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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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nominees. tonit, t urgency he presidential mpgn season i firing up passi overhe future of court even reny fural plans f justice scia are made public. today, the silent dispyf respect ross washingt. t no pause before e clash o politics. there is no wayhe senate should confirm anyonehat barac ob tes toppoint inisas yeain offio a lifetime appointmt. [ plause ] >> reporter: an instant power struggle over a successor to justice scalia. >> let me just ke one poi -- bara obamas president of the united states until january 20th, 2017 >> good evening, everybody. >> reporter:rom foia, president obama madwi nominate a new st the senate to consi his choice fairly. >> these are responsibilities that i take seriously as ould evyone. theye bigthan anpa they a autur democracy. >> reporter: if t
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third justice, that change would make the court more liberal. compounding t shock of scalia's sudden passing the ng. campgn year -- >> we ought to make 2016lectn a rendumn the supreme t. >> reporter: republan candidate ted cadn law clerk foref justice rehnquist. now as a senator h innds tock any obamanomie. eising at a lameuck president inn electi year is not going to be ableo tiphe balance of the supreme cot. >> reporter: democts e adyal out cru >> ted cruz holds the constutihen he was through the hall of ss. let show me the clause thatays the prident'y esidentor three ye >> repor with fewerenate votes, democrat may have to take their fight for the campaign til, as well. i just d't think it looks good thafor very overtly polic reass tt the publicans d deny
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ght to ercise his constuonal reonsibilihi appo mem to t supme court. repter: for some gop cdidate and republican setors, theirpposition goes beyond the idea o voting dowanne the prident might choo. ey the should be no confirmation process. node vetting, no -- no vetting, no hearing, no vote at all. thomas? >> kelly'donnellt the white house. thank you. > the death of justice scalialso raises qstions about how t court mht decide a number of key cases this term from ortionights to affirmative action. we get more on alia'sth and its parom our juice creonde te williams. >>eporter: as inhe rest of theatio justice scalia's death being mourned at n texas. heas at this guest ranch popularith bird waters whene suer hea attack. >> he psed away with no dficultyg thnight. thas our fst message for the family. >> reporter: a cathol priest fr a nearby chuh was
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larigh. justice scia's rmer colleagues inelect. ruth bader ginsburg said, "we wer best buddies. he had a rarealent to make en the most sor judge laugh." clence thomasaid, "iis hard tomagi friend ill miss him beyond lmeasure." the court often divided 5-4 alo ideological lines on big cases, justice alia's death leaves eight justices and the possibility of tie votes, 4-4. >> ifhere's atie, there's no ouome at the supmecourt. the lower court ruling stands. it's as if the supreme urt never hrd the case. >> reporter: a tie vote would lead rulis intact tt block president ama's plan to let fi million undocumented migrants ay here. a tieould meanhe tough exas rins on aborti wemain, possibly inspiring other states to enact similar laws. and tieould be bot t t financial streng of unions reesenng tcher d oer public employee if a dratic
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successor to the conserva scalia, that would tilt the courthe other way to a majority of liberal es. >>f president obama weble to put anotheustice on the court, he wod cement a leftist jority on the court r the nt generationr so. >>eporter: among potential nomees meioned in legal rcles, sri srisrivason on e cot of aeals patriamiett, d. court ofpeal and paulwatford, african-amican nt circuitourtf appeal californ th tices a n theid winter break. they'lle back o bench in about week. eyl face the task of finishing out this rm whout a full court for the first time in more th 50 years. thomas? pete lliams at the preme court. pe, thank you. beyond the death of scalia and the emerging battle over choosing and confirming the next justice, t republican presidential candidat were question good a number of other k -- questioned abo a nuf other key and dive issues in eir debate in sth carolina. as gerrez
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stombati debate soar. >> reporter: after a montf silce for justice scalia came e most conteious gop debe so far. >> theyli. >> just beenelling lies. >> why do you e? >> liar, li,ar. >> reporr: the words "liar" or some variationere ud a least 22 times. 13 of tsey fronrunn donald trump. and yet- >> iidn' cl anybody a lia >> youalled ez a deded cz lia reporter:lamm by jeb bush or hoto fight isis in syria. >> it is ludicrous to ggest that russia cod be a posite partner in this. >> jeb is s wr >>d ump was build a reality tv show, my brotr was building a security apparatus t keep usafe. >> t worldrade center came down during your brother's reign. [ boos ] >>emember that. >> hold on -- >>ter: marco rubio trying to boundro hisast debate came to bush's defense tod blaming 9/11 on bill clinton's decision ton take out
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>> that's w allowed al qaeda to grow d prper and beblto stke amera. >> rorter: the immigration, at one point taking issue with somethingubio id in spash nguage teiew. >> i don know how he ows what i said on don't spe spanis cond of all - [ ughter ] it otheroint- [ speaking spash ] repter: cruz also pounced on trump for at healled the billionairs pa liberal posions. >> you are the single biggest liar. you probabl are worse than jeb bush. you are theingle biggest liar -- >> donald has this weirdpattern. when you point to h ow record, he screams "lia liar, li." >> rorr: siking a dferent tone, john kasich. >> iot toell you, there is st crazy, hu this ijustnuts, okay. [ applause ] >> geez,h man. i think we' fixing lose the election toilla clinton if don't stop this. >>eporter: tonight, th see to no stoppingtrump. >> i think it was probably my best
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is a consport. the gop pry here is just six daysaway. and hopin capitalizen his faly's populy in soutcarolina, jeb bush will ned by his brother, president george w. bush, and the former first lad on the campan trail tomorr. thom? >> gabe gutierrez rertinin south caro. thank you. bkere in the northeast, parts of the country waking up to record-breaking cold temperatures this rning. the good news -- a rming trend is cong quickl r meteorologist, dylan dreyer, los at what's in store. dylan? thomas. it is the coldest weather we've seen s far thisseason. in fact, the coldest valeine's day on record. it's all thankso the lar vte drog dos cold arctic air from cana. and we going to seehings turn the corner we gont tomorrow. this mornin we bro cords in new york city with a teerate of minus 1. the oldecord i boston, minus 3. he bottomed out at mis 9 this moing. albany13 below watertown, n york,
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grs below0. mond, we'll sta to thern.temper a eeng i new york, 37eg for hi st, about 30 degr buffo sul make it 35. then watch what happens on tuesday. temperates will soar ck up to the mid 50s. that's about15 degrees ave average for theorthst. pittsburgh should even hit 41 degrees. with this nex storm system moving in, while it will art a snow, it will turn over to in. here we go 5:00 in the morning on monday. lighter snow showers back through w virginia. we wl see a brief peod of heavier sw throh virginia and washington, d.c. quick one to three inches possibl in washington monday morning. then we'll see it turn over to rain as we go into mondayight. new york city will also see someight acculation about one to t inches. then we'll see things turn over to rain throh t aftnoon an evening on tuesd here in new york city. thomas? >> thank you very much. e tn our attention now overseas the civil war in syri president obama and russianresident vladimir put spoke by telepho ts weekend. the white house said that mr. oma
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importance of implementing a temporary cease-fire plan this coming friday. russia, wer, says the plan does no apply its air strikes. we havre fro in syria and repo fm damascus. >> reporter: bodshed days before a deadle to end syria's hostit opposition fighters apparently hit by ru air strn alprov. the russians say the are targeting teorists like is and al qaeda. the u.s. accuses them of bombing fighters backed by america. >> their strikes areut them in a position of s they approach any negotiation position. >>eporr: the southeastern vernment is aowg -- t sia governnts aowin ai to? me cuoff unitieikere in duma, a suburb of damaus. this videohot ban opposition activist grou showed bombs droppeonn oppoon-hd area ofhe capital. [ explosion ] >> reporter: andhe
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--as vowed to take back all of syria. er are ogans, les rebuilesto tion unity. president asshat will notappen through peace now. people in areas like is 18-year-old law student are with him. >> we are the generation oe we wluild syriao be the best >>orr: you believe your generation wl >> yes. >> reporr: the saudisnd their lies opped to president ass are fueling t fighng. a motherrom aleppo tells me others from alep are fleeing ami siegof t city by syrian forces. whilehis weekend, the saus and tkey are threatening to enter the ground war after turkey shell part of norther sya for a second day. syria bken and divided seems as far ever from peace. nbc news, damascus. pope francis ntured into a crime-ridden subb of xico city today
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ss with a message of hope for those tpped byhe country's drug violen. anne thompson was there for toy's highlyymlic visit. >> reporter: today pope francis went to the city notorious for porty and crim francis drohrou the grfiovered reet giv keover by reformed crinals. more appropr for theoccasion, the pe portrayed in kinds of ways evens a graffiti arti homeo 1. million ople, the are has onethe highest murder and disappeance ras of women in me. police have solved few of t cases. "it's such a dangerous place," sh tells me, "today's mass is one the rare times i bring my children to a puic event." morehan00,000 peop fillea sty fielo hear the pope wa of temptatns of wealth, nity, and prid emphaticall tellg them there can be no diague with
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here evil can feel li a daily reality. for this nation which polls shos little confidence iits government, francis is asking these people, ny of them poor and powerless, to join the front lines ofaking mexi ld o portunity. urgi them to crte country where no one s to leave to find better lif a challenge this colle stent i ready toccept. >> mow sew micoo mico can be aetter coy. >>eporr: today f a moment one of i most dangerous cities of a better place. nbc news, mexico. when "nbc nightl news" continun this suny, wll ok a why so many for yoetirent,
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ou havms of aart attaroke. crease a while takiix.e n wh or operatihinery. most common si-affect is nausea being a nook fee gat. ask ur doctor if chantix is right for y. we're back wh a oblem inur crimin justice syem t is getting increasing tension. interrogation techniques that police and prutork bu are oen n ue. keithorn looks at the case of one confessed. you stabbed her, didn't you? >> uh-huh onor two times. phenomen as san d counterintuitive asg in law enforcement. >> evethg you've told subcommittee >> true. >> reporter: the apparent decision, especially by the young, to confess t eshey d not coit. murd. iit two times. reporter: and t, 18oldober
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part in a brutal rd and arson and to a plea that resued in a 23-year prison sentence. even though,s laura nyrider, of t innocence projectaid -- thi ine of most intelligence inteogations i've ever seen. >>ou wer there! >>eporter: the thi is, robert davis is far from alone. search produced by nyrider and others reveed that something le 25 of the thousands of pele wse conviconsereater ovtued b dna evidence actually confesd falsely. why? cording to nyride inteogion tees u in the u.s. but n banned in many other countries are clearly to blame. >> when t kids go into that interrogation room and th come out,ll they heard was " i dohat this authority figure wts me to do, i get to home. good nig to go to my own bed. i get to e my >> reporter: instead, th go to prison. a confession being peaps the most werful evidence in many american
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te to do is they shap nfirmation >> rorter: britain among other countries ha put in place rules that have virtually eliminated f confess while increang the peenge of cme ed. >> we would not precute somebod solely on confession. >> reporter: but though american interrogation techniques are slowl , t no andaed s.praccearcotyounty. d th,n th now-mous "making a murderer" documtary, the distuing interview with brendan day. >> all right. m gog tosk you who shot her in the head? he did. >> reporr:nd in the case of robert davis. >> inow what took ace. >> reporter: a lg nigh with a man he thou was his pice officer iend. >> was young, i didn't know. wasnaive, you know. i was scared. reporter: which has d t a rare sa and aonclusion now being noticed that just might make a differce.
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ws. >> an amazing report. you catch the entire story coming up tonight on "date." coming up, a tribeo those who made aerils jo w sl of t it's the lit in life at make sle. spendingay with my niece don't per poli for , causmy dturefiwell. fo tse ltlpies wldt beny ntur and gumnd it was comforble. even welinnturet in food partics.juof per poligripree is cnically en to food icle youe comrtab andcoent ile u so is noabout keepg denres
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try super ligre. the ene? new zealdoday as a strong earthquake struck near krhurch on the -- christurch on e south island. the quake had a magnitude of 5.8. thelight of grants.
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wells a raft on displa e work ofhinese dissent aist. morehan 3,700 migrts died last year ting css the mediterranean to europe. and on ts valente's day, it's a love story for the ages. he's 104. she's his younger wife at just 100. john and abar o irfield, connecticut, are said be the longest rried couple i the united states --83 years. today, thrgh the twitter account o company that has emaced the story, ey off se advice to questions likeow do t kp thing fresh and new. said ann, "we hang on to o anher, just a few littlehugs, and we're fine." whene come ck, a new generation and a
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arni. finally, it's no secret thatoung children lov to be outdoors. with tt in mi, more and more schls in this country are embracing learning outside the traditional classroom. they're called nate schos or forest schools. we hr from kristen dahlgren, they give new meaning to thbacs. i cght a fish! >> reporter: at wildflows nature preschoo i northern california this i math class. >> one, o,three, four. >>eporr:ndhe abcs,t's not fie ip- lkor worm rorter: -th is every day, sta t finish, spent outside from the forest to the
5:26 pm
>>owan bie do you thiheha >> a lo >> reporte for unr bev buswel it'sboutin the learning bondhe budi. you loo at e average school, the idea is that youork insidend go out for a break. we need the verse. >> ty get to run around, explore, and i ink reall learn some foundational life concepts. >> repter: children connecting to the enronmen instead o electronics. when he and go hiking, he'lltop for fourr fi minutes and just sten and point at birds. >> reporter:angela, can yer it with dirt? >>eporter: scalled nature schools a spreading across the countr 's not j priva schools eracing the outdoors. >>his in the summertime, the third grads are growing corn, beans, and squash -- >> reporter: at this public school i brooyn, what used to be a parkingot has en ansformed into a garn complete th a hehoe. >>e're gting kids o might not have a chance to beutside and get their han in the dirt g to d that. >>eporter: in the ad owier, class meetn t grnhouse for a
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make kids cheer for broccoli. >> broccoli! >> reporter: it seems learning where their foodomesm- >> wha about crots, where do they gr? >> in the ground. >> reporter: can mak ggiese fun. >> tasty. >> reporter: a new take on the traditional classroom that h tse kids beinor more. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, brookl. >> don't hear much out begging for broccoli. there we it. thas "nbc nightly news" for sunday. erolt will be here tomorrow. hos roberts rerting from new thfo wago night. good evening good evening. thanks for watching news five i'm zach thaon. wd yet if drugs oalcohol
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crash in coladsprings overnigh springs lice tell ne 5 a woman died when her truck slammed into the bar on i-25 fter midnight. this w near the fontanero exit in the northbounlanes. thinterstate was blockedor sevel hours while the crash was under investation. also, no cause released in other deadly crash along highway in front county last night. this was near mile post 272, west of canon city. state troopers sayn u-v and a pi-up slamd teach othehead-on,illing the driver of the pick-up. heas been identified as "esequiel rduno" of pueblo. the driver of the s-u-v was "michael adams" of colorado springs. he was flo to saint mary corwospital with serious injuries. a fele passengerustained minor injuri and two chen in the ck weren't hurt. two dogs pulled from a burning ho early this morning are excted to be oka the fire bro out at the ghland mobile home park on hanck avenue in lodo
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no one w home athe te. twother gs ithe home we t able to beescued. no wd t on a cse. a big temperature difference today,erhaps affti a few outdoor plans for ur valentine's day we begin tonight with first alert 5 and meteorologist ee hfman. teer won't b was they he been for your vales day, bute'll still top ouove average with highs inhe0's. untain snow will be delong throhout the day. most of th activity wi sta confined to higher evations. lower elatn areas will have so additionacloucor for sendalof d a just t smallt ce of stray er latern. ancl wk on clearg ou
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some blackills eney customs haa spial message fothe utily git this valentine'day. news 5's jsi mitchell brings usmages from today'sblack lls, blackeart" event in pueblo. what w the purpose of is jessi? these ratepars say theirenergy cos he been too high


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