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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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and y'reot going to like it eith. it's gng to be a really, spots. we are lking at some damngerous ld. thiss the leading ee of the arctic air. 19 below for thwindhilln inteionafalls an normall that would stay up in northern minnes it wil sweep dowsouth and east a all t places under windhill erts. that means howt feels will drop to 35 bew zero. at's danrous . you need tlayer up. anit looks le are of the southwest ll be in the0s this, 's not everywhere. >> thank you very much. next to politics as the two
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candidat faced off in milwaukee last nigh from civil rightsnd enenry kissinger. she talked about getting the approvalr support o t mentorin of henrykissinger. now, i fin it ratheramazing because i happe to believe that henry kissinger was one othe most destructive secretaries of state in e modern history of this untry. i am proud to s that he is not myfriend. i ll nedvice fm hey kiinger. >> i kw joualists have asked who yo do listen to on foreign who it is. >> one othe biggest bk and forth came when clinton jabbed sanders for not supportg esident ama. >> today senor sanders said pridt obama failed the presidential leadershitest and this is not theirst timehat
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obama. in t past he's called him we, a disappointment. and i couldtisagree more. the nd of criticismhate' heardm senator s about our president i expect from republics, notrom someone running the democratic nominatis to succeed him. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. i have work would president obama for the last sev years. but you know what last i hea we l in a democratic society. last i heard a united stes senator had the right to disagree with a president, including a presidenho de suchn extordinary job. so, i have voiced criticisms, mae youhaven't. i have. >> late sanders hit bacn critics saygnly inn's campaign was hisricnd he was thwarting story.
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hioric point of ew, somebody with my background, somebody with my views, somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the bigoney interests, i think a sanders victory would bef some hiorical accolishment as well. and the twitt dcussion was aead th sde gotore follers and clinton was able to narw t gap from th start to the end. a nowo the republican race and frontrunner, dondenald trump who is hiting al o group. he tk time to autograph a mowk sporting baby and a bedazled trumppacifier p. for ch of the day tru was in a heated back and forth with
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an ah obama onayge and he saidruzs liar and azy and dishonest. >> reporter: making some 25,000 phoneal a day t topple donald trump he like he did in iowa. >> in the state south cana, i don't think people are intted in someone, a reblan candidate who's pushed parti birth abortion. >> reporter: cruz's stragy, paint trump as more beral, with more ad said like this one on theway. >>e prendo be republican. >>eporter: f h pa, trump seems to be playing aore positive political campaign than before. >> isoing to be such an lievable -- >> reporter: but in the more mannerly south, his colorful langua may bowe a big turn off. >> it's s.>> i not how you want your
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>> you turn onhe tv and you have a leading presidential caidate sayg pnity from a age. >> reporter: marco rubio and bush taking jab that frunne at each other. >> j bush has no forei policy experience, period. >> reporter:ryg to pro uth caroli isn sily a two-man fight. it was a dramatic end to a 41-day armed siege at an orego wildlife refuge. four remaining wildlife actistsrrendered aft hours of tense negotiatio. vid frey had redo com t binly tned himsel . alexpected t have an raigent day. theefugelemain closeo eub f s. meanwhe,he fatrf t
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wes ago was a arreste after lanng athe ptland airport. he faces several felony charges from two years ago innevada. four peopl r alfter ahtenin ckt a ohiuran >> that >> thatall aut a man in a head sca camenshortly after 6:00 p. local time. he entered the nazareth reaurantnd repoedly gan attacking people wit amachete. diners threw chairs and oth objectto stophe attack. minutes late thesuspec was stopped and police unsuccessfully tried to tas him and he then lund at office with a machete and a
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as of now they're not caing it rrism. a prison battlebetween rival drug gangs in northern mexico. mexican officials say the fight arted arouidnighthursda between a faction of the infamous zedas gang and another group. authorities sayhereaso gun fi. th situati is now u ntrol and ty haveul o the possibi of a pron break. >>an the riot comes less than a week before po francis i prison. pris. now over 10ears lar, we nally hea this. >> >> that's whate've been lookinfor.
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the sun. the waves are ripples i space ti similar to droina rock into a pond. relativity. ofit of bteco. >> we will be indeheeason why, ts polarvortex, or a pie of , will b headingur ren. a high of only 9 minneapos. 'lhe windsax a bit, stery ueardhe rattling looks like that wil sue but torrthughout the weekend, g ready for some very
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you are. we're look at showers and lake effect snow in the mit. and highs only in e single digi a nicer out the west so, go , it oy las abous. nd, already getting better. >> but it's going to be a brutal 48 hours. new details on theest of those hillary clinton ails. anarhones up to im ster tn wh youay have i take pictus of sunri it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my backain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in ti. then i found aleve pm. evpm is th o t combine a slaid plus the 12 hour inelieving streth of eve.
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>> the diplomats alsoaged to the immediate delivery of humanitarian aido the sian people theeafire does not apply to milita action suc a rrist groups le is. >>ge r thatillary clinton'emails be released foreuper tuesda soh calina primarynd ser tuesda th man ikingst, englan is trippinanused dear being csed by poli th spect runs closer, just casually stick o his leg, allowing police toouncon m. and a 5 alarm fire engulfed a massive new jery warehouse. amid freezin temps, firefighters from at least five
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fortunately, noinries were reported we get downo buness. late newsbout a possibleil deal helped can cut stockses in half. uberas agreed to p $28 million inawits brought by ders w sayheercemisrepreed their safe ride fee as much as 230 . at&t is joining verizon in testing 5 gice. it wouldake them 100 times ster tha they are right no 5 g shod roll out i the nex few years. just ahead, the zika vus edge. 'll brin youome of those denext p pss now, revn introduces a new coectionf mascas get lh lou want e
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,,,, this this morning on "today," just in time for valentine's day, jeff rossen investigates ether science credi ever lastinlo. on trsday cdc announced that puerto rico could be the next hot spot for the zika virus and the u.s. olympicommittee is paying attenti a one of thr star playerspeak out. >> reporter: the u.s. olympic
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tw iectious disease experts todvice the 50 ales hoping to compete in brazil, includinsoccer star, hope lo. >>f i had to decide today to go, i wouldn't go. founately,hey're six months away. sfwlrks >> reporter: the soccer teams will compete i areas more lneraba, one in the amazon rain forest and anoer where th zika casesre escially high. >> i don'thinkhe soccer ge to be that close to the rain forest wrehere's even moremosquito >> repr: new research found mo evidence linking zik to bies bor withmicrnsefally. the were five during the london games of 2012.
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at kind of steps are going to been to make sure everything is safe and secure >> reporter: with men making up half the arican team, the countdown to the ompics is on. nbc news, w york. and just ahd, a b valee's day weekend ahd at the movi. we'll tell you what's hot. plus, combining the aming guysygo, zero gravit threlts, just falo. dicare pt d prescriptions, lgreens says, carpe d diem. seize the day to getore out of life anmedicare part d. swih to walgreens foravings atl the highligofr y. now evthe costf yo pabere you fill.
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how how about somntertainment news now. pop rock band, okayo has claimed theyave made their t musicideo io gravit goin viral just yesterday. it currently has over 20 million views onli. i wo guess tt's scial effects. it' the real deal. nbc announced yesteay that the popularay time drama "days our lives" has been newe for the1st season. >> myother will beery hay. >> a lot o people too. netflix asters of none will beeturning for a second season in 2017 mo binge vieng for you. andittingheers today, the highly anticipated "zlander" sequel. so, get the blue steel ready.
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how cee llabo gethe ard suspect in cu plus.. ch ionorrmed suspects who roban ranscaked a home in colorado springs.. weavthe test on the investigation... temperatures are in e upper 20s and lower 30s to start our friday will be coor toy thathe past several days have been, but even with cooler temperatures we will be unseasonably mild. his llange fm we50s toer 6. ur lk ahead thh is weekend is coming up iweathe & traffionhe 5's. good mor, anks foroini us on is friday morng... 's february 12th m a cronin. and i'm shellene ckrell.
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dent corado spngs are nay backn eir home aftebeing evuateduri a sndff. it all staed last nit as a otfirecall.. antoda the suspect involved is facing several arges. happened in the 36-hundred blk of berring heights dre...where liay an armed man barraded himself insidof a town he after firing several ots. police s onethererwas indehethshots we fire.. t itf that wathrg..e'ey ket ndun. wh t susefus to co poliugn a taal am a used aras. theyere finall tcoax tht hse noneas ht. incltht... whs t t be identifie righnow it uar wt his motiveas f- fi his weaponr e stand off. 'lbrinyoy uptes aswern them. righnow.. orities are lookg fothe arsusptsolved in a
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happened yesterday afternoo in the 19-hundred block of rirwk paway. investigats say. a man who home daycar..rerted theakn.the sheriff'ofays me an1 n. armed... e in the he. thankfully, no o was red... t depues say theome s ransacked and e womas purs wastolen... "it's kind of weird we just moved into the neighborhood a few mohs ago and we were like oh this is such a ne neighborhood, i an it still is it's a beautiful pce to live t yeah iveryeird." the suec were ing mask..and we armed. e womais desibed as having blonor reddish hair with dk roots. if you know anything, you're asked to pleasll the el pasocounty sheriff'sffice. new toy... colorado springs man is behind bars after police y he fired a guat h neighrs. it hapnelast nthe 19ndred block of coppe creedre.po s suspect 59-ar- old "michael oakes" shot at his


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