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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 12, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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mone my j is not st tenteain, but to teach. calle or tweet m today was the perft illustration of the fa that panic is not a strategy, even though it ceainly seems pret but you can be paral with ar, because oil comes down or interestat areomindo, banktos are going do >>l llel can collecveoll up our sleeves a fd out what highuality stocks are on sale mply becse they' caught up in the marketwide selloff. todapaid off aer initiay getting obterad, the erages rebounded nicely, tolo dow255 pointsthnaaq ihing dn just9%.first let's get the negative going on. what's really ailing the mart is that all stoc trade together off of ne that shouldn'produce such an homogenized output. e negative goes like this -- mething ailinthe eupe banks. so are european bas stocks ranked to go down? why not? they're acting hly. ould be beuse they have more loansn we d know aboutor mayust
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ey're goindownthe in collectively lying to us. they have all the huge exposure to european banks. oer words, peop a worrd th tre's systec risk, that hav't yet happened again, and for the report migh not happ at all again, but w ve torscared o oour ts, because that's what we 2011 and decided to sell evyt, cause the market went count 1. there,hat's the scenario plus oil is going down. we he oil executives chattering aut h wll hav p crude iswimmingools, becathe's so lit storage spleft. i thought it was a coen but the oil futures guy realize 'sangero to n oithe ma bounced somewt when once again we heard prs ports -- i cou have said lies -but th the might be an emergency oc meeting. at after crude fell. its lowest level since 2003. the rumor was certainly right on time. call me cynica maybe stock marks right and oi going higher, b every rur about pructi cuttg has enro, soet's presume this is, too.
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repe the scenario, wheit plummet fred almost exactly where it is now wn to ten bucks in a very short period of time, january to march, that's ght, 26 10 less an three months. that would cause lot opain amg nks.that makes sense, there is aot eosure. i'm t sugarcoang thaut t's stand hi on its head. let'leave crazy-town. we're gog toalk er to non-crazy wn. we aren't s&500 futures traderhere. wet trying to catch the inad moves we're not g hedge funds that e nimble, doing alrithms. we'rtrying to stocks o compies we likand prices we like, but didn't expect toet bee we dn't think th would be a marketwide sale. la night sd the stock ofisnewere to back to the low of86, down fro12 you shou buye. ings chaxcept it's more positive, more pe go to the parks when gasine is cheaper. ifou followed th and bought disney, well you're alreadum fo bucks, but that's not what we'rin it for. we want u toold it for m
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how abouprocter gamble? thda tng jt n'll off. sily 1%, a 3.3eld from company th has a huge engy bill. suddly tcome up anyo a chance to buy into weakness. thank yodesche bank, socn, thu jpmorgan. you can'rd to not bupg at these lels. added bonus -- you know that supefreaking strong doll i ways talking aut. the exchange rate from the dollar and eo has come back down to ere it w a year ag the super freaki song llar n't supefreakin' anymore, th's mster gfoproc ey do a loof sturound the. how about cio? when cisco rorted much bter an expected quarter lastht and osted the diffent the point where it gave you a 2.45 yield, the to be immediate rallied. all i n is chuck rerts did a good job, but i want to
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price toco thawas positively insane. metis the marketruly angers m no matter how th telyou they're in huge trouble and big rivatives,he book of this and at, anthey'rgoing toil, this darn mcdold's sck won't come in. i me, wh the heck that ou you get a stock that ylds 3% ana hue beneficiary of a stronguro, plunging racosts, d e darn tng won't sell off. i thought the declines would cause the s&p 500 too down engh to t a bargain at mcdonald's, h, gss we'll haveo rumor more german banks doing badly. it gives you a chance -- how about this j j? i ke tnkg the esidtial even len or theupe yang
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it's notappens. th have an amazing balance sheet, a sheet, and acceleratinrevenue owthnto one of these says you need ready iorhen that hap. maybe in jan ylereally ings, we'll get to buy j & j at6 in at 96 instd of 101. ameing am i being toolib here? no. no. you sein 201which whol countries we ieeblowing up remember, remembering the piigs? and all hell w breing ose?
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bellyou havebut ey regulate dferely over there. ey lik you know, givthem wink and node authies look the other way, they let the poorly run totallyackinganks stay in business now that these countries are all ventnd the eopba run by a smart guy, you think they don't have a plano recapitaze ery bk trouble? theyavgeincry capitalism th did it before when nks were thnically insolvent,r bailhem ho i some way that doesn't brinwn the hous the house. honestly. i hao whthe. i do know thuaon is
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willintown individual ocks rather than flit in and out of the tu e futures, whi wl beit erme there's rumor of a banklure or oil go down or some federal resls ys something crazy a three of those wl ha the kind year it's shaping up to be. if you'rfutures trader, en u have a lot more in ahead that's just the game. all right? yodn g a checkoff ec the chect toda but if you buy the dividu stock, i mentioned better prices d you own them forore th 4 minutes? i ink you comeut winner. john in w york, please.
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recently you recomnded key itrosed merg with first niagara , both of western new york banto paper quotesovnocuomo s joined the gwing chorus of poick the acquisiti vernor cims negative iact with merger and threatening that legal act, are we going to socialism? >> i w >> i w surprised at that. we have banks so bou wld thk they would let bh oney ke over th bank and make it so it wos. n't li t financials w, i think that key represents real lue. i was shocked that. i didn s icong. i still believe in key, t i am not pushing y of the financls on the show. i hink they have a place i the portfolio. and what happened at key was wrong. let' let's o mark in
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>> hey, jim, i was wondeng what you thought about nvcr, novacure. ey have new cancer treats. i nted to know whe youhink the stoc the stocis going >> it's down0%, it's a total spec, if you underand that, then you're find is market isot kind to speculats, if you have that understandg and you wanto go there, i'm notoi to stop you. ke in new rsey? mike? caller:. >>ike,hat's happenin >> caller: not toouch. he i know th sto is no the be in breed,ut i have oufi to ten ars wait. noa withhe intellectual propertynd rt acisitn of lucent. i like it. what do u think fothe next three to five years. can they turit arod? mbe
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it's got a% yiel gre bae sheet, chuck robbins is dog a doing terrific job. i say no to nokia and yes to cisco, t csco kind. take youpick. in a mket ke this, you can be scared paralyzed. maybe you can be smart. smt investors know that patients can actually be wait for yo pitch >> it'where is theee i'm sitting down with e company's top execes, or where is the bean burger? which i ke. janeyellen, ll tell you why shdidn't do it right. > did pane cook up a coback? don't miss my exclusive with the founder to find out the restau has t iredients rise agait. pnra.icwith cramer. > don't miss a second "ma money.
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moverea. t your mon. i take pictures of sunrises,but with my back pai co sle and get upn time. th iou aleve pm. aleve pms the only one coine a safeleep aidlus the 12 houpain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. ale pm for a better am. slam slamd every time oil goe down tnks the cra-t linkagbetween the fureand the price of crude, but cents thlower prices should be boon to rts of compaes. that brings me to wendy's. e fast-foot chge wh 6500 locaon, a stock currently trading at jt e the 52eelo yestery morng ey if
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including one-sent earnings beat, 4.9r 8% increase i -store sales. 's test mbern decas,lus a sod outloo anindicad the t few s of text quarteare lookinterrificand a w addition addition that even my vegetari kids wld le. is this simply anothermp of this panicked stock market throwing the baby ouwith the bath water? let's de with the ouoing ceo and succsotoind out whe the quarter is heade welcome back tad mey", a welcome "mad money.." >> thank you his >> this is taking a w re. u delivere amazi return, yet ear starng wh deliciously dierent now, what are the expectations for that ogra w jim. is is a great portunity for us to tellhe consur what
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out there, ande've gotbout foince 196 andelioly differt really dre the fferenand talk not ju aut the hambuer but great items like ourlack bean buer that yohad the opportunit taste. >> let me ask todd about that. this is a burger, yes,ndeed, i struggle sometimes do go with me kid why? because they wt a ggie rger. thiss t an easy think to ke can it gnation? >> it definily g naonal what we nt to do is ovide the consumer with some options within the restaurant, but really ithe spirit of qualit is our recipe, this is offerin that can ladder up to that quity message. we feel very good in the test restaurants, h it's performing toda today it wld be the irsats, no, it's real, and tastes better to me than a hamrger. i doant toalk aboue
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you haveustomersnot all wealthy, right? this mt be good for them. ey musmaybe st up to wendy's from another place or maybe an extra fry, an extra chili? >> no,bsolely. you know, it wasn't that long ago that gas was -- regular gas, $3.94 at peak, and now it'more like3 -- excuse $1.70. th hasut a lot of money in pockets of individuals with lower households incomes who a very heavyse of quick-see restaurants. we ty 's been anmportant factor iputting together seveve nice quarte. the'a perception ang somethinthat all -- wendy's always prided itlf on being fresh, recent flitti in this market? >> absolutel it's spot on with the trends, jim. jim. fresh, never frozeor ameran beef.
3:17 am
evy day in that restaurant. we're spinning our lettuce fresh ery ngle daynd prepa it how and when you it. we've been doing that for 46 years. >>ou are from a franche background. you know how imptant the frisees are. what'she relatnship? >> the relatiohip as good ast's ever been. we've done a nice joconnecting and partneringith a franchise communitto maksure we are all in this togethern the spirit of bug one team united. my fathewas a franchisee, so i've had a long conntion to make sure th the econo del works for r franise communy,nue to paner thugh jot capil plans to bring that all to ght. >> you've been buying back a huge amot of stock. a od use of capital? >> absolutel we bought back almost 100 miion shares, and we believe it's a greatay to return value
3:18 am
gointo ctinue to do th with excs cash, as well as continue to ouridends at the sampace of net come owth we think wre a stock that can provide growth as well as and and food safy cos a t of money, and it's obvly from the news we've ha can fast can fast-food restaurants ford hier -- >> jim, that's why wve made conscious vestment in technology. we he a lab called 9degr labs on the outskis of ohio state university, and we're spending a lot of ney to really work on consur-facing technology kiosks, mobile ordeng, bile payment. we wanto put the hands of the operations intthe nsum. th want to col their own destiny. that will w us to ee u other labor costs too other thingsnvback in the
3:19 am
service model. okay. last question. emil, the younger people might be nurally interested in a bean burgeare people who watch media, ty watch soci mia. >> sure. >> what are you doing to get i ugh uch with the nural market, what the younger people want. we use ve much a 360-degree apoach to our dia effo for l r products. th product like this, yo see a significant pus agait cialndigal media. we've even used is on a local vel and really have connected with consumers on it. there's a loof consumers groups called a flexarian. they gmeatless for day or o ery week. >> i'm axirian.
3:20 am
group of people. this is nojust targeted at the flexitarian, but theroader group as wel you brought out great gross margins, jt terric same-sto sales, d emil is the outgoi ceo, ani'a flexitian. "mad money" is back after the break. comi ming up, the great outdrs gh pformce apparel gia columbia sportswear supplies the gear. t th this rollerst winter climate, is itime bundlewith ttock? should it be left out ithe cold? cramer is on the trail witth o,resh off of rnings, ju ead. (celphring wherare you?
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phillips'.,,,, so i g so gue we've got start rooting agait job grth. y, i hatthis kind of situatn, but fed chief janet yellen rher than eracing t notion of thunited states is perhaps the growth engine that coulpull theest ofhe world out of itsbvious slump, has chosen the higher, and perha into a recession if necessary justecause we added more jobs than we thought. typica typicay you uld expect t d tighteng gin the rong job growth, but the united states no longer ex in a vuum.
3:24 am
intere ratesre dramatically gher than much of the developed wod, wre there an actual bondhortage given e horrid renout rates grth. deflatn, i feel ke this uld a savior moment for yellen, because she haa chance to save t st ameri, bu the entireorld. shcould sain front of congss let's not talk about higherat until the gbal econisn a less precarious positi, let's speak of inflationary or deflationary extremes mple commes, b instead the agenda is incredibly narrow-minded. i waffle between being angry at the fed comingut and saying someough stuff and wantingo shake the members into reaty in theeal econom m mindful ofen bnankwho d so much good, singd me out the courage act" when dimy rant in the summer of 07 about how ty knew notng aney had to take action
3:25 am
upand the, and ias, itind of hurt of hurt my feelings, but i'm a big boy. i'm all right. so let me puts it a more statesman likeanner. ostexts were written before amazon and wal laid waste to gh-paying retail jobs, before of tization and offshori that half the way of our cntry.they were writtefore nafta, theyerwritten before the shar eco shared econo made it so people have to scrape bon mtipl shifts. lastly the newte local -- wag being lar maet. there's such a glut. millions of people would wor r less thathey do if it weren't for the minimum wages. however, if jan janet yellen stays on message, we only ve achoihat the pe that
3:26 am
noticing where the credit defat default aps are, or how e bubble bin oil will cause tremendousredit contractions how chinaobab contcting for a goart of the instri ecomy. these thgs -- jobs increasing and radical decline in cdit -- aren't sposed to be happing at the same time. that's what thtexts id. theyre, thoughthat givers he a chance why not become th world's beacon? let's shelf any te hik discussionr now. it cou it couldave the added adntagof keepi extmist anti-wall street candidates off thballot yellen continuesher urce, she makes it more likely that come november someone with racafferent set the ideas on howo run thgovernment certainly ones where t fed
3:27 am
i doubanyone ie commody maet wan to see th options. the ce just y thisoe me over and over agai andhey wonder whyen't sd it i st did. eyust kn too much about thway things used be t untry, andnough out the way ings a now. t's go to mike in pennsylvia, please mike? >> caller: jim, g fan. >> thank youpartne what's up? >>ler: what you think about maraon oil's ability to stay afloat, a long-term >> they were one of the first to cutheir differ th was prunt. they are about to report next we. i don't favor -- i don't want own any foss fuel stocks. the world has turned against them. i think there's a scen it could goo ten. it happened against 1986.
3:28 am
want to wanto owmarath. it's a shame. a goodompany, but thnot the environment,nd fossi fuels, no. we're not going to recommend o the show.john in pennsylvania, john? >>aller: j, a great big boo-yah fromuartn, pennlvania. >>oly cow, m. hey, iad a fist fight in quaktown aa track race. did. a guy tripped me, it was unbelievable. i knew i got the could ask my coach, but i -- i'm willing toorgivend forget. >> calleondeul. ji i'm a lgtime hoer of new york commuty bank. ill have a solidn even ough the financials have taken a hit, i'm enj nice diffen y? se i continue to reinvestm >> that' >> thas the musical sound that says take your profit anmove on we're t gointo fool around with t financial either. we don't nd the oils or fincia on our balanc
3:29 am
and that quakertown guy? that didn't actly work out for m. yway, my msage to e federal rerve, it'time to wa open your eyes to the al economy and chge course, before you end up causing all nds ofroblems you're mandated to resoe. > para has failed to m your dough rise, under recentl that is. i love that pl and combia up more than 12%, my wife loves the sorel boots. don't forget my exclusive interview with the ceo. and
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,,, if y if you're lofor a place to hide in this mark, how about anredibly well-run mpany wi no earnings risks? because just yterday they report add spectacular quarter. i'm lking about paneraread. this sto sold off th e rest of the mark today, theyorted a try amazin arter, senng shares up nearly 5%, something that made meappybecaus o it in my critable trust.
3:33 am
tick on coany of same-stor sales. it continue toss upgrade many of the stes for t new format, and the company has an aggressive buyback. this is a stng story. found the commentary tbe veryeassuring. let's checin the fer andceo lea me t the quarter d the company's prpects. welcome welcome back. >> good to >> good to sou, you came on the show, said we're going to be back, we're going to fix the mosh pit, we're gointo geople in and it's gng to you did it. >> we're doing it, yes >>t'increasingly clear that our strategys t only right t it's worki, anyohave empirica empiricaidence.
3:34 am
>> all you have to look at it e comps for the first 41 days of this quarter,p 6.4%. th'seally speaking. >> bt of any of the restaurants i deal with. >> absolutely. what is haening athe store level th's making that occur. you said it, it's panera 2.0. we're seeing the 2.0tores that we have convted, they'rep 3% to 5% an what the comps would have been otherwe. that's a sustained gwtwe're seeing, seeingso it builds yeaafter year. a betterompetitive alternative throinnovati in food, in marketing, in store operations, our operation arcoinuingo get better, and we're beginning to play with delivery. >> y said in the conferee call that delivery is already prucing some good results. >> yeah, well, so our view is we're moving into an omnichannel
3:35 am
2.0 is reay a betteruest experien experience. it allows us to do ater job for the ean customer, for e to-go customer. we also understood the technology we but enable that is completely relevant to allowing us to do delive. how far along are we th 2.0? our instors who arwatching, is it alst over? or a lot more roll out. >> when >>hen you return a lar company like panera,0 thsands peopleanythingith value takes years to do. 3 24 years ago we have this visi. >> starting inorth colina, yosa youave to believe, jim. you were rht. >> absolutely. not onlyo you ve to believe, but yoe what's going on with gues. i'll tell you a story, my ow experience. >> my soin the mosh t. exactly. you go into a para, seeing people wait in a long li and play the gamof find your food and wa over toosh pit and we said, ist there a better way to do takeout? wodn't it be better ifple cod ace their orders simultaneously when they're
3:36 am
and web, and we started to think about theat-in business. i remember a meeting in our st, meeting a unty presidt, and showed up at 9: a.m., and he sa do u want to get some food?i thought i have to way four, five minutes f my drink an muffin, wodn't it be if i had myood delivered to me? i only h 30 minutes r e meeting. >> and it's all happening. i was in tucson about fo weeks ago. tucson? no longer florin park? >>ou know i always go to 9 short hills one. >> but this is one in tucson. it broughte the food at my table. >> wasn't it ne? >> i thought it was fabu. can you do it everywher >> i wlday abo 20%, and soon abo half. imine you can go to a kios go to urable, you ace your orded the fos brght to you. >> i love that. that'seally great. raw costs, you said some are going etty gd, some of the ag stuff, the complex going your weighay? >> yeah, the other side is w
3:37 am
>>ou i kno but your decisioto buy back as much stoyou did, a admittedly at $10 lower, versus this fanstic inversion, is it a trade-off? i tell you, i would ther have e owth than the buyback. >> no, i >> no, it's not a trade-off for us. i think it was clear that the opportunity existed. wead alwbeen vy, very conservative wh our balance sheet, and this was an opportity r us to basically access abo one turof ebitd in debt, a use it for ack, and it seemelike an appropriattime to do it. oroard wassupport of it. that w really e y. they're always cservative. rightfully so. but they felt confident too it >> we'realty mbers, and i'always shocked at thhuge mber of ople y have your program. >> it's actually targest
3:38 am
restaurant industry. isn that incrible? >> 50% of our conser next best starbucks a125%. not a lot of pple think that anyone is ead of starbucks, but you ha manag to do it quietly. >> i think we try to do more things quily. we're more ierested in the customer. wee the leingit at restaurant, cludg starbucks outside of thehree big pa operions 16% of our sales came rough digital last quarter. >> you're doing a of facebook or google? or - >> no, i'm saying digital ordering. >>re you advertising on social media? >> we mix it. we're g social media, a nch ofhat. nionaadverting, but mostly what matters is what happs in the cafe, wch is do we touch peoplor don't we? we do things at cusmers vae, tn eyl continue to come in. if wdon't all the advertising
3:39 am
>> sategy isot only right, but it's working congratulations for totally geing the stock together. ceo of panera, he promised, and he d he delivered. "madon adoney" is bk r the i think shod've taken a left at the ve taan know where tarzan go! tarzan does noknow where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you kwhere the waterfall ? teall?no, mearzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask bo if y'rcouple u ghover directi it's what you do. if yout to save fiftn rcor more on car insurance, you switch to ge oh ohhhhh it's wt yo. h!do ye too at right in my ea ve been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me t. excu me...ming through! ride theel we of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. ich helps you feel re energized
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i want whahe has. we've got trouble inummy tn. peptocopter! when cold cuts give your bethunder, pinkief the firsreder, so you can be a business boy wond!
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3:42 am
it i its time. it is time for "thlitning round." -- and then "tightni round"s over. are yoready, skee-dadd time for "e lightning round." i'm going to start with ron in colodo ron? >> caller: welcome fthe colorado rockies, home of the super bowl cmps. marath petroum. >> y know what? i sethe refineryarginseing pressurehere. thank you, rustie for llinme in. i'gog toay -- >> sl se sell. bailey in washington. >> cler:es. >> go ahd, you're up >> caller: hello, cramer, th famous money maker. what's youke on tea. >> it's a cold stock. there's somethg foybody. you know, i got in guy tt says they're losing b money per car, en musks ying they're king a fortune. it's too mh of a battleground
3:43 am
all i can sat's a cold stock marshall in virginia? >> caller: woo-hoo- >> that sounds fair. >> marshal >> marshall was goodbut let' go to jay in new jersey. >> caller: cramer, pleasure talking to you. >> same. calle i want to kno on the growth potenti forhe boyer pharmaceutical bio -- >> that one is done. move on. let's go to john in california. john? caller: love u,im reynolds amecan. >> i don't recme tco starts. just got to have some prciples. nocommending them. michael in kentuck >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> calle i had a question about sing ronnie financial. >> that thinhas been clbed. i'going to go against the -- and say it a b.
3:44 am
california. dennis >> calle caller: dennis in californi i like your pin oniffany & company. >> no, they went out and said all thesgreat things, en thifferent deliver. here'st i saabout tiffany -- buy buy buy. [ buzzer ] no-no no. >>ell ll sell. >> caller: hello, m, how are you? >> great. >>aller: fantastic. 's0 degrees plus. >> il in you. >> caller: give me your xpo logistics. >> in othemarket it's perfect, but in ll-up with borrowing money anbuying different thgsit is not one you can ly herei >>on't buy, don't buy. >> is st the wrong t nickn ohio. >> cler: yes, this is nick from ohio.
3:45 am
>> boo-yah. >> calle from the football hall of fame. >> hofer. caller: higma >> i have not looked at it in long time. it's an integrat circuit company. yocan't just say buy osell it has to do with the product iteration and wherthey are. considering that skyworks solutions is doi unbelievably wend it can't geout of its own way. can't out there and recommen commend high max jim? kell hello, jim. how a >> how are you? >> cr: with the chge to ios, prmaceutils and 3 drugs in their peline, do you thinit's a buy, sell or ho. >>he oldsis? here's the problem with ionis. i'm tryi tquantify to people this is a speculative and this market hates sculati.
3:46 am
please, it's not this on david in ciforni david? >> caller: cramer, boo-yah, i watch you every day, you're might man. myuestiois hertz. >> still too early. i'm not a fan, i hen'teen for a while. m t changingy view. >> that, ladies angentlemen is thats the conclusion of he litning round. "the lightni rou" is sponsored by tameritde.erythi well?is clean was like pow! ed thihelevel of cleo it it just kinda ke...wiped everythi c. 6x cleaning my tee are glowi.they are so white. 6xtening i actually really likehe 2 steps. step 1cleans step 2, whitens. every time u tstogether, itelt ke... ...leavinghe deist offi. crest hd.
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in thi in this fferen environment, wt do we do with a nter apparel company like columbia? i commended it aggressely three weekago,ecause i thought after mohs of being beatenow ts company cod benefit from a multistate blizzard, but the storturns out to be much more than jus about e weather.itell-run house of brands. sorel boots among others now columbia jusrted after the close today, and it was a terrific. higher thaexpected sal, increased by 3% ye oveyear a -- 7% constant cuency basis, plus management gave pretty darn good solid guidance. so let's hr more about the quarter. march boyle, welcome back to "mad money." >> thas, jim.
3:50 am
>> this was the quarter whe i think thatolumbia sportsar is a technology coany with brands that touch secular growth areas like yoga, and thedea if it'sot cold, you can't make your numbers is a thing of the past? >> well, listen, it's always great for us when the weather is cold, but frankly we have focused diligently on making the business better and less weather depeent. nortof 30% of ousales e outse the u.s., so the chanc of it beinthe prer temperature all over the world is just remote, so we have to have business that can sustain our growtha less weather-ant time othe year >> the pra >> the prana acquition is looking brilliant. is thasomething that's
3:51 am
>> yeah, we think so. for sure, it's a relatively all company, small part of our business, very well-n. we're thrilled with the bu, especially the fac that it's less weather-sensitive, about 50% small, 5% spri, but most importantlit's about 70% women. th're buyingppel much more heavily than men. that's an area we've bn focusing, making or products and brands mor brands more relevant >> rock climbing, yoga, maybe a few years ago i would -- this is a much bigger category than we realize, i guess. >> it's really how that product, which is based on those nds of activities can extend beyond just thoseimed activities. so these produs are made for pele who are activ who enj being ouide, being passionate abt wh they do, whether they're climbing or inyoga or just enjoying the outdos, the products a designed to be comfo be comfortable. tows differentiated fr the unitedtates or the world for apparel.
3:52 am
>> my wife loves s, three pele on our staff have tm t 14% owth. even though it's associated in our country if your feet are sold. sold. it hasn't be thacold is there sething else going here wit re with this brand? >> wl, there is, and it's rely an exnsion of the pruct toppar, which smaland was ly a together this year, but really the brand has so much strength differentiate thesbran from others, we have toave some basis on whi to rely our design effor and focushose, and really for uit's aut protec, whetr it's otection fm rain or sn or
3:53 am
of boots forreat weather. >> now, >> now, you have ao shown us time and ain there's aot more technology in your clothes at almost -- we hear abo weables, but you continue prove it tma it ugr whheit's cder,etter? is that continuing, the chnology iur materials? >> exact. that's, ag that's, agn talking about points of diffentiation from from us from evothebrand. we're about maki people comftabl so they cantay ours lger. it'sne of the reasons the nchester united am has apoached us. only do our pructs very differt from our products in their man shops, but it'also the global nature of the nchester united te as well as our ownistribution. we can keep people comfortable
3:54 am
that way >>st queion -- you mentioned the eat lance sheet. you said we cadohis grea balance sheet. tothat meant you're eier going to continue to buy bk stocks or you have your eye on other brands that can be put into your mily, or can you do both? >> i think at the end of the day weobgated to manage l of our assets, including cash in the best way. wever, we allyelieve the be -- least risky y for us to grow business and to expand our operating margins is to concentte on the an that we already ve. that having been said, we've been sucssful, we're managed our balance sht cafull and we have the opportunity to acquire brands should ey beme avaable. but frankly the focus is on makingur existing brands better and bigger. >> congratulations. it was a quarter inow we were thinking you would diver, because weecognized the
3:55 am
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i'm > i'm not going toib. ye the eurbanks, prab are rl issu. i'm not guares athin for all i ow, an ou l hear is every minute y hear the hear ty're in ouble, but they have a diffent level of regulaon. ey tentoe ony antend keethbanks ale. i'not yinguy anyf those, i'm saying buy procter & gamble, j & j.
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etin buy j &. >>ther ers alwa bull maet somee. promis try to nd it re "d moy." m jim am. ll you tomorw. itriday,ebar 12. comingp on "early toda lreatwi chills a polar vo is hitng the norst and theidwest with a vengeanc bernie sanders t a f puncs fm themer f la debate >> the kinf criticism that we've hed from sator sanrs our prident expect reicans, do not expeor someone rng for e democratic nominaono succeed president obama. >> mad cretary, that is low bl. >> and the fbi is loong into a
3:59 am
columbus rtaurant as a poible terror attack. plus,ozensilled at a massive riot a aican prison > and is i really worth risking the zika infection. an plent teep you tertainedurin t frozen valentins day wed. "early tod" starts right now. good to be wit you. millns of americans are bracing rdangerously cold teures thivalentine's day weekd. a polar vorte bringgoneilng weath allhe way down the florid and wteout conditions along sens othe newk thru way and in scrann nearby power wer neall ed in e. c e rember we' dropped is l ith rthet.
4:00 am
and y'reot going to like it eith. it's gng to be a really, spots. we are lking at some damngerous ld. thiss the leading ee of the arctic air. 19 below for thwindhilln inteionafalls an normall that would stay up in northern minnes it wil sweep dowsouth and east a all t places under windhill erts. that means howt feels will drop to 35 bew zero. at's danrous . you need tlayer up. anit looks le are of the southwest ll be in the0s this, 's not everywhere. >> thank you very much. next to politics as the two


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