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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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turn themselves in, the urnd final pier, david fry, refuses to surrender. >> i'm a free man, i will die fren. >> reporteefore filly peaceful p. if everybsays llah, i'llome out. >> when they said llelujah, ame ror thebi closed i on t cupi las night, dmatic devopnt thative seamed withens of thoands listenin >> let's be clear. armed occupationf federal property is a crime. its t a peaceful t. epmoe gotiatinth the grrevere ankl graham, son of billy gram, and vada state assembly woman chelle fiori. >> never lt faith. i came herwith a mission,nd the mission s acli. >> reporter: armed militas took ove the ldlifeefuge nearly sixeeks a prestingeder ownership ofestern lands.
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occupier was shot and killedn a confrontation with law enforcement,nd seral others were arrested, including buys. last night clive bundy was taken into custody after landing at the port airport. wot part of the occupation, rather his arrest is from a standoff with armed s forc in nevada. buy jos s sons bend bars. thoccutis . the fu wl still be csed foweek the sherf cas a ime,hebiaid it mu be archor explosives. in, 25 people linked tthe ocpationave now been indicted federal charges. lest? >> j fryer ioregonthk u. a jor rsement fo hillinton is otlighting the critical battle unr way for african-er votes in sou carol a february7th demoic priry e wi be bern sanders' ct in
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blvote. toy clton,ho pos owol l le a acs, gn imshot ith arm a civil ghts in, w sands delivere a sh nbc's isten welk hadetails. >> reporr: as hillary and bernieanders prepare to face off milwaukee tonight, ere are alady fireworks. >> there's none else better ppared to be president of t un states of america th hillary inton. eporter: the fluential litical f congressl bck ucus bki clint day. was congressm jo lewis who delivered mar bl to sanders, questioning how acti he wasn the civil rights movemt. >> never saw h. i never met him. s invoed in e sit-in the fed ride, met y clinn,idt cl >> reporter: the sands campaign,
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reofewis. drawing a srp ntrastto releasing this endorsement veo featuring the young daughter eric garner w died after policeut him in a okehd in014. >> to go up against the criminalustice system. that's why'm for bernie. >>orter: all underi the importance of e afn vote, like soutroli, wh intoleads sander on afrin-amerans % to 17%. onallee for saers, his complicad retiship with esident obam o spy duri an interviethbc's in which eycu c and th ameople yo tnk presidentmaas ccullose that? >> n i don't i thk he made e rt. when talabout a pocal reti is bringinmill d milliof ople heolit ess. in way that do ist right no reporr: clinn caaign firi back. >> considering how ttle senatoran s tohos 25
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givieadersp lectures to president obama is abs >> reporte our latest poll shows president obama's apoval rating among afericans in south rolina iat 92%. expect seetary inn in bracnight whld be st ntentidebate t. lest? >>ristank you. the blics fa off in ca a eha , a ro rday. tonit of th fighto takdown hi-flydona trp aking ple on t gund ere. d cr w won t fintest inow isryg bnce ba from lo this wk new hae withn aggrveround and a dictttacon trp'cotive crenals. with more, hs hallie jackson. >> reporter: matt wells quit his sales job in iowa toell ted cruztead alongside 10,0 volunteers in south rolina. >> i can get another jowhen i get back. i can't get another
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>> it's a risky , in this economy, quitting yr job to come out- >> theowa economy is not bad. i'll go back to iowa and just go bto wo all that. try to helted win reirst. >>ter: wells i part of the organization cruz is pending on kingome 25,000 phone calls a day. part of the organizaon cruz is depending on to topple dona trump here, like he did in iowa. the of h calina, don' think people are inteed in someon a republican candidate who's shed paral birth abortion, who wodefend marrie. >> reporr:rus stratepaint trump as too liberal, with more ads like this one on the way. >> he pretends to be a republican. >> reporr: foris part, trump seems to be playing a more posive political game than before. >> it's gointo be such an unbelievable week and a half. >> reporter: b in the more manney soutis me lorful language may be a big turnoff. he gets the
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>> repte a bloomberg fogroup found. >> it's >> it's profsional. >> it' not y wantsident o th united states. >> youurn on the tv, you he aential cdite yingronirom a age. >> reporter: mco rubio and jeb bush, while, taking ot t - owth naru going to inill anng >> reporter: and at eachther. >> jeb bush has no foign licy experien, period. prove uth calina isn't sily a t-man fit. uncori t pot, newruz ming rormo arettfa. the geing d-mb alreadh nasty w s. and in a nis je bush is getting some ckupn thel from brotheormer present george w. mpai dutn nday. lester? >> halli jkson, thank you. lurking, and now the dreaded polar vort is heading south,
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season for ts of millions of us. al roker us with the details. sbz sounds dangerou >> yeah, lester, i will be potentially deadly weatheroming in. the povo is rey there, b it ll shift over to the norttlantic. e t streamipto the ut theans tha r spillsouthf thnaan border, to northeast, and the midwest, brinng some ofur colder temperatures that we have seen ye bismck troll feel like 7, minus 7 in minneapolis. 13 iel as we t into turdorning, you'll see those teeratures single digitsnd below. and botm t sunday morning, rerds ible in boston with minus 5, 2 new york city, 4 in rochester, 1 in pisburgh, roanoke 10. t, lester, t iset out west, it's goingo fe like differe seas om sealell t wato roswellnd to n dieg it actuall emperes in apl and may. so we've got two diffenuntries dependin where y li. >> a tnks. good to ve you here.
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ympic committee trieto reassure the world today that all measuresre being tan to fight the zika virushe of thsummer games in rio. but u.s. officials are tahewn precaus as whear re from a star atete casting doubt on whether she'll mpet the outb has led toemergency appeal from top u.s. ofcials, health offial oehema elli s. orter: puerto ricoould be the next hot spot for the zika virus,ns t c, testifying before the seteoday. >> at some point may well see tens or reds of thsand zinct ipuerto rico. >> reporter: this news the u.s. olympic committee announced it's hirintwo fectio disease experts to advise the 0 athletes hopinto compete in bzil. includinsoccer star hope so. >> if had to did
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fortunately, the olympics are about six months away. so i believe that we have time to get some of ooubts and estionanswered. >> reporr: the soccer teams will coete in are even moreulnerable zikahan the olympic headquarters in rio. onetadis nea the amazora forest. anothein an area ere the number of ziases are especily high. >> i d think soccer being so close to the rain forest where there'more squitoes. i ke my health very seriously. we a do. >> repte new searchas fnd more edence linking zio bieswith micceal. ympic atetes have coed whi egna. there were fiv durg eon gam in , including gold medalesterry walsh jen jennings. >> we'll bwaiting to hear what steps taken to make sure everytng's safe and cure. >> repter: with women making up half thamerican t t countdown to the
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rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. a californ ity compnow says it's finally stopped e leak from a ruptured well that has been speng massive amouof natural gainhe air near leles. making people sick and forcinthousands of famili from thr homein porter ranch. it's beeleaking for nearly four mont. invisible toheaked eye, but the giant cloud apparent in inared ige the plugs a temporary x, but if it holds, itill be cemented close utrn california gas i facing multiple lauits and vestigatver all this. >or the first time nato is intervening in the massive refugee isis sparked by th war in syria. it's deploying patrol boatto intercept migrant smugglers. as many ee syria, others are trapped, including hundreds o thousands in syr's largest ci. nbc's chief foreig corrpoent, richard engel, shows us the desperation inside po >>eporter:he syrian rege s been fighting rebelin
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but a recent wave of russian air strikess cleanghe way,o syrian troops are advancing, a deroying the city in the process. activists in the white lmetdig through the rubble for rvivors. ey provided wit th fooge to show the world what they y is happening in aleppo e of the vuntes spe tt he frs tits ll is ar e soried because lose eppo, we lose al e r. >> reporter: the ruinvoement e game>>es. ablutely. it changes erything. >> reporter:iding, he say 70,000 ople ve already escap alep in the last few weeks. the syrian arm is closingin, so the panic i spreading in alep that the ane city intsubmison. it's a tactic the ed in r places. >>hawhy we are
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wed help. eptehat ki of help you nd? what areou looking for? >> n, we need just to stop e russns. >> reporter: the russians say ty are bog isis targets inleo, but iael sat'just an cuse. >>e don't have any is in the city. they just helping the atck forces and killing us. >>eporter: the u.n. said 300,000 people are still stranded inside aleo and fears an unprecedented wavef regees may beeaving the cy thnext few day makingheld's refugee crisis worse. richard engebc wsw > there a lot moreo tell you about tonight. still ahead, new tails out that nightme cruise. we'll hear firstnd from those who were boar. 30oot waves battered the sh. one newlyw sd she feared sheould die on her honeymoon they could be the first astronauts on marsand there's stroom on the team
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we are back no with the passengers thankful to be back on dry land on what one caed the crue from he. their ship rockedy a porful s wh rrane fcein an-foowaves. rushinde. ma wdering why the ip set sail with at srm coming e fiple. nbc' jet shablyian hashe details. >> rorter: passgers describit
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them of the seas sailed io the middle a massive storm. >> i thought i'm going to die. i'm going to be drng in the ocean. it was very scary. >> reporte lee wrht was on her honeymn.kyle levequeas w s mom. aolely. ink 5, ves were at sk. >> reporter: royal caeasay the storm beme wor th pdicted two days before the cruise en started, the tial weather service issued a warning predicting was a h a 31 fe, in theame aa emattl the stm. >> this was a system that wasell forecast da in advance. there were even rranwind warnings theay athe cruise ship ft f the area whe they hit t hurricane-force nds. rter: ssengers s the shipelt like it was tilting side to side in hurricane force nds. waves crashing as high as the ftheck.
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scrambled r cover am sed glass and flngurniture. >> one of thscariest day of my entire life. >> reporter: tonht the ntsb is part o the investigation to whatapned, and coasgud s the ship nee more repas fore it can sail again. royal caribbean said anthem is scheduled to cruise the same waters sttingatday, possibility yet another storm. with the 4,500 passengers gting toward a future cruise, few reet this vacation is over. >> i'm grateful i'm ale. >> rr: jan shamlian, nbc news w jers. > when we coac it's taken aentu, but one eein' moheoriehas finally en pron righ nallbe prove (toileflush)
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duncan cnor tk a puffff a vorizer to protest measure that wou ban ion planes. he sthe's nothing xic out the vapor. the ngresswoman next toim waving it ay didn't seem to appreciate it. titanic is getting a se. its debut is being shed back om this year to 2018. an australian tycoon mmissioned a replica ov a century after the original sank. the new one is said to have upgras including more lifeboats. a jor ancent tay confirming something nsteinredicted a centurago. scientists have dectrational was ss thrseroced when two bckoles collide to form e. think of it ke the ripp effect of spreading ter when you drop a rock. except the llisions so nstrous theyan shak ac theiscovery is a very big de, or so i've been told. > en we come back,
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and ost lpno bythreatnts. notakena wi other biogic medicine fora duto an increased risk of serus iection. seriousi effectsan occ cling fatainfections. cases of lymoma and lung cancer haeen rerted. te yr ctor you're one to he aninio like an open se,he f or a htoryf copd, chrolungisease. orencia may rsen your co. if you're not geing the relief you ne. ask your doctor about orci enci seyo in a day >>finay tot, a helpanted sign of sorts, getting a astronomical numbebeof applicants. nasa is hing its
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astronauts, the first neclass inour years. and some could ultimaly be und r mars. nbs tom costlo has rerom hnson space center in housto >> reporter: for nearlyyears, they've been america's hero. >> that's one small for man -- >> reporter: the and women wi the right uff. now nasa's next geration is suiting up. jessica meir, pd. in mari blogy, astronaut class of 13. in yr drworl doou tnk about what kind of aission you woullove? like to go back to the on. that would be a great firs step of getting back tmars as well. she's in the water training for a mission to the space station. it's one of e biggest indoor pools in the world, the uivalent of 60 pic pools, deep ough thold 6 miion gallons of water, and eve new astronauwill spend considable te he
5:56 pm
>> i'm the first person to be alo on an entire planet. >>eporter: theovie martia hasrekindd the public fascinion withmars. l m msion ul be 20 years away. nasa is aepting its ness o tronau. minimurequirements, bachor's dree math, science or engineering, with experiencer a military background. communication skills, to be able to successfully work on team, both a leader and follower. >> reporte a mars mission could last two to three years. >> wld you want to go camping with somedy you can't get alg with, end week in the woodwith th, let alone tw years aent th ose ople? >>eporr:asa ly eds to4 new astronauts, but aladmore than 100 people have applied online. futu missions could incle a rendezvous with an astero, ev rs >> we n se ppl there and bring them back safely, i would bep for it. >> reporter: two to
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ho, r somehe stuff drea a me of. tom coello, c news, houston. > atill do it for on th thursday night. i'm leer hol foall of us at nbc ws, thank you for watching, d good night. i'm rob quir m b quk. d m sa len. firstoght---police activity in the 36-ndred block of bering heights icolorado spring our crew just arrived on scene th ithe ea of aiort and acadmey. 've ard report of ots fired---possibly a stand off but nothing yet confirmed by police. weave crew on scene d will bring you more informati as on as it comes in.
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developing news ea ocolora spris---ashe seah is ongoing for urome invasion suspects. the shiff's offi say3 men and one woman... who they say were armed. broke into aome in the 19-hundred bck of riverwalk parkway... at's near markshfeand constitution theyl us t call camen around 1:30 this afternoon n who runs homdaycare ported the bren.... and we're told she had 4oung children in thhouse athe time wither... t thankfly... no iuries. deti saynly the womas pue wastolen--and l four suspects got away. they were all wearing masks, b the man said have red . spus... you're aed tcallhe sherf's fice rightway. xxx a number of people in colorado springs arorganizing a protest against the new "pedestrian access ordinance"... passed by the ty council thiseek. itakes it a ticketab offen to sit olie do on blic dewalkand trails in parts of downtown and in old colorado city news 5's andy in studio tonht with mo on e plan
5:59 pm
on city sidelks here downtn on mondal 9th. theyhosehat date because it aer the city' day "educaonal window" ends d officers wl not be writing warnings and tkets. ok rq trygve bdgaard said afr city council passed the pedestrain access act thiweek ... he couldn't ep quiet. "i'm just a regulaguthat got fed up when i readesterday that there was yet anoth attempt by our city to crinizthe leasamg us he put poson feboo calling fo"sn" o down sidal.. tohehe dfterhe 6 day "ecational period" ends. reverend ni rost from al souls unitian church offered to help. "it actually makesore sense financially to cate housing for homeless instead of attempting to just ph them out of sight beusitoesn matter if we see them staing or not, they're the, and they e ill our responsibility." but the post also caught the attention of lorelei bkstrom. she lives and works downtown and
6:00 pm
perspective. "i see weapons and urinang and violence and drugs, drug deals. we pick a l of crack pipe" councilm tom strand said the goal all along has been to make sidewalksafe in areas where there'a loof foot trfic. "we wa, because of safety, and to encourage peoe to come back downtown, we wt an environnt where they feel ey won be confronted with a dangerous situion." but the protestors think city councidisrardethei ncerns. "i don't see that th've listened to the people on this matter on their branding of this act. it ry hasn't changed, the hart of the matter remains the same and i'm prettdisappointed to see that." anrgang meetfoe proteswille he a weeom suay at l soulurch. thas tol after t education ow ends, officer


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