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tv   Today  NBC  February 11, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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it's valentine'sday. we foundne who have known each her sce high school. >> that happens aft childr. >> certainly does.>> a little extr ah you d't mi. >> all rit. so his t thing. justin eb of we were just talkingbo na gome stiniebe i o the cov of q." he's yearsold. heaseen ing this thg, rebbing his ime. l gwn ure >> mor likeornec the wi thelick ha inside tmazine,e tas about h the s "sorry ople assume it's about ologizingor t b bevi. sayt'out girl ani-henl onee can th of wld -- tha had so of angerm thi with is celi. heoo great in suit.
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>> ah,e wears - se gs arloes rll well >> ah,romistanct oks leav beha om astce>>ah. wit soo to - i like hrunett tter t k. >> you kno what i bet i bet he't car what we k. >> , wher. 'sorta infmaon ha. all gh >> allrigh yove g someadws but good new f erybody el,aprently. okay. well-okay blakehelton -- y kw howth geto comodyho a meoranounow ty aay chseiffentpeople? blakead an announct o whoe is pking tbe the gwen you. >> t w haveeperfec ws wng wh him? ths, by the way, how awome. first ofll, gets to have his girliendt workith him. notehe i urin no, she' still the.
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uilera actuay gets t ch gn getso getllhat up clo a personalim wh r boriend. let jt hop ty don eakup use then -- tn -- >>ld be ry sad. >> allght. so the cpleat dn with "access hoywood" to tk abt thei colloration. >> let take look >> who fured it out. you, gwen or you, blake? >> it wasn't me. >> it was me. >> you marched io the office and said, she's stayg? >> you start thinking about who are the ultimate artists out there that you c get to mentor your team. and you start tnking -- >> ye. >> wait a minute. th i rfect! ani actually know her! it will be easy to call her. >> i have her cell phone. i can call h and her. >> and be like, hey. so i don't ow. itord out. know we collaborate well togeth ascoaches. so, of course, i wouave her as my me. and e's so smar>> thank you. alent. ie t e. i leng he
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>> but she didn't. >> i lovehis place. o u inkt'sng t? ion't . theyot have tha kind of whimsical f sense aboutth. maybet willdon't kn. isehave. allt. so ptomain was oal ts isfuy.ere h bn l t bn sa autheomt thaoult ltomag a t brs secwin. ere shot up the family and everybody is chairing. his mom olivia, hisad archie and the kids and uff. but one psonidn't sm -- >> lookt eli. eli is ad-pan, ay? that's what happened when the touchdn was scored and looked likehe broncos a gng to win. in eli's defense, loo at archie. cayo show theicture one more time? ok atarchie. chies serious. good int. >> jimallo did ask peyton aboutis brother last gh and take a look at w he had say. when s tt clip, jimmy,
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in some other b moments ofy life, he kind of had that similar expression. wectuay have a cutout here of that. [ laughter ] >> eli, guess what? the colts a gng tora me number one in the nflraft tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> eli, i've got front row ticks! we're going to see -- [ laughter ] you kn, i've never -- almost five years o, e acally are exptingtwins. u' goi t a unc. uger hsaid hwasntrating wa hpeng o the eld. p. haight b why arcy looks t se way. i washiinghe sameing. fooal isnheirdna. t . t's nove untilhe istlow>> tt's gh >> bthe wa treas also a the play oimmy llonch inn they dotgg game, it's russianoulette with egg, be hled o raw. and hed it magic john theyake tur sshing it on thr head.
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it'sgo. >> are youconfident? >> i had dreamsrowing up i would may have a chance to play magic one-on-one soda [ uger ] this is it! thesian egg roulette. this dream has come true. good tsee you, buddy. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> are y >> are you feeling confiden feelingcoident? >> i feeling -- ion't kn. >> oh! ty gav tm a - >> i b ty dn' en cludeny- any- a bled one. well, magic's cleup i little er. >> okay soearelely kate middlen speak.nd w heroice s like. h give her . but n since. >> no so s recorded a p for
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>> i feel that ery chi rv to beupport toudiicul tim in their lives. wh do u thk, martin? >> ye somemes. yeah. do that rt? >> quite a lot. use i d g to eress my feelings. >>eant to suppohe emional welbe of students, angside academi ccess. bynsuring every chi g th emoon srt theneed. are giving them a strong foundation for t happy, hethfurey desee. ! >> jus loveher. >> i leer re >>ha la. sheeems sauthenti>> she sfun,utfined. ll you're ohe other. >> you'reitheig- u know. >> ye. no, she'sust lovely. >> good weus have t for mplay. . so this one this one i interesting. okay. --
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>> sn mdezeams up upith e the isal kw whaou didastsumm." 'sn the gl has cheat her boy friend. and -- does mean kiss somy el,hoda? >> ihink and the friend is kind ofn to h andhe's nervous and now 'ringing back d rth. >> all ght. leset i over- she's cominge oming homecomingome i know wtouid last summer give back like noer inow what you did last summer i wt you d last summer >> i likeat. that's a actua song. >> wait, what didou an now theying theirar inow iw inow hey hey i k i know i know i kw >> i like when you can learn the words. hey l y go. >> can leter go even gh hekn
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>> it's so good. listen to allhe words. ye do we have to? >> no, not now. >> no it' actually muchbetter. u're growing in yr musical taste. > a right, just a rinder onirius xmhael 8, you n lisn to us weon't know why youould want to but understandhy you wld nt toear hoda every monday and wednesday at 00. >>e have two words f u. >> ryan reynol! >> t super htie i playing on the big reen. >> and one of his sh likey anobody mov get on thelo! do sometng! oh i not a secury guard, i'm a security monit. i on notify people if thereis a robbe. there'a robbery. why monir probm ou don'fix ?that wdoorthane itin to protect you from identity theft we nnly alert yoto idti tea, if you hava prle wll spend up ta milln dollars lawye and experts to fix it.
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new dove regerative nourishmen my ki donavto forage,got two tpamoge, and i've also got a brai fe sho ieap. ll be workinwhile u eestl doki'rainyou ink a su's enough? o'lltep up when things get tough? don'yo thaki of n?a dede. u'reon wantsoe ke but onlyf yove a bin all ght. he's bn callecharming,iseled chiseled, dreamy and forhe next few nutes, a hour >> t abo hollyod hu-
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>> justamed"people" magazine's sexst man alive. >> a now in sicat rolesadpo." take a . >> td youe can ce your ncer. andhat's more giv you abilities most mennly dre of >> the wor nds extordiry soldrs.we won't j you er.we wlake yetter than er. a super hero. i'd say you sound like an inforcial, butot a gd one. [ laughter ] >> hi! hel and congratulatns on everyt. n. >> ah n moe. yep. siest dad aliv >> i don kno how scific that pollis. they m have just polled my wife on thaon >> andr daughter. >> yeah maybe. ye ye. all ptt great. i'm definitely notomplning aboutanything. >> you're in a awfullyood placeight n yeah really luckgo this moviead after 11 year of beggingnd pading an trng. id yive up along the way at times? >> only about 100time
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>> thisovie was t wst relaonip i'veve bn in. it was /off, on/off. >>ndhat's sayg something for you. >> yeah, it wa really toug buthe internet is actually thereasonheansf "dead po" are the reason thisovie g made. >> i've hrd of "dead pool" but i'm a com -- >> ah >> maybeou didn'w this whh i 't eier. but aar in ts movie, ryan reynoldss wling a m naked. >>oh. >> ishe man naked or is dead pool >> i am very naked in one of the shots. well, the fit scene in a burning warou where d figh anoer man nude >> how is ? was that fir you? yes, iwas. can' tnk og morerifyin than fighting a nude man. if you're fhting a nude man, th guy is ne theris sometrongith that guy. ife's willing tget pched inhe penis, h proy pret daerou >>ittl nut
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raun facr andt'ssual foa rhero. >> it is. but "dead pool" nded t ve a cling on it. and it's notatedr, bec we want gore ultraiolence. it'sated r because we neede to ex pgdhe cracters much as pble a we need areo manyhi we love autyou. youalke in couple mines o andou sai it wasard to leave your little baby this morning becauseou wanddy time. >> one of the rare tis. >> yeah, only becau mommy w fast asep. >> whast ke? i me, describe what fatherhood is like for you? >> it's amazing to fee like you' not the crfour nny more. it a weirdhing. a lot o people mightnjoy ing theenr of yrwn iv andt's odd reeving toor of have thi thin thas so much more important. >> persctiv >> i reall does. suddenly a the crap used to worrybout is justobliterated. >> so you lik chang the ap ttuff y he do at miight ike t dtyrk. i'mappy -- the other day there
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had to me to another town. t otherwe, i'm fine with it.>> you reay have to be careful whou feed them. >> you- >> we bht somebody here who ying tot you. she is onef our fans ande tolder tha sheoulde abl to py spi bottle th ry r rno ander name is michle. d it's her birthd. hi >>on't you want a hug? >>py birtayay! ihis o ca >> youe immorlized right w. are you rea to give a in >> i am ready! >> all ght,ou gotit. >> allright. owou just rch ie ba there a pullut any pie paper want.and y can him quon. >> oh,sh. >> thehole thing. >> i lik this. >> will you marry me? >> mht get a ltle ky. e is ataten e union we caaybe pull that off. >> ryan, if you had tochoose, would yohe spend the day with youif oour ba? >>
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>> what kind of is this? >> cr >> the is zer chae of winnhere. i mean - >> the baby. 0%. >>, thank you. >> i wh we had mor me. >> happy bihday of. pyirthy to tie.>> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >>'s stay in this momen foreve >> you can catch "dd ol" in a theatre near you this friday. don't go anywhere, or you're going to miss ambush makeover aftethis. >> you tookour time. >> i w>>toingo hpe m chrish. when i was sidelined with blood ots my lung, itas serious. rtunately, my ctor had a game plan. eatment with xarelto . hey guys! heinally, somebody i can lookp to.. .bes aie. xarelto is prov ttrt and help reduce the risk of dvt a pe blooclots. xarelto is alsoroven toeduce the ri of stro in people wi afib,
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that mns isime for b 'sbuzz.>> be omas is here t get you pkedup. day. llo! hello. >> so i've rounded up som of ths. okay. >>ir up, pu-reous. om glam glow. go ahead andry this. eipom o re. this is aatfyg primerlumperhich y like tingling nsation tt rushes the to your this will giveou tt boost like other plumpers do but it's matt. >> all rht have he pl they'retiful. >> one othe cze matt lipsti but i can beg and aging. isilel soth o a fill the lips. >>ah. you like that feing? >> ion'tknow. tught i did, but not now. >> okay. sonext, shing fing
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mask.'s sometng ttswo bucks. d women areoardg th an putt on --t's actually ce/lip youet r tenminute is itcold? that part -- the col . >> tspa. >> onhebottom? >>it jt sets overour lips. looks a littl fun but helps boo hydtion and llen. >>ant -- >> iind of fulook so youay wo sta doors. some pple try toea the forourst a time up a little hier. >>ow sosh it do. at looks good. yooo crazy! keoube i"z lander 2." >> if you thoughat wa weird,ah from myffic is here tghispeel-off lip jellstaiwhat? >> you put i you lett seor ten minutes, ara, goahea itks aittl
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leaves y a stain that waterproofll day longndhis is actuayzy b cool. oh, my gosh! >> a channas det n, theirocoarouge, silk powder alongith nou oils so t it's care and color at t same time. and all of the celebrities he en wearinghose on the las o red rps. nicole kidm, jennir anisto >>his iseli tex but on steroids. >> caneel , rit? >> you can fl . really sootng. ou likeat? >> ah, ah. unfortunately, whave a show to do. okay, thankyou. tnk yo tt sin works. >> yeah, it' reallygood, gh >> alrighty,hey sethe style for young gls erywhe. >> kda and kylie revea eir brand-new cloing line! >> after the news.
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>> s is so excited! > >> the. 'shuday a ve a special valenti's d itn of aush makeov we got them ready for a romantic eken "today"ontribor a celebrityairstylist to e star louis lavary la la l la. >> and jillmartin. you f a up? >> it'valentines, darl'. >> yes,t is. >> lot of cples they're ver dervinchrist and dan met back in
10:25 am
they just celebrated theth ddin anniversary b in december. proud parts to four chiren here in the studio. >> oh, hi guys!>> hi! >>! >> s we'reeallyexcite >> really excited. >> and youavo realize, look at the last baby is 7 months old. >> so good. >> and wt until you meet mom whos gorgeous before a en -- >>laed out of youbrains. >>ershe story. >> i kw you lost yourice, butt does it meano youo have this makeover f valentine's day? >>t was a nice scialtreat. we have four kids, we'reeally bu w t k a of the time s i thought it would be a fun expience t try something w and different. we've known each other a really long time, so thought iwoul be a gd opportity.
10:26 am
d ben i a little freaked out. >> i'm excited. i like how you changed your tune on mera. okay. threers of pamng. >> a right. everyone put your blindfolds on. is mom comin outfirst? i belve so. mom is comingut first. >> a right. we're looking at the before picture. s, we are. come on, mom. let's see the new you. don't turn around oh my go! ay, kids, you want to see? ke off you blindfol, turn around a take a look. >> oh my gosh! >> what? >> w is at? >> tha ir mother! >> tt's yr mom. >> wow! >>urn arou. >>wow. >> look how inny. >> wow! >> you look like a ginge on "gilli "gn's isla >> look io t camera please. >> that icrazy!
10:27 am
>> sheanted to kee her hair a little bit long. we kept her length. and this isllone by ande an he shaped aundhe fac an gave a bit more volume. she had blonde ir. the bnde hair w jt starting to shed -- just tha e said i wt chan. >> you got a change, baby. >>o i made it. but agai look, it's soft and natural. belongs to it doe't belong to me, that color. >> jill, tt outfit is a ten! you look so adorable! >> i love. >> first thing we put on, robbe druez. of cose y did. w donound with y family. >> you face the ll. everyone put your blindfold' ba on! blind folds back on!>> ok ready? here's the before picturef all righ come o out, da let' see t new you! what aan what man
10:28 am
>> you guys ready to see dad? turn around. takeour blindfolds off. and he's seeing his wife for the first time too! >> wow. >> aou guys going to come er and stand together? why don't y come over here. >> wow. >> tell us about what we dido thisine gentleman. >> this little stud muffin right re. first of all, we mad his haircut b more contempora takinghe sides shorter, avg the top a littleonger. again, this is all igor's work. the colors perfect. there is no reasdo it. i didn't do it. why? it looked great. you' so handme. and this couple, i mean -- how charming, how wonderfu how vely. >> gorous. >> and the fact that theyanage to keeirook tother with -- in ten year fr children. >> yes. >> figure that out. yh -- >> forever.
10:29 am
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10:35 am
and y mom years g methe most adorabl picre of enou we 4 a 2. d wasoo it this rng. and then toatch thind see erytng that' evolv is unbeev. oh. whve madetvideo. >> ieel but g look gr t's awesome to sre wit you,o manyears later.>>heve y do ythi y pip -- what's on theirlips,n tir fingernails. iee like ara t ,rit? >> yeah y. th ouranse wanted. our fs are aaysooking at yle, and trying toind it. >> doheyive youuysdvice or jus follow the ae you gi em >> they foll. like to ask my fans for advi on itter,'m li, do uyses o en wity app or clothgline, ie r opinn. >> we look atour clot cae y hehemre >> y'r wring th. >> and the pri range is from $70 to $300. >> a as we walkve there, youad yr hands inthis, gh th isn't setngou jt
10:36 am
you ded,ou ow, thatou werevolved >> yeah,no ihi we wanted to be ourure li. okay. nd the other linesreng to continue by y. this wha weta with? tell us abouhis. >> ts what kendall wore for our launch. >> i love this dress. super comfortable. like a t-sdress. >> love that! en a old lady like m can wear th. yeah. and the this isus aood tt jke cgan thin i has l offa >> i wish you coueelit. feel. >> andhose sho -->> le our shoes,host. >> yeah? like we try to kd of copy styl and likeo what we lo. are theymfy? ca w walk i em? yh. >> we justay here and things are moving? >> n - >> her we . we have to walk this way. >> walk over to this one. uh-huh vy confung okay.
10:37 am
>> iort forhe laun and iethis. >> i love this. i love jump sui a it's super sexy in th frt. kind of looks like two pces but it's one. itak it si. andhesehoes a aak o thela p a wdded a cute little detail. >> very cu. l rit. ady, gs?>> okay.yo g this wa you go ts way! we'll go that way. >> choreohyso thiis le ring, hamptons. >> it isind of hamon yle. >> w lov nds jean co aweme >> ts a co! yea >>, i love that! fromere i lked like it was askirt. >> stylish. this dre is s amazin leather. we hav it in white black.>> stop it. >> it' amazg. cares very cute>> o tse oe >> tsehoes are amazin >> ware mong! >> nobod told it's time t
10:38 am
>> the next ok! okay. all right. i lovthis. >> wha is this stuff caed?>> yeah,ah>> why is your favorite in the olecollection? >> i really loveheetai and hardre,ows wtend ju theockets i thinkre rely cool. >>nd i also like you can he aewps aumpsndt's not goio . >> you can wr it with tennis oes, flats. vehese at had to have ats. because i le wearing fl >> careful,his is the last -- hold on! >> alrity. >> all ght. what's thiguy? >> iovethoh,his atwo-piec littopndants tcngoo d, yeah. feel how soft it is. 'sike a ltle -- >> i love that it's xtured. >> s goi torabhose off the table.>>heoo reallygrea ck >> cu. >> raini two secos.
10:39 am
>> ,eat. how is your love life? >> oh,go. >> slinlts day! we'llta. thanks you guys, love you. moreooks on klg and >> cin, lovtori just in tim for all year long you worked hard take caref business antake care of the people o tt mt. sohen your tax refund arrives, make i a little furtr at walmart. om electnics, to home decor,ev tires t low prices oerythi you need to get morfuout of yourtax refund.
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really do sav an avege of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invent theto and isn't that what reallmatters?
10:43 am
,,,,,,,,,,, > i y're aopeless romanticyou're goingo love this and if not, you might be one a seeing these adorable couples. >> we've bn talking to coues rried me than0 years for a special project with nger/songwrir i think grid michael son, creation a vant to everybody tha premr tomorrow. first we want you to mee some of the stars. hi! so glad to e yo what a pleasure.
10:44 am
>> i'm standing with couples who collectively represent more than 350 years successful marriage. no better expts for a few lessons on ve. >> she was cssg the street, and the guy i waswith, i poked him a i said "i'm going t marry r." ande looked at me and said, "what areyou, nuts?" i wa only 15. >> from that day on it seemed ke n matter where i went, ere he was. he was a painn thneck, to be honestith you. [ laughter ] >>heoreigh heelsnd very tight dress. my eyes, like a funny picture, you know. >> my grandther told me to buy -- and i came backnd sheaid what did you charge him and i told h and she said, are you crazy, bng i back! >> the worst mtake the grandmother ever made. back io the lion den. and then i said to her, i'll turn your money ifou have lunch with me >> i id com on i'll take you for a ride,ou ow? and she id, oh, no i'll take you in my car.
10:45 am
r was. >> she had an old plyh with the stick o the sering wheel. >>nd the utch. >>nd said, well, i'm not lettg this one go. so il take the ride >> she h a cocktail in her hand and her h was a beautil rgun, deepred. and she had cheetahlaes . the wolf in mesaid, wow! did you feel something special right away >> no. >>no. >> not even close. >> he boute a solid bunny.this big. >> choco nny? >> and he proposed i love chocolate. who could rist that? >> one night he come home and he said, younow, i decidedove you. >> aww. >>hat was romantic. >> so iaid to m, i'm not sure i like you. >> i found myself on one knee, and i remember those goingff in my head.
10:46 am
what are you doing, wt are you saying? and isaid, wouldou conside ying >> and what did yousa >> said >> howo yo make a marriage last 50-plus yes? >> never, ever in 61 years have go toed mad. >> i'm not sayin weer h figh. or that i didn't get out of bed and leave the bed and -- b would go do to the living room couch and next thing i ow, he would on the floor nexto me. and we would loo at eac oth and say, well, thiis ridius. >> i fnd o if you say yes, dear, you're right. i always say that i know he's wrong, but eventuly - >> eventually, i apologiz >> still see him ahe xitorges mhere is. is shedeonal, o what? nc takes different forms. i think itets better with age. >> i you fall, i'llk up.
10:47 am
>> you know, erything wked out. years. >> hoda youid a beautiful >> ty we such, sweet, sweet couples. the secon time see, b i tear u it ds gbettfarry yo bestfriend. >>now br tn ybody. yes, some of thosezing couple come backtomo. we're going t make a music video and a celraon f them. soheedng rus, the knot, took part in it, and i tnk rid michlson will be joini . >> , good! al
10:48 am
first, this isy" on c.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> we all went to the st beautiful baby shower w have eveeeto. >> m stackhse. we'roing t showeun ctur tomoow. and don miss mda's muc video debu
10:49 am
10:50 am
>> y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [cheers a [cheers appe] >> rachael! >> anuncer: celebrities reveal their hn tants. fit, before he was behind insanity,ho kne he was a backup dancer forariah a big announcement about h secret talent. [cheers and applaus >> annouer: now, are you ready
10:51 am
[cheers and applause] >> rachl:ll righty. so thi is kin of a really fun show tod becse is a about hden tants. all of my guests today are known for o thin but today they ll show off sometng you didn't knohe cou . today i'm gng to make a big announcement about some of m hidden talents. you watch me qvc or ow the pot and pan i cook with here, i love design. iesigned theval pasta pot and tl skiethats a roasting pan and all th, because i lived in a tiny apartment and my s wasot a full-size stove and i could never fit two big pots togetheron the stove top. i started drawin a piece of paper the sution to that probem. beyond henware, which is obvly why i design that, i'm ying to solve problems as a
10:52 am
i havereyig announcement,
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