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tv   News 5 at 430 PM  NBC  February 13, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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jor backups ong highway 115 after th crash a ate troor patrol vicle was hit a separate ca whe on a trafficto is was just norht of penrose the troor s nohu. we he not goen word of any serious injuriesrom the crh. it is casug a trafsnarl for miles in both directions however. if you can avoid the aa. just in tour new5 newsom... one of two armed and dangerous fugitiin o states now back behind ba.
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"wesley jones" just before noon toy englewood. he and "dennis simonton"ere able to reve their ankle monitors and skip out on parole. both are members of the white supremacist prison gang known as "2-elevecr." if you s simn, call 911 righay also bacin custodyoday -- -year-old "william wasikowski." hebsconded froparole on thursday. the deparmenof crections says he was tracked to a colorado springs home is rning. he will now kely face more chges. mewhile, the search by federal authorities foa former radourgical tech is branching out bened stat lis. investigatelve 2ar- old "rocky allen" has left the at allen suspected of switing syringes on at leasoncontr of the dru entanyl" whiorkingt swedh medical centn englood. w, morthan 2hundd peopwho rgerat t cente overhe past five monthha been toley need to be tested for h-i-v and hepatitis as a precaution. auies say allehad "ftanyl" a mijuan his system. e inigatiois cntly
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we are working to learn more abt what led t pple from lo sprgs to geora in a olen car as we first told you last t on news 5 at:00, the suspects -- "joaqm gerry" and "daniel ocksta" -- ledolice onhigh- speechase r a georgia ce off tried to pull them over. gerrred atolicbefore ng h ownife. an oicerndeputy we ht in t shooting and ockstadt was in e foot, althou authities rerthose ootings we likely fr an ficer -scene. specthad warrants for their arrest here in colorado. veoo mexic ase frs lea mass hiday in me is ininncomfoable splight he govnmt' faur sol a range o social issues, inc verty, rpant gan ki, tortion, saearancf women,rooked cops, and failed citservices te of thousands of cheering mexicans lined the streets as
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palace in his popemobile he was welcomed at the palace mexin president "enriqueena nieto" and his wife. in a secto govnment authories, the pope said public officials responsle for the commonood must be hone and upright and not be seduced by privilege or corruption. he saiit isn't eugh just to pass laws, but for all mexicans to take reonbili to help the country. a disturbing twist fm new hampshirtoday -- we're n learning that before last week's presential primary, some righno the state aney general's office investigating the mailing. "renee wunderlich" td with e woman who reed the letter. geralee bartlmnew hampshe resident :00-:07 "like i s untrioc or dn't believe in amera or methg. i don't know it was just very settg.geralebarthelme is upset over receiving one o thlettershtly before tuday's prential primary. the letter states it's fro"the new hampshire e voter program" and the state attorney
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investigating the mailin. geralee barthelme/new hampshe redent :2040 "i wasery upset that we did receivitecause it had our name othere and lot of other nas on there, saying that we didn't vote. that we voted in the last ection butot the onen 2012. we did n live here then, we ved in the indianapolis area and that's where weid ve in the last presidentilection." geralee and her husband richard say they thout thletters oked fake, but arstill disturbed that their names, address and votin historwas publicly avale. gee bahelme/hampshire sident :50 "ion't even know where they got the informatiofrom real." hanover tn erk betsy mcclain says all the information is public ancan easily be found online betsy mcclain/hanover town clerk :59-1:14 "f many years, the checklist, the basic sacred scrof the voters has been public formatio but people vead to come to town hall and actual go pa-by-page. now with the statewide vot database that information is ealy exportable." mccln thinks she knowshy the letters re sent. betsy mcclain/hanover town clerk 1:18-11
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into voting, i guess, or that m suosed to gdoor-to-door and get my neighbor to vote who hasn't, but i'm not surehat's the best way to start off neighbor relations." and that's exactly how geralee barthelme feels. geralee barthelmnew hampshire reside 1:34- "i don't want them sending this out to earrass people and make themeel bad when they shouldn't feel bad about it." both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are inolorado night, freshff thursday nighdebate. the coloradoocratic part ys clinton and sanders wl bothat its annuadinnern denver. sands also held a blic rally at the colorado conventicenter in denv after a stop inreno, vada meanhwile, the remaini republican presidentl candidates are prepari to face off tonight in their fal debate before the south carona primary ary. you can see officials king rta lk-through and adding the finisng touches t the stage, podiums, auditorium accordinto tatest poll, donald tmp has commaing leadr hio-p vals in e ate at 36-percent.
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rubiar aattlfor cond place at 19-perct and - percent, respectively. thdebate starts at 7 tonight -- we'll hava llecap on news 5 at ten. new today. scientistsay about 0-thousa nguins have died since bei straed by a vast iceburg off the coast antarctica. e iceburg is about the size of rhode island r agroundix ars ago. nce then, the penguins hav be cut off from their food supply. the iceberg essentially has lalocked the pengus, forcingthe anims torek ross a desolate setchf arly 40-miles to findood. the colony has sce dwindleto 10-thousand from 160usand he iceberg hit. a night of mrning inalre as more than a hundred peop came out to hon two deputies shot and kiedn wednesday. deties "patrick dailey" and "mark logsdon" were shot while approaching an armed and wanted suspect inside the panera bread inbingdon,aryland. dons of pele hd candles while th prayed and honod the slain depues.
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"david evans" -- was also killed duri the gunfirexan witpolice waii gernor "did ige ee-g signed an emergency proclation yesterday ncerninghe zikvirus, deeverher mosquiorne illnesses. the move is being called a prevve msu, aswillfreefundg for rson and resources. morehan 250 cas of dengue fer ha beereported i waii sin sepmb. the "world health organizaon" cled publiheth emgey over t za virus eaier thisonth. meanhilethe ght against e zikairus has made its way to corado. yesterday, senators "michael bennet" and "cory ganer" took a tour of the "crs for disease and prevention" in fort collins, where rearch is curntnderway. here's jonathan gonzales with more. nato mha bennet d-colorado and cory gdner r-colorado
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that was jonathagonzales reporting. the cdc lab es have the virus in a controlled environment. while ntrolled tests are being ne by infecting uis with the vis, cdc fort collins officials say those testare happenino at this time. the presidentsdauth hockey tournamenting strong here ihern colorado, a local business are cashing in. places like the new old icago's pizza nearhe wor ara say ey've been slammed ever since thursday night. d they're t the only ones --sincthe gas arspread out from monento pueblo, there's plenty oplac era busy this weekd. alson raitz/d chicago gm sot: 13:27 its gat for everody down the strip here. en a the way up i-25ecause
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out, the hotels e spreanwhe ey play goorolo spng in genal. more than eams froall over the y will be coetg in the amateuournent throh ndd arve am brings its own fan ich means big mor southern colorado. hundreds of ople gathered thgarden of e gods visors cent today for the1th nual big hornheep day. fans got to learn all about the official stateamma from theiskulls and horns to th coat. kids say they lened a lot, andit was a lotetter than reading it in a book. li and aidanorsh/big horn sheep fans so 7:53 reing about it just tells you it, but its better in real life. yea you holdt in real life. seit in peon. me people even goto spot big rn sheep near garden of e gods. last minute gifts for valentine's day... we're taking a closer look a the floralndtry the day
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but fia live look outse... news five meterologist cle hoffman is next with your first
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a few areas of fogow clouds
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on clearing those out thughout the morning hours. deveping down slope flow will help clear o skies and give us yet another da above avera teeratures with highs in t 60's and 7s for our warmest areas. those nds will be breeor ars at higher elevation an they will stay strthug the ovnight hos. partly cloudy skies with lows in the 20's. some mountain snow for sunda and monday with only sma ance for ahower to own toer elevaons. aside from a ptly clou valentins day, ses sta mostly sunnynd hstaybove average. 50'shrou mondaand them into t 60's for e re of
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wherto gour last minut
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we'lshow you where tgo to u'reki at so of e 29 producwarded16 pruct of the yn a naonwi surve 40-ousa consumers,onducted by et research comomny "t-n-s." the products will sooneg appearing wi a distinctiveed"product othe year" go aced on their packaging and vertin helng them and out consume. roductf the ye" is theworl-voted awr oduct inno to see winners, log on to "product the year u-s-a dot com." a shift isapning imany american households -- men ardoinmore laury. the shift has detgentnd ing mache mars researching male behavr more escily sinceennd wom wash their cloth differently. "te" iexperinting withew
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"wrl" has added a cycle to keep colors om mixing, sce men tend noto sort the laundry. in the last-minute rush to get the perfect valentine gift, flowers are often top of the list. "1-800-flowers" and "f-t-d" are the established online pyers, but nestartups are also shaking up the industry. new yo city-sed florist "rachel cho" is busy fullling same-day ords focompan call "the uqs." the lifornia-based start-up socing flowers from eco-friemsn south icand the states for nationwide five- day and next-d delivery. and e recently add same-day svis to30ke aisanlil. "t bou csa t upai--ti e midd man -- ads to lower cos. one of the tngs yowill see at ivery different for us vs. competitors is that icing, escily this time of year valentines y. so, yocan onto our site today, you can order 1 doz ros delivered valentine's day for 40 dollars ft.
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lentine's day haremained stable f the past few years at nearly 2-billion dollars, e re traditial florist indury has taken a hit over the pastecad going fm more th 9-billion dolrs in 2006 to ls
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we'll be rht back.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks for watching news five on ureekend. all the ds latest news and ten back here at ten. good evening. thanks for watchg news five on
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, on this saturday night, breaking news. antonin scalia, the longes serving justice on the u.s. supreme court is dead. he was the court's st influential conservative. toght, w lookk at hisife and his lega. eay weather. dozensfehiclescrhn massi pileup i pennsyania. a lar pt of the country endures extreme life-teatening cold. the showdown. tonight, republicans bate. a make or break moment r some of six remain will rub yoio rebound. the popushe pushing onhereur to step up the fight agnst corruption and violence. gasolin delivered to your car on demand. night "nightly news" begins now.
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headquarte i new york this is nbc ghtlynews. reporting tonight, erica hill. gdevening. justice antonin scia the supme court's most inuential conservative has died. the -year-old appointed by president ronaeaganlmost three decad ago was foundead in texa known for his strong language, he was widely respected b his colleagues and by the manyho disagre with his legal findin. john roberts pised justicecalia as an extrrdinary individu, calls his passing a great loss to the court and the country heoyally serv. pete, good evenin >> rter: goo evening. ic scalia died memeastight whe in texas at a gut rah. is i a big shock. he w in appareny busthealth. so h death iquit a surprise to the dicial world. it silences the cours most outspoken
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i anton knin scali -- reporter: he s put on the supme court in 86y ronald reagan. he lat becam lightnin rod for chris criticism, he was confirmed unanimoly afterelling senators he had no plans to reshape the la >> i a not going on to the courtit a list of things tt i wa do. nl agea is t be aoo judge. >> reporter:nc there, he becamene of the mos outspon conservatives, an auth of fiery dissents and an opponent of affirmative actio in hiring and school mission andrtion ri. sai r e was wrg. saiduds should be bod by the wor theyinprest. >>e areot goverd byhe ient. we're gorn by


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