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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 15, 2016 2:05am-3:05am MST

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defeating an effort try to restrict their abilityo rai ion dues. >> alrig. we are headed for the potential of if the president nts to nominate sobody, he'sade that clr. the republan controed sena doesn't want tonsider it. it's poible terms of the supre cou begin inoctober a endnjune. >>ght. >> so a tis point underhis scenario we might go an eire term, oobof'16hrough june of '17 wut sueme court justice becausev if the next president aoints it akes time to get thou t process. procs. >> two hat ehougs, majority cisions are not close votes. the court ll cti futioning and do a l of its busines it does raise t possibity that youon't get at on the supreme court can provide,nd that is the final aner. only tsupreme curt can solve these things r once a forer. so a lot o these thingsill just ha to keep coming bac until the supreme rt ge the right combination toake t decision. >> scalia, the way cases are heard, ce they're heard, there's an mediatevote tat keslace amongth nine
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>> does scalia vote cn posthum posthumously? >>no, not uess the decision was hande down. the rule is votes can shift and opin can chngou have tbe present for your vote to cot. >> i want yo to talk about one candidat i think we may see inated. it a judge by the name of merrick merrigarland if there's a republin senate, this is a guy the think they can get through the republin senate. he's considered more moderate than her liberal jutices, why? >> because of his record, expeence in the justice partment, widely rpected. i mean, the thing is now presidents tend to want younger minees if you lk at the most recent trend, they'reomiting people in their 50s. at's not merrick garland, but he'sth right ki of ideology. >> all righ ete williams, goi to be a busy 18 months for you on tis confirtion process, i think. >> indeed. > joining me now is the first of four republican pridential
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it's naldru. mr. trp,emeback to ee the p. >> goong let mesk you fon the supmeourt eng. do you have alitmus test? yove as on row v. wade?tins united when comes to ho you might aoint to the supreme court ould you become dent? >> wel i think we have some great people out there. diane sikes from wisconsin from what everybo tell me would be outanding. we need a cnservive person. i think at cerinly we have some great peple. we lostone ofhe greats. i'd lkeo have the p tailored to be justike justice alia, stice scalia was tlya e dg and ected ball. side th's w i n, will y tei th wil you dermine whether youot somebody -- >> we i mn, look you never know what happens, chuc you look at where a guylike te cruz push very hard for justic robert everyone thought tat was wonderful. ndus rober ever do bproving obacare, twice.
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that's lgely cruz's faund the bush fault bau they put the won guy in there. that was shking decision. so, you kn you ner really ow. but a tehelook oky. b he's - that wa ted cruz miske because hepushed him very had. look, we needeat intellect. need i saybsolutely conrvative. ut thkealplan d bebodyust like jusce scalia. >> alight. i wt to move on to the deba last night. fin > yea i thia loof c terve sve svetives will a with i want tgo the debateast nit. ur2008omment aou george w. sh were brght and this idea that you werise at th time tha n-spker pelosi d rled out impehmt. did you belve t-- and i just wan t crithis, did youelie tthere was enough there to briup impeacen proceedings agnst georgew. bush 2008 over iraq?
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i was in the private sector, so i dn't think about it too much. but certainly the war in iraq was a disater. no,ot to be peache bhe w iniras astake. just made wewe west thoun lives -- >>ut you don't believe is ieachableense now? yo we implyngt might be in 2008. >> well, that's f otheoe to say. look, tt is for ohereo sa can say this, it may t have beenmpeachable becauset w a mista i hit was mistae. but was a horrible mistak numer one,here were no weapons of mass struion. so did they know there weren't or not? that would tel youomhing right there. but there were eaponsof ss ctn. uck, e war inraq was a disaer. we ep withsolute nothing. iran isaking over i ase sit re right now. and as sure as youan be iran is doing py wellwoide. ey ta $150 lln, we get nothing.
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was isastero dcisionar e war in iraq and unfortunatly bu happened to be president. >> you we saying resident bush lied. ow do know he li aut wmd? think thple thathe were no weon of mass destruction. i think th wanteto goin there. i thinthey thought it would have been easier. th didn't prosecutethe war we. it wsnwell psecuted a avg. , i havetosay he made a mistaketting. an i' only on onhe sgehat id w should not go into a thathe war in ira is a miake. everyonel , oh, yo ow,ll the heople on stag i shou getints f io ca everybody l mus you thre >> chuck, it took -- >> rig. let me pauseou-- took jeb bush fivedays -- it a minut it took jeb bush f days to ay that theiraq as a miske. back andforth, band
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m wh he had to sy. but jeb bh --he tt itasmisk i mean, ok, h's g chance anyway, b it aost co him the election before he even started. >ll, i want to for what it' worth polifactthat has never en able to find, none o us b able nd any inere be the asio out ainst is r. wis at >>l, idid i i 203. i saidefore-on't forget, i wasn' a politician. so people didn't write everthing i said. i was ausiness rs i was as they say wld class business person. i blt a great company. i employ thousands of people. so i'm not a politia but if you lookt 2003 thare arties you lookt04, ere cln fac isa somebody comm onit la night that tumally was against the ar. ias again itlook,'m itaristic pe i'm g tilary bi, ber,stronger, hopef w naveo it, but bo's going to mess wi us.
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and iraqthey used t fiht. they'd go back, forth. k, you stilize the me st,i' the on o thald. i w thenly onehat caedit >> u clear t you anted to remi ople that 11 happened believe yo ed the phre, during george sh's reign. do you believe that george bh ke erica safe? >> usrladnter wnock . look, that's anhermyth. i wish he did. i ha nothing against him. i don't know him. i don't know that -- i don't think iveren met him. onhink iid meethim. i have nothing against george bush. i'm just sayingn jeb bush gets up a ss my bro kept us se.howide keep us safe wh the world trade dringis time in office, i lost many, many ds -- tat was the worst tragedyn heistory th country wose than pelarb because t taed vilia. they attackeoin office buiings. >> andou think george w. bush
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>>well, aorng to-- i you go back, you will se the cia and o ageies d informatin that bad things we gointopen. and,yehe answer is he shod ve o. hewe n tki to each other. t wota discian. thedn't liac her, all the different agencs were me theyere fighngth each othe abolel ty shld knwn. thhoulve known sometng ama bin lad- h, lok, wrotebout oma binadenin in a ok.i was talking about osama bin laden. if i know about osa bin laden jt by seeingpress and seing, you ow, what' going on, w woldn't t presidentof the ittate knowboutma bin laden>> l, letesk you uth carolina as you know, eorg w.bush is poparamong ic yo are -- this a risky ralt stateg. ou caed himia last night about wmd yo essentially saidou wouave been okay -- >> i didn't call him a li. i didn'l anybody liwell, yo cald ted cruz a
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werees cause, lk,hens of sseru the txist dhdt exist. now, ias hisroup that sa th apons o m desti.that'hy we went n.that's why somanyeop got hoodwinked into gog into iraq. then ty g in there, th search hghand y. they looked a ethere were no weaponsf m desttiorned out that e were absy not no weapons of ss, wt a li i don't kn. >> if yos south rolia, do you think the gamehange me peole wil point t is hahappened lastnight an what you saidabout orge bush? but if you win, ds this prove that the republican prty rejecting bush? >> no, i d't think so i tnkhey're rjeg the r in aq. he war i iaq is a isaster. i have a gea relationship with utcarolina and e peop. i'vknowthem f a long time.
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i have great relatio there. ey're veartpeople. they uernd thathear in ir is a disaster an w a saste it todested the east whou lo at thegrio enou loo atll s that are haening rgh nowit all started witthe war in iraq. and you ow wha g nothing. we haveblutely nothin iran is getting the whole deal. >> mr. trump, i have to leaveit here. tl shrt on time this morning.i loo rwardto speing wh you again soon, i hope. thaks for congsswoman ing on anstay sa othe trail. >> thank you very much. moments ago i spoke to senatote cruz of tes. and i began asking him about how e mit aut placing justice antoncalia on the cour. let mego litmus te d you have them for pottial supreme crt juices >> well, my litmus tes f any sueme court stice is whether he or shewillfaitully apply the nstitution to the la it's not a sec issue. s ratr a jurs pdeial approah. the ly way to determine that is if they have a proven record,
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motrattheyl be ithful to the law. that'she j o a justice. s what ral actists don't do. liberal aivists want to nste slte fomhe benc aerfe emple ofthat i justi alia. ti scalia was a lion of the sueme court. was one of thereatest supreme crtustices in history. spent three decade on the court. but bore he was on the court hwas a law pressoror many, many ars. he was acourt of appeals judge. he had ao prenecord so you knxactat you were getting with justice scalia. i knew justi scia for0 years. >is this tmiake youk s ma with jo rots >of cours it is. >>you were a b suprter of him, but in hindsight you're not. is thatecase y thith hedidn't have a tra record? >> he didn't have ara ecord. and i wou not have nominated john roberts. once george bush ninated hi i support the nomination a a republan nomineebut i would
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sc's very first law clerk recor and, chuck, jus as ronald reagan was to tpresidency, so annin scalia was to the upreme court. he had that b an impact. and i think hisaing yesterday really derscore tstes of this leion. ar fing funda rig a balae. >> let mesk u, does ited ates senate have obligatn to ateast coider a nominio tha preside ma puts ward? understd atouys dotwant . and u woulref let e -- but esteni tes e obligatn to at least go through the pcess andha a up or down ote? >>ot remotely. >>why? >> i has been years since a supreme court vaccy was nominated and confirmed in an election year. thereis a long tradition tat you don't do this in an election year. andhat this means, chuck,is we ought toake the 2016
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i cannot wai to s onat batetage withillary clinton bnie srs and talkbout wha the supreme court will look like dending onhowins. if hiarlinton bernie sanderswins, o for that matt ifonald ump wins whose record is indisnguishable from them on a gat many issues, will see the secon amendnt written out of the nstitution. her thing we'llsee, and this is ver relevanor conservativ in south carolina if donald trump is the nominee,or if hillarylinton is th presint, we willee unlimited abortion on demand throughout this country. partl birt abortion, taxper fuding,no pental otication. we'll also e our reliou lirty torn dow basic ghts. >> want to go bac t t uned ss nate . so y belie the presidency is y three years long in eh term i men, if weoown this road, we're cutting off presidency th year to go. andimportantly, setor cruztriske for
2:19 am
have althese4-ies in th court,hen t molibe aning cits wi then you w, theirrulings wil takeprecen >> look,heonsequence of a 4-4 tie is that the judgment of the court of appeal is affirmed by an eally divided vote. this has happened many times in history that thereave bn vancies,ometimes on closely contentious se the hd overfo the te wh the replacement justice arives. an eleion ye we ve longradi that a lame dck prident doe't get ja a supreme courtomin throu in t v e lbj triedhat dhe supreme cot rejted t. andarticularly when the court is 5- isalanced an obama leral nminee uld atically shift the u.s. supreme court. >> but whyot go tgh the prcess? hould the united statesene do its duty and go through the ocess,ct tor, but go throues >> b theway, senate'suty is adse consent. the sat is advising rht
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duprest i an eleion yearis not going to able to court. that we're going to have an election, and if lerals are so confident that the american people want unlimited abortion mand, wantegious liberty to down, want the second amendment taken away, nteterans memorials torn down, want the ossesndrs of davidandblasted f of th tombston o faen vethen go and me t case to e oe. don't thi t americ peopleath i'mery happyto tak4 ] case dict t hillaryclinton,directly ternie saders. and i uld look, how do know dald trump' record o this is goingo bead? he has orted liberals for fo decades, ji cart joh kerry, hillary clint,huck schmer, harry idanyone who cares out judgeswou not be suppting hrrye and chuck schumernd john ker and llary inton. d the consequence isif eher hillar or bernie ald trump is tpresiden will
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this is basic queion w ll dend our liberties. >> senator cruz, i have to leave it there this mo alot more t t to. i look forward to hopefully havg you on peaps next sunday and we can get toore of that. thank you, >> excellent. >>when we come ba, we're going to hear fromrcouo who hopes t t new hamshire hd m. and jo kasich whoopes new mpshi sigof te ture. >> the world trade ce cme we were bo 100ears ago into a newcan century. born wh a hunger to fl and a passion to bld something bett. and what aamazing time it'seen, decade after decade of innovation, inspiratioand wo. so, we sayhank america f a century of tru for the privege flying hier and higher, togethe i was not aware how m acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on mang
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and >> and we e ba. arlier this morning i was joinedbynator ma bio of florida and governor john kasic of oh. and i started with senator rio sking him wther the senate has an obligion to give the prident's supreme court nomineean or down vote. >> have an obligation to d it, buot n. the term of th sreme court is al -hey justtart i b is not a arlg. theurt fction with eight juices, es it al the time espiay when justices have to ecus themsel kagan has to rece herself earl in the rmwe're goi to have an election noveherehis vaccy will bean iem of dete and oters wlet to weighin. i don't think it's wse a it edeor thresint nearing the last few months of his ainraon to put soone on the court that maye re for 30 years. >> so y't think -- i undetand at. and i unders t decisio that you may not or a at the publicanajority
2:24 am
they oigat aeastgo thrgh t mionsre? imn,ou're say >>no >> y'resaying don'teveno hrough motions hy >> correc we ll go through the tions, t not while barack obama's in the ite house. it's not going to happen >> do presidentialerms d af thre year that's what i don'understand ishy not go throu the ae and coent. you dn't he to arove it. you ca rject it. at's what happedn '68. bu why not go throu this prcess? euse ere's - ctually, it not just for the supreme court. even for appellate courts it's been both parties followed th precedent. the cos a point inhe las year oe president, especially inheir sond term, where you stop nominating --or you stop the advice and consent oss. you basical sayat this po with a f mohs left in your term, no accountability fom the balt boxndhe appointment you're going to make on a lifetimeappoiment. that's the impnt thingere.esare not ls that can be -- buthe notaw that can be reverd. in essence this is a lifetime appointmenthehighest court
2:25 am
he balance oth constituon d the cours interpretati of it is at stake. tch onnell hasalre made lr we're not mi rwaransuppt 100%. boom line don'trus back oban the appoin of premot e. wcannotffor to hecia replacedy someoneli nomine he's put tre in t st. e' gng thave an election there'soing to be a new presidt. i believit'soing to me. w going to lokor meone that most reles aliao replace him. >> i want to move tthe said in resnseo heated change ben jeb bu dold truon 9/, thiis what you sid a9/11. and i want sk you about it on the otrside. >> the world tradecenter came wn bse bl con didn't klsa bin laden whenead the chanc to k him. >> that's a big charge. knowbi con has sit is onehiregrets, but did mean attempt to go after im. t you believe that is direct sultthat bsically bill clinton's failure led to 91?
2:26 am
bin laden had been killed, a qaeda as an organization would not have grown he point where haveonducted 9/11. iwa in rspse h arment tha trump was mang somow presideusas responsible for 1. nd my arment was, no, the responsility of 9/11 fls o the ft that al qaeda was allowedo gow d prosper and theecision was not made to take out their leaderwh the chance existe to do . not once but four times according to the 9/11 report. president cnton has knowledged that has as a regret. so the bottom line is that al qaeda w able to carr out 91 because as an organzation they grew and posd in capability led by osama bin len. h binaden been taken out it is doubtful that 9/11 would he happened. at least september 1f 2001 because al qaedaould not have be i a position to be able to carr somhing like that out >> so you're not blaming 9/1 bill clinton? >> no he mde a decision not to ke o is leader which i thinkended being ere, the siuationhat happed with 9/11.
2:27 am
happened was because of george w. bush. myarments i you're gng to ascribe blame, don' blame george bush, blame a decision th was made earlie not to ake out bin laden when the opportuty presented itself. >> so i'm actually sll not que clear. areou putting this on -- are you putng 9/11 on ll con? >>no, i'mutting it on his decisiono take out b is is what happens when you ha a chance t take out the leader of a terrorist organization and you fail too so and tsults are smethinlike 9/1. >> later this week pope francis is goingto speak and cinly going t the borderof mexicond t united state sepmbern front of congress he called himself the son imrants. and called on congress and americans notto, quote, turn their backs on their neigs. you yourself got emotional listening to thatpeech. do you feel that pope's message about immigrants, particularly mexicanmmigrants and ourmmrationebate here, do you agree w his take on this? >> sure.
2:28 am
weontinueo a cotry of migrants. let's have someperspective here. merica accepts close to a mlionermanent residents every sngle year. no other nation ithe world mes close to that number. that's the issue were debating. the issue we're debating is no accept immigrants, because we do. we're going to cointo. the issue is there going a process people hve to follow tommigrate to the ittates? do we as aovergn untry get to contl hw many people come here, wen they come here and who they are? and ensw , ye i don't ink theope issayi open uphe borrs and allow yone wh wnts to comein i mean, you can't move to the vatican just because you feel like moving there. theveot l tha restrict wh c liv whin that naton's city at nd i think theame is trueor t uted stat. so i agreeithope rais' sayin we shod be cpassionate towards imgrants. d we are. the unstes is morehan anyaon on earth. but we are allowed as a soereign nation have an obligion to have immigrat laws a to enforce them. and tt's what we need to be ing better than at wre dog no >> l right. i have tlee ere.
2:29 am
a lot to gtoenatrubio, ce to catp wth yo stayfen the l,sir. thanu. > ai' joinedow by the frth presidntial ida 'v had the show this ing,epublican governor ohio john kasich. welco back to "mt the pss," sir. >> alays, you know, it's sunday, it's "meet theress." >> i apprecia at. i've had t u.s. setors on thmorn who she. senatehouldn bh considering a nomination that president amuts up.does the.sete haven obgationo at l consider it,old ahearg? andf the vote it down, they vit down, but should the . senate, sld mch mcconnet least oenp that part of e process? >> wel, u know, th their decisio chuck. you know, as the goverof oho i have to deal wth gisls their decisions. and i don't try tell them at to do. i do think that ally the president -- i uerstan the president has pregaive here. i got that. nate haserogate too
2:30 am
but i just thnk at a timehe the country i so divi st be geat if the president didt send sombody forward and we an election an then everybo would be clear ouatheyant in the next supreme court ju but i guess it's not going to go that way. >> to rohe di pardon? >> goveor, it's a ro of th dice, u could have democraticenate,emoctic presidentould ce in then have a m juicewhat psident obama might provide. >>well, but thatlife. then the people actually have had some say. it's really kind of a unique thing when you thi about it, uck. it's unique tosay that the public itself is goingo have sort of anindirectten wh goo aupreme cou justice. think that's kindf ol. ahat ion't likenows, u ow, an talkabout thi all d lo. youand both known the rea world they're tgoing to coirm anybo. unless they pickomebody who's loved tt everybody goes o i think that's going to >> ye, you'rerobablyright on tha
2:31 am
andot to pl thisne clip from youast night because i want t get a better explanation of what y mean here is. >> i got t tyohis is juazy, h this isust nuts oka >> that wast bushnd donalu were ingat each erat did you bythat comnt explain. >> wl, i is le all the yellinand screaming and back and forth. chuck, what iave found -- i tellyou, i'm having the time of my life. people wa to know what you're r. ok, i've been all er. say iad wnt tohi rbecshck. there re 500 peole waiting ere. i was there,ouow,ki ctesmuste benother mite afte i done speing andeoe are graing onto yayingplea stay poitive. pleaseon't g into thes fights. get my energyby b fr things. i don't getmy erg b being ainst things. d i think peoplte to get negativehenhey'reot
2:32 am
if it wosfor , grea if i doesn't wrkout me, i'll g to snd re th my mi.but look, i want to n. d we're doing well. realwe >>et me point t somethin last night you sa at the debate. you said you didn't think we shouldave gone intoraq if the weren't any weapons of mass destruction. >> right. >> but you also said we should not get embroiled icivil wars overseas. >> that's riht. >> well, we've done it before. we did it with >> >>we did itit lebanon. uck,et me tell you --well, frnklythat was t's mhingpeop oght to be inking about in regard to hilla ou know, they spend -- they talk aboutbengha, ich is very limate,f courset i butwe should ner have deposedgadhafi. that waele take.the guy rkgth u and no'v cated chaos in t
2:33 am
there, ti o'neil waed them there, en enhey got blown up was ou blaming reaga i'll nev forget it. civil rs -tting in beeen -- y ow,ince th sixtce have been figing. >> so y wldstay out of syria? >> iu oy goo siao destroy is. i would n use u. troops to depose assa but i would suprt the rebels there. it's okay to support peop who share your vi, but for the nited ates to be embrled ivilar i saainst ass i tnk a mi. youknw, yu've also been critical o how the surplus that you as a republican budget leader and working th the intondministration gu foraged foraged a budget that was precte surplus thut the fit paf the 2 1st cenry. iwa ge imediately. one way many dmorats have sai
2:34 am
went away so quickly was due to the bush tax cuts. do you concur wi that? were t bush tax cuts too big? >> no, i think it s ening, chuck. thety littleecret is and republicans dtoo,t guiy. look,f youa leer thtandin the breh to restra thespending pe. >> i'm goitoeave ite. oky, chuc i appate it. wel catch up i'm se in the next week or so. >> eah, we will. all riht cming up, the demoic re and why it m srt tting tougher from here r rn sander d of crse turdayht fights, in other words, last night's reublicante and what all of thos nas
2:35 am
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whent come tlo trt and securi a paraun we're building what we learn back into the ou to me pele andganizations fe ,, we elcome bk. the panels here o a huge sunday of political news. gwen ilfresh off de at moat i thk happenedn the laew ys.weme ofpbs newshour. kathle parker, columnist from "the washington post"nd ron urnier. le me starwith consequences quickly on scalia and then mov to the debatef e united states senate.
2:38 am
>> yeah. the uned states sene, will it be a functioning chambethis year? orould tis figh shut the entire senate down for the yea okay. so i generally put myself in the 1% of most cynaleop abou politics. i was surprisedhat mitch mcconnell came out with a statement as quickly as he did saying not it's unlikelyhat prsident obama's nominee will go through, there's no point in presint obama putting a minee forward. you then saw harry reid reond. given that an giv what we've heard from ted ruz, donald trump, marco rubio. i thk mitch mcconnell will feel under considerable political pressure. i know he just got re-elected but considrabl lical pressure to shut this thingdo before itver starts. >> and, gwen, this is the base. they don't want to see even a chance that somebody could get confirme on the other hd there's five blue state republicans who d
2:39 am
baally he got a ti on one end and the cliffn the other, i thi >> it's the box that mr. mcconnell h bn in and john boeer was in for a veryong time. i was not surprised that he cam out that quickly. i'mot sure he d any choice but to come ut a say this is the linewe're gog to drawnd th step back and let oer people fight it out. just as the leader this the li i'm drawin as we sawrom threure omi from the presidtial ndidates, that wasn't a big risk him. and for theblue ate republicans, worry about them later. rig now they have to worry abt the base. >> i think it's een wore. within 20 minutes o the announcement that hwas dead i got ane-mail fr a very promnent republican consultant all of w you know sayi wre not goin to all even a hearing. e n's body, a good man's body w not evenead yet and politics was ready in play. the republicans are not going to let this happen. it's totally irresponsible. it's a sign ain of or democracy, of our system not nctioning. and i have no reason to believe that if aepublican wins the white use whuld the democrats noinate? >> ias going to . i think this is heavy political risk.
2:40 am
for yers. >> this seemlike a good time to say among conservatives especially pple are very, very sad today. i think we sho just acknowledge that for a moment. bec justice scalia, you knwe've heard lot a the many wonders of his personality and his brilliant mind and all at butto yr point i agree it was a little bit jring to sudnly have everyone talki about the political implicaon tht's our job. >> within hours. >> with minutes. >> and i t a cll from e ll jus of somebodysaying, okay, gme over, tme t get serious. everythingmatter now. tet me just say this, onhe consvative side i ink alot of the people, a lotf republicans elresident obamadoeot rpect the consttion and that he's gone around the legislativeody to -- can arguehat he h o, but wted done. let's rmembert's not unusual -- no, it'sery unusual to nominate a supreme court justice duringn election year.
2:41 am
ys. and kenny's -- it was justice kennedy, it too a year. >> ell, did. i want to move to the debate very quickl but we'll know what of fight pdent obama wants. es he findmeby who's a little moreto the rightf his two previous nominations in ordero fnd a confirmableor of lefteaningudgeor ot. >> there's not such a thing -- >> i don'think anymore >>ut it's clear thatresident obama was not ing to take mitchcconnell'sdvice on this. >> nor shld he. but hetarted tn the h ad yesterday with a ve high road complimentary -- >> course. >> about scalia should do the same put upomey who uld be conrmable ifhis were rking well and show that the repuicans arwilling to work. >> well th i the big risk for therepublin he'sot to be thinking, oh, my gosh, ted cruz or donald trp coul become predent and ten next justice. >> bigstory, chu, this is anoer sign of the political dysfunction in this town that you and i have talked ad for a longme. think tis is going to be long tim bore we have nine jues on that court.
2:42 am
>> can i say e more thing? there's also a risk for tese republicans thatmaybeillary clinton or bernie sders does get electe an holding the court appointment until the next president the next president could a democrat. >> by the way - l of these poteal presintia caidates be careful what you wish for. your first 100 days is donated by a supreme crt fight andhi envirme, y will get nothing else done. >> we've talked about this. you have basically one big swi, ght. >> yes. >> for obama it was healt car you ve one big thing. >> it's scotus pick >> well, you have to do the right thin i agree with john roll. >> let it roll. ll right. we g to let it roll here. we're goi to do some date chatr later inhe show, but coming up, bernieanders came up big with whiteotersn iowa
2:43 am
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aft >>ft e new hampshire primary we saw fld of press releasefrom the national parties and eir related interest groups. and most of them had aimil
2:46 am
about 's going on on their side of the aisle at all. look at this. the nc ote, hillary inton' esounding loss neampsre isnother devastating blow f her campaign. andhen the house cagn ubliarm said, intoas defeatinheirst in t nation prima by an elderly socia socialist. on the democratic side it wasn'teven better. in the new hampshire snowskap where robot rubios run free and e reblan debate stage mirrors "snl" skit donald tru h emeed as decisive fntru andum has done nothing but cause anxiety andartburn for natencuentsnd cdidate nceis lnch. snaonarepublica ad democrats bying their heads in he s about wt's going on there. ha ha sandersnd ha ha trump ryi to aid cfronng what'soing o in tr o rties.
2:47 am
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we welcome bac bernie sanders prove can do ryelagainsthi toin iowa. a po gave hillary a 57 pot lead. t mning afer new hampshire sanders tveled to harlem brakfast with my next guest, civil rights leaderand msnb host al sharpton. reverend sharpto welcome back tomeet the press." >> thank yo >> i wanto play r you an interaction that bernie saers
2:51 am
rin-erican votern miesota a grespon on the other side. he i >>o e tiify, ac s -aw yo sed ayb sre s reparatns -- >> 'am, ma'am, we have the highest rate of chilod povertny majoount rth, pecilyitin the ricaern coni. >>ay ack- >> ive said black 50 times. all right. that's the 51st time.>> is that a fair criticism from the crowd of him? >> wel i thinkhat whatit is that people have felt in our comties igned. and marginaized and that people haveind of like gen discussed things. and we are supposed to assume e'reart of that when we ha some very specific needs. and allf u don't agree nobody c deliver the black vote, but all ofus agree that there are specific things that you just can't cover justalking about ecomic inequality withou talking about racial inequality
2:52 am
you can't just talk aout the problems wit washington without tkingbout a race prlem in that. so i thinkhat me of the anger you hear is fromeing marginal. and at has come fromboth liberals and conservatis. >> go ahead, gu. >> i thinkhe reverend is right tat -- and i think thiss th lem f bernie sanders is that bernie sandersbeliev at the core the fundamental equality that explains america is economic in nature, not rial, not anhing se. the problem is he believes -- ll,'ve cover it. i've talked about economic equality. youe heard his responsehere mnesota.that's not enough for some voters. >> o ahead. >> therwas alsoin that same vent he wa ked about reparations. >> ri >> he's been through this argunt ready. yet somehow he we back to what we werealking about, talking in general about economic ineality. the spticism about bernie sande among many rican-americans can be sumd
2:53 am
one, the wonderful simon d garfunkel co to america ad where there was base #barely a face oflor and then the new ad that has almost nothing but faces of co this together ad. remins me lot of the will i am ad from 2008 becausetas very muchbout how we c a be together. >> part of theroem that i thk that is coming to the surface in this isthat we have experienced both in e liberal north and the south hostilities. let's not forget howard ach where bernie sanders was born in new york. howard beach s in the north. people like me emerg in the north. i nevived in t south. we ar dealing with hollywood progressive hollywood with an oscar whiteout rght ow so i think wt a lot of people are benning to see is wa a minute we do want to be marginalized. and weon't wt to be thrown into a situation where specific needs a not dealt with.
2:54 am
the african-amecacouni has enargaland stead oflking about numbeof times he said black what if he talked aout the number o aicanmericans risoned underside cial cial despairisparity under esident what ihe saidhaa solionor i i'm gog to unleashhe powers of presidenal clemenc i'm ing to free every person, many ofho are african-americans in prison over sentees that have not been grandfathered? howurweul would that be? whether he talked about issues people not agree specific issues. t problem is when y ta about presen cnton and the crime bil, bernie sanders voted forit. so that might be one reason he doesn bri it up. but i think that at t other side ofhs mr. clinton has said he made a mistake, mr. sandgtd to say he shldn't have voted for it.
2:55 am
how we dealwithass incarcerationpolice reform and all of these issues i don't think unless weress it those of us -- >> i got to wrap it up her but reverend sharpton, are you going endorse bere south carolina? i don' know. we're meeting wi mrs. clinton esday. >> okay. >> we're taing to senator sanders. we may or may not. what dot want to getaught in is who w're going to endorse. want to see who's ing to endse us hi a firha in th country. not whosee are we on, whos on our side. >> reverend aron, i will leave there. prophetic words. when we ce back, we he less thaninute with our end game segment. some he highlights or low lights fromast night bate. >> coming up, "meee prs" d g bro to - you set rules arou the house, rit? so set res for yr kids when they go onle: don't be a cyberbully. no racy selfies. and rememb everyone can see evything you pt, ev grandma.
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2:57 am
>> "mee "meet e press" end game is ought to you by eing, builng theutur one century at a time. well, dald trump was buildi a realityv show, my brother was building a security paratus to keep u safe. and i'm proud ofwhat he did.[ eers [ cheers andlause
2:58 am
>> theorldrade center ca down duringhis reign. remember that. [ audienceooing ] >> e game time. panel i bak. haven't discussed th debate. kaleen, jeb bush's big moment ther takingon trump. >> that aood line. you knw, every time trump baits jeb bushebbush rponds. anit ver worsat well for him. i don't know why, b jst n'tull it off. an eve ti t opens his mouthi think, ok, h's rely trng to get fired this time. thiss the te he's ing to o it. you know, it's all about styl you can say the iraqar was a mitake, butou cou also say in south carolinaarticularly whe youave hi percentage of military people and veterans, with great respect to the brave me andomen who fought in iraq, i have to jt say it was a mistake. and i think a lot of people agree. an let me just say is and then go on. but he attacks the faly, he attacks the mother. jeb is desperate. he bughtin laura yesterday.
2:59 am
literally inolitics in america perfd the way that donald tru did in at debate last nht, would ve wtten and concludedhi person i gone of the rails he looked angry, to kathleen's point though-- now. >> youpent 36 billion and thing about new hampshire and ads and thi d about, t seass that begins is is going tom dd trump because has been proven what's thein >> it's not so muc aut trump, it's about people supporting him who are so angry with the establishment. why do wessume that they're goi to defend the stabliment? they're going toefend a bush? >> it was interesting to watch marubio w fou a way to wait, to let the fight bween tr and cruz and bush playout and he said this is w i believe and he did it in the uid repeative way. in that respect he did himself a favor. >> it wa mutuallyestruction last night andood night for kasic kasich.
3:00 am
one,wo and we do't knowhich order one, two is goino be. third place matter that's why i thought b wa actually asood as he has been. and i thoug-- >> but rubio doing well didn't help. >> rubio needed to do another lt saturday debate because rubio's b-plus and bette than jeb's debate tes. nd ithinkubio was better, did more good for himself. i thought t en's point, how does marco ro wipeing the big figure dendihe bush administration in a fht with jeb bush on thestage? >> i thk erall don' y think just felt ke okay, kid c you j stop ghting? >> your point ajohn kasic he's clearl said there'sy e place for me t g i c't get into that fight. i'm not going to get in t. i'm goin to be mr. positivity and we saw it aga ts mornin > loit. my omill be hapbout at. tha's all for today.
3:01 am
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3:04 am
wg, twing, the second i the crescent wing. the way it is laidut, one can be solling theide gardens or strolling the bea and never cross path >> surroued b e e ndsts joy comforand rvicthatsimply unm>> t iis nothing more oming and rming than coming to a place wheryou feel youre ahome. we try to su this by the rvice we provide. the rose pedal baths. the bed isored withose ta of your choe, onef the ingse do. >>htropal oasis dus and enanuests. e want them toelt to the beauty and encntment and the we we have wrful cs in t ocean d want themo sense that as they walk around the
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our rooms el as if, wo back home. >> featuring balinese-style treatment villas, the spa at e ocean cl provides the ulmate relaxation. to provide our guests with a feing of escapfrom time. pper you fromeginning to end, from head-to-toe. therapies. livered in our prive villas or luxurious en-airabanas that open up t beautiful turquoocn. >> this kind of aund pampering is definily an island dream-come-te.>> one-and-only ocean club s is designed wpriv sereniserenity, anquility and elegance in mind.>> thiattention detail is what definitely makes the eaclub a per fantastic day in


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