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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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new isorng: colorado sprgs police are lookinfothe man they s-- robbed a business at gunpoint. just bor9 o'clock last night, officers respondeto the 500 k th mra officers shean showea caier ndgu.. and dended money. the shier compliednd the man got away. the suspect is descred a-- a black or hispanic man, between 6 foot 3 -- and fo 5... slender in build. d dresd in black- with ack anwhitndan we've heabout severaher areries ts ea -- around the same time 'lbe sur pass alg more n as we geit from w enrcement. new information thisning about what hpened on the night prosecutors claim a form mate tried to break into t home of a fo correctns officer. th is -yead as guol-- he got into a shootout with police on the nighecember 30th. corecordusobtained by ws5-- say ee asked
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his sira springs driome. the offir's wife called police when heard ld banging outside her home officers rponded a oned fi after they sa aroong athem. heounded... d arsted no oerwerenjur. ul remnsil on a on milln ard... he had abeen questioned in the 2013 murder ca of e clements." happening today city hall in colorado springs.... councis marijuana task fce is holdit's third official meeting... the groureews, studies, and evuates lawsnd regations indust... word onhaon today's agenda... room... your elecon watch covere. themocpridtial
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clinton ll attend annual democratic par dinner tomo sanders wi also hold a rally at the colorado convention cent at 3:00 p. d ela clinton wille caaig for her mother in boder and denverext week. colora joins a dozen other states, super tuesday to choose a presintial preference. old man winter might be on break-- buthe 9th annual cripplcrk ice festival -- kicks f this weekend. this is video from pt feivals. iccarvers started work on wednesday... and their creations wi be on diy tomorrow from 10ntil midnight! the festiv continues sunday and monda- and xt weekd. 're are a little of schedu.. t t's t to weather and traffic on the 5s. chief morng meteorologist sthen bowers is here now with first alert 5. thmoing dre cowi re cuds coer0s
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clouds wl er tin nshi atemperaturoo through th40s and 50s. teures thimorning arthper 20s anr that'sllnseanably mild. normalows based on thirty-ye averages are 19 des icolorado springs and 16eges i eb this morning'sows wille 10-15 degrees waer than noal. some high clou a aunthe filter the s. we wilplty of sun da twillbe a littlrebundant inrevidays gh presse will ease uthward across the das. ill on the hwesside ofhe high presre's cen heckse wind flow around high preure, we are in the southet-to-northwest wind flow. at is an upspe wind. an upslope wind favors cooler temperatur and more clou. with s filtered througthe clouds, temperatures wrm through the 30s aninto t mid-40s thugh 10 am. temperurest no will neg 50 arod colorado springs and numend well intohe 50suneblo and on city on get any wmethan0s er 6odefore cooling begins and and 50s make theireturn by 5m. th eni will be partly
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into the mid-30s by 10 pm. love iinirhis weekend-- th valenti's day on sunday. and cal floristsre working harder than ever to prepare for that last minute rge in orders. our news 5's joannwise stopped
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valentine's y sunday. and local florists are working harder than ever to prepare for that last minute surge in orders. r news 5's joawise spped by a cple shops to see what preparations go into the days leading up to the holiday. shnojos le colorado sings. joan.. morni... it's h bn a busy week r hereecng thint re hecy and tomorr sign of the rose flost is a locashopn cora springs has been around for decades. and they knoat gs into
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lori doo cal ithe "black frr orists-- notnl just ventine's day its but thwhole week lding up to it-- wre ty expect to sell hureds of arngments. she says today they'll be busy with m cing insaturday... she expects see a mor people inside thste. l azth lkns. there probablyon'ta mont th no e's iner wbe a constanflow of people, nes to t doo waing to pnd pick uphe stf. is pretty czy. blum wholelelo-- in colorado springs-- h also ramped up eir work h the owne pete blum, says typically ey'ropen 40 hour a we for their local clients. this week-- it's somewhere around0 to 75. flor are waing around the ders that guys are tr to t aroundo do me plan out but moston't-- so these rush of orders coma couple ys ldingp ventine day bl whosale provides flowers to local florists and even big chnsikngoope. s ey are busiestbo
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holiday-inspecting, hydrating and clning flo. but theyeally start arg all the way in dece. mosttheir product comes from south amica d carn... that'suite journey s ve to ma se they stay fresh. rein in cora spris, jnna wise, news. thanks joanna. coming u.. it's an anchntnd sacred rial that'now helping soldieferi fm p-t-s-d... a owinnu oamic waiors are seg s cleaing powers
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family.. tayour hethy family... a centurs-d adion... s become anew fo o treaent"or soldiers. suffering om p-t-d. the nave american sweat lodge on ft carss g the y for military inallations around the untry. ne five's ssi mihell tells us mor.. emote seio turkecreek, their is filled with songand smok this is the lakota sio ipi -- a ttionalweodge, made owiow bncheand dotequil. it'seen he since t. they didn't have clue as t whate wereng, and we
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chl hackwith, a marine veteran of theulf war, started this inipi with a couple friends who wanted to follow their own cultural religious practice. prayg, sinng, playing ums -- and sweating t tent -- nd dotnes, i colete darkness. it's a pity ritual, desied to help swt out negativity -- a common pem ftrglg i've deployed five times. i've bn there and back, and all that negativbaggage that you collt and the thin that you see and uf likehat, this helpyou cope. this helpsou deal with all at. fort csoformally recognize the sweat dge as a religious actice in 2005, fit- on a militaryas and apinw recommth ri to those with p-t-s. ided btives belting out trib chas, everye else is enuraged to pray in their n faith. you ay for your ens d pele that dot like you. and that's difficult, and as a veteran,ou're pring for those peoplehat tual st atou.
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th a lot of th stuff. for me, discovering the swt lodge came at the lowest poininhe lives -- like john charlesreyt a dt orvet who fount about the ceremony at an a-a meeting. i t shot by the police four times,nd i told the police i was suicidal and i wante die, and i threw a at them and they sh m now rocks ide an escap thstones heat over on flames for hours before bng pasd in tweatge -- where leaderpoagand water over tho produce thm. a stifling environme at first, but those who practice say you soon break through your concerns about comfort and become gunded -- something first-timer oscar lilley emed quickly. i'm here witptsd, but i've also had three knee surgeries. i've had a pulmonary embism, and th'sll derived fm training and combat, and your body, your
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originly designated only for men of the tribe, leer w weome anyone to the lodge, especial solers. and they're hoping the traditi will connue for geneons come. there's not a whole lot of native amerins left this country, and t sad truth is meday we'll goneand this is l they have to remember us b you can now find sweat lodges at a few othemilitary bes and veterans aairs cenrs around the couny. at fort carson, the lakota sioux -- ao host a sun dance in july to celebte their traditional w year. thscduor the sweat lodge changes throug the year, but lehost it at ast twa month. to learn more and to find out how to participate, click on this sto on oumeage... k-o-a dot com. weather anaffic on the 5s.chief morning meteorologist stephen rs is here now with rst alert 5. mornindrivcomes with more clos and cooler 3 this
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still, enough sun should manage to shine thrgh to brightenour drive to work or school. ur evening drive't look too bad. ouds wl filter the fading hine as mperates cool through the 40s and 50s. temperatures this morng are in the upper 20s and lower 30s. that's stillnseasonably mi. rmal lows based onhirty-ye average are 19 degreesn colorado spris d 16 degre in pueblo thisorning's lows will be 10-15 degreewarmer tha noal some high clouds areround the filthe sun. we will see plenty of sun today, but the ouds will a little more abundant than in priousays. high presse willase southwaracross the dakas. we wilbe on the southwest side of the high pressure's center. in the clowise win flow around high pressure are inhe soheasto-northwest wind flow. that is upslope wind. an upslo wind favors cooler teeratures and more clouds
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clouds, tempatures will warm through the 30s and in the midough 10 am temperures at noon will be nearing 50 around lorado springs anmoment and well intohe 50s around pueblo and on ty. we don'tet any warmer than 50s lower 60s today before cooling begins and 40s and 50s makehe rurn by 5 pm. this evening will be partly dy with temperaturli ,, wee n toconsumer welcome in todas consumer
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welcome back in today's cons wah... this morng... the department of trsptation will release i latest monthly reportair travel. it contains data for the month of december featurg flight delays... tarmac times. mishandled bag infmation... nsum complaints... and details on passengs who were dend boardings. day... the agency will also be releasing fu year data for 2015. we'll be se to bring you any imporant uat. if youhink sea on airplane just keep ttaller and smler. itecause they are! anlawmakers are now trying to put a stop to it! a teeseeongrsm is troducing leslation to make
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andards for how biseats have to be. he ss it's n just for comft, but also for heth a safety ringmeency eatio rding seat-, e avagwih of aairle se has shrunk sce t9-'s frand a ha inches to only 16 anhalf inch. "whole foods stores" is planning on opening aew "millenial-focused" chain of shops. and you just might be able to get a tatt while you're shping! the "wholeds 365" shops ares set open later this yr. thcompany saysth businesses will be opeting within the store.. and theyld rge from fresh-pressed juice stands to tattoo parlors a website dedicateto the 365 stores says the mpanwas to partner with startups... well as establish bnds...
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coming up... a major scientif break thrgh that's out of th world... a w discoverpres aous theory made a ntury ago... us... beyonce's potcally crg half-time perfmance flaring tempers... w crics pltakehemplain tthe streets... bur pporters areowing to fight back.
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a group ofntnaal scntistsave detected ripples in sce-time as predicted by albert einstei10years ago. in h "theory of relavity"-- eitein suggest enormous bodies ce - like plets or black holes -ave so chasthey actually bend ace time a cree a und. redict if o of tse bodiesame together, a ripple in spaceime shoulde deteab on earth. scientist detected the ripple on seemr 14, 2015. they say it was caused by o merging black holes. president oba will appr "ellenin the day ahead. the mmander in c was i
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ndiss d acpted an inviono at with generes. mier obama was also on the show in 2007, when hwas just a candide for president. he danced a little during at appearance... no word on whether he'll do iagain is time. president oba's visit to "ellen" airs today at th m. ght re on koaa 5. beyonc sers -- and opnes --lan to hold mpetin protestsater next we. e hashtag, "boycott beyonc," s gathered steam, llowing performance duri the super bowl 50 lfme show. many supporters of that movement say the singer's new song "formation" is "anti-police." a posting -- on "event-brite" even called her performance a "race-baiting stunt." the posting lls people to gath for a protest -- t n-s headarrs in york city -on fruary 16. that's also sparked calls for beyonc supporters -- to
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weather and traffic on the 5s. f mog meoris stephebowers ihere nowith first alt 5. e morning dre comes wi clouds and cooler 30s this morning. still, eugh sun ould manage shinehrough to htenoudrive to wk or school. ur evening driveoe't lk too d. clouds will filter the fading sunshine as teeratures cool througthe 40s d 50s. teerathis rninare in the s and lower 30s. that's still unseasobly mild. normal l based on thirty-ar averas are 19 degrees in co springs and 16 degrees in pueblo. this morni's lows will be 10-15 deees waer than normal. me hh clouds are around the lter the sun. we will e plenty of sun today, but t clouds ll
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in previous days. highressure will e hwar acro the dakotas. we will be on the southwest side of the high pressure's center. the clockwise wind flow around high pressure, we are in southeasto-northwest wind flow. that ian upslope wind. an upslope winfavors cooler tempatures and more ouds. with sun filtered through the clds, temperatur willarm through the s and
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welcome back at 30. residents inolorado springs are finally allowed to returnack toheiromes after being evuated during a poce sta off itll started last night as a shots red ca.... and toy... the suspect involv ifacing sevel charges. it hapned in the 36-hundred block of berring heights drive... where poli say an armed man icaded himself inside of a town home after fing several shs. police one oth persowas de whethose shots were red... 's ulear if that per was e target.we're td they dit t safe and unha.
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out... police brought in full taical team d depl tr ga theyere filly ableax the suspecout of these one hurt. inuding e spect.... whhas noyet been identied. right now 's unclear what his motive was for -- firing his weapon or the std off. 'lbrg you y updaas learn them. right now.. authorities are looking for th armed suspects involved in a home invasion in el paso county. it happened sterdaafternoon in thendred blk of rivwalk paray. vestators say.. a woman who ns a hom daycare... edheak in. the sheriff's office say3 men and 1 woman... who werermed... broke into the home. thkfly, no one was injured... budeputies say the home was ransacd and the woman's purse was stolen... "is kind of weird just moved intohe neighborhood few nthsgond we we li oh is is such a nice neighborhood, i mean istill is it's a beautiful pla tve, but yet'veryei."
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the woman is described as having blonor redsh hair with dark roots. if you know anything, you're d to please call the el paso county sheriff's office. new today... a colorado springs m is behind bars after police say he firea n at his neighbors. it happened last night in the 19- hundreblock of copper creek drive. police say -- the suspect 59-year- old "michael oakes" was arguing with hiseighbors... fore shooting at them... police s 5 shots we fired. right now it's uncle ectly whathe verbal argument w about... none was hurt. and oakes was taken into custody new thisorning lorado sings pole are looking r the man they say-- robbed a busines gunpo ju bore 9 o'ock last ght,fficers responto the 500 block oforth murray. ficers say the manhowed a cashr a handgun... and demand money. the cashier complied -- and e man got away. the suspect is described -- as a blacor hispanic man, between 6 foot 3 -- an6 foot 5...
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as dress in blk -- andwas wearg ack anwhite bandan we'vard about veral other armed ies inhiea ouhe same time. 'll be sure to ps g more infoation as we get it from w enforcemen pueblo police say this man. year-old wesley wiburn i inustody this morng acse ofobbi a bank. the robby happened yesterday afternoon at the u. bankn north main. poce sayillburn walked in, manded cash, and took off onfoot. he was arrested last nightt a home owest 8th street. rit now... the el paso county sheriff's office iaskingor your help identiing these two suects whare wantedn theft charges. auorits sathe man anman stola wallrom employeet tandem aut repair,... and en used the credit card at walmart, subway and lowes. eir hicle is believed to be a rk gen acura. if you recognize theseuspects or this vehicle,.. contact e elaso county sheriff'office. we he new informn this moing -- on the deatof a ild -- iarape coun..
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the r's offi noways -- the 6-ar-old boyied from a jury to hine... hideath has been rul a mici. authorities found thboy dead den aparent, whe n said sheas sexually assaulted at knifepoin theyo found a man sufferin fromhat pear to be self inflicted knife wounds. investigats say the year old child was his son. the man and woman appaly lived together. e aphoe county sheriff's office says at this time, no arrests have been made...a deputies aretiing their investigation. her and trafc the 5 chief moing meteis stephebowers is here nith first alt 5. thmorng drive cos with
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rnin stl,ugh suouage shine to brighten your drive to work school. yo evening drive doesn't look too bad. clouds will filter the fading suhine as temperatures cool thh the 50mpatures ts rning are in e pes d lowe30s. that's stilseab mild. normal lows based on thirtyear averages are 19 des in colorado spris and 16 degre in pueblo. thismorning's lo will 10-15 deees warm than normal. some high clouds are around the filter the sun. weill e plen of sun today, but the clouds will be a little more abundant than in
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high pressure will ease soutard across the dakotas. we wilbethsouthwest si of the hi pure's ce. inhe clockwise wind are in the soheto-northwest wind flow. that is an upslope wind. anpe wind rs coole temperatures and more clouds. wi sun filtered roh the
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are yoady for lentine's day?? it's this sunday... and local florts have been ver busy getting ready for those last minute orders. our ws 5's jnnwi stopp by aouple of shoo see th prepationshago ie dayseato the holiy. e w jos us le in coloradoprings. joanna... good morning... it's haseen a busy week for florists and they're expecting things to get more hectic today and morrow. sign othe rose florist is a local shop in colorado springs
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and they know what goes into preparing for the big lentines y rush. lori doole calls it the "black friday" for florts-- not only just valentine's day itself, buthe whole week ading up to it-- where the expe to sell hundredof arrangments. shsays today they'll be bu with more ordersing in. saturday... she cts to see aot me pele ie thst 'll st be azy th lk-ins. there probably won be a mome thato ons in here. it wl a constant flow of people, lines t doors, waiting pay a pick up their stuff. it's pretty crazy. blum wholesale florist-- in colorado springs has ao ramped up their rk hours. the ner,etblum, says typically they're open 40 hours a week for their local clients this week-- it's somewhere around 60 to 7 florists are waiting around for these orders that guys a trng to get around to do some pla out but most don't-- so these rushf orders come a couple days leading up to valentine's
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blum wsalerovides flower to local frists and even big chains le king soopers. he says they are busiest abo 10 t14ayberehe holiday-spechyatg and cleaning the flowers. but they really start eparing all the way back idecember most oeir uccomes om uth ama and california... that's qte journey sthey have to makeure they stay fresh. porting live icolorado springs, joanna wise, news 5. thanks joaa... coming up.. anpdatfrom the world health orgazation... on h long it could take for a viable vcine treac untriehit es the outbreak..... pl... the armed ocpation in oreg is over this morning.. up next... we'rfinding out what's in store for militia mbers in
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lcome ck.. after 41 days... the protest at a wildlife refuge in oregon is finally over! the last four occupiers rrendered yesterday... and were escorted off the property by f-b-i agts. as we've been reporting... the occupiers were demanding t goment turer the land lols and to release tw ranchers imprisoned for arn. in a..
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occupation have en indicted on felo charges.... killed. e group's leader "ammon bundy" mains in jail th morning. the rld healthrganizatn says poszika vaccines are at lst 18 months away om largscale trials ast director-general "marie-paule kny" says the u.n. heth agency'response is "proceeding very qckly" and companies groups have been identied as possible participan in th for vaes. the w-h-o believes the link between the mosquito-bor virus and abnormally small heads in somern children is "morend me probable." a group of black and hispani high schl stts -- siting a texauniversity say they we harassednd taunted by white students officials say the group 0 students -- from "upft hampton atory scho" in dallas were vising -- "texas a-&-m" univsity... when they ard the racial slurs. other "a-&-m" studentsllegedly
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the school says -- t incent s witnesby the "a- officials acmpanyi the group. but the students iolved -- have n been entied pe francis is heading to mexico for a five-day visit. his holiness left rome early this morning. he'll first stop in cuba r his visit there... the pope will go to mexi cy where he will celebrate mass and meet with mexican president "enrique pennieto". during his trip pope francis is expected to caorea and annd to violcen mexico.... while also disssin environment...serity... migration and human rights es. in this moing's election watch... democratic presintial candidates bere sanders and hiary clintowill be in denv tomorw-- for campaign events... ahead of our "super tuesda caucus on march 1st. bothent head-to-head ia heated debate in milwaukee last ght. the hour showdown focused on national secity and healthcare.. the debate among democrs is set forarch 6th....
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wer and afc the 5s. chief morning meteorologt stepn bowers is hereowit first alt 5. thmorning drive cos with morning. still, enough sun ld manage to shine thrgh to brighten your drive to work or hool. your evening drive doesn't ok too bad. clouds will filterhe fading sunshines temperatures cool througthe 40s d 50s. temperatures this mog are in the per 20s and lower 30s. that's still unseasonably mild. rmal lows based on thirty-year averages e 19 degreesn colorado springs and 16 degrees in pueblo. this mning's lows wi be 10-15 degreewarm than norm. so high clou are aund the filter the sun. we will see plenty of sun today, but the clou will beite more abuant than in prevus days. hi pressure will ease southwaracro theakot. weill be on the southwesside of
6:42 am
in the cckwise win flow arounhi pressure, we are in the southeastoorthwest wd ow. that is an upslope wind. an upslope wind favo cooler temperatures and more clouds. withun filtered through the clouds, temperatures willarm through the 30and in the mid-40s through 10 am. temperatures at noon wl be nearing 50 around corado springs and monunt and well into the 50s around pueblo and caon city. we don't get a warmer than 50s to lower 60s tay before cooling begi and0s and 50s make the return by 5 pm. th eningill be partl oudy with teeratures cooling
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take a look at this! la night the best snowboarders theorld took their best shot asliddown fenwa mounta in boston! the "big air owboardi" contest madets debut at historic fenway park with ts 140-ot high ram for the women... "juliaarino" of connecticu took homthe crown with this winng jump... an impreive backflip makin huge distance!
6:44 am
iscanada. tot. it's thekiers turno take on e massive mountain! thk you stephen... check this out... an ely morning werreak in scraon- sent water shooting gh intthe air and created y conditions for nearby hos, siwalks and streets. as wer from the brk flowed it quickly turned to ice and covered sevenearby homes, poweneand tree ny residents were awakenedn thmidd of the night when the inch main ve w. the geyser tned seral reets in rivers whicin turn streamed in several homes. itk crews thhos utff the fw. we will be right back with the five things you need tknow before yogo.
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savannah gutherie haa look at
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taking live look right from our pueblo studio cera.. it's going to be a butiful valeine'weend inhe eele cy... with se waer weather that you're s "love". stephen boweas a f cck oure forecast in jus mont.. it'slmost 00. re a fivgso know before you go. coloradoprings police are looking for the man they s-- robbed a biness at gunpoint. it happejust before 9 o'clock st night, the block rtmurray. the suspect is desibeds a black or hispanic man, 6 foo3
6:49 am
build... dressed in black -d wearing black and white bandana. if you have any rmation this cri.. you'resked to call sings poce.. el pascoty ahorities are looking for the arects involved in a home invasion in el po in the 19-hundred block of riverwalk parkway the sheriff's officeays 3 men and 1 woman... who wererm... bre to theome, stole a purse and cell pho... the suspects were wearing masks,..and re armed. the won is described as having blond or reddish hair th dark roots. contact el paso county sheriff you knoanything. today at cithall in colora springs.... council'"marijuana task force" is holdingt's third official meeting... the group reews,tudies, an evaluates laws and regulations rtaining the to majuana industry... woron what's on the agendtoday...but ateetingakes placet 10 a-m ithe pikes ak conference room... d man winter mighton break-- buthe 9th nu ipple creek e feivicks o this weekend.
6:50 am
. ice carvers started workn wednesy. and their creations will be display tomorrow from 10am uil midnht! the festival continues sunday and monday-and ne ekend. both democratipridential candides- bern srs and hillary inton will attend an annual democratic party dinner here inolorado toow sanders ll also ld a ral the coloradnventi center at 3:00 p-m. and chelsea clinton will be campaigning for r mother in boulder and denver next week. lorado joins a dozen other states, super tuesd -- march 1st... choose presential prefence. weather and traffic on ts. chief morning meteorologist sthen bowe ihereow wh t alt 5. e morng dre mes wi more clouds anoler 30s ts mornin ill, enough sun should manage to shine tou to brighten your driveo oschool. your evening drive doesn't look too bad. clouds will lter the fadg
6:51 am
through e 40d 50s. temperatures thirning e in the upper 20and lower 30s. that's still unseanably mild. averages ar19 drees in colorado springs degrees in pulo. this morng's ws wl be 10- degrees tn normal. some high clds a around the filter the sun. we will see pltyf sun today, but thclouds will be a little more abundant than in previous days. hi pressurwillase southwd ac the dotas. we wl be on the southwest side of the high pressure's center. in the clockwise wind flow aund high pressure, we are in the southeast-to-northwest wilo that is an upspe wd. an upslope wind favorsooler temperatures and more clouds. with sun filtered through the clouds, mperatures will warm through th30s and into the mid-40s through 10 am. temperatures at noon will be nearing 50round lorado springs d monument and well into t 50s aund pueblo and
6:52 am
to lower 60s today before cooling beginsnd 40s and make their return by 5 pm. this evening will be ptl cloudy with temperates cooling into the mid-30s by 10
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ayonnecteditk-o-a-a dot m all day.
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news, trfic anweatheduri goo oomorng. cule up. valentine's d weekendff to abone-chillgstart. ind.c. 16 i new york. 8 in bosto if you think that's cold, a says, justwait. standing by her hillary in comeso the presidenefuring the debate. >> the kind of criticism we've heard from sator sanrs about ou president i expec f pu n eect from someoneunning demoic nination t succeed president obama. >> madame seary, that is a w blow. >> willhat straty help or hurt her?
6:57 am
aantos int an ohio restaurant andandomly ssh ur pele. >> this wa a brutal attack. >> the sct entuallyho anildy. the fbi investigatin >> wked bigr. hisry goes down. backflip for the crowd. >> boston'scowaar trormentltime wint srts playgr. n ibod to the tothesive ramp. today, friday, februy 12th 2016 >> announcer: from c news, th is "today" with mt lauer and savannah gu from io 1a inockefeller plaza. >> good morni and welcome t "tay" on a chilly friday morning. even as a nkee fan, i'm happy s what's going on at feny
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to a winte ndla >> you calle iickedig air, and i'd aicked cd r. it'll be fezg or below freezing orelowero in lot ofhe untr 30 deg below rmal. is tside o a frid good morng. goodmorning. have to t you,his is h. it goi get rougher. here's what s when you combine aroke wer mai insconranton, pennsylvania, and br it's a instant ice scule. coating power linesnd mes. eyally hav gten i unr control, but it created a . 'll morcenes likehis over the next 48 hour re wha happing, again, wntioned. theolar vorte is always over the north le, but it's now shting overhe norern atlantic it releas t arctic air into
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