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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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self-propelled rliner as fans cheereon the paradeound it's way through downtown.... ending at the birally at denver's civic center pa.... where team captaindemaus ware and peyton manning talked about the team's commrodery... and how it pushed them throu the tough tis. the final victory as superbl champs.
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day" in nor of them's owner. we'll have more on ourorld champion tm comi up later in the hour.. t for now... shifng gears to... famili probl wreaking havoc again on sthn colorado road pothes are oning up all er colorado springs-- aer all that snow we got last we is ltinintohe crackofhe roads... maki for ptty rough ride in parts of the ty. news-5's joanna wise joi liveow in the rockrimmon area ofolado spring.. wi hws a wng to tackle theroem. we're starting tsee them a erown once ain... anlast week's g snowtorm has only made the oblem worse. onthole near powers and dublin took out at lea four cars includg ashley wright's. she says she sawhe pho
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because of ahe blt up ow and ice. itleout r tire...but e others that broke their axle. she says somethingeedso be done about it. either cars ardamaged and ople are losing workime which means losing money that they would be puing back into our city'sconomy . the cityeeds to ta care of this the pothole at csed soany problems tuesday morng at powers and dublin was filled by cityoacrews right away. city officia said potholes like tse wl beddssed immeaty, butnly if t are rerted. righnow many crews are still focusingn dealing with thesnow and ice isss from last ek's storm. permanet potole reirs are planned for lar sprin wh we t consistent wm we reing ve icolorado springs, joaa se, ws 5
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on the meorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. our morning dre comes with nshinend0s. the evening drive will be sunny with 5 coolito 40s. our morning md with 2 and 30s. we are quiet this morning, but a cold attacheto low pressure over soh data and wyoming may bring a bit ofind to us as it sses through today. our areas isturetaed, so tre's rlly not much to worry about beyondhat wi. the wind c blow in t 15- mph range th morng and early is afternoon ter , the wind will begi easing.
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e gudownslope wind llelp the sutom our temperatures into the uppe40s lor 50by 10 am. expect lower 5 around colo ring and nument at noon with lower s around pueo ancaon city. most areas will mana 60s this afternoon with 5 ithe high elevations. thisveng wl be pary cldy with mperatur coolinghrouhe 50s and 40s and into the 3y
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th morning. we're learg the sheriff's deputyn grand juncon who s shot mtiple mes nday.. is not expected to survive. the mesa couy sheriff's office says depy "derek geer"s on fe support, and say he will peorm onlast selfless act of servic. by donatins organs. deputy geer is navy veteran, husband and fath of two chilen. hifamily released a statemen saying "their hearts are broken." a 17 year old male suspect is in custod.. charges are g. right now... a 2-year-old-girl from
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after yesterdas rollover csh just south of walsenrg. igators say she was abducted by her father, followg a confrontation athe girls moth's house in albuqurque an amber alert issd... and yeerdathe r spotted senbur thashappened... ter troopersay fatr led th on a highpeed chase. bothere thrown from the su erg odere" jues. netoda.. colorado springs police ar asking for your lpn idening this burglary suspect. he's acced of an armed robbe last month at the metro p-c-s store on east plte avenue.... where he used a large revolver while taking money from the cash register. e suspect is descred as a heavset black male in his mid twenties to thirties. he about six feet tall with a mustache andoatee. ifou have any information you'o call polic developing this morning... this wanted fugitive is currently awaing extradition back to colorado... after being arrested in
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police say sean burrows has "13 felony arreswarrantsout of colorado.. including burglary and graved motor vehicle theft charges. the el po county sheriff's office says it wked th sevel jusdictions from across the state, and washinon.. to loce this suspect... rit now he bei hd without bail a flight makes an unexpected nding here icolorado after what's now being called a "custor servicissue" the alka-airlineflig was heading to s diego fm boston.. when the pilot divertee aircraft to land at d-i-a last night... and a passenger was forcibly removed by denver police and tsa agents... other passengers captured this video of the man's detainnttheir cell pnes. seral pe clapped and applauded he was led away. reports are at the manas intoxicated and had been threatning another passenger... the flight was able to continue its journey to san diego. l ahead...
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determined to launch an attack in americas year... what top security officis say is the biggest threat we're facing.. plus... two candat score majorins in theew hampshire primary... and now... there's a scrale f support ahead of next week big
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this morning... dold trump and berninders are celebratin their victories in the new hampshire primary... where vors rejecd traditional litics.. embrache outsiders. ansent hlary clinton packing. trie potts reports.. --- insert p - ts: trp "i wanto thank you! we lov you." more than a third of new shire republicans said "yes!"o dona trump'sold, not-- politilly-correct brand of pitic..whicays will wk.. ywhere: sot: donald trump / r-presidential candidate "we are going now to south carolina - 're going to win in south carolina." john kasich beat cruz, rubiond bush in a four-w battle for second place. he credits aitivmessage: sot: gov. jo kasich / r-esidential candide "tonight, the ght overme darkness of negative campaigning!" hillary clinton suffered a huge, though not unexpected, defeat no comeback this time. she lost to bernie sanders by
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but insists it's n over: sot hillary clinton / d-presidenal candidate re gong ht f every vote in every ste" sanderhes to harlem, new york ts morning to pick upey african-americanndsements that cld help m coet against clinton in sou calina. sot: sen. bernie sanders / d-presidential ndidate "they're throwing everythi at excepthe kchen sin a i hahe feeling tt kitchen sink cing pretty soon, as well massturnout... lines around thelock and in one case a mile long.. leading to "tsider" victories in both rties. tracie potts... nbc news... manchester new hampshire. although the anxiety was high for some candites ile waiting r the results the new ire imary... a relaxed bernie sanders... took some time to shoot hoop bere he s declared t winner! cameras caught up to sanders at his campaign adquters to fi h surrounded by his grandchildn... playing a litt btball! it appears he's not only skilled in polit.. but alsoports...
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top u-s intelligence officials are wain tt isis is determined to carry t an attack inde the u-s this ar. direorf national inlligence "james clapr" stified yesterday onapitol hill. saying homegrown extremists pose the biggest threat to america. clapper al testifed thsis has outgrown al-qaeda to become e biggesterrorist that in the rld. further... comd on terst-- posings refugees. sayi terrorists are skilled at creatinphony passports and can pass as legitimalers. a mexican airline is now apologizing an actor... ter denyg him security clearance inhentry wn he rused to remove his turban. "waris ahlu-walia" has starred in several american vies... and is also a designer. the actor says he told airrt officials that he would not ta off his rban aer pasng rough veral security
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thst -- is a "kh and regards the turb aan imrtant part of hipeonal relious identity. he'salling aeromico to er educa -- and train thr aff. this morning an aust texas police officer is on desk duty after tallshooti a naked enager durinan altercation. police say thefficer fat shot 17-year-old "david joseph" when the teen refused orders to stop and then chargeat the officer. this all happened when police responed to reports of aan chasing another man at an apartment complex... officers then fod e nude te the investigatn is ongoing. time now foreaer andraffic on t 5s. meteorologt stepn bowe is here now witfirst aler our moing dre comes withsunsnd 3. the eveng drive will bsunny with 50s cooling to 40s. our morng ild with 20s and30s. we are quiet this moing, but a
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prsure over uth dakotand wyominmay brinbit of wind to uas it passes through toy. ouar is isture starvedso there's ally not muc worry about beyond that wind. the wind can blow in the 15-25 mph range this morning and early this afternoon. afr 2 pm, the wind will begin easing. the sun will s be with us to the gusty wnslope wind will help theun to warm our temperatures into the upper 40s and lower 50s by 10 am. pect lower 50s around colorado spngand monument at noon th ler 60s around pueblo and caon city. most areas will manage 60s this afternoon with 50s ie high elevions. is evening wl be partly oudy with mpatesoong throh the 50s and 40s and into
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well right now let's get a live look in new orleans t
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celebrations are wrappg up now there on bourbon street... it quiet n... but thatas not the ce rlier in t day! wh parades took over the stet new orleans ! thsands of people lined along st. arles avenue to gethei mardi gras bds! as always... float riders threw out beadso cheeng pare ers... while dancing to the marching nd. take aook athis... a spectacular mission in the sky! morthan 800 paratroer from fort brg, northarolina jumped out of anesesterday as part of drill! re the jump the paratroopers wereiven their emergency simulation mission d had to qckly pk up... and he out to texas.. ere they made e jump! th bride is partf the "global response force" . unit tt has toe readto ploynywhere in the w at anytime.
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took on mock ene force. still ahead... the world champis arve back in colorad.. and receive a call from the mt important person inhe united states...
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carona panthers terbac "c newton" is explaining what he felt after losingo the brons t super bowl... and fering no ologs r lkinthdi during post-game mea qutis. i had a lot of time to thi about it, and i've seen so much own out of proportio but at e end ofhe day, when you invest so muchime and crice souch, and things don'to as pla, think emotioake ov.... mean i' been on record to say i'm a sore loser, who like to lose, youhow a good loser and i'll show u a loser. meanwhile in denver... a warm welcome for the denver broncos
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championship glory wh their fans yesterday at civic center pa in deer. t before they headed out for e pade, coach gary kubiak and dense captain demarcus wa had call waiting....from the president of the uted st. pefully you guys can gete before i lve offe. i'd like y to pass along congtulations to peyton, obviously whatn extraordinary way to c off a career for the team to be able to cry him to victory like th. as you heard... president obama is pretty convincepeyton will retire after this yea that might be the prident's but so far... there's stilno word from manng ifll be hangg up his heet. john elw is also stayi
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topic foanother day. there is no deadline, we're going to enjoy this let peyton enjoy this. i'm sure hll sit down with his familynd then eventually we'll talko him to and go rough that. but the's no timeline for th right now. we'll of course be following at process for yous the offseason tserway. ti nowor weaer andraff on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is he now witfit ert 5. r morning ive comes with nshine a 30s. the ening ive wie suy with 50s cooling to 40s. r mornis mild 20s and 30s. we are quiethis morning, cold front attached to low pressure ovesouth dakota and wyoming may bring bit of wind us as it passes tough today. ouareas isture starv, there's really not much orry
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the wi can blow he5-25 mph range th morng and early this afternoon. after pm, the wind wl begin easing. the sun will still be with us today. the gusty downslope wind will help the sun to warm our tempatures into the upper 40s and lower 50by0 . expect lower 5 around colorado springs and monument at on with lower 60s around pueblo and caon city. most areas will manage 60s this afternth 50s in the high elevatio thisvening will be partly cloudy with temperatur cooling through the 50s and 40d into
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,, plus.. a new i-r-s scam targeting ople in sohernolorado... why police are calling it "dturbing" us how you c y and your family. we are mild thisorng with 20s and 30s on the tempeture
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dawill be one ofhe warmer days we've had in a while. his will be in the0sd the wi can become gusty, too. i' have details coming up in weather & traffic onhe 5's. good morng, thanks for joining us on th wednesday morning... it februy 10th. i'm shelne cockrell. and i'm ira cronin. first up at 5... a familiar problem wrein havoc again on southern colorado roa pothol are openip all ov colo springs after a that sw we got last week i meltg into the cracks the roads... making for a prettrough ride in parts of the city. ws-5's joanna wi joins us live now in the rockrimmon a colorado springs... with a look at how cws are working to tace the problem. we're starting to see themll overown once again. and last week's big sn storm has only madthe problem wors one potholnearowers and dublin took out lour ca including aley wright's she sahe saw theothole
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because of all t built usnow
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