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tv   Today  NBC  February 13, 2016 5:00am-7:00am MST

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>> and i'm craig melvin. >> this is a record. not a person on t plaz >> we he a bunch of hand warmers r t hand ou >> and a bunch of ailanes. >> he needso get somewre quickl >> we do hav folks over here. we will see them in a bit. look at the temperature aroun the uny. minnpos, below zero right now. that is just the mperature. that is not how it fee outside. it is understandably chilly here.dylan checked the temperature in new york. 's what? >>t's 2 with the windchill 11. that is it. it will not warmp. it will get colder. >> weot our fire pit . i'llunt some bbits here heren srir affting 65 million people. einelle has more on that. >> it is the middle of wter and it i supposed to be cold,
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the ordinary. th a not just incoenience, they are dangerou officials are warning people to take ery precautiono stay sa. >> reporter: it'a dangerous freezing, wind driven, record mashin sub zero cold. tens of millions of americans shivering from icy wind blowing from the plains to new england and wn to the southeast toda >> rorter: the national weatheservice calls it life threatening. dangerous driving in tennessee d north carolina on iday. nditions worse in michig. i-94 shutdown allfternoon friday after two craes involving ten big trucks and 17 rs. four ppl we inre sub freezing temperatures led to a pairf water main breaks in nnlvias the water sho up it turnedo ice. the wdchilln upstat new
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50elow zero this weekend. >> i have half my wardroben right now. >>eporter: thehermometer exctedo d below zero. and on a winw i maine, a frosty heart just in tim for valentine' weekend. snuggle up by t fire. >> ventine'say weekend. this cold weather shoulno last ng. >>hank you. we wl focus o that. thank you, sheinelle. >> dyla wha are we looking at this weend? >> sheinelle sai it will not last long it is e por vortex. weillee t coldest teeratures w have seenll ason temperatures todayill not war up in the rtheast. in fact, we ar most liky hitting ourigh teature righ now. yogo to thmidwest, minneapolis at below. this afteoon,emperatures will sink int thegldigits
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that is running 20 to 25egre below erage. tomorrow morning ithe cde wel feel. we aookioroston t start off in theorni at 4 bew. the record is 3 low. th was set back in 19. we are looking at perha cord-breaking tperatus nday mornin as we go into sunda afternoon, temperates wil be in the te it istill a 20 to almt 40 degrees below arage for this time of year. we will see tratures warming up on monday. we have to get through the ekend. as we go io tuesy,e will se temperatures above average. it is st the weekend. it i valentine's day. we should snugg up anyway >> good reason t stayinside dyn, thank you. turning to polits where fireworks are expected on the south carolina stage. th is the site of the next republandebate. with the attacks gettingore heated on tampaign trail, anything can happen. we he covage for you with nbc's llie jks covg reblicans. hallie good morng. reporter: goomoin
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gein rea for the debe. the sge is themaest with six peopl lef in e race. soutcarolina h aeputation of being a rou and tumble state. t eectonht to be different with republicans already looking ready torumble. >> rorter: in fro of a rowdy crowd, donald trump takinim jeb bush. >> he has a vicious streak. >> reporter: online, different target asrump warnsed cruz on twitter, ife doesn't quote clean his act, stopheating and doi negive ads, trump will sue him for not being a naturalorn citizen. >> theres more than a little onhan dald calling sobodyasty with the insults and vulgarits. >> repru and trump baling for evangelicals in
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and on air waves, ad wars intensify. thisne from trp on illegal migration immigration. >> his killer, an illegal immigrant. >> reporter: and this from cruz hit not a republicanva b hillclinn. the ad spoofs t movie "office space" but a different kind of film that has cruz explaining wh he yankedhis off t ai >> vote f a pretty faceext time. >> it hapned with o of the actresses who w the had a mo colorful film history than we were aware. >> reporte the actress the star o adult movies whoays she has n hardfeelings. >> i have no ill will against tedcruz. he has aob to do. i'm a middle class working girl. >> reporter: the job tonight mao ru rco rubio, proe can bounce
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rubio sayse is ready. >> we have thave perspective here. i had one answer i would have done differeny. >> reporr: rubioampaign aide tes me he is eager for tonight and ready to take on attac direct rather than po president obama. wah for jeb bush to tryo land s punches toni uth carolina hgt's the comeback staor bush. ok for john kasich keeping up momentum after the second place finish in new hampshire. hi tactic isdifferent, guys. he is looking to stay positive d staybove fray. >> we' see ift work llie jackson,hank u. elise >> elise jorn is a political adviser. thank you for being here. >>ha y for havingme>> the are six candites le.
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>> given this is e ninth deba, we know the patterns wi each and h they project thselves people hav't done well ting to attack. you loo at what chris christie did with marco rubio. itas a very etive attack and reall harmed ru but chriies out. he was auicide bomber on stage and took rubio out. that is the fine balance the ndatave to navigate between being too nasty and showin a positiveision and keeping in the race>> y menoned marcorubio. there will be an extra focus on him tonigh >> yes. he reay needso have aeally strong performanc he needs tohow he can goff script and not a robot ndidate. ere is a focus on that emphasizing that part o his politica backound. he needs to sw he can be more off the cuff and intelligent. >> donald trp in south carolitastchk, he was up around 16 poin, i beli
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not just evangelical. nely 70% of t votersre evanlical. donaldrump did wel with angelical voters iiowa. hows a g lik donald trump doing well wh so-called god voters i is intesting he i navigating that balan so ll far. think part ofhat cruz knows with t ope there, when he did e new york values tack, that was not sailing in the nd. he knew that was fective. what i'm looking for tonigs trump'sse of the foul language. th is the bibleelt and polite cultur that langue in frontf children is not going to go well. >> a lot to watch. el rdan, tnk you. >> turning to th democrats where psident oba i a major talking behind f hilla
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thursday's debate. nbc' kelly o'donnell has more onthat. >>eporte goomorng. hillary clinton and bernie sanders wil spend part of the y in nada hoping to get out the v for the nevada caucuses next weeken both spent the nig and they were there to help outhe state party to raise money forhe mphrey/mondale dinner. was a recdturnout. bernanders spoke his campaign seesinsota with atory of eleing me liberalantes as ala e cou challenge inton. but both spoke differently when they referred to pside obama. >> we have got to be honest and to anowledge we sll he very, very long way to go to
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allf us believe we can create. >> >> betr off becse of his presency. so i, yes,ill bld on the progre he's madecause i am a progrve who actually likes to make progress >> reporte more and more hillary inton trying to wrap herseln e legacy of esident obama. and nevada is that next big showdown and clinton has changed he schule to spend more time there. so on monday, she will be in ne and forr predent bill clinton will te over for her at three fund-raisers alrea sched for florida. ck to you. >>kelly,hank yo pope francis is spending his first fl day in mexico today arrivi lastveni to fanfare. today, the pope travels to areas plagued by drug cartelviolence. ter, a special mass. nbc' anne thompso is in mexico city
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>> repor good morning, craig. this city is buzngrom the rousing lcome given to pope frcisastnight. he arrived in darkness,ut greeted with lhts thousands heldphe portableight sticks and chanted his me. children rushedhe ptiff on e tmac reaching out to lcome h to mexico while dancersn traditional dress performed for the ntiff. there s a mariachi band as we. on offered his sombrero and he t it on for a moment. earlier ithe dayn tlight from ro, ts sombro was ofred to hi on t ig, he said he was excited to come to mexico. i a chanceo ask him abo he he is concerned about the zika virus that iso prevalent here in latin america. the pe told me no.
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havana for whaturned out to be an historiceeting with the patriarch of the russian orthodox church. the first tim t two leaders ofhose churches met. pope francisescribedt a a conversation betwe two brothers these ititution had been paratedor centuries. today i officl businessor th pe. he wl m with the president an give a speecho the diplomatic corps. then we are expting the hilightf the visit when he holds mass athe patr sai guadalara. craig. > thank you. >> a announced cease-fire will really take hold in e count rn apart b civil war. nbc' keir simmo is today damascus maus ts morning.
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a peace deal iset to come into place. a cessation of hostilities next week. already it is coming apart. secretary kerryriticizing the russians for the bombardment around aleppo. president assad of syraying he intds to keep fighting til he tak bkhe entire country. this morning, syrian forces cked b the russians a iranians areontig to advanceround appo tingew villages. the rebels, telling news organiza organizations saying they n' plan tenthe bloodshed. isis and al qaeda al sra still ying t hold the country. peoplen damascus s w ou we stop fighting when they don't plan to stop.
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the u.n. ting to get a into the communities where peoe are stving to death. cretary ker when he anunced ts deal,e id it was ambitious. he is tningut to be very, very right about that. era. >> keir, thank yo uthorities still tryingo figure out what led a chete-wieldingan to slh his way throu anhio restaurant on ursday night. mohammed mohammed berr became known t the fbi four years ago for his radical islamic views. at this point, it is not clear if those views prompted thsday's attack. police say theragic death of two tnsn anrizona high schoolectually a murder/suicide theotg of two 15-yr-d rl sparked a school ckdown after gunfire report near the
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discover ght shots with one blet. a suice note has been found. detectives say the teensppear he be i a relationship. one-chilling cold here. dylan i bac with a cckf efocast. >> 90ilon people under a windchill advisy or waing this morning. thiss the arctic front that dropping teeratures. it csses thereat lakes and is trigging t le-effe snow. we could see 1 foot o snow off lake erie.
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and tt'your latest forecast. dyn, thank you. >>e heoren tescue we show. a woman ander bab inhe car when t is out of control and plunging into the below. nb kelly cobiella in london with the video forus. kelly, good morning. erica. such a scary moment. this woman trying to park her car with toddler strapped in the backseat when the car carcarrolls ov t edge into water with bothraed inside. withhe cell phe camera ing, witnesses called amsterdam's 911. four braveeople did not wait. jumping in and swimmingo the car. inside, a mother and toddler running out o time. you can see one man struggling with the car door.
5:17 am
more water fs in. air pockets disappea then the sp. another man tryg tohaer e wdow with the ste, but it's not working. e car isoing under fa. rubenbraham saw it from his office. he ss he ran to his tool box and graed a haer. then jumpen to the river. at first, enhat didn't work, he sai it was very ary. finally they bak through the back window. pullin the chi frend then the moer. just as the rear bumper sinks below the wer line. policeolds we were in water for two minutes, he says. felt more liketen. in just aatr of minutes, four bystanders becoming local heroes. an those men toldocal media that they jt did what anyone else would hav done in that situatn. really instinct kicke in. mother and child were taken to the hoslnd said to in
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gosh, eca a crg, crediblehaor itoo t break tho windows. >>t rlly is. scary. thankfully a good endi. theurf is up on the west coas therick sf competion with waves s g, it is l surfing down five--sty buding. me a riskiheir lesor a shot at glory. we spoke with some of th darevils about why they do it. >> reporter: half a me offsho, 50oowaves. maverick mavecks is cled thmost treacherous surf competiti in the world. anything can happen anyte. >> reporter: these a the all st 24 big wavesurfers. more women are expectedext year. >> we ar making our voice heard
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mavericks around twod. >> repte and prove they are fearless >> why do you do th? >> just risk death. u get as close to it, but cape . >> reporter: what makes mavericks dferent a the cks a reeves und the war. ey cse the wo pi up massivespee hghtnd force. >> swerf. >> reporte made mornten by el o. these meric sfersrestill feeng effts o el o which causes sup crged wav in wats th are alr dely. >> h b are these waves? >> aour-sty builng comg ri atyou. assiwave >> repor the waves areo bi spectator a banned fro the shore. he says his job is just like yours. >>eeds me and my faly that's what i do. this is what i do. there's a lot of risk, but the reward is gat a the o tt get a rmal be a normal
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>> rorter: y wt that? >> i just don't know how to do that. i'veever done th i d wha i was put on this earth to do. >> rorter: wch is ride the tide. >> a life long- >> it givesou talking about it. >>te awesome or a they say heregnarly. >> you sayto intense t to cancel it? >> at one point t waves wer too to seet th postponed it for mak youder. > still to,e' going to get you caught up onhe ek's big ies, including themu-see valne's day eat fa>> alsf y jusn't in the mood for le ts weekenowelebra the hiday in a very different
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but first th is "tod" on nbc. roses are red, vlets a bl, are the presi a imou boo. a we come back on a saturday morning, february 13th, 2016. a lite loverom the first lady to her boo. president obama on this ine's day weend. coming up, what the president had to say to her and how it involves the situaon room. outside our sdios here at 1aa verymall crowd, althoug before we c ot the t ofthe hour, no one w there. no we have a few folks who are layered up layered u out the. we will head out. oh, a b bear t there. >> a b teddy bear. >> we will get out in a bi is bone-chilli colds
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the coldt a w have seen. in the northeast, we have tually hit our highs today. it is only expected toet colder throughout the day. > for the first time since that deadl soting in columbine higschool 17 years ago, dan klebold's mom is speaking out. sue ss she thinks of the victims every day. you wl hearrom her in our ne half hou nd it is a lifetime ban for me reliever jenry mejia. the thirdime he faid the ug substantialrules. and we have sheinelleith the recap of t ek's biggest lis. >>m the wa of in politi to thea virus. re are t stoes that caught
5:30 am
frontrunner donald trump won big in new hampshire. the republin race heating up ahead o the debate tonig in south roli. >> we don't nd presint thhinkst's a victory to go baru >> i don't need to start the fight. if seone starts o in the future, e to bring out the differences. >> the cruz campaign d da ctrol yanking the attackd against marco rubio. aybe you should vote for more tha a prey face. after reports that woman appeared in adult films. nd berninders tunced hillary clinton in theranite >> the peoe w real change. >> the former sta o s facing a big challen embracing president obamand tni o senar sanders a their thur night deba. the critism werdrom senato sders about our president i expect from puicans, i do not expect from someone rni fhe democrat nomination.
5:31 am
y price t i aut$100 billion a yearnd agai paid for. >> secretary clinton, you're n in the wte hou yet. e out with you h up. >> no, we're not. >> after negotiations, a peacefulurrender after a 41-day ando on theilif refuge. >> armedccupation of the federal property of theme not a peaceful pres >> zika vicoerns are grg withhe summer olympics six months away. >> if i had to decetoday, i uld not. >> it's race against ti. wiping out zika carryin mosqtoes tt pos a threa to prnant me reseselvehey canse knowleof silar virus to gin zika vacci trial a soon as the summer. > passengers called i a crui fro hlfter t royal cabbean ship sled rightnto
5:32 am
30-fteas a winds of 150 milean ho. they were rig ith middle of it. >> the scariest day of my life. >>oyalaribbean is promi full refun and credits to a future cruise. >> 50% off is not en to get back on a ship. >> snoop is now featuring burger king's latest it. >> one do to anher. j. grith >> aould this be t perfect valentine's day te? >> so, tell me aut your day. >> saight off the cer oe romae novel, bioistensnd throws in compliments. >> justenthrough your inagram and really like your photos. i really like your photos. >> i is esome.
5:33 am
when i was a little girl,y grandma h rance novels>> grandm >> he looks exactly the same. >> somebody ee who isging pretty well. snoop! i don't think there is not a product out t tt he won't pitch at this int. >> it's tr. >> you know -- >> the commercial is larious. it so good. all fluffy and whatnot. >> the guy who getvaped so much and nowromoting something illed. >> no, no. is is probably good te to check the weatr. >>okay. moving on. > let's talk about calirnia. that iwhere theot temperes are. spng-like warmth. rainnd below average out west that we are finally going to see temperatures aboveerage. fransco, 65. s angeles should get int the 80s today.normal hh is abo 13 degrees
5:34 am
weilstay avethat. san fransc wl stayn the mid-70s. san diego stays i low 80s.phoenix wl most likel g close to 90 degrees on tuesday. if thehit 90, thi is the earliest they hid 90 in the year. the early was february 24th. we have to see if that happens. conditions are ripe tempatur to warm u wit lots of sunshine. showers ihe pacific northwest. th/3f the cntry is all about the cold. arctic airgin. windchills down around zero and below.
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mid topp >> and that's your latt foreca. >> dylan, thank you. >> still to ce, forge vantine's daymorr. u sho grab yr best gifriend today. and also is theriendship officially over for kanye and tayl swift? what he is saying karl, don't you have friends coming over? yeah, so? it stinks inere. you've got to wash this whole room are you kiddin wash it? s washt withebreze for all ththin you can't wash, use... ..ebreze fric refreshe wh hey mrs. webber inhales hey, it smel nice in he and try pluggable febreze... ntinuously elinate odors for... ...up to 45 days of freshnes pluggable febreze and fabric refresher...
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neisen's y ja kaynd zes. weot bad blo >>edo >e are bk o satury mogith"trending" b blood. >> a specialenti's day editio of "trein for the inseenti d folks out there. luck. plenty ohi to gr you ex. goodwill. enuragg anyone to move on fr a laonship. tuhahate into donate. brin your sff in od condion,righ or send a picture. look how i tned thiate io go. >> gonto thecloset. there's nothing there. >> we'll work on it>> he's on the there more to go in the clos >>onate youst if youre lkingor a way t
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xas g range offering annihilate hetache. bringn stuffed teddy bears. that i not eugh for u. i feel b for t teddybear. you cld also try the "iove kickboxi kickxing" is offing the shred red yourex cl tape the pic ofour on the bag and go to wn. you will punch and kick youex andreddg thepods. yo a stang singlehis valeine's day if tt iour opti. >> iou areooking for love this holiday and going on a firstte. matcco offerin the playbook. picking the strant. this is a no-bra.
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the fir date. ifou wanto boost it, goor su it booshances of a second don't go me probably not goodor a first te. speaking fro experience? dinner cversations now. the past, talking polits us to be ano-no. thatakes sense now. the stuoundhatiscuing litics over dinner can increase yourhances of a cond date by %. >>wow! >> finally, ladies, if you are over it, gb yrir d celebrate galentine's day. it i all about theal ls. get your gir and have a brunch and p at ho toasne anoth to an awesome year o friendship. aig, youan do tt with your boys.
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>> this is galentine's day. i like that wehodo to brunc afte rls. >> we sti have tt. i'mvailable tay, y girlsare. kanye,ea iortant new re. havingadlood with taylor swif again. president obama has a love message for the >> and thead b with kanye west and taylor swift. head an over the top fashi ndlbum pty at madison square gar this ek on takes swipe at swift.kanye says he talked toaylo t thee before theong releas.
5:42 am
mysognti ssage. and a piureossingis sneakers in the tra. methg tellse the story is far fromover.weill sethis py out w kanyees stan l. >> is he doing skit >> we shallsee. next we e getting a window ith love life of pridenama and hisir la. now if this photo is any indicaon. it is frosty. paying visit to the ellen show, he recorded a valentine's day message to hiswife. >> somebody cal the situati room because tng are aboo gehot. chles valentine'say going t tat you righ m going to ma you some zucini ciniad andead vegetabl on ate. i obamacare more about you than
5:43 am
>>hats funny. last but notlet, adele has her cola add. cover girl. she opened up aboutothed inhearch is her ltl b grounded the 27-year-ol fls comert surrnd rroundserself witrye at les her. >> love that. >> i'murrounded lovehere. >>urrounded by love? yeah. >> i not? do i not feelve >> weove >> get to the te >> nexthetoryfow nelle met earninunlimited cash back on purchases. that a win. t imagine earning itwice. you can with t citdouble cash ard. it lets you ea cash back twice.
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>ac >>acn saturday moing. lentine's dayas us thinkin ou wheeet the pernf
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>> sheinleet her husba in llege northwte. sort o a sneakyy. n st obout it. >>nkyou. this is atoryn thiss what's getting attention. >> i did. >> tellsbout that >> crazy. ias ally h tour guide. ashamed. day. day at northweste. his dad was dving around and theyere lost he pulled meve and said we're turned aund and they we looking for a dorm. i said oh,ou're so te he's fi. you can leave him. then we start dati. >>ndhree kids te so, so, yeah, who kw when he was
5:47 am
>> you met him when he was 17? is at legal? wow! ias 18. >> you m yourusband at wo, o? >> iould s wai a minute. >> w met our husbands at work. david whe stage manager at staon we rked.goodld tech years ago. w we he be togetr 15 years. married for ten. tw great boys, a dog, a ca >> youickedp yr hbandt work? >> he was my cameraman. when you wkt 4:00n moing. low hanng uit. we were friends f a whil he'sot 30 t.i c't- >> dan is aru cougarthetae. >>id meet my wifetork during commercial break in 2008. >> a commercial break. doest teoulong o a a half minutes? >> i pitch quickly.
5:48 am
>> i had to tryor t year actually. sh come bac fromchin she heenhereoverin the olcs. e sai oh, hey, wee. welc ye there we. one kidlater. >> wsee tt picre quic are y bitingour lip? >> that's my only il i'ure myif led thate used tha picture. > still to come here, ladies wholaunch. we will introce y to the
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nb ti to come turday, ben stiller and owen wilson and "zooland
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goo > good morn lifehreatengcold. a bitter blast hitting 65 llion people thanks tthe polarvortex. the furious windchill temperatures in some areas could feel as col as 40 below. the weaer so dangerous that peop areng wnedy inde insi. dyladrey is traing it all.> breakin her silence. th mher of o of the columbine sots spes out since her son, dylanlebold a hisrid klen 1999. morerom t conveation wh she remrs most clearly from that horficday. andt with one of her vicms says about the tack. nd a leaguef their own. four women ready toaunc into
5:59 am
one day tomars.they're all part of t eli group of astnautlk tm day, saturday, bruary 1 201 reallyyeally likou d w you t wan i really, ally,y like you like y and wt y youant to >> and a >> and a good satday morng to u.ome b to ." sat i 2 degrs? >>1 degrees, butow t windchill is 7. it got windier. it doe feel coer hasottopp tse fine folks from joining us on the pla. >> i tnk we have fire but ey can't feel the fire we have hand waers. >> weeverive away athing on the plaza.
6:00 am
hand warmersor all of u. there you go don't put these one-bay, you la easy. hand warms. tha you for coming thank u. thanyo have more. >> i should have grabbed more. >> we will keep psing those down theline. have moreo get to. we want to check i with sheinelle who has more on th top story. e dangerous cold. >> thank you, erica. officials from the nation's mid seion to theorth are warning of e lighreatening cold. highin are expected to drop windil to below zero. mayors are urging residents to take ecautions. welave more when dylan dreyer looks at the weather. the remaining republican presential hopuls ce-o inouth carola tonight. nbc's haie jackson has a preview from greenville, south carolina. >> reporter: good morn
6:01 am
the stage is smallest it s be for onefhese wit just sixeople left ithe race. at the center of the stage, donald trump and tedcruz. th of them looking ready to ru. trump calling cruz aiar now thatening to sue himor bng bo in canada. cruz dismissg that is what he cas arent insing om trp' mouth. marco rubio is looking to bounce ba from his wely panned debate performce inew mpshire last week. a cpaign aideays he is eager for tonht and readyo pot to attks if h is facing incomingire from rublin riva watch for jebusto t tland some punc hes lookingorcomeback. d john kasich isooking for moment after his secondlace hampshe fini. is hoping to stay positive and stay above the fray. back you. >> thankyo hallie. exciting. > the pope is in mexicoity
6:02 am
he is greed by ldlyheering crowds. pope franc travellromhe airp in the on air popemole he will visit areas plagued by ug violence and hold services in the five-daytrip. it follows the stop in cuba whe he immiate with the russian orthodox patrrch. here at home, a major investigion i opened into an issue fir reported onbc news. the governmt iseginning ob ofotenti healthisks from a type ofurf known a umb rubber made o ground tires and on sports fields across the countrathletes a coaches are reportg illnesses including cancer. nufacturers claim the product is sa, but theovernmentow says more study is needed. nd in idah a scary ski run for a father and son. winstone was skiing with his son, ethan and ethan disappead.
6:03 am
it okay. it's okay. here we go. here we i got you. >> turnsut eth fallen int a tree well which can form wn heavy sw piles up around the trun of the tree. authoritiesay it is important to watch your chi ski ahead of you ande alert. >> and finally,xhibit o corvette, but not theay you e them. twisted wres are part of the national corvette museum in keucky. you may remember security cameras caught a sinkhole under the museum swallowing eight of thecars. two were restored after they were pulled out. they tk the restf e cars crushed in the disaster and turnhe io a display. >>reatidea. >> i gue if life givesou lemons. >> my heart istingfter that ski accident. > dylan dreyer is back now
6:04 am
forecast. >>nd ware hing theext stm system, maybe, that could ma i way. deite how cold it, it is going to turn int a warmer storm as we go io monday a tuesday. in the meti, we have the huge aa across cada that llragow and bha ld a io the northet. re alrdy feeling it back throughinneapolis where temperatures areell below eezingnd windchills colder. a piece ofhe polar vortex that sits up north. then the bursts ofold air starts toettle in it feelsike 5 be i minnpos. at is the air tee. e wind kicking in as t noast makest feel we are in t single digits. hi temratureodayill be ping acrosshe rtheast. 18 this afternoon newk city. detroit at 18. mikee at 10. that is 2 degrees below averag tomorrow morning ieally when we bottom out acrs the northeast. buington,vermont, it will
6:05 am
in west virginia, 3 drees above ro. highsunday in the teens and low0s. syracuse oy hitting theigh of 5 grees. nall io monday,e get back into the 30snd 40 temperatur afreezing continue to warm up whi se the stage mony and tuesday which should be a rai ent for > >> andhat'ou latest forecast.
6:06 am
now t aery raw, emotional rvw as the mother of one of t columbine shooters speaks out for thfirst time about her son, his rage and that terrible y 17 years ago. nbc's steve person has more. >> all >> allhese kids. an the teacher. >>epter: for the first time the mother of one of the mos infamousillersn history sat wn for an interview. >> i'm sorry for what my son di >> reporter: sue kleld speaking out o a talking abt one othe tns responsibleor the mascre at columbine high school. >>t is hard to live wh the fact thatomeoouovednd raiseds brutally kild people. >> bunch coming ts. >>eporter: on a 20th, 1999 klebold's sonyl and his friend eric harrisilled 13 pe athe school and
6:07 am
committi suicide. sue realiz it waser son and e sinkingfeeling. >> i rememr if this is true and dylans reall hting ople he has to be spped and att moment, irayed that he would die. >> reporter: klebold said she spen much of the last 17 yea agonizg over how she missed tharning sig from her troubled son. >> ihought i w a good mom and h could talk to m about anytng. part of the shock of this was that lrning tthat i believed a how iived and how i parented w an invention in my mi. ror manyf the survivors have grown up wit grf. shootingic anne marieas paraze fro t waist down. despit everything, e forgives. >> it is one to lose a son or daughter, but it isnoth thing to have your last name forer linithagedy. i don'tave a i wil towar her. i forgive r.
6:08 am
raise awareness about menl lness. >> don't knowhat ee i can do. i felt i had to do eveing i could do. >> reporter: one parent speaking out hoping tevenanotr agy. st parson, n news,os anges. era. crg,than. r fit n histy, nasa'sattss o tronpl. th fish train in lyfour women andou men. all chosenor an upcoming missioto mars. weeceny caught with them atns space ceer the astronas 16ave long one smallpor man, one giant lp formankind. >> 25 conds. >> rorter: andot just because they're sights are now set far beyondhe moon, they alsoook different. >> are a class of astronauts
6:09 am
ishat sething you noticed? >> i isomething we don't notice day-to-day which i great. the traits we bng to e table which is what iimportan repter:n 2013, eight astronaut candidatesere selected. inuding these fr womenm more tn 6,100 apicants. >>he fst g teacher asked us to dra picture of whae wanted to whe we grew up. drew a picture of a astronaut on moo with aflag. y have been thiing about it >> reporte the astrout idates gough an intense physically demdi year traini program. >> rember the first time you put one of these suits on wh that moment was like? >>ouook the mirror and think i'm an astronaut. >> repr: learning t fly. >> sce dancg. >> reporter: to work in space
6:10 am
>> houston, we ar ready to initia the dragoncapture. >>eporter: and to work the robotic arm of the international spacstation. >> if the toilet breaks, we cannot call a plumber. reporter: jessica meir, a ologt with a ph.d. in marine biology has stued elephant ses and pguins a ese. gees ristina hammock koch hol a masters degree in electri gineering. carak ofhe grp. >> reporter: west point grad anne mla, earned her masrs in aosce eeering and animal relations. >> animals. th comes from my rugby days. reporter: a m nicole mann holds a mas in mechanical engeering andom
6:11 am
>> my call sn is duke. >> reporter: their future missions will take these astronauts away from the famies for month or years at a time. >> i think for a mom or dad, it really hard to thinkbout . you untand is an importanission andt of something bigger than yourself or family. >> if you think aut the first moments on the moon were like and seeing earth fr another et planet planetary body forhe first time. it wilives pective out o placen e solar system and univee is incredibly important. >> we are alimpresed withhe women. th wereracisnd dowto h. th don'tnowhen t will go to sp are waiting for the missions. there is a good ce one of them could gomars. there is a cncet yave the right stuf
6:12 am
recruiticcepting applications the n class astronau you ono ajobgov. aror astronautcandidat you stille a few days. go >> if you get accepted, will you let us kn >> a couple havbeen thrgh thisbefore. jessican 2009 she said s made ihe son or thi rod. an app before. det to a couple unds >>t mes a gd astronau >> sheaid interestingl they t this queion all the time. it is a bit of everything. yo do need to be open toew thin a you have to be able to lrn rllyll. so, everydy hasopeak ssian. they spendours with prite russianto. >> tt's righ they have to ieract w the cosmonauts. >> i did app to n schoo at one point. i dn't get accepted. >> clearly.
6:13 am
>> i can do a littlemath. doesn't makeestro ality. >> you got your chan. >> youalylan brillia a they ke, wrap up ne, is nowhe time t buy some ofhose big ticket item o sal ts presidents day weekend o syou wait? eat upbudd you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don'let go unt i say so. i got yo.. start strong wh thlasting energy10
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6:16 am
the new desig came in for16. they are getting rid of old s. >> from furnire now, the question is do we buy now or wait later >> for jewely. >> jewelry. youthink? >> i would say wait la >>brilliant. although tomorrow's valentine's da l t you, wt ti t holidays athe time to buy tho amonds >> all right. e ge continu here. buy n orait la w we are in home pliances. wld say buyno brilliant. >> i have a 50/50shot. home appances,xpt to see at least off. pkage d wore th one pliance. go fory sr becse you can rat py pendin on whereou live. love that. >>uy n o wai forlater. th i aun game. becse you're ing.
6:17 am
digital cameras, artphones. wou say wait. >> youlmost had it. >>hy do we haveo wait? >> good deals now because i is theonsume electronics show month. eyre getting rid 15 designs. you get gre des. look line, too. >> okay. bu now for digit camas and smartphone smartphos. cars. alward you wait until the end of the model yea to buy a car. >> good looks and brance. >> waitor later? >> yes. absolutely wait. em octobebe you will get great deals. if you cannot it, buy tar the e of the month. it. >>why? >>ecause they have to make theirquotas. if it i if it is busy on the lot, they
6:18 am
>> buy or wait with mattresses feel ieeore mattrses cocials more than anythi buy >> no here's the thg. i'll spin itn yr direion. you ul getood dea this ekend. hiorically, it is morl day ekenhat you g go prices. ere i wigom. you can haggle over yr mattss? ius bough one because i had . otherwise i would it. >> we always lrn sothing. thank you f being w us. still ahead, the boys are back in town. owen wiln and b stiller. reprizing their roles for
6:19 am
6:20 am
nb tille on "today,"
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6:24 am
and sheriff's deputy both had minoinjuries. it a ended wh jouim rry taking h own life. both ockstadt and gerry....had warrants out for their arrest here in colorado. and back home in colorado... police are looking f two oth fugitivewho are considered ard and ngous. the ate department of corrections says dennis simonton and wesley jones were ab to remove the ankleonitors and skip out on their pale. the d-o-c says the pair are members of a white supremacist prison gg known as 2ven crew. right aw. let's get overo for an
6:25 am
6:26 am
6:27 am
6:28 am
w we are back on a saturday rning. february 13th2016. seems like aice day to sit by the fire. >>n awful dayo sitoutsid >> don't worry. oh, yeah. dylan, good call on the blankets. dylan, do you rember when we we to the i hotel? >> these are tlanks the. >> it is a little clly here in w yorkndcross the country. nsf milon of pple are ing to affected by this. in all seriousness, a rough cold day. day. we have fun stuoming up. rekland is . cong . our conversatio with stiller and owen lson about
6:29 am
and the perfe question f people this valenne's day weekend. how do youeallynowf you are really in love? hodo you know,rica hill? >>ou know how i knew? myom said when you know, y know. chyl, you were right. >> w wil answer that eson. >>lso ahea ifoure ing to mak a yummy valentine'day breakfastor your swthrt tomorr. we have the perfect dish with waffles. a quick programming note. the roado ri continues as the amicansunor chae to n the olympic games. the 2016 ompic mathon tris are in los angeles. full coverage begins tayt 1:00 eastern here onnbc. h about a final check of the recast? >> i realize i'm sitting really closeo you. a naturaleaction when you are freezing. other. >> notecause you like him. you're cold. >> i'm freezing. that's how cold you are. i'm so cold, i'm sitting close
6:30 am
>> desperate times. we a going to seehe cold ease. we have to get thrgh the weekd inhe northeast. the next srm em,nce it gets , it will bainly rain to theajor cities. throug saturday a int sundaye wil see snow tough the ohio valley a tness river vall weill sethsnowake its y vgiand cinas re it turns t a wtry mix. we sta wh snow monday temperuresarm up are loo at cold a to continue for the weekend. teeratures in the teens and 20s. windchillowzero. to mningthe nortast,t's goibes ld as itets wh wins to 3degrees low zero.
6:31 am
's a look at the and>> a found anoer dylan on the plazaith th amazi headgear headgear. what do you ll this? pom-po yeah. >> what you callthis? warm. >> i likthat. straig from minnesota. erica. dylan, thanks a little celebrityun this morning as"zooland 2" hits theaters. we s down wh owen wion and ben stiller for the sequel. >>t'a tough job.
6:32 am
"zoolander" was not box office hit when it ened, but it was a assic and it made dek and nselousehold names. ey a bk i "zoolander 2." >> he was oncehe rld' most famous model. bu thaas a long, long, long time ag >> is been 15ears sine firssaw derek zoonder sike pose and stop moving ject fromermodel to clivit ao khe worls mt butifule that getser ahansel out of hidingo sol sh a myst >> peace t, world. >> we'reack. ck s, a lotas ced in the world ofhshn. >> -- or can't understand
6:33 am
andn wilson, the beauty a brains behind derek and hans. we touched o fm and pitics and origin of bluesteel. >> how are youdoing? >>good. >> legend has it blue steel was inspir by your mirr face. ishere tru in that? >> i gss part of it cameut of the face i would make when i would brush my hair and my wife uld s w are you m that face. i would say wha face? >> owen, do you have one? yes, i d have one. owen look has a sound effect ow's hansel look has a und. >> beautif. >> it's a workf art right there. >> oy oneerson can know how te this look. >> how wou derek zoolander interpret this look? >> that is a blue steel.
6:34 am
we haveo fair. senato nders. how would dereknd hansel interpre interpret? >> gray steel. >> crumbled steel. >> i personally think that derek and hael are responsible for some of the magnificent dialogue in cinematic history. what would other mnificent diogue had dek and hansel men? >> d you order theode red? >> i'lanswers the question. do you wan ars? >> i wan the uth. >> c't handl the h. >> i lovyou, jack. >> don'touo that don't say your good-bye not yet. do you understd me? >> i'm cold. >> rose. >> you're going to go on and make lots of b and w them .
6:35 am
ly the dialogue? >> promise me that you'll survive. i promise. >> never let go. >> i'l never let, jack. i'll never l go. >> and >> and that never gs old. "zooland 2" isn eate how. i can't remember a movie havg this many cameosn it. >> folks from here, too. >> matt lar andatalie moles. >> aood ea. thk p next, one of life's buing questions. how can you tellf you are truly in le? thswer aer the msas. ma penguins show their love with... a pebble. some males, however... e arter anths. sa up 30% on lect diamonds r ay, thnumber one welry ste inmeri.. ery kiegins withaygu, y jele wou like tremind you...'engagement sea
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,, e are back on a satury mornin with an important question on this valentine'say ekend. what is love? >> it is an e old question thatome people don't know the swer to. here's looki at you, kid. >> you comple me. it'enchroniclekronchronicled on film for decades.
6:39 am
that love. >> when you realize you want to en theest of your life with somebo you want the rt of your life to start as soon as po >>ttartit and culture. what iit? ask 100 people and you100 different answers. >> love is awesome. >> love is being together. >> giving a gir a flower. >> love yourst grand child. yes. >> love is when someone like reaches for your food and you don't have the sudden urg to ap their hand way. >> you know you are in love when you would rathe hang out with your girlfrid than your best iends. >>ng in love is linhe crazines that every day brings. >> love is being patient. >> being in love means remember th rest of y fe. look at ur wery and say it's my ult. well eth every day.
6:40 am
with a hug and ki. >> and heings in the shower you're awak >> i love him. >> ro ludwig good morning. >> goomorning. >> iw folks come to youll the me. epinionsre going to vary. in your opinion, what is love? how do you knowou're in ve? >>wellhink when youre falling in love whenou are in love, you are under the influence of a neuro chemical cotail. lllop. yoare you are seeing yr partner throug rose-tinted glasses. what everyone sees as annoyi, you find as adorable. >> the insurancetensity is turned up. you want to beround this person a the me
6:41 am
thems well. there ia physical attraction an iellectual attraion and hopefully compability a well. >> whats the difference between being in love and loving someone? >> ll,hink it is more intense. so when you love somebody, you don't mindharing them. you might even match the up with somebody else. whou a in love with somebodyu n't want tm th abody but you. you plan your liferound them. >> when you are falling in love, yo a on that roller coaster. it's up, it' do. 's incure. thank god we don't live like that all the ti. >> it chges. it is difrent when youre youn a mtomeone for the t time. all of a sde you have chilen. children seem to changeove in a good way. >> right. >> you know, in the end, ihink loving somebody i having that
6:42 am
there aren't necessarily so many highs or lows. there's a sense of expansion beyond the two of you io your iends afamily. thit's more normal it is loving whoou aren you areun that person and ving who you can be. it is aost like you help each other to become the person you are meant to be in the best-se scario. >>hat is a good way to look at what is the preureor valentine's day and people not in a relationship for couples out there who maybe one half of theouplee more committ than the her. they feel they don't have the traditiol commitmentymbol whatever it m be. wheno younow it i time to maybe cuand run? >> cut and run somewhere else. >> lotsf dferent non
6:43 am
people are co-habitating re than getti married. if you are toake up a year from now and your relationship and your life was uding the way you wted it to yre in the relationsp youant tbe . wh would the day look like? visualiz that and go for that. >> you need to res your retionship goals. you hav to be dect anday i mriage a i want kids. putt out there. if someone can'tive that to u, c you losses. >> how do you sustain lo? howo you mak sure it i the love that lasts alime? you have toir of alloo at a person's characternd see y are looking at lif in the same direction. do you have t sameoals? do you want the same things of life and are you willing to help each oero get it?
6:44 am
if that ests with what you wantnd if it does and match up, tt cdamang. y know, studieshowhat couples who sceed and fails, theoueshat succemoreos mo pitive-to-negative interactions even when they are fighting. >> suprt eachother. nuure and love. >> thank you so much. robi andian,hank y valentine up next, speaking of ve, aut a delicious breakfast to help you itheood thi vante'da ekd.i le t ea >> we love to eat a lot on this
6:45 am
6:46 am
nbc.,,,,,,,,,,,, >> thiornin oday's food a delicious breakfast full foods get you in th mood.
6:47 am
is here wh usn "tod." good morning. >> i le h you said that. in the mo.we will get ithmood wh mi mimosas. >> wt are ourpt pomegranite. you don see a lf leachy. we have mango. we take ts to t chocola wafflesh cheecake mo can yo n u llhi mimum mosas? mimosas? cte cpsnds and rries and cowder. we will make the choco waffles.weavend ttermi
6:48 am
>> you dll tet gredient ther. start oedry. youee tmsete hend wtogeer lo andocow and browr an b powdernd salt. righ whe an y haveixed -- wavt serateau youthe ingrntix ll we pusstogeth owoueallyaveo go to work as you can tell. yes. then you wl m tha until it is sor of batter-like. xe >> yeah. ian doat. wh y will dos fold in some chocate chip if you dont that, can us wolate. you c swap out peanut bter. you c eat them thatik it is buffet. >> you don'tan toerve
6:49 am
>> iik the babm&m >> >>eat tter. youre going crazy and love it we havegg whi that weade nicend fluynd airyecse we want tafes to be light and fluffy >> then we fold. you don't wt tgo cra beuse you wanto mainthe fluffissorhe waffle >> ner know w i osed to s folding. when it stops linthe whitcor. n'to craz could see herehat we are smoking hot ready to go. we wl make thehocolate waffles. how do you likeit? >> it isgood. >> i would like aer one. >> i have oneor you. this one is about fr minutes. depends on the size of t waffle iron. then we hav the waffles. what is great, if you don't wan
6:50 am
can throw the in the freez anthen pop in th toast or oven. then we hav cameese, sour crm, powdered sugar, vall then thr then throw your berries on. then use strberry syrup. th you go. >> i d't have fork. >> il use aspoon. >> i'll giveou me. billy, thank you. ro star as alys. you can get the recipe a chee. >> valentine's day. >> ches to you. >> fir these m do the sll oa fresy bound prentation fill youith timism? do yovyour wirels keybrd more than certain fa members? is your succesdue to a filing system only yodetand?
6:51 am
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get medicahelp rig away if you have symptomsf aheart attack or stroke. decreaselcohol use while taking chaix. use cautn when driving or operating machinery most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smer is whole loof fun. your docr if cntix is right for you. ad uh huh. yeah...sor abo t think aut there must be highelove dn in theeart dyou think? andthe sts above tedgl youou jn us, we thi you'reng toikese numbers. bring me a highe oue >> > elinhesh w talked a how w met our
6:54 am
crg met man and woman from colorado springs have been identified as ora. police in georgia say they tried to pull over the c becse it didn't have tags... buat srted cha. dael ockadwabehind the ee.. anto pice shwape fda aeirc te. fi say fice minor injuries. it a endedith joaquigerry taking his own le. both ockstadt gerry....h warrants outor their arrest here in colorado and back home in coloro... policere looking for two other gitives who are considered armed and daerous. thstate dertment o correctis says dnis monton and wesley jones were able to remove their ankle monitors anskip out on their paro. the d-o-c sa the pair are meers of a white supremacist prison gg known as 2leven
6:55 am
if you see the m, call 911 righaway. les get over to for a
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coming up on news fi today weend --he motof onef the columbe ooters is speaki outmo15 years ter the deadly massacre. what she's saying about her son before thehooting. "it waa very cic, if might sacontrolled chaos scen" and a pair of suects from colorado springs led police on high speed chase in georgia. how it ended with one pers dead andhree oths hurt. d an employee at a local surgery ceer haseen fired. what she didhat put patients r good mngnd welcomenews five today weekend it saturday -- february 13. i'm gregingrando --
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thanks for joining us. adib wx a few areas of fog/low cloud is morning, bu will wo on clearing those outhroughout the rning hours. developing downslope fw ll help cle our skies andive uset another day oab average temperatures wi highsn the 's. those windwill be breezy for areas at hr elevation and they will stay strong through the ernight urs. partly cudy skies th lows in


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