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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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65% who said they quote wana caidate that tellst lik it is wanted itrumpnd most made upheinds more tn mono.>> i am going to be the greatt president tt god ever created. rember that. we are going to start winning again. we don't w anymore. as a untry, weon win on trade, we don't win with the mili. we can'teat is. we are goingota winning asn and we're going to win so much you're going to be so happy.o we're going to makemerica great again, maybe greater than ever t before. i love you all, thank you,ew hampshire. thank you, thank you, new shire. thank you, we are going now to south carolina.
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>> govnor john kasich held 10al wn halmeetings in the itetate and it pai of and voters fussed o t economy and strong sut from those wt oppose a ban on sls entering the u.s. and those wantolical expe 21% of vots whoade their nd in the last few day also went kic a he got a good showing from post gradtes, ua older vogtersold er voters well as dera >> there's somethinghas going on. that i not sure that anybody can quiteunderstand. there's magic iheith this w campaign. because we don'teet as just another caaign. we see this a aortuni fortu allf us to chang erica, to reshine america. to restore thepirit of america and leave no one behind. >> chris christie also spent
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hampshirbut with drastically differenresults. he finishedxth. heil realuate his future. it's an tremelyight race for third with ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rio all a favori fari >> now wevo gon to south rolina [ applause ]ro anon toeva and super tuesday, theso-called se vrks erkssec primary. >> many left bus dead after iowa and last night heoed mark twain. >> thispaig is notdead we're going on to south carolina. thropundants had it allured out st mda f night when the io caucus wer complete. they said it was now a three person race between wo
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tv starnd while theeaty tv staril doing, it lookse yoall haeset the rac aor tt i vatul. >> andat poorebat performce burst his so-called bubblend put blame squarely on himsf. i wan t thank allf you. outeamern new hamhire didpsnonal job and i'm atefulo you. applause now, we a still watchg these numbers. but i can just tell you i ow many people disappoint. m disappoted wit toght. but i want you to understand something, our disappointment tonight is notin on yo it's onme. 's onme. i d n -- iid not doell aty nit. so, listen to th.
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pastd hilry clinton claing 13 delegas to cnton's nine eermontenator channelled his nerdonald trwhen describing hisizeable victory eric clton. >> becau of a hugeot turnout and i sayuge -- w won. won. succeed in november. [ applause ] >> clinton accompanied by her sband andaught chela, to to the stage after conceding the pmaryo sanders. she addressed the youth vote in whhanders hasdomited throug t campaigncycle. >> inow i have some wk to do, particularh young peop but i wil repeat again wh iga have said thi week --
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-- even if they are supportinge w, i sport them. becae i kn- [ applause i know i've had a blessed lif but i also know what it's lik tostumble and fall and so many people across america know tt feeling d we've learned it's not whether you get kcked dow that tters,t's whether you get b. >> the forr secre oftate also lost amongomenn new hampshire by 11 pnt accordi to the exit polls a back in 2008, women helped fue her victory over barack obama. according to an nbc exit poll, idatues played an exptionally important roll i forming the ro base of suppor is lopside victory over clinton. morehan eight in 10lacing a
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and trt wort, outside the establishment for people quote like me vot for nders. and they turn their ses to south cana wh super tuesday following. and his campaig is orce to be recenne with. >> together we have sent a message thatillcho fm wall street to washington, from maine to california. [ applause ] and at and that is that the government of our great country belongs to handful . [ applause ] s s >> sders will b in new york
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wi wall eestre but for brek breaast meeting witheverend al sharon. he also met whharpton in 2008 befor ultimately winning thein nomination onroute to pesylvania avenue. and clintona poll f gaveec gaveec clinton a 23 point lead over sanders among ly caucus goers. in south cola, inton's fireall i well in tact. she leads sanders by w ma,64% 27%. hovnighbc ws potn e o clinn'sew hhireea mpaignbring onef the former de camignanager fornt obs reecti campaign.
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obama's battle ground state direoror his cpaign i 2008. dir wng from top.s telligen officls fm catalill tsd where james claptold law makerseould not rall aimeit more divee arrayf chaenges crie and criessis. discussed . >> isil'seaders are determined to strikeha.s.homeland. th fbi arrte ninendn 2015, that number increased fe fold. ey'v ten aantagerrt torrent of migrants to insert opatives intohat flo they'rprettykilled at pho ss ports. so, they c travel legitimate travellers as we.
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korea's delopntfuclear materialnd a missiystem capablofosing a teat to the u.oted itot be flightotteed. a health scare on the delinesf the northor baskllgame. roy william collaed during a ti o. he was helpe theoc by the team's malstaff. he laterold portsuo i'mot dd yet andlamedt er . theyaled f t win -65. check out this time lapse from the europea space agency aboardhe international ac statn,atn, lightning orm. and hig winds causing severeinds i oklom city.theyciod nrby rk
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about floodi ander ings.>> a little bit of leftver asl fldi. weave th consisten traf w essu reno showers on th way a we. noa lot of heavy snow f the big cities andspiallor of light snow, a lite slippery from meotime. we wleetey signifi snow for the grelake up to a foot possible along sres of lake ie andignificant snows for la ontari cold againn chicago. 16 grees yr high fortoday. wind chills belo zero attimes. 42n york ci s ait mild there. and losgeles, 88 deagain andre no sig of that heat evadg. stilln the 8 o wes a we're choldern e northeastor tuesy,9 in bigapple.
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ahead. and temtures are milder today in new yk city, back t the 4. snow showers on and off throughout t great lakes. 16grs in chicag i th. deluth ds your wnesd cast. >>fo thanks, rafael. > more legal woes for martin sheli. plus, anoth fntg spell tell youabout. this o a a pentan hoeryone's okay. full detailsn two minutes.oktes. we is what you get. and i expect the same from my mascara. now, revlon introduces new coection of aras th makes getti lash lookyowa easy. so wheer you choose ula volume, super length, volumend length magnifd, dramatic definitn, or t ultimate all-in-one.. e choice is yos. chse lov a revolution in masc
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introducinrhinocort allergy spray fromheakers of zyrc poweul rief om nasal allergy sympto, all day and all ght. trnew rhinocort allergy ray. muddle no more nally, se good news coming out of flint, michigan. t'animed $55illion project to move and replace flint's residenal lead as
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>> the plan is to remove them wiin one year. the u.s. sremeourt has blked presenama's p to cut ems from plan. asked f a tempory hd lower crts didf the a has the autrity to impose it. it was theenter piecet the u.n. climate summit last year. marn shkrelind a member the -tang clan are both beg sued shkreli bought t sole copy of that album at auction for $2 million. during aress conference at th pentagon stery, jes martin fainted at the podium. he was sick with a flu or cold d is just ne.
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,,,,,, n sports, a collegeoops villanueva successf defeated deated. defeed. t 70upseand itas np eight perdueulling off t overime win again michiga state 82-81. and drama in dallas as the jazz gordonayward hits a fade iowa away jumper the buzzer. and a battle of the greatph curr james harden oracle arena. currgo theest of harn a finishedith 35 b harden
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pots, inhe end, the wriors gotheir 37th win ofhe seas.d 10s of t were on handn denr to celebrate the per bowlinning denver broncos, wholse om t mayer tom executive,ohn elw and they made quite aarty at mile high city. anny des latest ro. now you see him, soon you won't.n't. avitdeing... adventure-coecting... friend-connector.. foifyi the going-place.. ofto-the-races... day-seizin.. you. you' strg. and we're re to help you stay that way new spial k nourish.mui-grain fles with quinopp monds raspberrie
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n ow t eerinment news. rapperdmx was released frohe itesrdayfter llapngn elarng t moay ie and fellow ar,swizz beatz to to twitt to say in goodspirits. the remakef the classic 1933 fm is part of the lest efforto reot originalovie nsteres. and "frozen" is coming broadway. it will feature the original music from thenimated movie d it will hit the stage in 2018. > and jmyalk on the latest political feud on "the night show". >> theandidates a really starting tgo atit, in fact, jeb bush said h thinks trump needs qu thy. at first trump wasinsulted but
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chsene w vlltal oureary ma delivers lh-ansforming befits. meleth, defi
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oose lovw reonltimall-inne masca. coming up on new coming up on news-5-toda.. colorado comes together... to celebra historic day for the denver bncos... a look at how the team bught the lombardi trophy back to the mile high city... plus... it's an annoyingdamaging problem.... and it's croing up again! we have a live rort on what crews are doing toackle all
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good morningthks for joining usn this wednesday moing... is february 10th. i'm ira cron. and i'm shellene ckrell. first up this moing... closto a million fans turn t in dntown nvero celeate thbroncos super bowl 50 vtory! it was a massive s of ange... full of people from all across incding colodo sings.. eblo and trinidad... annabel bowlen, the fe of borncos ownepat bowlen. led the parade... showing thlombdi trophy for all to see. also on that lead firetruck... peyt manning and von miller!! d even "miles"otn onhefun!
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self-propelled rliner as fans
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