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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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ouviolatg the ordinae. w formation this morning about what happeneon the night prosecutors claim a form inmate tried to break into the homef a forections cer. thiss 34-year-old thomas guee hgot into a shootout witholice on the night o december0th. courrecos, just obtain by ne5-- say guolee asked neighbors -- if the officer at his sierra springs drive home. the officer's wife -- called police when she heard loud banging outsidr home. offirs resed-- a opene fire -- after theyay guolee ted shooting at them. was wounded. arreed. offers were injured. goulee remns in jail on a e million dollarond... he had ao en queio the 2013 murr case of e state's prisons chief "tom clements two women who claim they were
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decades ago...are trying to change colorado la they testifiedefe the house judiciary committee... working to change the atute limitations sexual asult cases. two lls e being introduc.. but they are n retroactive,... aning they will not help these women prosecute theicases,.. but they want to help others moving fwa. they feel mo timnes to be given assault victims to heal, before they faceheir attaers in court. attorney gloriallred represen 29 led victims.., and it wld be to a rict attorney to osecute. hey stl examine e evidence, and make a dermination as to whether they beeve there is sufficit evidence to ove their case beyond a reasonable do" rit nocolorado statute o years. one bill would lift that cap together,... house mmityesterday approved a second bill-- doubling the statute of limitation. we will continue to track e twlls mo as eyove
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in thimorning's election watch.. this weekend... both democratic presidential candidates will bee in colorado... ahead of ours mah rst. bernie sanders and hlary clinton will attend an annual democratic party dinner tomorrow sanderwill also hold a rally athe colado convention cent at 3:00 p-m... and chelsea clinton will be campaigning r her mother in boulder and denver next week. colora joi a doz other states, on super tuesdo oose a predentia preference w video this morng from e puebhemical det showing progress in the opation to destroy our nation's largest remaing stkpilof chemical weapon u.s. ar officls s 5-huned 60 shells and bottles... containg mustard age.. have bn deyed. as an storic day ae pot... as this ends the "first phase" of t pro in tal, thar says it plans to disassemble a neutralize
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the end date of the project is slated 29. weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with fit aler5. the morndrive mes more clouds and cool this mornin stilnoh ld manage to shine tbrigen yo d to wo or school urvening dri doesn't look too bad. ouds will er the fadg s temperates cool ugh the 40s d 50s. te this moinare in thupper 20s and lower 30s. that still unssonably noalowd onhirty-year averes ar19 degrees icolorado spris and 16 degrees in pueblo. this morning's lows will be 10-15 degrees warmer than normal. some high clouds are arod the filter the sun. we will see plentyf sun today, but the cloudsill be little more abut than in previous days. high pressurwillas ard acsshe dot. we wil on the southwest side of the high pressure's center. inhe clockwise wind flow around high pressuwe are in the southeast-to-northwest wind flow. that is an upslope wind. an upe wind favors cler temperatur andore clouds with sun filtered through the clouds, temperatures will warm
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d-40s throug10 am. temperatures at noon will be ing 50 arod lorado springs and monument and well into the 50s around pueblo and caon city. we don't get any warmer than 50s to lower 60s today befe
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love is in their this ekend-with valentine's day on sunday. and local florists are working haer than ever t epare for that last minute surgin orders. ounews 5's joanna wise stopp by a couple of shops to see what preparations go into the days leadingp to the holiday. she joins us live in colorado sprin. jona... goodorng it has been a busy week r florists and they' expng thin to get more hectic today
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sign of the rose florist is a local shop in colorado springs has been around for decades. and they know whatoes into prarinfoe big valees y ru. lori doole callst the "black iday" foorists-- not only just vantine's day itself, but the whole week leing up to it-- whe they expecto sell hundredof arrangments. she says today thell be busy th more orde coming in. satu... shexpects to see a lotore pele inside the store. wel just be crazy wi walk-ins. there probably w't be a ment thatone's ere. itill be a constanflow of people, lines to the doors, waiting ay and pick upheir stuf it's pretty crazy. blum wholesale florist-- in colodo springs has also ramped up their work hours. thowner, pete blum, says typicallthey're open 40 urs a week for the local clients. this week-- it's somewhere ound 60 to 75. florists are waiting around for these ordershat guys are trying tget around to do-- so plan
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rush of orrs coma coup days leading up to valentine's da bl wholesarovides flowers to lallosts d even big chains le king soopers heays they are biest abo 10 to 14 daybefore the holiday-- inspectinghydrating and clning the flowers. but they really art preparing all the way back in december. most of thr product comes fr south america ancalifornia... that's quite journey so they have to make sure they stay fresh. reporting liven colorado springs, joanna wise, news. 11 spelling bee chps from pueblo areeading tthe statewide competition! last night... scho distric60 hosted its 40thnnual mi schoo spelling beet c-u pulo. news-5'ses mitl ok t the miho... callg out rds, definitions and sentences.
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academ won first place by coectly spelling "strul" ... after 15 rounds. i'm very surprised. i wasnxpecting to win. won my school spelling bees well. wasn't expectingo with that eier. maybe i should n expect to win thin moroften! the spelling beeas sponsored by bck hil energy. e top 3 finalists receiv plaques, rbo a gif baskets -- plus agng rigs. e atspling bee in denver will be held march2th. still ahead... a native american tradio dating centuries back... is helping soldiers struggling with p-t-s-d here in sthern colorado...
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in tod's yr healthy family... a centies-d tritio.. is becoming a "new form of treatment" f soldiers... sufferg from p-t-d. the native americaswealodge -- on fort cson is leading the way -- for military instlatis arnd the country. five's esitchl" reports. in a remote section of turkey creek, the air is lled with songs ansmoke. this is the lakota siouxnipi -- a traditionalweat lodge, made owillow brancheand donated quts. it's been here since the 90s. they didt have a clue aso what we weoing, and we weren't lling themt the time michhackwith, a marine veran of the gulf war, started this ini with a coup friends who waed to follow their own cultural religious practice. praying, sging, playing drs --nd sg tent -- arouozenof h stones, in mpletees it's a pitritu, designed to help sweat ounegativity- a comm problem for struging soldiers .
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i've bn there and ba, and all that negate baggage that you collecand the things tha you see d stuff like that, this helps you cope. th helps you deal with all that. fort carn formally recnized e sweat lodge as a religioupractice in 2005, th rs eveon a militarbase -- and chaplns now recommend the ritualo those with p-t-s- guided by natives belting out tral chants,veryone else i encouraged to ay in their own faith. you pray f your enemies and people that don't like you. and that's dfi, and as a veteran, youpraying for ose people ttually shot atou. thatelps you ce to terms wi a lot of the stuff. for some, discovering the sw lodge came at the lowe point in their lives -- likeohn charles freytaa desert stormvet who found out about the cemo at an a-a meeting. i got shot by e policeour times, and i told the poce i suical and i wanted to die, a i threw a
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now rockpridanscape. the stones ht over open flames r hourbeforeeing pse into the sweat lodge -- where leaders pour sagand water over them to produce the steam. a stifling environment at first, but those who practice say you soonreak thr your concerns about comfort and be grounded -- somethi fir car liey embraced quickly. i'm here with ptsd, but ve also had three knee surgeries. i've had a pmonary embolism, and that's all derivedm training and combat, and your bodyyour mind d your soul takes a toll. originallyesignated only men of the tribeleers now welcome anyone to the lodge, especiallyers. and th're hoping the tradition will continue for generations to come. thers not a whole lot of native americans left in this country, and the sad truth is meday we'll be gone, a this is all they to remember u by.
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rember us by. you canow nd sat lodges at a few other mitaryases and ransffai cente arod the coy. at forrson, the lakoio alt n dance inulto celebrate their adional new . the scheleor the sat lodge changes througho the yea but leaders host it at least twice a nth. to learnore and to find t w toarpateclick onhis ory ourebsi o- a-a dotom. weatheand affion thes. orologt stephewers is he n wh first aler5. the morning drive cowith more cloudand cool 30s this mog. still, enougn shld mane to shine through tbrighten your drive to wo or school. yourveng drive doesn't look too bad. clouds wl filter t fing suhi as temperures cool through th40s d s. mperatures this morninare in e upper s and lower 30s. that'still unseasobly mild. normal lows based on thirty-year averages
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springand 16 degreesn pueb. is morning's lows ll be -15 degreewarmhan normal. some high clouds are aund the filt theun. we will see plenty of sun today, but thelouds will be a little more abundant th previous days. high pressure will ease southward acrosshe dakotas. weill on e southwesside the high presre'senter. in thelockwise wd flow around high pressure, we e in the southeast--northwest wind fl. th is upslope wind. an upslo wind vors cr temperures and more ouds. th sun filtethrough the clouds, temperates will warm through e s and into t mid-40s through 10 am. temperaturest noon will nearing 50 around colorado springs and monument and well into the 50s around pueblo and caon city. we don't get any warmer th0s to lower 6 today before cooling bens and 40s and 50s ke theeturn by pm. th eniill partly
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in today'sealth wah... creati aetter "youin 2016. whether it eatg healier, getting more exercisor spenng less monet's diffulorm new bits... and eaking bad ones cabe en harder! but exrts say it is possible -- if you set goals. so.. it imptant tbe realistic about e ti-line you gi yourlf to achieve those als. and perhaps the ggest key... is holdingrself accoune! ing your goalsn writg is someing th aweme to do st because the more eas you can see , thosvisual triggers, it'll rely help. if you have a buddy that h a lar goal, having that buddy
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countable." if y don't rch your go o week, carln says to cept it keep moving forward. still ahead... w about tatoo to go along with your groceries?! the popular chain that's making this likely comnaon a ality...
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welcome back.. in this morning's conser tch. if think s on rplane st kp getting smaller and smaller... it's because theare! and lawmakers are notrying to put a stop tit! tennesee congssman is introducing legislation to make the ral tion aintration establish minimum standards for how big seats have to be. he says it's n jusfor comfort, but also for health and safetyuring emergency evacuaons. acrding to seat-gu, the avere width of ae at ha shnk since the 190's fro18 and a halfnches to only 16 and a half inches. "who foo stos" is planning on openg a new "mlenial-focused" chain shops. and you justight be ab to t a tthi you're shopping! e "whole foods 365" opares set to open latethis year.
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businesses will be operating within the store. and thould range from frpressejuice ands to taoo parlors! a bsite dedited to the 365 stes says the comp-- wants to parer with startu... well as established brands.. to hp enhathe 365 experience. weather and trafc onhes. meteologt stephebowers is here n with firsaler5. the morning ive comes with more clouds and cool 30shis morning. still, enough sun should manage to shine tough to ight your drive to work or scho your evening drive dsn't look too bad. clouds will filter the fading suhine as temperaturesool through the 40s and 50s. temperaturhis rning are in e r 20s and lower 30s. that sti ueasonably mi. normows bad on thiy-ar averages e drees in colorado rings and 16 degrees in pueblo. this morning's lows will be 10-15 grees warmer than normal.
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we wsee plentyf sutoday,but the cloudsilbe a little more abundanthan in previous. hiressure will eas southward ross the dakotas. we will be on the soest side of the higprsure's cr. inhe clockwise wind flow aroundigh pressure, we are in the soutast-to-northwestind fl. that is anpslope wind. upspe wd favorsooler mperatures and me clouds. with sun filtered through th clouds, teeratures will warm through the 30s and into the mid-40s throh 10 am. temperatures at noonill be neing 50 around colora springs d monument and well into the 50s around pueblo andcaon city. don't get any warmer than 50s to lower 6 today before cooling begins and 40s and maheir rurn by 5 pm. this eveningl be ptly oudyh teeratures coo into the mid0s by 10 p first at 530... resintinorado springs e nally back itheihomes after being evacuateduring a police stand off it all started last night as a
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feuarys.all our handcrafted classic footlos are just $6 each, evenurubway club d icken & bacorancme. $6 fongs a b dl. but the media is going a lile crazy in the heart of wt is n ing called "sub-mage."
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of accumulation side... th now see to be spig ouon t strts. i ha nevereeanything like this before. joy all our deliciou clasotlongs
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fiupt 530... residents in colorado springs are finay back ithr homes after being evacuated during a police stand off. it alltarted last night as a shots fireca.. and today... e suspect involved is fa seral charges. it hpened the 36-hundred block of bng heights drive... where poce say aarmed man barricaded himse inside of a town home ter firing several shot policeay o other person s inde whethose shots re fire.. but it's uncle if at person s the targ.we're told thedid make it out fe anunharmed. t... policerought ia tactic team andd tear g. they were finally ab to ax the suspt out of the house. one wasurt... including e suspect.... who has not yet been identified. right now it's unclear wt his motive was f -- firing his weapon othe stanoff. we'll g you any updates as we learn tm. right now.. authorities are oking for the armed spects iolved in a
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it happened yesterday afternoo in the 19-hundd block riverwalk parkway. investators y.. a woman who runs a he daycare... reported the bak in. the sheriff's office says 3 n and 1 man... who re armed... oke into the home. thkfly, none was injure.. but puti sayhe he was ransacked anthwoman's purs was stolen.. "it's kind oird weust moved into the neighborhd a few months ago and we wereik oh this is such a ni ighbho, i an istill is it's a butiful place to live, but yeah it's very weird." the suspects we wearing mas,..and were armed. the woman is described as having blond or reddish hair with dark roots. if you know anythingyou' asked please call the el pa coun sriff's oic new today... a colorado sprgs man is behind rs after police sa fired gun at his neibors. it happenelast nig in the - hundred blocofopper creek dre. police say the suspect 59-year- ol"michael oakes" shott his neighbors veimes while they re walking utheir eway after words re excnged.
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what led up to the shooting. no one was hurt... and oas was taken in custo new this morning: colorado sprgs police ar looking for e man they say-- roed bins gunpoint. justefore 9 o'clock last night, offers respond to the 500 ock north murray. officers say the m showed a cashier a handn... dending money. the cashier colied and the man got ay. the suspect is describeds a black ororispanic man, 6 foot 3 to 6 foot 5nches tall, slender and was dressed inla and wearing a black and white bandana. we've heard out severaother ard robberies in this area arnd the same time. wel be sure to pass along more infoation as we t it from law pueblo police say this m... 56- year-old wesley willburn is custodthis mning aused of robbina bank. the robbery happened yesterday afternoon at the u.s. bank on noh main. poce saylburn walked i demanded cash,nd took off on
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he was arrested la nightt a home owest 8th str rit now. the el paso unri's office is asking f your help identifying these two suspects whare wanted on thefcharges. thorities say the man and woman stola wallet from an employee at ndem auto repair,... and th used the cred card at waart, suby and los. their vehicle is believed to be a dark green ara. if you recognize these suspects or this vehicle,... coact the el paso county sheriff's office new information this morning on the h of a child -- arape county. the corones fice says the 6- year-old boy died om an inju to his neck... his death has en ruled a micide. auorities found the boy dead inside an apartment, where a won said she was sexually assaulted at knifepoint. they also found a fferin frhat appeared to be self inflicted knife woun. investigators y the 6 year o child was hin. the man and woman apparently lid toth.
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office says at this ti, no arrests ve been de..nd puties are continug their investigion. time now foreather andraffic onhe 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. the morning e comewith more clouds and cool 30s ts mornin still, eugh sun shouldanage to shine through to brighten urri to workr sc. ur ening drive don'lo too bad. clouds wl filter the fading hines temperat cool through the s and s. teerures this morning are in the upper 20s anr 30s. that's still unseasonably mild. normal lowbased thirty-year avages ar19egrees in colorado springs and 16 degrees in pueblo. this morning's lows will be 10-15 degreewarmer than norm. so higcl are arounthe filter the sun. weill see plenty of sun today, but the dsilbe a little morebuant than in evus ys. high presse will ee southwar acro the dotas. we will be othe southwt si h prre's cter.
5:32 am
thsouthet--northwest wind flow. thats an upslo w an upslo wind fars coole tempatures and more clouds. with sun filtered through the clouds, temperatures wi warm through th30s and into the mid-40s through 10 am. temperatures at noon wl nearing 50 around colorado springs and monument a well intohe 50s around pueblo and caon city. we don't get any warmer than 5 to lower 60s today before cooling begins and 40snd 50s makeheir return by pm. this evening will beartly cldyith temperatures cooling
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love is in the airhis weend-- with valentine's d on sunday. and cal oris areorki harder thaevero prepare r that last minute surge in orders. our news 5's joanna wise stopped by aouple shops to see what prarationso into the day leading up to the holiday. shnojous live in colorado springs. jona...
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it's has bn a busy weefor florists andhey're expecting thingso get more hectic today and morr. sign of the rose florist is a local shop icolorado springs has been around for dedes. and they know what goes into preparing fothbig valentines da. lori doole calls it th"black fray" for orists-- not valent only just valentine'day itself, but the whole week leading up to it-- where they expe to se hundreds arrangments. says tay they'll bbusy with more orders cing in. saturd... she expects see a lot more people iide the stor we'll just be azy with walk-ins. ere probably won't be a moment that no one's inere. it will be a constanow of pele, lines to the doors, waiting to paynd pick upheir uf it's pretty crazy. blum whosalelori-- i colorado springs-- has also
5:35 am
the owner, pe blumsays tycally they're en 40 hours a f their lal clients this week-- it's somewre around 60 to 7 floris a waiti around for ese ordershaguys are trying to get ound to do-- some plan out but most don't-- so these rush of ords come a couple days leing t valentine's day blum wholesale provides ers to local florists and big ains like king soopers. he ss they are busiebout to 14ays befo liday- inspecti, hydrating and cleang tlors but ey really t prg all the way back in december. most of eir product cos from soh ama calirnia... that's qui journey so they have to make surthey stay frh. reporting live in lorado
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protesters at a wildlife refuge in oregon nally step down... we have thtails on how t month-longtest came to an d. plus sande and clinton face off et another debe... the big isesem
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welce back... after days... a protest at a wildlife refuge in oregon finally or! the lastour piers surrendered erday... and were escted off e propty by f-b-i agents as wveeen reporting. the occupis re demannghe government tn overhe land to ca and trelease two ranchers imprisod for arson. in all.. 16 people linked to the occupa have been indted on lony chaes.... d one prester waot and killed. the group's leader "mon bundy"
5:40 am
this morning police inargo north dakota are investigating after a deadlyhoot o whe a police officer was killed. 33-yr-old officer "jason moszerpassed away at a hospital yesterday. liceaywas shot wnesday ilrespdingo a domest viol call. th49-year-d suspect then barradimlf inside the home. when pice arrithey fou the suecde oa nsho wound t now it's unknown if he ed of ice or in an ogue wi polic in ohi-- one person is dead and sel others are injured aftea viciouattack insidef a restaurant. policeay a man wald in the lumb restaurarmed a machet.. and tacked seval people. four of the peopleertaken tohe hospital with injuries. officials say thsuspect was shnd killed policat a nearby location. e motive f the attk is unn at thiti. no.. li to nejersey-- wre a fi at a warehouse ntinues to burn... more tha12 hours aft it started! it started around 2 o'clock our time yesterday
5:41 am
. now to some nevideo is mornin you can see thick plumesf black smokbillowing into the ai... itas so bad a nearby highway was shut dn foseral hours last night whire wo tcontrothe flames. tnses say they heard explosionshat shook the ound!... buthankfully no injuries we reported. an investiono what arked e flrway. in this morning's electi watc mocrat hopefuls bernie sands hilly clinton went head toead in a heated debate last night milwaee the 2-ho showdn focused on issues like wall street.. national securitand healre..with sanrs making a fiappealor hisniversal healthcare program. i haveght my entire life to make sure at healthcare is a right for all people. we're not ing dismantle anytng." aral dended her or owamonwomen vors in new mpir. "i have said my times, you know, i'm not king peoe to support me because i'm a wom.
5:42 am
quified, experieedd ready peon to be the president d the commander- in-chief." both democratic presidential candates will be hin colorado is wee to attendn annual decrat party dinner on sarday... sanders will also hold a rally on saturday as well.... we havmore othat cing up in the nt hour. timeowor wthernd tffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen wers i here now with first aler5. the mornindrive comes with morning. stl, eugh sun should manage to shine througho brhten your eveni drive esn't look too b. cloudsill filter the fing sunshine as teeratures cool through the 40s and 50s. temperatures thimornine in the upper 20s d lower s. that still unseasonablmild. norm lows baseon thirtyear averages ares in colodo
5:43 am
pueblo. this morning's lows ll be 10-15 des warmer than normal. some high clouds are around the the sun. we will seen of sun today, but the clouds will be a le more abundant than in prevus days. high pressure will ease southward across the dakas. we will be on the uthwest de of e hi presse's center. in t clockwise win fl around high presse, we are in the soutt-to-northwest wind flow. that is an upsloind. anlope winfavorsooler temperures a more ouds with sun filtethroh the clouds, teeratures will warm through th30s and in the mid-40s through0 am. temperatures at noon will be nearing 50 around colorado springs and monunt and well intohe city. don't get any warmer than 50s ower 60s today before coolinbegins and 40s and 50s make their return by 5 pm.
5:44 am
y zens oworld's best suers will hit the waves in
5:45 am
contest! "the tita of mavericks" will ta place near half moon bay this afternoo.. buit c't bseen fro ... because it happens a half- mile offshore! thive waves careach up to 6fe high. the first competition was ld in 1999 and hasie become one of the most popular with professional surfers from the surf to the sno.. take a lk at this! last night the best snowbrders in the world took thr sthot slingown ay mountn in boston! the "big air snowboarding" contest ma its dut a hioricenpa witth 14footigramp for the women... "julia mino" of coecticut an impressive backip making huge distance! e men's winner, "max par is from nada. tonight...
5:46 am
stead... these penguins are celebrang valentinday a early what zoo-keers ge o
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that's next. weome back.. angry family members shake t gates of a prison in mexico.. .demanng answe... afr 52 inmates die in a riot a mexican governor ss no mates escad during the
5:49 am
whicstard between rival factions inside the prison. 12 others were injur... it'sncar if any pris workers were involved. this is mexico's deadliest prison riot in years. thisiolence comes just as pope francis heading to mexico for a fi-day visit. his holiss left rome early this morning. he'll first stop in cuba. after his visit there... the pope will go to xico city where he will cebrate massnd meet with mexicapresident "enriq pen nieto". during his trip -- pope cis is eected to call for peace an end to olence in mexico.... while also discussing vironment. security... issues. only two days le until valentine's day... india... it's'smoke... asbers of a radical hindu group holdrotests agait valentine's day brations. they aim to ban valentine's day its lebration the country.
5:50 am
stets and burn greetg cards annepars. ey say valentine's day is against the indi culture. that'sot t case at thi o in lonn. where penguins aren the valentine spririt! the birds are given a spial treat aheaofhe 1h. it's their favorie fish rved in heart-shaped blocks of ice!... it's all to get the peuins in a loving md to mark the star of their brdingeason! zookeepers say they think vantine's day would be the birds' favorite holiday. because they are such loving creatures tooth each other and humans! time nowor weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bors is here now with first alert 5. the mornindrive comes th more clouds and cooler 30s this morning. stl, enough n should manage tohine through to brht ur dve tworkr hool. yo eveng drive doesn' t. clouds will lter the fadin sunshine as temperatures cool through the 40and 50s.
5:51 am
the upper 20s and lower 30s. that's still unseasonably ld. normal lows based on thirty-ye averages are 19 degreescolorado spngs and 16 dre in pueblo. this morning's lows will be -15 degrees warmer tn norm. some high clouds are around the lt the sun. wel e plenty osun toda but the clouds wl be a ltl days. high preure will ee southwd ss dakotas. we will be on est side of the hh 's cter. utheast-to-northwest wind fl. at is an upslope wind. an upslopeind favors cooler temperatures and more clouds. with sun filtered through the cloudstemperatures will wa through e 30s and into the mid-40s thugh 10 temperat at noon will be nein50 around colorado ringand monument aell into the 50s around pueblo and caocity. we donet any warmer than 50s to lower 60s today before coing begi and 40s and 50s ke their return by pm. this evening will be partly clou wittemperaturesooling
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coming u.. local actiste organizing a staged "si" on t sidewalks of downtownado spris. we'vgodetails on t planned protesait a new citynance... teerates are in the upper 20s and lower 30s to start our fray. we will be cooler today thathe past several days have been, but evenith cooler temraturewe will be unseasonably mild. highs range from lo50s lower 60s your look ahead through this weekend is cing up in weather & trfic on the 5's. good morning, thanks for joining usthisdafebr 12th... i'm ellene cockrell. and i'm ircron.
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protest the ne n access ordinin colorado springs. we've reported -- in th comi months,eople can be ticked if theye caught sittinor lying down on sidewalks and ails in downtown colorado rings anold colorado ci at certain times of the day. suorters say therdance wille the area safer. bu.. those ainst it say... it unfaiy tas the or. "i just a gular guy that got feup wn i read yesrday that treasetnother attempt by our citto crinalize the least am but "lor beckstrom".. who lives and workdowntown... els the protestors need see things from her perspective. "i s weapons and urinang and violence and drugs, drug deals. we pick a lot of crack pipes." city councman "tom strand" says there are many public behes d plante... where people can "safely sit"
5:58 am
new isorng: colorado sprgs police are lookinfothe man they s-- robbed a business at gunpoint. just bor9 o'clock last night, officers respondeto the 500 k th mra officers shean showea caier ndgu.. and dended money. the shier compliednd the man got away. the suspect is descred a-- a black or hispanic man, between 6 foot 3 -- and fo 5... slender in build. d dresd in black- with ack anwhitndan we've heabout severaher areries ts ea -- around the same time 'lbe sur pass alg more n as we geit from w enrcement. new information thisning about what hpened on the night prosecutors claim a form mate tried to break into t home of a fo correctns officer. th is -yead as guol-- he got into a shootout with police on the nighecember 30th. corecordusobtained by ws5-- say ee asked
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