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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 10, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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[ cheers and applause ] >>immyhey! thanu, halsey [ cheers and applause ] "cors." loved ! adlands" is available now. my thanks to penelope cruz, peyton mni, mac johnson. ey oncagn! [ cheers and applause ] and the roots right there, ladiesnd gentlen, fr phel, peania.[ rs ]stay tun for "laigh seth meyers." k yofowatching. have a gat nig. i pe to see you tomoow.bye-e,rydy! cheepplae ] [ chee applause ] >>nnouncer: from ocfeller pza new york, it's "late night with seth mey" tonight --
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om "scandal," actress tie wes --from "noth ise." feurinthe 8g banth b rsndppus dies gentlemen, sethers![ ee and alause ] >>eth: good evg! i'm setheyer ths "latght." ho everyone doing tonight? [ cheers applause ] fantastic to hear. les get to the news. the new mpire primary wa last night, and i ess i'm surised t state whose motto is "live freor die voted heavily for "live free and die." [ laughter ] beieanrs beat llary clinton laight w mpshire and nearly every ter demographic includg olr ite voters, younge ite ters, and that a eyinewampsre. [ ughter and] folling his victorin new hashire, bernie sanders has beco the first jewish candidate u.s. story win a prim
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conference wreanswed estions with questn. [ laht ] he might n like , there's a lot ofewish ople ate right now losi it. [ laught according to google, ben cn s the t searched for republican cdidate during yeerday's new hampshirs primary, mostlbecae 's stding rig wree left him. [ laughter and alae he's tre. n've to search for him. hellhere fo officially dropping out of the race, chris christie to rerters he wanted to go home to take a deepreath after hi 6th ple finish in new hampshir i gus heomentarily forgot atome is nersey. [ laught ] [ chrs and applause ta a breath in newampshire, th go home austraan wildlife officis, is week, dvered a ra bino ttle making itsay out of its mother's nest.
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that little fella. [ laughter popular c tvers, "the walking dead" h teamed with halartoreate a new line of vantine's day cards. it's the perfect wayo say, "this relationshipied years ago." [ laughter ] peopleazine has announced that actor ryan reynol is the sexiest dad alive. [ cheers ] comingn st, yourad. [ laughter ] an australian st is planning tlaunch aeplif thtini called "titic." what pbably go wrong? lahter ] coca cola is attempting to trademark the righ to word "zero" for t linof caloee sodas. unrtunaty, the word "zero" has alady been trademarked republican canda m gie. [ lighughter
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you ba laughter ] looking forward to him having a t new york [ laught ] d finall a recent study has found thple who say, "i ve y" duri sex aree lily to feel satisfied afterwards. and let likely to be satisfied are people who say, "what are we, brad [ laughter ] ladi and gentlemen, we have a faastic show forou tonig. [ cheersnd alae ] 'she star of "deadpool," and the world's seest dad. ryan reynolds is in the use tonight. [ ch applause ] alsorom abc's, "scandal," katie loewis in the hous [ chee a appuse ] and music from a cntry leg wyjudd, is here with her new band "wynod the big noise. but, before we go all of that, as mentied, trump a bernie nders we theig wne in last nit'new hampshire primary, a result that harown the
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into chaos. with more onhat, it's time for "a closer look." applause ] so, donald trump and bernie sanders both won as outsiders runninagainst th party's estaishmen but les be clearbout something. that does not me they're same type of candidate becau ey're not. sanders is running a sious campaign oissues. tris a dagogueunning entilypersonaly who has contradied himlf on almost evything he'ever sai thly things th have in common are they're bad at usinmbs they bonounce it " laughter th's it. [ applause i mean, just take ok at how differenthey were in ging credit to their rivals i victory eeches lt night. first, here's bernie. >>hortly aer the polls closed, secretary clintocall and was very gracious in her congratulatis. i thank hefoher call,
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supporters for the vigorous campaign the new hampire. [ chee and alae ] >>eth:kay, n, here's trump. >> i wted to congratulate the other candidat, okay? now at got that over with -- [ laughter ] >> sh: trump thanks he ndidatesith the same rusd speed and low enthiasm, m essie usuallserves for foreplay."oy, now tt i got that over withcan we get tthe good uf" [ laughter e t most unng things to comout of newampshire was the fact that e republican winn barely even had to spend any ney to take first place. b bush, for exe, spe mo than $36 llioin new mpshire. trp, meanwhile, has t ttle on s campaihat rdintohe new york times, might aually maoney o itthan to suppters who veoumillio of dolls woh ofma ameri gat agai hats ant-ir. trump's mpgn is silly just an old navyhahappens to
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stil a "make ameca gat again" hat ithe cheapest way toay to your friends, "reassess everything you think abou." laught but back to jeb, that $36 miion ght tu he paid off, kind of. >> former florida governor jeb bushith a strong fourth place fish in new mpshire la nig. >> bush's campaign is celebring his fourth place finish last night, cling it a suess. >> it s like you all have reset thrace, anfothati reay grateful. settotreang frth placke a victo. [ laughter ] in horse races, it's n "win plac show anje" stl, ne to see h again. at lea hdid bett than fifth place nier marco rubio, who lost hi momentum after repeating t saines vertim a disastrous debate performance to ca out on his abity to talk wiout a script. en res came in last ght, apolod tois pprs sing,i did not do welln saturday nig. th will never pp again." t if rubio's going tstop repeating himself,s definitely got some rk to do.
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hall the d befthe primar as rubioealizes he'snce agn sayi t exact same wos ov and over again.>> bause as u saw, jeanette d i arising our four children in the 21st century, and kw is beco to ill our vues ki, inead of the vues ey try to ram down our thros. in the 21st century, it's become haer than ev to inill in chiren,heues you teach inuromesnd in our urch, instd of the vals ram down throat [ laughter ] >> seth: look at his eyes. that's the ment in theci-fi moe when tobot final realizes he's a rot. [ laught a applaus d wh anwh about chris christie? chriristie, the rubio slayer -- , spe derainruo at t date, chst didn't get muchf a boce mtly becausit impoib to make ris christ boue. [ laughter ] chri fisheh, and today announced he was suending his campaign and heading back to new jersey
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ow aboutim, i'm assumi hel beuper laid back and chill. who outside of trump, bernie, and a delusial jeb bush d a good nightast night? we, there waohio governo kasich, w came in second placand who celebrating strong sng as a victory r positive campaigning. kasich taking priden runng a poveampan. >> there'sagic in the air with this campaign. tonight, the light overcamthe darkness of negative caaigning. [ cheers ] >>hat you heard tonight wa ry chicken sfor the soul. >> that's gh hn kasic bically t epak cpra t pridential campaign. laughter ] 'm runng president because i bewe must al connect with our bliss and become one with the univse. maste." [ laughter ] also, t di't beat darkness. rkness won 34-15. [ lauger ] the pebowl was closer, a the sur bowln't that close. the reblicanampahas anged coab aer last night. as for the democrats, beie sanders mt now demonstrate th hcan perform
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electoralikeouth carolina,whh why he with, today, with the reren srpton. but r anyone wlaims bern'sonituey is too white, how do you explaiis bernie suppoho just couldn't hbut his dance on after thsults were annoced? [ laught [ laughter ] how can you sabe's facis o whit look at that cool dude. [ laughter i will say, i'fr new hampshire, and in new mpshire, tt y does technicay qualifs tree [ laughter ] althgh it s out, tt guy wasn't alone. ie did se celebrinof his n playi aittl hos, a fact that en won over x news. >> ts is bernie sanders, short time ago, neath e campaign headquarts ashe victory party. he's playing hoops with his two adult sonsnd 7 gndkids. >> he's pretty goo thi t 74-year-old vermont senator. >> look at h >> getng ready to give a big victory speechonight. he making -- hs maki som shots there. >> is this, like, someind of a joke?
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[ laughter ] >> seth: bere sanders hates the banks, b he los the bank shs. [ lauger and applause ] >> ynow, iave to say, it's fun to hear fox newsnice to decrat. les hear what else he had to say. >> hs betterhan pridenobama on t sketll court. >> seth: he's no at than back obama at sketball. 's a4-ye-o man that nobodys guarding [ hter but i do love you fox news. you knowowo trol thaseen "a cr look." [ chee and applause ] 'll ht back with ryan rno lks, ys, makeisurdits c ari eir getacar. bravo-niner,n pursuit of a toyota prius. over. how hard is to catch a prius? er
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very funny. oh look, a farmer's market. hould t flo fothe ah! holly! toyota. let's laces. lips apppseato a fasthher skno worri. now, there's new chatick total dration. s nurale ingrmis cliniy en tovehealthiere youful loing li. apstick
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only kra naturheese has a toh of plphi eam eese so whatever u make, is creamier th ever. i ta pictu taicture sris, but withy ck p i couldn't sep d get in ti th i fouvem. aleve pm is the onlyne t mbe a sa sleepid ps
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i'm back.
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[ eers a appuse ] seth: welcome back, evod plea ge it e 8g banover there. [ chnd appla also sitting itonight and all th week on drums, from tv on the rao, jalbunton is here. cheers and applae ] you can you can check out jaleel every mondayvery night at unn pool brolyn with the love choir. thank you so much for being here, jaleel. >> vy happy to. >>eth: such a pleasure. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest is a talente actor you know frofilms like "woman in gold," "the opos," and "jt friends." his new movie, "deadol,"pens in ters and imax everywhere is friday. leke a l
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>> whe >>hem finished, they will ve to grack you. good on at a good one. t's dance. byan, i anles try kilch oer [ yellin][ grun [ grunng ] anging ] heavbreathing ] >> fine, sit. h, sounds likeou turday night. [ laughter ]
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, >> seth: sh:owre youmy frid? >> irettgood. >> seth:is- >> this goo >> seth: thiis very exciting. thism, as fan omic book-- >> yeah. set as a ofction fieadpl is st of dee noac not -- yh. >> seth:nd youave sort of pulledhichtet d t hioneen. d 's vy ffert than any otr superhero ie i evern. h,eaea >>eth:ecsed .' is t -- seth:t'not close to -- >> it's not blee] arou, seth. >>et it lysn. laughter ] no. >> seth: it ally isn't. >> it really isn't. >> sh: and wham ryappy t, cause in lot surho moes no e everies. oh ah. >> sight ay hie. yeah. s y kill peop. >> yeah. there's e'profan violent emelnny,nd are gs tt i abt chaerthe go. >> seth:ea >> from thfirstime i ever read abo h. >> seth:ers myescription of it. >> yeah.>> seth: tl me if these work >> ie . >>eth: fl it' er" meet"gretern at's like na both >> laer okay, sort of good, sort o awfu>> yeaxactly. you know? eth: buteel ke vawiletes the greelanter theileah. th yeah, i st of look it likif "who amog rabb" li hadex wh "ht."
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[ laer ] >> and-- a tsomew deup on ceoid. seth: there yo. yea i ink that's kind of -- ye. >> seth: as c see fm e clip, ter th wil addrs e ca. >> s wch ire f inas welh. st e ea th werthe e. hes a c book., makes j about ryan reynolds. i an, like, y know, it a totallyiffere x-men et yh. >> you kno basally that's what iis. i meanhe lives ithe x-men unerse. set a your fans, thfans of thichaci shld say, ar aot -- th ha lot toe editor as faas brging this hen. >>h, yea for yea've tin get fm madence 20. thfirst eadpoo com i everead hapanel in it it said mebody asked deadpl whate los lindhe mask d he id, "iook likess betweery reys and sh pei." [ laughter ] ani kn at thent, i w li, "one day i will playhis guy." [ uger ] sh:has fantasc. >> a si'vetrng to ge made since thensie 05nd tno avail. anene de some -- a little bit of testta.
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internet aboutwo yea ago wht pp, e fans o dpool" jt theyverwed the stio d the studas just literallforco say yes. so, pret aweme. >> seth: tt'su a great or c't make thisp. >> sh: iory th ppofn whfa get they wa. >> ner never er ever. >> set and think they' goa be very happy with the lm. >> y th'sow "avgers" happened. th w s no it's not. >> no. eth: "e engere not. >> prettmuch.>>eth: you done some asc thin menefoagleaking onthe internet. >>eah. >>eth: you did somgreat protion. you went on own and u talkin your suit, and you lked tsome ki. >>ye. i've done -- i've r done a film wherehe marketias su an exnsion ofhe alm on the last e da shootg i ft with a suitause i waited ten yearso do movie, si'm taking a [ bleep ] it [ hter ] >> seth:ight. >>ht h:o u owthe suw. >> yea it's apparently ke a big no-no. >> seth:eah,et >> likn flectrieto e with theuit aney tared hi [ er ] sh:eah. u ca >> you can'teave witthe bat i d't kw atapped. mehow i got thsuit. t i've actlly worn imo after e fact tn i ever wore it ithe vie. [ lahter noju for sexseime. ughter ] >> s yeah.
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lm >> sh:hink igrthat you took i. not at you're at rof this, bu se poinyoget r and u going hto say urrent shape becse nothi will be worsan a fat deadpo. laht ] >>o, n oh, yeah. tpool. seth: yeah, fatpool. >>fatpool" is "deadpool which we're scheduled for release. right after "deadpool: coscy. ug >>h: theou >> ratr! >> seth: oh, c't wt r at. h, it's gonnbe aweme eth: so, youent ou you t on t suit anyowentut halween. >>eah, yeah. >> sh:ndoualked somki yotr>> ireuient, you kn?eth: youriedo recruia team. ied to cruit some kids. try toulth or the dark side. >> seth: let'se a ok real qu yea >>hathhe'sr na y-ba come . l right, steviwoer, what yoerpower? >> shoot lass eyes o of eyes. >> that's thstupidest [ eep ] perpowe ever hear [ lahter ] yo not on e team i'm kidding,ou're on theeam. you're not on the am get ver there t do yo>> wolve >> i like it i like it.berteay anha. or come he at's yousuower. >> to controe wer. y can contreath?>> yep.
11:58 pm
>> sh: youe kis han. >> rht? totally. >> sh: shappy. >> totly. >>eth: did you -- is this true? hed that youound outhis movie was officially gonna get de, not because thstudio call youbut becae you read it online. yh.basicallre -a of like people that e celebritie work in llood ey usuly get dumped, like ty find out they've umd online. i got ento online, prey much. >> set yeah. >> tt was . ye i justthhey weere nna ma thimovie. thasicly gave a date d th -- buwe thoug myse, rhetreese, pa werni, and timiller, we'rlike the cys that ve beedevelong the script and the movie for the stix years. all thought we were jt summarilfid. >>eth: a that ec otheise theyould he call you to you. >> yeahey would may ca us first and said, yo know, are you ailable. seth: rig. [ laught ] >>r thing. but thejust gavus date off thwhim >> seth: thais fantastic. dernea the mk cause you lo le yoursen the movie. h. >> seth: youe in urmd there's also sd stuff ppens to y. >> oh, real bastuff.>> seth: i wna jowphoto bee i'm -- i have a tion abo this. >> sh: sth's you sup uglyace.
11:59 pm
at bt'et -- yeah, y --ook kinda li benjin franklin, the bloodless ghost ofenjamiklin, maybe. >>eth: yea [ laught ] >> hadex wh raation. >> seth: yeah. >> and thethat w me. sett's litt -- doou mind me saying this, it'a little teslar? >> iis, . veryestir. [ lahter but on the left nut,he r one is much dierlooking an t et yeact t ask bause h ughta veoung daughte i yeah. she's a lile or on yh. >> seth: a little over one. so, she cometo s >> yeah. >> seth:he came to set on th day. >> yes, exactly. >> seth: and howoes a just over one-yr-olact tohis? >>ell, seehat fa still had das voice. >>eth: o yh,t's t go. >> but sheonnae reenacting that momenth cruock putopist for the sthefe. set yeah. [ laug ] sheasns trs h:eay? >>eah. >> seth: don why'may really. yea like come on. >> s like does she not unrsndollyod. >> i'm sor. pleasecome on! [ laughter ] she sait. for like tee days she was shy nd maftethat. ght have actlly caused real damage. >>eth:eah. [ laughter ] well, yoknow wha it's a waitingame to find o. >> it'the rst many.
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sh: it's e fit. now,our direct has said, causagain,ompare a batmana surman, deadpools not ma. >>o. . >> seth: he has clmed th you are equay as immure as t character pl. >>h, i thest. i'reature than ddpl. >>eth: whereoeyou immarity come om? >> i have node >> sh: yeah. >> probay keust an unquenchabrst for validation >> seth:h yeah. thl do i [ laughter ] >>'m thi tt's st seth: yeah. d't kno i'm ju like -- setibngo you ha siblgs? >> havreolder hers seth: o thaso >> i washeounges swa just atarget an a bro. [ laughter ] u knowyohad to bsmt with your mouth noyour f. sohat wakind, et w as injustul s. >>et yeah. le adpool shorrible things in thisilm,nd i'm talkg at one point i'm tking about e llaiand every sehas script svir anthscrisupeisreally there nde of theirines. if youorget a line the call it out, they'll yl o toyou' le sitting on set cause they c just pause for send. and it's a dficu job. wee susa te woman in thwhe de world. set soundli nice. san's are always sweet >> very sweet. ye.n's ways fe on the set.
12:01 am
amusing ha and she was back there, d i'm just suc-- i just, i rember i wadoinscene and i'm ing about llai ani sa "is guy is re evil." anen i"this guy is pure evil." and ay, "tru m-- aotorge the line. but i don't real fort the line. i "susan? and she says, hat eeng bag of -[ bleep ] tips h it coming?" [ laught ] d it's jt ke- d i' dointhhe wholeovie seth:hy y doing susan like tt?n'just trying to le life. >> know,ight ju add just addbscenely immatur >>h: ti wanna k this- that san susan, ultimately s t yourife now. your wife, in your life. >> yeah. [ laughter >> seth: i wanalk about some imrity that i nt confirmaon from you cae my wifes pregnant, exctinr rsba y sh:'m excitedbout tt.
12:02 am
you t in the delivy room, in throom >> yh, yea re. >> sh: a y tay a . >> y yeaeah. >> seth:t did you play when your wifwas in labor? >>med a little rvin gays "let gett on laug and applause ] yeah. >> sh: how did that go >> it wake steak kves came out h eyes. [ ughter ]she'like, "a y [ep ] blp rightow?" [ ughter ] >> set that's not e time for vity. >> yeah.real badye, yeah >> yh. s was mernary.i mean sheas likink ju caut heght in the ddlea coraion. was etty mucmaking jok the enree. >> sh: ohat'o yea yeah. >>eth:nd do u any you'vedointh jover year. what advice wod yogive pos bi >>ust doheirty work, man >> seth:ea u . got to dpers, the midd of the night thing, yo wife -- a hum being wl exit your wi. [ ught sh: yh. >>o e's do enoug>>et yeah. ess at'srut change the diarsdo all th stuff. >>eth: yea yh, yea [ cheersndpplae ]
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>> sh: she'sonenough, she's done me than enoh. yeah, yeah, yh. >> seth: thank you so much. thank you sch seth: congrs onhe movie tnk you. thank yo >> sh: alwaygreat to see you. ryan reynolds, everybo. [ chrs and ause "deaool" ons itheatersnd imax on friday. we'll be rightack with tie los. [ eers and alause de moderate to rerohn's disease is tough, bui've managed. except thamanaging my symptoms was ali was doing. and en i finally told my doctor, he said humira is f adults e who have tri medications but still experien t symptoms oderate to seve crohn's diseas and that in inical studies, majority opatients on humir sasiificansytom reli. and many achved remission. humira can ler yr ability to fightnfections, includintuulis. serious, sometimes fatal infections andanrs, includg lymphoma, have happen; as he bld, liver, and neousystem proems, serious lergiceaions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: >> seth: wcome back to lat night, everydy. r nextas played quinperkins on the show "scandal" for thlast five seasons. new epises start up again tomorrow night on ab
12:08 am
>> h >>i. >> seth: is rful, to have y herfor the fit ti. im soxcedo beere fothe first time. and toee i've been really listening to yooice. >> seth: why is that? >> wl, i've had, to be working a boston accent. >> set oou hav do one for work? >>es. for aitio >> sh: for an aution, >>, ant coach sent me all thelips, of like, real boston peop. >> seth: uhuh. >> youere clud >>eth: why, thgh? he "stonccen spoof deo was inuded. >> seth:eah, b tt was e du bn accent. don'listen to mine. n wellmaybe wot get the part en. >> seth: yeah, lten to authtic pe. u don' ty ston acnt. >>ough, caughtboston. noee -->> sh: thawas good. >> y guy i from new york, li, i can't do bosto
12:09 am
i'm not that gooathis. seth: oy, well do ts, say new york as a new yorker, and th say new york someby fr bton.>> okay, new yisew york. ok, bost is neyork? >> y tre you 'seally od. >> that'all thks to you, th meyers. >> sh: welou've done but the only thing is, tryo ve ltle mo confidence wh you do it chee and applause kay, oy, gott sh:o st pern has ev hesated before they've sa anything. >> no, you've got to get right in there >> seth: yeah, ty are ry confident.>> wh you we r imprsive. >> set thank you. >> i was just dring arouy car in l.a. ing to se meyers on the rular seth: wl, yo.i'llave to get tapes of you to repae fa um, this is so exci, thcand's" coming back. because yoguys take hiatus >> yes. >>eth: and wheyou ta a hiusyou have vy l fabase >> yes. they're agessively, awesomely, passnate. seth: and do they get ary with you, when you guys take o your hiatuses? oh, it's horrible. 'sike -- is like we were ng, ke we were really seous, we liveweet wit them, we're li, calling th like, evy thursday night we talk and en the sw ke, goesff the air and en we like, totally ghost them. >> seth: yh. it'ke, it'sike, sorry. but tomorrowight we're
12:10 am
i'gonna twee we're goi to be bacto the dinsc >> seto you guys, a loof u live twedurihow. >> yeah, we alve tet evy ode r fiveears. >> seth: tt's amazing. >> i have to warm up my thumbs, like, rit now. they're super out of shapeyo guys. lighlaht>> seth: a, e most intectionser? e you t it? >>ou say 95. seth: tt's incribh fothe inrn. >>ig >> seth: yeah. >> of courseou only member the bad ones. >>eth:f course, ye >> like, and of them sometimes don't even make sense. but it's uly just really aggressive about your charter. ke -->> seth:kay, gcha. >> i want you die, , thgs like that >> sh: cause ty're mad at -- >> which i don't take personally, i don't takehat personally >> set they're mad at quinn? they're stad a-- >>asally, oue agait ope at anynt. >> sh: yeah. >>he you.>> set nowi don't evno whm do, becae d caembef yo shoon fore. whyou can't telle anhing abouwhat's coming up, rit? yea i can't -- >> seth: really can' >> tell u, like anything. i ancan say -- od, e, sndimes i re't wanto g in tre. >>eth: do nocrs
12:11 am
>> yeah,ause we wod thet in trole. >> set we'd both be in trouble. >> i mean, quinn, there's lot , there's a lot ofower walking going on for quinn. >> seth: oh, gcha. por walking. le there'a lot. i thk that's a spoiler, like come on, you guys, lik >> seth:ow, m actually -- >> that's a lot ofnf >>eth: i'm actually glad you broughup p walking, beuse i saa promo for "scand." >> oh, god. seth:ndan't take, but it felt like they we really focusing on, heyhis coming candal," le, lot of pele llnfentially wki.cahow iteaquk? beuse i nt task some ons. >> oh,god. >>eth: here's a promfo cand" i just saw. scandal. >> that's aming. >> seth: walng. [ cheers and applause ] hallways >> it'like, so, it's really crazy, because you shoot iall da and tre'smuc playing, the no gliator
12:12 am
>> no, y're walkg regurl d en l ta's ose up on yoacu're trying tnot like, make a weird ugly, li, you know, you're trying to be a bad ass. and like, your fee you know -- kerry washingt's incredible at it. eteah. >> ughyeah.>>ne oe stower walkers out ther [ nd applae ] >> so, ually i just t in line behind her, and then if see her hairust art to bob and likeweave. >> seth: youe got a nice bounce in that clip. >> tn i'm like, okay, mine's bouncing, weot the bounce in >>eth: right. >> a tt's when i kthat ke, thpower wa is going. >> s havtrd inour lifeo sort of brg e power in? >> no. [ ghughter ] >> seth: it doesn'sound like it. >> it's sombarrassing. i'realot that go at walking in general>> sh: y goo yeah. seth: thedosh it.ift's t ady a re. >>daerous.>> s yeah. >> it'no unli mboston accen >> seth:hichalready, yeah. yon'walku evyby ows that.ou wto n. >> yes [ cheers ] >> sh:e got some nyuthe e.
12:13 am
[ ghhter ] h:ndou ear? >> i.h: i fl li everyone tt kn tha studied eater at nyu hasome weird story about sohoice they made that wasased on being a college student wh really was like, i'm an acr. eah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: a i gngo do some actngs. >> yeaeah, yeah,ea >>et ye in "street r", you playlanche dubois. my god, s, ogod, i , was 20yoguys, ans aying blanche duis in "street canad desire", lik that's oka >> seth: yeah,xactly. >>ike, that's not okay. like, yo w t young. and you know, i s, thoug, u know're real actors, like, this inyu, this is lik we are artts.[ light lauger ] seth: yeah. >> guys, we are artists. so, we decided to do a rehearsal the play, and eve time it says that they drank a shot, we did . >> s oh.>> yeah. >> set t's a of drinking in th, yeah. >> aot odrinking in , yes. yes. an, only mathroh halfwathrough the play until i passed out. >>eth: okay. [ lit laughter ] >> but, thatir half of the play, i was the best actss ve eve--
12:14 am
>> to me. >> s su di think i'm too k do thisyo thoughu were killing it? thoug i was incree. >> seth: wow >> i mean, i've nevefelt t good. i thk everyo else thought wateible. bui, in my ownwamean for that >> set n, when you were at nyu,asheotf theater that required weirdness d nudity? >> yeah. >> set oka i mea yea >> seth: lik i'm always hearing abt shows wher everybody just at some point has like, nuty for no reas. >> oh,e had nudityor no -- nonono. was like, y're, if yo think you're an st, ge ked. >>eth: okay. >> that's like, what it was. genaked, rin dirt. get naked roll on the floor. >> sh:cha. >>t was all out rollg arou being nak. >> seth: mfavorite kinof nad. dirt and rol >> and my parents, the poor things, i love you guys. they came every show and supported meoughout my sticxperental phase. seth: d you, uld u wa em before they ce the lis is some, there'gointo bso naked id-- [ lit laughter
12:15 am
and they always d stiff per lip and didn really comment much on it, cause i thk that they didn't want me to rebel and continue on. i think they just hopeitould silently go ay, thank god it did, i'm on "scaal." >> yes. cheers ] and i tell my di'm like, he thinksava sex scene on "scandal," that's like, so intense and steamy,nd there's like a lotf licking gog , and ings that are kind of iminal seth: yh. 'm lut dad i'm notn college rollg on theloor naked and i'm not le, a cable ow -- >> sh: rig. >> whe i'm actually ked. >> seth:hat's true. >> so like, sh: i'm saying, your dad st be so hpy, when he se thatromoyo confintly on yr twetwalkg. 's like, useee her thou -- [ la no clothnoshe's in shhas a ce jket. [ laughter ] her hair bounces. >> the haiis gngit's rfec>> sh:o you, i'm re. >>es, is. >> sh: culions o everhi >>hank youseth. >>et so wondful to yoon the show. iup kat ybody. chrs a alaus] new epis of "scandal" air ursday night on ab 'll right bwith more
12:16 am
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atlivearde [ cheersndpplae ] seth: >>eth: welcome back, everybody, now, mostays he the show, my writers come um with smart, frh jokes at i beevchlenge you. as an audice d then, other days tdon't. theyry but they n't. and thjos they come up with e no better than sometng u'd find on one of tho cny popsic sticks when you we a kid. but, that doesn't meanho jokes n'deserve a chance well.
12:19 am
going do toght. we're gonna gi them a chance to sne in a segment we cl "popclschtk. [ applause ] etty good graphic. [ ght ughter ] so, here sohere's how it rks. we take tocal stories fromhe news and we give them the popsicletick treatnt. first up, how did donald trump sce his bagel? he threatened it with a shmear campaign. [ light laughter ] popsicle ick laught and applause ] >> seth: >> seth: next up, what is hillary clinton's least favorite party game? ben-gazee.
12:20 am
it's a mother lickin popsicle poicle stick [ lighlaughter ] >> seth: you guys,hy was an penn in the drugstore? to find el chap e stks. >> seth: >> seth: next , why won' donaldrump read the animal newsper? heates fox news. >> one, two,hree, popsicle htk. >> itsmia, popcle stick. [ lighlauger ] >> you guy >> you guy what's a democrat's favorite outor music fesval? bernie man. [ light laught ] >> i cnotell a popsicle stick. >> george,o! >> yippee i-aye, popsicle
12:21 am
[ light ught >> seth: >> seth: ion't think i approved of that one. [ light lauger ] u gu, what d these sayon dance floor. watcmeeigh-neigh. [ light laughter ] we are the ur horseman. >>f the popsicle sti. >> seth: >> seth: last one you guyswhat kind of lly button does a rman car manufturer have? an outty. hat's the way they became the popsicle stick >> seth: we'lle righ with music from wyand big noise.
12:22 am
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[ cheers and applae >> seth: et tht m guest ise- gy ard wier andcan si. shhas an irediblw band and their bum is s f release this fday. performing "ain't no thing" please welcome, wynonna and the big noe. [ cheers and appuse ] ts songs out toy ernd friend, susaschi #girow thk you stor sging on is recd. hey girl i cou get feeng down i uld cruise downtown find good ple to
12:27 am
i could s'til closg time i uld ease my mind at all them le honky tonk joints byhat'thin ain't no thang ait no thang i'm stding in the pog in aili ie ve been he before iusheregain ain't no thang ain't nohang so you'rleav like a long freigra if iven y at all that wld be a cryin' shameskain' skt gonn baby ynow it ain't nthan don't
12:28 am
don't feel sad n'el bad 'ut the w you had toreak eart io well h e t f it's okayit's alright in fths thing that's le gt fr honey the's other fishes in the t hang ain'no tng ndg thing in t ke ie neve herbefo i just here again n'no t ain't no t ain'hang so youleavin ike a long fight train
12:29 am
ohhe s oh the sky ain'tna faly you it ain't tng woo ep i l younow wh ain't hang ain't no thang 'mtag in poing rain ait li ie ve been here fore
12:30 am
ait no thang so you're avin like a longrehtra if i even y all that woue yihame anthe skain't gonna all u knt n't no an >> a >> all youeoe tre give me some love. [ cheersnd applause ] chrs [ ee andppla] >> set >> setynonna a t noe,rydy.
12:31 am
noise" now and heaov to for an excluse rformance of her mber one h son"no one se
12:32 am
andpplaus] [ chrs [ cheers andpplae ] >> seth: my than to ans, k, "wynnd the b noise." jale bto a of cose "t 8nd st ted for carson ly. we'll see you tomoow.
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