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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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19-point winver his neart competitor ingew jersey governor chris chriie and carly fiorina to thexits. aoug y eyave sude their caais afr poinishes ia d new mpsh thnehampire survivors have now descended on south carolinasi of one of the nexcritic faceffs. our lical team has redeployedwo. wein our covage with nbc ktur. hi, katy. >> reporter: hi, lester. things are about to get interesting. i'm already told attacks are beg epd on dond trump's thre marriages and stance on eminent domn. a new world ouere. if new hampshire wanted to see their candidate t on its coh, sth carolinis wanto know hhey punch. donald trump's 757 is flying little hier tonigh soaring into south carolina off trump's double-digit victory inew hampshire. >> we are going now to soh carona. we're ing to in south carona. i love you all thank you very much. >> reporter: trump trouncing the field, beating secolace john kh byore than 50,votes. >> thewant to see us ta thent bk. eyant seereat al not horrible deals. >> rorter: a
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s path for't easy. south carolina is lot different om n mpe. in 2012 ex pling, 65% of g voters identifieds evangelical or born again. a voting blothat ted cr is pectedo exl with, st as he did in iowa. and while trp owned voters who called emselves themselvesependent in new hampshi, st 25% of south carolinians see emselves that way. >> a lot opele here are shooting for the silveredalnd ving donaltrum the gold medal. >> reporter: like ne hampshire, trump has drawn big and enthusstic crowds across this e. it's where he got roaring cheers for his muslim ban. >> a total and complete shutdown of muslims ente the unit states. >> reporter: but historically it's also a ace that's rewarded organization ancunning maneuvering. >> it's going be sporty. i mean, soh calina tas electis re personally. >> reporter: like w hampshire, trump has led every south rolina poll sinc
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claim those numb caequal s. ty tur, nbc news, new york. >> reporter: i'm pet alexander in south rolina. >> kich! kach >> repter: where jo kasich is ohis rst stop aft a econplac finishn ne hampsh >> t you, jo! >> rorter: the ohio governor iisting his positive message is resonating. >> the light overshadowed the darkness of negave mpaigninlast night in new hampshire. it's really, really cool. >> reporter: how do you navigate the anticipated gative attacks that ar coming youway? >> i'm not going to let mebodyound me. i have aight to defend my snow flurry >> reporter: watching theesults come i tuesday nighrks kasich was more reflective. >> we plugged away, plugged away, the littlengine th ca >>ter:ut in soutcarolina ts mitern mod faces a steep uphill climb in a state famohrisan conservatives, the target audnce fo ted cruz. >> the men and women south carolina, believe, want a consistent conservativesomebody who is the same yesterday, today and tomorr. eporter:eb bush's days may
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strong south carolina showing, calling on his brother, t former predent. >> jeb bush is leader will ep our country safe. >>e can do this. we can do this together, and my pledge to you is i will run wh het as a candide. i will n veefrom what i believe to true. i ll stand on consertive principl. reporter: but so much f southern charm. a marco rubio adviser predicting this state going to be a bldbath. >> south carolina will be defitivan teate, i ne your vote. come out and help us i need your suppt. >> reporter:till south carolinians may avoid the establishment all together. >> thee looking for somebody thas going to say the things that th want to hear. the peoplen sout calina are angry right no and the nt aandidate that flects that. >> reporter: that ndidate willot be chris christie or carly fiorina. as you noted, both of th suspeing th camptoday. as for john kasich, campaign aisers te meis goal res to prent jeb bush from rning the uth carolina primarynt his comeback story. ster. >> per, thanyou . on the docratic si of all this bern sanders' campaign says rai $
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pos closed last nit. now saeris looki to broadenis appeal with minority vote while hilrylint y ske up her campai after h resoding los we've t both campaigns covered starting with nbc's kae nt. sie? >>eporter: leste good evening. these millio that ma up the best fund-raising day er in small donations, averaging just $34 ae, but senator sands lling nbc news tonight he knowse still has a lot of to bernie sande looking ead. a day after heent hillarylinton t stunning defeat in new hampshe. having breakst with reverend al sharpton aicic harm restaurant, blocks omhere bil clinnoved his officehehe left the white house. >> it is very impoant thate sent a signal that onhe morninafter an historicictory tt he w come haemnd have eakfaswith me. >> reporter: therere
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sanders coition. st nht he won 83% of the you vote and % ndepde but hillary clion still has more nori su and etates aad are bigger and more dirse. in iowa and new hampshire, over 90% of decratic voters we white,ot i neh a l lano populati. in south carola wher a majory a african-american do y think it's possible for you t n t docratic noti if yo n't conviee blac voters to bk you? >> well, it absolutely esstial the african-amican vote andhe latino vote, both votes, enormously important. we intento do very well iboth of those commities. >> reporter:he vermontenatoraking that pitch along with shoong se hoops today on "thview." >> the reason we'll do well is our views on criminalusticen this country, and that is whave a bron iminal jtice syem. >> reporter: sanders already has strong support amg ing
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if hcan brdehis appeal, his campaign belies he can keep winning. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> reporter: kie hunt, nbc news, new york. >> reporte i'm andrea mchel covering the clinton campaign. >> i sti love new hampshire, a i always will. >> reporter: a team now considering big changes like adjusting thr meage. in hcessio clinton echoing nders trying to appeal to sanders' supporters. >> will fighto rein in wall street, d you ow wt? i know how to do i you're not gng to find anydy more committed to gressive campaign nance refo tha me. >> reporter: top inton supporte tell nbc news they are alarmed byoters' reason f abanding clinton, losg to sanders oonesty and trtwthiness by whopng 86 pnt and th potenti first female predent losing women by 11 points, and young women by 59 ints. exct t hear more clinton attk lin against sanders'
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antaxes. >> iill raise your comes but not middle class taxes. >> meanwle t campaign is already diating bill clinto to south carolinahis ekd, a state thatas bee fraught for in the past, gettingbacklash for this attack againstarack obama when he ran ainst hillarclintoin . >> this whole thing is the biggfairy tale i've er se. >>eporter:lints hope nevadand so carolina more diverse and e she now leads ara firewall. a lot ll dend on thstate's top democr, congressman jim clyburn. >>no. mot ring outn endorsement before the election. i'm ju ruling one out for this week. >> reporter: even though she lost big, clinton will get ny delegates saers fromlected ofal and tomorrow she will be endorsed by the reional ack caucus, big boost for soh caroli and beyond lester. >> area mitchell, thank you. let's bring in our political director, the derator of "et the prs,chuck todd. do anyf the rules and experice onew hampire apply goin forward? >> well, not only do ey apply. it could actually be a rerun in this respect,
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ought new hampshire goio serve of the way it would wiow theepublican fiel help dermine who wou be chi challenger to trump and uz. now that roloes to south carolian republans. many republican campaigns i'vealked toodoncede trump cruz will be one and two d now it's the race for third. this time on the democrat side soh carona, instead of cnton being the unrdog. she plays thfavori and it's sanho ishe underdog playing the game of expectations. so south carolina, oddly enough, a rerun of n hamps >> chu todd,hank very much. we learned today that the jusce partment hasiled a civirights lawsuit agnst ferguson, ms missouri now that the ty is balking at making changes in th wake of the michael own shooting. e city agreed to provide better police training and chae w its courts do business, but last night thciai some changes, including higher ce salaries, would cost too mh, so now the ds are going to cot seeking an order that would force the city to makehose chges.
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outse bae two sheriff's deputies have been shot and kied. it all began with a stncll when investigators say spect ened fire inside a restauran nmded as 67-arld d evans flood d shot another deputy before he was killed by police. there are some new warnings about the very real fire danger to airplanes pos by lithium iobattie found in just about cell phone and laptop and often shipped asir car ey have alreadbe lied tad crashes, and now the faa, the ntsb and the nation's main pilot union are all warning against shipping large qutities of these and as nbc's tom costello reports some ssger flights >> reporter: 9 damming. the dangers posedy lithium i batteries on full display in this fest. a bulk shient of
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hoe plane'fire ppression system is overwhelmed. battery cao fires have alrdy been blamed for this catastrophicire on board a ups cargo fi in philadelphia and loss of twcargo anhat killed theirrews in dubai and off ko now a top pilo' union is cling for a total ban on all battery shipments. >> we have no fi fighting equipnt on board thatan fight thisire. if it lights off, the only chance oa successful outcome that we have is toet e acraft on the ground as soon as possible. >> reporter:hile airlines aeady ban lk shients of batteries, nearly every cell phone, laptop, tand dvd ayerarried on a ple comes with lithium batteries can overheat. ready 100 cases o small fireon board passenger ples, some ergency landings. today the ntsb said the risk ped b lithn batteries is growing and immediate and called r new battery >> we're lking for separation of lithium ion batteriefrom flammable materials,
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toeduce the amount of lithium ion ttyhi ceain disnc indehe apl >>te ip i . opsed, instead prosing singent packaging d better labefaa auors d deci on ugh ne dardfor ippi baie but ere's noal banning the batteries at we car o board ery day in our ptops and our cell phones. tom coello, nb newswashington. >>now to somhing you not bee you st wi youryes, a sta sells for ju 99 cents a gallon, something a whole lot of folks tught they would never see again, and while it won't happen everyere analysts say gas under $1 could be on the way in a lot more places we get more from nbc's blake mccoy. >> how are y? reporter: lois cookhas been driving sc busses in eln,llinois for 26 year >>ood morng. >>eporter: but thi year her bus andhe 353 others in this
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actually saving money. eagames tranortaons coming in half a million dollars under budget, money th's being redirectedo help fund all-da kindgarten >> we're absoluty thrilled that we c save this money and puk inheclasoowhere it belongs. >> rorte at every state in the couny is now averaging gabelow $2 a gallon, a handful of states below $1.50, and drivers todain tinyetmorekansas ardoing a uble ke, 99 cents per gallon. did you ev think you'be standg here talking to me about 99 cent aallogas in 16? >>ust as possible as the cubs w is th worl sees, bh ng shots but now both sm poible. >> rorter: glut of oil on theket hasn't been good news r oil-rich nth dakota where t economy is shrinking or texas. 50,000 oil and gas jobs were lostast year. more layoffs expecte bufor drivers all across ari --
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collection. reporter: the oil bu is giving amerans a well-deserved break. blake mccoy, nbc ns, gin, illin >> still aad as we continue here night, good news in the ttle ainst dementia. the good hitth you caprticet mahe prentr delay a mm form of memory loss. > also, wi stomreli the w menuddition at the homef the opper?y life. so when my ahma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control mecine i taed to my doctoand fod a miing piece inasthmareatme. on-dai breo prts asthmasymp. breo is adul th asthma not well controlleon ltesta corol cine, li an haled cortosroid br w't rlace rcue inle for sudd breatng pbls. breons uaiayelimpre eaa 4hos.eoonina peci that ireas the risof dth fromsthma problems and mainse t ris ofospitalizaon i chdren alescts. eo inot fopeop who asthma is wellontrolled on long-tm asma control medici, like ahalecortostero.
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dement. while it's bee pected to yrocket in t cominyears as americans ages, ther are signs the trend could be spp, especially for the st common kind o mentia after alzheimer's, and nbc'jofryer reports doctors say the reason has as much to do with the heart ast doesh the brain. >> reporter:or cynthia, dementia is a manyamily battle. fiears ago s was diagnosewith mild coitive impairment and nearly two years agher mothlaire dim alzheimer's. >> sheoved music and loved the ar shelost that all by ltle. >> reportelowi her own diagnosis, cynthia made major listyle changes, becoming more physically active. >> l's review this. >> repor and engaginger bin by taking clege classes. >> i'm trying to push f this disease, to ruas fast as ian fromt. >>orte the nefits of such althy stepe reflecd in a study published in the "new england journal of medine." it finds the kind of demeia csed by
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appes to be on the clin dn on average 29% per decad since 1977. the trend is especilytronr those wi at least high school diplom e study says bte trent of strok and heart die ght a reason. >> wit does view is ge us furth eviden that controlling yo heart health rk factor can reduce yr likelihoodf developing dementia as yoage. reporter: vascular ia accounts for 10of all dementia cases, buter evne can benefit from this research. numeus studies find you can duce your risk of deia by excising regularly. ything thaes yort rate, pumping lood to the brai it's worfor cynthi her memory has not clined. >> it's a ght for my mory. it's a fight f my family it a fig for others who are diagnosed, so i'm in it to win it. >> reporter: she knows the battle forer braiis fght with
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tdmeritrade ,,, a po sto tued a cruinto a ghtme. throyari ll pull into pt ter night inew rsey. hi winds and huge wavesattered the ip overhe weekend noing it to turn ound. the cst grd ll i it t sure se to sailagain, and it turn out som needing help carrying bags may have to wait until morning before they can depart. a surprithe food wars today bger king announced its bigg hae decades,dd grilled hot gs to the lineup alongside the whopper. rger king's president says it's probably the most obviouproduclach ever. it will be on the menu at all their 7,100 u.s. restaurants starting february 23rd. >>illion people soar on social have wched ts
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a babseeing le. s fa ais father'swin. thidentical he keep png the lile guy bk fort planground with the glasseso d tois cute confusion d no matt who is ing him thinks his dad ishe other guy. dad, by thway, is e one on the left. wh wcome bac th will decide the next round of the primary fight, s
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> finally, as we mentioned earer, all eyes a on south carolina as the campaign frenzy descends on the palmetto ste, but what are t vers there who can throw another seismic shift into this race actuallyant? we sent our kevin tibbles gthere and ask them apart of our series e peop." >>epter: so ma rail lines once converged spartanburg they called it thhub city noitill be presidential hopefuls criss-ossing town. >> have a cheeseburger rorte and its 37,000 people, half black, half white,re od and reaor them >> calit. >> reporter: that's the battle cry of jerry the ll it guy at the beacon dre-in. for 70 years ty have
5:56 pm
gingrdary op valufor money, a message candidates shld heesays owner ste dunc. >> we' the backbone of the country. let'lkbout how sport this t oeconomy. >> we a b om start to finish. >> reporter: -year-old small businessman biy whiteside wanta candidatwho will assist new minoritywned fms in the south. >> i'm a repca >> reporter: are y a rarity? >> am i a rarity? i woulsay yes, for the moment. >> reporter: 65% of south carona's republs are prou angelicals. at christian supply devotional prayer beginsach day. for becca frnd h choice of candidate will not be act of faith but thresult of i >> t oft christians he kind of taken a bk seat. if i want to s angei have responsibity to t out and vote. >> reporter: back at the beacemocrat jerry wiggleton has
5:57 pm
>> we ain'tard t plse. we just like to be treated fair. >>perhaps a reminder to candidates th i the w south d traditions hold st. the customerhod alwaysome first. kevin tibbles, nbc news, spartanbg, south carolina. >>hawill do it for us on this wednesday gh i'm lester hol foall of us at n newsthank you r watching good night. news,hankou for watching a goo a major safety a major safety alert for parents. a child harassed on way to school thimorning--a we're taing to the dist about what happened. miked libs weather tease andy stand up hello evyo and thanks
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, m b quk.i'liyden. first tonight... all those school cancellations from last week's snow storm... are w catcng up withur local school distric some are adding make-up days, others areaking the school day a litt longer. news 5's andy koen joinss live at high plains elementary... so some students will ed to set those arm clocks earlier? that's right. starting later this month, all elementa, middle and high school students in district 20 will nd to come to school 10 minutes earlier. and even that could change if get more b weaer later this year. so far, no changesdistrict 11 ...t administrato tell us if ything tiddle scho udents are t mt liey to be aect. early start times here in strictbegin bruary 22nd ..
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of crse,e'll keep yoposted if tngs change becausef more and even that coulchange if we get more bad weather later this


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