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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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but rk has been done to reopen about a thd of the building to provide the full rge of planned parenthood services, includortions, althougon a reced scal clients and employees will notice a new entrance and enhanced secury measur. "nobody should have to go to a fortress for their health care, so we wantt to be both se d warm and welcoming." planned parentho says the rest ofhe building should be back open in a few months. as for the soting suspec robert dear, he's been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation ipulo and idue back icot on t 24th. we'll at the ceremony and we'll haveore on this story at noon and online at koaa dot com. reportinlive in colorado springs, joanna wi, ws. anks joanna... in puebl.. black hills energy customers ant... saying the energy costs have been too high for too long the group re-volt pueblo
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hills, black heart" event, supplyink chalk to protesters to wre ssages on the dewalk outside bck hls headquarte in downtown pueblo. ste presentative "daneya esgar" showed upo support... as she's been pushing for a local voice on t pc utilities mmsi represent the interests of pueblo ratayers. those in attendance hope their messages will ark change in thcompany licy. we have to get togher and we have to confront these big corporations that bay have no sense of right and wrong when it comes to dealing with the wi t community. residentl customers weren' the only os protesting.... businewners inowntow historic district wrote mees in t windows as well. the te of black hills stations 5 & 6 -- now lies with pueblo city council... talks to demolish the de been going on for the pastwo
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pueblo historic preservation commission has applied for the city tconsider designating t si as a historicdmk... ps the ildiure -- directly citcounci hand they have 60 days -- from when the application was fid to decide on the designatio if council vott -- there won't anything stping the down. the demolition will have an adverse imct on is beautif area that wee insted in if you'd like wei in -- there's a public hearing on march 7th before city councilultimatdecides th fate of e building. ather and affion t 5s. ief morninmeteologt sthen bowe is here now with first alert 5. a we disturbce moved through st night it didn't bring much, but the tiny bit of precipitation it brought with it has exited colorado and was over oahoma is morni. we still have some snowy spots in
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will continue throh morn the issue for wilbecome wind as that dturbance moves aw. the nd is in the hilo start our day, but aft 10 am it will begin reading east of the mountain the wi fro pulond caon city south throh trinad can be especially gus and in the -30 mph range. the moindrive mewith no weather issues. temperatures will be in the 30sith me lingering clouds. the evening drive will be eezy othe pueblo end with temperatures coolg through the 50s and 60s. temperatures now are in the 20s. with increing sunshine a decreasilouds, we will warm through the 30s and into the s 0 am. colorado springs will be nearing 50 degreesy noon, while pueblo and caon city will belosi in on 60
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this afternoon. the evening mewith a mostly clear d temperur oling through th50s and into
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,,,,,, today... the mesa county sheriff's deuty who was kill in the line ofuty ll be id to rest. a funerafor deputy "derek geeris schedul for thi afternoon at... "canyon vw vineyard church" in "grand junction". as we've been reporting... geer w a navy veteran... a sb.. andat two. the 17-yr-old male. accused of shootg him remains in stody is morning. today... the denver broncos a investigating after back-up fety "shiloh keo" was arrested for d-u-in idaho.. where he has a home. this is his booking photo om the ada county sheri'sffice. the 28-year old -- was taken in custody earlyaturday morning. he has sinailed t. a stement -- the broncos said they are aware of t tternd are in the process ofg it.
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new lawsuit filed againshi almaater the unirsity of tennessee. six n aim the university viated tit regulatio about ports exual assaults by student athle the lawsuit focuses on five cases betwn 2013 and015. but also mentions a 1996 sexual harssment complainty a tennessee athlet trainer about an incent when she treatedanning as a student-athelete that trainer later suenng for demaon... and settlee case. in this new lawsuit, tomen claim -- t uversity is"indifferent" wa sual assaultsy student athletes. the university denies any wrongdoing. still ahead... ayg in the hostal be uncoortable and sometimes frightening.. but virtual aly is helping patien. de with reality... that's next in your healthy family. and... if you're enjoying ahree day weend... you can also enjoyavings at
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your consumer watch. in today'sour health family.. staying in t hospital is no fun. stssful. but new innovative sdy is aiming to ease thetress fo patits...
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erika wards ports... --- pkg -- underwater nats imaginbeing immersed in this peacefulnderwa world... "oh my god this is incredible.." thwomawhe voice yo hear... "a shark juswent by my hea" ... is not sba diving... she'a paent inhe hospital. "oh my god!" docts at cedars-sinai in los angeles are studying the effec virtual reali on hospital patients... whose re world surrounngs can be sterile, comfortabl sometimes frightening. sot: d brennan spiegel - ceda-sinai health system :28 - :33 "this is aincredible opportunity to escape the four wallof the hospita" patients are carried awato different rlds... likeceland or the ocn. researchers have tested the virtual reality syst with about 70 pple far. ny say it's helping lieve stress and anxiety. sot: kathy freund - patient - :45 - :4 his was like the greatest diversion that i could have ever had." "ahhoh gosh!!
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mott children's hospit at the unersity of michigan. docts there ve also us virtual reality -- in this case -- turning wheelchairs into rollercoasters! 'm on of the world!!" thcersinai team thinks virtual reity could also be useful for women enduring long labors... and those havi to wait for painful predures. sot: dr. brennan spl - cedars-sinai health system - 1:13 - 18 "now we need to knowdoest improve pain scos,s it impre oopresre?" nats yoger patients have been most willing to te system... buit older patients who appe to be most amazed by it and could get the biggest benefit. erika edwas, nbc news. in this morning's health watch... having physically demanding job ... uld lead to heart oblems for won with high bld essure. researchers in dmark folwed mo than 12-thousand le nurses ... they found highly active nses with hh blood sure . d almost triple the risk of developi heart disse ... than less activeurses with normal blood pressure. perts say heavy lifting and carrying can cause spike in
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that may be harmful ineople with hypernsion. teenaged boywho dot get enough sleep could be at risk -- fotype two diabete researers monitoe eep pattns of 70children -- into adolescence. they found boys who got less slow wave-- or -- restorative sleep -- were mo likely to develop insulin resistance. but-- they didn't find the same coelation in girls. weather d trafc on the 5s. ief rning meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. a weak disturbance moved through la night it didn't brg much, but the tiny bit of precipitation it brought with it haexitedcolorado a was over oklahoma thisorning. we stillavsome snowy spots in the northerthat will continue througthis morning, the issue for uwill become wind as that disturbance moves away. the wind is inhe hillso start our day, but after 10 am it wilbegin spading east of mountains. the wind from pueblo and caon ty south through trinidad can be especially gusty and in the 150 mph range.
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weather issues. temperatures will in the 30s with some lingering clouds. the evening drive will be br on theueo end with temperatures cooling through the 50s and temperatures now aren the 20 with increasing sund decreasing cloud we will wa tough the 3 and into the 40s byam. colodo springs wl be nring 50 degrees by no, while pueblo d caon cityill be closing in on 60 deges. expect 50s and 60s through 5 pm this afteron. the evening comes th a mostly clear sky and temperatures cooling through the 50s and into
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,,,,,, in this morning's conser tch... day is president's day... whh means 's a good ti t hit e mall! many retlers are having storewide sales tolear out merchaise left over fromhe holiys. president's day is traditionally
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bungolidays of the year... with deale offering additional incees and savings. fatwallet dot com says esident'y saleso offer onof the best times ofhe ye tta advtagef de discnting home upgrades from big name bran. 're a livok in ne york... where the stock market is ed for president's day. wall street isakthe day off ter ending last week on high note... frid... the dow closed up -- me th 300 pnts... after oil prices saw its bigge gain in ve years. thcurrent price is9.44 per barrell. anwhile weove yi less for gas... higher oilrices cobe a goodign for wall stree for weeks... the plumting pri of oil has fueled ccerns that the glob emy is in trouble. we're on a few weeksnto tax season and the i-r-s ialready
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fraudulent tax returns the od news is... this year many are being cght the i-r-s... since more security measures are return from aake one. perts say this season's onslauof fraud -- can be traced bacto last year's data security breaches whe millions of sociasecurity nbers ended up in the hands of thieves. "in mostases, we're hearin at they're e- filing. they're just doing this lk...massive amounts of rerns and they kw a lot of thesare ing to get rejecte ey'rgoing be caught t i" unrtunately tareturn fra isot gng away an so. and as we've been reporting... e beay tep tev from getng your moy is filing as soon as possible! pertsuggest fing your return by thend ofs week! wait! you may wonderi, 'why the red suit?' well that's so d guys can see me bleed. coming up...
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the box office... ... the super bowl0 m-v-p gets scientific on saturday night ve... d squeezes in a jab at cam newtonn the ocess... newsive is bacafter the
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"she's gonna do super ro wooo! supehe wooo! super ro landing. you know, that's really hard on
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marvel's profane and sarcastic superhero eaool" had co b offe ening for an r- ratedilm this weekend. it hauled in an estimated 135- million doars at the destic box office. "deadpl" also became t biggest february opening ever a large rgin, overtang last year'sfty shades of grey," which made a litmore than 85-mlion dollars. the "2h centy fox" film stars "ryan reynolds." it had a buetf 58illion. mewhe... e ttt tists. are preping for the 58th annual grammy awar tight in los angeles. ov t wnd... crews were out putting on e final touches to the staples ceer bore e celebries hit the red carpet. rapp l-lool-j will host the awards for t fif yea and it will feature performaes om several stars iluding adele, tayr ift,nd justin bieber. ading the number of
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lamar".. ined among his 11 nominations are onesor album of the year and ngf thar. ylor swift grabs 7 ninions overall.. inuding album of the yr... plus record song of the year and "theeeknd" also comes away th 7 nominations... including album of the year an record of e year. amg the performances slated fotonight artributes to recently passed musistars david wie and glenn fr. while we'rstill waiting hear autronc qrterback peyton manning's future... for another hall-of-fame career. after 20 yearsn the n-b-a, kobe bryant will hang up his well-worn snears and wt for thevenal cl the hall of fa.... last night in tonto, the mamba was the in attractn one la time in h 18th and final all-star gamappearce. in aecd nighfoall-star org, kobe was kept relatively und wraps, only putting up ten points with seven assists. inea bryant earned a well
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d bronco fs. did yocatcyouruper bowl m-v-von er on saturday ght live?? von was rocking the "weekend upte" de... and was asked to to help break down a huge scieific discovery last week of gravitational waves... braking down in football terms...
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chief mometeorogis stephen bo is he now wit rst alert 5. a weak disturbance moved throu st n. it didn bngh,ut t tiny bit of prepitation it brought wi i has it corado and was ov oklahoma this mornin we ill have some snowy spots in the northernountainshat will
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the sue for will beme wind as th disturbance moves away. thwind is inhe hil t start our day, but after 10 am it will begin spreading east of the tains. the wi fro pueblo and caon cy south through trinidad can be especially gusty d in the 15-30 mph range. thmorning ive comes with no ather issues temperatur wi be inhe 30s wh some linginclouds. the evendriv ll be brzy othe eblo e
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taki aive look fm r codoprdio mera.. asteen sai..
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first up at 6:30 happeng today-- planned nthoodill reen its doors in colorado springs... lesshan the months after the dely aack there. our news 5's joanna joi usive from centennial boulevard with more on wha changes people can expect.... od morning... planned parenthood wilbe lding a re-openingeremony right he at the westde clinic... lile laterhis morng at
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the buildi was serely damaged when a police tactical vehicle calledthe becat" rammed through the front doo protofficers in their search for shooter. initially, planned parenthood said the blding was stroyed, but work has been ne to reopen out a third of the buiing prove the full range of planned parenthoodervices, ininabortions, although on duced scale. clients and ployees will notice a entrance and enhanced security measures. "noby should have go to a rtress for their health care, so we want it to be both safe and warm and welcoming." planned panthoodays the re of the building should be back opein a few months. as for the shoing suect, robert dear, he's be ordered to undergo a mental health evaluationn pueblo and is due back in court on the 24th. we'll bet the ceremony and we'll haveore on tsty at noon and oe at koaa dot com. reporting live icolora
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e e er of closures for presidentsay... all scols... and government are closed... that includes the po office. most banksnd credit unionsre clos.. check with yr branch before you all pikes peak distrt and pueblo city-county library branches are closed today... city buses will be otheir regur routes today...instigators are ststl trying to figure out at caused a fire in colorado spris at left two dogsead. it hapneyesterday at the "highlanmobile home pa" on rth hanck. police say none was home at the time... but two dogs we kill in the fire. fortunaty... fireghters were able to save twotr dogs who made out safely. today... the search continues in colorado for a ed fugitive... who police say is armed and dangous. take a look... this is "dennis moon". the colorado department of rrtions sa...
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monitor and skip out on parolek.. along with another parolee "wesley jones." both are membersthwhite- suprpron gang known as "2-eleven crew," t gang lied to t 23 murder of stat prisons chie"tomlements" yesterday. but simonton is stilon the run... call polic toda.. we're waiting to hear from poce on the e two corado. the firshappen earlyuny rning in colorado springs along northbound i-25 ar fontanero. poli sayaniewhen a up truck hit bar alo e er. mning... ceavstill not released thidtity oe woman. the crash shut dow25 for sel hours e crs instigat. this morning oneans dead. and anothe recovering inhe hospital wits injuries after a head on crash in fremont county. it happened last nig on
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just east of the ral gorge. ste patrol says seiel garduno" of pueblo ... died in the crh his pick-up hit an s-u-v heaon. the drer of the s-u-v, "mhael amsof colado springs, was flo to saint mary-corwin hospital in pueblo with serio injuries. a won the s-u-v h min injurieshi two kids in t ba seat escaped uninre so far, no w wt caused that cra. check this o... an investigation is derway this mning.. after forty-eight peop w rescued -- from two stranded tr cars -- aa new hampshire ski resortn sunday officials say the cars became nd on the "cn mountain aerial tramway". some 40 feet off the ground. all of the of the people safely ppelled down from the am. officials think the problem could a brake i.
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weathed traffic on the 5 ief morning meteologist stephen bowers ihere now wh rst alert 5. weak disturban mov thrgh last night. it didn't bring much, but the tiny bit precipitation it brought with is exit colorado and was over oklahom morng. we sll have some snowy spots in the northern mountains that will continue througis morning, the issue for uwill
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50s and 60s. mpatures nren e 20
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decreasing clos,ll warm through the0s and into ths by 10 am. co sin will be nearing 50 degrees by onile pueblo ancan ci wil clin oegrees. expend 60sough 5 th afternoon. the evening comes th a mos cleasky temperatur coolinthh th50s and into the lower and midd 40sy
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th osue court stice anton scalias back in s me state of rgin arriv all airport late sday nigh rlier, a procession about 20 police officers broug the body to anl paso funer home from the wteh e alia fouead on saturday. cials we awainword out whether the medical examiner would perform an autopsy, but it was deemed unnecessary. it is beevedhe 79-year-old scalia died of natural causes. scalia wasppointed by president naldeagan in9- has been t senior member of the court for several years flags were at half sta sunday across e nation's capital as an of resct for "jtice scalia." and be his neraservice arrangmes have been announced... rumors are already swirling er who will be picked ttake fill his now vacant seat on the naon highest court
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srinivasan" -- on the washington, dcrt of appeals, ... patricia millett, also on the dc court of appeals ... ... and paul watford, theinth circuit cour appls in california. president obama will not be fong on a new chief justice today... ea.. he will meet with leaders from the association of southeast asian nations inalifornia later this morning. 's the fst u-s-asean gathering hosted in the united statsecrety oftate john kerr and crety of commee pey itzker will here. e grouwillov several issues including "security ade, and climate chang coming up. ye.. it feels like springn colorado... while winter is in full effect in o parts of the country... we'll tell you wre chill is on...
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our neck of the woods... r thk. within the las wiin the last 15 minutes-- we got this amateur veo-- appeing to show thtermath of aairstrike syria. an internaonal aid agency ys a makeshift clinic supported by "doctors without borrs" was hit. a itish oup-- watcng the civil war-- ys russian
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hospal and destroyed it. at least 1people areead and re than 30 ht. japan's okinawa distct and the centragovernment squared off toy in case over e relocation of a ntroversial u-s military base. okinawa wants thceral government to stop the relocation of a u-s marine corps r stion in it's distct. lastear, okinawa'sovernor revoked approval needed for landfill work for the new base. the governmentuspended that decision... d sumed landll work. okinawa wants thsuspenon ovturned a the basmoved elsewhere. okinawa adhosts the bulk of the u military in japan. the court wi hanwn a cisin february 29th. righnow. the f-b-i is investigati after an explosive device was found attached to a returned rental car in albuquerque. yeerday... authities ut down the real cafacility near thalbuququinternational airport...
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custers... when aechanic found the device during routine inspection after the car had been retned. lice s thetem was determined to be an explosive -- but was deemed safe, and the rental caracility was reopened shorafter. today...authorities are stl working to tracdown who planted t ce. while we expience warmer temperures here in sohern colorado... other ates are stuck with snow anbitter cold! over the wke... there were record low temperatures in the northeast and a snow storm in the midwe. at lea 10 people were spizedfter a huge pile-up nendianapolis. and in newersey... frigid tempertures caused lines to freeze creating problemfor firefiters. in all... it was the coldestentine's day on rord in torth atheanaffic thes. ief rning meteorologis epn bowerss here n with first alert a weak disturbance moved thrgh lastight. it didn't bring much, but th tiny b oprecipitation it
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coloradondas over oklahoma th morni. we still have some swy spots inhe northern mountains that will continue through th morning, the issue for uwill become wind as that sturbance moves away the wind is in the hills to start our day, but after 10 it will gispreading eastf the mountains. the wind fm pueblo caon city south thrgh trinid can be especially gusty and inhe 15-30 h rang thmorning drive comes witho weather issues. temperates will be in the 30s withome lingerinclouds. the evening drive will be bree on t pueblo end with temperaturesoolinghrough the 50s and 60s. temperatures nowre ithe s. with increasing nshine and decreasing clouds, we will warm through the 30s and into the 40s by 10 am. colorado springsill be nearing 50egreesy noon, while pueblo and caon city will closing in on 60egrees. expect 50s and 60s through 5 pm this afternoon. the evening comes with mostly clear y and teeratures cooling thugh the 50s into the lower and middle 40s by 10 pm. new this mning from acrosshe pacic... auralian and chinese authorits are hailing a major drug bt...
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new this morning froacss the cific... australian and chine auorits e hailg a major ug bust... afr nding a hugeta oan ingredient used to make crtame. australianederal pice & china's national narcotics control commission found a liquid chemical lled "methyl- ampethamine"acked into imported b of bra inserts and art pplies. they say it can produce about 11 hundred unds of crystal meth... with the street value at more an 900 million dollars... th also found more than four
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people with ng kong passrts have been arsted. ey'll be icournext month lifeguards pulled ofa dramat reue along the california coast sunday. a 19 year old mastuck became in the cove, after a wave swept m f the reef just after 1pm. lifeguar swam through rough was to geto ctim... and had to use a cranto get him out of e water. the arm of the crane went over the edge of the cliff to lift hitoafety and fortunatelhe only suffered minor injuries. "oh go i thought i was gonna drow like honestly, there was a point where i was hainon the rock over there, i tught ias gonna drn, so finitely a very scary experienc" satuay -lifear responded to more than 12 rescues... ay most hoseere situations that were aidable. we will be right back th
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adlines with the fivthings you need to knowefore you go. and... 's sh erie wh a
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itost 7: re are t five thgs to kn before you go. taking one last liveook from the washinon monument in d-c on this presidentsay.. there are a number of closures today... all public schools... angovernment offices are closed... that includes e st office. most ban and credit unions are closed... checth your branch befe you . all kes peak district an eb city-countyibrary branches are closed today... wever, cy busewill be on their regularoutes.
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enhimorning... for the fit time sincehe deadly attack in novemr. a-m. only about a third of the building canused rht now -- due to the damage sustaed during november's atck... the rest of the buildinguld be back openn a few nths. e mesa county ifuty who was killn e line of duty will be laid to rest. a funel for deputy "dere ge" is scheduled for thi afternoon at 1... at "canyon view viyard crch" in "granjuncti". as wveeen reporting... er was a navy veten... a husband... and father of two. th17-year-old male... accused of shooting him remains in cuodthis morng. e searchonnues in cora for "dennis simont"... who police say is armed and dangous. officials say the wanted fugitive removed his ankle monitor and skipped out on parole last week... is a member of the whe-
6:52 am
"2-eleven crew," theang linked to the 2013 murder of state prisons chief "tom clements" eeim're asketo call police. the deer broncos are investigatg afteback-u safetyshiloh keo" was arreed for a u-i in idaho.... where he h a home. this is his booking photo fr the adcounty sheriff's oice. the 28-year ol wasen into custodyly saturday morning. he has sinceailed out. in atatement -- the broncos said theare aware of thematter andre ithe process reviewing it weher and traffi the 5 chief morning meteorologist stephen bowers is here now wit firsalt a weak disturbance moved thrgh last night. it didn't brg much, but the tiny bit opripitatioit brought witht has exed colora a was over oklahoma this mng we still have some snowy spots in the northern mouains that will ctinue rough is morning, the issue for us will
6:53 am
moves away the wind is the hills to start our day, but aer 10 am it will begin spreading eastf the mountains. the windrom pueblo andaon cityouth tgh trinidad can be especially gusty and in the 150 mph range. the morning ive comes th no weher issues temperures wl ben the 30s somngering clouds. the eveng drive will be brzy on the pueblo end with teeratur cooling through the 50and 60 temperatures now are in the 20s. with increasing sunsne and creang cuds, we wi warm through the 30s and into the 40s by 10 am. colorado springs wl beearing 50 degre by no, while pueblo and can city will be closing o60 deges. this afternoon. the evening comes with a mostly clear sky and temperatures cooling thugh the 50s and into
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> good good morni. paying respects. the body of preme urt juice antonin scalia arrived in virgia overnight. whe the batt to who should
6:58 am
swing. we have areside. he w elected. has the right tnominate another supreme court justice. >> the lame duck preside in an election year is not going tbe ab ttip the lance the supre ur >> this rng,hepic once in a generation ght over the direction crt and the country. >>ns us li as his bs seto the caaign trail tay >>afr a weekend of rord setting lo, e weathe conditions wl affect 90 million from t deep soutto e north toda morrow, things ht in a big way. w scdafor spitzer? of chong a woman inside a ne york city hoteroom. allegation. police are investigati. and trapped!
6:59 am
baby, uck in a tin car for hourin s zero mpatures.e de fally lowered to safety by ro a gd to backn lid gr today, monday, feuary 15th, 2016. annnc nbc ns, this is "today" with matt lauer d savannah guthrlive from stioa in rockeller pza. go morning, everybody. weome to "day." it's presidents' day, moay rning. carson daly is in for matt. we have a lot toalk about. >> we do. >> so much h changed with the passin paing usti scalia. e flag outde the supme courat half-aff mning after this weend's sudn and unexpected deathf justice antoniscalia. replacing him, of course, will ti the balance of the supreme cot. that has igned alection year battle, and an epic o. we have two repos for you this morning.


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