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tv   Today  NBC  February 10, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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closen the republin se or decraticside. >> huge shifts on left a the t. let's get t where things stand this morning. fued by record-setting voting turnout, bernie sanders won over hillary clinton more tha 20 points. hillary clinton concede ments afte t poll osed. >> things en't closer on the reblican side, at leastt the p. dold trump doublg his clost coetitor, the surprise of the night, john kasich. cruz finished third after a win in iowa. followed closely be jeb bush and marco rio with chris christi in disappointing xth. >> we'll talk t tmpnd kach in a mome. fit, let start with the decrats. kristen, good morng. what night. the clinton cig is waking up to the reality secreta
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rit now, senator bernie sanders has more momentum.e campaign h been bracing for a loss but didn' expec such overwhelming defeat >> reporte riding a wave of anti-estlishment enthusiasmenthusiasm, beie sanrs trounced center clinton in new hampir tug his underdog campa into a real fight. iis just too late f the same sameldme oldstnt politic politics.the peopleant r change [ applause ] >> reporter: in a roungpeec that lasted nearly 3 minute nderslexe hismuscle painng the w a validatn ofis call to take on wal stre andig business. >> together, we ha senthe message that we'll echo from wa seet to washington, from ine to california. >> reporter: and while secretary clinton's campaign may have been
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striking a note of confidence tuesday night. >> not whe you getcked down that matter 's whether you bac . >> reporte but soues cse to t campaign tell nbc news top aid areakg sck of the strategy, including a sharper cus o wl stre asage 's rallied you voters ound sanders. >> we also agr that wl stre can ner be allowed to once ain threaten main stre. i will fig to rgn inall stet. youwat? inow how to doit. orr: inme clinton's campaign manag tried to calmry pporters. writing, the nomination will like be won in march, not february, pointing t clinton's rengthn superuesd es, which are largernd mo diverse, pyingoer appeal among minority communie >> welso haveo break through the barriers of gotr african-erican parents
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eir children will be harassed, humiliated, en st because of the color of their skin. >>eporter: while the campaign is trying to dow playlo, noting sanrs is from neighborin vermont, the clintons hav strgoots he too. new hampshire is where president bill clinton famously called mself the comeback kid, and whe secretary clinton beat barack obama in 2008. >> thank you. >> reporter: but now, it'she ac that put bernie sde on themap. >> thank you, new mpire! now, is to nevada, south carona a bend. [ applause >> sou close to the campaign sayothillary and bl cln expressed cons about e caai. now, ty' bringing a new strategist, one of the top of from predent obs re-election campaign. expectore treach to the young voters who overelng prefer sands.the onlyemograiclion w with voters, 65 and olr.
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improveis supportmong afrin-amers. toy, meeting w reverend a shpton.back to you. >> kristen welk thank you very ch. >>et'sringhuck todd nbc's political director, moderar of eethe press." hillary clinton knew she was going to lose. n't know ty kw they'd se thi badly. where do ty g from? >> they have to worry about couple things. number one, t to panic. the worse it can get the me th panic. they hav a money prle bernie sders out-raised her in januar and will ain. they don't h the abilityo shoot out an e-mail and raise a bunch of mone nextontests not south carolina. it's nevada. this is a race that suddenly is very tig there. it's very possibl sanders beats hen nevada, too. th tha raceakeshe one in south calina to a poi it won't bo easy for her. now, she has to deal with
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mors aut miceloomberg, the fmeew york city mayor gettin in. rumors about joebiden. this is going to be a ve difficult three week if the campaign panics atny point, maybe overcorrects, it could be in even worse shape in aonth from now. >>est yource for aecond. we want you t comnt on the republican sid of ings. donald trumpopdhe latt pollas gh 75 pol heading intohe new hampshire primary. votersur out f him i force on tuesday. nbc national correondent peter alexander is already i the next baound state, lina. >> good morning. south carolina, where the next primarys ten daysaway. donaldrump likes to boast he's a wi and he provedt in huge way last ght. more than ding his clost competitor, john kasich. this is a candate who has
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an ran away wit nhampshire. el me is aol rorr: donald trump, triumphant triumphant. >> we are going to make america great agai >> reporter: the brash billionaire turnedpolitician, racking up h first win. >> we want tohank the people of new hampshir right? do we lovehe people o new hampshir >> reporter: extending an ove branch of sortso his reblican rivals. >> i wanted to congratulate the other candidates, okay? now that i gothat out of th wa- >> r taking aim at the mocrat who carried new hashire. i heard partsf bernie's speech. wants to give awayur countr folks. 're not goingo let it happen. >> reporter: winning the war for second, oo govnor john kasich wse oimisc tone sonated an otherwise nas primary. >>heightovercame the darkness o nateaign. [ applause ] an you made it ppen.
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reflective with nbc news. >> we plugged away a plugged aw. ittle engine that can. >> reporter: a week removed fro an iowa ceation, marco rubio fellnto fplace, acknowleingn blunt terms that his prebaterformance cost him. ourdisappointmentight is not on you. it's o me. it's on me. i did not- i did not do well on saturday night, so listeno this, that will neverappen ain. >> rter:eb sh sandwiched ieiddl of the pack. >> thi cign i notde. wegog on to south carolina. reporter: bushids telling nbc news, they're rinas rubifade ted cruz is lookingor the first ithe south prima nt week. >> w go tothrolina the lmetto state. washin liberals may find
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>> reporter: cruz releasing a ne ad,ocki the republican front runner. >> i got t trump aion fire. >> no y, it's huge. >> whatoes he do? >> hpretends to be a republican. >> reporter: trump firing back. ted uz, the worst kind of washington inser who just can'te trusted. >>eporter: meanwhile, cis chstieaggingbehind in siledigits. >> jt notenou not enoughtonight, that's okay. >> repter: itead of a planne trip to sou carolina today, t new jersey governor will head home, whe he'll de the futur ofis campaign. a tough nightorhris christie and for carly fio and bcarson, a well. from new hampshire overnight. he was clear ated, even a little bit stunned by last night's resus. as he tol me, i think wre really on to sothing,ith the positive nure of this campaign. matt a sannah? >> pet alander, thank you very much. > donaldrump jns us fsh offhe winnew hashire. good morning.
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>>ood morning. >> known you m than 30years. you've always said you're a winner. st night, verst into the pos and officiall made you a winner. how does it feel? >> it's eat. theeople fm new hampsh areea i've had a bonding relationship with them a lg ti. i'veeep t long before the political ing. idr tn anticipad. we wouldave rlies where ten tis theumr of people would show up than weexpeed. we got to see it from an early int. ihink south carolina, ankly, is going to be similar t that. you doubledp on john kasich you' sai y are sure y can at hilry clinton or bernie sanderare you t favorite to be the nextresident of e united ates? >> that, ionknow. i d't want to talk about favorites. i thinke're doing vy well. we have something specl. o days ago, i was in south carolina and we filledp the stadm. itas packed th pele. a movement. people want to see a smart country. thant to see us take the country they wantre deals, not
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we lose money with trade. we c't win with the military we can beetatisis. ink of general george patton noteing able to bt d it doesn'tk tha way. th country doesn't win anyme. new hpshire reordered things. o is yr biggest competition cruz in south caroli? >> gatquestion. ihinkll of th. they're all accomplished people. they're governo a senators they're all very good peop. maybe, you know. but think, probably, i wouldn'tant to pick one. they'relose enoughnd wll seehat ppens. theye all accomplhed people. >> it's sious now, mr. ump. i mean, now people are going t ke a good, hard look at you and say, can he be the leader of the free world? can he be our president? >> they've been lookit me, matt, s mohs. >> now this new hampshire w sa, this guy is on trk.
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couny, they want their kids to be abl to look u to the presidt. theyant theo bebleo admirepresident. you re o withs last week an we talked abo being more subdue yo said, i'm trying to become more atesmanlike, more subdued. this week, you continued using some words, repeating a word that aupporter said toou at an event tt i notoing to repeat here. is that satstasmanke? >> we had 5,0 people in a snowstorm, in a blizzard, and everybody was having a good time. woman, not a man, shouted out this word, and the shouted i outagain. >> s didt he teat . >>e had a good timend it wasn't the worsthing ithe world. >> you're a presidential candidatend we haveo bep it, is that what you wt to ow? we were having trendous me, got standing ovation. everybody was up a down stanng,screaming. it'sne of the reasons i won. you have to be yourself. now, as i get --look, ias a good studentt theest school
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i know what t d and whatnot to do. i wil saythis, aou get os,ou act differently. we were having a gd time. the peopleent outndoted for me and tt's whye got the numbers we did. look, ts untry, political correctness is killingus >>s i political correctness good manne temperament? >> itasn't theorst thi in the world. itas a woman and it was a repeat. i said, you should ner say that word. >> then sarcastic repeated the word id i reprimand the person? >> y can't reprimand if you're gog to y it yourself. whreou going toelease your tax returns? >> they'reeing worked onow. >> whas the hold up? >> guarantee t bigge ever the history of wte're doin 'somplicated stuff. we will be releasi that.
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the rate y pay, low or high tn expected? >> i fight like hell not to pay a lot of tax. ever politian pbablydoes. i watch others whe ty say, i want to pay taxes. i fight like hell not to pay taxes. i hate the way thgovernment spen mone >> binner inew shire, donaldum thank you for being here. >> thank you very mu. now surprise second place fisher on the repubcan si. ohioovernor john sich. he made his way to south carolina over night and will look to capitiz there on this momentum governor,oodorning and congratutions. tha yo we're ve pp >> i saw you onour bn new hampshir and youefity we feeling this comi. ato you think me the difference in the final ys? was it sething you said, or was it the faltering of other ndat? >> no, i don't think it wahe falterin were o o way uanyway. we do have greatgrassroots people, which we'll be ae to use throughout the country. we'll be building tms everywhere we are.
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message. as you kn, vannah, i w the only one with a really positive mess lwayselt twill lig uld comehe darknes in a political cpaign where we could say what we' for. bringing families gether, creatingjobs making sure no gs leftbehind. that mesge w used consis for thet -- well i've beenoi i most of my let but a very strg message about all of that. i think, finall it broke through,long with the fact that our tv commercials were positive. iad so myillis dollar spe against me.we ovcame it. >> i'm gla you said t light ca overcome the darkness d yourosite msa ronat wi voters. yore behind a guy who is y ahead in the pls and has a habi of when somebody gets close thim, talking about nald trump, targeting tt person with negativity.
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up undert witheriack at has claed other ndidates? well,matt,e' the thing, sobody wantso mess with they'r msing with the wro guy. i' not going to sithere a be a marmall and have somebody pound . look, i was a congressman, balanced the budget, i was the military reformer, i've been the vernor oohio. those sitions,ve seen jobs created problems lv we're not going to back and ke poundin from anody, 're going to tell people wha wee for. in my speech last night at the close of the voting, you know, it gotten rave reviews, which i'm gteful fo i' talking aboing people togr and reving t ir oamerica. >>r kasi, you gave urresume. it's impressive. you've beenn govnmt many, yes. not t take anything a f ur strin last night, dona trump still bea you by 20 sethi pots.
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li voters don'tant the esblhment.theyig feel y repse that. >> h had 65 tha didn' vote fo's justha there ao my peoplehat wnou tak the vote you don't have them together, he get tt kind of owing. we're goingo se howt , saah president. one thought i'd raise the money when i decided . no one thought i'd make the debates or get t nhampshe. as some people hav said, in fact, two dterssaid, daddy, w win you wecause we're not so sur mr. trump will last. but we'll see what happens. we'll seet ens. it's a long, long road, the way to the mination. some point, w going to be going to themidwes we're going to be goi nnsylv andhind miigan a liis. just wait. all ght. ohio governor john kasich, appreciate it. thank u. thk you very much. let'srihu td back in.
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weno whoadhe bestnight, dold trp. john kasich had a gd night, a we. wh had t wst night? >> i tnk -- iuess you have to say chris christie. he went for the kill on mco rubio. didn't help m. it certain hurt rubio. maoubio arguay had equally as bad of a night. chstie did i don't know -- not going to quafy for saturday's debate, as far as the criteria. he probably has to reasss h mp. that'shye's i jse this morningndotth carolina. rc rubio is also on the ropes. south carolina, matt, is going to be a blood bath. we have about t days. jeb bush, trump, ted cruz, john kach, marco rubi it could be a circular firing uad. who goesfter w? wh you asked dontrump who his cef rival is i'd say teduz. he won one. as this go south, he should ha a natural constituey out there. i think y'll see cruz and trump fight it out.
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see who cane the lt reiningabliment reican. >> chuckto, thank you very mu. much we have y ricola o theayo you. let's g a check of the weather from mr. ker. we have aot old air ng in. so, a butiful out we. they could uain in sthern californ da deees. yo lk atha hapni in minnpos today. 13 f gh. windhis nea zero. we have a little bit of a clipper bringing le-effect snow that will continue to pil up or the nt 48urs. all year long you worked hard to take care of business and take care of the people who matter most. so when your taxefd arrives, make it a ltle further at walmart.
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gew priceseverhing you ne to get more fun out ofour tax refund. walmart. >> that' that's y latest weher. ? >> al, thanks very much. comin up, wil one of th biggest sth.s
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olympics? whateo i sayin herik concer> t, ts is"tod" o nb comin up,t isheir relationip lik now? johnedwas,ormemiress, hunt, ss out the first timen nearly fivyes.> ending, aolion
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od wedneay morning. at :26 past the hour, i'm shelle ckrell th ts toy show update. colorado sings police are asking forour he in identifyinthis burglary suspect. he's oan armed robbery last month at the metro p-c-s store onast plte avenu... e he used a large revolver
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thsuspect is descred as a twenties to thirties. he's about six feet tall with a mustache and goate if you have any information you're asked to call polic me this april.... the edestrian acss act" will take effect in colorado springs. city council just passed the ordinance. it prohibits people from sitting or reclini on sidewalk trails other publ right of ways, during "high affic hours" in rtain colorado cit noduring the next 60-ds.. violators wi get aarning but after that, th could face a ti fes.... the enneountain zois welcomg w male mexican wolf...juorcies ngeason.. her me is "lig"... and the hope iat she wl pairith the zoo's rrent male resint-- "leopold." we told you last month when thr previous feme -- "weeko" -- passed ay. "lighthawk"... iseeko'sister. and she's making her fst publicearancat the zoo... later this morning chf mornteorol-- stephen bowers jns us now with a lo at our local forecast...
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e sull still be with us to the gusty downslope 15-25 mph nd will help t sun to warmour temperatures io the per 40s and lower 50s by 10 am. expect low 50sround colorado spris anmonument at noon with lower 60s around pueblo and caon city. st areasill manage 60shis afternoon with0s ithe high elevations. th ening will be partl cldyith temperatures cooling through the 50s and 40s and into the 30s by 10 pm. i'm shellene cockrell th this
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> 7:30 n. 's wneay, feua10 2016 a ferinkles. dreary startspiritsspsreigh inside studio 1a. inside look at the headlines. warning from the director of
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clapper, speakg on capitol hill, he says isis will probably attedirect attack on the united states in the comin year he alsoarned about the terr oup's esce online. isil has used cer to its great advanta not only for recruitment and propagaa but also to hac and release sensive formion about u. military rsonnel. >>lapper noted some f dozen inkedrrts were made in the u. lastyear. laska airli flight f boston to san die had t diverted to deer ernight. they said an inticated passenger becamesive and thened cwmember th took the man ay to t lit of felw paengers. [ applau ] rport officials say the man not facing chges. in politics, t big story, bernie sde and donald trump nninbi new mpshire. sanders pping hlary clinton
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he joine usn our lt half hour and we askedim if he's nohe overall favorite in t presidential race. >> i think we're doing ver well. we have sething very specia two days a i was i south carona. we filled up the stadium. it was backe wople.and jt mething goon. 's a movemt. >> sat mub ended up in fifth place in n hampshire. he is s in manchester this morning and he joins us live. senator rubio, thas for gettin rly. >> i'm u ear every day. thu. >>p late and up early in this case. you idt ght your supporters you were disaointed. you werestraightforward. you said t los n on them, it was this was t firstime you d up to satur ni debate not being a great performaand having an effect do you tnk you shodave said something about that sooner and maybe that would he salvaged the moment?
7:28 am
de is a deba. i n't thinpeop ameanalyz ithe way the med does. 72 hrsater the media fixated on it. people heard something bad happened saturday night th marco rubio. when youk aat the margins betweethirdlace and fif ple, aoupl thoandvotes, that'senough. want my suprters to kno they ran gcampai, the worked everything theyneeded to do. tene finisd shorteis because of me something thatever going to happenain. weave eight debate i d wellept for 90 sec of . th ection is to important. ot just about winning the election. it's a whas at stake here. i think in the m and weeks to come you won't see someone work rder just to run the coun countrbut t turnheenate
7:29 am
rfmae yet a lot of politicalnasts say somethin sothing more serus it was exposeing a major flaw in you as aandidate and they translatthat to a lac of depth. do y translateat? >> tt's absu. if y look ath ra,o o inhis re has sho greater pt knowledg uerstanding or better judgm on the foreign policy issues than i ha. and fact the matter is, at debate was 2 hours and 15 minutes lo. iot ask a hos ofstions on cplex thin. inswered eve sinene o though questionses wit auch depth orore tha anyonnhe race. m not wried about that rt. ink our rord on isss clear a moving fwa ma it clea there's not an issue before this untr that i discuss in depth anyon in this race. when it comes t foreign picy and nationcurity, i have more experiencend haveone mo work an allther ndides raing i the repuican sid combinedi lkwardo tha conversation as wes we hd o you combat that perception if it tes hold,
7:30 am
thatpout off tking points or as one person sd it from another campaign,ou're mi wide but an inch dee well, i'mnhe aith you righnow. you n as me any questn you wantn any policy you d lind we a dis those epth. i don'tnow wt're going to ask me. d ts everyday. i don't think tt's the narrative taking hold. i think e narrative that night s, w had a bad debate peoe d it on the news. what us is you c't get anythessage outecause that's ahey want tosk about. that's on me. wee going to getack to th fundamenls that mades semifinain the st. ll b t nomineeut is going to take us a littl longer. >> youaw t margin of victory for donald trump. john kasich had a good night. in your heart, do you think anyone can get donaltr from tting th nomination right w? su ld tmps n goibe the repubcanin but new mpire has been state badly
7:31 am
closing of millosof manufacturing base a dald trump tapped into that. that an imrtantopic and eds toe discussed, without a ubt. to be president, you can't go areowhat wrong. you ve t telleoe how you'oing to dction it. ust a convertionbout death depth. whe i theolicy ia aut how wre goi to bring nucturing back? it not enough toay you're going to do it. voters need to know how you're going to do it. i don't knohowou continue to run a campaign from south carolina and bond witut spicallytlinin ises. sues. i catell y we hav a plan. i know exactowe' bring manufacturing ba. thhy we needy reform. that's whye nd tax reform. our tax code her i amo the most expensive ithe instrialized world. th'shy we need regulatory rerm. they put amerins had a dvanta competitively
7:32 am
there's gngbe a real focus on policynd we'll seeowpele sup. they have tote and outle their solutions to these problems. >> senator marco rubio, thank you fr your time this morning. >> let'set a check of the ather now from al. >>nnouncer: "today's" weather is broughto youy kay wers every ss begins wi kay. >> we'reoongt se lake-eect sn s around e eat lak bute'ls seng snow omashiton l the o ston buwhate'reoing to be re watchingr t nex to 72urs,he great lakes, there's almost no ice cover. so, that keepshe lake-effect snowachine crag. for todae aoing to look morenowshers, flurries tendg al the wowto chleon,rg, rind rgin. laffsnowhowe rll get ing. ey'l continueithea snow at times throughomrow a on toarfriday lo atome o these swfl tols fm clevela to buffo, wre tking about
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erie, pa. traverse citygan, 1 inches. syracusew >>ha >> that's yourest weather. savannah >> al,thanks. >> jtahead,.s. sr sta speang out on zika vis. hope solo, will she skip the olpicsnrio? t n til f "fuller hoe" is he. we've got male penguins show their le wi. a pebble.
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7:39 am
>> the zika virus is a scary g that is vyknn. hopefully, se of those unknownsil co a little more known with the research thatheyo in the following mohs. >> we'reentive to the fact at this hasbecome a glol is >> reporter:opeolo veal her ccernveik epidemic i bzilhef the rio ympics. saying, quote, if iad to make the choice today, i wouldn't go. late tuesday, her coach revealed itart of e r of the 's discussis,s well. >> we've honstant conversations behind the scenes. reporter: the.s women take the field tonig in xas, in ei first qliinatch for a spot in rio. thethree-timefeingold medalist aomef th gges athles a tse games. ho off tirorld cup wast summ. where soloarned the award for the tournament's t keeper. but theik virus, predominantly spread by mosquitos, is aarticular
7:40 am
whil the other olympics sports will be played inrio, in a lower- climate, stadiums throhout brazil will host olympic olympicocr. it could drop into salvador and make all the soccerreevents kelace cseto rio, which i thinks a wise desion. >> reporter: the cdc relead guidelines for women who arer plan to becomepregnt because of the birth detect associated with zika. at 34, solo is citingamyconcerns, saying female aletes should not be forced to make a desion that would sacrifice theealth of a child. >> how dhe athletes feel about i at this int? this is something that's clely a huge conrn toer and other players on the u.swomen's national soccer team. >>he u.s. olympic committee said iis cloly monoring
7:41 am
u.soer,que,heafety of our athles and staffs our highest priity and we're taking the necessary prau precauon the olympics hapn iaust. it tical ol, drier condition mosquitos don't breed. >> it's the uncertaiy. >> it's a lot to tnk about. coming up, we'll do pop start. tellou about a new bio pickn theife o donalrump f th folks fr die. wait unt youee who is ithe arring role. sheinelle is in th o roomithyoutube's bge star, m iclson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. justike my moderate to veoiar and i was rried about int . my dtor said jot pa from ra can be a sign ofxisting joint damage
7:42 am
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7:46 am
photographers fore makinarun for it". my poor camere socks... al will you deanother ir of brescianis. reorring bresciani soc. okay lisn... can you sendome lawyers sothing? (moaning) ...alec? wha >>e have celebrity overn the orange om n jus anel, also the king of youtube. good morning. >> i'm joined byoube royalty. beer known as -- >> youre royalty. he hds the recd f the most eubribers ithe wld th over 42 million subscribers. can you en wrap your mind around th llion? >>otbad, right? >> i said cutie pie but how u say it? >> cutie pie. >> i coun't do so, we should talk aut the
7:47 am
hits is -- you play video games, you offer colorful commentary an peopl wch you play. why do you think pple e caivated b ? >> ink people feel connecon t me. we're just hangi out on coh png games together. >> i read your videos have been view or 11 bli with a "b". >> is many? >>re you amazed your hobby has turned into a success? >> it's such dreamo be playing games for a living it started as f and now i re. you have your new premie ieri toy. has vid ges from the orange roo wel streaming that live.
7:48 am
youtube utube channe kechlt w let me puty paper wn. pewdiepie. >> thank you very much. ming up sta powers, penelo penelope cruz and ryan reynolds. first your lal news. riously? we'll give it a 6 for composion. scy. wo wt about just putting a fair, noaggle pre on the window? nony enough? sometis e best dea
7:49 am
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7:51 am
ifou're not getting the relief u need... k your doctor ouorcia. orena. e yo ra in a difnt way ad to ha y ad thaveou wh us. coming up the topf the hour now, i'mhelle cockrell with your local headlines... it's wnesday today... and local catholics are taking a chance to support thei community. students and faculty at "divine redeemer school" wilobserve mass ts morning... and afterwards... they'll be worki to assemble 600 compassion bags... which will contain baby wipes... loti.. toorhbrushes... toothpaste.... tissues... lip lm... cks.. gloves... wate.. and granolbars... thba will be distributed to needy people in our community... in this mornins health watch... day inueblo... the city-county health
7:52 am
and emergey officials will b testing th communy's respon procedus during a health isis exercise. ent will invve rapid decisi makinand the silated deployment of resourceand personell. current emergency response plans idenfitify aas thaneed imporvement... so commuty can better prepe for ture health disasters. chief morning meteorologist -- steprs joins unow with a look at oulocal forest... stephen... the sun will still be with us today. the y downslope -25 mph wl he t suno warm our temperatures intthe upper 40s and lower 50s by 10 am. expect lower 50s around cora springs and monumentt noon with lower 60s around pueblo and caon city. most areasilmanage 60s this afternn with0s in the high elevio. is evening will be partly cloudy with tempures cooling through the s and s and into th30s by 1pm. chief morning meteorologist
7:53 am
> it' it's00n "tod." comi up, the granite state has spoken. >> thank yoew hampshire! >> thank you, thank you, new hampshire! thank you. >> dise wins and surpring sues in the new hpshire imaries. ho t rul wilhange the
7:54 am
on toouth carona. >> then le's revela this is not a frivolous relationship. mean,were together for ninears. weeot together but we still love each other. >>oh edwards' fmer mire rieehunter, saks oubout the scandal that brought down his white house bid, and reveals about what thei rationsp is like toy. alk to me by >> it may be cold outside but the teerature is rising in st studio 1a. an reynold is here withhe story o an unlikelysuperho. >>supeerolanding. th'sd on your knees. >> and "zoolander 2"'s leading lady, paenelope cruz, gives us her blue stee >>'s hot. tst her.
7:55 am
10th, 2016.>> >> llo! >> i'm 46 today. cebrang mirthy at the "today show. >> it' birthday. > we'r > 're at 8:00 on a weesday morning. it the 10th o february, 2016. and the incleme weather has rived i n york ty. is thisain or snow? >> this issnow. >> ye? >> ye, aix maybe. st >> it is aittle sty. >> cinup, valentine'say from the awkward beginning to the all too comfoable stage. we have theltimateift guide forny stage ofour relaonship. >> that can come in handy. > first, let's get the morning's top stories from natalie, who is inside where it's nice and warm. >> yes, it is. come back in, guys. in the news, republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders are hoping to bld moment from their wins inew
7:56 am
moveso e south a west. peter alexand is in south carolina already f us this moing. peter, good moing. >> hey,tae,ood morning. it's a cold onen south carolina,ut thing will heat up quickly. here's aoo at the numbers from overnight in new hampshire. aecord tuout fueling bernie sands ahead of hillary clinton by morehan 20 points. on theepublican side, nald trump more than dblingp his closest competitor,ohn ka. a shot acros the bow at both politicalparties. bothitical establishments. >> oh,wow. wow, wow, wow. >> reporter: new hampshire throng a wrench into the political machine yagain. dold trump andernie sanders, idealogical opposites, both leadin populouampaigns that, right now, are riding high. trump speaking out about his big withis mornin on "today." >> i s wwere going to do well and we did better than antipated. it's movement.
7:57 am
they want to see u take the couny back. >> reporter: on e democratic side -- >> what voter here in n hampshire confirmed tonight is not short of the binnif a political revolution. [ applse ] >> repor sanders takin a victory lap. while hillary clint seemed to knowledgehe's inore anher lonbattle for the no, ma'am snags--nomination. >> i have woro do, particully with young people. iill repeat again -- [ plause ] -- even if they are suppting m now, i support them >> reporter: while trumpon new hampshir by a we margin, the republican race wa also shaken up by the sden r of marco rubio who camen fift acknowleing his poor deb performance last weekend. >> our disappointnt tonight is not you, it's on me. it's on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night.
7:58 am
haen again. >> reporte stunning re of ohio governor john kasi, coming insecond >> mayb jt maybe, we are turning the page on aark pt of american politics >> reporter: kasicoping his strong showing in the granite state will boost him as the instream alternative to trump. >> by doing as well as we have, i think it'll hav a lotf people wantingake a st at the table. most of those people aren't goin for donald ump. they're not going there. for republicans, south caroli is the nextrima stat nowenays away is state is going to be a war. donald trump and ted cruz, alreadyattling i ou to mention rubio, bush and kasich who will fight things out here, as well. i flew down to south carolina with john kasicast night, who knledged t challenges he faces g ahead. but says wll justeep plugging. natae, backo you. >> that is the key. peter alexandenks so much.
7:59 am
boston to san diego wasiverted tuesday night because of what th airline calls an intoxiced passenger who madethats. other passengers applauded as li roved the man so the flight cou continue. an air spokesman said the incident was a customer service issue and no charges werefid. downtown denver was a sea of orge and blu as an estated 1 millians cheed their super bowl chas at the parade. the lombardi trophy was hsted in a fire truck. the biggestsupporter, miles the mascot,avoring the men from s lf-propelled reclining chair. >> how do you get that job? >> he deseed . >> w wanhe chai >>etim raxrecline. >> love it. >> natalie, tha you very much > forhe first te in years, we're hearing from a woman who played a major role in th 2008
8:00 am
>> rielle hunt's affair with hn edwards ended his white,he's openg u toteve harvey about the scandal and what their relationship i like today. here's morgan radford. >> were you reallyn love with him athe time? oh,y god, madly i love. >>eporter: love,politics, a toid affr. rielle huerhe former tress of john edwards who had a child while he elizabeth battled ncer. here, describing their affa. it was not arilo relationip were together fo nine ars. we'r notetr b we still love eachothe >>really? >> yes, very much so. >> reporter: hunter sai the two brokep last february, but she and her 9-year-oldaughter ceys edw-uinn sees edwas edwards all the time. >> he's a great dad.
8:01 am
how was it presented you, thathis is how we' gng to presentth? >> i thought it s insane. i thought the whole thing was insane thy ien ang w i w s afraid that m daughter, o wa unborn athat ti, i also didn't want to hurt anybody. it was in the mdle of a campaign, and iidn't want to be the one t bring down an enre campaign >> repte edwardsidn' later. >> my precious quinn. who wh i love morehan a of you could ever imagin >> reporter: edwds qetly accept bratseparate fro h wife elizeth, theother ofis other ildren, who would loseer btle with cancer in dece 2010. >> let's tk about the truth. you took a lot o heat,ou know, aot of people, it's hard to forgive. >> i am rlly sorry.
8:02 am
i wasn't tnking of any butmyse i bsoluty wrong. absoluly. >> here's t -- [ applause ] i want the audience to hear ts from a male perspective. she is not mared to yourn. you are. wh a lotf wan do is quick to blame the oth woman. the guy, john, has a re in this. >>eporter: hter says s stops trying to change pele's opions >> we weatheredhetorm and we came o the oth side with thiseaiful chil w is azg. i have iven mel and we've mod on. forgiveness is key. >> reporter: for "today,"gan radford, nbc news los angele >> tirfei able to use your phone when you get hairt? re's a soti opop start, a nake onthe lif of donald um wa tillou see who is playing the lead ro. and spreading the ve
8:03 am
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8:07 am
whole grain quaker o os. d ofyou go we' > wre backnow. 8:13. good tim for what's tndin today. >>irst up, questi, wouldou y aict on this ship there's buzz this morni about a new shi set to s in 2018. it's called, tanic 2. >> oh. >> yeah, as in t titac. here it is. it will an exact repla o the dood ocean linerhat sunk 106 years ago. its voyage will be from china to dubai. it'll be 13 feet widerhan the original. 'll accmodate 2,40 board. yikes. >> some people fin the idea unsettng. >> when will it sail?
8:08 am
karma? >> i wod. >>tand on the bow of the ship. >> que of the world! >> hop that works out for you. >> china to dubai, are there glacialformations? >> ion know. howoou celebrate valente's day in your house? big deal, not bigal?>> not a big deal. >>t's never a big deal. what was that? >> >> having fun. natalie. >> i'm ually in bed b 9:s the realy. >>hat is rll weir there is a myth that for sgle ople, valente's day i hard an thedhe sy hend be ale. actually n ,orng to a newy fpen ble. i have a feeling it's reaurant survey. yeah. >> %f single people sayhey look fward to dining out in celebration ofvantins y.
8:09 am
seeing coupl engag in pda,r at natalis use,, da, >> b >> bow ka bow wow. >> >> they don't mind pda at table in arestaurant. >> you udes, y're jt jeals. ot one more ti. tt'sok emember a fewk ago, were tki about, there are a lot of pple who hate having to ma small talk with theirair stylists a the salon? e is aew product that allows you to textn peace. it's called the icape. >> we have one here. >> let's demonstrate. >> looks lik t capeou wear at the salon, exct i has this ni, handy nd. see? you can put yourho andext
8:10 am
your haircut. >> you know what ee you can do? that, that, nah, nah, nah. >> i g you a good line. >> i don't g thepoint. >> you can protect you phone. i'd go like this and the hair falls on it. >> ay. >> a you can wear it bkwards and take oe a superhero. >> exactly. little rqu bawardtoo. nowe donald trump biic. biopic. >> a new mie about theife of donald trump. thsn't your typical biopic. it comes from the f a funny ordie. you'll ner gue the a-li star w pys the donald himself. >> just reminder, your mting with the family about that ipment tomorrow a 9:00. robert dur would put the thing
8:11 am
the actress in overdrivis martha you have a meeting at noon and you' no longer a rtere demoat. >> is that it >>essir. >> dou guess who that ? no. >> believe i o not, johnny depp. >> by the voic >> taking lead in this spoof film to look like a 1980s tv moe of the week. this projeepcret for mont and relsed to cncide with mr. trump's new hampshire victory. >> wow. >> next, t real tv even fans have bnaiting for. "fulr house." on tuesda netfl finally releas the show's trailer. >> before we eat, i have mething ver importanto say, ay? we all still lk good. la, la, la >>et's cl michelle. it'5:00 in eorning in neyork. >> voiceml. >> y've got it, dude! >> michelle of course, a reference to the character played byhelsen twin thquestion tha coming
8:12 am
on eln's show, the sta of "fuller house" said the door is alwayspen fhem to return. >finally, get ready, it's ck. l it go,et ito m one with the wind and sky >> just wheneinly gotlet it gut of o heads, there's bi news. a musical adaptn abohe film isingobroadway. you have some time to prepe. it won't happen until sprg 2018 keep going. "fzen" ishe highestroing animated filin history, earning $1.3illion worldwe. u kno tast rt? the cold ner bherede anyw >> i came into work at4:30ne morning and blasting out ofis dressing rmas "lett ." >> in there by yourse, hin ball. >> tnt, nah, nahna >> n was , joe,s that yo thank you very much.
8:13 am
weather. >> man, that s a good pop t and trending. anyway we' got cold air. spking orozen, look at the temperatures. feels like 2 in louisville. ijacksonville. 12 sarday, these a high temperates. 8 cleveland and green y. 21 in washington. and told air really sets in sunday morning. we could set recor in boston, new rk city and washinon and roan t , it'lle hot. teerures in the 80 anywhere fm 1 to 20 dre abovaverage. that's what's going on around
8:14 am
here's whas happing inour >> that' >> that's your latest weather. >> announcer: show heartoday is bught toou by you go. notng can bngs down >> now our special series, sho heart day. we'repreading the love ahe of valentins day all across the country. >> normally,eeepoda and jenna bush hagapart, but this morning, they'reogether to >> we are. we don't know how thishappened. it happed to a lot ofus, and it meanso much. someone does sometng unexpected, kind and thoughtful, and it makes your day, doesn't it? >> i se does. we decided to make all the momentspen allr york city. >> today is goingo ben awesome y. i can't wait. >> we have a pl
8:15 am
>> ourlan is, we're going t go up to random new yorkers a sh themandom acts of kindness. >> i can't wait. >> yby. justup. g strangers. >>hey y not like it, but we're? >> who res! >> reporter: is dawn in new york city. new yoers a heading to work. it's time to spreadhe love >> new yorkers love tir cfee and wre going tovide as ny as possible. >> freecups. >> reporter: fst stop s avenue. >> wha do youwant? >> rge, no sugar. >> how muc is it? 1.50? not toy. >> awome. >> what do you get? >> today, it's free. >> are you wondering why we're gis? >> i'm on a show. >> no we're jus a random ac >>ut a smile on you face? >> yes. >> that's what we were hopingo do. >> reporter: after fascaffnating miown, we headst. >> we're going to comp people
8:16 am
>> roundrip ticket! have a good day at work. >> hey, baby! do you want free ride home from wo? >> awesome. >> happy day. >> high-five. i just moved here to new york >> you did? y tway, this is what haens every daynew york. 'm blown away. >>'re nicer than san ancisco. i don't kno that but there's nice people everywhere. >> hu yay, awesome. >> evyone, don't you love ee tick? spread kindss. >> happy day. ha a wonule. >>n . >> bye,everybody! >> rorter: it's te t head north to our lady queen angels school in harlem >> here we are. >> our kindness tour b u here. >> next stop, ce kids >> come on. >> we're he! >>i. >> hi. >> hi. >> hi guys.
8:17 am
raiser hand if you like read. >> who wan their own cl book? >> who wts to be hay? bause i'map >> reporter: happy t take home a book ofheir very own. thank you, sweet girl. >> you made my day. >> wt is happening? group hug! tve here. >>hiishe biggest hug we' ever ha >> s cheddar cheese! reporter: the biggest hug, the sweetest smile from new friends. na n yk presbyterian hospital. ts could be my favorite part othe da 're going to go and give an t pple wo som really great work. can't wa. >> i can't either. >> reporte lunch is set upn a secret loca. nurses in th pediatric unit gather for what they thi is a staff meeting. >> hi, guys. >> oh, m gosh. >> hi! >> how aou?
8:18 am
and say thank you. >> thank you, guys, somuch. >> you work so hd a the time. >> reporter: the nur here today, there is such ahing as a free lunch. >>e wish it wa -- you get a car, you get car. bu stea you get a sandwich, you get a sawich. thank u, l,or evething youdo. ian't believe h nice it is. >> i'm going too the biggest selfie you've ever seen. >>eporter:s if our day codn't get better as we were leaving. >> do we have gdnews. >> repte i walks a 18-year-old paent. >> i'm cancer free. [ applause ] >> the oy person who i probably happier thim is you, mow i'm - mow. i'm happy for you fami. >> he couldn'tait t share his surprise to the nurshore ke mily. >> you didn't hear? >> amg! >> repte it isithout a
8:19 am
>> two santa claus >> it is a gift to give. >>t looked aggressive. people are like, who are thesirls and what do they want? >> why are they running? >> t pturef you hold gaby themega by the neck set the ne. >> tomo, we're doing little romance and talking to coupl who he been together more than 50 years. we'l talk with themtomorr. >> orable. >> perfect forvalentins day. >> good wednesday good wednesday morning. at :26 past the hourm ellene cockrth thi today ow uate... cora springs police are asking for your help i identiing this burglary suspect. ccused of an armed robbery last monththmetro p-c- store on east atte anue.... where he usea lae revolver
8:20 am
the suect is described as a avy-set blk male in his mi twenties to thirties. he's about six feet tall with a musthe a goa if you have aninfoation you're asked to call police. come ts ril.... e "pedestrian access act" will take effect in colorado springs. city councust pa the ordinance. it prohibits people from sitting or reclining on dewas,rails or other public rightf ways, during "high traffic hours" in certain pas owntown and old colodo city. now during theext 60-days.. violators will get warning but aftethat, ey could face and fin... the eyenne mountain zoo weomg a nemale mexican gray wf... just in ti for the species ti season.. hename is "lighthawk"... and e hopes that she will pair with the zos current ma reside-- "leopold." we tyou last month when their previo female -- "weeko" -- passed away. "lighthawk"... is weeko's siste.. and she'maki her first publ apprae at the zoo.. lateth mng.. chief moing teorologis-- stephen bowers joins us now with a at oulocal forecast... stephen.
8:21 am
day. the guy downslope 15-25 mph wind will helphe sun to warm our temperaturesnto the upper 40s anlower 50s by 10 am. exct lower 50s around lodo springs and monument at noon with lower 60s around eblo and on ci. most are will manage 60s this afternoon with 50s in the high elevations. this eveni will be partly oudy with temperatures cooli through the 50s and 40s and into the 30s by0 pm. i'shellene ckrl with this
8:22 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8:30 now on wednesday morning.
8:23 am
this rning. little bit wet. little bit sty. spittingn us aittle bit. we say good morng to all the nice fks w have come out re. hi, everybody. you know what wve got? a week of fabulousstars. >> . >> it rol on toda pelo cruz is here. made a b splas at the emiere of "zoolander 2" las night. we'll talk toer aut her role little somhi for the ladies, as we. ryan reynolds, sta o "deadpl," is here to talk abt the role, faerhood, and remeer we s him at the super bowl commeral. >> aot of him. >> nothing wrong wh that. >> plus, a you man dominating e country music charts thomas rhett is here to perform the h tt launched him to fame > first, a check of the weather. s iturned to snow >> we'lle looking at that throughout the great lakes and the northeast today. light snow.
8:24 am
though around the grt lakt, it'll be hvy. showers,unshine and warm for the west coast. tomorrow, the lake-effe snow gets windier and snowier. we could have aoot of snow in areas like upstate newyork. heavy rain in e pacific rthwest. southern tier states lking good, though chilly air is maki i wayo the great lakes to northern florida. that's what' >> got >> got a birthday geting here.
8:25 am
>> bailey. >> from memphis. >> yes, sir. happy bihday. >> tha you. >> let's headk insid to matt. al, thaouych. >> from cedy tmao tionyan reyno i one of llood's mt versatile leadin m. he's pving it once again in his new movie, "adpool." good to see you. >> good morning,att. to be here. s an r-rated movie. >> r-rated, "x-men, marvel thing. >> every moment >> it does . a movie i've been tryg to getaidde for11 year it had to be made in th right way. >> it surprised me it tk so long to get the movie made. i watch it yesterday, a i loved it. act thatt's a superho mov that ks c't see? is ttt took so long? >> i think so. i mean, look, i'm n running
8:26 am
tooke to r moviesll the te and'mne, i think. but, look, s,n order for "deadpool" to one the r y, it had to be ty. it w aiffi decision the studi a i understand the desion. but they' thrilith it. basn aarvel comic aracdesc deadpool. >> he's a y, odd charact and g into an expimenta progra whe they tortuim stupid comes oispie edsfigured he's a lotunhinged. >> ry unhied and breaks the fouh ess saddresses the audience directly in thefilm, makes fun of ryan reynolds. >> so since we' talng about a superhero, o of the big debates we have in o sdio all the time, is if y could
8:27 am
would it be? savannah wano be able t eat as many calories without gaini ig. >> ring >> minesx-ray vision. what isyours? >> i wld love to ableto, on de,reen any'80s c video in slow motion. these dreams that all i got. >> any other '80s movies you ? therell awome,rit? juice neon. just calle angel, mornin angel actually, tt' in our vi openauset's onef myfavorites. >> '90sor me. sno snoop
8:28 am
i'tt onic,on't you ink rit? >> o of this - i'll end this. >> than god. >>ne of the superpower you have is the ability to ange diapers. oh, yeah. >> how i life at me? >> it's great, man. i hadne of tho rare morngs wher my daughte was --ust dn't want me to leav asyec my wife was asle. but it wa like,ouon't w to go. it kills u. she' aite over a yearnow. >>t would you wife, blake, say is yourtronst st as dad? what needs work? >> i nee ttop tveng nd promotingadol." i've been in 15 cntri in three week et too home tomorrow, where i'm excit about. ey're withe in theity w. e str suit, i would say, you know, aays dohe dirty work. i'm happy too the dirtywork. so does she, but i le getting up ithe middle of the night. i'm fine with that. >>n e scale of 1 to , how
8:29 am
evybody ds of that. >>t wasretty nu, man. it wike -- it really we we theup bowl and my daughter saw it and recoized it. the were 1 of . to her, it was 24 useless boob no pressed. >> hyundai, right? >> ah. >> i see youore a a go, daddy guy. guy. >> w shot that in one day, did t 12 different mes. it was cool. >> "deadpool" coming out in time for valentine's day. >> perfect. u'llev forget it. much. >> alws a pleasu. >n our nt half hour,ome of his "adpool" co-stars.the movie opens frid.
8:30 am
the udio. fit,his is "today" on nb,,,,,,,,,,,,, > we're we're back a8: with osr winr penop cruz. in "zool2" she pys specgentryin find out why srs are dpping like flies. natura s turns t derek zoolander for help. ta alo. >> der zoanr? >> yes. vantina, interpol. >> fashion poce, wre cln. harass somebody else. >> bedes,'mut of fashion. id toalk t you. has to do with t deathf justinbieber. his deathsot my probm. >> i can uhe database of interpol to help you findour son. elp me. >> pelope uz, goo mornin gd rning. >> washa a much fun as it lookslike? >> lite mo. was inedib, to beith all o em
8:31 am
ha a -av a thecene with themnd tve kwn eh her s lo th'v made likeeven movs togethernd ner s provisin h to be t serus one of the grp. heardou were auge f of thest mie. >> yes, was. i s i tn five time i knew a the dialogue. i s reallyap t know t were going to do the qu>> b still sse wrote this part with oneern in mind. itad to be you. >> ah. >> i an, tt' got to beciting>> so ex haone moromy i untr andn my lage, not s muc inamerica. only theork witoody allen and a little more. i ft likes giving me great portunit >> can y-ena thehone ll whe bled y and sa, zoooolander"? wuying diars in a permarket south. he g m the ws. i wa so thatwas
8:32 am
wi men mind. iove the aracter. she seems like the nmal one, li the srt one othe group. littley little,ou discover he's a fak l them. >>he haso have aittle frk i h bsehe fin havingeeli for dere what do yhesn k? >>t's thin she has zo well, let's not say whahappens r, but they d hav ection. >> ty do.the premie wasast nit. i haveo show the video fro it it's aw you gs walkow the catwal characte you see it there. there you e. there'sderek. s t n? it wa fun. it was hilarious. gff t pm europ d didn't know erwa ot ther runng,ut oth ou. th washk, mugatu and el.
8:33 am
i said yes becau had the prottion of my craernd i wa wh th boys. it didn't matte if i fl on the floor, if i didn' d it tidter. h tha protec. otherwe, i wouldn't haveaid yes. >> iead sometng funny you sa, thatt was cool to to s u to the i valentin valentina. your movi,ou character habe i crisis, down on the ck. i t leaygot he and g theharacter whate theyed. thehacter wil spe t you and tell you, t w they walk, the rig shoe erything in this se,he had t loo ally cool. >> that's fu couple items i heard. ll mhiis tr read yike toair and llood ait>> ah my mother is a hairser. spent a cplou aay aaisalon, wch was like gpy in pshiatri's fi were sha teepest
8:34 am
le being a btend or someing. >> it washe bescting sool r me. >> i heard youere lely wn youirst moved t l.a.,t you'd get stray cats and bring yourent,true tth pe's apartments. i wou get c andogsm here and then give it to friends. even if they d want them. >> lastly, ion't kno howo feel aboishi yaid,de whatou loolike yeaiyove ugl fe >> no no, no. i hen't sd that. i'm okay with my feet. >>okay, weredanc? ye when y're a bdaer, you se yr toenails. you throw them away and't feel i anymore. that what meant. >> okay >> i'm okay >>our feet are ty, ok i kfre pretty.ey'renormal. >> we' leave itth. ne,ha eare. "zooland 2"pensionwide oniday. u next, theltim valente's dayift guide. whetheou justtarted datg
8:35 am
fit,s is "tod o nb,,,,,,,,,, e'> wack a 46 h a scialvantine' daditi of stuff welo.this rning,ift iasor erycoup. weav theiftyle editor of guilt.m. good mning tou. >>oo moin >>very stage of retiship -- >>yes, something for evyone. firs if you'ren like or kingt to the next lel, we ve some great jewelry. it can be trky. if it's t n f the necklace or ring, try a broach wear them groups gether. these come in a settartin at $24. if you're taking it to th next level, these gorgeous necklaces are the perfe gift. frombluetureeny, w is a storn n rk >> ne to g a piece o welry n too serious.
8:36 am
giveour valentine t mo, stars or sun. sing at $5 what's next sf latiship he long-d relatiship. mug. they're from, t sy. 'lrson lziz ttate ity ofr longista love. let'sest. $2 >> very cute. nex up, forhe newled, instea of aox of olates, how about a bfros? >> wow. hese an'tus anyroses. they're really innovative from they last 60days, no wer needed. no upke. you'llind them in eint hotels all over the untry. >> they're real? >> ty're real.
8:37 am
beaufu >>or the newlywe or bacon lover,e have a ftaic grouping here.rst,e have 5 sde of ba okok. enough said. >> g t for roker. >> also,have sirrancis bacon peanut brittle. chaconnd peanut brit this isrue lo. t rlly isciou$1 >> cute on >>ex up forhe galnour . >>r beie. >>otittle of quence, sann? these are sequenc hea marke totes. tote ma in morocco. they startt $5 for t lite one. fun. ian d . >> i love it. a lot of times wan to hang outirlfrids on lentine' da
8:38 am
next, ioueitti dble digits, fhe lo-ter retishiphiis th we fietew puzz. th'll szle of the exact locat where you me >> i le that. howe is th? this is my simply $39. >>o cute the pieces missin of se. sav the best for . or aewom vantine. newrdad. thiis shaec ander little boy. work here at the "today" ow. >> a mching pajamt. ho can we g te th srtt$19. it's at amazon. >> what a sight for sore eyes soood to see hoinghe hea u s ro. ifou aretin hunt perct es t y' fge we hpolve anyvantins
8:39 am
up next, a liverfoce
8:40 am
firs this isoday"n nbc the >> the citi concert series on "tay" i presented by citi. >> 2016sff a impresve start for thomas rhet re pretending he's not standing rightext to us.
8:41 am
awards a 21 - two ih awar. his singl "d a hap ma" fift consecutive nber one. th week atop the biboardot untry so cotrso crts. it o "tangled." heoio ayfo u noady?yeah, n. ba,t night was hands down o downne of the best nights that i've had noubt between the btlef wine and the look in your eye andhe mainaye thene danced in ark
8:42 am
nd know that ian't er tellou enoug t i need in ts life is your crazy love if i never get tsee t hern igs or if i neveret to see the el ter atight oh, if all i got is your hand m h , ild diepy bab tha redss bngs me to mynees oh, that blaress makes
8:43 am
goddes the cust, thehottes the masterpiece it's tood tbenothing noing bette than you in wildest wildest dre i know tt't e ugh thateen if i yr craove i iev get to seehe rthern lights, orf i never ge tseehe eiffel towt nit , if a g i your hand in myha, baby, i cld die a hay man y know i could, yeah i i don't nd no vati no fancy desnaon
8:44 am
eou stay a home,isten to t radio or danceround t fireplace i i neret t bui my mansnn geora, orive a sports car up eoa of lifornia ,f all i got is your hand in my hand baby, i cld die a happy n baby, i cld die a happy man oh, i cld die aappy m knowould
8:45 am
happy n, baby [ applau [ applause ] glad to have you with . ming up on theopf e hour w, i'm sene cockrell w your local hdlines... it'ssh wedneay today.. and locacatholics are taking a chance to support r community. students facul at "divine redeemer school" will observe mass this morning... anafterwards... they'll beorkingo assemble 0 compassion bags... whicwill ctain baby wipes... lotion... tohbrush... toothpaste.... tissues... lip balm... socks.. gloves... wate.. and granola bars... e bags will be distribed to needpeople in our commity... in this morning's health watch... toy in pueblo... the city-county health departnt... local hospitals... anemergency officials lle sting th community's respse procedures during a health crisisrcis the event will involve rapid decision makinand th simulad deployment of
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current emergency sponse plans that are in ple will be used and tted help idenfitify aas that need imporvement... so the cnity can better prepare for fure health disasters. chief morning meorogist -- stephebowers joinss now with a lo at our locacast... stephen... the sun will still be with us today. thgustdownslope 15-25 mph wind will help the sun to warm our temperatures into the up 40s anlower s by 10 am. expect lower 5 around colorado ris and monument at noon with low 60s around pueb and caon city. most areas will manage 60s this afternoon with 50s in e high elevations. is evening wil partly cloudy with temperures cooling throh the 50s and 40s and into the s by 10 pm. chiemorning meteorologist --
8:47 am
thi hisng this morng on"today's ke,"ot starsf the t movie this morni on today's take, hoast all here. >>ingers number one on the chart, thomas rhett. going to cch upit car winninactor fo . all that and more comin upnow.
8:48 am
this is day'sake with al roker, natie morale tamron hall stuo rockefeller wel welco to t first day of theenten seon. natalie, al, jenna bush r. jenns morning jam. >> lik . >>erfoing marth. >> i ing. do youan to . prming here. >> do want to go >> thi they' let me ? >> i think so. >> iould let you? >> by the y, this showoday isoi to be he. >> h he? shuge >> dond or bernie would say, huge, huge, huge, huge! ay? >> huge beuse? >> we have rn ynds andhe inedibleast ofdeadpool."
8:49 am
aming. >> and so inappropriat >> it's bad, right? do not take yo childre it's not your tical superhero marvelomicovie. >> and we have forest whitaker. >> and thos ett. >> thomas rhett. is is so huge. huge. >> you kw who had a huge nig last night? forhat we'll go to willie and tamron who are in manchester for us this mornin hey, guy>> good morning. wee ing a big one. >> ryan, forest whitak >>e'll keep them company. don't worry. >> you mentioned the he thing. basically got queens rsus brooklyn. ld tmp and bnie sanders. >> is that subway ries? >>ould bsubwayeries. as you've heard, donald trump won on theepcan side with 35% of thein new hampshir john kich comi in an impresve second place 16% ted cruz at 12%. it went down from there.
8:50 am
rubio, as well i think the facthat donald touch mad the inis wh aotf ople areoong . undperfmed in the pls in iowa. he leading by 20 points in most of the polls leading up and he del. >> he over perform, anhe had under performed in iowa. brings anoer nversati, ich we'llavenoth time fronrunner spoke last ght at his big victory party. here's what hed. >> we haveo thanthe candidates becse they really ad -- we have some ver talented people. to be victorious against some of these people, even if 's for one wk -- butelieve me,s going to be wee, okay? buthey really e teific. new hampir i want to thank you. we lovyou. 're going to be back a lot. we're nogoing to forget you. you stted it. remember, started it >> donald trump wins. john kash isnteresting. lot ofeople woer, what haens to second place? is ione of t four or five guys? kasichas theuy to real
8:51 am
does hhave the mesge, th power, resources to go and compete? marco rubio another guy peopleere lookg he fl fifth pce. obvisl t date rfmae where chris christie to h art was devasting. >>bsolutely. couldot recover from that. sang what chrichri referredo, 20-second morized speech. going back to kasi, i was at hiheadquarters lasnight and willie and iertalkg. the ssage john kich is presenting is polar opposite to what we're heang from dold ump. the te ilike it is. really going negativas he needs to in the trump arena. john kasich sayinghis will not be divisive. he says negive politics is old scho at's what heaid lastight. a lot of hisuppoers,hey broke t into cs onhis secondla. it means, course, they live to fight another day in so caroli >> of the fits we'veeen on the republican side, we havet ally seetrump and kasich go at it. i interviewed trump this morning and asked m about john kasich. you started to s the early
8:52 am
he said, well, he got lucky. the state of ohi they've done well, struck oilhere. he's shang and figuring out ho do go after this guy who came in second pce. chris christie, governor of new jersey, finished a dappointing sixt he invested so much inhe ate. instead heading to sout carolina, ase planned,e's back in new jersey this morning, ssg s mpaign. he spe more than0 days campaigning in new hamhire. as iaid, came inixth pla. >>fter cricizi rubio s hardmany a saying, how is it that chris chrise didn't benefit? essenally took out rubio, but s own campaign at the same time. we'll see if chris christie can li to fhtnother day. w, the projected winne oe democratic race bernie sanders, 60% to hillary clinton's 38%. little color her bernie sands fohiwa anunlaying basketball with his grachdren.
8:53 am
e nerves. as youuys know bac in new york, he was alws e favorite to w her buthisapi beevtheysaidistthistic. 's the large gap bween two candidates on the democratic side. afr the lls, bernie sander rallied his suorters here's a little of what he said. together, we ve st the messagthate'll echo from wa street washington, from mato california. [ applau ] and th and that is that the government of our great coury belgs to all of t all of t people and not just handl of wlthy campaign contributors and tir super pacs. >> so bernie sanders winning by 22oints. i think a lot of peoe -- we talk to experts even
8:54 am
pointsn thpolls but there's no way it' be that way on elon nig. was itas 22 points. think very telling, tamron,e won by 11 points, accdi to nbc exit poll amowomen. part of the riona of hillary clinton' campaign, she a historic falcaide. e lo by womeoverl by ubleits. hillarclinn speaki las night just before rnie sanders. >> i kw have work do, paicarly with young people, but i'll repeat again what i have said this week -- [ applause ] -- even if they are not supportingw, iupport them. cause i know - [ applause ] i know i've hablessed life, t i al know at it's like to stumb and fall. >> well, >> well, that's her messe to the young women out there. 'll see if there is
8:55 am
to york, it is wile ind t, signict e loom b 11%. t ju you women weeitera tt, because in iowa, we w her lose hanly to you peoe. we saw the same thing. it is whatome are referring to asillary woman problems. we'll see w her campaign adjus that moving on. uys, good job out there. by the way, next key date politics, south carolina repubcan primary and nevada democtic cauc, bh on februarth. that's coming ups well. >> that rends methe key date we have coming up this weeken vantine's day. >> februar14th. >> we know wt natalie is gng to dfromarli. >> nah, nah,ah. >> brought tout earlie >>are you go do vae's >> ing t to d early. i goi t see "deaool.'s prediction about valente'and "gho busters 2.
8:56 am
taing a psychic check it out. >> you had another date in mind. >> accordi to source,he end of the wld will be on feuary 14th theear 16. valne's. mmer. >> wow >> tnd othe rld? howo we get prepad? >>'ll holdy little bs, i guess. >> we knowt yore going to do. >>bout the kids? >> ew. >>hat? >>hat wi y do? will have nice ly dinner.big, bigly dinne tnk you fakg it er's your ea ribyeak, eam spinac eak ies, apple cbl a ice cream top. >> you had me at t ribye steak.>> and bon >> i'm hungry. >> a lot of people have been going to ouracook page becaus've got day's take
8:57 am
it's day 11 of 25 days of prizes ze, es with the ather forecave got cong up, itacular. it's a four-day, three-night tripo hmock beach,s lamaerolf and s sort, palm . orwoks, four day three nigh go tface.coday's tak li uanrest to win. gog to hithe bton the hesidef weher see how ma of yolike us. did i mentio whave ryan reynoling up withis cast ofdeadpool." they're ntastic. chk th outcomi up "tod's te." weave ow ming s wa ross greatakes, in noast.'so be a chilly one today. especihrouthe t kes. ng dits, teens, s. undhe cmstanc inhe norst. st l good.nice and warm ou make your
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8:59 am
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shs peop picy tis to help fit eibudget. that a ue story yeah! people rlly do save an average of over $500 when they swit. i me about you ining it. i invented the sry, and isn't that what ry matters? so... what else about , t it s a big weekend at the bo offi. "deadpool" hitting theaters on friday. >> ryareyn sta in the formerpeci forces opative, ge turned io a superhero.
9:02 am
film and ed, who plays ajax. theillahoav "depool" the awful meover. >> ohyeah. >> "deol." >>his has bn a pas t orsor ars. >> 11, yes. hi n yr typ supemovie. >> no,t'unorthodox from the cdits to e very tip tip-p afr t credits ene, was as unual as itgets he aharacter tha les and works in the "x-men" ivse, but ao met awe, th anltra violee c by ult medy it'unusual, yeah. >> it's lait's ratedr, plus, plus. >> yup. >> dityar t ra. t f no, no, m 1-yearghrlodhifi >> really?
9:03 am
fi diapers up. was into. >> raisi her ll >> we neehat earnlife. >> re, you're no strange to the suero genre, bei i ot "goth "goth "gotham." that w probabla little different though. it s ce t have a strong fema lead. it was nice to embod her and play somy who civet ba t that guy. literall >> extly. a t.j. y a hilarus as h frnd,heweasel baender. you sf a gun. >> you did itagain! >> there a scene, i tand, that w y sehim, when c after the wholevered to haceo
9:04 am
tother onset, i ar. >> i couldn't. heas fi. he was tally incharacte >> iou break outt my own jokefinitely. he's gremprovisere wereble gh and riff the entire this i, ow, b it wa abl reallas. >> y bleed yoself. >>yeah. th i what's real great.>> amazing. stop . yore min us vy neous. >> ishat i d o tv. >> w need a bleeping button attachatched. >> a lot of actors say it's fun in gd guy but so much fun playing tad >> it's fs an inreing character. whher yoreooorbad, i
9:05 am
you toour limit and wants to wo wh you and met inrestg, thent's grt.this w dre roly ys. your actnuences credible, betwe the two of yo did you have to do get character? >> he s incredible. he wasike -- credible. hent months a months and months tining and fighng. helays t villain. i mero milwaukee. h britishccent thas just ffi. you c'tave ailla -- was, i was, thk, a dedication i've never seen re. daniel day-lisevs o dedicati >> i'm doing it. >> lutely.>> s into >> yought scewe g. >> do a lot of my own actio stuff. me of thctions were th. >> pour a drink. >> a bger drink, take it aw. >> , yeah, yeah. >> i wasn't able to do ts a all. i have fea sue. >>ealked aboutth.
9:06 am
>> from ping-pong, table tennis. >> i get the sense oft it must have been liken set with you guys. >> m hurt. >> i bet. ker, you son i nee >> i need job! >> we'll be backith th cast of "deadpool in a game we're callin"storiroe set." >> oh, y. >> and our sensors wilbe ready ter esemessages ep, ep. i drive the hoop. i dre a cecar. haver. his na is carl. but that's not what we all have in cmon. we talked to our doctorabout treatment with xarto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelt is soroven to reduce the risk ofoke in peoe with afib,not caus b a heart e probm. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there isimited information on how xarelto and warfin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, taking warfarin, i had to deal with tt blood teinroutine. i couldn't have healthy salad enever i wante i founother way. yeah, eatment with xarelto .
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9:09 am
it's a ole new kind of joy yot enou bitintoa new jif ba de with realjif peut bter. e w back with ryan reynol, j. mier, morena ccarin and ed skrein. we'll play a game called stories from the set. i'll ask a question and you'l put up tppropriate picture. >> i like it. >> o se who has the direst uth? >> oh wow. i thought i the direst moh. >>ll ght.j., yr cas mes s yo
9:10 am
i say "deadpool," t movie. >> you're goingor t whole cast. who forgets to silence their cell phone?>> don kn. dot ow if we did th. >>nody >>est ad lier >> ryan and t.j. o this e. >> it'sard to pick. >> i don't think i understand how this rks. >> youoint at the camerasnd ge of the wfhis y. >> who had meses air? id g in tre and i guarane you. >> i have "deadpool" on eve ne >>ere you even htrailer? >> wa't. bsutyno
9:11 am
dresser. l thnitu is me out o carry on. >> hav bet rnite. >>ho i bes a kaok >> oh oh, oh! >> , acally. >> nono, . >> careles whisp ing. 'm ner gon dance again got no rhythm i only g iflow,he broadcast sts youdown. blet out. exacy. i' thehiteberry.>>ou yea white? >>malow oryeah. >> who has t worstten music? >> ed has the best. >>'m goi w j. have to witsomee.ed i amusian
9:12 am
who did most of tir own stunts? >> obviously, me. >>tuly,o,t's ue yo dvery o of your o stunts. it's true. tyeren sptacur. >> pred seraldrinks. >> roker, y son of a ah! yove done iagai >> like a bad sitcom. >> ah >> guyshank you s mu >> so sorry about this. >>deadpool" hits theaters on friday. coming up,he incredle forest whitaker when we come back.thisom didn't ha tim rry about a crked windshie. so shechedul at and th safe's exclusive "on my way text" she knew ely when i'be there. hi, steve with safelite. anks for your text! i placed her winhield... and she didn't miss a sile ot giving you more time for what matters most how'd ya do? we won! ni! at' other safeli advantage. thank yosouch!
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taking a l taking aoo at the headlines, aouple of big auto calls to telu abou recaing recalling beusth cou have dted eride ags may ta. the rell affec mdes-benz cars and suvs from the 200 through 2014 model so, general ms recalling
9:16 am
d suvsn north ameri because pedals couldfa. automaker is calling b the cvroletdo h.d., an the gmc sierra hd from and an2016. era pal pivut may bemeloos the are rts of ries or crashes. if it seems like your aieat is gettingmaller and smaller every timeouet ard,ou are not now one membe of cs wants to do meg it. tennessee democrat ste coh plans to introduce legis th would requireimum seat sizeines. in cent yearome carris have idud smmea signthat heow tm to squze more seatono planes. >> a shopping cart that' been a blessing for pents wit l needs chire have gone tide tailbecome t largest chaitoff roline's cart in most of its stores. itas desi by an alabama
9:17 am
col ahoppinrt ander daughterolins whlcha at the samtime. cali'sarsav aeady been used imaer chainand other countries from ausalia to norway. it was a greidea. from the b s to broadw, ausical adaptation frozen ming to aew york city stage soon curtains will go up in spring of 2018. "frozen" the highest animatedgrossing film inis earning $1.3 billion worlid you'llet t hr that song, geat back i you head over and oveagai let's get a cck of the weather rit now from al >> i wish they wou on it u in sumr! yway, we a lkingodayt sonow swers across t ealakes, ono w york in faceect snoay upwards of a foot u nr syrase. showerinhe pif northwe toasty in los angeles. high of 88 degree stwarm in thewest f mo.
9:18 am
gointowind andh colderortheast great lakes o to t mid-aantictas. boon freeze warngs >>'s take. w ppliking us? 1,000. forghetet, registeror our pre today. trip for two, four days, three nights, in beautiful pm coast, florida. we'll have details coming up. th's your latest ather.
9:19 am
forest whaker, considered one of the finestctors of our time best known his academy award winnin perfoancen"the las ng o scla." >>orhe time fes i taking his tents to the broadway sge in fost plays asmall-time gambleon the evef the grea depression.forest, good morning. >>shi a re youlws wanted to tackle?>> ieeeoong f methg toork onst had vehear of e play, actually. i was awaref eugeneo'neill, but i had never seen thlay. i rarely found anybody whoas. so it was exciting toind this material that was written so well. d it was really rich and gave me a great oprtunity. is your broadway debut. and youre basically on age e entire te wit just one otr actor for t mt rt. theire ti -s thaintimidaink -- i mean, you have to make se you get
9:20 am
carryihat auderhat ho. ye, it' a ver friteng expeence. >> not to add to the presre. >> i'm trying to get usedo . we're in previews no it's jt a sondpreview. you hav tchange your voice forhiplay. n you give little eview whilet's in prevw aut how you get into aracte >> i g he's a ler. we startalking a gambling, all of a sudden sothing stas happening. and i gues t voicehe character is a le higher than lite re quick.wit is fte than mine 's an interein thing tory to . was able to do that bdoing a lile bf resrchnd tag a couple ofmble. >> senttila fro th'20s. >> oeah. yeah. you got the regulartuff like the dave's dls. f li thatbut tn y hav stu le
9:21 am
you know i mean? it'sery intestin >>ou'r famou f really ttininto aracr, the thoding style veidat cha ou've playehe yes.what d to la what d lo hav n? >> no, jusma tim wit ly. sto throhereets, thing specl. >>ou're a texas guy. aellow texan.your daughter, yo justaid e'amu. >> yeah. >> talto us about watc pem. >> s did herebut a s by southwest thiyear itas orwhelming for me t see r, performger o muc. heice beauful. rling am sopr cel you're a proud father. >>ah. nd tn you g a cometely differt kind of projec cing up, tars: rue >> yeah, i didhatight b i c here.
9:22 am
>> yeah, it'sdo. me out nt rists. tharr c't rea bout , unfortun >> j.j. abrams has silen you? a nedar decd this one 's dng text e. d thi oneaitegy. 'sefore it's a prequel in y.>> cool fore taker, cannot w to see you on broy comingp, inpreviews right now. >> congrats on yourway debut.ill ahead, woing catch uph coury sr thomashett at's better than a kiss w about a giaice cerl ki? sn, crackle,op, by. right ter th. ri ally, really, really le you beina part of heing people in need iwho am workg broda for me not ju a job, 's le fo . i vet. i rm my nnectis the residents.feelike i amart theifamily a ty'art m
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clorox means clean.,,, i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful rg. thank you. we're never having kids. mmmmm. the. i love it here. we are neroving to e suburbs. we are never gting one o those inivan we are never havinanother kid. i'm pregnant. i nev letting go. for all the nevers in life, ate farm is there. >> valentinays >>valentine's da i this weekend. so if yore scramblingo get cards and goodieag out, y may want to watch this. >>hich im rey. meredith sinclrs her wh
9:27 am
promesasr eugh to ma with yr ds they'rellometel dole. herwe go. >> ahe a kid-fen o hs doing reaun an easy sun ec l you needseit sheet pcters that your kids mighhave. u cu out art. st ging wn wh th moe dge podge. 'sike miure. ites clear.wh y'r a done i looks li this. u el away thingag and you get these beautil su catchers. rely easy for kids to make >> great project. >> west you g inith the hearlreacut. >> yes, whis e grp,absolute. cutho t. goodjob,ryan. now wre dng bird feeder th isy preschl claro. this i mp, sple mtu
9:28 am
she's go to pret d really hard into t molds. they, you g tse rd eds. thkey i tut aolnt while it's stillwe ovnit, you getse bird eds. you cagivehem to you teache, ur frnd bire bfth is e ckyard >> to fdheigeon you bayard >> ectly >>r uirrs.or oer ds, i love thes the n bepe we fnd a packt thol stor juin card all we did was the and with embroidery les, whichare s, she i lacin and rth. mot ss. anen you comep with these grea lac rd >>te s gre old sl. >> ather nocand and trfor assrhese ar justcil these we like on
9:29 am
thisnna. e'sustutng outurtela, thtoand t tt anth c gehese to your frien ahean actual use the pencilst scho. >> ce. >> very easy and f with yr kids. >> i avery iesin wha he's making. jake makgne of the most f katsige. andeur into a gnt kiss. just b putting into a fuel. go aheadndut thatn ther uc a ca you w toay that ly wellh cngspray.and then, onceinre 30inutes, a u'reeady nd thet pt youaneat it! exactl hen youan . >> you c havete. i won't tell hiss rea n. alyou ne itrs paperan a ap rengwo ofap and y'r go t p it a're ing tapl
9:30 am
sa thi, yore gng top going d gng a gng and gs great garlan so ma greprojec. are so my get there greaea. >> tnks for helping us. comi up xt, we' g the country crooner wh a l ofeartho isti pretty on top of t charts thomas rtts gointoe ining us right aerhi ba, iouldie aappy in sur smarmathematician, maria chudnovsky, to help her. i ha a lot of student an dt. can i deduct my inrest (beep) can amy deduct her student loan interest? iner case, yes. thamouright here. in your case, yes. the am goes rit here. thanks. intuit turbotax. taxes nemarter. sk s acve w rnieskinactive
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alexa:ere's e news, "alecbaldwin and jason scartzman we seen moinparabaldwin threhis shoe at photographers before makinan for it". my poor came socks. alexa,ill you order anothe pair of brescian. rederi bresciani s. okayisten... can you send some lawyers or something? (moang) ...alec? >> thos rtt is m countr country music history. >> his song "die a hpy n" bre taylor swifs record for six weeks at number one on the country air play art. we'll talk to thomas in a nt firs let's see it all >> reporter: country music i a ly for thomas rhett. who gwp with a musical influences of his sier/sgwriter father. to you don't stop, i'm gonna
9:35 am
das footsteps, he relead his debut album "it goes likethis" in 2012. he girl, i'm far away >> rorter: which led to three chart-topping hi. girl, iot to get me some o that >> reporte after hiswn suess, thomas co-wrote singles for fellowountgrea including jasonaldean's"1 flo an floda georgia line's "roundhere." last , his seconalbum, angled up," climbed t num two a earned thr aca of cou music award nominations. fling down >> reporter: thos rtt i adedcrosthe u.s. wit
9:36 am
taking the cntry by srm a ovgte ere to stay. >> >>homas rhe is with us this rning. w good is i tbe you, as i ratt off nuers. "die a h man, 13 wks at numbern onbilld hot country siles charts. nomi for 3acm awards. 2 ihrt ds i'm exhausd. it's crazy. lown awaha happened.seemike eterny it has been a fewye we love man. ovndng shows,aking nan and writdmusic. 're making lotsfa. >> thank yo i appciate >> the nt thing is,t's not ju untr ind like thsl a&bnfluces in there,s we. the arn.i g u wh ad, obousl th sanount asy fst lovemy fst conrtashe rolng ston. on t way to hool iwas the le arethaanin, all
9:37 am
dutysf in a box like th nev rll hasee my style. ike mfutu >> speakingflove ich uformh yr , uren, neay fou years thmo sng aour shs. oh, sh. >> write a your musfor her. >> ido. theie aappy man". >> there she is. >> hi, la are you mad at me for bringing you out lik thank you, >> what are you dng valentine's day? >> i'msuly never, s this itinuinhe tr bue'll meavinner o ach. >> you alrearote her a song allave do exac evodhink it'ree ha pa, b it is not. no. you set a hig b forvery her mann amic they c't come cle. is o o those in, i'm lad a sghat was so persal about h lif a mage,rett muc everyineisdefe. glat had the suct
9:38 am
>> hea a acros erica, agn, breang thasrhett, tha so much.
9:39 am
s is "tod on nbc. hey, the how many are -- wow! >> all rit. >>ha a number >>hat's thankso ryan reynol >> guess w is here? wh n >> fran drescher d thomas rtt is gointo sing a so. >> rash and bu yourr coming up. how apprate. >> they' h everyhour >>hy not? >> plus, we have a wine bottl and a s. it's veryimpressive. >>ll explai that isothing ts happing. want this.
9:40 am
>> after your local n and weatr.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nn aou fm ws this is "daithhileegiord a hakoiverom stud 1a i rocfeller a. allri. have nidea who it isut is nes day wednesday, evybody, february 10th. >> it'ssh wednesday.
9:41 am
that's cald "wild things" by esia oll. >> ye it the first day oento -- >> givg somethingup ge inheir h. yes,hey are. spein of wild thgsookat thiot male. you look grea dl baby. >> tha you. ank you. >> fran dresche is re, me animed than ev. she'll tel us about th iidt realize it s a wednesday.iaw somody ith building d i dn'tant tost ihohtay the w someing wng with th.buow inow. so it exains it all. >> you'll see a lot of that. st. trk's thedral right re. >> oh, gd. >> we hehis rllat sier friend youe going to like. mber one song on the biboard. his name is tmarhett. yourson,y thwayr yr
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