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tv   Today  NBC  February 11, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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if i wanto take a picture i do that face? >> bi >> so many gre in ts fi. ju bieber,ng to name few. natal mal i wasngoenon lf. >> you areuch a gdews read. u a the go-to. >> i paid him for tt mention. >> matt laue we had t c ckew timecausee had issues. who was most desperateo be
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>> matt. >> nobody askedme. >> nex time. a ling legend al our m actually de of y a submitted ? >> ah it was are reaction. kindf icess. >> when i tol you yrt. cy -- i saw his audition and he waso good and funnyndo real at ferfector th le. th he aned i person and weea togethernd h wasgreat. i skyped witim to tell he wasetnghe. >> w have that. le take a look >> i wand t tell y that want to plahear if yoan to do it in th movie. >> >> ,ha doou ink?
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th amazing! othepa? >>s a pceless retion. thas great. >> my hair is le a big mop. >> that wasn't g? m a wig for cyrus t hisai lonrn the vie beforee cuts toe like dek. der hair -- have to wear a . his hair i r because has thick -- caneet a duo from father/son here? let's dohe cera rhe. which w are we goio turn? >> towards eac other. >> re wow. >> ye applause ] >> nled .
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the t areuiteimply one of the biggest bds of all time hits like "feels like the first time", "i wan to know what love is" foreigner had 16 top 3 hits. >>t s cool and s going strong. their first livecoustic album ll be peorming later. we want tatch up with founding mber a lead sing. rning. >>eayasust rngff aclishments it includes fame. w doest f wn youear cranki out ts? ll, that was ally, it
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bein recogd for my writg. i d never -- wn i was growg up in england on oadway and bei honored i that way itas a ftaic drea weere tn cmel eaboying powernd endurance. iok youant g int raoke j and not hear a fone reigne son >>hadoes it meano you tha15, 20ol kid knowing ng cra fors when w go out dook forudiee and see an 8ear ohowshe wos. th a there they likethe ngs. and we ve sgs i all the movies now and angry birds movie d fu panda. it is crazy tha were reachne level o audienc just kes going for theext generation. it ifati
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th and you are hitnghe roads. u hav a bgeour cing up do you still getbutterflies? >> tnk iidt is tim pack up. >> we d't wt. >> ts energy. >> cl t n album has charitable aspect to it. >> we diis unplugge concert at fordnetroitnd the ocee wen t juvile diabetes researchfoundation. from th sales of this album tist ralty fee go to them, as well. our toumager's daughter has diabetes we like to d things to giv ba we have t choereith us tog with us. re lady of mer choir. and whaweo usually in concerts we hav a lot o high hool chos sg t us and we
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about lack of fundi for schl musiograms. big dl for. >> big deal for us to have you here. class actand sti on the road. gus what rform in our next half hour. weannot wait. thisea mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm, laughter mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmmm, m mmmm, mmm mm, mm mm mmmm, yoplai there's a lighter, fluier wayfor everyone to eekyogurt. yoplait eek 100 whips! plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascaralashftg boosts lashemes the lu and lifts lashup up d aw
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.s > u.s. omp comttee hiring disease spealis to advise aletes who are concerned abthe outb of zika. ho solo saidf had t todayhe wouldotgo. dayzil aounced partrsp with univeity of texas for work on a zika vacne d hlth oicialsay ty pe to have theaccineeady forlinica tts i abo a year. they say aggssivosquito controlill be a key factor in
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new study suggeing lk beee physil activy and brn si. researchers lked at 1,500 middle aged results andnd locores o tadminess st wer linked toller brain. brain. aller brain siz could ld to higher risk ofdentia. the sdys publhed. burger king is adding hot dogs to nus. cuomers will b able to pick betwn the classic and chili cheese gll dogs. theres an internal training video hoste snoop dogg and cas the glled dogs the opr o hot dogs on't be baseballs flyg thro theirton nway park b skiers and owboders. the times the height of the
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that, a huge s r buior the birtenway etition w be tod featurin olympic athl. organizers hope the eventill wier sports. th loo likeot o fun. let's g ahe of weather fro al >> weant torend folks g t facebo facebook.comodayste. day eautndpaacka h00. no that i need it but maybeou could. howany peopl so r?
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lind registe to win today's e >> it's been more than0ea since t murder trial of o.j. simpson. >> a new series taking us back to the daysefore and after his acquitl ineople versus o.j. simpso malcolm warner plays the friend behind the wheel of the white ford bronco tha carried simpson in the low speede. >> 911, wha is your emergency? >> ts is ac. i have j. in the car. >> who is this?
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uellhe police to back off. he has a gun to h head. >> where are >>ou just cle the freewa are gng to brentwood. good t see you. >> gd t s >>t wast like fiinha ene? theyleed o theew. yoare reli that mome >> w shot thatcene for two days. we shut it down over aend. itas draining. we litlyy the endf sundaype two days doing at scen one wtent one car. y rememhe momenthe we wer when we watch the white broncochas youere 24 years old at e ti
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thkit eime o th? >> ias curus aso how it oing tur out. wase goingo shoot mself? or were theops gngo shoot inside the truck which thought wasausie,s we. such an intting furen the stor o.'s friendnigh a edhe in thepr. d you gnt a.c.'s to play the characte >>as not a lot of infoation onhim. most ales have to do with rieship. i tooktrom the stapotf g who there were complexieso e dynamic a ship w oneuy is in the ot lht and the other guy is in his ad yerspecve he really dj.'s back and feels that c.nd o. we still ies after the trialhat
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go t vegas a do wt he d. this onne, socl media acti, pple are addted deallyting to binge tc conserg thetroversy wh the currenttu a t vet? iudned f rolef ri dart that is what i auditned for. had a great diti. pant somel h better aution. i kdf rgot abo. got a cut of e blue feringe to play the rolef a. jped at that rtunity. >> you said you kw it we good. >>yan has a g quirk slant hatever lls. i knew th himelli t sty it wasn't just going to be
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i knew it would be interting intricate ride. doneuch interesti wao hook pe whoaybe don'know af the sry behindhe snes. itakes you tough the eviden. it is donen aatee kin of way. u g t sense tha real put theieces togeer. >> secause t show isot designed to chae anyone's opions a wthey thoht about e trial or e verdt, thews lyut the plers involvednd givesou alot o hindhe scene stuff thate didn't necessarily kn. >> i>> iad no idea. onell me. the onlon i k is beuse i s the cocial. >> i am so addicted to it. it is fantastic.
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ys great to see you. "peoplersus o.j. simpso airs tsday ofx. they pyed t peopl w felln love on the streets of hong kong and not far from real i drive a golfall. i drive to the hoo i drive a racer. i have aver. his names rl. but that not wt we all have common. we talked to our ctors about treatment th xarelto . xarelto s proven to treat and lp reduce the risk of dvt and pelood clots. xarelto is also pven to reduce the risk of stroke pple wi afib, not caused by a het valve proble for peopith afib currentlwell managed on warfarin, e is limited informatn on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of strok you know, taking warfarii had to deal with thablood sting utine. couldn't have a healthy lawhever i wante found another way. yeah, treatmen wiarelto . hey, safety first. li all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto without talking toour doctor, as this may increase yrisk of a ood clot or stroke. while taki, you may bruiseore sily and it may take longer for bleedi tstop. xarelto m increase your risk of bleeding if you takeertain micines. xarelto can cause serus and in rare cas,
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a revolution in mascara. revlon. lo is on. our >> our next guest are couple of acrs, stars oflrdy tomorrow inonkong and got married in real life last halloween. >> the film is about two meeti in hong kong a sharing an impromuronce. od ing. youere aladng y sed onhi m s i artmingife and did youeo puthe bra onourwn love sty? >>e werelready engaged. we cnected tthe story cause theree a lot of latiesf own retionip howe t, the timing wast right and thene
7:25 am
it wasifcult bse we needed t t await bi jaeuggested we get two separate hotels room while we were ere. ah. >>suesti. >> whenou wor with seone r 1 hou home y precia alone >>atio it to work. chbasketll >> wasn't so bad. >> tvshow he set s gre when you h timepent ing kong wtasour eernce like there? it beaut reay a cit w easts west. for myraer who i cnese amer w w nev back to the mhe land it was my fstperience the and hirst rien ther ironic was the cal.
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i' aexat whoesre ansh hropes. we thereen dsef we arted shooti i hato lrn ctonese. it is a beautiful cyhat thi westence have ryexo idectionms chis a love storyak pce ere. those walk talk of nces. heer seenin hon . this is love lteo tt ty. yried hloween caed boondooze rty.>> it was the only weekend available for oe. ted to acehe ia o vi acoum pay. we thought a g b e for es. opleeay got io it.
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we hadple dssed . >>wow. t broke t ice. the next day at th con the masks camehey re like wre it was it was fun. >> aweso to s you guys. thank you so . the f in theers and on demand tomorrow. comin u next wha been waing for itreigner in ncert a soupnd sandwicd somewhere go, and ead real and nowhere toe, anth and looking od, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, d dan is back!
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500 caloes or le. aner food as it sd be.,abminapa.urge drrhe coulde dpription isibtm pselie urrr
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netherlurema thpower to feel >> t ci concert seriesn "tod" is proudly brought to youy citi. >> our in studio crowd is read we are alleady performance from the legendary rocker foreigner. they hav the iphones out with lighte. art toppiitsincluding"i want towt s" s of ters u befohe sgst. erey with members of the select core of our lady of mercy acem
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ome taktle time a ttle time t things over got t rd between the lines in case i nd it whe i'm older older aountain i climbeels like the world is on shoders t hrough the clouds i see a shine kps me warm in my lifhere been heart
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i don't know i can fe i agai can't stop i've travelled so far t cnge thisonely life i want to owhat love is i wt you to show me i want teelhatove is i kw youan showe it's goingo te a little
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a littl time i'v got nowhere left to hide looks le love has finally found me in my life t's been heart ache pain i don'tno if i can face it again agn an't stop n i'v traled to f o change this ly life i want to know what love is i want you to me i want to fee what love is i knowou can me i
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i want to know what love is oh, the love you feel iide iant you to show me iant to feel what love i i know you can show me oooh, oh cheers rs andppuse ladies d gentlemen, foreigr. the album is in conct,
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lo rom this "today "today wit kathie lee gifrd dodkotbli fm studio in roefeller az ll everyby! you' madet to trsty ur februy1th thsa z. >> you know, wha a huge show. >> we ha a beautiful show today. >> a beautifule show. >> huge >> rn reyldss joining us today.
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>> sexiest dad alive,ording to "people" magazine. >> and he's going to talk about howe was ithe buff ihis movi"d" and how it ite tumatichim.>> yeah,yeah movie oning up. and then two of the most bulous and fhionableisters >> who? >> kendall and kie jeer! and they are ding tir new fashionline. i thought theylready thissix. t anyway thiis their newest on sofr daughters havlws want t dre lik them, now is theirchance >> iit weird your godother is over re? >> it's amazing! >> they haveorked so hard. iever seeou guys. last timeas at the casdy prierthe gallows. and you w scaredo death. and you were in europe, i w s mad wasn' there. >> can you areer. we'oi to talk wh them andin outha ee ioi on tir vy by lives.
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it's valentine'sday.
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