from thomas rhett, everybody. [ ch and applaus] [electroni [electronic sound effe ace yourself.. e rst gsf is here. with a 4 horse power engine... torqtoring drential. and br brakes.
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,,,,,,, [ cheers and applause ] >>immy: lcome back. our sical guest night is currently spending his 13th week atop the billboard hot countrsongchart. yeah, that's right. performing histim single ie a happy man" off his album "tangledp," plea wcome thomas rhett. ee [ cheers and alaus] baby last night was hands down one of thenits that ie had no dbt between the bottle of we and the look in your eyes and thmarvinaye then danced in the dark undeseptember stars
11:24 pm
and i know that i can'ever tell you enough that nee in thife is yr azlove if i never g to see the nortrn lights or or if never get see the eiel tow at night oh if all i got s your hand iny hand baby i cld die a happy man babat redress brgs mtoy s but t bla dss makes it hardto bre yore a saint you're a dds the cutest the htest a mastpiece
11:25 pm
in mwildest dreams d i know tt ian't ever teou th all i need this life is yourrazy le if n get to see the nohern lights or if neveretee t to see the eiffel tower atight oh if all i got is yourand in my hand ou dia happy man know i could girl d
11:26 pm
no vation no fancy destination by you' my great escap we could stay at homeen tthdio or ncarouthe fi oh if i never get to build my mansionn georgia or drive aport car up the coast of califnia oif all i t is yr nd in hand baby i could ie a happy man baby i cou die happy man oh cou die aappy manyou know yoow i could girl i could diecould die a happy man [ cheers a
11:27 pm
yeah! that the way to do it, bdy men. rhettight there. thomas rhett. "tgled up" is availablnow. we'll be right back, everybody. come o that'the way to do , brothe
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