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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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reporting ve in colora springs, joaa wise, ne 5 toy... 're iting to hear from lice on the cause of two deadly crashes in southern lorado. the fit happened early sunday morninin colorado springs -- along northbound i-25 near fontanero. police say aoman died when a piup truck hit a barrier along the shoulder. this mning... police havstill noleased the identity of the woman. e ash shut down i-or several hos while crews investiged this mng one man is dead... and anher is recovering in the hospital witserious injuries after a he on crash in fremont county. itappened la night on highway 50 near learker 272 st east t ral gge. state patrolays "esequiel garduno" of pueblo ... died in the crash when hisk-up hit an s-u-v hd-on. the driver of e s-v, "michael adams" of colado rings, was f tsat mary-corwin hospital in eblo with serious
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a woman in the s-u-v had minor injuries while two kids in the back seat escaped uninjured. soar, no word on what caused th csh. da.. investigors are still trying toure out what caused a fire in colorado springs that left two dogs dead. it happened erday at the "higand mobile home park" on northancock. police say no one was home at the time... t two dogs were kill in the re. fortunel.. firefighters were ab to save two her dogs whoade it out safely. toy... the search continu in colorado for a wanted fugitive... who police say is armed and dangs. take a look... this is "dennisimonton the lorado department of coeconsays... he was able to remove his ankle monitoanskip out on parole last week. along with another parolee "wesley jones." both are members othe whit supremacist prison gg known as "2-eleven crew" -- which is the gang linked to the 2013 rder of state prisons chief
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in ewood yesterday. but sint is stilon the run... callolice. today... the me cnty sheriff's deuty who was killed in the ne of duty will be laid trest. a funel for deputy "derek er" ischeduled for this afternoon at 1... at cyon view vineyard chur in gra junction. as we' been repoing... geer was a navy veteran... husband... and fatheof two. e 17-year-old y accud of shooting him remainsn custody this morni. ti nor weath andraff on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowe is hereow with first aler5. a ak disturbance med throu last nig. it didn't bring much, but the tiny bit of precipitation it brought with it s ited colodo and was over oklahoma this morng. we still he some snowy spots in the northermountainthat will continuthugh this morning, the issueor uwill
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art r day, b after 1am it wl begin spading st e mountains. e wind from pueblo and caon cityth tough tnidad n bespeclly gustd in the 15-30 mph range. e morng drive comes with no weather sues. mpatures will be in the 30s with somliering clds. thevening drive will be breezy on the pueblo end with temperatures coing through the 50s d 60 mperures now a in the 20 withncreing sunshine and decreasingloud we willarm througthe 30s and into the 40s by 10 am. colorado sprgs will be nearing egeson, while eb d tybe csing in on 60 degre pect 50s and 60s thrgh 5 pm this afternoon. thevening comes with a mostly y clear sky and temperatures ing through the 50s and into
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,,,,,, e unexpected death of u-s supreme court justice is reshaping the 2016 race for the
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there's a ttvehis replacen.. that's next. plus.. a rental car company evacuated after a mechanic mes a ca..
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welcomback... today the dy of suprcourt justice anton scal is back in ington d... and more fut ipected fromis suddedeath. publicane insist presidenama hold o and let the next presidentame a ccessor. but wereeady starting to hear some names of who that replacement mighbe. tracie potts reports ---insert pkg--- sot:resint barack obama/ no super :00-:06 "i plan to fulfill my constitutional rponsibility to minate a successor." the white house sayshat won't
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but with flagst half-sff, we're already seeing possible candidates mentioned to replace justice annin scia: "cnn statethe ion"super burned in sot: jeb bush/ r presidential candidate :17-:20 "that's his prerogative. he has everyight to do it." sot: marco rubio/ r presidenti candida :21-:23 "that's his peroga. but we don't have to confirm him an we won't." the cours in the middlof its term, with more cases tor and decide beten now and july. without conservave scalia, key cases could end up in a e. super burn i sot: truz/ r pridenal candida :33-:41 throughout this country...partial birth abortion...taxpayer parental nification. "nbceet the press" r burn i sot: donald trump/ r presidential candidate :42-:43 "we need a conservative person." democrats inst theountry ouldn't have to wait nearly a ar for the next present to decide presidential cdidate :49-:55 "we have a president. he was elect. he has the right to nominate another sue court stice." "a this we" ease cesy sot: bernie sander d presidentialandite :56-1:00 "ion't thi the public woul
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actions to try to thwart what he is supposed be able to ." here in southern colorado... arewiheir support r demoatic presintial candidate bernie sanders... we have a look at that coming up in our next hour. but first... things a heating up in the republican party ahead of the south cana prima. in saturday's deba... donald trump w at the center of higy charged exchanges th jeb bush andenator ted cruz. trump accused former predent george w bush of faili to keep amera safe in the lead up th9/11 attacks. se mco rubio and ted cruz clashed over immigration.. with rubio calling crua liar, and even challenging his abilityto speak spanish. ohio governor john kasich condemned the to that, this is the ninth or tenth debate. what i've been watching here, this back anfort and these attacks, some of them are personal. i ink we're fixi to lose the eltion to hiary clinton if we don't stop this applause the next gop debate is schedul later this month in
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thisorning... a mississippi police officerremains inritical condition after being shot during a robbery investigation. corporal "rrk couc was shot in thhead yesterday.... after witnesses say two masked men came into a nvienee store.. threatening custer's lives. right now a 19-year-old man is in cusdy. lice say his fatheturned him in. right now... the f-b- investigating aer an explosive dece was found attached to a rerned rental car. yestery... authits shut down the rental car cility near the albuquerque's airpt... evacti employees and customers. mechanic fndevice routine insction. police the itewa deteined to be an explosive bus deemed safe, and the rental c facility was reopened shortly after. today... authorities arill woing track down who planted the de in new york... more than 140 firefiters
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house fire in brooky take a look.... you can see the flames coming out of the windows just aew hours ago... crews were able to put it comptelyut. one was injured. right w investigats are ill re of atay have started the fire. while we experience warm temperatures here in southern colorado... other states are stuck with snow anbitter cold!over the wkend... ere were record low temperatures in the rtheast and a ow sto in the midwest. at least 10 people were alized aftuge le-up nearndianapolis. and in n jsey... frigid tempertures caud lines to freeze creating problems for firefighte. in all... it was theoldest valen's day record in the northeast. time now for weather and traffic on the 5s. meorogist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. a weak disturbance moved through la night.
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didn't bnguch, but the bit pretation it brough witht has exited coradand was over oklahoma this morning. weill ve some snowy spots in the northern mountains tha will continue through this mog, the issueors will come wind ashat disturnce ves aw. thwind is inhe hills to start ouday, buter 10 am it will gin sping eastf e mountains. the windm pueblo and caon city south through trinidad ca be especially gusty and in t -30 mph rang the morning drive comewith no weather ises. atures will be in the 30s with somngering clouds. the evening drive will be zy on the pueblo end th mperures cooling throu the 50s and 60s. teeres are ithe 20s. with increasinnshi and decrsing clouds, we will warm through the 30s and into the 40s by 10 am. colorado sprgs will be nearing 50 degrees by noile pueblo and caon city will be closi in on 60 deges. expe 50s a 6 tough 5 pm this afternoon. the evening comes with a mostl easky and tempatures cooling through the 50s and into the weand mile 40s by 10 pm.
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e red suit?' welthat's so
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marvel's pfane and sarcastic supeero "deadpl"s breaking records at the box-office! the movie had rd box ofce opening f an r-rated this weekend... uling in an tited 135-million dollars he in the u- "deaool"o came the biggt february oningr a lge marn, overtak last year's "fifty shades of grey," wch made a little me than 85-million doars. the "20th century fox" film
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meanwhe... the hottest artists... are preparing for e 58th annu grammy ards tonight in los anles. over the weekend... crews were out putng on the final touches to the staples center before the celebries hit the recarpet. rapper-l cool-j will host the awaror t fifthear, and it will feature performances fr several stars including adele, taylor ift,ndusn eber. leading mberf nonati-- for tonight's awds is rapper "kerick lamar"... cluded among his 11 nomitions are ones for album year. taylor swirabs nominations ovall.. including album of the year... plusecord and song of the year and "the weeknd" also mes away with 7 nominations... inuding album of the year and record of the year. among the performances sted for tonight are tribut t recently psed sic stars david bowie and enn frey. ill ahead...
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underneath a stage during a dance performance... we'll show you the amazing video
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welcomback this is new deo to our newsroom... showing a series of r strikes in syria. the footage was uploaded to social media yesterday.. with
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kill ian attack in front o a school one video shows what is said to be t bodieof deachildren wrapped in sheets before burial. at thend of this week... e u-s and other major powers haveag to mited cessatn of hostilies syr. new this morning: an international aid agencsays an airstrike today in syria destrod a makeship cnic suppd by "dto without borders." itish group-- tching the civil wa- says russian warplas targeted theakhift spital and destroyed it. at least 10 people are dead and more tha30 hurt. take a look at this... in india.. a firereaks out undeeath a stage whe dancers ar perfor! it qckly spreads... fanned by high winds, attackg the sides of scaolding and lightingp thnighsky. thousands of people rushed to the exits. no one died. firefighters managed to t the fles uer control. annvestigation into the use continues this morning.
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pope francis continues his 5-day visiin mexico today. 'll hold mass in theation's least-catholic state yesterda the pope vised a chires spital... kissing and blessi dozens of sick children. some ped forelfies witthe pope -- while heose from thr wheelchairs to embrace him. at one point, francis also played dtoto one little boy, adnierg medicinerom a dropper. in chile... thousands join together for a od old fasoned tomato fight! it's all part of the aual "war of the tomato"... an event based on a adition in sin. yeery... 15-thousand people playfully rled the tomatoes at each otr during the battle. and if you're wondering... local farmerdonated th years
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timeow for weather and traic on the 5s. teorologist stephen bors is here n with first alert 5. a weak disturbance moved through last night. it didn't bring much, but the tiny bit of pripitatioit ought ihaexited colorado and was over oklahoma this morning. we still havsome swy spots the nthern mountains at will continue through th rning, the issue for us will come wd tt stbae moves away. e winds in the hls to start our day, but after 10 am it will ben spreading east of the mountain e windrom puebnd con city south through trinid can be especially gusty and the -3mph range. the morning drive mes with no atheissu. mperatures will be in the 30 th some lingering clouds the evening drive will be breezy on the pueo end with temperatur coong through the 50s and 60s. temperures now are ithe 20s. with increasing sunshinend creang clouds,e will warm througthe 30s and into the 4 by 10 am. colorado springs will be neari 50 degrees by noon, while pueblo and on city wil clong in on 60 degrees. expect 50s and0s thrgh 5 pm th aftnoon e evening mes th aostly
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cooling througthe 50s and into
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pl.. as black hillsney customers arpushing for lower .. e to save two of the company's statinifie why the future of the pueblo land ly council's nds. a weak disturbance passed through colorado last night. our tempatures are in th upper 20s to startur monday. you may have a fsty ield, but the lileit of pretation thall overnight has exited t area. i'll be back witsunny d unseasonably warm forecast coming up ineaer & traffic on the 5's. good morning, thanks for joining us othis mday morning.. it's february 15th. i'm shellene cockrell. and i'm ira onin. first at 5: in just a few urs-- anned parenthood will re-open s clinic in colorado sprin-- just a fewonths after november's deadly tack. our news's joanna se joins usivfrom centennial boulevard with moron wt changes ople can expect.... goodorning... plannerehood will be holdina -oni ceron righhere ae westde clinic.. a littleat this mornin
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thbuilng wasevely damaged when a police ctical vehicle lled "e arcat" rammed thugh the front or to protect officers in their sech r the shooter. itially, planned parenoo said the building was destroyed, but work h been ne to reopen about a third the building to provide the full range pland parenthoodvices, including abortions, although on a redud scale. ies and employees will notice aew entrance and enhancedecity measures. "nobody should have too to a fortress for the health care, so we want it to be both safe and wa and welcoming." planned ntodthe rest he buildould be back opein a few months. asor the shoing suspect, robert dea he's been oed to undergo a mental health evaluation in pueblond ie bacour on t 24th. we'll at the ceremony and 'll have more ts story at on and oe at ka dot com. reporting live in colorado
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ks joanna... in puebl.. black hills energy customers are sounding off agait e utity giant... sayi tir energy costs have tigh for too long the group re-volt pueblo organized yesterday's "black hills, black heart" even protesters to write meages on the sidewalk ide k ll state representative "daneya esgar" showed up to support... as she's been pushing for a locavoice on the plic utilities commission to represent the interests of pueblo ratepayers. those in attendance hope their wl spk ange i the company policy. we have to get together and we have to confront these b corporations that basically have no sense right a wrong when it cos toling with the


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