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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 14, 2016 4:05am-4:30am MST

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ghter) (alause) (laughter) (upbeat musi nextat donld rona's rather less succsful brother. heever suld have dropped out oflown college. (laughter) (knockin (lauter)
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(lau (laughter) (knockin (laughter) (applae) (laughter) we'll be right back with more gags riter this. pbeat mu i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excusecoming throu ride the gel wave comfort with dr. scholls massaging geinsoles. th're proven give you comfort. which helps you el more energized .all lon i want what he has. want trve a cry busy d? sfx:ell phone ches start with a positive attitude..
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aveeno osivelraditistuzer... th aivturals oyaveeno aturly betires. by 14, mrs. stouffer raed two boys. inspir a business in clevend and raised the sndard for easyomemade family meals. y her high standards live on. it's why we usfreshly made pasta in oulagna. toed with real moarella a aged parmesan and noiv. ju a dicious meal you can fe gd about seing your family. deith love way stouffer made . stouer's . made for you to love . life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch tprogressiv so i'm dabblg new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalaiama. great gu rr playe go paperless don'ttress, gir i got theiscotsth you need it a balancing act, but i got tothpeople what they want --mo any words for e critics? wh scritti gna neg. [ plause ] the what?!
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, th next prank ves whole new g to the phrase ne dancing. and a fivesix, seven, eight. (lauter) (funky music
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(lghter) (app (applause) (laughte
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nextthe weather can prtye in tse par, one minute it's dry ane next it's ininme (laur) (fast br music) (laughter) (fast brht music) (lauter)
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(screa (screaming) (lter) (upbt music) if if you're a nspicy theorist, you'll love this next bit. it's an elaborate cover up. (laughter) (funky music
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(laughr) (laughter) (a (applause) (laughter) (ueat music) kes!
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beforehe paramedics got there. (laughr) (groovy music) (laughter) - ah! (lauter) ah! ah! aughter) ah! (laughter) ah! ah (cries) (laughter) (applause) (laughter)
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(screaming (ueat music) neselsun be fu & thick shampoo. dandru figers thotns and vitamins for fuller, thicker lookg hair. new seun be full & thick. ifou have high blood pressure like i do, mad medis mayraise your blood p coricin p reli cold sptoms withouraing blood pressu. coricidihbp. wish could back like to? gena hydroter gel. winic acid it plumps skin ch indration an in.for supple skin.
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welce ck hine gag, we ask these nice fks to put e handbre fothelady wita hand break. and that's when the last relyta rling aughr) (laughter) crmi (screaming) (laughter)
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(screaming) (laughter) pplause) (laughter) (upbt c) xt, u've heard of ptobog. this guy is trying to stara new fad called pho bumming. and bridezilla her is having none oit. (lively musi (laugh
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aughter) (splashing sound) (laugh (sashing sou) (laugh (splashing sound) (laughter) (applause) (laughter) (upbeat muc) nextp, he'a prank th demsttes the resience of a child's heart and
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(laughter) (slow romant music) (laughter) auter)
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,,, (l (laughr) wel be rig back witmore gags
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pbeat music) hearurn heartburn at night, that'st. i need to ck ad with rolaids advced. it goes toork instantly on your wot heartburn, ti, and gas. that's bette kick acid d gas th rolai aanced. giving peoe options baseonthr dget is pretty edgy... ki of like thilook. i'calling it the "ne yo pce too phasewhatever.
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we srey tu somerag joe'in elton jns. d enheirhoed rtrs hear eir dude's jam they gfr girlfriends to groies. (laughter) (lghr) (laughter) (laughter) (applause) (laughte
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(cro cering) (groovy si (woman cheer (laughter) ,,,, (woman c (womaning)
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(audiencchring) (laughte (applause) (laughter) well that's our show. an for wating and wel see you next time.
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(bright music) oice [vceover]- g plunge in toilarious pranks that'll have you jumping for joy and aming for more, (laughr) and 's a jus for ugag lcomto t show. in thifirst we see the pths twhich wom will sink justo catc a bride's bouqt.
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(jaunty music) (camera sound) aunty music) (screams) (laughter) plashe (lauter) (screa (splashe (laughter) (screams (laughter) creams) (laughter) (splashes)


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