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tv   Today  NBC  February 15, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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baby, uck in a tin car for hourin s zero mpatures.e de fally lowered to safety by ro a gd to backn lid gr today, monday, feuary 15th, 2016. annnc nbc ns, this is "today" with matt lauer d savannah guthrlive from stioa in rockeller pza. go morning, everybody. weome to "day." it's presidents' day, moay rning. carson daly is in for matt. we have a lot toalk about. >> we do. >> so much h changed with the passin paing usti scalia. e flag outde the supme courat half-aff mning after this weend's sudn and unexpected deathf justice antoniscalia. replacing him, of course, will ti the balance of the supreme cot. that has igned alection year battle, and an epic o. we have two repos for you this morning.
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pridti heful j bh li in moment. let's gin th pe williams who is at thurt this morning. goodorni to yo >> savannah, good morning. it's beemore than 50 years sincthe supre court s in this position, facg the sit part of the rmithout alni justices. thast big show of uncerty asourt preparo take up so othe most controvsi cases.>> repor >> reporter: draped in an american flag, the body of antonin scalia aived in viinia le sunday nht. the death aapparent hea attaas ath s of hi 80thirthy at thiwestexas guest ranch. he wn thcompy ofends befoyinghis ee h room. >>ound himself in a very congenial group. he was surroded by airers him and his work.
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appointee said scalia will be edor his wisdom and brilliance. nservativeand four liberal with eight jusces, it rais the possibility of a-4 tie. a tie leaves the lower court ruling intact, a victory for whoever woin the lowerourt. among the big cas this term, a tie womaintain tough new texarestrictions on ortion. poly eouraging oth es to passil laws. 4-vote would lea the legal hold in ple on president obama'plano le5 million it would head off an efft to weaken uons representing public emploes, inuding teachers. if president obama put scalis successor on the court, it would mean aibal majority. >> it's never be so clear at the balance per idlo ideologically is affte repor
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washgton, c. court, and a >>e'll soon know the funeral rangemts foruscecaa. if the famy wisheshe could the sreme crt building, just iide thonze doors at thtop of t. an honor last given to william rehnqut.stic justice alia's death has ter alexander has that part of the story. good morning. >>ood >> good morning you. the cot vacay is reframing 2016ampaign. this is now the rast of presidential electio. one where controof the wte house, congress annothe supreme court are all lay.n a >> in a moment of silence for justice scalia. >> reporte the moment of silee fojustice scalia lasted a moment before the political pile-on began. >> we ou >> we ought to make th2016 election aeferendum on the supre urt.
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justice scalia. >> repor >> reporter: the now emptyeat upping the ante in an rey fierce battle for the it house. >>res no way senate should confirm someone that rack obama tries to apin his last year in offe. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitchcconnell arguing it should not be filled unti ve aew president. with 11 months left in his term, prident ama insists he will nominateew jusce and pects senateconsider his choice fairly. take seriously, as should everyone. they're bier than any on party. ey are about our democracy. >> reporter: if the presidt ses the third justic that cod give theourt its first ted cr who once was a w
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nomine >> we' adving lame dk couldn't couldn't tip the balance of the court. >> reporter: this ad highlhts what's at ake. >> marriage, civil liberty we're one supreme court juste away from losing them al >> reporter:iery feuds in the publicanield >> ty lie. >> liar, lr, liar. >> reporter: saturday night's deba, the st comtive so fa highlighted in this exchange betwdona trump a jeb bush. >> obvioly, e war in iraq waa big, fat mtake. it took jeb bush, if you rememberat t beginning of s announceme, when he nod for presiden took him five days, he went back. it wasn't a mistake. wasn't a mistake. himive days before his people told him what to say.>> oth >> on this predents' day, former president george w. bus llampaign alongside s brother here fhe fir time. afr that diste with donald ump this weekend, jeb bush said that trump no long invited. in fact, the twoen didn't even shaknds after thdeba. savannah?
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repuan presintial hopeful governor j bush is with us now. goodo see you. >> good morning,avannah. >> i want to makre i undersndour position on is. senator mcconnell of the reblican ldershisugges nominee put rwarbyresident obama would not get a te. that it woul't come up in e sena. so of your rivals, namely, ted cruz and marco rubio, seem to ort atpproach. wherdo you come down on it? do you t do you think a nthe ent ould come r anp or down vote in e nate this year? >> is up to mitch coell in the senate. i'm not a nate and not running for the united stes senate. if he's going to take thatath, i respecthat. whathouldn hapn ian election year, aresint in a very divisive ki of me, should nominate someone and ve it be ssed. there shouldn't be deferce to thexecutive, is point. >>s th aopout, sayg it to nator mcconnell? shouldn't you take a position?
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if theres an up or dowvote, it shoul hould be rejecd based on the history of how predent obamselectjudges. if there is no vote, it's fine, o. at i'm what iaying is there shouldt be an obama --ustice election year. let it be an important part of thelti process. there's a lot riding on this. e seco the second amement, religious freedom d her causes portant for this cntry w be determined by this pick. >>or those sayg at there shouldn'be an up or down vote, and i unrstand y're not cessily e ofhem, are th on weakonstitutional ground? in otherords, you said t otheou're an article ii guy. makeslear the pre nominate nominates, senate advises and consts. it doesn't say, exce in an election yea >> the president has the right to nominate. that was my int in the debate. the senate has the rht to
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point i irresctive of thatere should not ban appointment based onhe record of presidentbama's selection of judges. they're they're way out of the mainstream this shod be an important point that we haven the election. i'm more than happtoitige that. even though i'm t a wy, i'm happy to lthe constitutiity of this se. l me lk about your campaign. presidenbugeorge w. bush, wi be on the trail wh you this morning. he's made point to stay out of the polical ay since he epped out of office. was it a was it a hard decision to ma? >> this will be first time 's gotten volved, and i reect the fact that as been out of thpolitical fray. it's aood tradition. li president clinton, guess, supporting h spouse, and, you know, he wants to helpis other. i don't i don't have a problem witthat at all. i'm prd ofiservice. i'm prouofy family's service. m running for presidt based on mown merits but the fac he'supporting me wl
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for . >> you say >> you say you're your oan, but naldrump said it was your brother who, according to trump, lied about ons mass destruction. he said he said 9/11 hapneonr brother's watch, so didn k us safe. and he added tre was an ecomic clapse at the e of the administration thaled to the election of barack oba. i guess guess the questis, by having your brotout on the trail, does this kind of inve that rtigationf the pa? >> it's interestinat donald ump aises putin and attas brother i think i ink inouth carolina primary, thas prably the ong ple to b >> did ybrother give you a advice for dling with meone likeonald trum >> i don >> i don't think my brother ever any experience with dealing wi person like donald trump. he's a bully and youave to stand up. i'm the only guy standing up agait him.
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cause by running as republican. thnoing inisthat would suggest s republican. i thinit important to std up to him. do it respectfully, do it with civity, but yocannot allow bully to take over this >> governor jeb bu, 'll be watching today. thank you for your time this ing. prectet. >> you b. onhe democratic side, llary clintod beie sanders say the president has the rit and responsibity to nominateew justice. this as the battle between them tighten . isten lker, good mni.>> carso good morning to y. secretary clinton was initially planning planng to campaign in florida extra day of campaigning here in neda. feeling e pressure from rging rnie sanders. she knows in order to win ese larger, more diver states, she needs latinos and african-americans tourn out in big mb binumbs. >> reporter: tay, wi the decratic race tightening, hillary clintoand bernie sanders are rning their attentn to nevada.
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going to win here in nada. >> repor >> reporr: both candides reaching out to african-americans and latinos, two key voting blocks. with clinton meeng with a group of dreamers in las vegas, and touching on the country's cial divide late sunday. dis >> discriminatanbigotry.we have wo to do to trto tear barriers down, too. >>eporter:anderss tryi rally minority ters to hi meage ofncome inuality >> together,e are going to create a govert that works for all of us. not ju not just the 1%. >> reporter: for clion, the silver state is cruciato regaininher montum, after a bruising dt new hampire. sanders is closing in, blanketing the airwavewith more than $2 million in ads, coared to clinton's nearly .5 million. >> she's nbernie. >> reporter:waperhaps
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delivered the shst blo spoofi clinton's sporters who nogivi sanders a rious lo. i can make u love me if u don't >> sre >> srery clinton is getting a boost today, an dorsent from a gf ministers in flint, mhigan, who say she's highlighted the water crisis there. it is an is issue that resonates wi africricans. >> ken welker in ro, thayo it w aeekend o hattering cold across e east the n half othuntry. way to show itnow and ice. >>nfortunately, this is what we may see repeated again. this is i-65 in indian 30
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hos, about 6vehicles involved. doze o zens of opleur. snowame . staed tcoat t roadsand a mes ok what wee coming into brutally cold air, although not d was. 17 bow. 4 lolbany. now we h now we he a storem ing noh anea the blue line is the freezg line. laa,ave rain. t you go north've got snow aneezing rn develong. is is at wre looking f. today and tonight, snowill spread io e nohet. temperes start to tart as snownew yond turn to rain. icy conditions forgia to new glan 100 ll 100 million ople in some sort of winter weather advisory. upwards of 12 inches of snow up to the north a icy mix as you get from atlanta, noh ta, e y up ew engla. wealsooing to be lking
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could soding,s well >>ow. >>emperatures risi uin the mid 50s. >> i w going to say, wmup it's like a roll cst >> keeping you busy, al. thanks. thorningfbi is ng tfigure out who tachedn explosivdeviceo a rent car. e car s rerned ely sunday a ch mechicalnd tevic duriinspecon. the buildi w evaated. avivertoanotr t to wait fohi but the airporrema open and no flights we cted. pe fnc willebrat mass todayn xico'sst cathol sta. on suny, t pope held an
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300,000 people in crime-en cy., e pope the pope cdemns e drug trade, telli worippe there can be, ote, no alogue wh e devil. pope francis is lfway through his five-dayrito mexico. hos long ordeafopele at new hampshire ski resort. tae he with t sry. >> good morning to y. two tram carmalfunctned, leindozeinuding an 8 month old baby, trped the biti cold for hours. their amatic rescue is cgh on cama. >> reporte a dayn the slopes in new hampshire turneinto a haowing reuewhenwo tram ca sudnly stped, leaving dozens stranded 40 feet in the air for almost three hrs in sub ze temperares. afr what pasngers described as a severjolt, e tram ce to a rnear t 4,000 foot summit. other near the base the mountain. the 48eoplped, montd baby with t mercu arod gative 4 degrs, bnkets were sen the top r to help guts stay rm until help arrive one by o by one, ski patrolnd firs repled each rson dowthrough a trap
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thkfully, no oneasured d noepts ofrosite. cann mntn cials saa mechanical iss, t thcold, caedhe braketo g stu, kingor an unpe downituaon forse o board. >> aof >> a lght,ws wer still workto fss tra the guests who wer offered hers to go bac untain fer day, wr day. >> wow. can you imagine, espially with baby. >> have u ben a tram and e the apdond t, wo i hope neverave se tt. nataliethyou. >>al, weeeag that's rit.we'lget our local forecast cong up the next 30 secondast (man) hmm. what do you think? (strange good mornin'!
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there's a lost cple in the men'department.(v the's gat big unhaki wld o there. plore n a ru streve. it's what makes a suba, a subaru las latestwe >> , ks. i flike we have to addrs this. we haven mentied it,ut vann, uerneh t table, ritt le >> that'sright. >> pleaseplain. >> well, i trippnfray,
7:18 am
al w a8:30 i wasushing bac to the side. d i trpe att wldy, could t s ph but d just trip eally sprained >> it's not brok? >> it'sot but probably c toei oken whong broken as itould be. 's a vy bad spra. >> howgil yth boot t ooureks. >>hyren't wng ighool >> yd es. it >> rple leg w uceed. i st gstly ptus to tse guys over the weekend. thisas the oensing boot. >>etherap lot win erap whhrheel they ll i was rni and iwisted it th's w i'lleeari ts acveboot
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>>teeds t bedaled. >> .let's get mthatewarte ando a y boot prec >> we ouo that > coming up, forme new york rnortt spitzerccused of chong a woman iide a hotel ro what wre lrningut the vestigion thi morn howld youreactf you w a parentressur the kid tshoplift?
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for a wanted fugitive... who police say is armed and dangerous. take look. this is "dennis simonton". the colorado dartment of correcons says.. was able to remove his ane motor and skip out on parole last week.. along with anoth parolee "wesley jones." both areembe othe white- supremacist pronang knn "2-eleven crew," e ganginked to the 2013 murder of state prisons chief "tom clemen" jones was caught in englewood yesterday. but simonts still on the run. if you see himou're asked to call police. today... we're waitinto hr from poce othe cause of a deadly cra in uthern colorado. it hpeneearly nday morng in colorado springs along nortound-25 ar fontanero. police say a woman died when a pickup truck a barrier along e shoulder this morning... po havill not released identity of thwon. thcrash shutown i- for several hours while crews investigated. chf rng meteologist -- stephen bowers joins us w with a lookt our local reca..
7:26 am
windill increase and blow 15-30 mph th higher gusts, especially along and west of i-25. with increasing sunshine and decreasinglouds, wwillarm through e s and into t 40s by 10 am. colorado springs wilbe nearing 50 degreesy noon, while pueblo d ocity will closing in o60 degrees. expect 50s and 60s through pm th aftnoon e eving mes th aostl clear sky d temperures coolg throug50s and in lower and dd0sy pm.
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>> >>7:30onymorng. february, 2016
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have a big hol crowd aving the chillyeaer in efeller center. if they stay a few days it w get warm>>t's going rm. back inside of studio 1a. here a headlin. e ma the res rubcans inst at prident holdff and l the xt presidentame the successor. >> no way the se should conf anyone that barack ob tries to appnt inast ar i office. >> we oug to make the 2016 electi a referendum on the supreme court. >> we have a president. he was elected. he has theight to nominate another suprcourt ice. >> thehite houays president obama ll nome a succsor to justicecaa oncee nate rur fm a we-l rece mgan governorroming
7:30 am
t to deal with the ci's lead-contaminated water. the city asking the federal vern txp micd coverage to people. e u.s. surgeon general tomorrow. >>jelry hst iouth carolina where -year-old abigail ke is acced of lling out a gu zip t oy a stealing $ million. she similar charges in georgiand florid fmererno spitz vestated a aeged asul aotel right her in w york cit this. goodning. savann. he was ogovernor of the state and now facing ather potentlly embssing scand hotels. ellitzerk in tabl former nork gornor
7:31 am
ug paying for sex with a -end escort isow u investigation for assault. urces, familiar with that investigation, tell nbc new that on satuay night spitzan a womn her m-20s entered new york's icoc plaza hotel and hded up t one of rooms. de, spitz every iscced ofking the woman. nypd investigatingim for assa butot for sexl sault. a source familr th the investigation says aft the algedncident t wan st r ists but the woundsere not lifehreatening. no charges have been f and a spokespers sayhere iso truth to the allegation. 2008, a proutioncandal forced stzer signs governor, st mths aft insworn in. >> i've acted in a w that violat the oigations to my family. reporter: he was never charged with a crime. spitzettempted a careern television >> the politnsre sping. >>orter:ting ort-live
7:32 am
e he a right toesnd o the oer side. >>epter: beforaailed return to politi losingo hisent in the cric primary for comptroller of new york city in 2013. foowing that ls, spitzer divorced his wife and later sttedatinthe skeern for hlecampaign sources tell nbchat ovnigh the won traved home to russ. still a lot of questionsn this se. no queion it is getting a lot of attention, witrs o the storbreang,gu zer was trendin topic o twter. >> all right. ank you. ackn t wtherow from al. todas wther isrought to you by capit one, switch to the venture card from capital one and earn unmid dole mis u can use onnyirli ytime.>> wellhe bigr part ohis
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50es worth ofinte her advisom georgia to maine. 100 million people atisk. we ave a se sereide to thsy, as we. he thustortreting om louisia ando arkaas, up in to tennesse we he a risoron storms om cal louisiana a the y o thorpanhe. ca rul out pblenado and lf avy rain w m. day, showers andto intensify ewrleans to montgomeryalab we moven tmorrow there going to mst fro atnta ilori sth ntral florid a well. rafa amous, the heaviest ous outhree to five
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new tidy cats lightweight in-1 fi mess right. ats ree stng litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat.a tidy cats for th >>e' >> we'reack at 7:40 ts moin rosn rerts,e're kking off a se,p i otep f? >>s soc experiments to st how you'd respond to ethicadias. jeff rossen iere wit h en meras.goodmornin >> i brought the camerasith me. wery toch our kshe difference ben rht a ong.eey ,y. at includeshe lesson that steali is bad. at if youan into a mhe wiout morals? a woman telling her daughter to steal right in front ofyou, wod you stand up to moer, sp the kid before she
7:40 am
knowt you do? ecuthat weound on hidden came >> reporter: who hasn't bee there? >> can i hav chocolate? >> no. >>eporteour chi is begging f a trt. >>eally want it. >> reporter:ut this mom isn abouto pay. >> if youant , yohave to eal it. reporter: w pulled thi scenario from thelines. police say this florida mom was ug on camera coaching her y daughtero steal anxpensive bottle of tequila. when theomalks away, watch the giridehe battl hind her back and walk out. ho would you react if you saw it happening? r hidn cameras a rolli w jersey. our actors are wired up >>ove the mom and daughter into place. reporr: we are watching everythingrom a secret control room doairs. m, can i have this box of cholates? first , thi real-life
7:41 am
out right nexto the actors en the cashier steps awa -- >> no, sweetie. to exnsive. >> please >>eporter: theirl is already watching. now time for t twist. f you lyant it, you know whayou ha to do, okay? >> what? >> you have to steal it, j like okay? want to make mteal it?>> p it und your jacket, ay? >> the girl can't believe her ears >>l goo the car see iwo put it under your jacket. you'll be fine. nobody is going to arrest akid. m! >>eporr: o mom wal out and theid actorsow alone, about to stealhe chocolates. it's now or neror the gl too something. >> iwouldn't. there. you canust save up your money and wait to buy it. >> that' rit. e jt stoed her. ki to ki >> thas the right tng t . >>eporr:ime toee ts im stopper.
7:42 am
u said stop why? because is not right to steal. >> mom taugh yight over here huh? >> very proud ofher. >> reporter: ift's tha eas for a k to speak up, grown-ups willefinity jump in,ght? >> if you wt it, you have to stl it. >> while a few people privately told the store -- >> i tnk the mother is trying to get her daughter to steal a box of chocolates -- >> reporter: mostaid nothing and did thg. this mervously tappin the counter. th wan doing herest t lo away. >> d you think about confroinghe andsang, whatreou doing? ieel like that's not my ple to do it. yo never know wt kd of reaction youe goingo get. >> is n my life, you know. >> not your fe. you dn't wanonfronon right. >>eporter:utill all the adults stay sile? this woman is aboono o sock. >> if u want the cholate, do what i td you. >> reporter:he's watching like a hawk. >> put itnder your jacket
7:43 am
two minutes. >> reporter: she'slearlyorn abthat to do. staring, silent, for almost a minute, before this. >> how much is t chocolates? t's $20. >> does she reayouo take that? >> yeah. you know what? i'll buy it for you. d't want you to takeit. >> why? >> it'sot the right thing t do. >> that is so heartwarng. she actually bought the chocolate for litt gl. can't waito meet her. jeff r fro news. you did a beautifuthing, bought her the chocolate. y? >> ft is t rig thing to dot the moment. te ce ofheittl girl.>> didt wero feel bad abouer mother, but i didn't wanter to have to steal t cay. thank you being soreat andelping her ou >> you're weome. >> thank you. >> w loveappy endings. now we want t know how you would ret. you woun't say a word, probablyut i'm -- >> wow. >> i kw you.
7:44 am
coming u my facebookange. reports. i'll answer youruestions live. k us anyt i'd l to a why you think we wouldn't do ything. we'll talk about that offline. >> wt do you have tomorr? >> another ethical dilea. we're talking about another hot topic, entit ds when i was kid, youot a trophy only for nning. today, kid get tm for anhing, even participion. how would you react if you saw a dad set thatis boys got trophies, even though they lost the game? uld you defend the or the ki? ain. teams. tomorrow? you'l probay side wh the d. jeff, tnks s ch. cing anye west's
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that's casback now, and cashk again later. 's cash back d\j v the citi double cash card. the onlyd that lets you earn ch ba twice on every purcha with 1% when you buy and1% as you pay. with t ways to earn,it makes a lot of her cards seem one sided. > we'r we'rck a 7:49. record-shattering weekend for "deaoo >> it became the highest grossi februar release of all time. >> this is differe kind ofsuperher story. reporr:his ekd, aood bath. theox offic burned record and mt notably,ectations for mike this, accnt down. nodoubt, the movie "deadol" maki ll
7:49 am
biggestebruary opengever. >> rorter: t com b flick starrg ryanyn exct pullown an estimated $150 million for the four-day weekend. >> nobody is getting hurt >> reporte all by bucking tional wdom with its outldish, vnt style,eavy do of adult medy. llywood insiders cditing the film'success ton intel maetinmpaign that saturated and subverted traditional advertising. >> see you ts friday, america. >> reporter: and to rn reol. >>rom the ening credits to the tippy top aer the credits, it's asunual as it gets. >> reporter: it's not so risky toet rque with ar rang. stevettson, c ws, los anges. >>e loved it. >>ellaw it >> spectacula yeah. >> so grea n for kids. >> be preredor the rting. mron whaare peopl saying aut "adpo line? >> leaveour kids f fe
7:50 am
an go.thece didn't stop the boxe. ren s media. eion might be a as the m. i have no how "deadpool" got madut i'm so glad it did. th the mosertain i'v inal yel wr "deadpool was vuar,inappropriate and extremely gory. i loved eve minute of it. lel. >>oh, y. >>ow ces th? >>he tngis,his shoulbe aatcontt isat thinng? the star, rn reynol has iven sledia omg tfilm. he said he's walkingnunshine thanks to thedeadol" fans o cried him t whole wa if you don't he enough eadpool" in yr life, head tothe movis facebook page where multip characts tak each other on. we know thealuef sial media. ryan reynolds is ste up the edia game for
7:51 am
it's g. >>ust ead, the mod brng bndiesnhe ofports ilstrateswimsuit ria. the arthousands of ways into the complex heah care system. and choo unitedhealthc can help make it simpler with our 24/7 nurseline. nurse:(over phone) if it's pinkeye, it could be contagious. oh. i know. unitedhealthcare i'm not the i'm the desktop support tech supersor.
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7:53 am
we b we brought you here today to g your honest opinion about this new car. to keethings uiased, we removed all the log. els like a bmw.
7:54 am
so, this c suppor apple cplay. si, open maps. she gets me. wow. it also has teen driver technoly. n tes e dio til the seatelts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is the c malibu. and it sellsor? it starts at twenty-o ve. wh? oh wow. i mean with all this technology. that's a game change go mony morn goodonday rnin.. we're coming up on top o e hour... i'm ira cronin with this tod sh update. the planned parentho cnic in colorado sings will re- open this mor... for the fit timeince the deadlyttacin novembe. cemo will be held at 9 a-m. only about third of the building can b right now
7:55 am
the rest of thbuildi shoul be back opn a femonths. there e a number of osures for presidents day... all school.. and vernment officesre closed... that includes e post office. most banks and credit unions are closed... check with your branch bore you go. all pikes pe district and pueblo citty library branches are closed toy... city buses will be on their rees. chief morninmeteorologist -- stephebowers joins us now wi a look at our local focast... stephen... nd will increasend blow -30 mph th higher gus, especially ang and west of i-25. wi increasing sunshine and decreasing clouds, we will warm rough e 30s and into the 40s by 10 am. colorado springs will be nearing 50 degrees by noon, ile pueblo d on city will be csing inn 60 drees. expe 50snd 60s through 5 pm this afternoon. thevenincomes with a mostly cleasky and temperates
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he wrehemirt it's 8:n "tay." coming up -- here tm gir at >> t nave of swimsu
7:59 am
we'll introduce you te womenbreaking bs on cov of this ar's "sports illustrate wherehem girls at >>it's 8:00 on "today." coming up where tm girls at >> the new wave of swimsuit mode we'll introduce the women brking boundies on the cover ofhi "sports illust swiuit issue. all wonder >> only one person wh thisce>> y. >>s inary. >> it is, it>> w we to youhere is ace whernouffe fr ccer,bete even bloopresre ispossible and is there catc we'll explain the genec ta tha shows is extraordinary tngs comen small packages. >> and back together aga. >> we experiend friendship, heartbreak, babies, everything togeth. >>e have peek hehighly aicated reunion over a decaden the making. daondaebruary 15th, 2016. you're a tubleker oublemaker ou you ain't nothi but a
8:00 am
we're on the "today" show! >> from litt rk, arkansas. >> celebrating m18 birthday. >>llhe wayrom uisia, your morng coffescreams alaba. we're from miigan. the cold don't bothers anyway. >>appy presidentay weekend. >>ll rht, all ght,ll ght. od mning, erybody. welcome bao "today." we have a boistero holay crowd out he on our aza. good mornio them it's chilly bu man, are they fired up. >> there's a l of em. >> i kw. they'rcrazy.look at israzy f bind . >> the bronc w and there still fired up about that. >> great to have everybody on this holiday monday. as we said, thver models f the "sports ilted" st issue mang more waves thanmal
8:01 am
'll meet two of the ground breakersoming up in just a ttle bit. ere theare. > rs let's get a che o thmoins top ories.talie? >>oomorng. fls today at feder buildings arflyi ahalf-sta on this presen' day. two da after t dea of supre cot justice antonin ia s death leaves key vancy the sreme c. nbs justirespondent pete wims i at the supreme cou this morning. peod morni. >> nat, good morning to u. the bof juste scalia ved ernight,d inn ameran fla it came fromexas, where di ovethe weekend ofn apparent heart attac we don't yet know the neral arngents, t the fily in the gat hall at t sup court buildin for nosidebamas he will ne a succsor, but republicans say at decion should e by t next preside. the court lf is ints mid-wier break. the es return to the ben in aboutee for the first ti in yea,
8:02 am
the term witut alline justices ataises the prospe that some othmostontrersi caseuld decided ba 4- tie, whichouldthe sa as no dion at a. a time of certainty, both p and for the court. nalie? >> pe williams at the supreme courus thank you, pete. > the death of justice sca se s wes through the presidentiampan. so replicans includi tors ted cruz and marco rubio wan theextresident to behe one to pick t nex juste. earlier on "da" former floridgovernor jeb bush weighed wn he spoke t savann. >> if ere is an upr wn vote, it shoulbe rejected baseon theistory of how prest ama lects dg. ifhere's no vote, that fe, too. at i sg ishere shouldn'be aobam-- jti should not be appointed in an election year. let this be an imptant part of th ectn process. there's a lot riding on is >> governobush's brother, meantime, former president gege w. bushill joihim on
8:03 am
> democratillary cnton sayst's outrageo some of the caai trail a talking about blocking aupreme court nominee med by president obama. shsays the president has a responsibili tna a new juice and the senate has a to te r chlernie sanders agrees that president obama should name the successor, saying in his words, let's get on with . a virgin atlantic flht omdon to neworwas rced tturn back sunday aer dangous incident in mida. it happened en someone on e ground a a laser intth cockpit, leaving theo-pilot feing unwe. we ha aedical iueh one theilots after a laser cintfter teo.'re gointo return. >> offia areoongor omer aimedhe laser. there was incredible sight er t weekend off t coast florida professofrom floritlanti university shot thisideo. see ere, it s tens o thousands ofrks off pa h. all thee down
8:04 am
migrating to warmer waters. this type of sha i relatively harmless, so they y. the professor hopes to t som of tm to learn more about the way they migrate. hopefull hopelly th migrate off the coast, away fr swimmers. back to savannah and carson. guys? atalie, thankso rts illust smsuit itiois today a ground >> hu dorese > iures cov molsinmage b in the spotlight in whole w way. rorter: reachinre tn 70 millieopl the "orts ilstrated" swimsuit edion always makes splash. this yr, is al makin ory,itnoone thre cover models, th ver differbody t.for th er, there'spl size mode size 16 ey gra who cal ma movyopi ufc r c ronda rou as the d's most dangero woman,
8:05 am
nothing but body pai sing heruscu ue iley clawho has en delice she ween, ishe thi a more tritional, who say erittle girl has somody to relate tois issue. remodels with thlo ity ag ereotypes.we have two of t cover lies with us. >>ravo. >> gooing. >> we can't waito he about your reaction. knowou jfounout. but i have to sa is thishe fit time ye done dient cove >> i is. e first t in 52 years. >> why did itake so long? >> iin charge for ur yea. >> was it important toou toighlight t t different >> i thinkt'very, very timely moment that we' having rit now. people areaware a the ty ie world. ports ilstrate is ainly one of t
8:06 am
treling every countryn e world, practically eve ntin seey sh, siorms evng. was timto hightaning e >>s it like? find out? >> literallyn e show. i was wsping to y, you've gothe cover, you got the cover. i thght we wpresenting an award. >> ihoughtt was three finalists. >> you didn't ? bm, three cs. oh, myosh. >> tmang, to even in the issuething. >> >> but to be on e ver, i meat'sot to be a huge feeling. thought we wereike, , being oundg, retionizing by pute, 16 girl, actual pages. butn f to putn the coveon'tn me
8:07 am
lustted. >> mj, down between e three ofth,nd to who not . at y i oem. eacn stone it wbvio wh saw teautiful pictesashleyautipiures of ndronda,t e we going tois itas, this is in it w afe storm of beautiful photos andenho represent all thingso all w undeniable, we had it. id an interesting fact. mli peoreadhis issue. 16 million of them are womenwhichs ry cool >> i hrdhat. >> wou yr messa to those n be? i mean, ts is sspial becae theyave body rtois i. u , wee ting newthg. erhas anma by. u veo n urlf. y h aewisssn bety and wha its and t
8:08 am
i meanfome16eaolme i had the on my wl. w u vehree beautiful posters. >>ow you c h a size 16 up there. >> ts right. >> wav a reap of 7 min peop and not evedy likesame thi. 's thrillio offer di so gr have you you ha buty, charm personality. yove the whoackage, ladies. >>nk you. >> congratulations. >> cgratulations. >> thell be back with kathie lee and da. drondoongralation ey areoingo premre t deo diary shles shooin a whe. no micel jordan? proem.pele sing ism nk conteswas thst ever. >>kae we idebt? . >> then, we'reotre. oupe sees"ling 'ltake youa place wher people don't getancer, high oopressure or diabetes.
8:09 am
the cover? fruit. nuts. silky smooth dchocat revel in the plee of new dove it and. ,, wiil, you'llskwhatche? what sore wrist? headach wh b shoulder? vimakes pain a distant memory. nothing works er
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hurroffer ds brua 15th. we're the hottest youncompany ound but we want to keep the soda poplowing weeed fresh ideas! >>got it. slow, we e. >>what abo cashi out?noi'm tryi tosothing here. >>how abt using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't needome kid lling how to rua business! i've been doing this for 4 long mons. >>fedex groundan help save money and deliver fast to our customer not bad, kidyou remind me of a younger me.>>aiden! the dogs eating your retainer again.
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we're back at 8: me for what's tren today. >> we're goi off on this monday wita litt illusion. 'l an iml hat ret k. abbi duck rabbit >>saof a at alst antly, case images kly e creaai fm a study in 1899. >> wow. has erd the web. >> it's been tndsince 1899. >> tright. fen>>biend ducksee duck>> a bea>> rabbit it on. see duck sso >> oh,boy. rabbit season. all right.see bugs bunny? >>eah. >> you mht be happily lov s ureah clined
8:14 am
>> thas thoble relionshiweig gain real, pe. researchers om florida state untyeterd th w e almoreikel mak healthy etnd exeise oices around the os we love. e th is, oious, you kind of care ls about yo apce once yobecome m comforhdo we agree? >> absolutel >> let yourself go a lite bit. >> no,o. >> it's ble. >> no, d is always he freak. feltorse abo mysel until i gothy. >> youteed u y ge because of her. at's intesting. >> y lose the tition to exercise bauset may not be thif you've found match. unless your spouse competitive. my husband the gym every day. >> we're competive about who il feei -- fee have to athe g.>> we'reompeti about who i cado the wle pint.
8:15 am
cookies e coming. >>lso,hen you eak-upit soon it'great for yo diet >> divorce die >> bre-up et. >> yea b menonedhat. >> yes. >>e'sn thher si. >> h gained weight. s, yes, interting year. 'lamine that later.>>the nba slam dunk contest s tuay ifou missed it, u missed do le for theest dunk caown toaron gordo and zackevine ofheinnesota wolv. let' g to . gordon had the ball scooped from e maot andmmedt down. zaavine makes dunkg look ea gordon wasn't goout. got a perfect score wit his juvehe masc'sut ultimately lavine prailed. >> this is unbelvable. >> best ever >> amazing. >> under the legs. >> zh vine took the title. se y aow
8:16 am
>> they weren't as exciting as they were ba ithe day. th jordaand doqu no the g aga. incdible. >> great tbe theascoight over theead. to keveali hin dmuch-talke union. interng. cn,our about to start. y >> start with kanye we na he took the stage on saturday night, "saturday night live," he ewongs fromis nalbu "the lifeo." momefore hform, evealeshocng news and tweed th ite isyo othe, e l $5miiosode. wovercome imyruhe ifhawasn't bar eh, ight, nyred t bo marzu f lp sa, i knowt'your bi c youal btorrow e he clehiu coulero iso lpin my te nd.
8:17 am
steathith thla of hisee fhionin it left h $16 milon in de. a si notto t story, it i norkuckeerg'birthd. ju putng thaout e. oy. i' consed. >> hinvestedis ownoney. usuallwhen you start othing line, youave invests. that's hrgument there. have dowoaded the albu s ve good, b there th youava grt iendhis, anhero a lot of songs and sa that needsomhe. >> he also- who usts what kanywres it cou bnothing. heou - why wou y s tt thgh i'tno the thin thacomeut- >> w wld you tt t? the are a t of natns tt e barupt andeed money. >> it's ridicuus. >> i d'terand . sshai dot dersnd,is it limate d sincere cry help? ihinkt'a y r lp e way or ather. >> it is.
8:18 am
>> he said psol debt >>e' going to ke more to come on e kanyor czy. backjaarlmt tireast "nd reed for aribute horin direct jes bro ery watherex mattheperr they we a iteance thgrp saith dy coheto dcusseuni and reveal how one othe episodes came tbe. here a very clusivlook. >> you play a lot per >> he gave us hidrngoo becausit wig. >> yes.>> and ishld he en that's f but beuse welly ed to coect. i mean, i ink it was sort of unspen, bu instinctively felt le we need to bfriend we need to getng. we need to connect. so we st e arted playg poker, a jimmy ve uhis roomo we could ve bigr ngouroom for . >>nd ty ote epide about it, actually. the onwi the pok. >> that's rit.theyre referring to that
8:19 am
the one withheok.atpideired iseon the fu tribu as n o february1st.that's your pop st >> carson, thank >>les gea checofhe weather. >>nnncer: today's weatheis brought to you by milk life. stareverdawith milk's protein d lkife. let's live itp day >> savannah? >> a thaouch.
8:20 am
wereinat pple ro thentndun e wod ardoin l nger and nbc's cynthia mde is here a wilhelps ge tenthia, good rning. >> good morning, everybody. onhe cutting ee ofcien, we jrneyedo ecdor mee fr unipeop lesshafeall, ientts believe their dna may holduge secretthat could, one y, benefit all ous. meet the big-heaed littl ople ptected from cancer, heart sease, hh blood essure and diabetes. >> repr: high the ande untains, quito, ecuador is almost0,000 feet above sea level. looming large over the city, t giant virgin of quito stue. the nders of ts placcan come ismall paes, to meet the tiny dorianwith a ecial . a rareonditit protects em froncer, gh blo prre aiabete
8:21 am
nly one person with this ndromed from canc. yes. >> tt's eordina. >> it , it is. orter: the's a cruel eoff. they c grow no tal than a small cldause they have a iq forof drafshism, gene mutation mutati tha he just turned 18. 's theize of a 5-year-old. and th 50-yeld, about the same height but heavie >> she's gained moreght. i always recme her to do something she never listens. but sheoe't hav et? >> she dsn't have diabetes.eporter: no diabetes, no blood pressure. 1/60, excellent >> rorter: he worries weight mig one day catch up with her. >>ke serio
8:22 am
luck? you t thinit a conse, why bother, right? >> exactly eporter: they are o only about 0 people wit this syndrome in the entire world. 100 liv i villages of southern ecuador. they're beinstiebyeadi researchers on aging from the university of so lifornia. in merci's confirmaon, just how fattening her diet is. >> pnty ofhyates. >>ep doesn'teem toatter becseo far, mei,eahy as someone going to the gym every day. >>e see thefying almost the typef dt ty ha. it's okay, i can he a big of fries and t's nothing this can m >> reporter: they warn being prd
8:23 am
an. sthethte gave lab rats larone's, the resul the sma mouse that hadhe disord w they lived 50% longer andded less diseas. this is remarkable andll ion want to go in. n extend the life a little but decrease cancer, diabetes, caioscular diseas aleimes, h essure? reporter: he said it could be a magic pill that wouldn't make us shorter b wld protect us is. >> h farway? >>aybe0 yes. >> still impressive. >> reporter: ao pressive, how thdoctor'sork ha brout his pa out of th shadows. >> didn't wa anybody t e her.she was uded in r home. >> has he changed your life? >> you have given themsomething, a sense of community, sens importance.
8:24 am
beautiful they are. e they really spectacular se. >> reporter: like yoc, abo to enterollege on full scholarsp. he dedicuch of his spare time toping the researchers bendstand his diso >> h donates blood, he's tak all types of exams, some of tm painful. >> hoesit, he says, for his ye bruno, also d withon. gift t cld someday help all of too. amazing pele. az stor it was a pge to be ableo report. fe. >> tha you. good monday mo go monday morning... we're coming up onhe botm of the hour... i'm a cronin with this today day... e seontinuesn lorado
8:25 am
o police s is ard and dangerous. take a look... this is "dennis monton". the lorado department of correctionys. he wasblto remove his ankle monitor and skip on role last week.. ong with anoth polee "wesley nes." both are members of the white- prispronang known as "2-elev crew," the gang linked to the 2013 murder of state priso chief "tom ements" jones was caught englewood yesterday. but simonton is ill on the ru if you see him you're asked call police. today... we're waiting to hear fr policen thcause of a deadly csh in sohern colora. it hapned early sunday morning in colorado springs ong nortound i-25 near fontanero. poce say a womand when a pickup truck hit a brier along the should. this morng.. poli havstill not reased the identity oe woman. the crash sh down i-25 for veral urwhile ews investig. ief morning orologt stephen bowers joins us now with a look at our local forecast...
8:26 am
nd will increase andlow 15-3mpwith higher gusts, pecially along and west of i-. with increasing sunshine and decreasing clouds,e will wm through the 30s and into the 40s by 10 am. colorado springs will be nearing 50 degrees by noon, while pueblo and caon ci wilbelo in on 60 degrees. expe0s and 60s through 5 pm thisfternoon. the eveng comes with a mostly cleasky and temperatures cooling throe s and into the lower and middle 40sy 10 pm. i'm shellene cockrell with this
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
> 8:30n moay, febary 15th, 2016 it'sents'day, everybod good moing. we have a huge crowd out here. every isppy, chi degree but peoplre a grea mood great toave the here. >> comin up, captain kirk himself, william shner, wil open up aut the 50th anniveary of star trek and his relationship with leord nimo >lus, ared to you on24/7 look at you overfng inbox without fing out? we'll show you sps to take right now todeutr your digilife. >> dlarel bankruptcy. one of theotst chefs i here for rece of stewhat a perfect combination of salty and swe, liken
8:30 am
don't forget a o love o cooking sweepstakes. ty of prizes including avip trip to our set a c class. $200 worth cookware items. tonter and find tails, todacom/food club. >> soundsgood. n is inside with another amangpportunity for rfans. take it away. >> this is so fun. you knowhatary heart? the day aft valentins day, a weddg. t jtny wedding, a "today" show wedding, in the grand style of "myig fat greek wedding2." we want to invite you to apply for o big fat"t" dding. if you're eaged and have a loud, fun family that's up inir,ak leap aith andet plan t wein yourdrea. go to today.coing forll of the rules and regulations.
8:31 am
we wanto throw a hugarty urs. start practicing y dance moves now. areou ady, mr. ror? a! >> hopefully isen we th yeah. in the wkd, it'll i th m-atlantic ates. owy and west i pacificd northern plains. nifora and pacific northwest. late,ve messy weather around t northern valley.eathern the pacic northwest. 'l bel ithst.wen 2/3the ano. up in thenortheast, stays
8:32 am
plains all>> that >> that is your les weather. sava? >> al, thank you. > to sr ek fans, william atner and limoyil kir and spock. william shatner wrote, "leonard." willia here this morning. >> glad to be here. this book is a le lter to leond nimoy isn't it? >> it is. i loved leonard. weere like brothers.
8:33 am
ho do youake friend what are frids woh, whaishe detion of frnd, and h difficult it seems to me f men to meiends. so how cherish a singula male friend should be. women, for some ason, and i could be ytocin, make fendsmore more easily tha n, it ems to eme. >> y write in the book that you didn't initially hit it off as perso friends. >> we there's - life is never peec no, we had s digrments to ben with. and in the end. but in between was a brothe ied it. >> i thought treas an irony. you write that at first, the star trekconventions, all that that happened after t show you bother kind of likot
8:34 am
but it was through doi those arces that you really bonded. not as much during the show, but after, that you became os >> t exactlyright. so many shows, iotice f example, you h "friend on earlier earlier, that's extraordinary, for people to remainriends afte the show haseen -- is over. usually, you're the best fends forer while a show is on, whateverhe show,nd then when thow is over, stage, filmseries y say, i'll see u tomorr, and you don't becausifeakes you art. in many cases, never see each otherain. in this case, f threw us ther with all these appearances. dheilms we did. we became very cl >> you wereerdifferent, ren't you? >> well, they y your cls change every seven yes, so that's a lot of changing going on. >> you were hont in the book because toward the end of his
8:35 am
a falli t. yore very hest about it. you say in a certain sense, you're still not reallye whathat was all abt. >> that's true. i ve no ia why. i sght to fin out why and couldn't. soe -- thohthatever it wa w bw or and he'd tell m whatt wa would try to make amds or find comn ground. but he died before thatould happ. >>hat do you think he'd think of this book? >> well, this is about how i cherished cherished m rionship with himnd how i misshim. there's no substitute. and there's anotherthing, and that is when you loseomeone care for,nd you'v haden peences together, those exriences that you had
8:36 am
beuse other person is saying, member when, a you ven' anydy t say tt th. the experiences theelves disaear. th's rlly the reason for t book. >> you miss him? >> yes. 50 years sin star trek, can you believe it? >>credible. >> this is the anniversary. ll it be hardo go through the year and peopl remembering wiout yr friend? >> ye w beautil it would have been we had the best time ontage with each other. communicated more ontage, at times, than we didn person. >> william atner, good t have you here. thank you s much. >> glad to be here. >> the book is"leonard." up next, is your e-mail inxut ofcontrol?
8:37 am
8:38 am
digitaclut we're backthow ny re-mls do u
8:39 am
>> treeemso be two distinct groups here peop w have tany e-mails tontrhe one who k thumbe at ze. eithway, you could probably use a digal re's m here's me fromnb joe frye >> rr: a gooup o va, our e-mai inboxesre uallyled to th br. >> i hav 2,4 unread e-mas. >>eporter: just ask anyone sittingn a coffeesh. >> 3,158 unade-mas. it lks a lotworse. >> reporter: allha clutt used to pile u on o sks. now, it's cloingp phones and comperasting our time. >> e-mail h the ability to ck our will to live. >> reporter:rofessional orgaze beth knows tha well. >> wpl ceo youit thei overflong-mail boxes, imean,ohey fee a sense of hopelessness?
8:40 am
they don't know wt to do but they want aay out of . >> repr: her mpany,to bar, offers servis on digital cl includied inbo >> whahise-il? >> reporter: s tells clits to first take a same of their e-mail. >> just like gnghrough our physical stuff, we're goingo start at the t and work our way down. >> reporter: to gaincoro she sgests usi an app, whi unsubscrib om msages you d't wt andcombin your favore subscripons io one e-mai delivered daily. from there, it's easy toocus on incoming e-mails. if you can resnd t a message in les than two nus, go ahead. if you can' put it i a spial -do folder. >> these are the things you're going to tackle today. we want to get the e-mai out o th inbox. >>eporte oncyou'veealt th an mail delete it or arive it. >> is the goa toave a zer e-mail mailbox? >> maybe f a split cond.
8:41 am
>> reporte here comes td part. she says to try toheck your e-mail less ten. no more than fe times a day.itake mes to cus dling wit mail. thatt sd28% of o work ek is ent readi and writing e-mas. >>f we are constantl in our ilinx, we are ner gein a gd wk ne>> rter:hoto ather fo oal utter,uc all the stogenur ones recomnds ungoogl photos or dropbox totorend gani cs in the cloud. youan also dum some of the phonepps. sear says we oy u 27 apps a moh, but have f more on ourdevices. i think i actually havehree or fou to-do list organizing appsn my phe, none of which i us >> let thosego, absolutely reporter: thiight sound daunng.
8:42 am
has thetime? eporter: she say is hopeless. take babysteps. >> this is going to be y new fe. why rus it anrn o? let's take ourtime. >> rter: consider a hom lesson, seping away the dital clutter in your life. for "tod,"oe fryer, nbc news los angele >> i justrased six as durg at. >>ou did? i w spired. ohysh. >> prve. >> it's astarcars. >> i'm goodithouthe . >> we're terrible. weeedhelp how myyou ? 7700 and -- >> have 11,000. you make me feelbeer wknhadies. >> tsig help.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
rshis is"today" onbc. > we' backt 8:46. this wee today food, wee sing on healthy reciperecis t hp le he to help us koff, york ci cookbook. i'll start off, y'reike6 yesol yovelrdyraat from eular instite of americ yo wke uerom of th eatest cfsn new yk ci and you'ren exetive chef now yourself, of course. yo mhe "forbes" 3 under list, a you have hottesttaurants i city a firstcook >> it's a lo >>ot a bad year, my friend >> wasn't bad. we're excited to bri korea town, cook, toyoit ishe fstokokrien terective of korea town. >> new york, l.a. a everywhe inbetween.i, t co-author, weedor years writing the ok.
8:46 am
s in the culinar tartith themeal.walke throu >> toda m s ch my mo irst rip eve co itcyhick ew meonwderan arerazy autraight s so the substitu it in any way. mari >>reheseredi tough tond? ually,t'svailable in ianrts. uan eveet it a azon now,ot'sgrt.>> ok. >>carson y'r gng tav to d t marateee forme >> cli pte hon>> everyin ecipes le. >> it's a susubstitute.
8:47 am
>> you start the chi brfirst? >> i'll have it onepot. ut it all in,luding veget >> this dis you dt culiry sool and they loved it? >> yh,nd n it'sartf the cuiculum. thas crazy. >> it's all super simple, too. i mean, i did ithen i was -- the first litey, the firsish i maden i 12 or11 wow. >> one of my m's recipes. by t wa we havehe tasterdostairs. >>hillionsh wnlo my head i sweating. it has a kickut we love it. >>eallygood >> reallgood reviews down there. whh is easy. >> exacy. ll have a littleit of e chicken stock. stly tis i putckwn, me th maride, youave -- te >> perct
8:48 am
you get lot othe juice from the chicken that creich,lo wh e cck oc youet a ply cood- >> tis sy. >> kean fo, that's the point. >> people intited, n'tnk tan pull it off. >> exactly. kore , hasr res. e n recips goingo ic recipe. >> is it pickled caag >> traditially it's thebook, weocusn i a'etables andfruit. wey,s,s stapleish korea,ut ao piapple, cumb cucumber. 'llak the rinade. usually,t tes two to t nths weaveom that's t y old. thiss ack veron, less 20 nutes. rean chi powder. the paste form, and this is the powder rm.
8:49 am
are you eating is, a well? >> oh, my sh the pineapple. >> spicy. >> perct for in e morng. >>e lo. mix ts up a it rinate? >> tn itomes to this hener youant this? >>xact >> exactly. wehose pineapple matt and whee were doing thesting, trihe pineapple. in the book, we ve or 100 cis. 20 are like guess repes. >> florfu >>very reci,very vegetab you do givesff a nice ck. >> youan jar it up? j it up, leave i in the frge,at ithenever youant toatt. >> cgrulatns oth recipe >> all the stu in the restaunt, too? >> it's in the okbook. >> get the cookbook. you'rehe man. thank you s much. me bac andee us. for e pes, go to t up down there, and we' be
8:50 am
this "today" on c.
8:51 am
e' we're back at 8:. time for speci birthy es. >> we areo hpyo aking over the smucker'sutyrom od frien wrd ott. amazgolksontroce y .
8:52 am
ha 107ththday to ms. vera caoun russerom illinois. aovg mom a enjoyingoing wo search pules. have to joinn words with frnds. happy0thday to lily da o new yo. yo d't wantola her in bridge e playsiv ds a week and is a champi. sun georgantas i10 yrs d fmmaacsett u to l is, her secreto loevy, a gss of scot every night. >>crib. there you go go, san, >> odrow wilsofelty fro pennsylvania, 100 yeaold. rered from the air rce. sute you for serv thank you. maryrbettmrginia. 10 yrs ol grdkids. 24 great dchildre 12 great great grandchildren. wow!
8:53 am
>> she kws all their name ny olerie is 100 from ar from arizona. didn't retirentil 87. happy birtay. fantastic. azg. >> if ynofomebyny age celebrati a leap yr birthday thismonth, we wanto lebrate themn e air. ad to toy.m/celeat and sendn yourhotosorhae toefeur. >> i like that. >>oto celebrate the leap ar birthdays. what's comg upext hour? >e ve a president joining us. prident we'reoing to do atle presidentialibute. >> nice. >> we ve kchen hks and some of e hot toys. tid at art. lov it. all that coming up in few minutes.
8:54 am
8:55 am
news and weather. good monday mo good monday morning... we're coming up onhe top of the hour.. i'a cronin with is today show update. the plpaod clinic loradoprgs will re- op this morning... for the fit me since the deadly aack inovember.. a ceremony will be held at 9 a-m. only about a thi of the budingan be ed right now --ue to the damage sustained during nember's tack... the rest of the building should be back a few months there are a number of closures for esidents day... all schools... and government offic a closed... that iludes the post office. most banks and credit unions are closed... check with youbranch before you go. all pikes peak district and pueblo city-unty libry branches a closetoday... city buses wil on thei relaroutes
8:56 am
stephebowers joins us now with a lo at our cal st... stephen... wind will incrse and blow 15-30 mph with higher gusts, especially along and wesof i-25. with increasing sunshi and deeasi clouds, we will warm through the 30s and into the 40s by 10 am. colorado springs will be nearing 50 drees bnoon, while pueblo d caon city will closing in on 60 degrees. expe 50s and 60s through 5 pm this aftnoon. e evenincomes with a mostly clear sky and temperatures
8:57 am
8:58 am
thi this mor on oday's kecandal star tony ldwin is here. makes history with a presidents' day p qu.
8:59 am
office and who wl win big at night's grammy's. theottest games and toys ery k is goingont coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbcnews, is is "today's take wl r, natie morales, wile geist a tamrohall le from studio 1a inockefeer plaza. elcome to "today." monday morning, presidents' day, february 15th, it's why we have he crowd t eri'ml along wit natal and tamron willie i of natae's ja lank spe" taylor swift, who will probabl be one of the big winners at tonight's grammys. >> she's nined forseven. kendrick lamar for 11 ammys are tonight. it'll be a gooe. record of the year nominees, re love, deangelo. up funk, of course. ma on featu bruno
9:00 am
thinking out loud, ed sheeran. an spe, taylor swif n't feel my face, the ekd. kendricklamar, 11nominations. rerd of the year rewas the song peormance. what doou tnk 'sou one. i like"uptown funk." >> i thi it'll posbly win for co,ut i thinklbumf th ye, maybe tlor swt. >> it'll beenick l. eally? >> it'heocial enry. theyeh it. it like the se been around longer than - i know. i'veomver d over again. >> when you look at the list of songs, it's like such an imprint in our minds. very lyric. be a goodt. dele isre - ecause oe cendar year. the albumidn' com outn me fnomion. >> i be a hotght. a l of pple talking abo e ud withanyeayr
9:01 am
lebi rit?>> s kye has n sg t. perfoom oft o nl." very strangeerformansn "snl on o h sgs rences ve ss tayl tayl ift.itefs to her in e absolute, hbleway. clae g pssio fm her. d her about the song fin that h to eve. >> ion believe >>ou't h to sayt' not ue.e sayshe gave sir girlsquad, ruby se had, t a gone after kanye wesfothelyric. nye sayss m in debt he tweeted itfter h "s" perfmanc aide ies h mon for th pernalbt.
9:02 am
zuckberg - n sirbihd. >> wchnohibihd. saski f ne >> mig w touthe tou onya ynol. >>doich guys and k f money. ths somhinglse. d't feel bad kanye. "dead killihe box office. the film starr reylds expecto earn $150 million. >> incredible. >>ur-d wed. biggestr-rated openingever. ggest february ening. atin year's 50 sdesf gray byorehan0 millio orfirst-me ctor, btingut our pal to lizbet ban elibeth banks. we had the cast a cre on las . they're speacul a rv e sss they'vi. t mo heokes ou could ts be franis
9:03 am
ihink,ut i also thi'llentesng t shatelowoe withthkn, the superhoenres uay for famies andds. this sho u, there is an audience tt wano see it ken up a >>t too ryan reyld 11 ye t get this made. wanted true to the ur comic book material. "deadpool" ishis profe, violent -- >> what' the superpower?i saw thead >> hean heahimself.he's got enhanced athletic abilities. >> you have to see . 's hilarious. >> i want to see it, detely. ly, everyboe s it. >> getight to thea >> lasnigh thebafts, itis film awa m hiory. odiprio, a b winne f "the renant." bu they had a ks cam setup e hos was sn fry. apparently, hookomen to
9:04 am
am fingers, leaflowers and th kiss cam. >> who d we have he? oh oh yes! it's maggie smith and leonao diprio yes! that's a marriage made in heaven if there one were. juan mre and bryan cranston. whoay need to a cam to theoscars. >> theyeed to bri a kiss cam >> thisac >> comon >> hr! >> to of se, presidents' day, waingatientn thes.
9:05 am
hail to the mr. president, goodmog. >> no see u. >> are you? >> goodseeyo resideiterald from >> there chair, wo ll rvice. >> t t bestvego season five, yea >> ye ben t ss nces ban i 20. now, you have a scandal you're dealing with currentl t's take a look. >> i have a problem. >> wto they have? >>roject meury. the biuy project. >> "post" could run with it. uned states will be alone in the rld. i very dark street to wa ery >> you've had deal with ch in yr prcy. >> tha
9:06 am
nsaleak a ck. >> affai a everythgel, your wif leaving you. tl sa es creed these worlds,nd the peopl are immeed in em. re takeownership. i mean, they lovehi sh. >>ur fanre incredib.theye ly,eayssnate. bee ociadihey gage withus, frothe beginnin wee aot ofoyal fans. s liveet wit tm every sgleoadcast.t gets on ttt and wealkohem ery ek it's t, yeah.>> is i true,ause we've enigng up all kinds of things on you, caus y ,anl, true y faaslet therop of a dime whatclic >> of th dropthe dime, too. it's tit'sheay iindf- wit
9:07 am
on aet, i st in ne when haveo work. i fd a chr, coh,ust siing ther te per nap. >> youeesti - it's somet i've alws do. io it wn wn thearbaagi' drop oor f mites. >>l do ttllhetime. >> io that. >> ocamera, ght? >> i just kind o a >> you have to getp early in emorning. that' he way, i hopeou can help with g, ment. 're toet to aonlikes on ouracoo page. >> i'min. >> we n help. make people le us. >>his is day 14 ofur 15 days prizes give away. have you ever had the please of ting garrett's popcorn? >> i have not. >> oh my gosh. is i ahicago traditn. >> ally? >> the cheese co, the cam
9:08 am
hica mi weanteoeo g t our facebook.comoday's take page the winr gets a g prize paagef garrett's pop co would you like to tit? >> i wod. i'll take a nibble and telou whatthink. w. that is reallygood. >>sn't t gr a lot ofse. et's tak this us. he caram is really , >> you h the on. we'll see how many people ve. okay. >> 2,000 like we wt youoo to's take. mresidt, help m do the athe >> i be honore a yotice outside, w have a little snow coming. >> w. where do you want ? >>ta rig there. ght now,e have 19 degrees, 9 inboston, 2 in ncor snow comin up in wngton, c. asou ow, as t president, shu wn. >> thas gh >> as soons there issnow. >> hd fto get to rk.
9:09 am
>> more wet weathers meing. atlaa is in 35. washington 23. big, big stuff coming. do y gs e shootn washgton >> wedon' actually. >> y don't? >> it's allompurmac. >>, tis all comg int the northeast. we have freezing rain a this changes or to snow in the northeas heavy rain tomorrow if you are flyingack to washinon. d bedeyed. >> gd tngoing t l.a.>> ltleor garrets? >>su.thanks. of course snow amounts, light, inch inew yk city. philly, 1 to 3. buffalo, 6 to 12 we're worried about icing, inudg in washington. it cou shut the cit down, but o would know?
9:10 am
1/4 in >> that' >> that's your lates ather. i mipoke. ally, not thecago mix. somebody else had that pyright. it's the garrett's mix now. >> whatever it is, it's delicious. >> garrett's peopl know what you were talking about. isn'tt addiive? >> is the best thing er. >> can't op. thing.
9:11 am
presiden' day pop quiz wh does esoumakeup remer take it all f? every ss-proof, y-oof, stay-proof look?
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9:14 am
>> our host is tongoldwyn, plays t pls the pdent on "sal." >> the oest after-scho programprogram ie united stat was started i 1881. >>ravo, ys >>et us started. >> let's welcome our first nickernick, william. >> four scores and seven year ago. w mu time does that at >>87. vergood.>> nice. >>he score i0 s. com from old elish and usedo count large numbers of things le sheep. >> ce. >>extcadet, ab what's your question? >> whoas the firstsident to appear on televion?
9:15 am
>> nope. fdr. >> very good, washinking "snl." >> 1939. >> wod's fair. >> cadet alexder. >>hey. what questio do you have? >> what were george washington's false teeth made of? >> wood. >> no. >> that was my gues >> it was ivory, fabr, some otherstuff, but bunch of things. >> isright. ivor ivory ory and wood. wait, iade thatup. it's wt al said >> wt's your queson? >> which fmer president was a modelor the cover of "cosmotan"magazine? >> gd ford. >>yes. >> v od.
9:16 am
>> keep answering ford. fdroulde my awe for everything. >> cet aiden. >> whais t name othe president on the tv show "sndal resident fitzgerald. >> yes. >>correct. >> good morning, cadet. >> who w >> who was the -- ant. >> bathtu rit? >> >> howard. >> ate a lot of garrets popcorn. >> thiis cadet colol. what is your question? >> question seven, which early 19th ctury president had two
9:17 am
>> dfrfdr. >> jefferson. >> bears roamearnd the whiteuse lawn. jefferso >> i read a biography. cet j is back with another question. >> which president studied nuclear physs? >> jimcarter. >> wo >> engineering studen >> al knew the questions before. >> i don't thinke did. >> oh, my gosh! applause ] >> nice scarf on top. >> i want you to eat me garrett'sopcorn ando to day's take --'sake and like us. >> cellt. ceout, everody. comeround wh us. >> toneny >> hang >> hangut with al. how to kp aot ofoili r fm orflong ander
9:18 am
urmind, after tse mesges. u forgot t milk! that's lactaid . right. 100% real lk, just without the lactose. , no discomfort? exacy. try some... mmm, it reami. lactaid . 100% rl milk. no discomfort. . . and t just the number on the scale. lose weight while eatingealter, with all new smartpoin. anmoorby infiess
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see how good youl feel with thnew weight watchers beyond the scale program! jo for free now and lose 10 pounds on us. huoffer en febrry 15th. now at karen taking osteo bi-flex, shs noticing a real fference in her joi comfort... kan: "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can byour kid's discomfo. osteo bi-flex. tmove
9:20 am
so sweet. , we'rgoing to need a napkin gooey, fla, happy. toaster strudel. it's not a quick fix. it's my decion to make beauty last roc retil started visibly reduci my fine lines and inesn one week. and the ng i use it thbe works. reiofrom roc.thods, not miracles. so my kids don't have to forage, t two jobso pay a mortgage, and i' also got a brn.fe, talks cheap. rkg whsldot ini' b?u ink a sumenough? who'llup when things g tough? don't you nt that nd of brain? gree.
9:21 am
but lyyou have a brain. w we're t make life a lot we h the ht of food and wine's mad genius tips and has tchen tips that'll blow yr mi. how are you? >> great. nice to see you. >> let's launco . i a cold. whhe ick? you make pot of soup and want to get of thexcess oil on top. take somend a pap towel. >> this could be a ghe, skimming off the top. >> it's a hastsle. there's a few trips. iks put ice in a paper towel gets it cold. wh you put that on top. >> wow. lk at that. it chills the fa it solidifies it ands to here. great idea. >> also givesou the opportunity to o the excess. >> love that. what is this, yogurt?
9:22 am
wel teach you how to keep the ho fro stickg t you asur cup o spoon. ll give this t u'llo the hot water st. p it in and get it ho i'll u thisnon-stick spray. ou'r g t sco you hone e iais, wat this,ook at . >> i falls right f. >> rht off t spoon doesn't aecthe tas or hing? >> no why am i holng n? >> you'l try i with . we see which works beer see that? >> yours is mhtter. it'she trick. non-stick spray. we have pasta. about to boil er. what are you goi todo? take a woode son and put it on top. what thatoes is ashe air bbles hit the spoon, thell brea up. it's nothe watoili erit t steam. it'she foam.
9:23 am
d you know how many times fled m kchen becse t burn? >> tre you . rescuerit? >> blown aw. the reon i love it is becau i have oneoffee gnder tha i use for two things. grinding coffee and grinding spes if youanto clean it, ke d oldbreaike th, throitn andip i . >> what does t bre? >> itbsbs all tflor, the ell. >> gat tip. clest ou quicy, we co >> what yosakehis -- weut o me.'l i onne. bere had the shooting burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the fit in my mi tgruate fm colle, raised active twin girls, and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica.
9:24 am
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9:25 am
9:27 am
9:28 am
takin a look at t adlines. flags at feder bings are flying at half-staff two days after the death of justice
9:29 am
late sday, his body waswn from texas internatirpt airport outside of th capital. leaves a vacancyn the supreme court and a battle over filling it. president obama willate successoe theen res from a week-long cess. however, senate majority leader mitch mcconll st idenhould nomine meon and n psident obama. new sdyuggestghat teenageoys whoon't get enough sleep may be a risk o gettg type 2 dietes. rearchers atenn ste looked at t sleep patrns of 700 people. followin themrom dhood to adolescence. they found boyho gotess slow wave or sleep are more likely delopnsulin resistanch increased the riske 2 diabetes. ther no similar findi a start-up compa is of couples extraonor their dding. th a catch. swan love w pay up to $100 toward a ing, but if the couple later get divorced, they'll have t pay the mey
9:30 am
apparentlyots ofeoe are intere demaas been sohigh, the company's server overloaded. swan love is try to get its te back . as we told you at the t o the ,deadpool"oo over the top spot at the box oice over the weekend. the ryan reynolds'silm taking mor than $135 million accordg to early estimates. a recdpening for rat r movie in the u.s. "kg fu pan 3" w second and "how to le" was third. in newzealand, a photographer used a droneo capture these hundred of sheep being herded. they make theiray frone d to ththroughn open . e video gone two dat had o 2 mill vie and ,000 shar. incredle to wah. get a check of e weathe from al. nothing like counting eep, al i got tired while i was watching th
9:31 am
let's s you what's happening as far as your week's precitatio ea par of the week, icy, snowes in e ea thundetormshroughhe gulf and andsnyn thelain midweek,shin is supreme tween asts. hav lignow aundhe appalaians and greatlakes. e lr part of the we, looking at a rn and snow event for northnalnia and t pacic rthwest. wind snowy a wet thrghout epl. rmerther res from the dsecti of the country. as w geto th midweek, 're int much ave nmal mperatur in e pins and central plains.
9:32 am
the,,,, >> that' >> that's your latest weather. a l of us probably started dog our taxes already. every ye, thousands of fol taeted by criminals posing as th irin toteal o moynd more. tod natlnvestigative corresnden jefosse is wita warninof twof the bgest s and wt w ed to knoto protect yoursees. good mning. >> how are yo >> two key area we they >>mail ot peop,nclu pe our sffhere s 's h tootf oplend i'metti e-mls bo, as ll,hat peti these e-il supseroe sin the owe money and th pic couom aer . that o oth. he'sno eai orose aax .
9:33 am
il isok t bdeseio yoar egibloei taxrend of80o access ermck . li ontai d, ai $680, see psiy legitite no le wwe y $10,000. it eugh where a lf americans wlil it o and tryo gethe3.yo ccknt a pnou nk infmaonohe c re can mone e smmers jnourcot. s your fl? >> t irs will never, ever ask yo for pernal infortion or nancial informati ove an e-mail. the only tim they' eve going e-mailou isf u alad ve aoning se. the s ll always acyo the fitimehrough regul mail u'll only g eai i u' aeady involvedith th. >> the wl not initiateia e-il. >>o. >> via text or athinel?
9:34 am
soci media, it is a scamthey'l neverontaou over soci m or text. >>hat aboones? wenderstan that a phone ca scam going o this one is en more gressive.this is wre they reall pnd u onhe facthat you owe moy. th're going to sck the police after you. actually,ne of o senio oducers at the oday" show, her daughter g call. take alisten >> thiis officer from internal refvenu services. we he been trying to reach you. this call is a official fal revenue services. the reanha the call h men for you thate have filed a lawsuit against you. forore infoation, cal immedielur department. >> call immiately our department. what is that, yoda? oh, m, yodo. yourobly wnhewsuits. you don't wt's after that >> pple say, i'd never fall for , victims ever year.
9:35 am
from people thatway. >> doe the irs initi calls like that? >> t irs will call you, again, if you'relrea involvedith one of tirgents on a ongoing case u'd know you're dealing with the irsnd t er never ask for personal informion. if a ll, g on our website on hell the phone numrs to reporthis back to e irs the federal trade commission. >> you should report i if y tne of thes n' delete o anything. >> hang up iediately and nev give inrmation, but report it soheyan go after the people >>ou also say we should note the irs i in the process of implemenng legislaon that ll all feralffls to make ma for bac xes. ay in the fu they may abl t send theoballs t. th're sure they wan to do it. this season, you get a call,
9:36 am
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9:40 am
it's like christmas in new rkit becau t aua t i uer way. >> t insid m is hereith us. the ts ks are begging for this year. nonf t toysre ost will beut for christma perft.>> we will talbout karaoke. we put a pho in. an o will do. this expands. we download the app and we can
9:41 am
>>fantastic. th vl at the same ti >>ready? >> if you want toee whas happenin arin l o our friends onocial dia. wl be a he t. >>ge hu. >>ou d'teeo w f efi issmy mmaraham cracker and the marshmallow and the at takehe the wnd ave.we can pre cook in our ov. it's cute. d you have ty trts th are deli >> what arome
9:42 am
he is soft a dd b he does fi. look a that re. yonsthemarshmalws. >>hat's or >>eave res.>>e hasike 5 differe sounds and movemen to keethe kids hpy. th is zoomer erer chimp. he is in he is interactive. we wl putim on the floor. want to you watch hface. he will pay attention to commands a he will know my voice. zoomer, dance. let's see wha you can do. thereou go. he isoing to a little dance. he has lot of tricks. >> that' so cute. eryone isoingo love this gu >> all right. let's moveon. >> what about for kids who like
9:43 am
th a allows t tolearn aboutphs. that irounhe fntnd ts t the topnd h feelshe eling. wn i le tt the kids build that. hat'sery hot. >> look a is. is a 3d magic t. we build, but what io is ha alight. no heat.i can build up i can build everythi t seeer been bith t n. gony wayou want. it's s at. oktthat. a isingthis. >> big bus. >> this isots of different
9:44 am
le see if we c get a nice bubbround isaac. >> kids will hav a lot of fun. e more time. we had oneround natalie. >>er cool. >> now we willet the go >> this is dirt feel it. it's awesome. it's anti-bacterial and never eves out. it willome wit ltle toy. wel bring the dirt into the house. >> that's co. ieat. >>he lty. w adorable. wi you show how to play. >> ts is the tea party musal parts. whene ro is, this protype. this is pots>> listen to the music. e turns. we he our favorite sg and mrs. pots and . don't nt to u see
9:45 am
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9:49 am
after lastweek, w did all the sweet cooking. this week on tay food, we'll show you dhes thre healthy and dishs. have mendes theandwn of aestaurant in new york ci. yove a direc problem wh theweather. >>e had a pipe rst. mother nare,haare you goin to do? >> let ring in theew with -- >>almon a wheat berries. we he the whole wheat rrie decis. sn't thaik bleoroft' wht,ah it t aua ed ifou ml itu have w fl h vegable stoc l so. le bit o oli oi >> rit. oked
9:50 am
negar, le any kind?ed winevinega then whave pkles,ucumrs here, r onions. >>nice. >> r red onions and avoco. it's allbout hlthine here. >>erod. >>hene havereshly chopped cilantrod y. ltlem ze? >> limezest ea techque,alik y'v done thi before >> oe ortwice. mix this u a little bit? >> fresh pep here what's - >> the we ha t salmo >> which wil quicy. v quick. almon nice a m te nter nice, h pan i veryport sr fishsn't stick. again, fresh peppeon both si oupan is smoking, like so.
9:51 am
>> yeah,o ea yo missed thatone, al. come on, n. >>ti msed it. >> bam. >> there you go. >> skinidedown you see thean is nice and hot. the saln wonstic little moreli oil>> yumm >> you wt the size rig away. the you . >>'r gng to do ts how ng on each de >> aut twoinutes on each side forhis ickness. goldenbrow and ye tinished pruc th , huh? >>ty and health really good. >> thank you, gege nk you for this recip and more, goo dacom/od and cli on the ta no hethy tab. weoing to beack in a ment. check out h we're doing on our
9:52 am
9:53 am
>im to check facebook.c/today's take. >> let's do it.>> press the button. nice. >> cse to 250,0. >> if we hit a million, i'm doing the weathe 'reng to pick it from all we'll do at go to facebookom/today's take. >>'ve said y can ce in my closet and pick o --id i say one or two esses? >> d't forget.
9:54 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
garrett's,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, f
9:58 am
"todayit kathie le and hoda kotb, livero studio in rockefell aza. >> hey, everybody. 'r 'sun moay. it's february 15h. ppy prests' day. we hope younjoying your long hiday weeken >> we're actlly ve. becse we he telp this guy sell a book. williamhatner in the house. >>yes, they're havin more than if y weret home. they're atom actually,re you? yeah we're at home. how are you? s well oh, myd. >> real, why? >> all righreoing to talk toound your friend leonardoynust a lite okay? >> iookingorward toit. >> greood all thes hom today will want to listen we'veotwo models. different covers. we hav acces tohe sexy
9:59 am
just said it,mmy and golden globeinnictor willi shne >> s, he's in thehouse. ye ye sothis book we're going t tal about. buzz. with our friend brian. and our fendina torr. >> very excedbo that. >> she is soadorable. by the y, iave a hot piece of paper here, it's very messy. is isusa day"nd khi lee and i have ourrammypicks. youan seeowhe ientally wtten wh the xs and ecks. we'reoing to take our pks for the grammys. she's going to putt in the va anyo amanda. plseee those -- rehe son't shine rig so you were sg cute little boy. try once a month tooee mymom. 's harder and harder for her


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