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tv   Matter of Fact With Fernando Espuelas  NBC  February 14, 2016 6:30am-7:00am MST

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there'not going to be a classic tablishment,avorite ofhe repn el, th is gngo ken trump rit ay or d cruz. they'rehting amongst ea otanit reay le a pretoopathgog rward athis pot. ferndoand how do guys see kasich's two positio in n hampshe? is that allyomething that is stainable, y think? shane: 's intoe really hard f. he basically mod to new hampshire. his super ent a ton of monein new hampsre, and after new hampshir has very, very little infrasucture. hes going to be south carolina tt couplef days and real intestin next weekhe is not just sng in south carolina, he is ng t michigan, which n't ve a il 6 marclls u lot out strategy - wre ty t yohe tinso mch 6 irelyhe nt state reacawin. that's a long ways away because therar12 or so states that vote on ma1. its per tuesday all ro the south.
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it'in bry diffilt say "i'm a aderi'm a p le cdaten you're not nninin 1st uil thfirsweek of marc rnando: d prislla,obously a dpointmen r arylintong hamre.hodoeshaimcter, u think, going forward priscilla: so shdeort of changes in her messaging. we might see some of her speeches, sort of more piration, sortf hit what sanders haen hitting. she'll ctainly start honing in on the minoritie e do have a goodecorth miriti. and so we'll st of tt plut ivada a sth cali, e e has a lead in the hisnic and rican american vote. fernandoso when i heard the viy spee from bernie sanders, he used "we" an meanwhile, the concessiospeech for hillary clinton was all "i." hodo y think tt was perceived the voters? how u think thatmpacts, if at all, pele's perction of andidate she: t chall fllarn,f ki it dn,hy is e runn pridt? at is one sentencens i am runni for presint because x.
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aner to thatuestion. i am running for presidt because think there is to mu income inequa and pe with ney have toouch power. th's his onsentnswer. campaign a lot and i dot know what her one sennce is. she'trd diffent .she's now saying, i'm running for est beuse fi frydaerican there'lileitthat "i" and "w reallis st pr andreer resus n hampshire just-- t i and the-- and how that resounded with ters. and lot people do respond to the we versus the i, ich they were aring from her. fernando: not sprisngly. anu think about -- oious the democrat re is t opleight now -- if you had guess terms in to happen, because we're all guessingin terms of the repuicans how wi this sha ounstoppt int,o yo ane: don'k an
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ntiallowingo the candidatich woulbe donald t, running s sort o a list, ted crrunning as a hardine coervave, and a classic mainstreamepublican. and e sue is, ill thatird rson eveem? if they don't n sc, which in soutcana,hich the are l ve far bind. u have alew of uthern es that play better for ump'populism andz' where do u t at thirdpe? shjohn kasich,he ohio vernand ma riohe flida setor, arell atcalled la. but that'just a mess right no so predictree candidate fields, are super hard to pdict. fernanwhatu think? prislla:o, i would agree with shane. inp i would t like tece what iing happen because ust chgeevery it's a dymirace. wh have fosed ois ct thait's not real a governor's race, which ve seen in history. the have beemes in sty ere vernors ve d wellnd we han'seen
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weave jeb sh, who ggng john kasd ha a secd ace fi, but ether rely moves fwarand anm moving forward is ear. i'intere i governorhaveeen faring d heeyllable t me o othatstablint ferndowe, isa,shane,ou smuch for joining me todaypriscilla:es, thank u she: tnk you. feando: we have one week before wfindut who wins the republan pmary in uth carolina >> coming up, n hillar reund aftenew hair the dnc chaiows the stak e high in soh caroli
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mbrism.t beald,,fernando: donald trnando: donald trump and bernieanders may be anging poticsn wa few imagined. they shareisdain for the "elishme" willto test eiown parties.
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lked tdnc airwomanebbie wasserman schultz in milukee about the trump efect and chalnges within the democratic pay. britny: this is the spin room for the mocratic debate in milwaukee, where wasserman schulzngages with reporters. rule book when icomes to winninons. at does at mn for th decratic party afa -- strateg ms. sserman schulz:el donald trump has thrown out american vals, so frur perspective the entire republican fld has deced that they want to adhere the dictates of donald ump when icometi their aa, a -- brtany: drawing a hard line twn republicans and decrats,wassern hultsees a sharp corast- especiallyth donald trump. brittanyso, long at him as a potential frrunneritdoesn't chge anyinhe rty is crently d?
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e republicjumpin leaping embrace the direction donal trumhas taken theirt we like o candas who ve nu to vebsive anrobust sc. brittanysserman isses figh s and clinton over progressi and feminist labels. she admits their differences, but maintains their mutual ret for one another. ms. wassermaschulz: ey've bo csisty saith they agree that either one of th would be r better than any e of theepublin ndidat rublinspe t ofimsuting o anhetrying tthw rpan eow as pole ttry an knk one of their candidates off e stage. brta: beie sanders somof , his crits are sayi hs unelectable because of his sociist labendhe are its illa sing she'twy. isdyt eier ms. ssmaschu: i a
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ing earthe trt d support ofmericavors cae they agree th our part britny: michl ooerg sa couldsider a run for the pridcy atouldhat do tis race? ms. wasserman schu: think he'll find it uessary run,ause t isss are alreadintaken up by a candidatthatltimely haan rtunity be elected. itta: the chairwanlso ld me she lies both candidatesave the impnt issues coved, anters will respond. in milwaukeei'm ittany annon. fernando: thdemocrats have unched an intensive efrt to attracthe womes te, millennials, african americans, d the vote in the south and west one womais empowing undocued pe give them a voe in thiecon trid soivia yp om tgr asid: thank you for hang me. fernando: so youve been a very powerful advocate for dreamers -- what does it feel like to make an endorst for present? trid: was somethinghat
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as an undocumented student i thinometimese ar that we still dove voices. sometimes still feel th we still otave a ro in ispolitil proces so it was dinitely a bi reonsilindt wa sothing thatidn't ke gheartedly and i think many others don't. ferndo: and you endoe hiary clinton, of course- why? astrid: well, the major reon was that i w talking to mmunity d i ha l ability talk to pnot onithilical ments oue oft, ath ocery the bustop and people, a lot of them,he ises they were talking about were things tt i thinsecretary clinton would be ry perful in and be able to get the job accomplished anal within ougrouof dreamers wreally talkeabout th. and beeve me, we caucud ourselve we tked about ande all me to e ncsion tt secretary clinton was a choi for us. feando: some dreamers have actually ge outhere and told somee ve for so
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y you se the pat inating urse intthe political em? astrid: i've seen the effects of people not voting. i think here is the state of nevadawhere my home has been fothe past 2somethin yrs i'veeen how e vote can sway an eleio re in the state of nevada, sometis en theres a e vote they haveo awm ck ocas. peop's icesealldo make a differenbut most importantly thr vote. ferndo: finalls. inton motoeva th restf thndates, e you eling go forcandidate? astrid: i think i'm elg i'm very excited. th is e first time outsi of the 2012 race where it's coetitive ani will be participatg, as well many of the students that haveot only ived daca but those at are still fhtg for their rents to have at relief so thathey're not deported. and people here are excited. we' registering voter we're making se that peop are geing out there,ndstng
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they carabout it, it's just you have to find them where th're at. much for joinitod astrid: thank you. fernando: tino vots make up 15 pcent of vada's eltote, a gnifant voice in this election. unextoes is play intohe ncepof dysnction in our congss? w a docrats begging the table? and, brorists from usg twitter. would never characterize us as being ithe lead in
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>> ps,ow beyoncend daltrump challenge thstat quo.,,,,,,,,,,, r. ryan: the way we hold the obama ministtion accountable isontrolling their bget. fernando: usspeaker pau h an ill le on his nds. and it'not just a fht with e white ho it'a t withlow ican
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ryland is e ra demoic mr ofseommi ressma prram p. van hlen: it'grt to be with you, thanks. fernando: thank you so much. the president has presented his budget. thmajoty in the house is saying ty will n a heg ont. es this into thcot ysfunction and immitr ng?rep. hollen: thiis really sad episode her we had hop wh the new ye, 2016, and with the new speaker who pressed an interest in morepenness and debate, th we would see different kind of attide. whatsaw inead s for th first time ever, we belve, the republican budget coittee chai are refusg to even have a presentati othe presidt', in the s wuslly ha esent'udt dictor come andtifyefor bumiees and the tlines of e esidens dget they've refus tallohim to
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protocol and something everyamic rthr liuasi sbe unhappy about. fernando: so you mtioned protocol. i mean, en if they are going to vote against, why n hear out the president? rep. vanollen: well, tt's exactly wh wresking. thaty whetr yove had puican predents democratic presidents and regardss owho s been in the majority in capitol hill, the budget committees have always h from the president's main budt person. and should lp everybody u should want to hr e ids of the predes dget, ether you agrewithim or t in thend. anamerican peoe deserv thatinrii' wrien lter th my colleagues tthe chaihe budget committee asking them to reconsider this because it's a each of otocol b it's al a each of oppounity for evyby to hr tprt'budgetdean
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fernan: and as wlook forward, and you know very well that vots are very frustrad th washitoin general, both ansothishe re for p. van hn: yedidemocrat he whitese a republicin mority on hill, yove got to haveeopl who are got let fothe common gund. i willighto the enon rtain is, willak oncuecuritpra won's e rtanes. t there are otof the bu wreshould be ab to find comm ground. and i was eased, yes, for some lp. la novemr, i held negotiate a sorttwo ar, bipaisaneement on the tt evtethe gohuowd evd the delt on th debt tt was glr e.but now 'ret of bacin it a thi very bad sign a refusal ton hear from e president's budget director. ferndo: well, let's pe for soope. congssman, thank you so much for joing me tod. re v hollen:hank you so much.
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consti housereedomcauc phes lower spding ssing buet me ffult speaker an i repuicandon't unite around a single plan. >> coming up next, twitter' plan ttake down teoris. it's a constant battle.
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d dold trump.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ferndo: twitt ferndo: twitter vionaries believe that the par socl mea service functions best virtual "globatown square." because of its world-wide reach, terrorist organitions ar using it as a recruiting tool. from the black lives matter vement tthe topplinof foreign governnts, twier has succeedein galva social movement
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atroti like the isis attacks in pis is not wh the social media giant in mind. accordg to twitt, over 125,000 terrorislinked acco have beenuspended in the past seven months, most affied witupporting . anin blog post, th cpany condned thuse of twier to promote terrorism, noting "twitter rulesake it clear that this type of behavior is not permitted our service." but given the aptabity o social med, banning terrorists from ung twitter is like playing whk-a-mole. tom sanderson is a terrorism expe athe center for strategic and international studs. tom: social media is a emendousool alification and a multiplierf isis activities. wilbe to eir advantager yei believe, orhaps forer. limiting the accounts, gng r soal media is an portant thing to do, but it will have a limited effect. rnan: saerson also noted it is impoant for social media companies topoce" th
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but e vantage goeso those who know how to ploit it. i'd like to know your thoughts. twt me @matteroffacttv. check in on facebookr connect th our video site to vw d share videos from all r ogms w return, bey and
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message about fr speec fnando: this fnando: this weend's grammy awardsre rk solid celebrion of the music industry and, usually, a stage for political commtary. consider last year's show, when pharrell williams won a grmy for his song, "happy whilpeorng his hit, he took on the issue of raciall charged police shootgs, incorporat"hands up, don't t" into thrics d danc was bon w ud r star powered aparce at the super wl to address e problem of race in america, with dramic gesture of black power.
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mayor rudy gliani, denounced e hatime perrmce a ofcers, d policay charged. ickly quickly wall justot 10 fe higher - >> the wall st 10 feet highfernando: free pron, whether artistic or polil, can makes uneasy. that discomrt c be a motivator according to stef ods,n americanniversity. professor woods: at a time with ch racial tension and realing the le of structur racism and in an election yea y dialue, in my opinion, is positive, it is coming at it from a placef et's discuss why i feel thiway, let's diuss why you feel this way." fernando: when we arconfronted by speech or expression that offends us, we are confnting a view of reality that may not align th o, thay not flt america'best lf. as a nation we struggle with
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rc dlogue suorts a body politic in search of s best self. rnan espuela i'ee nweek o"mteac" [captiord the na captioninit which is respo f
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weekend... o separate traffic crashes in southern colado killed two pelernight. we'll have t detls. "
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"tonht, we horis exaoinary seicto o nation remembeof the towering leg figures of our time the tion is in mourning.....after the unexpectedeath of e court justice antonin scalia. we'll take a lk back at his timen the supreme urt...nd how picking his replemenis alreadtuing litica and thtwo democratic esidential candidates re in corado yestday... drumming uppt ahead of per tuda what eaccandidate focused on toraw in pottial voters. good morng and welcome to news five today weekend. it's saturday -- feb. 14th... valents day. i'm gregingrando -- and i'jessica van meter- thanksor joining us. we start this morning.... with a couple of deadly r cidents over night.
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fontanero exit in coloradosprings. poliay aoman was killed ter her truck slammed into the barrier just after midnigh at last chec. nortound traff is do to ju one le as crews inveigatthh. police sayhey don'know yet if dgs or alcohol were a factor. the her acci happened in fremont county on hhway 50 near mile post 27 state trays an s-u-v and a head on... killing the driver of the pick-up. he has been idtified as esequiel garduno of pueblo. the driver of the s-u-v was identified amichaeadams of colorado springs. he was flown to . mary corwin with serious injuries... a female passeng transported th minor injuries....and twchildren in the back weren't hur investigors e still trying
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ss to wx a quiet morning with mostly clear skies. teerures w'te as wm they have been for your valentine's day, but we' sti top t abe avage th hhs inhe 5s. mounta snowille deping thughouthe day. mostf that aivity will stay ined tgh eletions. lower elation arwill he additional clouver fothe sendalof the day and ju themallest chancef a ray shower ler on. any clou work on clearing out


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