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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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the u.s. senate? an a last night repubn presidential debate in south cara the cndidaes made clear where they st on this issue. >> i do notelieve the president should appoint someone. and it's not unprecedented. >> there's no doubt in my mind that barack oba will notave a consensuspick. >> the senate needs t stand stng a say we're notoing to give up the u.s. supr court f a generation. >> ihink it's up to mitch mcconnell a everybody ee to stop it. it's calleddelaydelay, delay. we're gngero fou of the leading reblan pridenal candidas this morning, donald trump, ted cruz, rco rubio and johnkasich. th democratic ndidates anwle were also quick to respond to the vacancy. >> s >> spre cot the un stas has nine membe,ot eight. we need that ninth member. >> elections have consequences. the president has a
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andhe senate has a resnsibility to ve. >> we'll also be king a close look at the democratic and how hilla clinton's te working overte to try to turn is contest from bei a rerendum on hero a referendum on bere sanders. lot to get to, but we s with the impact ad the imications oslia's dea on the supreme court. nobody better to join me on thi thaour juice crrespondent pete wims. pete, welcome back,sir. let ask very quick, we're in the middle of some contentious cases on the supreme urt now. what happens right now? he mosone wiolic mpcaons the iigraon decion. > right. when you haveght justes i crees the poslity of4-4 tie. when there's a tie it's oughhe supreme court decision doesn'tcount, the lower court ruing stands and the supreme urt decision has no presidential val. so for the immigration poli it would be a deft for the administration because it would levetaing the lower court
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is coming, it would leave the tough texas restricon on access to abortion clinics standing.mht enurage other stat to try theamethg. for public sector unions though it ght be a victy becau they won in thelower courts, defeating an efrt to try to restrict their ality to raise union es. >> l right we areeade for the potential of if the preside wants to nonate somebody, he's made that clr. t republican controlled snate doesn't want to consider it. it's possible terms of the supreme court begin in ocber and end in june. >> right. >> sth pnt under this scenario we might go an entire term, october of '16 through june of '17 without a supreme couustiecseven if t ne presidentoint it takes time to getthrough t ocess. process. >> twhaugt ethohts,ajority cisions are t close tes. thcourt will continue functig and do a lot of its busins. ites isehe possibility th you won't get atnly the supreme court can provide, and th is the final answer. only the preme court can resolve these things for once
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so a lot of these things wi just have to keep coming back until the supreme cort gets the right combination to mahe decisi. >>scalia, the way cases are heard, once theye heard, here's an immediate vote that kes place amongthe nine justice. >> that's right. >>oes scalia'sote count posth posthumously? >> no,t unless the decn wasanded the rul is ves can sft and opinions cachange, you have to presentfoyour vote to cot. >> i want t tal abo one candidate i think we may see nominatit's a juebyhe nme of rri merrick garland if there's republicansenate, this is auy they think they can get thugh the republica sate. considered more moderate wh >> becausef his record, exrice in the justice department, widely respecte imean, the tingisow presidents tend to want younger nominees. if you look at the most recent trend, they're nominating people in their 50s.
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he's the right kind o ideology. >> alright. ete wis, going t be a busy 18 months for on this coirmation process, i think >> indeed. joining m now is t first of four republicanpresidentl candidates who are on withs this morning. it's donald trump mr. trump, welcome back tot the press." >> good morning. >> let me ask u fir onhe sreme court opening. doyou have alitmus test? dou have a lmus test on row vwade? citizens uitedhent comeso who y mhtppoint to the supreme cou shou you be presint? >> wel i thinke ha se great people o ere. diane sikes fr wisnsin from whaterybody tells me would outstanng. we need aonservative person. i think at certainly we have some great people. we l onef the greats. i'd like to have t person tailored be just like justce scalia, juste slia wasruly a great dge. and respected b all. both sides. >that's what i mea how will y deteine that? how will you determine whether you got somebody -- >> well, i mean,look, you never
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you lo ahere guylike ted cr pushed very har for justice robert everyone thought that was woerful. and justice rerts let everbody down by pri obamacare, twic i an, he really did let us down.tht's largelycruz fault and thbush faultse they put thon guyin ther. that was a shocking decision. so, you know, y ner real know. but atthe tim helooked okay. be's -- that was a ted cruz mistake because he pushed him very hard. look, we ne great intellect. need iay absolutely nservative. b i think the rl plan f it would be somebody just lke justi scalia. all right i wt to move to the debate last nit. >> by the wayhi is hard to fin >yeah, i think a loof con terveieve servetives wi aee with you. i want to go to the te last night. your 2008omments about grg w. bush were brout up thi idea that you were surisedt thatthen-spker
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impeachment. did you bieve that nd i just want to cfy this, did youelieve that there was enough there to bri up impehmt proceedings against george w. bush 2008 oer iraq? >> no. i w in the prate sector, so didn't think about it too much. t certaiy the war in iraq was a saster. no, not to be impeached, b the war in iraq it was a mistake. heust made a mistake. we went in iraq, we lost thousands lives -- >> butou don't believe it's an impeachable offense now? you we ilyi i mhte in 2008. >> well, that's for otereople to say. look, that i forther people to say. i can say this, it may not have been impeachable because it was mistake. i think it was a mistake. but was a ho mistak umber e, the wero weapons of massdestruction. so didhey kw there weren or t? that would tellyou something right there. but there were no weapons of masdestruction. chuck, the war in iraq was a disaster. we end up with asolutely nothg. iran is taking ov iraqas w
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and sure as you be iran isoing pretty wellrldwide. they take $150 biion, we get nothing. they're taking over iraq. they're gtingheoil. it was a disasterous desion war in iraqnd unfortunately bush happened be president. >you were saying preside bush li. how do y know he lied aut wmd? i think that people knew that erwere no weaponsf mass struion. i think they wanted to goin there. i think ey thoughtt would ave beeneasie theyidn't psecute thwar well. wasn't well prosecuted and they ended up gttng - i mn, leing. now, i have to say hemade mistake getting . and i'm the only one on t tage that said we should not go intoaq. hat the wa inq is a miakrysaoh, u know, all the other people on vision. becaus everybody -- >> let me pause you the. >> chk, it took -- >> right.
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>> itk jeb sh five days- wait a minue. it ok jeb bush fivedays to ay tt t ir war was mistake. he went b and forth, back and r th finally his pollster told him wh he had to say. buteb bus--hen admitted it was a mistake. i mean, ok, he's got no chance anyway, but i almost cost him thelection before ven arted. >well, i wa tfor whats orth polifac atasnever been able to find, none of us haveeen able tofind any instance where before the invasion you came o agnst this wa why is that? well, i di it i 03. i saidt bre - don't forget, i wasn't a litician so peole didn't wte everying i said. w a busins rson.i was as they say world clas buness person. i built a great company. i employ thousands of people. i'm not a polician,but if you look at 2003 there are articlesif you look at204, ere are a in fact i sa somebody commting oit la nht rumpeallyas againsthe w.
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the most mtaristicperson, m oing build theilitary bigger, betestronger, hopefully we'll never have t use t, but nody going to mess with . but i will say his, the w in irq, it was miak anybody would haverealized iranan and iaq sed t fight. th'd go back, foh. chk, you destabilzehe middle st, i'm theonly one that alled. was the onl one that called it. >> you mad it c that you wted to rendop that 9/11 happened, i believe you usedthe phrase,uring george bush's reign. do yobelieorge bush kept america safe? >> no. because the world trade nt was knocked down. lo, that's anothermyth. i wish he did. i ha notnggainst hi i dot know him. i don'know that --i don't thnk i ever even m hi i don't think i did meetm. i have nothin against george bush
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ges a says m brotherept dide kee us safe when thewor trad d his time i office, lost many, my friends that was thest tgedy in the history of this cou. worse tha parl harbor bause theyatckedcivilians. they attacked people in office buildings. >>nd you think george w. bush cld ha prevented this >>well, accorngo if y go ba yo wll ethe cia and other ancies d informaon at bad tin were going to happe and, yes, the answers he should haveown. thewere not talking to each other. there was total disassociaion. they dn't like each othe a ofthdifferent ancse a me. ey were fitingith ch her. absolutely they shouldave knwn. ey suld have known something. osama bin laden -- ey, lok, i wrote abo osama bin laden in 00 in book. laden. if i know about osama b laden just by seeing press and seeing, you knw, what's going on,hy wouldn't the presint of the unitedtes knowboutsama bin laden? >> well, let me a y this. in south carolina as you knw, eorge w. bush is popular amo publicans.
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stra strategy you called him a lia last gh about wmand u esseially saou wouldaveee okay- in'ta him a liar. i didtall anybody a liar. >> well, called ted cruz a liar. >> chuck, i said maybe the re lies beuse, look, the weapo of mass destructi ty said they existed and they dn'exist. now, it was his groupatid ere a wponsfa desucon. tt's we wentin. that'why s ma pele got hoodwinkednto going iniq. then they go in the,ey searched highand dry. they looked all over. thereere noeapo of mass deruti tha the absolutelnot no weons of ma destructio now,as i alie? i don'tknow. >> ifou lose south rolina, do you thi t me chan momepill point to i whahapp lst ni and what yo s about geor w. bh? but if you win, does this p that the repuicanarty cting sh? no, i donthink so.
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war in ir. the war in iraq is diste i have a grt relationship with south carolina and the people. i've known th for a long time. i've been there many times. i have great relationsps there. they're ve smartpeople.theyndersthat the warin i a daster d was a disasittally deabilized th mile st. en y look the migratn, en y loo at alof the things at are happening righ now, it all started with the war in iraq and y knowwhat, got nothin we hebluy thig. ais gei the whole eal. m ump, i haveea it thee. lit rt o t this mo lk foardto sinith you again on, i hope thanks for congresswoman iming on and stay safe othe ail. >> thank you very much. >>oments ago i spo to senatoted cruz of texas. and i began asking him about how e might about replacing juice antonin scalia oth urt. me tes, do you have them forotential supreme courtjustic? >> well, my litmusest forny
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he or she wi faithfully apply the constitution the la it's npec isue. it is ratr a ju pdential apoach. the only wayto determine that is if they have a proven record, thehave spent years demonstrating they'll be faitul to w. that's theob of a jusce. 's whatlibe actits dot do lieral aists want t insad legislaterom t benc a peect example of that is ustice scalia. justice scaiawas aion of the supremcourt. hewae ofhe greatest reme cuses in ry. spnt teededes on court. but befee as on the court he was alaw professor formany, manyers hewas aurt of aeals jue. he had a longproven record so you knew exaly what you were getng with justice scalia. i knew juicecalia f 20 years. >> is this the mistkeou t s maith ber? ofourse it . >> were a big supporter of im, butn hindsigou're not. ttcause you think that he dn't ha a trackrecord? heidt have track
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jorobert on georgbuomated him, i sported t nomination a a republican nominee, but i would have nominated my former bs, a court of appeals judge,ustice sclia's very first law clrk and had a longrtrack cd. an, uck, jus asonald reagan wa to thepresidency,o antonin scalia was to the supremecourt. he had that big an pact. and i think his passing yesterday really underscores the akes o thisctn. we ar facin rdame ghts in a > let me ask u, does the id states senatee an obligation to leaonsid a nominatio tt pside bamaorwa? inderand that youuys dot want it u wo per et e -- budoesn't thnid states have an obligatn to at least gorough the pcess and vep or downvote? >> not remely. >> why? >> it has been 80 years since a supreme court vacancy wa
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election year. there is a long adion that u don anlti ea d whathis mns,ck, is ought to make2016 ion referendum the eme co i cannot wait to stand o that deba sta withillary cntonr bnie sde a tabout what thesupreme cotwillook l depdion wwi ifhillarylior beie anrswins, or f th m ifonald umps who record is indistinguishabe from the a gat many sues, n we w see the second amment wrtenutf the cotition. anr hing we'll see, a this is very relevan for consvatives in south arolina, if dold trump is the nomee, orf hillary clinton is the president, wel see unlimited abortion on demand throughout this unty. partial birth abortn,taxpayer fundingarental notificat welo serelious rty torn down, basts. >> i wanttooack united stes sete here so y believe the pesidency is nlyhreeears long inach term?
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we' cutting o a pridcy a yeago.dore antletor ruz rirer nsvaves i thatifou have allthse 4-4 ti ithe cour then the more be leaning ccus will then have, you know, the lingill take prt. >> look, the consequence of a 4-4ie is that the jgment of the court of apes is affirmed by an equallyivided vote. this h happened many times in history that threave been vacancies, sometimn a closely contentious case they'llhol o thenext term when the placemnt justice iv. an electyearhavelong traditit a lame duck esidentoe't get m supreme nominee thuin the ver end. lbj ted that d supre court rejected it. a parcur whenheurt 4s balaned ob eraloeld driclly shi t u.s. preme rt >> buthy not go throughhe
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sul th unid tates senate its dutyand go througe process, reject it, nator,ut gohrgh the press? >> by theway t seate duty is to csent eates advising right wwedvisint lame duck president inn election yearisot going to be able to tip the balance of theuprem ourt. that we'reng to have eleio and if liberals are so confident that the amerin people want unlimi aboion , want rgis bert torn own, want the second amendment teny, waetans memlsorn w, nt tcr stars ofid sandblasted off of the tombstones of our fallen vetans, then go and makehe case to the peopl i don't think the american people want th. i'm veryhato take t4ase re hillary ton, rectly to brn sans.andi d e,oo hdo kw donald p's record on isis goio be bad? as suort libels for fourdecades, jimmycarter, john kerry, hillar clinton,huck sur, hyre, anyone wh
9:18 am
supporting harry reid a chuck humernd john kerry and hillary clinn. and the consequee is if eherhillar or bernie or donald trmp ishe president, we will see thesendmendwritten out of t onstutin. th is aic queion willefeurberts. >> sen cruz,i have t lav it there tis morning. a lotmor to get to. i look forward to hopefully having you on prhaps next sunday and can get to more of thak u, sir. >> excellent. >> when we come ck, we're going to hear from marco rubio who hopeso put new hampshire behinhi john who hopes new hamp i sign e >> the world trade center ca n becae biinondidn't kil we we bo00 yea ago to a n american ntur born with a hunger tfly a passn bld something better anwhat an amazing time it'seen, decade after decade innovation, inspiratn annder sowe thank you ameca f a ceury of trust,
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accelerating next. heckard enterprise. and >nde e back elierhis rnin i was ed se marco bio of flodand governor john kasich of oh. d i started wit setor rubio aski him whether the senate has an obligion to give the present'spreme cou nominee u or wnvo a obl to it, not n. e term this supreme court is already -- they just srted it, butt's not all yearlong. the court can function with eiht justics, it does it al the tispec wn jusces vere themss. kagan has toecuse hrsel early in the term. we'reoing toave anlectn in nomber wre this vacancy ill be item of debate and ote will gettoeigh. i d't tnk 's wind it ecedent fr this pnt
9:21 am
soone onhe cur thay be there for0ye y don't thin -- i undend that and i understand the decision thatou may support and thatth reublicajority esn't want s, but 't thatto go gh the motns he imn, you'reaying >>no. >> you're saying don't eveno tou the mions, why? >> correc will gthrough e motis, but nohile back obams in thwhte house. t'no going t ha. >> do esidenalerms end afr thre ars? t'shat don't understand why nothr t adv d consen y don'tav tpprove it. u caneje it. that's what happen in '6 but w not go through this proces >> becau thers -- actually, it's not justor thesupre ourt. even for appellat cour it's en both partiesoldhis preedent. thereos aointin the lt year of e presidet, especily in their second rm, whe yo stop nomating-- or youtop the advice and consent prcess. you basally say at thi point with a few mont left in your term, no accountabit from the ballot box and the appointment ue goi to ma on a
9:22 am
thes nots that can be --the are nots aca reverse eceh i a lifetime appointment to t highest court the coury at a time when he balancef th constituon d the court's interpretation of it ake. mitcmonnll hasy ma clearre n movng forwarani pport 00%. bottom line i don't trus barack obama on theappointmentf eme courtjustice. wcannot afford hav scal replac by someo li nomies he'sut t inhe s. re to ha a election, he'soing be a esen belie it gng be . we're going lo fsoon at mostresembs scalia t replae hi >> want to move to the debate. you said inpose t a heat getwu dold u on 9/11 thi is what you said about9 a i want ask you abt it the other side. >> the world trade nt came wn because bill clinton ddn't killsama b lenhead thhanceo kll >>at'sig ae. knowllntasaid it isne of his regrs, but h
9:23 am
but you hat is a dect restat bcally bill linton's failure l to/1 >> wel i believe that if osama bin ladehad been killed, al qaeda as an organization would not have grn to the point where it hav conducted 9/11. it wasn rse to this argument thatrump was making that somehow prede bush as snsibl for 9/11. and my argume w, , th responsity o9/11 f on th fact thatqada was allowed t grow and pospe and t decisn was not made to take out their leader when the chance existed to do so. once but mes according to the 9/11 repot. president clion has acknowledgedhat has as a regret so t btom i qaeda was able to carry out 9/1 because as an organization they grew and prospered i capility ledby osama bin len. had b laden been takenout, it is doubtfulthat 9/11 would have happed. at least onteer 11f2001 cau qaeda would notha been in aition to be able carry somhing like that o. >> so y'r not blamin/11 on
9:24 am
>> no he made a dision no tautts lech i thnk ened upei ere, t tuationhat happened with 9/11.ands aesponseo an attack that the reason why 9/ happened w becausef george w. bush. my argument is if you're going to cribe blame, dotla or s bla aecsion at was made ie noto akeutinladehen the opptuni pse itself. o'm acally still not quite clear. areou putting this on -- are yo putting 9/11 onbill clinton? >> ,'m puttiit on his cisionoto t outin ladeabsolutely. iss what happens when you have a cceo tke o the leader of a terrost organization and you fail to d so d theresult are smeing like 9/11. >> later thisekpoperancis goitospe andtain goi to tour thede mexo andhe united s in septemb in front of congress he cled hself the son immigrants. and he called on congreand americans not to, ote, tu their bac on tirneighbors. you yourself got emotional lisning to that speech. do you fet thpe
9:25 am
paicularlyexian immigrants d oigrationebate here, do you agr with histake on ts? >> sure. wee a country of imigrants. weontino be a country of immigrants. let's have some perspective here america acctsseto a million permanent residents every singyear. o otr ntion in the world comes close to that number. that's t the iss we're debting. the issue we're debating is notether or t we're going to cept iigrts, buse we do.we're going to continueto. the issue is is the going to be a pross people have to follow mmrate to the uned states? we as a sovereign country g to corol how manyeople come here, when they come here and whohey are? and the awer , yes. don't thi theope issaying openp the bders and allow anywhoants to cme in mean, you't move to the vaan justca you fee like moving the they've got laws tt restrict who can live witn that tion'sity state. and i think the se is true for the united states so agree with pope ncis' saying should be ompaionate rds imgran. and we are.the united states is more than anyation on earth.
9:26 am
sovereign nation have a bligaton to have immigratio laws and to enforce them. and that's what we need to be doinbetter tn what we're doing now. >> all ght. i ve to leave it th we'e t on time this moin a lotto get to senatorrub, ce to catch up w stay safe on e trail,sir thank you and i'm joined now by the fourth presidential candidatewe've h on the show is morn repubcan govern of io john kasich. welcoack to "meee press," sir. >>always, you know, if it's sunday, it'smeet the press." > areciate that. i've h t.s senars on this morning w say the u.s. senateuldn evenother conri anominaon that president obama puts up. does the u.ssenate have an obligation to at least consider i hold a hearing? a if they vo it down, they ote down, but should the u senate, shouldch mcconnell at least open uphat part othe process? >>wl, you kw, that's their decision, chuck. you know as the governor of ohio i have to deal wth slators and their decions. and i don'tryto tell th
9:27 am
i think that really the eside -- i understand the president has prerogae here. i got that. senate has prerogative too course. but i ju think at a time when tou is so divi it wld just be great if the esident didn' send sebody foard and we hadn eleion and then everybody would b clear out what they want in the xt supreme court ste. but i guesst's not goingo go that ay. >> to ro the dice >>pardon? >> governor,t's a roll of the dice, u ould hve a democrat senate, democtic esident could comein and then ve more liberal justice thanwhat predent oam mht provide. >> ll,ut at life. th the people actually have had some sa it's rlly kind of a unique thing wn you think about it, chuck. it's unique to sa that the public ielf is gngo have sor of an indire vote on who's going to be a supreme courtjustice. i think tatkind cool. andhat i d'ti now is, youkn c taab this all day lo. d i bo kow ihe real worldhey're not gong to confirm any
9:28 am
so beloved that everybodygoes that'great. happen. on that. let meove to the dete d i got tlay one clip omou last night because i want to get a better explanation ere is. >> i got tell you, this is just az huh? this is jst nuts okay. >> that w afereb bush doald trump wereing at each other what d you mean by that c? exain. >> well, i mean, it's like all the yelling and screamingnd ba and forth. chuck,hat i have found -- te you, i'm havinghe time of mylife people want to know whatyou're fo lok, i've been all over. yesterday i had went to this barbecushck. there re 50 peop waiting the. i was there, you ow, taking piures, stave been anoth 45minutes ter i got do saki and people are grabbing to you sangplse stay positive. please don't get into the fights.
9:29 am
this. ion't get my eney by ing against in. and i think people tend to get gativeh ty're not selling their own positiv look,hat's where i am. if itwos out me ea if itesn wrkout forme, i'll get to spend time with my fami. but look, i want to win. and we'reoing ell. really well. let meooing last night you said at the debate. you said you didn't think we should have gone intoraq i ere weren't any weapons of mass destruction. >> right. >> but you al sd we ould not get emoiled in cilars overseas. >> that' right. >> well, 've don it bere. d iwi >> >> we did i with leban. chuck, let tll you -- we, libya was a terrible mistake. frankly that was -- that's somethi people ought to b thinking aut inregard t hilla. younow, they spend --hey talk about benghawhich is ry lege,f course iis. but we should never have deposed gadhafi. t was terrible mista.
9:30 am
nowe've cated chaos inha country. oas not in favor u.s. troops in lebon. and i vot a it. n when reagan wanted them the,tip'neil waed them ere, thenwhen ty got ow up tip out bling reagan. i'll never foet it. cil wars- ttg betw --ou w, since e xth ce sixth century sunn and shia been fighting. >> so you wou stay out syria? >> i uld only go to syria to destroy isis. i wou not use u.s. troops to depose assad, but i would uppohe the it'skay to support people who shaour vit ates tbembroid a war i syria against assad ink is a big stake. >> you know, you've also been itical of how the surplus that you as a republicanudget ader and worng the clnton admtrati you guys foge a
9:31 am
projectedrpluses througut the frstpart of the 1st century. it was gone immedialy. one way many democrats have said one of the rons that surplus wentaway s ickly was due to e bu tax ts. dyou concur with hat? re the bush tax cuts too big? >> no i thi iwa spg, chuck. theirty littl secret is democrats love to spend. and republicans do too,t's just that republicans feel guilty. look, if you don't have ader that stand in the bach to strahe spen overnment, they'llalways . >> i'm gng toeave i the. >> okay, chuck. >> appreate it. we'll catch up i'm surein the next week or so. > yeah, we will. all right. co up, the dmocratic race andhit mtart gettinugher from here r bern sanders. and of cours satuay nig fights, in otr worda ght'publican debate and what all of those nasty ehanges mean.
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9:35 am
entire senate dn for the year? >> oka so i generally put myself in the 1% of most cynical people about politics. was surprised that mitch mccon came o with a statemenas quickly as he d saying not it's unlikely that president obama's nomineeill go through, there's no point in president obama putting a nominee rwd. you then sawry reid respond. given that and given what we've hea from ted cruz, donald trump, marco rubio. i think mih mcconne will feel unr considab political pressure. i know he just got re-elected but considerable political essutdown bore it ever starts. >> and,en this is the e they don't want to see even a chance that somebody could get confirmed. on the other hand there's five uee republica w do they want look like uctionist? basicly's got aiger on one ehe cliff on the other, think.
9:36 am
mcconnell has been in and joh boehn was in for a veryong te. i was not sprised thateame out thatquickly. i'm not surehehad any ce bu come out and say this is the line we're ging to dw and then stepck and let other people f it t. s the lr say this is the line i'm drwig. as saw from thessure coming from the presidenti ndidates, that wa't a big riskor him and for t blue state republicans, worry about em laer. riht now they have t worry ab base. >> i think i even worse. within0 minutes of the announcement that he was dead i got ane-r a very prominent republican nsulta of who you know saying we're ot going to allow even a hearing. the man' body, a good n body was n eve dea yet and politics was alre in play. the reblans are not goingo let happen. it's totall iponsible.'s a sign aga of our mocracy, o oustem not functiong. and i have reasonelieve at if apublican wins whe housewhy would the docras nominate? >> iai to say. i think this is heavy ptical risk. >> i thinke could have a 3- for ars. >> th seems like a od time
9:37 am
especially people are very, very sad today. i think we should just acknowledge that for a moment. beause justice scal,ou know, we've heard a lot about the many wonders of s personalit ais brilliant mind and a that. but to your point i agr it was a little b jarng to suddenl have everyo talking about liticalimplications. that's our job >> within hours >> within minutes. >> and i got a call from the hit of somedy saying, okay, game over, time to get serious. everything tters now. but let me just say this, o the conservative side think alot of tese peop, a lot of reblans feel predent oba does not respect the constitution and tat he'sone arou the lislative body to --ou can argue that h had to, but he wanted done. s rembert's t unusual -- no, it's very usual nominate asupreme court justice during anleion yea it's only happenednce i 80 years. and kennedy's -- it was juste
9:38 am
i want to mo to the bate very quickly. ut wel know wha kind of fit psidentbama wants. does he find somebodwho's a lite more the right of his two previousominations in order to find aconfirmable sort of left leaning judgeor not. >> there's notuch a thing - >> i don't thi ny. >> b it's clear that president obama was not ng take mitchcconnell's advce o is. >> nor should. b he started out on the hi road yesterday with a vry high road complimentary -- >> of cose >> abou scalia. he should do tame thing. p up somebody who would be confirmable if things were working well and show that the republics ar't willing to work. >> well, t is the big risk for the relicas. he got tbe thinkg, oh, my gosh, tedruz or donaltrump could become president and then they're goi to aoint the nextjustice. >> b story, chuck, this is another sgn of the politic dyunctioin this town that you an i have talked abt f a long time. tnkh is gng to be long tim before we have nine judges onh cot. a ng time. >> can i sa one mor thng? there's also a risfor these republicanshat maybe hillary
9:39 am
and by holdg up e court appointment until the next psident the next president could be a democrat. >> by the way -- al o these tenal presidential candides be carel what you wish for. if your first 100 days is dominated by a supreme court fight and this envirnt,ou will get nothing else done. >> we've talked about this. you hve basically one big swing, right. >> yes. >> for obama w healthcar you have one bigthing. >>it's otus ck. >> well, youave to do the right thing i aree wh john kasich, just let eprocess roll. >> let itroll. all right. we ot let itollhere. were go to do some debate atter later i the show, coming up, bernie sanders came upig with white voters in iowa and newmpshire. but can hin ov afan-americanto defeat
9:40 am
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long-terthma coldi li acoicostero once your asthma is wellcontrolled, your dtor will decide if you n st breo and prcriba differenasth ctrol medine, like an had corticteid. do n te eoore than escribed.seyo docr if your asma doesotmpro ogetsorse k yo docr if4-horeo ulbe a missing pce for u.
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12s aft after th new hampshire primary we saw a flood of press releases from the tional partieand eirelated interest grou. and ost of them had similar eme, they did not wantto talk abou 'soing on on their side othe ais atall. look at this. e rnc wr, hilly clinton's resounding loss in new hampshire is another devastating blow for her campaign. and then the house campaign republican arm said, inton was defeated in the first in the nation primary by an elder sociali
9:43 am
on the docrat side it wasn't even better. in the new hampshire snowskap where robot rubiosrunfreeand e republicanebate stage mirrors an "snl" skit donald trump has emeed as adecisive frontrunner. and trump haone nothing but cause anxietynd heartburn for senate incumbents a candidas since his launch. snational republicans and docrats buryingthir hea in the sandbt wt's going on there. ha ha sandersnd ha ha trump, tryi to avoid cononting what's goingn in their own parts. anyway, we'll beight back
9:44 am
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> we wee back.
9:47 am
ry wl agains hillary clinton in iowa. a new pollave hillary a 57 point lead. the morning after new hampshire sanrs traveled to harlem for breakst wi my nextguest, civil rhts leader andmsnbc host al sharpto revrendsharpton, welcome back to "meet the press." >>hank you. >>i want to play for you an intection thaterni sander had n fridayithn afcan-amican voter in minnesotand getour sponse on thether side. here it i >> so e queson specifically, my bac s- a know yo scared to say black, scareto say rearatio -- mam, ma'am, we have the highest rate of ildhood poverty of any major country on earth, pecial within the afrin-american comnity. say bla - i said bl 50 mes. all right. that's the 51 time. >> is that a fair critismrom therowd him?
9:48 am
ishateople have felt in our communities ignor. and marginaiz and that ppl have kind of like genally scsed things. and we are supposed to assum we're part of thatwh we ha some verpecic ds. and all of us d'tagree nobody can delir the blackte, but all ofus ee thatre are specific thing that you just can't coverust talki about economic inequality without tal about racial inequaly in that you can' just talkout the probms wh washington without talking abo a ceroblem ithat i thihat of the ger youear is from being mainalized. and that h come from th libals and conservatives. >> go ahead, guys. >> i think the reverend is r in that --nd i think this is the proble for bernie sanders is that bernie sanders believes at theore the famental
9:49 am
is econom innate, not rial, no anythi else. therobl is he believ -- well, i' cover it. i've talked about enomic you've heard his response there in minnesota. that'snot enough for some >> go ahea >> therwa also in th same eve he s asked about >> ght. >> he'been thrgh this argunt aleady. yetmehowhewent back what we werealkingout, talng geal about economic inequality. skeptism abouternie sanders among many african-amerans c be summed up in two adse's run one, the wonderful simon garf come to america ad where there was base #bare a f of coandhen e new adthat h almost nthingut faces of color, this together ad. remins me a lot o theill i amd from 2008 becse itas ve much about howwe can a be gethe part of the problem that i think that is coming to the surface in ts is that we have
9:50 am
wre bernie sanders was born in new york. howard beach wa in thenorth. peop like me emerg in the north. i never liv in the south. we are dli with hollywood progreiveollywood with an osca whiteo right n so i think what a lot of people areeginning t sees wa a miwe do notant to be marginalized. and we d't want to thwn into situion where specific needs not dealt with. >> what if bernie sanders talked about one of the issu where the aican-american mmunity has been marginaliz an instead of lking aboutthe number of times he said black whatf he tked abouthe numberf african-americans imprisoned under president clinton? what if he talked about the 11 racial racial deaiisparity under prident clinton? what heaidi vea solution for this, i'm goingto uneashhe powe of presenti cmenc and i going to free every pson, many ofho are african-amans ison over sentenc that have
9:51 am
how pourwerful wld th ? >> ther he tlked about sueople not age ecific isues. the problemis when you talk about prident cnton an the crime bill,ernie sanrs voted for it. so that be oneeason doe'tring it up. but i think that at the other side of that is mr. clinton ha id me amistake, mr. saers augtd to say he shouldn't have ed forit and th we ought to lk about w we deal with mass incarceration, police reform and all of these issu. i don thinkess we press it those of us-- >> i got to wr i up here, but reverend sharpton, are you goin to endorse before south carolina? >> i don' know. 're meetinwith mrs.clinton tuesday. >> ay. >> we're talking senator nders. we may or may not. what i don't want to get caught in is w we'r goingo endors i want to see who's goin to ndse usaving fir share inhis countr not whose side are we on, wose on our side. >> reverend sharpton, i will
9:52 am
prophetic words. when we come bawe have less tha ainute wit ournd game segment. some of the highlights orow lights from last nit'sdebate. coming up, "meet the press" gameroughto b eing, ild t one - yo - set rules ouhe house, righ set rules f yr kids when thego online: don't be a cyberbully. no racy selfies. and meer eryone can seeverytng you post, even grandma.
9:53 am
"m "meet the prnd game is broht to you by boeg, building the f one century at ti. well, donald trump was ding a realit tv show, brother was building acurity apparatus to keep us safe. and i'm proud of what hedid. [ cheers [ chrsndpplause ] and he's had the gall -- >> the world trade centercame down during his ren. remember that [ auence bing ] >> end game time. panel is bak. wehaven't diussed the debate. thleenjeb sh's big mome there taking on trump. >> that was a gd line. ouknow, every te trump baits b bush jeb bush esponds. and it never w for him. i don't know why, but he j can't pull it of and every time trumppens his mouth, i think, okay, h's ally trying to get fired this time. this is the time he's goin to do it
9:54 am
you can say iraqar was a mistake, but you cld also in s carol particularly where you have a high percentage of mary peopl and veterans,wih great respect to the brave men and women w foughtn iraq, iave toust say itas a mistake. and i think a lot of people ree lme just th a then go on. butks tmi, attacks the mother. jeb is desperat he brought in ur yerday. i any other candidate rformed the way that donald trumpid in that deba last night, i wod have written and coluded thiserson isone off the rails. he loodangry, to kathln's point though-- >> but we kn tter tan tt now. >>ou spent 36 billion and thingbout new hpshire and ads and thing don't care about, but --an seasons that begins this is going tom donald trump becse has beenroven wrong so man times. whs the point? >> it' no so mh about trump, it's about the pele supporting him whore so angry with the tablishment. why do we assumeth they're
9:55 am
going to defen a bush? >> was interting watch marco who found way wait the fight bween umpnd cruz and bushay out and said this is what i lieve and he did itin the fluid ive way. in that respect he did himsela favor. iwas mutualtruction last night andood nighfor kasich kasich >> think weave trumcruz, on two and we don't know which orderone,wo is going to be. third pce mas. >> that's wh i thoughtjeb was tuly as good as has been. d ihought -- >> but rio ding well didn't help. >> rubioededo do anoer last saturday debate becau rubio's b-us aette t je's a inebate term and i think rubio was beer, did more good for himlf. ithought toen'spoint, how does marco rubio wind up being the bigigure defending the budmistrti a fig with jeb bush on the age? i think over don't you
9:56 am
okay, kids, can you j stop figing? >> to your poibojohn asich. h clearly said there's onl onplace for me to go. i can't get int that fiht. i'not going toet in it. i'm going to be mr. positivit d weaw itgain this morning. >> iloveit. mmom wll be happy aboutthat. that all ay. wel beackext weekecau
9:57 am
press." woman: t woman: armed forces provides amaztrng. man: i think about veters as
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man: my military skills habeen esstial. man: hiring veterans is a great business case. they'rehe best employees we have. they're fllehaworking, thereed ta alorlace. woman: if that isn't an asset to any coan i d't owwh is. announce "hiring america," the award-winning television job fa for american veterans. nnting wh mp whknow your value. len ouoys o are actively hiring toy anorganizations that support veterans. your future success starts right here on "hiring ameri." "hiring america" is produced in cooperion with the vfw. none does more for veterans. man: welco to "hiring america," the levision series that helps military vetera findobs and transitionnto meaningfularrs. i'm lauren
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elmhur, new york. today, we will be speaking with companies that are hiring and with veterans le you who have me succes transitions into the civili workfce. anwe'll ve you t informaon to get you the u serve. loon to web site mor rmatn, andne us on our faceok pag and stagra man: iaseang the teetorart-timeositio th wld give me what nted from my parte jo being physicalgettinto intact with people, aust leng new thgs to tter myself. and i found e home depot, and all it took was a application online and thenext thi i know, i received a call and i was in thetonterewing for position in the outside gard department. ureneric schelling, the director of talent auisition at the home pot, is launchg the company's ring hiring iniative, gearing up their busiest season. eric joi us
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elmhurst, new york.eric, great to see you. eric: to see you as well. lauren: tell us a ttleit abthe spring hiring season. eric: so, spring hire for us is based on seons, and as the weakis when our hiring begianso, we sta our spring hire in the south of the country, around right now, actually, anthen as the weather starts to peak and starts tget a lile b waer awe go north d west, then wstt he r ose areas comi around februand march. laen: why is the sprinhire season such a good opportunity for military veterans? ericwe wl ve aut 80,00 posions open or the ne few wes. so, we will have openings in every sinore, in ery distrn centern the unittates. so, a locationvepenis, multiplepenings, in many different disclines. so, ateverou're ierestein me apply with ce you're in the door, if you want to have a part-tjob just because you wanto have flexilior if you wa thave fti b, tre's oppounities for yoto go in any direction, build a career here, work he just temporarily if you want to, just to have funmake friends, and learn new things. laeneric, why is the home depot such a good ace to work?


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