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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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because of all t built usnow and ice. it blew out r ti.....but there we others that broke their axle. she says somethieeo be ne aut i either cs are daged and people are losing work time which meansing mey that they would be putting ck into our city's econy . the city needs to ke care of this. there are crewwoing to temparilfix some of the potholes... but many are sll focing on the snow and ice that's s around. right nomany cws a still focusing odealing with the snow andce isss from l we storm. permanen pot holirs e d ter thin when we get consistent war weather. reporting live in colorado
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thks joanna... rit now... lice are invesgating a new irs scam they say is disturbing... after scammersmpsonated a meowner in stress to 9-1 operators... leading swat teams to rrou the house... and putting a nearby school on hi ale.. so91ll 3 dispater: "ok jas tell m exactly what hapned..." call: here are two, ree guys staing behind mdoor and shing me guns d asking for ney." e homeowners say scammers callll dayony... ng i they didn't pay the irs thsas ofrs.. theyould send police to house to arrest them. when the homeowners wouldn't pay... the ammers called 9-1 using a fake number... and ld operators three armed were outside of the home. swat teams shut down the strt, locked down diovy canyon caus on nohgate... only to nd t daughter home alone, shockedy e whole thing.
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springs lice "it's one of those this that weaven't seen this yet in this community, so we're concne ough about it that we want to get the word out to the public." poce say irscams are common this time of year... and say if you get these kds of calls, contacpolice mediately. there's a new and simple to t in tch with 9-1-1 dispchers in souern rado and it by ing sothing most of us do every day... simply sending a text message! the ne"text to-1-1" service is nowvaable thanks to the el paso teller county 9-1-1 authority. "in e o' field, enter the digits 911 you don't ha to enter hyphens or dashes. just the digits 911. in the message field, ter ur locati and the type of emgency that y'rhavingn the very firstessa y send." this a he to the deaf... heing and speech id community... but at'sotll who can benefit. the auority ys the service uld save livesn a hostage or
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"the could be an ele wsomebody m be hiding in a closet sewrend we would have to ha theset the phone nd leave t lin a depend on what we hear to y to determine what's going on." as of right no if yry to send a pture... spatchs willot be able see them... and the texts must be inlain xt... emojis. includg ur locion and emergenc onceeceived, dpatchers wiltext back to conrmadditional details and send help your way. t now... statofficials are hoping t put a stopo teenexting here colorado. the nestamign... t releasef seri o puic service announcements. he asked me to send m one of the pictures. that a greatdea. u know, how bout you just send it to yearbook? you know that' going go vil. u'll soon stt seeing some reistic sextinscenios playinout during your lol coeral breaks. thgoal is to make kids aos the ste awarheangers
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ha thought about before. hopefully we can that message out the and do litt education othe front end hat and partsndteachersll know w ey might betterandle some of ese ings dowthe road. lawmakers are ploring e poibility of creatina new crime called "misuf electronic images by a juvenile" so thakids involved in sexting won't fa felony charges. that bilwas introducedn the house last month. weather and trfic on the 5s. meteologist stn bowe is here now with rst aler5. our morng drive comes with sunshine and 30s. e ing drive be sunny with 50s cooling to 40s. r rning is md with 20s and 30 we are quiet ts morning, but co front attached to low
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wyoming maing a bit of wind to us t passhr ouar is moisturerved, so there'really not much to wor about beyond that wind. the wind canlow in the 15-25 mph range this morning and ear this afternoon. te2 pm, the wind will ben easing. the sun willll be with us today. the gustdownslope wind will help the sun to warm our temperatures into the upper 40s and lower 50s by 10 am. expect lower 50s around colorado springs and monument at noon withower 60s around eblo and can city mo areas will manage 60s this afternn with 5 in the high elevations. this evening will be partly cloudy with temperatures cooling through the 50s and 40s and into the 30s by 10 pm. come ts april... the "pedestrian acss act" ll take effect in colorado spngs. city council just pass the dince. prohibi people from sitti or reclining on dewalks, trails or otr public rightf ways, during "high traff hours" in certain pas of downtown and old colorado ty. now during the next 60-days.. violatorwill get a warng.. but after that, they could face a tiet and fines..... well still ahead.. today is ashednesday... and catholics all over the wld are marking the t day of lent... by receing the traditional sign of the cross, drawn in s on their foreheads..
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chance to support eir community. stents andultyt "divine redeemer school" will observe s" at 8:00 this morning... and afterwar. ey'll be working to assemble 600 compassion bags. th will contaibaby wipes... loon... toorhbrushes... toothpas.... tissues... lip ba... sock. gloves... water... angrana bars... the bagsill be distruted to needy people in our communy.. stl ahead. a toddler dealing with constant pain fm a crippling skin disease... whhis parents are pushfor the legalizaon of cannis oil where ey live... th's nex yr healthy family. in tod's your alth family... a story soany familiesere in colorado can relate too... ght now a georgia couple i fighting for the legalization of cannis oil... its medici thesay their toddr s elcurb tant pain om ariling sk disease. "christopher hopper"as m --- -- nats: crying yon't for e numagine whathis ttle boyes. nats: cryi the ars,he screams, n't ev begin to deribe the pn. natsying pain in the hearts and minds of his parents who live it, but can't feel it on theutside. sot: audra underwood, reid's mom "a rub, bump takes his skin completely off." it did just moments before o intview. reid underwo... grazed his pointeringer against s father's jeans. blood poured from his ttle hand.
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"essentially reiis missing the glue thaholds his in lays together." bac explanation an unimaginable reality. se..reid underwood suffers from epidermolysisullosa... or eb. t: aud underwood, reid's m aiisheyoslp, it's when you e, it's wheyou
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ilahead. r dealing wi constant pain from a crippling skin disease... whhiparents are pushing for thleliti ocannab oil where they le...
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february is huge f us. all our ndcrafted classic footlong are just $each, even ourubway club anchicke& bacon rah melt $6 footlongsre a b deal. but the mediis going a little crazy. i in the heart of what is now being called "sub-magedd." with an incredible amount of accumulation inde... that now seems to be slling ouon the streets. i have never seeanything ke this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $each...
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in tay's y od'sour hethy mily. a story so many famies he in lodo c relate o... right now a orgicoup is fighting f theegalation cannabis o... its medici they y their
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cotant pa from a crplinskin sease. "christopher hper" has more. --- pkg --- natscrying you can't for onminute imagine what this little boy faces. nats: crying thtears, the screams, don't evenegin to describe the pain. natscrying pain in the arts and minds of his parents who live it, but can't feelt the oside. sot:ra uerwood, re's mom "a rub, bumpakes his sn mpletely off." it did just momes fore ourintervie reid underwo.. azed hisointer finge against his faer's jeans. blood uredrom his little hand. sot: briannderwoodreid's dad ssentially reid missing t glue thaholds his skin lers together." a basic explanation an uniminable rlity. see...reid underod suffe from epidermolysis bullosa... orb. sot: audra underwood, reid's mom "pain is wheyou sleep, it's
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play, 's whe yo anything,ou le in constant pain for your whole life." a life tycally t sht by this ra dea. the dayseading up the end are fied with bandage chge bleach baths, and high powered narcotics ke morphine and meade... to numb the in at least for a litt while. sot: brian underwoodreidad "the reallis no pa of his life that's not affected by the ase. at whyhe underwood's are fighting for canbioil. reid doesn't quali under id's dr. in minnesota w performed his bone marrow transplantn an effort to create the genhe missing is a huge proponent of cannabis oil r itchg and pain. sot: dr. jab tolar, reid's anspla on screen "you have to imanehat you fell in a vat of burning oil." sot: audra undwood, reid's m smile." back at ... brian d audra are willinto admit... they'd rr bury their yogest chi than see him
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t: audra underwood, reid mom "dinely has a beautiful soul at's for sure." days are lon nights are sleepless. but iaand audra persevere. and theyill fight... until the en ather antraffionhe 5s. meteorologisstephen bowers i re n witfirst ert 5. our morning ive mes th sunshine and 30s. the evening drive ll be sunny with 50s cooling to 40s. our morning is mild with 20s and 30s. were qet this morning, b a cold front attached to l pressure over uth dakota and wying may bring a bit of wind to us aspasses through today. our area is moisture starved, so thers really not much to worry about beyond that wind. the wind can blow in the 15-25 mph range is morning and early this afternoon. after 2 , nd wn easi. the sun will still be th us today. the gusty downslope wind will help the sun to warm our temperaturesnto e upper 40s and r 50s by 1am expect ler 50s around colorado springs and momentt noon th lower0s arounpueb a
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mo areasill nage 60s this afteoon with 50s in the high elations thisvening wl be partly cloudy with temperatures cooling
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in this morning's health pueblo... the city-counthealth departnt.. local hospitals... and emergency officials wille teing the community's response procedures duri health crisis exercise. thevt will involve rapid decion makind simutedeployment of resources and personell. current emergency response plans that are in ace will be ed and tested to help idenfitify are that need imporvement... so the community can betr are for futureealth disaers. a nesty finds e u-s has a wer life expectancthan othehighnce untries... laely due to injury-related deaths. data shows both american men and men live about t yearsess
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compab cntries. researchers und that injuries from fearms, drug overse and car accints count for -pernt of that life expectancy gap in women... and 50-percentn men. it's only thsecondonth in 2016... and already..... many people are ditching their new year's resolutions to get fit! in fact... "gd's gym" says this week is the me mt people tend to fall off their "tness cliff.... and gym check-ins will never be as high again for the rest of the year! but... fitness perts say it's never too late tget back into the grve... and changing up ur exerce roine and partnering with workout buddies can help keep the mentum goi. still ahd... d lobster ishanking yonce for her super bowl half-time performance...
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wegas prices continue to fall. and this mni... some good news f drivers... gaso is expected to in unde dollars the ee year! this is accoing to t last govermentorecas.. h says regar gas will average at $1.98 a gaon nationwide in 16 this fore holds to true, this wil theirstime since 2004 that u-s drivers have paid a full-year averagof under o bucks a gallon. retailer "sportsuthority" could be filing baruptcy soon... spting goods chain missed 20illion-dollar debt paynta month ago. credit rperts expect the
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hat happens,po authority uld likely have to closout half of it stores. the company spen- million-lls a year to have its name on the stthat is home to the denver broncos. it's unclear if the 25-year naming rights deal with the stadium wi stay intact if company les for bankcy. beyonce'per bowl half me rformae appears to b boostingales at a pular restaurant chain. in tong she performed... the surstar mentions "red lobsr" in a series of off- color lyrics... and now the restaunteports there's a spike in sales red loteys weekend sales saw a significant boost from ueen"... rising 33 perct sunday over last year! is even calling their cheddar bay biscui
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and its babreeze drinks are now "bey breezes." red ter trnally experiens a spike in sal during tmef year due to nubster fest" promotion, but the c-e-o of e chain credits this weend's boost to beyonce. wetrc on the 5s. teorolisstephen bowers is here now wh first alert 5. moing ive comes with sunshine and 30s. the evening drive will be sunny with 50s cooli to 40s. our morninis mild with 20s and s. we are quiet this morning, but a ront attacd toowpressure or uth dakota and wyoming bring bi wind to uas it passes through today. our areamoisture starved, so
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about beyond that wind. the windan blow in the 15- mph rae thisng and ely thisernoon. af2 pm, wind will be eang. the su sll bth us today. the guy wnslope wi wl helphe sun to wa o teeratures into the uppe40s and los pect ler 50s around colorado springs and monument at noon with lower 6uneb and caon ci. mostre wl mage 60s this afternwith0s in the high elevations. this eveningilbe partly clittemperatures cooling rougthe 50s and d to 30s by 10 pm. rst up at 5-30...
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close to a milli fans turned out in downtown denver to celebrate the broncos super bowl 50 victor as aassive sea of orge full of people from all across colorado including colorado springs.. eblo and trinidad. annabel bowlen, the wife of borncos owner pat bowlen... led the para... shing thlombardi troy for all to see. also on at leafitruck... yton manning and von miller! and even "miles" got in on the fun! the broncos masc rode on a se-propelled recliner fans eered on! thparade wound it'way through downtown.... ending at the big rally at denver's cicenter park.... erteam captains demarcus ware and peyton nning talk about the te's commrodery... anhow it pushed them through the tough mes. tohe final vtory as surbowl champs. his right re sbolizes what team really means.
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tell you when we go into the stadium and it's packed? there is no place li brory i mean this here, this i awesome. "our special teams were awesom all year, there is no question our defense led the charge, an offensively we did jt our part. we made ays at critical times, everybody contributed, all 53 guys on the roster pyed a huge rolen it this season and that help us wia super bowl championship." mayor ncock and governor hicklooperlsread a joint the rosterlayed a huge role in ithis seon andhaheed us win auper bowl championship." mayor nck and governor hickenoper ao read a joint ocmation... making february 9th at bowlen day" in honor of the am's owner. we'll ve moron ourorld champion tm coming up later the hour.. t for no.. shting gears to... a famiar problem waking
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pothol are openi up all overcolora sprin after a that snow we got last we is melting to t cracks of t roads... maki for pretty rougride in par of the city ne-5's joaa wi joinss live now in the rorimmon area of colorado spris...thow cwsreorng to tack the problem. we're starting to see themll over town once again... and la week's big snowtorm has only made the problem worse. one pothole near powerand bl took t lst four cars including ashley wright's. shsays she saw the potho coming....bucodn't aid it because all the built up snow and e. it blew out her tire.....but there were oths that broke their axle shsays somethi needs to be done about it. er carare ged an people are losg worke which means losing mon that they would be putting back into our city's econom. the ci nee to take care of this. the pothole th caused so my
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powers and dubliwas filled by city road crews right away. ty officia said potholes li the wl beddressed immediately, but only ifhe e reported. rit w manyrews are still week's storm permanenet pot hole repas ar this morning... we're learing the sheriff's puty in grand junction who s shot multiple times monday is n expected to survive. e mesanty iff's fice says deputy "dek geer" is on life support, d say he will perforone st selesacof service.. by donating his orns. puty gr is navy teran, husband and faer of tw children. his family relsed a stement saying "their hearts are
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a 17ear old le suspect is in custody... charges are pending. ght now... a 2-year-old-gl from new mexico is recoveri in the spital.. after yesterday'rollover crash justouth of lsbu. inveigators say she s abducted by r father, following a confrontatioat the rlmoer hse in buqurque. anmber alert was issd... and yesterday e r s spotted ne walseurg. e crash happed. ter troorsay the father lethem on a hi speed chase. both were thrown frothe su suffering "moderate" injuries. new today... cora springs police are asking f your help in identifying this burglary suspect. he's accused of anrmed robbery last montht the metro c-s store on east plat avenu... where he used a large revolver whil taking money from the cash regist. e suspect is desibed as a heavy-seblack le in s mid twenties to thirties. he's about s feet tall with a mustache a gtee. if you havany information
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developing this rning... thisanted tive i currently awaiti exaditioback to colorado... after being arreedn seattle. lice s sbuows has "13 lony aest warrts" out of colorado... includinburglary and aggravat motor vehicleheft charges. the el paso countyheriff's officeays it worked with several jurisdictionfrom across the stateand washington.. locatthis suspect... right now he's beingel without bail. a flight mak an unexpected landing here in lorado after what's now being called a "ctomer service issue" the alaska-airlineflight was heading to san diego fm boston. when the pilot derted the aircraft to land at i-a la night. and a passenwas forcib reveby denver poce and tsa ents... other passengers cred th video of the man's detainment on their cell phones. seral people clapped and applded ase waled ay. reports e that the man w intoxicateand had been threatning ather passenger.. the flight was ae to continu
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timeow f weath and traic the 5s. meteorologt stephen bowers is here now witrsalt our morning drive comes with sunshine and 30s. thening drive will be suy with0s cooling to0s. our mog milwith 20s 30s. we are quiet this mornin but a cold front attached toow esre oveuth data and oming may brina bit of win to us as it passes through today. our area is moisture starvedso there's real not much to worry about beyond that wind. the windanlow in the 15-25 mph range this mning and early this afternoon. after 2 pm, the wind will gin easing. the sun will stille withs today. the gusty wnslopwind wil he tun to warm our temperatures into the upper 40s and wer s by 10 am. expect low 50s around colorado springs and monunt at noon with lower 60s around pueblo and caon city. most areas will manage0s this afternoowith0s in the high elevations thisvening will be ptly oudy with mperaturesooli thugh e 50and s and into e s by 10 pm.
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the u-s warns that isis is determined to launch an attack in america this ar. what top security officials say is the biggest threat we're
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stilahead... the u-s warns that isis determined to launchn atck in america this year... what topecuritoffials say is the biggesthreat we're facing.. plus. two candidates score major wins the n hampshire primary... and w... thers a rambleupport
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welce back... this morning... donald trump and bernie sanders are celebring their victories in the new hampshirprimary... where voters rejected traditional politics.... embred the outsirs... ansent hillary clinton packing. tracie potts reports... --- inrtkg --- ts: trump "i want to thank! wee you." more than a third new hampshire republicans said "yes!" tdona trump's bold, noso- politically-correct brand polits... which he says will work.. anywhere: sot: donald trump r-presidential candidate carolina - we're going win in south rolina." john kasich bea cruz, rubiand bush in a four-way battle for second place. crets a posive sse: sot: gov. john kasich / r-presidential candide "tonight, the light ercame the rkness of negative unexpect, defeat. no comeback this time. she lost tbernie sders by double dits..
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hillary inton / d-presidential candidate "w gong to fight f every vote in every state" sanders heads to harlem, new york ts morning to picup key afcan-american endorments that could help him compete ainst inton in south caroli sot: sen. bernie sanders / d-presidential candidate although the anxiety was high fosome cdidates while waiting for the results of the new hampshire primary...
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took some time to shoot hoops before he was clared the winner! cameras caught up to sanders at his campaign headquarters to find him surrounded by his grandchildren. playing a little basketball! it appears he's not only skilled in politics... but also sports... as sanderscored two baskets in a row! top u-intelligence officials are warning that isis rmined to carry out an tack insidthe u-s this year. director of national intelligence "james clapper" testied yesterday capitol hill.. saying homegrown extremists pose the biggesthreat to americ clapper also tesfed that isis has ourown al-qaeda becom the biggesteorist threat i the worl further... heomend on terrorists -- si as refugees... sangerrists are ry skild atreating phony passports and can pass as legitimate travelers. mexican airline is now apologizinto an actor... after denying m serity
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refed to remove his turban. aris ahlu-walia" has starred several american movies... and is designer. e actor he tort officithat huld not ke f his an aftersing throh sevel secuty screenings. the -- is a "sikh and regards the tuan as impoant part of his personal religious identity. he's cal foreromico to better educate- and ain their staf this morning an austin texas police oicer is on desduty afr fally shooting aaked teer during an altercation police say the oicer fally shot 17-year-old "david seph" when t teen refused orders to stop andhen chard at the offir. th all happed when police responed treportof a m chasing another man at an apartment complex... officers then found the nu teen. the investigation is ongoing. time feathernd traic on the 5s. meteologstn bowers is
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our morning dre cos sunshine and 30s. the evening drive will be sunny with 50s cooling to 40s. our morning is mild with 20s and 30s. we are quiet this morning, but a cold front attached to low pressure ovesouth dakota a oming may bring a bit wind to us as it passes through today. our area is moisture starved, so there's really not much orry about bend thawindthe wind can blow in the 15-25 mph range this morning andly thisfternoon. after 2 pm, the wind will ben easing. the wi still bwith us today. the guy wnslope wind will help the suno warm our teerates into the per 40s and lower s by 10 exctower 50s arouncolorado springs and moment at noon with lower 60s arounpueblo and cacity. st areas will manage 60s thi afternoon with 50s ithhi elevations. this evening will be partly cloudy with temperatures cooling througe 50s and and into the 30s by 10 pm. wellight n's get a live in new leans at t aftermath of mardi gras!... cebrations are over there on bourbon stre and it's qut now... but that was not the case earlier in the d! earlier in the day...
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well rht now let's get a live look in new orleans at the afteath mardi gras!.. lebrations are over there on bourbon street and it's quiet w... but th was not case earlier inhe day! earlie tay.. parades took over the street new orleans! thousands of people lined up al charleavenue to get their mardi gras bea! as always... float ridehrew out beads to cheering parade goer.. while dancing to t marching band. take a look at this... a spectacur mission the sky! more than 800 paratrooper from fort bragg, northarolina jumped out oanes yesterday as part of a dribefore t jump taraters wereen their emergency mulation mison and had to quickly pack up... and he out ttexas.. whertheyade the ju! this bgade is pa of e
5:36 am
a unit that hato be ready to deploy anywhere in the world at anytime. aftethe , thparatrpers tooka mock enemy force. still .. the world champions arriveack o... d recee a call from thmost important personthe ited
5:37 am
welcomback... it was a warm welcome r th de broos as the team aked in their chamonship glory with their faeste ac ce pan er t before they headed out for the rade, coacgary kubiak d defeive caain demarcus ware had a call waiting....from the presidenof the united states. hopefully you guys can getere befo i leave offic i'd ke you to pa a congratulaons to peyton, ously what an extraordinary way to cap off a ceer. r the team to be able to carry hito victo like that. as you heard.
5:38 am
convinced peytill retire after is yea that might be the president's prediction... but so far... e's stilno word fr maing ife'll be ngg up s helmet. john elways al staying tighlippednd lvi tt topic for another there is no deadline, we're going enjoy this let peon enjothis. i'm sure h sit dn with his mily and theeventually we'll talk to him to and go through that. but there's no timeline for that righnow. we'll of course be following that process f you ath
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time for w ara the meteorologisephen bowers is here now wh first alert 5. our morning drivco nshine and 30s. thevening drive will be sunny with0s cooling to 40s. our rninis mild with 20s and 30s. we are quiet this morning, but a cold fro attacd to low pressure over south dakota and wyoming may bring a bit of wind to us as it passes through toda our area is moisture starved, there's reallyot mh to worry about beyond that nd. the wind can bloin the 15-25 mph range this morning andar is aernoon afr 2 pm, thwind will ben easing.
5:40 am
the sty downslopwind wi hp thsun to warou temperatures into e per 40s and lor 50s 10 am. expect low 50s around colorado springs and moment at on with lower 60s around pueblo and caon city. most areas will manage 60s this afternoon with 50s in the high elevations. this evening will partly cldy with temperatures cooling through the 50and 40s and into
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coming up... it's ash wednesday... the first y of lent... d catholics in colorado sings are using it as a chance to serve ou community... we he detas on ts morning's efforts p their feow man. we are mild this mning with 20s and 30s heemperare map.
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da we'vead in a while. highs ll be in the 6, and good morng, thanks for joining us on this wednesday february 10th... i'm shellene cockrell. and i'ira on right now... police arenvestigang aew irs sc they say is disturbg... ter scamme impsonated a homeowner distress to 9-1-1 erators... leading swat teams to surround the house! dispatcher: "ok james tell me exactly what happened..." caller: "tre are two, th guys standing behind my do shing me guns and king for money. the homeowners say scammers had caedll day monday ... saying if they dt pay the irs thousands of dolla... they would send police tthe house to arrest them. when homeowners wodn't pay...
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9-1-1 using a fake number... and to operars threermed
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